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Data on company filtered on brand talking points includes venture capital

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Created by Laurent
Updated: 29-09-2022

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01 VenturesFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.01ventures.com2015.0LondonUnited Kingdom5estimate1752610.0estimate11345.001V / 01 Ventures supports Europe's top entrepreneurs on their journey from vision to unicorn. We are an early stage investor, and offer significant operational support to our startups.... / The home of deep tech. An early & growth stage investor. / 01 Ventures Venture Capital & Private Equity Amsterdam, North Holland 01V focuses on early and growth stage investments in powerful...squarespace / google fonts / google analytics
0100 Conferences (Pe & Vc Platform)Financial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.0100conferences.com2016.0BratislavaSlovakia9estimate1306640.0estimate44154.00100 Conferences - Private Equity & Venture Capital Platform / 0100 Conferences help connect Entrepreneurs, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Business Angels, VC/PE funds, Limited Partners and all other actors of the VC/PE ecosystem. / We are the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Platform to meet all relevant business players from the region. | 0100 Conferences is a leading provider of online and offline conferences for Private Equity & Venture Capital players in various regions with a global outreach. Each conference brings together 250 - 1000 senior fonts / google analytics
01VcFinancial ServicesCapital Marketshttps://01vc.comnanNoneNone11estimate4175340.0estimate14846.0零一创投 - 首页 / Early Stage Venture Capital Fund based in Shanghai and Beijing, anchored by seasoned professionals from Matrix and KPCB | 01VC is looking for the crazy ones/ideas who can upgrade conventional industries in a smart way. Their insights of ones and zeros could see through the complicity of modern industries; their innovations from zero to one are building the future.
100 Doors Venture CapitalFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.100doors.co2013.0SydneyAustralia1estimate409917.0estimatenan100 Doors | Venture Capital / 100 Doors Venture Capital creates and invests in FinTechwix
101 StartupsCommunication ServicesInternethttp://www.101startups.com2013.0BarcelonaSpain2estimate444634.0estimate12562.0 Invertimos en startups digitales / Plataforma de alquiler de barcos. ¡Este verano navega en cualquier parte del mundo! ¡Unete a nuestra comunidad de #smartsailors! / Venture Capital focus on Digital Startups | We invest in spanish digital startups at a very early stage. Profile of the projects we like: - digital project - with entrepreneurs implicated and dedicated - scalable - somehow innovative - with a global vision - with a Beta or prototype - good relationship between risk and valuation
10FundFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.10fund.xyz2015.0NoneNone13estimate1887370.0estimate2932.0Reverse Osmosis(RO) System,Reverse Osmosis(RO) Water Treatment System,Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis(RO) System,Steam generator,EDI Deionization Reverse Osmosis(RO) Water Treatment System,Ultrafiltration(UF) Water Treatment System / A next-generation venture capital firm fostering the growth of traditional and internet based enterprises for the evolution of Chinese and global economies. We are bullish on internet-related industries and high-tech innovation companies and aiming to form a dynamic ecosystem and mitigating investment risks to further amplify the value creation and thus ...
1337 VenturesFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://1337.ventures2013.0CyberjayaMalaysia20estimate2903650.0estimate11933.01337 Ventures Malaysia Startups Accelerator, Venture Capital & Investment ECF / Malaysia Startup Accelerator 1337 Ventures focus on early-stage startups, venture capital and equity crowdfunding (ECF)... / Venture Capital firm focused on early-stage startups. Alpha Startups accelerator, corporate innovation & design thinking.woocommerce / google fonts / google analytics
15K AngelsFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.15kangels.com2017.0MadridSpain4estimate815544.0estimatenan15k Angels / NOSOTROS 15K ANGELS es un Venture Capital de inversión sindicada… Con capacidad de aportar capital semilla: financiación, conocimiento, experiencia y contactos en aquellos proyectos en los que invierte Hemos comprobado, en proyectos...
1821 MediaCommunication ServicesEntertainmenthttp://1821pictures.comnanMadridSpain3estimate666952.0estimate1269.0... Hercules Capital, Inc. Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals
1823 VenturesFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.1823ventures.comnanNoneNone13estimate1887370.0estimate5644.01823 Ventures - Venture Capital | Startup Mentorship | SEA, China, HK / 1823 Ventures mentors and invests in early stage startups. Startups, angel investors, mentors / industry experts - we would like to hear from you!... / Start-up Mentorship | Venture Capital | Asia. Please send decks and investor enquiries:
1839 VenturesFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.1839ventures.com2015.0NoneNone4estimate580730.0estimate3284.0WELCOME - 1839 Ventures / Austin-based venture capital firm providing financing to early-stage technology-oriented companies working in commerce, communication, and business intelligence.... / Thesis-based venture capital firm based in Austin TX. Extraordinary Resources for Exceptional Entrepreneursgoogle fonts / google analytics
1855 Capital - Investing In The Penn State CommunityFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://1855capital.com2016.0State CollegeUnited States3estimate1767690.0estimate1265.01855 Capital | Investing in the Penn State Community / 1855 Capital is a seed and early stage venture capital fund investing in companies with an affinity to Penn State University. #VentureCapitalgoogle fonts / google analytics
1955 CapitalFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://1955.capital2015.0NoneNone6estimate871095.0estimatenan1955 Capital / 1955 Capital is a U.S.-based venture capital firm that invests in technologies developed in the Americas and Europe that can help solve China’s and the developing world's greatest challenges in areas like energy & environment, food safety & supply, health & education, and sustainable man...squarespace
20/20 CompaniesFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttp://actisap.comnanNoneNone218estimate31649800.0estimate9143.020/20 companies 20/20 companies Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals Employees at 20/20 companies Nathan Damboise Samsung Experience Rep at 20 ...
20Scoops Venture Capital Gmbh & Co. KgFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://20scoops.com2016.0HamburgGermany3estimate1686830.0estimatenan20Scoops / 20Scoops is a venture capital firm with offices in Hamburg, Germany and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since 2016, we’ve been investing our know-how and capital in digital start-ups. We create strategic partnerships with entrepreneurs to help them launch and develop their digital business analytics
22X FundFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://22xfund.com2017.0CupertinoUnited States2estimate1178460.0estimatenan22x Token - invest in the best silicon valley startups. / Invest in the 22nd Batch of 500 Startups companies through the 22X Token. 500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund with a well-known accelerator program headquartered in Silicon fonts
360 CapitalFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.360cap.vc1997.0ParisFrance13estimate3750080.0estimate289674.0360 Capital - Early Stage European VC / Kampaay the startup transforming the wayevents are organized, closes a 1.5M€ round. The round was led by 360 Capital, which believed in the idea of bringing disruption to the In-person, virtual and hybrid corporate events was founded in late 2019 by four engineers from Politecnico of Milan: Daniele Arduini (CEO), Stefano Brigli Bongi... / Early Stage European VC, Investing from Seed to Series B | 360 Capital is a Venture Capital firm investing in early stage, innovative deeptech & digital enterprises across Europe. The firm has a 20-year track record of supporting talented tech entrepreneurs in developing ambitious & disruptive companies in a variety of sectors. Led by a diverse and ...
3One4 CapitalFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://3one4capital.com2016.0BangaloreIndia9estimate599757.0estimate42930.03one4 Capital - Early Stage Venture Capital. Bengaluru, India. / We use transformative capital and a deep involvement strategy to help Indian entrepreneurs deliver audacious results. We are headquartered in Bengaluru, India.... / VC what others don’t. Transformative capital to help you #RaiseTheBargoogle analytics
3R Eventos PromocionaisIndustrialsArchitecture & Planninghttps://www.strutconsulting.comnanNoneNone3estimate2049460.0estimate1398.0Strut Consulting / VC Operations Expertise at Every Stage. / Providing exceptional operations support to today's emerging and established venture capital firms.squarespace
3V Souceone CapitalFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttp://3vs1.comnanNoneNone11estimate1597010.0estimatenanVenture Capital and Private Equity Principals.. Report this company.
3X5 PartnersFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.3x5partners.com2011.0PortlandUnited States1estimate589228.0estimate24982.03x5 Partners / Invest In What The World Needs | 3x5 Partners is a venture capital firm that collaborates with passionate entrepreneurs who are developing solutions in response to global healthcare and climate needs. Established in Portland, Oregon, in 2011, 3x5 has delivered both top returns to investors and meaningful impact to the world.squarespace / google analytics
42 VenturesFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://www.42ventures.com2006.0Salt Lake CityUnited States1estimate589228.0estimatenan42.Ventures | Utah Venture Capital Firm / Partnering with entrepreneurs to grow B2B, cloud-based businesses with a vertical market fonts
4490 VenturesFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttp://4490ventures.com2014.0MadisonUnited States2estimate1178460.0estimate3126.0 Early-Stage Venture Capital Firm / We are an early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in web3 enabled enterprise software companies. We are investors, founders and operators who bring capital, company-building experience and resources to help entrepreneurs.... / Early Stage Venture Capital Fundgoogle fonts
47 VenturesFinancial ServicesVenture Capital & Private Equityhttps://47.venturesnanLahorePakistan4estimate580730.0estimate140555.047 Ventures – Fueling Passion. Rearing Dreams. / Venture Capitalist @ 47 Ventures Investments. Director @ Karandaaz. Ex-Executive Director @ LUMS. Techie @ Heart. Foodie. Entrepreneur. Magician. Dadwoocommerce
4AIndustrialsManagement Consultinghttps://4a.fr2011.0EviresFrance24estimate4297170.0estimate8958.04A Engineering – Consultants et Investisseurs / Consultants et investisseurs - Consultants and investors | Investissement et Conseil en stratégie - Venture Capital and Management Consulting 1) 4A Engineering : - Conseil en stratégie, organisation et qualité - Réseau d'experts 2) 4A Legal : - Conseil juridique aux entreprises - Private Equity / Restructuration 3) 4A Capital : - Capital risque (VC ...


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