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This data is backed by reliable sources, which we clean and combine into one unique set

The actual data is presented as such, and then we complete the missing data through extrapolation using advanced modelling thanks to Machine Learning

There can be missing values when the data is not available and cannot be extrapolated but we make sure each dataset is as complete as possible

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Political Parties

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Size: 1,043 political parties
Data Sample
Dataset Preview
party country position From left (0) to right (10)
50PLUS (Netherlands) Netherlands Centre 5.33
A Just Russia (Russia) Russia Centre 5.90
Action Alliance (Nigeria) Nigeria Centre 4.10
African Independent Congress (South Africa) South Africa Centre 4.33
African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde (Guinea-Bissau) Guinea-Bissau Centre nan
African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence (Mali) Mali Centre 4.00
All Basotho Convention (Lesotho) Lesotho Centre 4.97
All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (India) India Centre 5.43
All India Trinamool Congress (India) India Centre 4.47
All People's Congress  (Sierra Leone) Sierra Leone Centre 4.00
All-Ukrainian Union 'Fatherland' (Ukraine) Ukraine Centre 5.77
Alliance for Change and Transparency (Tanzania) Tanzania Centre 4.33
Alliance for Democracy (Burkina Faso) Burkina Faso Centre 5.50
Alliance for Democracy (Malawi) Malawi Centre 5.50
Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (the Gambia) the Gambia Centre 5.50
Alliance of Albanians (North Macedonia) North Macedonia Centre 5.40
Alliance of Hope (Malaysia) Malaysia Centre 4.47
ANO 2011 (Czech Republic) Czech Republic Centre 5.73
Associative Movement Italians Abroad (Italy) Italy Centre nan
Awami National Party (Pakistan) Pakistan Centre 4.10
Azm Party (Lebanon) Lebanon Centre 4.07
Balochistan Awami Party (Pakistan) Pakistan Centre 5.33
Bangladesh Awami League (Bangladesh) Bangladesh Centre 4.97
Barbados Labor Party (Barbados) Barbados Centre 4.33
Basotho National Party (Lesotho) Lesotho Centre 5.53
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