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Century is a book publisher with 2,691 books and 2,801 editions in our database between 1976 and 2022

  • Authors published: 1,373
  • Books published: 2,691
  • Period: 1976 - 2022


There are 2,691 books and 2,801 editions published by Century between 1976 and 2022 in our database:

Top Authors

Amongst the 1,373 authors edited by Century in our database, those are the most edited:

Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 2,801 by Century in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
India in luxury : a practical guide for the discerning traveller Louise Nicholson 3
Feel the fear and do it anyway Susan Jeffers 3
The Venetian house Mary Nickson 2
One blue moon Catrin Collier 2
The first horseman John Case 2
Camber of Culdi Katherine Kurtz 2
The morning tide Audrey Howard 2
High Deryni : volume III in the Chronicles of the Deryni Katherine Kurtz 2
Saint Camber Katherine Kurtz 2
Wall and piece Banksy 2
Gentle giants : the powerful story of one woman's unconventional struggle against breast cancer Penny Brohn 2
Derek Bridges' Flower arranger's bible Derek Bridges 2
Secrets and shadows Mary Nickson 2
Skipping Christmas John Grisham 2
Kiss me no more Margaret Thomson Davis 2
The southern gates of Arabia : a journey in the Hadramaut Freya Stark 2
The British Army in Ulster David Barzilay 2
The art of the needle : designing in fabric and thread Jan Beaney 2
Wounds of war Margaret Thomson Davis 2
The fabulous mum's guide to a fabulous family life Grace Saunders 2
Kitty Campion's vegetarian encyclopaedia : all you need to know about fruit, vegetables, grain, nuts and seeds Kitty Campion 2
While my pretty one sleeps Mary Higgins Clark 2
Angels in my hair Lorna Byrne 2
Fiddler's ferry Iris Gower 2
Photographing places Camillo Semenzato 2
The secrets of staying young : how to feel 30 years younger Rosemary Conley 2
The ringed castle Dorothy Dunnett 2
Tatooine ghost Troy Denning 2
rEVOLution Russell Brand 2
The fitness jungle : stage 2 fitness : the exercise survival guide Christopher Connolly 2
Rosemary Conley's low-fat cookbook Rosemary Conley 2
Rosemary Conley's slim to win : diet and cookbook Rosemary Conley 2
Rosemary Conley's step by step low fat cookbook Rosemary Conley 2
The firm John Grisham 2
The dark side of the sun Elizabeth Palmer 2
Green harvest Pamela Oldfield 2
Eat yourself slim Rosemary Conley 2
Andalucia : a portrait of Southern Spain Nicholas Luard 2
Princess : the autobiography of the dowager Maharani of Gwalior Vijayaraje Scindia 2
Ford County : stories John Grisham 2
Mindpower : how to use your mind to heal your body Vernon Coleman 2
At the going down of the sun Elizabeth Darrell 2
Copper kingdom Iris Gower 2
Golden tally Pamela Oldfield 2
Loves music, loves to dance Mary Higgins Clark 2
A thousand miles up the Nile Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards 2
Bodach the badger David Stephen 2
Gilbert White : a biography of the author of The natural history of Selborne Richard Mabey 2
Glorious needlepoint Kaffe Fassett 2
The greatest treason : the bizarre story of Hollis, Liddell and Mountbatten Richard Deacon 2
Low tech : fast furniture for next to nothing Richard Ball 2
The marrying game Kate Saunders 2
Firefly summer Maeve Binchy 2
Light a penny candle Maeve Binchy 2
Graphology : the interpretation of handwriting Renna Nezos 2
Bird of paradise Diana Stainforth 2
The illustrated Lark Rise to Candleford : a trilogy Flora Thompson 2
The nanny Melissa Nathan 2
Kisscut Karin Slaughter 2
Killer! Jerry Lee Lewis 2
Back from the brink Paul McGrath 2
The food scandal : what's wrong with the British diet and how to put it right Caroline Walker 2
The alternative dictionary of symptoms and cures Caroline Shreeve 2
Jorvik Sheelagh Kelly 2
Leslie Kenton's 10 day clean-up plan : de-toxify your body for natural health and vitality Leslie Kenton 2
A world apart Marie Joseph 2
Rod : the autobiography Rod Stewart 2
Glamara Sara Hylton 2
Erin's child Sheelagh Kelly 2
The city of joy Dominique Lapierre 2
The disorderly knights Dorothy Dunnett 2
Black cherry blues James Lee Burke 2
Omnibus Marie Joseph 2
The horse lord Peter Morwood 2
The demon lord Peter Morwood 2
A gentle way with cancer : what every cancer patient should know about the therapies which can influence the fight for recovery Brenda Kidman 2
The way of wyrd : tales of an Anglo-Saxon sorcerer Brian Bates 2
My life David Jason 2
Standing out : my look, my style, my life Katie Price 2
These are the days that must happen to you Dan Walsh 2
Last sword of power David Gemmell 2
Way of the world Auberon Waugh 2
How the stock markets work : a guide to the international markets Colin Chapman 2
Full tilt : Ireland to India with a bicycle Dervla Murphy 2
Walking the shadows Donald James 2
Chris Ryan's SAS fitness book Chris Ryan 2
Negaholics : overcome your lack of confidence and live the life you really want to Chérie Carter-Scott 2
Checkmate Dorothy Dunnett 2
Pawn in frankincense Dorothy Dunnett 2
Kate Moss : style Angela Buttolph 2
Watching war films with my dad Al Murray 1
Hunter's moon Aileen Armitage 1
Victims : surviving the aftermath of violent crimes Alix Kirsta 1
Star Wars - the force awakens Alan Dean Foster 1
The approaching storm Alan Dean Foster 1
The farm dog Alan Lloyd 1
The wayward tide Alison McLeay 1
Skin deep : a top to toe guide to skin care Alix Kirsta 1
Scorpion Andrew Kaplan 1
Clarke County, space Allen M. Steele 1
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