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University of Oxford is a book publisher with 19 books and 20 editions in our database between 1974 and 2014

  • Authors published: 20
  • Books published: 19
  • Period: 1974 - 2014


There are 19 books and 20 editions published by University of Oxford between 1974 and 2014 in our database:

Top Authors

Amongst the 20 authors edited by University of Oxford in our database, those are the most edited:

Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 20 by University of Oxford in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
Life in the flesh : an anti-Gnostic spiritual philosophy Adam G. Cooper 1
The Bate collection Andrew Lamb 1
Blind movies Anna Lucas 1
The markup for lemons : quality and uncertainty in American and British used-car markets c.1953-1973 Avner Offer 1
University of Oxford : the official guide Christina Hardyment 1
Academic dress of the University of Oxford D. R. Venables 1
Altruism : the importance of being asked : the rescue of Jews in Nazi Europe Federico Varese 1
Women's congregations as transnational communities Gertrud Hüwelmeier 1
Domestic trade and market size in late eighteenth-century France Guillaume Daudin 1
Cities, market integration and going to sea : stunting and the standard of living in early nineteenth-century England and Wales Jane Humphries 1
The contribution of early travel narratives to the historical geography of Greece : a lecture delivered at New College, Oxford, on 6th May 2003 Malcolm Wagstaff 1
Bargaining for absolutism : a Spanish path to nation state and empire building María Alejandra Irigoin 1
Labour and wages in pre-industrial Catalonia Natàlia Mora Sitjà 1
Gitano evangelism : the emergence of a politico-religious diaspora Paloma Gay y Blasco 1
From preventive to permissive checks : the changing nature of the Malthusian relationship between nuptiality and the price of provisions in the nineteenth century Paul Sharp 1
A market economy in the early Roman Empire Peter Temin 1
The role of the volunteer in the modern social service : delivered at Oxford on 14th March 1973 R. H. S. Crossman 1
India and the Great Divergence : assessing the efficiency of grain markets in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century India Roman Studer 1
Lord Overstone and the establishment of British nineteenth-century monetary orthodoxy W. A. Eltis 1
Lord Overstone and the establishment of British nineteenth-century monetary orthodoxy Walter Eltis 1
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