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Centro Distribuidor

Centro Distribuidor is a company

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  • Company Name: Centro Distribuidor
  • City: Guatemala City
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Sector: Industrials
  • Year Founded: 1,968
  • Industry: Wholesale
  • Stack: google fonts / google analytics


Name: Centro Distribuidor

Sector: Industrials

Industry: Wholesale

Headquarters: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Founded: 1968

Type: private company


All metrics are estimates based on AI:

Revenues M$

Talking Points

This is what they currently say on their website and social media:

Market share

The total market size of the Wholesale industry is 574 billion $USD

Centro Distribuidor has captured:

Centro Distribuidor is ranked #1,136 amongst the 14,633 companies in the Wholesale industry based on revenues

Full dataset of all 14,633 companies in this industry:


Closest companies based on revenues:


This is the current stack used by Centro Distribuidor:

Their website is available in 3 languages

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