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  • Books: 6,328
  • Authors: 2,523
  • Publication Period Covered: 1967 - 2023


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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 6,328 by Sphere in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
The Balkan assignment Joe Poyer 5
North Cape Joe Poyer 5
Damnation Alley Roger Zelazny 4
The Chinese agenda Joe Poyer 4
Only when I larf Len Deighton 4
The secret hangman Peter Lovesey 4
In the dark Mark Billingham 4
The night ferry Michael Robotham 4
Thurston House Danielle Steel 4
A hot and copper sky Jon Burmeister 4
Operation sunshine Jenny Colgan 3
The carousel Rosamunde Pilcher 3
Bleed for me Michael Robotham 3
The casual vacancy J. K. Rowling 3
Sunday Simmons and Charlie Brick Jackie Collins 3
The flying saucerers Arthur Shuttlewood 3
Though the heavens may fall E. V. Thompson 3
A-Z of home freezing Mary Norwak 3
A calendar of home freezing Mary Norwak 3
Report on probability A Brian W. Aldiss 3
Dragonquest : being the further adventures of the Dragonriders of Pern Anne McCaffrey 3
From the dead Mark Billingham 3
Copper : a dog's life Annabel Goldsmith 3
A place beyond courage Elizabeth Chadwick 3
Pears medical encyclopaedia J. A. C. Brown 3
The Amtrak wars Patrick Tilley 3
Second chances Martina Reilly 3
Fame : a novel Leonore Fleischer 3
For one more day Mitch Albom 3
The Bible and flying saucers Barry Howard Downing 3
Iceberg Clive Cussler 3
Shatter Michael Robotham 3
Cover her face P. D. James 3
An unsuitable job for a woman P. D. James 3
Pebble in the sky Isaac Asimov 3
Voices in summer Rosamunde Pilcher 3
The death of grass John Christopher 3
Soldier blue Theodore V. Olsen 3
Starburst Robin Pilcher 3
Unnatural causes P. D. James 3
Hostages of Colditz Giles Romilly 3
Shroud for a nightingale P. D. James 3
Birds in the spring Evelyn Hood 3
Beauty's punishment A. N. Roquelaure 3
Beauty's release A. N. Roquelaure 3
The claiming of Sleeping Beauty A. N. Roquelaure 3
The darkling plain Jon Burmeister 3
Operation Malacca Joe Poyer 3
Hell shot Joe Poyer 3
West End girls Jenny Colgan 3
Brothers in war E. V. Thompson 3
The time of singing Elizabeth Chadwick 3
Season of passion Danielle Steel 3
The ring Danielle Steel 3
Going home Danielle Steel 3
Not of this world Peter Kolosimo 3
To love again Danielle Steel 3
Zoya Danielle Steel 3
Jinky : the biography of Jimmy Johnstone Jim Black 3
Illuminatus! Robert Shea 3
Family album Danielle Steel 3
The washing of the spears Donald R. Morris 3
Crossings Danielle Steel 3
The codebreakers David Kahn 3
Changes Danielle Steel 3
Inconstant moon Larry Niven 3
The warp Neil Oram 3
Loving Danielle Steel 3
The best of Arthur C. Clarke Arthur C. Clarke 3
Safe haven Nicholas Sparks 3
Midnight express Billy Hayes 3
A perfect stranger Danielle Steel 3
Remembrance Danielle Steel 3
Nothing but the truth : my story Vicky Pattison 3
Hades Russell Andrews 3
The choice Nicholas Sparks 3
The wild hunt Elizabeth Chadwick 3
The longest ride Nicholas Sparks 3
The lucky one Nicholas Sparks 3
The notebook Nicholas Sparks 3
The perk Mark Gimenez 3
The best of Robert Heinlein Robert A. Heinlein 3
Elizabeth Waite omnibus Elizabeth Waite 3
The abduction Mark Gimenez 3
Now and forever Danielle Steel 3
Moonchild Aleister Crowley 3
Once in a lifetime Danielle Steel 3
The best of me Nicholas Sparks 3
The timewaster diaries : a year in the life of Robin Cooper Robin Cooper 3
Deep freezing Mary Norwak 3
Mixer and blender cookbook Mary Norwak 3
Lady of the English Elizabeth Chadwick 2
Trick of the dark Val McDermid 2
Long cloud ride : a cycling adventure across New Zealand Josie Dew 2
Devil's Bridge Linda A. Fairstein 2
A taste of dreams Josceline Dimbleby 2
Nine and a half weeks : a memoir of a love affair Elizabeth McNeill 2
Lords of the white castle Elizabeth Chadwick 2
The scarlet lion Elizabeth Chadwick 2
The vanishing point Val McDermid 2



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