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Here is the latest on Google:

Title Source Date
Google loses battle to control how DOJ antitrust trial docs are shared online Ars Technica 2023-09-27
The Google antitrust trial is opening back up... a little The Verge 2023-09-27
This week’s dead Google products: Google Podcasts, basic Gmail, and more! Ars Technica 2023-09-26
Apple's Eddy Cue defends default search contract with Google as best option for consumers CNBC 2023-09-26
Apple exec defends tech giant's decision to make Google default search engine on Apple iPhones, Macs Times of India 2023-09-26
Top Apple Executive Defends Favoring Google on iPhones New York Times 2023-09-26
Can you melt eggs? Quora’s AI says “yes,” and Google is sharing the result Ars Technica 2023-09-26
DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg Testifies in Google Antitrust Trial Bloomberg 2023-09-22
TikTok may start serving you Google Search results TechCrunch 2023-09-22
Incomplete disclosures by Apple and Google create “huge blindspot” for 0-day hunters Ars Technica 2023-09-21
Google Mourns Veteran Engineer Luiz André Barroso Who Invented the Modern Data Center WIRED 2023-09-21
DuckDuckGo founder says Google's phone and manufacturing partnerships thwart competition Independent 2023-09-21
TikTok is testing Google results in its search pages The Verge 2023-09-21
CEO of DuckDuckGo Testifies in Google Case New York Times 2023-09-21
Google Slides adds live collaborative mouse pointers Ars Technica 2023-09-19
Google’s AI assistant can now read your emails, plan trips, “double-check” answers Ars Technica 2023-09-19
Keeping Google’s search secrets protects its monopoly, DOJ argues in court Ars Technica 2023-09-18
The US Is Finally Challenging Google's Search Dominance in Court WIRED 2023-09-13
Judge in US v. Google trial didn’t know if Firefox is a browser or search engine Ars Technica 2023-09-13
Google antitrust trial: Tech giant denies abusing power to gain monopoly BBC 2023-09-13
‘A monopolist flexing’: US blasts Google’s tactics as antitrust trial opens TOI 2023-09-13
Google’s big antitrust trial kicks off, with even bigger implications TechCrunch 2023-09-13
U.S. Blasts Google Over Paying $10 Billion a Year to Cut Out Search Rivals NYT 2023-09-13
Airbnb adds Google's 'AI ambassador' to its board of directors CNBC 2023-09-11
How to move Fitbit to your Google account The Verge 2023-09-11
The Technology Facebook and Google Didn’t Dare Release NYT 2023-09-09
Alexa and Google Assistant fall on hard times, agree to be speaker roommates Ars Technica 2023-09-01
Google now tells you the cheapest dates to book a flight: Here's how CNBC 2023-09-01
Google tests watermark to identify AI images BBC 2023-09-01
Google’s $30-per-month “Duet” AI will craft awkward emails, images for you Ars Technica 2023-08-29
Judge dismisses Republican lawsuit against Google over Gmail’s spam filtering The Verge 2023-08-26
Inside the largest-ever A.I. chatbot hack fest, where hackers tried to outsmart OpenAI, Microsoft, Google CNBC 2023-08-15
Judge dismisses major arguments in Google antitrust case The Verge 2023-08-04
Judge Narrows Scope of Google Search Antitrust Case NYT 2023-08-04
“Absurd”: Google, Amazon rebuked over unsupported Chromebooks still for sale Ars Technica 2023-08-04
RFK Jr sues ‘state actors’ YouTube and Google for alleged censorship of his anti-vaxx interviews Independent 2023-08-04
RFK Jr sues ‘state actors’ YouTube and Google for alleged censorship of his anti-vaxx interviews Independent 2023-08-04
The Google Inbox email successor is finally ready for Android The Verge 2023-08-04
Why you shouldn’t rely on Google to choose a dentist: Private medical clinics across Britain are boosting their profiles with fake online reviews, investigation reveals BBC 2023-08-03
PSA: Google is deleting some old Hangouts photos this week Ars Technica 2023-07-17
Tweets aren’t showing up in Google results as often because of changes at Twitter TheVerge 2023-07-04
Stop using Google Analytics, warns Sweden’s privacy watchdog, as it issues over $1M in fines TechCrunch 2023-07-04
Google’s Gradient backs YC alum Infisical to solve secret sprawl TechCrunch 2023-07-04
Google to scrap local news links in Canada over Online News Act BBC 2023-07-04
Who killed Google Reader? TheVerge 2023-06-30

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