Education Management

Education Management is a business industry with 41,398 companies generating a total 591,547 million USD in revenues and 4,346,516 employees from our database

591,547 M$


Sizing of the Education Management market:

Number of companies 41,398
Total revenues (m$) 591,547
Total employees 4,346,516
Total market cap (m$) 109,030
Total assets (b$) 86
Total profits (m$) -2,749


There are 23,927 companies in this industry created between 1844 and 2017:

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 41,398 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Interac estimate 15,213
Nyc Department Of Education estimate 12,793
Los Angeles Unified School District estimate 8,334
Chicago Public Schools estimate 6,508
Benesse estimate 6,215
Ef Education First - estimate 5,933
aeonet estimate 5,920
Nsw Department Of Education estimate 4,204
Miami-Dade County Public Schools estimate 4,016
pearson actual 3,958
Graham Holdings Company actual 3,388
Tal Education Group actual 3,230
Globis estimate 3,207
Houston Isd estimate 3,199
Gaba estimate 3,160
Niigata University estimate 3,160
Shinshu University estimate 3,113
New Oriental Education & Technology Group actual 3,105
学校法人・専門学校Hal東京 estimate 2,960
Mie estimate 2,960
Nsg estimate 2,712
Ittti Japan estimate 2,641
Borderlink estimate 2,618
Globis University - Graduate School Of Management estimate 2,559
Broward County Public Schools estimate 2,537
Wake County Public School System estimate 2,484
Kumon Australia & New Zealand estimate 2,146
Ef English First estimate 2,040
Kyoto Sangyo University estimate 1,992
B-Able (Basix Academy For Building Lifelong Employability) estimate 1,957
Clark County School District estimate 1,894
Bright Horizons Family Solutions actual 1,824
Sciences Po estimate 1,652
ets estimate 1,642
Boston Public Schools estimate 1,635
Shanghai University estimate 1,625
Tafe Nsw estimate 1,583
Università Bocconi - estimate 1,571
Fulton County Schools estimate 1,498
Learning Care Group estimate 1,478
Adtalem Global Education actual 1,454
University Of Toyama estimate 1,426
Ashinaga Foundation estimate 1,426
The American School In Japan estimate 1,426
Lovely Professional University estimate 1,417
ess estimate 1,405
Guilford County Schools estimate 1,391
Cypress-Fairbanks Isd estimate 1,387
Asia University estimate 1,379
Wall Street English estimate 1,368
International Baccalaureate estimate 1,366
Baltimore City Public Schools estimate 1,356
Academedia Ab (Publ) actual 1,352
Kansai Gaidai University estimate 1,332
Fresher estimate 1,323
Kumon North America estimate 1,321
Minneapolis Public Schools estimate 1,286
Independent Education Consultant estimate 1,273
Mcgraw Hill estimate 1,268
Anne Arundel County Public Schools estimate 1,235
Job Corps estimate 1,186
The Goddard School estimate 1,170
The Art Institutes estimate 1,161
San Francisco Unified School District estimate 1,161
Hamamatsu University School Of Medicine estimate 1,143
Portland Public Schools estimate 1,102
Berlitz estimate 1,088
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt estimate 1,076
Chongqing University estimate 1,055
Gakken actual 1,053
Educationvic estimate 1,048
Seoul City Gas actual 1,031
Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Norte estimate 1,018
Mathnasium - The Math Learning Center estimate 995
Internshala estimate 977
School Improvement Network estimate 965
Anhanguera Educacional estimate 949
Università Degli Studi Di Torino estimate 945
Lincoln Public Schools estimate 939
Vellore Institute Of Technology estimate 934
Isei estimate 919
Central South University estimate 912
Grand Canyon Education actual 902
Primrose Schools estimate 901
Offcn Education Technology actual 877
Leander Isd estimate 873
The College Board estimate 866
Shenzhen Yitoa Intelligent Control actual 865
Ruangguru estimate 857
Neisd estimate 851
Zhaw Zurich University Of Applied Sciences estimate 851
Ross Valley School District estimate 849
Calgary Board Of Education estimate 844
Sena estimate 833
Knox County Schools estimate 808
Cleveland Metropolitan School District estimate 803
Durham Public Schools estimate 803
Selcuk Üniversitesi estimate 774
Gaotu Techedu actual 772
Hunan University estimate 761
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