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  • Books: 488
  • Authors: 93
  • Publication Period Covered: 1979 - 2011


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Amongst the authors edited by Brimax in our database, those are the most edited:

Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 488 by Brimax in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
The clumsy alligator June Woodman 3
The lazy lion June Woodman 3
The forgetful spider June Woodman 3
Millie goes shopping Peter Curry 2
Dragon's hiding place Lucy Kincaid 2
The magic clock Diane Jackman 2
Dragon and the rabbits Lucy Kincaid 2
Dragon in the wood Lucy Kincaid 2
Growing up Karen O'Callaghan 2
The tunnel Lucy Kincaid 2
Little Duck on the moon Mark Burgess 2
Oliver Twist Peter Oliver 2
Millie in the garden Peter Curry 2
Ping won't share Lynne Gibbs 2
Mind your manners! : a child's guide to modern etiquette Lynne Gibbs 2
The shy ostrich June Woodman 2
Dragon and sleepy Owl Lucy Kincaid 2
The night before Christmas Clement Clarke Moore 2
Millie at home Peter Curry 2
Apples for sale Lucy Kincaid 2
Happy Hoppy rabbit June Woodman 2
I can read stories June Woodman 2
Hushabye, Bearcub Strawberrie Donnelly 2
My ready-to-read stories June Woodman 2
Rabbits' night out Diane Jackman 2
It's Christmas Ann Ricketts 2
A windy day Lucy Kincaid 2
A child's garden of verses Robert Louis Stevenson 2
Og the Dog and the uninventor Andrew Murray 1
Myths and legends Brenda Ralph Lewis 1
Ten little Christmas angels Deborah Campbell-Todd 1
Santa's reindeer Ann Ricketts 1
One to ten - count again Ann Ricketts 1
Digby helps at the zoo Alan Aburrow-Newman 1
Digby the dinosaur Alan Aburrow-Newman 1
Digby the fire-fighter Alan Aburrow-Newman 1
Digby to the rescue Alan Aburrow-Newman 1
Look at me gift box set Alison Morris 1
Lost Little Elephant, where are you? Alison Morris 1
My Christmas counting book Ann Ricketts 1
1 2 3 Angela Mills 1
Learning together Angela Mills 1
1 2 3 Ann Ricketts 1
ABC Ann Ricketts 1
Santa is comming Ann Ricketts 1
Animal nursery rhymes Ann Ricketts 1
I see big and little Ann Ricketts 1
I see red green blue Ann Ricketts 1
In the middle of the night Ann Ricketts 1
Inside Teddy's house Ann Ricketts 1
My ABC Ann Ricketts 1
Teddy and me learn and play Debbie Lines 1
Teddy and me out and about Debbie Lines 1
Ten little chicks Belinda Bagley 1
My first atlas David Cullen 1
The lost teddy David Bennett 1
Sharing Gill Davies 1
Santa's busy night Gill Davies 1
Rory's story Gill Davies 1
The Christmas baby Ann Ricketts 1
The birthday party Ann Ricketts 1
The first Christmas Ann Ricketts 1
Time for a rhyme Ann Ricketts 1
Where is my home? Ann Ricketts 1
Black Beauty Anna Sewell 1
Little star Arcadio Lobato 1
The secret of the North Pole Arcadio Lobato 1
The adventures of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 1
My teddybear friends Ann Ricketts 1
Ten little rabbits Belinda Bagley 1
Teddy bears' counting book Ann Ricketts 1
Ten little teddy bears Belinda Bagley 1
Hey, diddle diddle Caroline Davies 1
Humpty Dumpty Caroline Davies 1
Little Miss Muffet Caroline Davies 1
Pat-a-cake Caroline Davies 1
A Christmas carol Charles Dickens 1
The yummy, yummy cake trick Colin Fletcher 1
The big surprise David Bennett 1
My play friends Ann Ricketts 1
Disgusting! Gill Davies 1
Nursery rhymes Ann Ricketts 1
Off to school Gill Davies 1
Read to me Gill Davies 1
Read to me again Gill Davies 1
I can hardly wait for Christmas Gill Davies 1
Clarence the nosey dragon Diane Jackman 1
A puppy with a waggly tail Gill Davies 1
The missing necklace Geoffrey Alan 1
Santa Claus Diane Jackman 1
Snow for Christmas Diane Jackman 1
Teddy's red nose Diane Jackman 1
The brave lion Diane Jackman 1
Storiau o'r Beibl Elaine Ife 1
Stories from the Bible Elaine Ife 1
One to ten Elizabeth Fletcher 1
Riddles and rhymes Elizabeth Fletcher 1
Eric and Lucy Kincaid's book of classic fairy tales Eric Kincaid 1
Thumbelina Eric Kincaid 1
Farmyard counting book Fiona Redmond 1



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