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Title Author Editions
The English legal system Gary Slapper 8
American government : political development and institutional change Calvin C. Jillson 8
World music : a global journey Terry E. Miller 8
British civilization : an introduction John Oakland 7
Modern land law Martin Dixon 7
Environmental hazards : assessing risk and reducing disaster Keith Smith 7
American civilization : an introduction David Mauk 6
The process of economic development James M. Cypher 6
An introduction to political communication Brian McNair 6
Philosophy : the basics Nigel Warburton 6
Media & entertainment law Ursula Smartt 6
Colloquial Russian : the complete course for beginners Svetlana Le Fleming 6
Muslims : their religious beliefs and practices Andrew Rippin 6
The modern law of contract Richard Stone 5
Women in music : a research and information guide Karin Pendle 5
Dictionary of the modern politics of South-East Asia Michael Leifer 5
Human behavior in the social environment : perspectives on development, the life course, and macro contexts Anissa Rogers 5
The newspapers handbook Richard Keeble 5
Understanding global security Peter Hough 5
Introducing translation studies : theories and applications Jeremy Munday 5
Constitutional & administrative law Hilaire Barnett 5
Semiotics : the basics Daniel Chandler 5
Power without responsibility : the press and broadcasting in Britain James Curran 5
Teaching online : a practical guide Susan Schor Ko 5
A history of India Hermann Kulke 5
Using music to enhance student learning : a practical guide for elementary classroom teachers Jana R. Fallin 5
101 philosophy problems Martin Cohen 5
The media student's book Gill Branston 5
On film Stephen Mulhall 5
Fundamentals of geomorphology Richard J. Huggett 5
Gender trouble : feminism and the subversion of identity Judith Butler 5
Research methods in education Louis Cohen 5
Britain since 1945 : a political history David Childs 5
Successful study for degrees Rob Barnes 5
Meat, a natural symbol Nick Fiddes 5
Cinema studies: the key concepts Susan Hayward 5
Publishing law Hugh Jones 5
Rational emotive behaviour therapy : distinctive features Windy Dryden 5
A dictionary of the European Union David Phinnemore 5
The media handbook : a complete guide to advertising media selection, planning, research, and buying Helen E. Katz 5
Film and the working class : the feature film in British and American society Peter Stead 5
Russian politics and society Richard Sakwa 5
The almanac of British politics Robert Waller 5
Critical thinking : a concise guide Tracy Bowell 5
Social work and social welfare : an invitation Marla Berg-Weger 5
Keeping faith : philosophy and race in America Cornel West 4
Karl Marx Allen W. Wood 4
Organising learning in the primary school classroom Joan Dean 4
Explanation and understanding G. H. von Wright 4
Equity and trusts Alastair Hudson 4
Understanding equity & trusts Alastair Hudson 4
Je, tu, nous : toward a culture of difference Luce Irigaray 4
Education and social change : contours in the history of American schooling John L. Rury 4
Gender in world history Peter N. Stearns 4
The rise of professional society : England since 1880 Harold James Perkin 4
Alban Berg : a research and information guide Bryan R. Simms 4
Fantasy, the literature of subversion Rosemary Jackson 4
Performance studies : an introduction Richard Schechner 4
The Great War : an imperial history John Howard Morrow 4
Theories of the information society Frank Webster 4
Women and print culture : the construction of femininity in the early periodical Kathryn Shevelow 4
Childhood in world history Peter N. Stearns 4
Unlocking land law Judith Bray 4
Colloquial Romanian : the complete course for beginners Ramona Gönczöl-Davies 4
An introduction to television studies Jonathan Bignell 4
Politics : the basics Stephen D. Tansey 4
British post-structuralism since 1968 Antony Easthope 4
Threshold concepts in women's and gender studies : ways of seeing, thinking, and knowing Christie Launius 4
Wittgenstein and moral philosophy Paul Johnston 4
Introduction to global politics Richard W. Mansbach 4
I.A. Richards : his life and work John Paul Russo 4
Town and country planning in the UK J. B. Cullingworth 4
Wittgenstein's philosophy of psychology Malcolm Budd 4
Managerial economics Ivan Png 4
Paradoxes from A to Z Michael Clark 4
Cinema and Ireland Kevin Rockett 4
The geography of tourism and recreation : environment, place and space Colin Michael Hall 4
The myths we live by Mary Midgley 4
The articulate mammal : an introduction to psycholinguistics Jean Aitchison 4
Philosophy of religion : a contemporary introduction Keith E. Yandell 4
Introduction to political theory John Hoffman 4
Primary understanding : education in early childhood Kieran Egan 4
International relations theory : a critical introduction Cynthia Weber 4
New cultural identitarian political movements in developing societies : the Bharatiya Janata Party Sebastian Schwecke 4
Instructional strategies for middle and high school Bruce E. Larson 4
Planning in the USA : policies, issues, and processes J. B. Cullingworth 4
Understanding European Union law Karen Davies 4
Psychology of physical activity : determinants, well-being and interventions Stuart Biddle 4
Rereading German history : from unification to reunification 1800-1996 Richard J. Evans 4
Media law and ethics Roy L. Moore 4
Philosophy of mind : a contemporary introduction John Heil 4
Understanding cultural geography : places and traces Jon Anderson 4
The world we have lost : further explored Peter Laslett 4
US defense politics : the origins of security policy Harvey M. Sapolsky 4
The open society and its enemies Karl R. Popper 4
Marathi Rajeshwari Pandharipande 4
Socialism and underdevelopment Ken Post 4
International relations : the key concepts Martin Griffiths 4
Law of electronic commercial transactions : contemporary issues in the EU, US, and China Faye Fangfei Wang 4
The companion to British history Charles Arnold-Baker 4



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