Kawabata Gyokusho

Classified as:
  • Artist

Key facts:
  • Life: 1842 - 1913
  • Artworks: 6



There are 6 artworks by Kawabata Gyokusho created between 1880 and 1880 in our database:

Media and materials

Kawabata Gyokusho used 1 distinct media and materials:

Medium Artworks
Colour Woodcut 4

Collected by

6 artworks by Kawabata Gyokusho are located in the following collections:

Collection Artworks
Rijksmuseum 6

Directory of work

Explore 6 artworks by Kawabata Gyokusho:

Title Year Medium
Aubergineplant en de berg Fuji 1880.0 Colour Woodcut
Bloesemende boom bij tempel
Een paard wassend in rivier 1880.0 Colour Woodcut
Insect op boomtak 1880.0
Parasol en irissen 1880.0 Colour Woodcut
Xylofoon 1880.0 Colour Woodcut

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