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Mills&Boon is a book publisher with 25,096 books and 30,512 editions in our database between 1949 and 2023

  • Authors published: 2,494
  • Books published: 25,096
  • Period: 1949 - 2023


There are 25,096 books and 30,512 editions published by Mills&Boon between 1949 and 2023 in our database:

Top Authors

Amongst the 2,494 authors edited by Mills&Boon in our database, those are the most edited:

Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 30,512 by Mills&Boon in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
Love can wait Betty Neels 6
Damsel in green Betty Neels 5
Judith Betty Neels 5
Tempestuous April Betty Neels 5
Tabitha in moonlight Betty Neels 5
Victory for Victoria Betty Neels 5
Tangled autumn Betty Neels 5
Roses for Christmas Betty Neels 5
The magic of living Betty Neels 5
Waiting for Deborah Betty Neels 5
The end of the rainbow Betty Neels 5
Contract baby Lynne Graham 4
No need to say goodbye Betty Neels 4
Expectant bride Lynne Graham 4
A poor relation Joanna Maitland 4
Better cookery Aileen King 4
Enchanting Samantha Betty Neels 4
Never while the grass grows Betty Neels 4
Cassandra by chance Betty Neels 4
The inconvenient duchess Christine Merrill 4
An honourable thief Anne Gracie 4
At the end of the day Betty Neels 4
Crime of passion Lynne Graham 4
Damiano's return Lynne Graham 4
Don Joaquin's pride Lynne Graham 4
A Winter love story Betty Neels 4
Roses and champagne Betty Neels 4
When May follows Betty Neels 4
Wedding bells for Beatrice Betty Neels 4
Visiting consultant Betty Neels 4
Wish with the candles Betty Neels 4
Once for all time Betty Neels 4
Winter wedding Betty Neels 4
Roses have thorns Betty Neels 4
Romantic encounter Betty Neels 4
A girl to love Betty Neels 4
The doubtful marriage Betty Neels 4
Sun and candlelight Betty Neels 4
The vicar's daughter Betty Neels 4
The winter bride Lynne Graham 4
The vengeful husband Lynne Graham 4
Prisoner of passion Lynne Graham 4
The beckoning dream Paula Marshall 4
The little dragon Betty Neels 4
A star looks down Betty Neels 4
Scandalous lord, rebellious miss Deb Marlowe 4
The fortunes of Francesca Betty Neels 4
Marco's convenient wife Penny Jordan 4
A scandalous mistress) Juliet Landon 4
Two weeks to remember Betty Neels 4
A kiss for Julie Betty Neels 4
A secret infatuation Betty Neels 4
Chosen as the Frenchman's bride Abby Green 4
The desert sheikh's captive wife Lynne Graham 4
A scandalous situation Patricia Frances Rowell 3
The wanton bride Mary Brendan 3
His one woman Paula Marshall 3
A kind and decent man Mary Brendan 3
The silver casket Patricia Lake 3
The rancher's doorstep baby Patricia Thayer 3
Let's cook with yeast Patty Fisher 3
Dear Lady Disdain Paula Marshall 3
Emma and the earl Paula Marshall 3
The willing heart Helen Bianchin 3
Lord Hadleigh's rebellion Paula Marshall 3
The defiant debutante Helen Dickson 3
The officer and the lady Dorothy Elbury 3
Misfit maid Elizabeth Bailey 3
His Christmas angel Michelle Douglas 3
A woman to belong to Fiona Lowe 3
Career girl in the country Fiona Lowe 3
A desirable husband Mary Nichols 3
Her miracle baby Fiona Lowe 3
The mercenary's kiss Pam Crooks 3
Wanted - mistress and mother Carol Marinelli 3
Bachelor Duke Mary Nichols 3
A professional marriage Jessica Steele 3
The pregnant midwife Fiona McArthur 3
Rafaello's mistress Lynne Graham 3
The surgeon's miracle baby Carol Marinelli 3
The single dad's marriage wish Carol Marinelli 3
The pregnant registrar Carol Marinelli 3
The midwife's special delivery Carol Marinelli 3
The bush doctor's challenge Carol Marinelli 3
The baby emergency Carol Marinelli 3
Mistress bought and paid for Lynne Graham 3
Dear deceiver Mary Nichols 3
My lady Angel Joanna Maitland 3
The captain's lady Margaret McPhee 3
A wicked liaison Christine Merrill 3
The soldier's homecoming Donna Alward 3
The incomparable countess Mary Nichols 3
The Hemingford scandal Mary Nichols 3
Talk of the ton Mary Nichols 3
Marrying Miss Hemingford Mary Nichols 3
A very single midwife Fiona McArthur 3
Outback man seeks wife Margaret Way 3
Princess of fortune Miranda Jarrett 3
The bridegroom's vow Rebecca Winters 3
The boss's pregnancy proposal Raye Morgan 3
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