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1 Priority Biocidal, Llc Dba 1 Priority SolutionsHealthcareBiotechnology WorthUnited
1798AccessHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://www.1798access.com1798access.comLa JollaUnited States25estimate15804600.0estimateMarket Access Consulting / 1798 offers expertise in developing market access strategies, unearthing insights, and establishing value propositions for biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies. / The 1798 team are proven experts in developing market access strategies, unearthing insights, and establishing value propositions for all stakeholders — providers, patients, regulatory authorities, and payors — that deliver a competitive advantage to life sciences companies by assisting them in the development of strategies and tactics to secure fonts / google
180 Life SciencesHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://180lifesciences.com180lifesciences.comPalo AltoUnited States7estimate0.0actual180 Life Sciences - Innovative Therapeutics Biotech Company / Biotech Company Developing New Anti TNF Treatments For One Of The World's Largest Drivers Of Disease:Inflammation. / 180 Life Sciences is leading research into solving one of the world’s biggest drivers of disease: inflammation. NASDAQ: $ATNF / 1-10 employees Type Privately Held Employees at 180 Life Sciences Teresa DeLuca, MD, MBA Physician Executive, Public Independent Board of Director, Former Fortune 50 C-Suite Senior fonts / google analytics267.0
1928 DiagnosticsHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://www.1928diagnostics.com1928diagnostics.com2014.0GoteborgSweden8estimate1717560.0estimateCloud-based technology for fighting antibiotic resistance / 1928 Diagnostics is a health tech company that provides a cloud-based software for infection control, epidemiologic typing and antibiotic resistance profiling. / Providing an online platform for analyzing bacterial DNA for infection diagnostics and outbreak
1Globe Health InstituteHealthcareBiotechnologyhttp://www.1globe-usa.com1globe-usa.com2012.0NorwoodUnited States10estimate6321830.0estimate1Globe Health Institute | Cancer Therapeutics Research in MAgoogle
1St Base PteHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://base-asia.combase-asia.com6estimate2492810.0estimate1st BASE – Your Research, Our Businesswoocommerce / google fonts / google
22Nd Century GroupConsumer DefensiveBiotechnologyhttps://www.xxiicentury.comxxiicentury.com1998.0BuffaloUnited States76actual33187000.0actual22nd Century Group, Inc. / 22nd Century Group is able to grow tobacco with up to 97% less nicotine than conventional tobacco, using proprietary genetic engineering fonts / google
23Andme HoldingHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://www.23andme.com23andme.com2006.0South San FranciscoUnited States785estimate271893000.0actualDNA Genetic Testing For Health, Ancestry And More - 23andMe United Kingdom / 23andMe offers DNA testing with the most comprehensive ancestry breakdown, personalized health insights and more. / Your DNA has a lot to say about your health, traits and ancestry. For help, tweet us @23andMesupport. / Our mission is to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. | 23andMe, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is a leading consumer genetics and research company. Founded in 2006, the company's mission is to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. 23andMe has pioneered direct access to genetic information as
24GeneticsHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://24genetics.com24genetics.com2016.0MadridSpain12estimate4985610.0estimate▷ 24Genetics DNA Test - The most complete genetic tests / ✅ The most complete and detailed DNA test to know your ancestors, prevent diseases or improve the health of your skin. / Enable every person to make the best decisions for their good health and well-being through genetics. | 24Genetics is a biotechnology company specializing in Direct to Consumer Genetic tests. It has one of the broadest portfolios in the market with DNA tests for health prevention, pharmacogenomics, nutrigenetics, sports, ancestors, skincare, etc. We ...woocommerce / google
2Bind Gmbh - Molecular Interaction ServicesHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://2bind.com2bind.com2011.0RatisbonGermany12estimate4137090.0estimateBiophysics Services • MST, nanoDSF, ITC, BLI • Drug Discovery / Tailor-made services for Drug Discovery, Antibody Research, Aptamer Characterization, and Protein Biophysics | MST, nanoDSF, BLI, ITC / Experts for biophysical services in drug discovery, antibody research, protein biophysics, and aptamer development. | 2bind - The Experts in Biophysics Our mission is to give researchers, developers, and decision makers the power to accelerate and streamline key research processes. We offer tailor-made biophysics services
2BioHealthcareBiotechnology Kingdom3estimate599692.0estimate2Bio / Building success in Life Sciences across the world / 2BIO LIMITED is a biotechnology company based out of Liverpool, United Kingdom. LinkedIn. 2BIO LIMITED 2BIO LIMITED Biotechnology Research 2BIO LIMITED is a biotechnology company
2Bmonthly The Global Biocontrol & Biostimulants E-NewsletterHealthcareBiotechnologyhttp://www.2bmonthly.com2bmonthly.com2013.0BridgewaterUnited States4estimate2528730.0estimate2BMonthly | 2BMonthly Newsletter / YOUR SINGLE SOURCE of cutting-edge news on Biocontrol & Biostimulants, the fastest growing industries in inputs supplied to agriculture. TRUE GLOBAL COVERAGE. / DunhamTrimmer LLC (International Biocontrol Specialists) and New Ag International (The World's Leading Publication on High Tech Agriculture) have joined forces for this exciting new report. With the best expertise and a unique network to access cutting-edge information on the biocontrol and
2BscientificHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://www.2bscientific.com2bscientific.com2009.0Upper HeyfordUnited Kingdom22estimate4397750.0estimate2BScientific - Supporting Life Science Research & Sustainability for a better world / Specialist distributor of life science reagents in the UK. Providing the life science industry with a new, modern and fun approach to the supply of research reagents / Supporting Life Science Research & Sustainability for a Better World. / Supporting Life Science Research & Sustainability for a Better World. | 2BScientific Limited is an international Life Science company providing a new, modern, and fun approach to the supply of Life Science research reagents. We will achieve this by developing innovations and solutions by working closely with our international supplier network and
2CurexHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://www.2curex.com2curex.com2006.0CopenhagenDenmark9estimate3108280.0estimateThe power of precision. For every oncologist. Today. | 2cureX / The power of precision. For every oncologist. Today. Every cancer... / IndiTreat® - The Power of Precision - For every Oncologist - Today to get in touch. #2curex #Inditreatgoogle
360Biolabs PtyHealthcareBiotechnologyhttps://www.360biolabs.com360biolabs.com2015.0MelbourneAustralia16estimate2027390.0estimate360biolabs · Quality-assured virology and immunology servicesgoogle

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