Robert Cole

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Key facts:
  • Gender: male
  • Books: 2
  • Artworks: 1
  • Author Period Covered: 1988 - 2021


There are 1 artworks by Robert Cole created between 1975 and 1975 in our database:

Media and materials

Robert Cole used 1 distinct media and materials:

Medium Artworks
Ink and color ink on frosted polymer sheet 1

Collected by

1 artworks by Robert Cole are located in the following collections:

Collection Artworks
Museum of Modern Art (New York) 1

Directory of work

Explore 1 artworks by Robert Cole:

Title Year Medium
House IV Project, Falls Village, Connecticut (Multiple axonometrics) 1975 Ink and color ink on frosted polymer sheet

Main subjects

Books written by Robert Cole primarily cover the following subjects:

Subject Books
Exercise 1
Physical fitness 1


The 2 editions have been published in 1 languages:

Language Editions
eng 2

Books & Editions

There are 2 books and 2 editions by Robert Cole in our database:


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