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  • Authors: 52
  • Publication Period Covered: 1991 - 2003


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Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
Cases and materials on employment law Richard W. Painter 3
Cases and materials on EC law Stephen Weatherill 3
Guide to motor insurers' bureau claims Donald B. Williams 3
Law of trusts Gary Watt 2
Law of contract Neil Lucas 2
Blackstone's handbook for magistrates Neil McKittrick 2
Law of evidence C. J. Carr 2
Cases and materials on criminal law Janet Dine 2
Textbook on labour law John Bowers 2
What everyone in Britain should know about crime and punishment David Wilson 1
Wills, Probate and Administration George Miles 1
Law of trusts. Learning text Gary Watt 1
Land law : cases and materials Gary Watt 1
Land law Gary Watt 1
SWOT conveyancing Bridget Walker 1
GCSE law casebook David Corns 1
Law of evidence Chris Chang 1
Learning exam skills Harry McVea 1
Forfeiture of tenancies Ann Kenny 1
Commercial & consumer law Graham Stephenson 1
Learning legal rules : a student's guide to legal method and reasoning James A. Holland 1
Effective interviewing Helena Twist 1
Clinical legal education : active learning in your law school Hugh Brayne 1
Textbook on commercial law Iwan Davies 1
Test yourself in constitutional & administrative law Martin Hannibal 1
Casebook on contract Jill Poole 1
Law of torts : learning text John Lewthwaite 1
A practical approach to local government law John Sharland 1
Blackstone's human rights digest Keir Starmer 1
Blackstone's international law documents Malcolm D. Evans 1
Land law Margaret Wilkie 1
Managing the law firm Alan Pannett 1
Negotiating skills Ann Halpern 1
Legal research : law-finding and problem-solving Victor Tunkel 1
Blackstone's guide to the Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994 Martin Wasik 1
Textbook on international law Martin Dixon 1
Effective communication A. G. King 1
Textbook on administrative law Peter Leyland 1
Blackstone's guide to the Environment Act 1995 Peter Lane 1
Legal time limits Peter Chainey 1
Textbook on trusts Paul Todd 1
German legal system & laws Nigel G. Foster 1
Slippery customers : estate agents, the public and regulation Michael Clarke 1
A practical approach to road traffic law Richard McMahon 1
Blackstone's guide to the Road Traffic Act 1991 Simon Cooper 1
Wills, probate and administration Robert M. Abbey 1
Guide to the Community trade mark Ruth Annand 1
Blackstone's guide to the Criminal Justice Act, 1991 : the 1991 act in the courts (as amended by the Criminal Justice Act 1993) Martin Wasik 1
Criminal evidence and procedure : the statutory framework Stephen Seabrooke 1
Personal management skills Stephen W. Mayson 1
Cases and materials on EEC law Stephen Weatherill 1
Assured tenancies Stuart Bridge 1
Residential leases Stuart Bridge 1
A practical approach to legal advice & drafting Susan H. Blake 1
A textbook on contract T. Antony Downes 1
Law for legal executives. Part 1, year 1, English legal system, the law relating to land, criminal law, law of tort Timothy Blakemore 1
Limitation periods in personal injury actions Michael A. Jones 1
Pleadings without tears : a guide to legal drafting William M. Rose 1



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