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  • Authors: 204
  • Publication Period Covered: 1988 - 2002


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Amongst the authors edited by Blackstone in our database, those are the most edited:

Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 491 by Blackstone in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
Law for social workers Hugh Brayne 7
A practical approach to planning law Victor Moore 7
Cases and materials on constitutional & administrative law M. J. Allen 6
A practical approach to land law Judith-Anne MacKenzie 6
Textbook on criminal law M. J. Allen 6
Mayson on revenue law Stephen W. Mayson 6
EC law Nigel G. Foster 6
A practical approach to family law Jill M. Black 5
Textbook on trusts Paul Todd 5
The English legal process Terence Ingman 5
Equity and trusts Paul Todd 5
Employment law Ann E. M. Holmes 5
Textbook on torts Michael A. Jones 5
Casebook on torts Richard Kidner 5
Solicitors' accounts : a practical guide Dale Kay 5
A practical approach to civil procedure Stuart Sime 4
Casebook on contract Jill Poole 4
Partnership law Geoffrey Morse 4
Textbook on labour law John Bowers 4
Cases and materials on company law Andrew Hicks 4
Textbook on EC law Josephine Steiner 4
Constitutional & administrative law R. G. Lee 4
Textbook on criminology Katherine S. Williams 4
Law of torts Peter Clark 4
Land law Denise Artis 4
Advocacy skills Michael Hyam 4
Jurisprudence Raymond Wacks 4
Criminal law Christopher Ryan 4
Family law Duncan J. Bloy 3
Company law Allan Blake 3
Textbook on constitutional & administrative law Brian Thompson 3
Murphy on evidence Peter Murphy 3
A practical approach to conveyancing Robert M. Abbey 3
Evidence & advocacy Peter Murphy 3
Environmental law : the law and policy relating to the protection of the environment Simon Ball 3
Conveyancing Bridget Walker 3
Pleadings without tears : a guide to legal drafting William M. Rose 3
Employment law John Bowers 3
Textbook on international law Martin Dixon 3
Cases & materials on International law Martin Dixon 3
Emmins on criminal procedure John Sprack 3
'A' Level Law Nick Johnson 3
Textbook on EEC law Josephine Steiner 3
Criminal litigation Craig Osborne 3
Blackstone's statutes on criminal law P. R. Glazebrook 3
Cases and materials on equity and trusts Paul Todd 3
Learning legal rules : a student's guide to legal method and reasoning James A. Holland 3
Business law J. Scott Slorach 3
Textbook on jurisprudence H. McCoubrey 3
Conveyancing Robert M. Abbey 2
Scottish business law : text, cases & materials C. G. Willett 2
Casebook on carriage of goods by sea A. D. Hughes 2
Business law Helen J. Bond 2
Constitutional and administrative law. Cases and materials Peter Cumper 2
Textbook on civil liberties Richard Stone 2
Intellectual property & media law companion Marcus Anselm 2
Equity & trusts Margaret Wilkie 2
Competition law of the UK & EC Mark Furse 2
Landlord & tenant Mark Pawlowski 2
Criminal law Geoff Douglas 2
European Community law Elspeth Berry 2
English legal system David A. Howarth 2
Textbook on Roman law Andrew Borkowski 2
The legal secretary's guide Ann Cheyne 2
Civil litigation Craig Osborne 2
Compensation for dismissal Anthony Korn 2
Law of contract : cases and materials Richard Stone 2
GCSE law casebook David Corns 2
Family law Chris Barton 2
English legal method Erika Kirk 2
Textbook on medical law A. Michael Davies 2
Law of torts David W. Oughton 2
Commercial & consumer law Graham Stephenson 2
Textbook on revenue law A. J. Shipwright 2
Solicitors and their business clients A. G. King 2
Textbook on consumer law David W. Oughton 2
SWOT law of contract Richard D. Taylor 2
Corporate finance J. Scott Slorach 2
Law of contract Richard D. Taylor 2
Using a law library : a student's guide to legal research skills Peter Clinch 2
Company law S. Kunalen 2
Blackstone's guide to the Human Rights Act 1998 John Wadham 2
Law of torts : cases and materials John Lewthwaite 2
A practical approach to landlord and tenant Simon Garner 2
Ball & Bell on environmental law : the law and policy relating to the protection of the environment Stuart Bell 2
Learning legal skills Simon Lee 2
Employment law checklists Julia Palca 2
A practical approach to legal advice & drafting Susan H. Blake 2
A textbook on contract T. Antony Downes 2
Corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions J. Scott Slorach 2
Cases and materials on evidence Simon Cooper 2
Law for legal executives. Part 1, year 1, English legal system, the law relating to land, criminal law, law of tort Timothy Blakemore 2
Emmins on sentencing Martin Wasik 2
GCSE law Vivienne Harpwood 2
Conveyancing Phillip H. Kenny 2
Textbook on A level law Patricia Hirst 2
Constitutional & administrative law Richard Clements 2
Textbook on administrative law Peter Leyland 2
A practical approach to evidence Peter Murphy 2
Land law : learning text Roger Sexton 2



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