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To learn data,
you need data

To support everyone in education, we offer institution-wide access for Insights and Datasets

Use your university email for the activation




✕ Cancel anytime


The EDU plan

We offer one activation plan for your entire institution, giving complete access to Insights and Datasets to everyone

API will be included once available

How it works

We've designed a simple and immediate activation flow


Use your institution email address when you signup/login and for the subscription here

Automated Activation

We will use the domain of your email, run some safety checks and immediately make the access to Insights and Datasets activated for anyone using the same email domain - for those already signed up and all future ones

Spread the word

Once done, you can let everyone know in your institution that they have complete access to Insights and Datasets


This offer only stands for educational institutions such as universities, school and bootcamps

It cannot be used in a professional context

If the subscription is cancelled, so will be access to all connected users

If you have any question, get in touch: