Book subject: Young women-Fiction

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Young women-Fiction is a book subject adressed in 547 books and 725 editions by 447 authors

1969 - 2020


There are 547 books and 725 editions on Young women-Fiction between 1969 and 2020

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There are the 547 books on the Young women-Fiction subject with a total 725 editions

Title Author Editions
Pride and prejudice Jane Austen 13
Sense and sensibility Jane Austen 11
Persuasion Jane Austen 11
Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë 11
The mill on the Floss George Eliot 10
Mansfield Park Jane Austen 10
Northanger Abbey Jane Austen 8
Night and day Virginia Woolf 7
The voyage out Virginia Woolf 6
Emma Jane Austen 6
Bleak House Charles Dickens 6
Wives and daughters Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 4
The unfortunates Laurie Graham 4
Daisy Miller Henry James 3
Go with me Castle Freeman 3
Sin Tropez Aita Ighodaro 3
The mistaken wife R. A. Melikan 3
It's a kind of magic Carole Matthews 3
Fever Hill Michelle Paver 3
Girl from the south Joanna Trollope 3
Wait for the dawn Jess Foley 3
Middlemarch George Eliot 3
Cherry Tree Lane Anna Jacobs 3
Chance : a tale in two parts Joseph Conrad 3
The crimson petal and the white Michel Faber 3
Drama queen La Jill Hunt 2
Dirty tricks Jo Carnegie 2
Evelina : or, The history of a young lady's entrance into the world Fanny Burney 2
The girl from Seaforth Sands Katie Flynn 2
Desperate remedies : a novel Thomas Hardy 2
No name Wilkie Collins 2
Desperate remedies Thomas Hardy 2
The portrait of a lady Henry James 2
Dancing on snowflakes Malcolm Macdonald 2
The reapers are the angels Alden Bell 2
Covergirl : confessions of a flawed hedonist Maura Moynihan 2
The road to wanting Wendy Law-Yone 2
Clever girl Tania Glyde 2
The seasons will pass Audrey Howard 2
The serpent and the scorpion) Clare Langley-Hawthorne 2
The shadow catcher Michelle Paver 2
Felicia's journey William Trevor 2
Girl on the run Jane Costello 2
The fixer upper Mary Kay Andrews 2
Sister Carrie : an authoritative text, backgrounds, and sources criticism Theodore Dreiser 2
Paris for one and other stories Jojo Moyes 2
North and south Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 2
Quartet Jean Rhys 2
Nature and art Inchbald 2
My lover's lover Maggie O'Farrell 2
Rosa's island Valerie Wood 2
Men on white horses Pamela Haines 2
Rules for saying goodbye Katherine Taylor 2
Shifting Plains Jean Johnson 2
Little women or Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy Louisa May Alcott 2
Sister Carrie Theodore Dreiser 2
Sleeping with Mozart Anthea Church 2
The final key Catherine Asaro 2
Something she can feel Grace Octavia 2
Tea at Gunter's Pamela Haines 2
The Bostonians : a novel Henry James 2
How it's done Christine Kole MacLean 2
The barbed coil J. V. Jones 2
The blue and distant hills Judith Saxton 2
Girlfriends Patrick Sanchez 2
Brick Lane Monica Ali 2
Gentlemen prefer blondes : the illuminating diary of a professional lady Anita Loos 2
Fräulein Else Arthur Schnitzler 2
Four and twenty blackbirds Cherie Priest 2
Brother of the more famous Jack Barbara Trapido 2
Other people : a mystery story Martin Amis 2
Washington Square Henry James 2
Violet dawn Brandilyn Collins 2
Twenty-one locks Laura Barton 2
A lova' like no otha' Stephanie Perry Moore 2
A room with a view E. M. Forster 2
The walnut tree Charles Todd 2
The wonder spot Melissa Bank 2
What she saw Lucinda Rosenfeld 2
A girl's best friend Liz Young 2
Alive and kicking Beryl Kingston 2
Aurora Floyd M. E. Braddon 2
Three souls Janie Chang 2
The story hour : a novel Thrity N. Umrigar 2
Vinyl demand Hayley Long 2
Six reasons to stay a virgin Louise Harwood 1
Virtue Serena Mackesy 1
Slightly single Wendy Markham 1
Snow job : the great game Jenni Ferchenko 1
Virtuoso Yelena Moskovich 1
Sins & secrets Carolyn Chambers Sanders 1
Voice out of darkness Ursula Reilly Curtiss 1
Violet's story Karen Campbell 1
Singsation Jacquelin Thomas 1
Wagered heart : a novel Robin Lee Hatcher 1
Simply divine Wendy Holden 1
Silver Joey Peggy Eaton 1
Shopaholic ties the knot Sophie Kinsella 1
Waiting for the morning Kath McKay 1
She's fallen Alex Clare 1
Shattered lives Marian Phair 1
Shark's egg Henrietta Rose-Innes 1
Some other town : a novel Elizabeth Collison 1
Stormy springtime Betty Neels 1
Sorrow floats Tim Sandlin 1
Special topics in calamity physics Marisha Pessl 1
The Highland Countess : Regency Royal 7 M. C. Beaton 1
The Headmistress of Rosemere Sarah E. Ladd 1
The Harry sextet Marshall Hahn 1
The Glasgow belle Margaret Thomson Davis 1
The Egyptian coffin Jane Jakeman 1
The Creole historical romance 4-in-1 bundle Gilbert Morris 1
The Buenos Aires broken hearts club Jessica Morrison 1
Valley of ashes Aḥmad Ibrāhīm Faqīh 1
The Basil, Josephine, and Gwen stories F. Scott Fitzgerald 1
The Amish of Bee County collection Kelly Irvin 1
That Paris year Joanna Biggar 1
Teardrops Helen Burger 1
Veronika decides to die Paulo Coelho 1
Tangled up in daydreams : [a novel] Rebecca Bloom 1
Taking care of Cleo : a novel Bill Broder 1
Take me to the castle F. C. Malby 1
Sylvia Bryce Courtenay 1
Sweet William Beryl Bainbridge 1
Sunny and the mysteries of Osisi Nnedi Okorafor 1
Summer Edith Wharton 1
Strange attractions Emma Holly 1
Sensible shoes Julie Alpine 1
Spitting feathers Kelly Harte 1
Seven novels Jane Austen 1
The storm child Rita Bradshaw 1
Sense and sensibility : authoritative text, contexts, criticism Jane Austen 1
Pride and prejudice : an annotated edition Jane Austen 1
Queen of babble gets hitched Meg Cabot 1
Queen of babble Meg Cabot 1
While I'm falling Laura Moriarty 1
Whirlwind baby Debra S. Cowan 1
Whispering Jane Aiken Hodge 1
Push not the river James Conroyd Martin 1
Public lives Melissa Benn 1
Psychos : a white girl problems book Babe Walker 1
Process : a novel Kay Boyle 1
Pride and prejudice : the original classic edition Jane Austen 1
Windflower : a novel Nick Bantock 1
Written in love Kathleen Fuller 1
Sense and sensibility : a novel : in three volumes Jane Austen 1
Prelude to war Christopher Nicole 1
Players vs the unconventional woman Danielle Brand 1
Pirates at play Violet Trefusis 1
Phoebe, Junior : a last chronicle of Carlingford Oliphant 1
Pearl C. W. E. Bigsby 1
Payment for the piper Frances Murray 1
Passing : a novel Patricia Jones 1
Partial eclipse Lesley Glaister 1
Yellow reign : a novel D. S. Adams 1
Pack up the moon Anna McPartlin 1
Owl of the desert : Ida Swearingen 1
Where two ways met Grace Livingston Hill 1
Racing the sun : a novel Karina Halle 1
Rain song Alice J. Wisler 1
Ransom my heart Meg Cabot 1
The Medici ring Nicole St. John 1
Season's end Anna Dillon 1
Weekend in Paris Robyn Sisman 1
Scread mhaidne Joe Steve Ó Neachtain 1
Savannah from Savannah ; Savannah comes undone Denise Hildreth Jones 1
Savannah from Savannah Denise Hildreth Jones 1
Savannah comes undone Denise Hildreth Jones 1
Saracen at the gates Zinaid Meeran 1
Santa's sexy secret Lori Wilde 1
Sad desk salad Jessica Grose 1
Running out of time : a novel Rachael Elizabeth Conisbee 1
Running in heels Anna Maxted 1
What Casanova told me : a novel Susan Swan 1
What a girl wants Kristin Billerbeck 1
Rose of Dutcher's Coolly Hamlin Garland 1
Return to me Robin Lee Hatcher 1
Resurrection in May Lisa Samson 1
Resurrecting Mingus : a novel Jenoyne Adams 1
Remember me? Sophie Kinsella 1
Relative strangers Anne Worboys 1
Reinventing Olivia Nancy Robards Thompson 1
Reflections of murder Linda Toye 1
Rebound Aga Lesiewicz 1
The Jam Factory Girls Mary Wood 1
The Story of my life Jay McInerney 1
The Mirror World of Melody Black Gavin Extence 1
The virgin and the gipsy and other stories D. H. Lawrence 1
The reef Edith Wharton 1
The truth will out Anna McPartlin 1
The rebel of the family E. Lynn Linton 1
The turtle catcher Nicole Lea Helget 1
The vengeful husband Lynne Graham 1
The vinegar jar Berlie Doherty 1
The perfect lie Emily Barr 1
The perfect Sonya Beverly Lowry 1
The pale dreamer Samantha Shannon 1
The overcoming Chris Elmes 1
The only good thing anyone has ever done Sandra Newman 1
The visitor Maeve Brennan 1
The Ramblers : a novel Aidan Donnelley Rowley 1
The wig my father wore Anne Enright 1
The misfortunes of Ellie-May Sammar Ally 1
The wings of the dove Henry James 1
The man of my dreams : a novel Curtis Sittenfeld 1
The lost sword of Mongolia John Moogan 1
The lost girl D. H. Lawrence 1
The long haul : a novel Amanda Stern 1
The wings of the dove : authoritative text, the author and the novel : criticism Henry James 1
The long green tunnel ; &, Through tangled woods to daylight Gladys Thomas 1
The lighthouse David Rees 1
The lie Fredrica Wagman 1
The reluctant groom Emma Richmond 1
The remarkable Miss Julia Merton Leonie Stevens 1
The restless tide Julia Bryant 1
The return of time Clair Mattos 1
The stolen heart : a novel of suspense Lauren Kelly 1
The song of the lark Willa Cather 1
The song of an innocent bystander Ian Bone 1
The slow regard of silent things Patrick Rothfuss 1
The singing winds Elizabeth Gill 1
The sheikh's seduction Emma Darcy 1
The sheen on the silk Anne Perry 1
The shadow of a dream; and, An imperative duty W. D. Howells 1
The story of a modern woman : Ella Hepworth Dixon ; edited by Steve Farmer Ella Hepworth Dixon 1
The service of clouds Susan Hill 1
The story of an African farm Olive Schreiner 1
The strange story of Linda Lee Dennis Wheatley 1
The seas : a novel Samantha Hunt 1
The salt of my desire Joan Schrauwen 1
The rose and the yew tree Mary Westmacott 1
The summer house by the sea Jenny Oliver 1
The romance of Eleanor Gray : a novel Raymond Kennedy 1
The summer of secrets Alison Lucy 1
The rogue of Fifth Avenue Joanna Shupe 1
The rock star in seat 3A Jill Kargman 1
The time of my life Cecelia Ahern 1
The torrent Caroline Gray 1
The towers of Trebizond Rose Macaulay 1
The last look Candida Clark 1
The illustrated Zuleika Dobson, or, An Oxford love story Max Beerbohm 1
The husband hunt Lynsay Sands 1
Trading up Candace Bushnell 1
Twelve girls Jon Beattiey 1
The complete tales of Merry Gold Kate Bernheimer 1
The complete tales of Ketzia Gold : a novel Kate Bernheimer 1
Twenties girl Sophie Kinsella 1
The child of Auschwitz Lily Graham 1
The bone season Samantha Shannon 1
The blues walked in Kathleen George 1
The black dahlia James Ellroy 1
The bishop's son Kelly Irvin 1
The best of friends Emyr Humphreys 1
The beekeeper's son Kelly Irvin 1
The bay of noon Shirley Hazzard 1
The baron's gloves : or, Amy's romance Louisa May Alcott 1
Under the same blue sky Pamela Schoenewaldt 1
The awkward age Henry James 1
The assassin's dream J. D. Townsend 1
The apothecary's daughter Julie Klassen 1
The antique dealer's daughter Lorna Gray 1
The annotated Pride and prejudice Jane Austen 1
The annotated Emma Jane Austen 1
The Walrus Mutterer Mandy Haggith 1
The Tale of Charlotte the Liberator Dewi Heald 1
Under the same blue sky : a novel Pamela Schoenewaldt 1
The complete works Jane Austen 1
Tough choices Patrick E. James 1
The hidden heart of Emily Hudson Melissa Jones 1
The country life Rachel Cusk 1
The wise virgins : a story of words, opinions and a few emotions Leonard Woolf 1
The hazards of good breeding Jessica Shattuck 1
The green crow Kristīne Ulberga-Rubīne 1
The good girl Sinclair Macleod 1
The golden charm Jill Hellyer 1
The girls' guide to hunting and fishing Melissa Bank 1
The girl who saved the king of Sweden Jonas Jonasson 1
The girl who knew too much Margaret Pemberton 1
The witching tree Alison Prince 1
The flower seller Linda Finlay 1
The flight of Gemma Hardy : a novel Margot Livesey 1
The worst thing a suburban girl could imagine Melissa Bank 1
Though none go with me : a novel Jerry B. Jenkins 1
Three great novels : Career girls, The Movie, Tall poppies Louise Mensch 1
The exiles Gilbert Morris 1
The dutiful doctor Claire Vernon 1
Out of the picture Polly Samson 1
The diary of Anna-Leigh Bukky Olaide 1
The daft days Neil Munro 1
The curing season Leslie Wells 1
Through thick and thin Nigel Webber 1
Todas las Flores en Shanghái Duncan Jepson 1
Too good to be true Kasey Michaels 1
The disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst Louise Allen 1
A black Englishman Carolyn Slaughter 1
Out of breath Rebecca Donovan 1
Celestial navigation Anne Tyler 1
Daughter of shame Gwen Madoc 1
Daughter of exile Isabel Glass 1
Dancing for joy James Mitchell 1
Dance with me Victoria Clayton 1
Daddy's little girl Mary Higgins Clark 1
Cutting loose Nadine Dajani 1
Cuban heels Emily Barr 1
Crooked Louisa Luna 1
Covergirl, or, Confession of a flawed hedonist Maura Moynihan 1
Clouds and silverlinings Josie Paige 1
City of hope Kate Kerrigan 1
Circling the drain : stories Amanda Davis 1
Charlotte Gray Sebastian Faulks 1
Cecilia, or, Memoirs of an heiress Fanny Burney 1
Dear friends : letters from abroad Ann Brady 1
Catching shellfish between the tides Rosalyn Chissick 1
Catch the magpie Cristina Pisco 1
Castaway Frances Murray 1
Carmilla Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu 1
Career girls ; : The movie : two great novels Louise Mensch 1
Cardiofitness Alessandra Montrucchio 1
Can you keep a secret? Sophie Kinsella 1
Call waiting Michelle Cunnah 1
But gentlemen marry brunettes : the illuminating diary of a professional lady Anita Loos 1
But a walking shadow Jacquee Storozynski-Toll 1
Burying the shadow Storm Constantine 1
Burning out Katherine May 1
Buchanan's return Pamela Toth 1
Dear Lucy Julie Sarkissian 1
Deception M. C. Beaton 1
Other men's daughters Richard Stern 1
Emma : an annotated edition Jane Austen 1
Flame Stephanie Perry Moore 1
First Fridays Cherlyn Michaels 1
Finding it Cora Carmack 1
Fierce competition Michelle M. Pillow 1
Father's music Dermot Bolger 1
Fashionably late Nadine Dajani 1
Faking it Cora Carmack 1
Everyman's rules for scientific living Carrie Tiffany 1
Eva Trout : or, Changing scenes Elizabeth Bowen 1
Eunice : a tale of Reconstruction times in South Carolina : a novel William J. Rivers 1
Ethan Frome, and Summer Edith Wharton 1
Escapade Jane Aiken Hodge 1
Enemy women Paulette Jiles 1
Eloping with Emmy Liz Fielding 1
Decision and destiny : Colette's legacy DeVa Gantt 1
Elm Tree Road Anna Jacobs 1
Elizabeth Oakendale Stacey Fidler 1
Eleanor's victory M. E. Braddon 1
Duainfey Sharon Lee 1
Dreams : three works Olive Schreiner 1
Dreamhouse Alison Habens 1
Dragonheart Todd McCaffrey 1
Dracula my love : the secret journals of Mina Harker Syrie James 1
Down with love Barbara Novak 1
Dogrun Arthur Nersesian 1
Do you remember the first time? Jenny Colgan 1
Divine Joanna Traynor 1
Descent into hell in the land of human rights Régine Mfoumou-Arthur 1
Bret Easton Ellis and the other dogs Lina Wolff 1
Breathe Anne-Sophie Brasme 1
Brackets Joanne K. Jardine 1
Adam Bede George Eliot 1
Amaryllis M. C. Beaton 1
Always happy hour : stories Mary Miller 1
Always and forever Betty Neels 1
Alternative remedies for loss Joanna Cantor 1
Almost even Ayo Joseph 1
All the flowers in Shanghai Duncan Jepson 1
All that matters Jan Goldstein 1
All lined up : a Rusk University novel Cora Carmack 1
All broke down Cora Carmack 1
Albertine Jacqueline Rose 1
Alabaster : pale horse Caitlín R. Kiernan 1
Against the tide Janet Woods 1
Adelaide Piper Beth Webb Hart 1
Abiding Mercy Ruth Reid 1
Both sides of time Caroline B. Cooney 1
A stranger in my grave Margaret Millar 1
A small lie Teana Rowland 1
A sleep and a forgetting William Dean Howells 1
A sapphire season : a novel Lynn Morris 1
A proper pursuit Lynn N. Austin 1
A place called paradise Ray Drayton 1
A passionate cause Aileen Armitage 1
A partisan's daughter Louis De Berni eres 1
A noble man Anne Ashley 1
A matter of magic Patricia C. Wrede 1
A life steered Bertha Mukodzani 1
A history of forgetting Caroline Adderson 1
A girl in mind Mark P. Dunn 1
Among others Jo Walton 1
An American in Paris : a novel Margaret Vandenburg 1
An Uncertain Choice Jody Hedlund 1
An empty room Talitha Stevenson 1
Boss lady Omar Tyree 1
Bombs and wild flowers Claire Creswell 1
Bitter chocolate Lesley Naa Norle Lokko 1
Bit by the bug Michelle M. Pillow 1
Big girl : a novel Danielle Steel 1
Beyond the green hills Anne Doughty 1
Beyond the clouds Judy Bryan 1
Beyond the blonde Kathleen Flynn-Hui 1
Belinda Maria Edgeworth 1
Bedding the heiress Cathy Maxwell 1
Beauty's curse Traci E. Hall 1
Banishment M. C. Beaton 1
Bailey Flanigan series Karen Kingsbury 1
Bad little girl Frances Vick 1
Bad heir day Wendy Holden 1
Bad as she wants to be Thea Devine 1
Backpack and a red dress Maddie Jane 1
B as in beauty Alberto Ferreras 1
Away with the fairies J. McKeaveney 1
Attrition : a novel Lisa Perry 1
Atlantic shift Emily Barr 1
At fault Kate Chopin 1
Annie's story Frederick Atwood 1
Annabelle M. C. Beaton 1
Angels and men Catherine Fox 1
Anathema David Lloyd 1
An imperative duty William Dean Howells 1
Flight lessons Patricia Gaffney 1
Foreign tongue : a novel of life and love in Paris Vanina Marsot 1
Found in the street Patricia Highsmith 1
Manhattan is my beat Deaver Jeffery 1
Miss Cayley's adventures Grant Allen 1
Minus time Catherine Bush 1
Middlemarch : a study of provincial life George Eliot 1
Memoirs of a midget Walter De la Mare 1
Memoirs of Emma Courtney Mary Hays 1
Melymbrosia Virginia Woolf 1
Meanwhile gardens : an urban adventure Charles Caselton 1
Me before you : a novel Jojo Moyes 1
Me before you Jojo Moyes 1
Marrying the mistress Joanna Trollope 1
Marriage Susan Ferrier 1
Marike's world Catherine M. Rae 1
Marcella Humphry Ward 1
Malaise : a novel Nancy Lemann 1
Little women and werewolves Porter Grand 1
Machine Peter Adolphsen 1
Luscious lemon Heather Swain 1
Lucy M. C. Beaton 1
Loving Karen Kingsbury 1
Loving Danielle Steel 1
Love song Nikki Gemmell 1
Love & friendship Nancy Ross 1
Louisiana Erna Brodber 1
Lost among the angels Alice Duncan 1
Lost For Words Stephanie Butland 1
Lord of the abyss Nalini Singh 1
Longing Karen Kingsbury 1
Long night moon L. R. Nazario 1
Miss Understanding Stephanie Lessing 1
Mission, make-over Penny Jordan 1
Moment to moment Barbara Delinsky 1
Morvern Callar Alan Warner 1
Oscar and Lucinda Peter Carey 1
Only one promise Tracey Martin 1
One way ticket Susan Love 1
One room an everywhere Catherine Phil MacCarthy 1
One Week Girlfriend Monica Murphy 1
Once upon a summer Patricia O'Reilly 1
Olivia's bliss Deborah Wright 1
Olive : and The half-caste Dinah Maria Mulock Craik 1
Of bees and mist Erick Setiawan 1
Obsession : an Alex Delaware novel Jonathan Kellerman 1
Obsession Kathi Macias 1
Not the Swiss Family Robinson Fiona Cooper 1
North and south (1855) Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 1
North and South : an authoritative text, contexts, criticism Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 1
Nora, Nora : a novel Anne Rivers Siddons 1
Nobody's fault (1896) ; The sheltering tree (1939) Netta Syrett 1
A case of knives Candia McWilliam 1
No dark valley Jamie L. Turner 1
Night train to Lisbon : a novel Emily Grayson 1
Natalie's journey Anita Harrison 1
My mother's lovers Joy Passanante 1
My brilliant career ; My career goes bung Miles Franklin 1
My brilliant career Miles Franklin 1
My Jane Austen summer : a season in Mansfield Park Cindy S. Jones 1
Mr Maybe Jane Green 1
Mouthing the words Camilla Gibb 1
Mothers and other liars Amy Bourret 1
Loitering with intent Muriel Spark 1
Little women Louisa May Alcott 1
Friends and Relations : a Novel Elizabeth Bowen 1
Here there be dragonnes Mary Brown 1
Hunting down home Jean McNeil 1
How you lose : a novel in stories J. C. Amberchele 1
How to be famous Alison Bond 1
How it ends Dan Collins 1
How Nancy Jackson married Kate Wilson and other tales of rebellious girls & daring young women Mark Twain 1
House at the End of Hope Street Menna Van Praag 1
Hope's highway Dorothy Garlock 1
Honeymoon Amy Jenkins 1
Home another way Christa Parrish 1
History of the rain : a novel Niall Williams 1
Hippy chick Louise Harwood 1
High drama in fabulous Toledo : a novel Lily James 1
Hester Oliphant 1
Her last call to Louis MacNeice Ken Bruen 1
Lindsey's destiny Diana Daneri 1
Help wanted, desperately Ariel Horn 1
Hello to the cannibals : a novel Richard Bausch 1
Have you seen Dawn? Steven Saylor 1
Has anyone got a light? F. C. McDermott 1
Halos Kristen Heitzmann 1
Guppies for tea Marika Cobbold 1
Godded and codded Julia O'Faolain 1
Go with me : a novel Castle Freeman 1
Girls' night out Kathy Lette 1
Girls who travel : a novel Nicole Trilivas 1
Girl, 20 Kingsley Ami.s 1
Getting over it Anne Maxted 1
Frozen summer Crysse Morrison 1
Hy Brasil : a novel Margaret Elphinstone 1
I never fancied him anyway Claudia Carroll 1
I've got your number : a novel Sophie Kinsella 1
If I ruled the world Lisa Lennox 1
Lilacs out of the dead land Rachel Billington 1
Lighthousekeeping Jeanette Winterson 1
Lexi James and the council of girlfriends Melissa Jacobs 1
Leslie : a novel Omar Tyree 1
Leaving home : a novel Anita Brookner 1
Leaving Eden Anne D. LeClaire 1
Leaving Karen Kingsbury 1
Learning to fly Mary Hosty 1
Learning Karen Kingsbury 1
Landfall Helen Gordon 1
Land girls Angela Huth 1
Lady Susan plays the game Janet Todd 1
Lady Margery's Intrigue : Regency Royal 4 M. C. Beaton 1
King's dragon Kate Elliott 1
Kiku's prayer : a novel Shūsaku Endō 1
Ketha's daughter Suzanne Francis 1
Jane Eyre : authoritative text, backgrounds, criticism Charlotte Brontë 1
Jane Austen's Emma Jane Austen 1
Iona Gordon : a Highland spirit in peace and war James Roy Pickard 1
Intrigue M. C. Beaton 1
Into the dark Victor Kelleher 1
In his keeping : a slow burn novel Maya Banks 1
Impulse & initiative : what if Mr. Darcy didn't take no for an answer? Abigail Reynolds 1
Imaginary men Anjali Banerjee 1
Ignorance : a novel Michèle Roberts 1
Ignorance Michèle Roberts 1
If you lived here, you'd be home now Claire Scovell LaZebnik 1
Young Anne Dorothy Whipple 1
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