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Most Used Media & Materials

Discover the most used media and materials amongst the 24,174 based on 192,161 artworks in our database

In scope
In scope

Medium by number of artworks

The most popular art media and materials

Medium Artworks
Graphite on paper 26,284
Gelatin silver print 16,235
Lithograph 7,830
Albumen silver print 4,874
Oil paint on canvas 3,383
Screenprint on paper 2,984
Lithograph on paper 2,722
Ink on paper 2,350
Watercolour on paper 1,890
Pencil on paper 1,813
Etching on paper 1,793
Chromogenic color print 1,724
Letterpress 1,689
Graphite and watercolour on paper 1,680
Etching 1,631
Lithograph, printed in color 1,435
Pencil on tracing paper 1,268
Offset lithograph 1,126
Video (color, sound) 1,107
Oil on canvas 1,063
Drypoint 1,059
Lithograph, printed in black 991
Woodcut 960
Gelatin silver printing-out-paper print 909
Screenprint 894
Intaglio print on paper 820
Photograph, gelatin silver print on paper 751
Engraving on paper 732
Poster 678
Line engraving on paper 648
Pen and ink on paper 626
Chalk and graphite on paper 619
Etching, printed in black 604
drawing 592
Pigmented inkjet print 585
Bronze 581
Chalk on paper 534
Photogravure 522
Wood engraving, printed in black 521
Etching and aquatint 506
Platinum print 486
Gouache and watercolour on paper 475
Drypoint, with hand additions 473
Collotype 471
Matte albumen silver print 463
Colored pencil, pencil, and ballpoint pen on board 454
Woodcut, printed in black 438
Print on paper 436
Ink and graphite on paper 430
Silkscreen 415
Aquatint on paper 413
Print 397
Etching and aquatint on paper 396
Ink and watercolour on paper 384
Gouache on paper 359
Wood engraving on paper 345
Watercolor on paper 337
Lithograph, offset printed 331
Woodcut, printed in color 329
Copper plate 325
One from an illustrated book with 329 woodcuts 324
Wood engraving from an illustrated book with 323 wood engravings and one etching and engraving 323
Photolithograph 323
Gouache, graphite and watercolour on paper 321
Video (black and white, sound) 312
Screenprint, printed in color 308
Charcoal on paper 303
One from a portfolio of ten lithographs 299
One from a portfolio of eighteen lithographs 289
Linoleum cut 272
Mezzotint on paper 269
Digital print on paper 269
Dye transfer print 268
Graphite and ink on paper 267
One from a portfolio of 264 color Xeroxes 264
Engraving 258
Gelatin silver print, printed 1965 257
Oil paint on wood 247
Graphite, ink and watercolour on paper 245
Albumen silver print from a glass negative 239
Pencil and colored pencil on tracing paper 232
Aquatint 231
Watercolor and pencil on paper 226
Oil paint on board 224
Watercolour and graphite on paper 222
Super 8mm film transferred to video (color, silent) 220
Gouache and graphite on paper 209
Painting 204
Etching and drypoint 202
Pencil and colored pencil on paper 199
Artist's book 196
Pastel on paper 193
Gelatin silver prints 192
Glass 189
Journal with relief halftone illustration 186
Paperboard folder containing photocopies 181
Etching and engraving over photogravure, printed in black 178
Ink and pencil on paper 178
Digital print 177
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