Petra Cortright

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  • Author
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Key facts:
  • Birth Date: 1986
  • Country: United States
  • Gender: female
  • Books: 1
  • Artworks: 1
  • Author Period Covered: 2020 - 2020



There are 1 artworks by Petra Cortright created between 2007 and 2007 in our database:

Media and materials

Petra Cortright used 1 distinct media and materials:

Medium Artworks
Webcam video (color, sound) 1

Collected by

1 artworks by Petra Cortright are located in the following collections:

Collection Artworks
Museum of Modern Art (New York) 1

Directory of work

Explore 1 artworks by Petra Cortright:

Title Year Medium
VVEBCAM 2007 Webcam video (color, sound)

Main subjects

Books written by Petra Cortright primarily cover the following subjects:


The 1 editions have been published in 1 languages:

Language Editions
eng 1

Books & Editions

There are 1 books and 1 editions by Petra Cortright in our database:

Title Publisher Year
Petra Cortright Skira 2020

Updated: 81 days ago

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