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Centre is a political position with 351 tracked political parties within this movement around the world

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There are 351 parties on the Centre position in our database

Party Country
50PLUS (Netherlands) Netherlands
A Just Russia (Russia) Russia
Action Alliance (Nigeria) Nigeria
African Independent Congress (South Africa) South Africa
African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde (Guinea-Bissau) Guinea-Bissau
African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence (Mali) Mali
All Basotho Convention (Lesotho) Lesotho
All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (India) India
All India Trinamool Congress (India) India
All People's Congress  (Sierra Leone) Sierra Leone
All-Ukrainian Union 'Fatherland' (Ukraine) Ukraine
Alliance for Change and Transparency (Tanzania) Tanzania
Alliance for Democracy (Burkina Faso) Burkina Faso
Alliance for Democracy (Malawi) Malawi
Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (the Gambia) the Gambia
Alliance of Albanians (North Macedonia) North Macedonia
Alliance of Hope (Malaysia) Malaysia
ANO 2011 (Czech Republic) Czech Republic
Associative Movement Italians Abroad (Italy) Italy
Awami National Party (Pakistan) Pakistan
Azm Party (Lebanon) Lebanon
Balochistan Awami Party (Pakistan) Pakistan
Bangladesh Awami League (Bangladesh) Bangladesh
Barbados Labor Party (Barbados) Barbados
Basotho National Party (Lesotho) Lesotho
Basque Country Unite (Spain) Spain
Basutoland Congress Party (Lesotho) Lesotho
Bhutan United (Bhutan) Bhutan
Biju Janata Dal (India) India
Botswana Congress Party (Botswana) Botswana
Botswana Democratic Party (Botswana) Botswana
Brazilian Democratic Movement (Brazil) Brazil
Bridge (Slovakia) Slovakia
Bright Armenia (Armenia) Armenia
Bright Future (Iceland) Iceland
Bulgarian Socialist Party (Bulgaria) Bulgaria
Cambiemos (Argentina) Argentina
Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (Cameroon) Cameroon
Center Party (Finland) Finland
Center Party (Sweden) Sweden
Centre Party (Norway) Norway
Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party (Czech Republic) Czech Republic
Christian Democratic Appeal (Netherlands) Netherlands
Christian Democratic Party (Norway) Norway
Christian Democratic People's Party (Switzerland) Switzerland
Christian Democratic Union (Germany) Germany
Christian Democrats and Flemish (Belgium) Belgium
Christian Social People's Party (Luxembourg) Luxembourg
Christian Union Party (Netherlands) Netherlands
Circle of Liberal Reformers (Gabon) Gabon
Citizen's Alliance (Cyprus) Cyprus
Citizen's Unity (Argentina) Argentina
Citizens (Spain) Spain
Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (Bulgaria) Bulgaria
Civic Platform (Poland) Poland
Coalición PRI-PVEM  (Mexico) Mexico
Coalition for a Better Serbia (Serbia) Serbia
Colorado Party (Uruguay) Uruguay
Communist Party (Cuba) Cuba
Communist Party (Eswatini) Eswatini
Communist Party (Viet Nam) Viet Nam
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic) Czech Republic
Communist Party of Greece (Greece) Greece
Communist Party of Luxembourg (Luxembourg) Luxembourg
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre) (Nepal) Nepal
Communist Party of Nepal (Nepal) Nepal
Congress for Democracy and Progress (Burkina Faso) Burkina Faso
Congress for the Republic (Tunisia) Tunisia
Congress of the People (South Africa) South Africa
Congress of the People (Trinidad and Tobago) Trinidad and Tobago
Conservative Party (Norway) Norway
Constitutional Union (Morocco) Morocco
Convention for Democratic Unity (Haiti) Haiti
Convention of the Democratic Forces (Burkina Faso) Burkina Faso
Croatian Civic Initiative (Montenegro) Montenegro
Croatian Labourists - Labour Party (Croatia) Croatia
Democratic Alliance (South Africa) South Africa
Democratic Alliance Party (Solomon Islands) Solomon Islands
Democratic Congress (Lesotho) Lesotho
Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (Rwanda) Rwanda
Democratic Movement (France) France
Democratic National Alliance (Bahamas) Bahamas
Democratic Party (Mongolia) Mongolia
Democratic Party of Albania (Albania) Albania
Democratic Party of Albanians (North Macedonia) North Macedonia
Democratic Party of Moldova (Moldova) Moldova
Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (Slovenia) Slovenia
Democratic Party of Serbia-Dveri (Serbia) Serbia
Democratic Peace Party (Egypt) Egypt
Democratic Progressive Party (Taiwan) Taiwan
Democratic Revolutionary Party (Panama) Panama
Democratic Turnhalle Alliance of Namibia (Namibia) Namibia
Democratic Union for Integration (North Macedonia) North Macedonia
Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (Romania) Romania
Democratic Unionist Party (led by Jalal al-Digair) (Sudan) Sudan
Democratic Unity Roundtable (Venezuela) Venezuela
Eclaireur (Benin) Benin
Economic Freedom Fighters (South Africa) South Africa
Economic Liberalism and Democratic Action for National Recovery (Madagascar) Madagascar
Enough is Enough (Serbia) Serbia
Estonian Free Party (Estonia) Estonia
Evangelical People's Party of Switzerland (Switzerland) Switzerland
Everyone Together for Guatemala (Guatemala) Guatemala
Executives of Construction Party (Iran) Iran
Fanmi Lavalas (Haiti) Haiti
Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal (Nepal) Nepal
Fianna Fail (Ireland) Ireland
FijiFirst (Fiji) Fiji
Fine Gael (Ireland) Ireland
Five Star Movement (Italy) Italy
Forces democratiques unies (Benin) Benin
Forum for Democratic Change (Uganda) Uganda
Francophone Reformist Movement (Belgium) Belgium
Free Democratic Party  (Germany) Germany
Free Democrats (Georgia) Georgia
Free Egyptians Party (Egypt) Egypt
Free Patriotic Union (Tunisia) Tunisia
Freedom and Solidarity (Slovakia) Slovakia
Future Forward (Thailand) Thailand
Gabonese Democratic Party (Gabon) Gabon
Gambia Democratic Congress (the Gambia) the Gambia
Georgian Dream (Georgia) Georgia
Green Party (Paraguay) Paraguay
Haiti in Action (Haiti) Haiti
Harmony (Latvia) Latvia
Heading for Change (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hiaraka Isika (Madagascar) Madagascar
HOPE Party (Fiji) Fiji
Humanist Democratic Centre (Belgium) Belgium
Independence Party (Iceland) Iceland
Independent (Singapore) Singapore
Independent Alliance (Ireland) Ireland
Independent Democratic Action (Sao Tome and Principe) Sao Tome and Principe
Independents (Bahrain) Bahrain
Independents (Georgia) Georgia
Independents (Ireland) Ireland
Independents (Kenya) Kenya
Independents (Lithuania) Lithuania
Independents (Malawi) Malawi
Independents (Malaysia) Malaysia
Independents (Mongolia) Mongolia
Independents (Philippines) Philippines
Independents (Poland) Poland
Independents (Republic of Korea) Republic of Korea
Independents (Syrian Arab Republic) Syrian Arab Republic
Independents (Uganda) Uganda
Independents (Zimbabwe) Zimbabwe
Independents/Others (Lebanon) Lebanon
Islamic Action Front (Jordan) Jordan
Islamic Centrist Party (Jordan) Jordan
Islamic Iran Participation Front (Iran) Iran
Ivorian Popular Front (Cote d'Ivoire) Cote d'Ivoire
Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal  (Bangladesh) Bangladesh
Joint Front for Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Democratic Republic of the Congo
Justice and Peace Alliance (Kuwait) Kuwait
Kadare Party of Solomon Islands (Solomon Islands) Solomon Islands
Kulanu/All of Us (Israel) Israel
Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iraq) Iraq
Kuwait Democratic Forum (Kuwait) Kuwait
La République En Marche (France) France
Labor Party (Lithuania) Lithuania
Labour and Solidarity Party (Cape Verde) Cape Verde
Lamuka Coalition (Democratic Republic of the Congo) Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lao People's Revolutionary Party (Laos) Laos
Latvian Association of Regions (Latvia) Latvia
League for Democracy Party (Cambodia) Cambodia
Left, Liberal Party of Denmark (Denmark) Denmark
Lesotho Congress for Democracy (Lesotho) Lesotho
Liberal Alliance (Denmark) Denmark
Liberal Democratic Party (Moldova) Moldova
Liberal Party (Norway) Norway
Liberal Party (Philippines) Philippines
Liberal Party (Rwanda) Rwanda
Liberal Party (Sweden) Sweden
List of Marjan Sarec (Slovenia) Slovenia
Lisu National Development Party (Myanmar) Myanmar
Maldivian Democratic Party (Maldives) Maldives
Malta Labor Party (Malta) Malta
Marcus Garvey People's Political Party (Jamaica) Jamaica
Mayors and Independents (Czech Republic) Czech Republic
Militant Socialist Movement (Mouvement Socialist Mauricien) - Maurition Social Demo (Mauritius) Mauritius
Moderate Party (Sweden) Sweden
Modern Revolutionary Party (Dominican Republic) Dominican Republic
Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (Mongolia) Mongolia
Mongolian People’s Party (Mongolia) Mongolia
Movement for Change (Iraq) Iraq
Movement for Democratic Change (Zimbabwe) Zimbabwe
Movement for Democratic Change Ncube (Zimbabwe) Zimbabwe
Movement for Multiparty Democracy (Zambia) Zambia
Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) (Bulgaria) Bulgaria
Movement for Socialism (Bolivia) Bolivia
Movement of Social Democrats (Cyprus) Cyprus
Movimiento Alianza Pais (Ecuador) Ecuador
Movimiento Regeneracion Nacional (Mexico) Mexico
Mozambican Liberation Front (Mozambique) Mozambique
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (Pakistan) Pakistan
My Step Alliance (Armenia) Armenia
National Convention for Construction and Reform (Tanzania) Tanzania
National Democratic Congress (Ghana) Ghana
National Democratic Movement (Jamaica) Jamaica
National Democratic Party (Suriname) Suriname
National Democratic Rally (Algeria) Algeria
National Development Movement (Timor Leste) Timor Leste
National Encounter Party (Paraguay) Paraguay
National Freedom Party (South Africa) South Africa
National Liberation Party (Costa Rica) Costa Rica
National Party (Uruguay) Uruguay
National People's Front (Nepal) Nepal
National Progressive Front (Syrian Arab Republic) Syrian Arab Republic
National Rally of Independents (Morocco) Morocco
National Solidarity Party (Singapore) Singapore
National Union Party (Jordan) Jordan
National United Front for an Independent, Neutral, Peaceful and Cooperative Cambodia  (Cambodia) Cambodia
National Unity for Hope (Guatemala) Guatemala
National Unity Front (Bolivia) Bolivia
NEOS – The New Austria  (Austria) Austria
Nepal Worker's Peasants Party (Nepal) Nepal
Nepali Congress (Nepal) Nepal
Network (Slovakia) Slovakia
New Azerbaijan Party (Azerbaijan) Azerbaijan
New National Party (Grenada) Grenada
New Patriotic Party (Ghana) Ghana
New Power Party (Nepal) Nepal
New Unity (Latvia) Latvia
Nidaa Tounes (Tunisia) Tunisia
Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Belgium) Belgium
Organisation for Democracy and Labour (Burkina Faso) Burkina Faso
Other Parties (Taiwan) Taiwan
Others (Finland) Finland
Others (Venezuela) Venezuela
Pakistan People’s Party (Pakistan) Pakistan
Palang Pracharat Party (Thailand) Thailand
Pan Hellenic Socialist Movement (Greece) Greece
Pangu Party (Papua New Guinea) Papua New Guinea
Partido del Trabajo (Mexico) Mexico
Partido Nueva Alianza (Mexico) Mexico
Party for Democracy and Development  (Tanzania) Tanzania
Party for Democratic Convergence (Guinea-Bissau) Guinea-Bissau
Party for the Harmony of the Comoros (Comoros) Comoros
Party Imberakuri (Rwanda) Rwanda
Party of Agrarians and Citizens' Nominees (Turkmenistan) Turkmenistan
Party of Democratic Renovation (Benin) Benin
Party of Growth (Russia) Russia
Party of Hope (Japan) Japan
Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Turkmenistan) Turkmenistan
Party of Modern Center (Slovenia) Slovenia
Peace and Prosperity (Bhutan) Bhutan
People's Alliance Party (Solomon Islands) Solomon Islands
People's Democratic Party (Tajikistan) Tajikistan
People's Party (Cape Verde) Cape Verde
People's Party (Iceland) Iceland
People's Party (Malawi) Malawi
People's Party (Republic of Korea) Republic of Korea
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (Netherlands) Netherlands
People's Power Party (Singapore) Singapore
People's Progressive Party (the Gambia) the Gambia
Peoples Democratic Party (Nigeria) Nigeria
People’s Progressive Party – Civic   (Guyana) Guyana
Pheu Thai Party (Thailand) Thailand
Polish Peasant Party (Poland) Poland
Popular Action (Peru) Peru
Popular Action Bloc (Kuwait) Kuwait
Popular Front (Tunisia) Tunisia
Popular Front for Change and Liberation (Syrian Arab Republic) Syrian Arab Republic
Popular Movement (Morocco) Morocco
Prachachart Party (Thailand) Thailand
Progressive Party (Iceland) Iceland
Progressive Socialist Party (Lebanon) Lebanon
Progressive Workers' and Farmers' Union (Suriname) Suriname
Rally for an Alternative of Harmonious and Integrated Development (Comoros) Comoros
Rally of Houphouetists for Democracy and Peace (Cote d'Ivoire) Cote d'Ivoire
Ravalomanana Movement (Madagascar) Madagascar
Reform Party (Iceland) Iceland
Reform Party (Singapore) Singapore
Renaissance du Benin-Reveil Patriotique (Benin) Benin
Republican Left of Catalonia (Spain) Spain
Rodrigues People's Organisation (Mauritius) Mauritius
Russian Ecological Party (Russia) Russia
Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice (Russia) Russia
Rwanda Patriotic Front (Rwanda) Rwanda
Sabah Heritage Party (Malaysia) Malaysia
Sambo Fiaran I Noe (Madagascar) Madagascar
Sandinista National Liberation Front (Nicaragua) Nicaragua
Save Romania Union (Romania) Romania
Sierra Leone People's Party (Sierra Leone) Sierra Leone
Singapore Democratic Alliance (Singapore) Singapore
Singapore People’s Party (Singapore) Singapore
Singaporeans First (Singapore) Singapore
Sinn Féin (United Kingdom) United Kingdom
Social Democracy Party (Brazil) Brazil
Social Democratic Front (Cameroon) Cameroon
Social Democratic Party (Denmark) Denmark
Social Democratic Party (Rwanda) Rwanda
Socialist Movement for Integration (Albania) Albania
Socialist Party (Netherlands) Netherlands
Socialist Party of Albania (Albania) Albania
Socialist Party of Serbia (Serbia) Serbia
Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (Solomon Islands) Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands People First Party (Solomon Islands) Solomon Islands
South Yemen Movement (Yemen) Yemen
Stronger Jordan (Jordan) Jordan
SWAPO Party of Namibia (Namibia) Namibia
Swedish People's Party (Finland) Finland
Taiwan Solidarity Union (Taiwan) Taiwan
Tautua Samoa Party (Samoa) Samoa
Telangana Rashtra Samithi (India) India
Telugu Desam (India) India
Tet Kole sous Chimen Devlopman pou un Nord'Ouest uni et Renonve (Haiti) Haiti
Thai Liberal Party (Thailand) Thailand
The Argoba People Democratic Organization (Ethiopia) Ethiopia
The Benishangul Gumuz Peoples Democratic Party (Ethiopia) Ethiopia
The Homeland (Jordan) Jordan
The Labor Party - Mauritian Militant Movement (Mauritius) Mauritius
The Liberals (Switzerland) Switzerland
The New Wafd Party (Egypt) Egypt
The Only Option Coalition (Croatia) Croatia
There is a Future (Israel) Israel
Timorese Democratic Party (Timor Leste) Timor Leste
TOP 09 (Czech Republic) Czech Republic
Topadze - Industrialists, Our Fatherland (Georgia) Georgia
Trano Kasaka (Madagascar) Madagascar
Turn Croatia Around Coalition (Croatia) Croatia
Uganda People's Congress (Uganda) Uganda
Umbrella for Democratic Change (Botswana) Botswana
Union for Cote d'Ivoire (Cote d'Ivoire) Cote d'Ivoire
Union for Democracy and Development (Burkina Faso) Burkina Faso
Union for Democracy and Justice / Djibouti Development Party (Djibouti) Djibouti
Union for Democracy and Peace in Cote d'Ivoire (Cote d'Ivoire) Cote d'Ivoire
Union for Homeland (Libya) Libya
Union for Progress and Change (Burkina Faso) Burkina Faso
Union for the Republic (Burkina Faso) Burkina Faso
Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (Guinea) Guinea
Union of Democrats and Independents (France) France
Union of Greens and Farmers (Latvia) Latvia
Union of Republican Forces (Guinea) Guinea
United Civil Party (Belarus) Belarus
United Democratic Front (Malawi) Malawi
United Democratic Movement (South Africa) South Africa
United Democratic Party (Solomon Islands) Solomon Islands
United Guyana-National Unity (APNU) (Guyana) Guyana
United Socialist Party of Venezuela/Great Patriotic Pole (Venezuela) Venezuela
United Transformation Unit (Malawi) Malawi
Uniters for Reform Coalition (Iraq) Iraq
Vondrona Politika Miara dia Malagasy Miara Miainga (Madagascar) Madagascar
Worker's Party (Belgium) Belgium
Worker's Party of Bangladesh (Bangladesh) Bangladesh
Workers' Party (Singapore) Singapore
Yabloko (Russia) Russia
Yemeni Socialist Party (Yemen) Yemen
Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (India) India
Zomi Congress for Democracy (Myanmar) Myanmar
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