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  • Publication Period Covered: 1976 - 2023


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Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
Throne of blood Robert N. Watson 3
Caché Catherine Wheatley 2
Fear eats the soul : (Angst essen Seele auf) Laura Cottingham 2
The servant Amy Sargeant 2
Cléo de 5 à 7 Steven Ungar 2
Sunrise : a song of two humans Lucy Fischer 2
100 documentary films Barry Keith Grant 2
100 silent films Bryony Dixon 2
Selected works Sergeĭ Eizenshtein 2
100 animated feature films Andrew Osmond 2
Vampyr David Rudkin 2
On Kubrick James Naremore 2
Akira Michelle Le Blanc 2
100 Film Musicals Jim Hillier 2
The matrix Joshua Clover 2
The Hollywood studio system : a history Douglas Gomery 2
The British 'B' film Steve Chibnall 2
From IBM to MGM : cinema at the dawn of the digital age Andrew Utterson 1
The thing Anne Billson 1
Buffy the vampire slayer Anne Billson 1
Picnic at Hanging Rock Anna Backman Rogers 1
Coronation Street Andy Medhurst 1
The bigamist Amelie Hastie 1
Spirited Away Andrew Osmond 1
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Andrew M. Butler 1
The American comic book industry and Hollywood Alisa Perren 1
Grave of the fireflies Alex Dudok de Wit 1
Vertigo Charles Barr 1
The lives of others Annie Ring 1
Men women and chainsaws : gender in the modern horror film Carol J. Clover 1
M Anton Kaes 1
100 American horror films Barry Keith Grant 1
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Barry Keith Grant 1
Night of the living dead Benjamin A. Hervey 1
Television sitcom Brett Mills 1
Claiming the real II : documentary - Grierson and beyond Brian Winston 1
The birds Camille Paglia 1
Ratcatcher Annette Kuhn 1
Thinking in images : film theory, feminist philosophy and Marlene Dietrich Catherine Constable 1
Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles Catherine Fowler 1
Caché (Hidden) Catherine Wheatley 1
Mother India Gayatri Chatterjee 1
East of Dallas : the European challenge to American television Alessandro Silj 1
Do the right thing Ed Guerrero 1
London in cinema : the cinematic city since 1945 Charlotte Brunsdon 1
Trouble in paradise David Weir 1
Godard : images, sounds, politics Colin MacCabe 1
On the eloquence of the vulgar : a justification of the study of film and television Colin MacCabe 1
Performance Colin MacCabe 1
8 1/2 : Otto e mezzo D. A. Miller 1
Eight and a half (Otto e mezzo) D. A. Miller 1
Portrait of an invisible man : the working life of Stewart McAllister, film editor Dai Vaughan 1
Television documentary usage Dai Vaughan 1
Memories of underdevelopment : memorias del subdesarrollo Darlene J. Sadlier 1
East Asian screen industries Darrell William Davis 1
Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari David Robinson 1
The big sleep David Thomson 1
Teaching auteur study David Wharton 1
La jetée Chris Darke 1
Queer Edward II Derek Jarman 1
Shared pleasures : a history of movie presentation in the United States Douglas Gomery 1
The Hollywood studio system Douglas Gomery 1
Sanshō Dayū (Sansho the bailiff) Dudley Andrew 1
On the waterfront Leo Braudy 1
The Searchers Edward Buscombe 1
Unforgiven Edward Buscombe 1
100 Cult Films / Ernest Mathijs & Xavier Mendik Ernest Mathijs 1
Pedro Almodóvar Ernesto R. Acevedo-Muñoz 1
Star wars : 2 media education pack for primary schools Fiona Wright 1
The innocents Christopher Frayling 1
Screen epiphanies : filmmakers on the films that inspired them Geoffrey Macnab 1
The Godfather Jon Lewis 1
Alexander Dovzhenko : a life in Soviet film George Liber 1
Letter from an unknown woman James Naremore 1
Small screen aesthetics : from TV to the Internet Glen Creeber 1
The singing detective Glen Creeber 1
Queer as folk Glyn Davis 1
The Manchurian candidate Greil Marcus 1
Television and the riots : a report for the Broadcasting Research Unit of the British Film Institute Howard Tumber 1
Diary of a young soul rebel Isaac Julien 1
Duck soup J. Hoberman 1
The Big Lebowski J. M. Tyree 1
Montage Eisenstein Jacques Aumont 1
Anatole Dauman : pictures of a producer Jacques Gerber 1
Nollywood central Jade L. Miller 1
The screenwriter in British cinema Jill Nelmes 1
Teaching stars and performance Jill Poppy 1
100 videogames James Newman 1
Teaching videogames James Newman 1
Contested culture : the image, the voice, and the law Jane Gaines 1
Body trauma TV : the new hospital dramas Jason Jacobs 1
Deadwood Jason Jacobs 1
100 American independent films Jason Wood 1
Selling television : British television in the global marketplace Jeanette Steemers 1
Teaching TV drama Jeremy Points 1
The logic of the absurd : on film and television comedy Jerry Palmer 1
The story of British animation Jez Stewart 1
The cinema in France : after the New Wave Jill Forbes 1
Teaching film at GCSE James Baker 1
Modern times Joan Mellen 1



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