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Filefjeld, Nystuen, Noorwegen


Key facts

  • width: 16.70 cm
  • height: 22.40 cm
  • classification: Photograph
  • museum: Rijksmuseum
  • artists: Axel Lindahl
  • countries: Sweden
  • creation period: 1892 - 1892


The artwork "Filefjeld, Nystuen, Noorwegen" is in the Rijksmuseum. It was created by Axel Lindahl from Sweden between the dates of 1892 and 1892. The artwork's height is 22.40 cm and its width is 16.70 cm. It is classified as Photograph.

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"Filefjeld, Nystuen, Noorwegen" is one of the artworks in Rijksmuseum.


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