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Introduction to percolation theory Dietrich Stauffer 4
Human thermal environments : the effects of hot, moderate, and cold environments on human health, comfort, and performance K. C. Parsons 4
Introductory solid state physics H. P. Myers 3
Introduction to the thermodynamics of materials David R. Gaskell 3
Principles of biochemical toxicology John A. Timbrell 3
Ergonomics for beginners : a quick reference guide Jan Dul 3
Neurobehavioral toxicology : neuropsychological and neurological perspectives. Volume I, Foundations and methods Stanley Berent 3
Spon's estimating costs guide to plumbing and heating : unit rates and project costs Bryan J. D. Spain 2
Soil and water contamination : from molecular to catchment scale Marcel van der Perk 2
Rational suicide? : implications for mental health professionals James L. Werth 2
Introduction to remote sensing James B. Campbell 2
Metal-insulator transitions N. F. Mott 2
GIS : a computing perspective Michael Worboys 2
Stop working & start thinking : a guide to becoming a scientist Jack Cohen 2
Fibre materials for advanced technical textiles T. Matsuo 2
The worker at work : a textbook concerned with men and women in the workplace T. M. Fraser 2
Chemistry for the life sciences Raul Sutton 2
Applications of percolation theory Muhammad Sahimi 2
Entropy and its physical meaning J. S. Dugdale 2
Constitutive modeling of geomaterials : principles and applications Teruo Nakai 2
Dairy science and technology Pieter Walstra 2
Advanced soil mechanics Braja M. Das 2
Freshwater snails of Africa and their medical importance D. S. Brown 2
Energy and society : an introduction Harold H. Schobert 2
A history of mathematics : from antiquity to the beginning of the nineteenth century Joseph Frederick Scott 2
Introduction to composite materials design Ever J. Barbero 2
Manufacturing systems engineering : a unified approach to manufacturing technology, production management, and industrial economics Katsundo Hitomi 2
Physical metallurgy William F. Hosford 2
An introduction to the physics of interstellar dust Endrik Krügel 2
Electron microscopy and analysis Peter J. Goodhew 2
Fitting the task to the man : an ergonomic approach Etienne Grandjean 2
Principles of synchronous digital hierarchy Rajesh Kumar Jain 2
Suicide across the life span - premature exits Judith M. Stillion 2
Regional perspectives in bioethics Mark J. Cherry 2
Protein purification Philip L. R. Bonner 2
Identity, religion, and values : implications for practitioners C. Margaret Hall 2
Introduction to toxicology John A. Timbrell 2
HIV/AIDS : loss, grief, challenge, and hope Mary O'Donnell 2
Fundamentals of machining processes : conventional and nonconventional processes Hassan El-Hofy 2
Construction contracts : questions and answers David Chappell 2
Biochemistry B. D. Hames 2
Licensure in professional psychology : preparatory techniques Tony D. Crespi 2
Litt's drug eruption reference manual / including drug interactions : with CD-ROM Jerome Z. Litt 2
Materials, specification and detailing : foundations of building design Norman Wienand 2
Nature guided therapy : brief integrative strategies for health and well being George W. Burns 2
Legal and healthcare ethics for the elderly George P. Smith 2
Self-help support groups for older women : rebuilding elder networks through personal empowerment Lenard W. Kaye 2
Liquid-vapor phase-change phenomena : an introduction to the thermophysics of vaporization and condensation process in heat transfer equipment V. P. Carey 2
A guide to manual materials handling Anil Mital 2
Basic transport phenomena in biomedical engineering Ronald L. Fournier 2
Gay and lesbian students : understanding their needs Hilda F. Besner 2
Design analysis in rock mechanics W. G. Pariseau 2
Lasers and their applications Michael John Beesley 2
Designing mental health services for children and adolescents : a shrewd investment J. Gerald Young 2
Molecular mechanisms of drug action Christopher J. Coulson 2
Drupal web profiles Timi Ogunjobi 2
CRC handbook of phase equilibria and thermodynamic data of aqueous polymer solutions C. Wohlfarth 2
The evolution of the United Nations system Amos Yoder 2
Plant biology Andrew Lack 2
Detailing for acoustics P. Lord 2
Introduction to pharmacology Mannfred A. Hollinger 2
Climate responsive design : a study of buildings in moderate and hot humid climates Richard Hyde 2
Nanosensors : physical, chemical, and biological Vinod Kumar Khanna 2
Soil Mechanics : basic concepts and engineering applications A. Aysen 1
Complex analysis and applications Alan Jeffrey 1
Folk Song Style and Culture Alan Lomax 1
Cladding of buildings Alan Brookes 1
A guide to practical toxicology : evaluation, prediction, and risk Adam Woolley 1
BIOS instant notes in neuroscience Alan Longstaff 1
Next-generation batteries and fuel cells for commercial, military, and space applications A. R. Jha 1
Integrals and series A. P. Prudnikov 1
Principles of mathematical modelling : ideas, methods, examples A. A. Samarskiĭ 1
Problem solving in soil mechanics A. Aysen 1
Astrobiology : an introduction Alan Longstaff 1
Concrete structures : stresses and deformations : analysis and design for serviceability A. Ghali 1
Empirical studies of earnings mobility A. B. Atkinson 1
Numerical methods for engineers and scientists : a students' course book A. C. Bajpai 1
Mechanical design of machine components A. C. Ugural 1
Structural phase transitions A. D. Bruce 1
Handbook of first-order partial differential equations A. D. Poli︠a︡nin 1
Structural analysis : a unified classical and matrix approach A. Ghali 1
Hospital economics : a primer on resource allocation to improve productivity & sustainability A. Heri Iswanto 1
MEMS and nanotechnology-based sensors and devices for communications, medical and aerospace applications A. R. Jha 1
Cytochrome P-450 and active oxygen A. I. Archakov 1
Dynamics of regenerative heat transfer A. John Willmott 1
Smart biomaterial devices : polymers in biomedical sciences A. K. Bajpai 1
A basic course in real analysis Ajit Kumar 1
Bioenergetics of aquatic animals A. Lucas 1
An atlas of surgical anatomy Alain C. Masquelet 1
US-Pakistan relationship : Soviet invasion of Afghanistan A. Z. Hilali 1
Electrically assisted transdermal and topical drug delivery Ajay K. Banga 1
Diagnosis and treatment of hair disorders : an evidence based atlas A. Tosti 1
Basic superfluids A. M. Guénault 1
Quality management systems for assisted reproductive technology - ISO 9001:2000 Bryce E. Carson 1
Countryside conservation : land ecology, planning and management Bryn Green 1
Mechanics of ballasted rail tracks : a geotechnical perspective Buddhima Indraratna 1
Testing of concrete in structures Bungey, J. H. 1
Spon's estimating costs guide to finishings : painting, decorating, plastering and tiling Bryan J. D. Spain 1
Organic chemist's desk reference Caroline Cooper 1
Risk management and simulation Aparna Gupta 1



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