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Web scraping
Social media
All data is cleaned, adjusted for nomenclature and combined into one set
ML models used of extrapolation on missing values
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Politics & Social Media

Social media is a platform for politicians to communicate their message and can impact various aspect of Politics

in scope

Politician audiences

Politician Audience
Barack Obama 151,183,531
Donald Trump 106,323,716
Hillary Clinton 33,056,689
Jair Bolsonaro 23,761,952
Joe Biden 19,146,534
Bernie Sanders 18,458,103
Kamala Harris 12,786,846
Pope Francis 11,755,443
Mike Pence 11,179,678
Volodymyr Zelensky 9,428,684
Justin Trudeau 8,716,810
Elizabeth Warren 8,502,074
Emmanuel Macron 7,822,293
Boris Johnson 4,057,926
Shinzō Abe 2,836,109
Moon Jae-in 2,806,597
Marine Le Pen 2,561,596
Angela Merkel 1,534,504
Ilham Aliyev 1,433,705
Ashraf Ghani 865,693
Sebastian Kurz 773,649
Scott Morrison 677,522
Sanna Marin 555,557
Jeanine Áñez 507,813
Boyko Borisov 125,249
Ana Brnabić 99,884
Sophie Wilmès 96,211
Hubert Minnis 4,408
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