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Web scraping
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All data is cleaned, adjusted for nomenclature and combined into one set
ML models used of extrapolation on missing values
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Modelling cities

Discover the way we model cities, one at a time for the 47,605 cities in our database

in scope

Primary characteristics

Each city presents a set of primary characteristics: population, size and location

Those characteristics are evolving through time, and others derivate from them: density

Modelling cities

In a given city, there might be different entities like museums, universities or art galleries

A few examples of this modelling

City Universities Art galleries
London 0 12
New York 0 10
Hong Kong 0 8
Paris 0 6
Paris 4 0
Shanghai 0 3
Seoul 0 3
Geneva 0 2
Los Angeles 0 2
Zurich 0 2

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