Hans Hofmann

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  • Author
  • Artist

Key facts:
  • Life: 1880 - 1966
  • Country: Germany
  • Gender: male
  • Books: 2
  • Artworks: 11
  • Author Period Covered: 1967 - 2017



There are 11 artworks by Hans Hofmann created between 1935 and 1964 in our database:


There are 2 artworks by Hans Hofmann linked to an art movement:

Movement Artworks Distribution %
Abstract Expressionism 2 100.00

Media and materials

Hans Hofmann used 7 distinct media and materials:

Medium Artworks
Oil on canvas 3
Ink on paper 2
Oil paint on canvas 2
Oil on paper 1
Screenprint, with gouache additions 1
Gesso and oil on canvas 1
Oil and enamel on wood 1

Collected by

11 artworks by Hans Hofmann are located in the following collections:

Directory of work

Explore 11 artworks by Hans Hofmann:

Title Year Medium
Ambush 1944 Oil on paper
Cathedral 1959 Oil on canvas
Composition in Blue 1952 Screenprint, with gouache additions
Delight 1947 Gesso and oil on canvas
Flowering Desert 1953 Oil on canvas
Memoria in Aeternum 1962 Oil on canvas
Nude 1935 Ink on paper
Nulli Secundus 1964 Oil paint on canvas
Pompeii 1959 Oil paint on canvas
Reclining Nude 1935 Ink on paper
Spring 1944 Oil and enamel on wood

Main subjects

Books written by Hans Hofmann primarily cover the following subjects:


The 2 editions have been published in 1 languages:

Language Editions
eng 2

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