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Here is the latest on Google:

Title Source Date
Google launches earthquake alerts on Android in India TechCrunch 2023-09-27
Google quietly corrects previously submitted disclosure for critical webp 0-day Ars Technica 2023-09-27
Apple and Google want to shift how you listen to podcasts The Verge 2023-09-26
Google Podcasts to shut down in 2024 with listeners migrated to YouTube Music TechCrunch 2023-09-26
‘Unprecedented’ Secrecy in Google Trial as Tech Giants Push to Limit Disclosures New York Times 2023-09-26
Google is killing Gmail’s basic HTML view in 2024 TechCrunch 2023-09-26
Gmail’s basic HTML view will go to the Google graveyard in 2024 The Verge 2023-09-25
Leaked Pixel 8 Pro deal shows Google will throw in a Pixel Watch 2 for free The Verge 2023-09-25
Google expands its subsea cable infrastructure with Nuvem, connecting the US, Bermuda and Portugal TechCrunch 2023-09-25
Google’s Parisa Tabriz on how the company stays ahead of hackers TechCrunch 2023-09-22
Law geeks shine a light on secretive Google antitrust trial Ars Technica 2023-09-22
Google sued over fatal Google Maps error after man drove off broken bridge Ars Technica 2023-09-21
Judge “in a pickle” after Google demands DOJ stop sharing public trial exhibits Ars Technica 2023-09-21
Google taunts Apple again over its lack of RCS messaging support The Verge 2023-09-21
Meet the Law Geeks Exposing Google’s Secretive Antitrust Trial WIRED 2023-09-21
Google sued after man drove off collapsed bridge following map directions Al Jazeera 2023-09-21
Google sued after man drove off collapsed bridge while following map directions Independent 2023-09-21
Google accused of directing motorist to drive off collapsed bridge BBC 2023-09-21
Google’s Bard Just Got More Powerful. It’s Still Erratic. New York Times 2023-09-20
How Google taught AI to doubt itself The Verge 2023-09-20
Google Says Switching Away From Its Search Engine Is Easy. It’s Not. New York Times 2023-09-20
Justice Department and Google spar over public access to antitrust trial files The Verge 2023-09-19
Google’s AI protein folder IDs structure where none seemingly existed Ars Technica 2023-09-19
Google’s free AI isn’t just for search anymore VOX 2023-09-19
Google wants to map more of the world’s roads with expansion of ‘Road Mapper’ volunteer community TechCrunch 2023-09-19
Google quietly raised ad prices to boost search revenue, says executive The Verge 2023-09-19
Google’s Bard chatbot can now find answers in your Gmail, Docs, Drive The Verge 2023-09-19
Google’s Bard chatbot can now tap into your Google apps, double check answers and more TechCrunch 2023-09-19
Google Connects A.I. Chatbot Bard to YouTube, Gmail and More Facts New York Times 2023-09-19
US v. Google: all the news from the search antitrust showdown The Verge 2023-09-18
Google’s Nest Hub Max is dropping support for Google Meet and Zoom The Verge 2023-09-18
A Key Question in Google’s Trial: How Formidable Is Its Data Advantage? New York Times 2023-09-18
In the Google antitrust trial, defaults are everything and nobody likes Bing The Verge 2023-09-15
Google’s Fitbit Charge 6 will finally bring the physical button back The Verge 2023-09-15
How Google Authenticator made one company’s network breach much, much worse Ars Technica 2023-09-15
Google says it can’t fix Pixel Watches, please just buy a new one Ars Technica 2023-09-15
Google co-founder Sergey Brin finalizes divorce after wife Nicole’s alleged affair with Elon Musk BBC 2023-09-15
Google to pay California $93 million over location-tracking claims The Verge 2023-09-15
Google’s emoji mashup maker is now available in Search The Verge 2023-09-13
Even more Google layoffs: This time it’s “significant” cuts to recruiting Ars Technica 2023-09-13
Google is cutting hundreds of jobs in its recruiting organization CNBC 2023-09-13
Google adds Prime Video and bunch of other stuff to cars with native Android software The Verge 2023-09-13
Google Sheds Hundreds of Recruiters in Another Round of Layoffs NYT 2023-09-13
In Antitrust Trial, Former Google Employee Details History of Search Deals NYT 2023-09-13
Google’s Pixel 7 Pro is matching its best price yet The Verge 2023-09-13
Google’s Find My Device 3.0 has a fresh look, hints at upcoming features The Verge 2023-09-13
What you need to know about Google’s existential threat VOX 2023-09-11
Who’s Who in the Google Antitrust Trial NYT 2023-09-11
Why Is the Justice Dept. Suing Google? Here’s What to Know. NYT 2023-09-11
Sundar Pichai on Google’s AI, Microsoft’s AI, OpenAI, and … Did We Mention AI? WIRED 2023-09-11
Microsoft, Google and Antitrust: Similar Legal Theories in a Different Era NYT 2023-09-11
Google shows off the Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 ahead of launch Ars Technica 2023-09-08
Here's how Google plans to fight the DOJ CNBC 2023-09-08
How Google plans to win its antitrust trial The Verge 2023-09-08
Google’s next Chromecast remote might have more buttons The Verge 2023-09-08
Google flips the switch on interest-based ads with ‘Privacy Sandbox’ rollout TechCrunch 2023-09-08
Australia to require Google, Bing to clamp down on AI-created child porn Al Jazeera 2023-09-08
Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome Ars Technica 2023-09-08
Take a look at Google’s Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 TechCrunch 2023-09-07
Google teaser previews Pixel Watch 2 and both Pixel 8 phones The Verge 2023-09-07
Google’s cookie-replacing Privacy Sandbox reaches major milestone The Verge 2023-09-07
Husband divorces his ‘cheating’ wife after spotting her cuddling and stroking her ‘lover’ on Google Maps The SUN 2023-09-07
Google: Political adverts must disclose use of AI BBC 2023-09-07
AI used to alter imagery or sounds in political ads will require prominent disclosure on Google Independent 2023-09-07
Google will soon require disclaimers for AI-generated political ads The Verge 2023-09-06
Google is killing Play Movies & TV, will only have three video stores left Ars Technica 2023-09-06
After class action revoked, Google tentatively settles with 21M Play Store users Ars Technica 2023-09-06
Google is facing yet another major antitrust lawsuit VOX 2023-09-06
Google rolls out file locking for Workspace customers The Verge 2023-09-06
Google is putting short videos on Play Store to aid app discovery TechCrunch 2023-09-06
The EU targets Google, WhatsApp, and more with tough new DMA rules The Verge 2023-09-06
In Its First Monopoly Trial of Modern Internet Era, U.S. Sets Sights on Google NYT 2023-09-06
Google Turns to a Steady Old Hand to Fight Antitrust Charges NYT 2023-09-06
J-Lo's famous dress and other key moments in 25 years of Google SKY 2023-09-06
Google VP shares the No. 1 thing she looks for in job interviews: ‘This is a critical trait’ CNBC 2023-09-06
Google leaks Pixel 8 Pro again with a 360-degree preview The Verge 2023-09-06
Apple, Google, Nvidia and other tech giants are considering buying Arm shares CNBC 2023-09-05
Google Nest Cameras get a 25%-33% subscription price hike Ars Technica 2023-09-05
Google’s quarterly Android updates include Zoom and Webex support in cars TechCrunch 2023-09-05
Google is changing Android branding with a 3D logo TechCrunch 2023-09-05
Google’s latest Android feature updates come with a refreshed logo The Verge 2023-09-05
Malaysia mulls rules for Google, Meta to pay news outlets for content TOI 2023-09-05
Google turns 25: Can the search engine giant survive in AI age? DT 2023-09-04
Google turns 25: A look at the world’s top performing searches Al Jazeera 2023-09-04
Google brings that cheap flight data and the feds investigate Elon’s glass house TechCrunch 2023-09-03
Google's search for an AI future as it turns 25 BBC 2023-09-03
Google raises Nest Aware subscription prices up to $30 per year The Verge 2023-09-01
Meet Google, JPMorgan, Mastercard, DeepBrain AI and more at TC Disrupt 2023 TechCrunch 2023-09-01
Google pulls popular but controversial live video chat app Chamet from the Play Store TechCrunch 2023-09-01
YouTube Music now has YouTube comments, because Google learned nothing The Verge 2023-08-31
Google now blurs explicit imagery in Search results by default TechCrunch 2023-08-31
Google kills Pixel Pass without ever upgrading subscriber’s phones The Verge 2023-08-31
Google’s AI-powered search expands outside U.S. to India and Japan TechCrunch 2023-08-31
Google removes fake Signal and Telegram apps hosted on Play Ars Technica 2023-08-31
Google is now blurring sexually explicit images by default The Verge 2023-08-30
Google announces event for Oct. 4, where new Pixel phone and smartwatch expected CNBC 2023-08-30
Google kills two-year “Pixel Pass” subscription after just 22 months Ars Technica 2023-08-30
Google’s Pixel 8 event set for October 4 TechCrunch 2023-08-30
Google sets its Pixel 8 launch event for October 4th The Verge 2023-08-30
Dunzo, backed by Reliance and Google, delays employee salaries again TechCrunch 2023-08-30
Google’s Duet AI can now write your emails for you TechCrunch 2023-08-30
Google Says Over Half of Generative AI Startups Use Its Cloud Bloomberg 2023-08-30
Microsoft is using malware-like pop-ups in Windows 11 to get people to ditch Google The Verge 2023-08-30
Google discontinues its Pixel Pass subscription, which combined phones and services TechCrunch 2023-08-30
General Motors to use Google AI chatbot for its OnStar service TechCrunch 2023-08-30
Google escapes Play Store class action after finding more persuasive expert Ars Technica 2023-08-29
Google’s Duet AI is now available in Gmail, Docs, and more for $30 a month The Verge 2023-08-29
Duet AI, Google’s AI assistant suite, expands across Google Cloud TechCrunch 2023-08-29
Google launches BigQuery Studio, a new way to work with data TechCrunch 2023-08-29
Google’s AlloyDB AI transforms databases to power generative AI apps TechCrunch 2023-08-29
Google introduces GKE Enterprise to help companies manage complex Kubernetes environments TechCrunch 2023-08-29
Google is bringing generative AI to its security tooling TechCrunch 2023-08-29
Google upgrades Vertex AI to keep pace with the generative AI boom TechCrunch 2023-08-29
GM is using Google’s AI chatbot to handle simple OnStar calls The Verge 2023-08-29
Google made a watermark for AI images that you can’t edit out The Verge 2023-08-29
The new Google Chat borrows from Slack, Teams, Discord, and even ChatGPT The Verge 2023-08-29
Google to begin selling maps data to companies building solar products, hopes to generate $100 million in first year CNBC 2023-08-28
Google and Meta are the best-paying Big Tech companies for engineers The Verge 2023-08-28
Google Flights will now tell you when it’s the cheapest time to book TechCrunch 2023-08-28
Google might recreate Apple’s satellite SOS on Android The Verge 2023-08-28
Google’s AI-powered note-taking app is the messy beginning of something great The Verge 2023-08-28
Meet the guy responsible for helping Meta, Google and Amazon prepare for new laws in Europe CNBC 2023-08-25
Google Keep for Android is getting some overdue upgrades The Verge 2023-08-25
Dropbox Unlimited Storage Ends After Google Change Bloomberg 2023-08-25
Google Home app finally begins adding support for older Nest Cams The Verge 2023-08-25
Google is expanding its ads transparency center to comply with EU rules The Verge 2023-08-25
Google, Amazon, Nvidia, and others put $235 million into Hugging Face The Verge 2023-08-24
Google to go further on ads transparency and data access for researchers as EU digital rulebook reboot kicks in TechCrunch 2023-08-24
Google’s AR projects are reportedly facing even more setbacks The Verge 2023-08-23
“Project Moohan” is Google and Samsung’s inevitable Apple Vision Pro clone Ars Technica 2023-08-23
Google and YouTube are trying to have it both ways with AI and copyright The Verge 2023-08-22
Google says its Android runtime makes apps faster, even without an OS update Ars Technica 2023-08-22
Google executive turnover and role changes come as the company searches for new identity CNBC 2023-08-21
Google announces new algorithm that makes FIDO encryption safe from quantum computers Ars Technica 2023-08-18
Google adds a reminder to clean your Pixel Buds every once in a while The Verge 2023-08-18
Google’s new Transparency Center outlines its product policies, reporting tools and more TechCrunch 2023-08-17
Russia fines Google $32,000 for videos about the conflict in Ukraine ABC 2023-08-17
Google reportedly building A.I. that offers life advice CNBC 2023-08-16
Google Tests an A.I. Assistant That Offers Life Advice NYT 2023-08-16
Google’s AI search experience adds AI-powered summaries, definitions and coding improvements TechCrunch 2023-08-15
Indian court ruling threatens Google’s advertising revenue model TechCrunch 2023-08-15
Google's Waymo, Cruise Get Nod to Expand San Francisco Robotaxis Bloomberg 2023-08-12
Google Slides is getting native support for annotations The Verge 2023-08-11
Google pushes Match for more money in antitrust battle, court filing states TechCrunch 2023-08-11
Google, OpenAI team up with the White House for cybersecurity challenge The Verge 2023-08-09
Music labels in talks with Google over enabling AI-generated songs - report Sky News 2023-08-09
Google’s redesigned Arts & Culture app includes an AI-generated postcards feature, Play tab and more TechCrunch 2023-08-09
FirstFT: Google and Universal Music discuss deal over AI ‘deepfake’ songs Financial Times 2023-08-08
Google, record labels working on deal covering musical “deepfakes” Ars Technica 2023-08-08
Google’s Messages app will now use RCS by default and encrypt group chats TechCrunch 2023-08-08
Google is picking up the pace of Chrome security update releases The Verge 2023-08-08
Google Messages now encrypts RCS conversations by default The Verge 2023-08-08
Google launches Project IDX, a new AI-enabled browser-based development environment TechCrunch 2023-08-08
$5 billion Google lawsuit over ‘Incognito mode’ tracking moves a step closer to trial The Verge 2023-08-08
The Pixel Tablet and Pixel 7 phones are just a few Google gadgets on sale The Verge 2023-08-07
In win for Google, judge dismisses many claims in DOJ monopoly case Ars Technica 2023-08-07
Google is offering an on-campus hotel 'special' to help lure workers back to the office CNBC 2023-08-04
Google’s $99 a night company hotel advertises ‘no commute’ as a perk The Verge 2023-08-04
Google’s Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro are $60 off for Verge readers The Verge 2023-08-04
Google is making it easier to find and remove personal info, explicit images from Search TechCrunch 2023-08-03
Google can now alert you when your private contact info appears online The Verge 2023-08-03
Meta, Google and YouTube ‘profiting’ off posts for bogus women’s health cures in Kenya The Guardian 2023-08-03
Google’s AI search is getting more video and better links The Verge 2023-08-02
Google pulls its AI Test Kitchen app from Play Store and App Store TechCrunch 2023-08-02
Tired of Dating Apps, Some Turn to Google Docs NYT 2023-08-02
Is there more to Alphabet than Google search? The Economist 2023-08-02
It’s a hot 0-day summer for Apple, Google, and Microsoft security fixes Ars Technica 2023-08-02
Ex-Google recruiter shares the No. 1 thing to do after applying for a job: 'Everyone fails' at it CNBC 2023-08-02
Google reshuffles Assistant unit, lays off some staffers, to 'supercharge' products with A.I. CNBC 2023-08-02
Google what our chatbot tells you... says Google BBC 2023-08-02
Warning over medical clinics using fake Google reviews BBC 2023-08-02
Alphabet Steams Past Ad Worries, Fueled by Google’s Search Engin NYT 2023-07-27
Google says it will start downranking non-tablet apps in the Play St Ars Technica 2023-07-27
Homeowner scrawls X-rated message on their roof to ‘mock nosy neighbours’ spying on Google Maps – but stunt backfires The SUN 2023-07-27
Google and Taito’s AR Space Invaders game is out now on Android and iOS The Verge 2023-07-18
Bard: Google's ChatGPT rival launches in Europe and Brazil BBC 2023-07-14
Editing photos on Google’s Pixel Fold has totally sold me on the form factor The Verge 2023-07-14
Google’s language model “NotebookLM” app hits public testing Ars Technica 2023-07-13
Tax prep companies let Google and Facebook sell ads off your data VOX 2023-07-13
Google launches ChatGPT rival Bard in France Le Monde 2023-07-13
Google’s head of AR software quits, citing “unstable commitment and vision” Ars Technica 2023-07-12
‘It’s pillage’: thirsty Uruguayans decry Google’s plan to exploit water supply The Guardian 2023-07-12
Google hands over its tool for estimating flight emissions to an independent advisory group The Verge 2023-07-12
Google quietly ditched plans for an AI-powered chatbot app for Gen Z CNBC 2023-07-12
Big Tech can transfer Europeans’ data to US in win for Facebook and Google Ars Technica 2023-07-11
Googles AR software leader is out over the companys unstable commitment and vision The Verge 2023-07-11
Google’s Pixel 7A is an even better value now that it’s $50 off ahead of Prime Day TheVerge 2023-07-10
Google’s medical AI chatbot is already being tested in hospitals TheVerge 2023-07-10
Google Wallet will soon let you share your travel and event passes with other people TheVerge 2023-07-08
Now Google Calendar lets you specify which times you’ll be in the office TheVerge 2023-07-08
Google’s Gradient Ventures backs Weflow to bring greater hygiene to Salesforce data TechCrunch 2023-07-07
Google’s first truly custom chip for Pixel devices won’t arrive until 2025 TheVerge 2023-07-07
Google confirms it’s training Bard on scraped web data, too TheVerge 2023-07-05
Leaked Pixel 8 Pro photos give first real look at Google’s upcoming flagship TheVerge 2023-07-05
Canada is going to war with Google, and it might not win BBC 2023-07-03
C.E.O.s of Google, Hertz, Peloton and Live Nation Were Highest Paid Last Year NYT 2023-07-02
Google is in hot water over video ads TheVerge 2023-06-30
Google is dropping local news links in Canada TheVerge 2023-06-30
Google introduces a new shop tab for rentals and purchases on Android TV TechCrunch 2023-06-28
Google is laying off employees at Waze TheVerge 2023-06-28
Google has reportedly killed its Project Iris augmented reality glasses TheVerge 2023-06-28
Google’s Pixel Fold is a well-rounded take on the foldable form factor TechCrunch 2023-06-28
Google is giving the Android robot a glow-up, and you may have already seen how it looks TheVerge 2023-06-27

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