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Assailant admits attacking Paul Pelosi after targeting Nancy Pelosi

legend The Washington Post external

Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi, testifies in trial of man accused in 2022 attack

legend CBS external

The man charged in last year's attack against Nancy Pelosi's husband goes to trial in San Francisco

legend Independent external

Nancy Pelosi subpoenaed to testify over hammer attack on her husband

legend Independent external

Former speaker Nancy Pelosi defends support for Israel’s response to Hamas

legend Washington Post external

Nancy Pelosi urges 'humanitarian pause' over revenge in Israel-Hamas conflict

legend Times of India external

House Republicans deny revenge play following Nancy Pelosi’s office eviction

legend Daily Telegraph external

Nancy Pelosi says it would ‘probably be a good idea’ for indicted Bob Menendez to resign from Senate

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Nancy Pelosi to seek reelection as house speaker in 2024

legend Le Monde external

Nancy Pelosi: Democrat and ex-Speaker, 83, to seek re-election

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