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  • Books: 2,508
  • Authors: 1,035
  • Publication Period Covered: 1954 - 2021


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Amongst the authors edited by Arrow Books in our database, those are the most edited:

Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 2,508 by Arrow Books in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
A prayer for the ship Douglas Reeman 5
To the devil - a daughter Dennis Wheatley 4
The Ka of Gifford Hillary Dennis Wheatley 4
Dracula Bram Stoker 4
The silver bears Paul Erdman 3
Kalin E. C. Tubb 3
Go in and sink! Douglas Reeman 3
Witch bane Robert Neill 3
The fettered past Netta Muskett 3
Seal morning Rowena Farre 3
From Doon with death Ruth Rendell 3
Theft of a heart Barbara Cartland 3
The reluctant bride Barbara Cartland 3
The pretty horse-breakers Barbara Cartland 3
The dream within Barbara Cartland 3
Stars in my heart Barbara Cartland 3
The pride and the anguish Douglas Reeman 3
The Seagull's Cry Denise Robins 3
The satanist Dennis Wheatley 3
A daughter for Julia Netta Muskett 3
Elizabethan lover Barbara Cartland 3
Strange conflict Dennis Wheatley 3
The shadow of Tyburn tree Dennis Wheatley 3
The art of coarse golf Michael Green 3
The man who killed the king Dennis Wheatley 3
The devil rides out Dennis Wheatley 3
The Irish witch Dennis Wheatley 3
The Black Baroness Dennis Wheatley 3
Come into my parlour Dennis Wheatley 3
Tombstone outlaw Ray Hogan 2
Winter's day Netta Muskett 2
A judgement in stone Ruth Rendell 2
Destroyer Ewart Brookes 2
Dragon under the hill Gordon Honeycombe 2
The year of the quiet sun Wilson Tucker 2
The case of the love commandos : from the files of Vish Puri, India's most private investigator Tarquin Hall 2
The fire in the flint Candace M. Robb 2
For the love of Ann James Copeland 2
Jane of Gowlands Anne Hepple 2
The touchstone Netta Muskett 2
Historic railway disasters O. S. Nock 2
No change : a biological revolution for women Wendy Cooper 2
Joy in the morning P. G. Wodehouse 2
Uncharted seas Dennis Wheatley 2
Unholy crusade Dennis Wheatley 2
Dance of death John Case 2
On the run Gregg Hill 2
Among the thugs Bill Buford 2
The passionate pilgrim Barbara Cartland 2
No more dying then Ruth Rendell 2
The unpredictable bride Barbara Cartland 2
The jewel of seven stars Bram Stoker 2
Proud waters Ewart Brookes 2
The little pretender Barbara Cartland 2
The odious Duke Barbara Cartland 2
Can I go there? Anne Hepple 2
Some of our best friends are animals Peter Spence 2
To the manor born Peter Spence 2
With blood and iron Douglas Reeman 2
Shake hands for ever Ruth Rendell 2
The distant summer Sarah Patterson 2
Where is love? Barbara Cartland 2
Wings on my heart Barbara Cartland 2
Solar lottery Philip K. Dick 2
Angel uncovered Katie Price 2
The face of trespass Ruth Rendell 2
Some lie and some die Ruth Rendell 2
V for vengeance Dennis Wheatley 2
The mosaic of shadows Tom Harper 2
The shadow market Netta Muskett 2
Command a king's ship Alexander Kent 2
Stand on Zanzibar John Brunner 2
The secret war Dennis Wheatley 2
Toyman) E. C. Tubb 2
The Twister Edgar Wallace 2
Beyond the reef Alexander Kent 2
Thy tears might cease Michael Farrell 2
The sultan's daughter Dennis Wheatley 2
For my country's freedom Alexander Kent 2
Voyager Diana Gabaldon 2
Dive in the sun Douglas Reeman 2
Take or destroy! John Harris 2
The girl in blue P. G. Wodehouse 2
The white witch of the South Seas Dennis Wheatley 2
De Valera : long fellow, long shadow Tim Pat Coogan 2
The sea shall not have them John Harris 2
Ride out the storm : a novel of Dunkirk John Harris 2
Sporting fever Michael Parkinson 2
Give back yesterday Netta Muskett 2
The narrow margin : the Battle of Britain and the rise of air power, 1930-1940 Derek Wood 2
The Predator Andrew York 2
On the spot Edgar Wallace 2
A mother's promise Dilly Court 2
Carry on, Jeeves P. G. Wodehouse 2
Living with Adam Netta Muskett 2
Love in amber Netta Muskett 2
A loving family Dilly Court 2
How we lived then : a history of everyday life during the Second World War Norman Longmate 2
Dot.homme Jane Moore 2
The Alexander principle Wilfred Barlow 2



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