Charles Dufresne

Classified as:
  • Artist

Key facts:
  • Life: 1876 - 1938
  • Country: France
  • Gender: male
  • Artworks: 4



There are 4 artworks by Charles Dufresne created between 1886 and 1919 in our database:

Media and materials

Charles Dufresne used 4 distinct media and materials:

Medium Artworks
Drypoint, Plaattoon 1
Watercolour and gouache on paper 1
Houtsnede 1
Drypoint, Etching, Hoogdruk 1

Collected by

4 artworks by Charles Dufresne are located in the following collections:

Collection Artworks
Rijksmuseum 3
Tate Museums 1

Directory of work

Explore 4 artworks by Charles Dufresne:

Title Year Medium
Landschap met waterdragers, ezels en palmbomen 1886 Drypoint, Plaattoon
Spahi Attacked by a Lion 1919 Watercolour and gouache on paper
Twee kamelen 1912 Houtsnede
Zonnebadende figuren onder een palmboom 1919 Drypoint, Etching, Hoogdruk

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