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  • Publication Period Covered: 1961 - 2018


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Title Author Editions
OS mapstart Simon Catling 2
Elechi Amadi, The concubine : a critical view Alastair Niven 1
R.K. Narayan, The guide : a critical view Alastair Niven 1
How we learned to ski Ali Ross 1
Black & beautiful Ayo Vaughan-Richards 1
Plants of the British Isles Barbara Nicholson 1
Chinua Achebe, Things fall apart : a critical view Christopher Heywood 1
Begin with lines Colin Caket 1
Colour Colin Caket 1
Finding shapes Colin Caket 1
Picture squares Colin Caket 1
Start with a number Colin Caket 1
What comes next? Colin Caket 1
The historyof the birds of Britain Colin James Oliver Harrison 1
Modigliani Corrado Pavolini 1
Ngugi wa Thiong'o, The river between : a critical view Diana Bailey 1
More stories from The bell in the tree : thirty more tales from Glasgow's past Edward H. Chisnall 1
The bell in the tree : thirty stories from Glasgow's past Edward H. Chisnall 1
Three little witches Elizabeth Falconer 1
Etruscan sculptures Emeline Richardson 1
Goya Enrique Lafuente Ferrari 1
Israeli mosaics of the Byzantime period Ernst Kitzinger 1
Kofi Awoonor, This earth, my brother _ : a critical view H. L. B Moody 1
Henry Moore : mother and child Herbert Read 1
Island readers. Reader lA, Nola and her friends Inez Maud Grant 1
Island readers. Teacher's guide to primers One,Two and Three Inez Maud Grant 1
Go fishing with Jack Charlton Jack Charlton 1
Miró Jacques Dupin 1
Irish illuminated manuscripts of the early Christian period James Johnson Sweeney 1
V.S. Naipaul, The mimic men : a critical view John Thieme 1
John Pepper Clark, A decade of tongues : selected poems : 1958-1968 : a critical view Kirsten Holst Petersen 1
Action! Leon Baxter 1
Design Leon Baxter 1
Landscape Leon Baxter 1
Paper art Leon Baxter 1
People Leon Baxter 1
Plants & animals Leon Baxter 1
John Pepper Clark, Three plays : a critical view Martin Banham 1
Wole Soyinka, The lion and the jewel : a critical view Martin Banham 1
The stave church paintings : mediaeval art from Norway Martin Blindheim 1
Add. Green book Michael Holt 1
Vermeer A. B. de Vries 1
Count to 10 Michael Holt 1
Count to 3 Michael Holt 1
Count to 5. Red book Michael Holt 1
Count to 7. Orange book Michael Holt 1
How many? Michael Holt 1
Numbers 1,2,3 Michael Holt 1
Round-up Michael Holt 1
Shapes Michael Holt 1
Animals Ronald Ridout 1
Sizes Michael Holt 1
Tell shapes and the time Michael Holt 1
Who goes where? Michael Holt 1
Be still and know : a study in the life of prayer Michael Ramsey 1
Renoir Michel Drucker 1
Law relating to banking Omolaja A. Adeniji 1
Prayer for all times Pierre Charles 1
Edward Kamau Brathwaite, Masks : a critical view Robert Fraser 1
Take-away Michael Holt 1
The eye of Picasso Roland Penrose 1
Ding dong bell Ronald Ridout 1
Colours Michael Holt 1
Hickory dickory dock Ronald Ridout 1
Indoors Ronald Ridout 1
Outdoors Ronald Ridout 1
Ring o'roses Ronald Ridout 1
Spell Ronald Ridout 1
Spell. Blue book Ronald Ridout 1
Spell. Brown book Ronald Ridout 1
Spell. Green book Ronald Ridout 1
Spell. Purple book Ronald Ridout 1
Write Ronald Ridout 1
To the Kwai - and back : war drawings, 1939-1945 Ronald Searle 1
The truce of God Rowan Williams 1
Look to the rose Sam McGredy 1
2019 guide to the night sky Storm Dunlop 1
Egyptian sculptures T. G. H. James 1
Scotland's story : a new perspective Tom Steel 1
The art of Central Africa : tribal masks and sculptures William Fagg 1
The art of Western Africa : tribal masks and sculptures William Fagg 1



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