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  • Authors: 17
  • Publication Period Covered: 1988 - 2008


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Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
Take time : movement exercises for parents, teachers and therapists of children with speech difficulties in speaking, reading, writing and spelling Mary Nash-Wortham 3
Stories for the festivals of the year : told for children Irene Johanson 1
3 feet under Paul Kropp 1
The extra lesson : exercises in movement, drawing and painting for helping children in difficulties with writing, reading and arithmetic Audrey E. McAllen 1
Rests and repetition in music Christoph Peter 1
Our plane is down Doug Paton 1
Terror 9/11 Doug Paton 1
Spotlight on blends Gillian Aitken 1
Spotlight on words : phonic wordsearch puzzles and activities to help the development of spelling skills Gillian Aitken 1
Empty pages Jon Turley 1
Caught in the blizzard Paul Kropp 1
The children are revolting Jon Turley 1
The human being as music Lea van der Pals 1
Dark Ryder Liz Brown 1
The bully Liz Brown 1
Running for Dave Lori Jamison 1
Phonic rhyme time Mary Nash-Wortham 1
Take time : movement exercises to aid concentration, co-ordination, confidence and control Mary Nash-Wortham 1
The Eden Mission Anthony Wall 1
Ghost house Paul Kropp 1
Hacker Alex Kropp 1
Street scene Paul Kropp 1
Foul shot Paul Kropp 1
I didn't do it! Paul Kropp 1
My broken family Paul Kropp 1
One crazy night Paul Kropp 1
Playing chicken Paul Kropp 1
Scarface Paul Kropp 1
Show off Paul Kropp 1
Student narc Paul Kropp 1
Shola's game Shawn Durkin 1
Tag team Paul Kropp 1
The crash Paul Kropp 1
Commonsense schooling : based on the indications of Rudolf Steiner Roy Wilkinson 1
The Norse stories and their significance Roy Wilkinson 1
Eurythmy Shaina Stoehr 1
Bats past midnight Sharon Jennings 1
Jingle bats Sharon Jennings 1
Stealing home Shawn Durkin 1



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