Gyorgy Kepes

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  • Author
  • Artist

Key facts:
  • Life: 1906 - 2001
  • Country: United States
  • Gender: male
  • Books: 10
  • Series Books: 6
  • Artworks: 10
  • Author Period Covered: 1960 - 1995


There are 10 artworks by Gyorgy Kepes created between 1930 and 1982 in our database:

Media and materials

Gyorgy Kepes used 3 distinct media and materials:

Medium Artworks
Gelatin silver print 7
Gelatin Silver Print 1
Letterpress 1

Collected by

10 artworks by Gyorgy Kepes are located in the following collections:

Directory of work

Explore 10 artworks by Gyorgy Kepes:

Title Year Medium
Abstracte compositie (Optical Deformation) 1940 Gelatin Silver Print
Abstraction 1938 Gelatin silver print
Abstraction 1940 Gelatin silver print
Abstraction 1951 Gelatin silver print
Abstraction--Surface Tension #2 1940 Gelatin silver print
Film als Kunst 1930
György Kepes letterhead (Letter to Arthur Cohen) 1982 Letterpress
Juliet's Shadow Caged 1938 Gelatin silver print
Monuments 1939 Gelatin silver print
Street Pavers, Berlin 1931 Gelatin silver print

Main subjects

Books written by Gyorgy Kepes primarily cover the following subjects:


The 10 editions have been published in 1 languages:

Language Editions
eng 10


The books written by Gyorgy Kepes are part of 1 series in our database:

Series Books
'Vision and value series 6

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