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Rome is a book subject adressed in 3,641 books and 4,771 editions by 2,098 authors

1930 - 2021


There are 3,641 books and 4,771 editions on Rome between 1930 and 2021

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There are the 3,641 books on the Rome subject with a total 4,771 editions

Title Author Editions
Julius Caesar William Shakespeare 28
Titus Andronicus William Shakespeare 14
The history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon 11
Coriolanus William Shakespeare 10
The twelve Caesars Suetonius 8
The Aeneid Virgil 7
Ode to a banker Lindsey Davis 7
Three hands in the fountain Lindsey Davis 6
The histories Cornelius Tacitus 6
Antony and Cleopatra William Shakespeare 6
The poems of Catullus Gaius Valerius Catullus 6
One virgin too many Lindsey Davis 6
Daily life in Ancient Rome : the people and the city at the height of the Empire Jérôme Carcopino 5
A body in the bath house Lindsey Davis 5
Two for the lions Lindsey Davis 5
The Satyricon Petronius Arbiter 5
A dying light in Corduba Lindsey Davis 5
Nemesis Lindsey Davis 5
Ancient Rome Peter Chrisp 5
Imperium Robert Harris 5
The social history of Rome Géza Alföldy 5
The accusers Lindsey Davis 5
The last legion Valerio Manfredi 5
Ancient Rome Fiona Macdonald 5
Roman fort Mick Manning 4
The Romans Sally Hewitt 4
A history of Rome Marcel Le Glay 4
The field of swords Conn Iggulden 4
Trade secrets David Wishart 4
A murder on the Appian Way : a mystery of Ancient Rome Steven Saylor 4
The gods of war Conn Iggulden 4
King of kings Harry Sidebottom 4
Scandal takes a holiday Lindsey Davis 4
Makers of Rome : nine lives Plutarch 4
History of Rome Michael Grant 4
The course of honour Lindsey Davis 4
Finished business David Wishart 4
Dictator Robert Harris 4
Satyrica Petronius Arbiter 4
Ancient Rome Simon James 4
The judgement of Caesar : a mystery of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 4
Saturnalia Lindsey Davis 4
Time to depart Lindsey Davis 4
Tiberius the politician Barbara Levick 4
The philosopher prince Paul Waters 4
I, Claudius : from the autobiography of Tiberius Claudius, Emperor of the Romans, born 10 BC, murdered and deified AD 54 Robert Graves 4
Spartacus : the gladiator Ben Kane 4
Alexandria Lindsey Davis 4
Antony & Cleopatra Pat Southern 4
The thieves of Ostia Caroline Lawrence 4
Storming the heavens : soldiers, emperors, and civilians in the Roman Empire Antonio Santosuosso 4
See Delphi and die Lindsey Davis 4
Pompey the Great John Leach 4
Augustus Pat Southern 4
The rise and fall of ancient Rome Nigel Rodgers 4
Shadows in bronze Lindsey Davis 4
Rotten Romans Terry Deary 4
The decline and fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon 4
Scipio Ross Leckie 4
The Roman news Andrew Langley 4
The annals of imperial Rome Cornelius Tacitus 4
Lion of the sun Harry Sidebottom 4
All about history : book of Ancient Rome Nick McCarty 3
Counting the stars Helen Dunmore 3
The gates of Rome Conn Iggulden 3
Ancient Rome Jane Bingham 3
Ancient Rome John Malam 3
Polybius and Roman imperialism Donald Walter Baronowski 3
Life and letters on the Roman frontier : Vindolanda and its people Alan K. Bowman 3
The ancient economy M. I. Finley 3
The silver pigs Lindsey Davis 3
The civil war : together with the Alexandrian war, the African war, and the Spanish war, by other hands Julius Caesar 3
Ben-Hur : a tale of the Christ Lew Wallace 3
The triumph of Caesar : a mystery of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 3
The grim ghost Terry Deary 3
Blood & steel Harry Sidebottom 3
The bleeding dusk Colleen Gleason 3
Romans Simon Adams 3
Under the Eagle Simon Scarrow 3
The gladiator : the secret history of Rome's warrior slaves Alan Baker 3
The captive celt Terry Deary 3
The beggar of Volubilis Caroline Lawrence 3
Book of Ancient Rome Nick McCarty 3
The cavalry of the Roman republic Jeremiah B. McCall 3
The gladiator Simon Scarrow 3
Pompeii : the life of a Roman town Mary Beard 3
Terry Jones' barbarians Terry Jones 3
Nero : the end of a dynasty Miriam T. Griffin 3
Pompeii Robert Harris 3
The Caspian Gates Harry Sidebottom 3
Iron & rust Harry Sidebottom 3
The forgotten legion Ben Kane 3
Decline and fall of the Sasanian empire : the Sasanian-Parthian confederacy and the Arab conquest of Iran Parvaneh Pourshariati 3
Avenger of Rome Douglas Jackson 3
Master of Rome John Stack 3
Antony Allan Massie 3
Antony and Cleopatra Colleen McCullough 3
The dream of Rome Boris Johnson 3
Rome burning Sophia McDougall 3
The eagle and the wolves Simon Scarrow 3
The eagle in the sand Simon Scarrow 3
Dreams and dreaming in the Roman Empire : cultural memory and imagination Juliette Harrisson 3
The eagle's conquest Simon Scarrow 3
The eagle's prey Simon Scarrow 3
The eagle's prophecy Simon Scarrow 3
Arms of nemesis : a mystery of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 3
Street fighter Simon Scarrow 3
The fall of the Roman Empire Michael Grant 3
Rome and its empire Stephen Johnson 3
Rome and the friendly king : the character of the client kingship David Braund 3
The tragedy of Coriolanus William Shakespeare 3
The empire stops here : a journey along the frontiers of the Roman world Philip Parker 3
The transformation of the Roman West I. N. Wood 3
The enemies of Jupiter Caroline Lawrence 3
The twelve Caesars Michael Grant 3
Enemy of Rome Douglas Jackson 3
The sword and the throne Henry Venmore-Rowland 3
Ancient Rome Philip Steele 3
Rome in flames Kathy Lee 3
The collapse and recovery of the Roman Empire Michael Grant 3
The colossus of Rhodes Caroline Lawrence 3
Fire in the East Harry Sidebottom 3
Lustrum Robert Harris 3
Defender of Rome Douglas Jackson 3
Tiger, tiger Lynne Reid Banks 3
The ancient Romans Anita Ganeri 3
Rome : empire of the eagles Neil Faulkner 3
Battle for Rome Ian Ross 3
Fasti Ovid 3
The song of the gladiator P. C. Doherty 3
The first ladies of Rome : the women behind the Caesars Annelise Freisenbruch 3
Ancient Rome : the rise and fall of an empire Simon Baker 3
Swords around the throne Ian Ross 3
These were the Romans Graham Tingay 3
Rome in the ancient world : from Romulus to Justinian D. S. Potter 3
Rome : the coming of the king Manda Scott 3
Ancient history : evidence and models M. I. Finley 3
Rome in the East : the transformation of an empire Warwick Ball 3
The death of kings Conn Iggulden 3
Annals Cornelius Tacitus 3
Romanitas Sophia McDougall 3
The sacred identity of Ephesos : foundation myths of a Roman city Guy MacLean Rogers 3
The twelve Caesars Matthew Dennison 3
The Spaniards in Rome : from Marius to Domitian Ernest J. Weinrib 3
The ides of April Lindsey Davis 3
Pagans and Christians Robin Lane Fox 3
The making of the Roman army : from Republic to Empire L. J. F. Keppie 3
Claudius Douglas Jackson 3
A Roman villa Richard Dargie 3
The queen of the night P. C. Doherty 3
The last of the Romans : Bonifatius - warlord and comes Africae Jeroen W. P. Wijnendaele 3
Julian : an intellectual biography Polymnia Athanassiadi 3
Winter quarters Alfred Duggan 3
Outcast Rosemary Sutcliff 3
Scourge of Rome Douglas Jackson 3
Ruthless Romans Terry Deary 3
Caligula Douglas Jackson 3
A mist of prophecies : a mystery of Ancient Rome Steven Saylor 3
The Roman Empire : economy, society and culture Peter Garnsey 3
The Legion Simon Scarrow 3
Caligula Allan Massie 3
Hawk George Green 3
The inheritance of Rome : a history of Europe from 400 to 1000 Chris Wickham 3
Civil war Lucan 3
The last Caesar Henry Venmore-Rowland 3
Roman society Donald R. Dudley 3
Hammer of Rome Douglas Jackson 3
Handbook to life in ancient Rome Lesley Adkins 3
Hannibal Ross Leckie 3
The kingdom of the wicked Anthony Burgess 3
Shaky ground : context, connoisseurship and the history of Roman art Elizabeth M. Marlowe 3
Caesar Colleen McCullough 3
The ides of March Valerio Manfredi 3
In search of the Romans James Renshaw 3
Horace : a life Peter Levi 3
Captain of Rome John Stack 3
Goddesses, whores, wives and slaves : women in classical antiquity Sarah B. Pomeroy 3
Pannonia and Upper Moesia : a history of the middle Danube provinces of the Roman Empire András Mócsy 3
Saviour of Rome Douglas Jackson 3
Roman warfare Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 3
The Roman world Victor Chapot 3
Human agents of cosmic power in Hellenistic Judaism and the synoptic tradition Mary E. Mills 3
The house of the vestals Steven Saylor 3
A history of the Roman people Allen Mason Ward 3
The Spartacus war Barry S. Strauss 3
Hunting the eagles Ben Kane 3
The Roman Imperial Army of the first and second centuries A.D. Graham Webster 3
Centurion Simon Scarrow 3
Glory of Rome Douglas Jackson 3
Carthage : a novel Ross Leckie 3
Rubicon : the triumph and tragedy of the Roman Republic Tom Holland 3
Roman papers Ronald Syme 3
Pagans and Christians in late antiquity : a sourcebook A. D. Lee 3
The Romans : an introduction Antony Kamm 3
When the eagle hunts Simon Scarrow 3
Adults and children in the Roman Empire Thomas E. J. Wiedemann 3
Palatine L. J. Trafford 3
Murder imperial P. C. Doherty 2
Murder's immortal mask P. C. Doherty 2
The fate of Rome : climate, disease, and the end of an empire Kyle Harper 2
The life and world of Julius Caesar Struan Reid 2
City and school in late antique Athens and Alexandria Edward Jay Watts 2
The families who made Rome : a history and a guide Anthony Majanlahti 2
Diocletian and the tetrarchy Roger Rees 2
Diocletian : and the Roman recovery Stephen Williams 2
Murder was not a crime : homicide and power in the Roman republic Judy E. Gaughan 2
The far shore Nick Brown 2
The laws of the Roman people : public law in the expansion and decline of the Roman republic Callie Williamson 2
Dissidence and literature under Nero : the price of rhetoricization Vasily Rudich 2
The fatal fire Terry Deary 2
On the wings of eagles : the reforms of Gaius Marius and the creation of Rome's first professional soldiers Christopher Anthony Matthew 2
Orosius and the rhetoric of history Peter van Nuffelen 2
Spartacus : rebellion Ben Kane 2
Spartacus James Leslie Mitchell 2
Spectacles of death in ancient Rome Donald G. Kyle 2
Cicero Gesine Manuwald 2
Dying every day : Seneca at the Court of Nero James S. Romm 2
Dynasty : the rise and fall of the house of Caesar Tom Holland 2
Eager for glory : the untold story of Drusus the Elder, Conqueror of Germania Lindsay Powell 2
Eager to be Roman : Greek response to Roman rule in Pontus and Bithynia Jesper Majbom Madsen 2
Chronicle of the Roman emperors : the reign-by-reign record of the rulers of Imperial Rome Christopher Scarre 2
The fact or fiction behind the Romans Peter Hepplewhite 2
The evening of the world : a romance of the dark ages being the first volume of the trilogy The matter of eternal Rome which is also The matter of Europe Allan Massie 2
The fall of the Roman Empire : a new history P. J. Heather 2
Chronicle of the Roman Republic : the rulers of Ancient Rome from Romulus to Augustus Philip Matyszak 2
Eagles in the storm Ben Kane 2
Christianity and the rhetoric of empire : the development of Christian discourse Averil Cameron 2
The enemies of Rome : from Hannibal to Attila the Hun Philip Matyszak 2
Selections from Tacitus' 'Histories' I-III : the year of the four emperors Cornelius Tacitus 2
Early Roman warrior 753-321 BC Nic Fields 2
The mask of command Ian Ross 2
Spartacus and his glorious gladiators Toby Brown 2
Cicero : politics and persuasion in ancient Rome Kathryn Tempest 2
Cities of God and nationalism : Mecca, Jerusalem, and Rome as contested world cities Khaldoun Samman 2
The lost legionary Mick Gowar 2
The limits of empire : the Roman army in the East Benjamin H. Isaac 2
The fall of the west : the slow death of the Roman superpower Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 2
Spartacus Lewis Grassic Gibbon 2
The living Roman fort Stephen Johnson 2
Septimius Severus: the African emperor Anthony Birley 2
Dixie in danger Julie Sykes 2
Claudia : daughter of Rome Antoinette May 2
The love artist Jane Alison 2
The making of late antiquity Peter Brown 2
Pagan city and Christian capital : Rome in the fourth century John R. Curran 2
The making of a Christian empire : Lactantius and Rome Elizabeth DePalma Digeser 2
Cicero and the Catilinarian conspiracy Charles M. Odahl 2
The fall of the Roman Republic D. C. A. Shotter 2
Domitian : tragic tyrant Pat Southern 2
Doomed love Virgil 2
Dream boat Marilyn Todd 2
The later Roman Empire : an archaeology AD 150-600 Richard Reece 2
Night of the wolf Alice Borchardt 2
The first emperor : Caesar Augustus and the triumph of Rome Anthony Everitt 2
The groovy Greeks ; : and, The rotten Romans Terry Deary 2
Constantine and the Christian empire Charles M. Odahl 2
Constantine : unconquered emperor, Christian victor Paul Stephenson 2
Constantine : dynasty, religion and power in the later Roman Empire Timothy David Barnes 2
Daily life in Ancient Rome Don Nardo 2
Social conflicts in the Roman Republic P. A. Brunt 2
The great fire of Rome : the fall of the emperor Nero and his city Stephen Dando-Collins 2
Constantine Ramsay MacMullen 2
Conspiracy theory in Latin literature Victoria Emma Pagan 2
Nero : the man behind the myth Richard Holland 2
Consensus, concordia, and the formation of Roman imperial ideology John Alexander Lobur 2
The grandeur that was Rome J. C. Stobart 2
Soldier and society in Roman Egypt : a social history Richard Alston 2
Nero Edward Champlin 2
The government of the Roman Empire : a sourcebook Barbara Levick 2
The goose guards Terry Deary 2
Constantine the Emperor D. S. Potter 2
Slavery and rebellion in the Roman world, 140 B.C.-70 B.C. K. R. Bradley 2
The imperial banner Nick Brown 2
Nero's heirs Allan Massie 2
Coriolanus in Europe David Daniell 2
The history of Rome Theodor Mommsen 2
The histories Sallust 2
The histories Polybius 2
Controlling laughter : political humor in the late Roman Republic Anthony Corbeill 2
Constructing communities in the late Roman countryside Cam Grey 2
Constructing autocracy : aristocrats and emperors in Julio-Claudian Rome Matthew B. Roller 2
The historical background Dacre Balsdon 2
Smoke signals for the gods : ancient Greek sacrifice from the Archaic through Roman periods F. S. Naiden 2
Constantine, divine emperor of the Christian golden age Jonathan Bardill 2
Nerva and the Roman succession crisis of AD 96-99 John D. Grainger 2
The heart of Rome : ancient Rome's political culture Jan H. Blits 2
Nero's killing machine : the true story of Rome's remarkable Fourteenth Legion Stephen Dando-Collins 2
Cult, ritual, divinity and belief in the Roman world Duncan Fishwick 2
The gruesome truth about the Romans Jillian Powell 2
The gods of war Jack Ludlow 2
De Imperio : an extract: 27-45 Marcus Tullius Cicero 2
The later Roman Empire : A.D. 354-378 Ammianus Marcellinus 2
On the Spartacus Road : a spectacular journey through ancient Italy Peter Stothard 2
The fragmentary classicising historians of the later Roman Empire : Eunapius, Olympiodorus, Priscus and Malchus R. C. Blockley 2
Cleocatra's kushion Robin Price 2
Claudius the god and his wife Messalina : the troublesome reign of Tiberius Claudius Caesar, Emperor of the Romans (born 10 BC, died AD 54), as described by himself, also his murder at the hands of the notorious Agrippina (mother of the Emperor Nero) and his subsequent deification, as described by others Robert Graves 2
Southern Gaul and the Mediterranean : multilingualism and multiple identities in the Iron Age and Roman periods Alex Mullen 2
The last pagan : Julian the Apostate and the death of the ancient world Adrian Murdoch 2
Claudian: poetry and propaganda at the court of Honorius Alan Cameron 2
The last pagans of Rome Alan Cameron 2
Destroy Carthage David J. L. Gibbins 2
The first man in Rome Colleen McCullough 2
Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Egypt Tim Collins 2
Shakespeare's Roman worlds Vivian Thomas 2
Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii Tim Collins 2
Diaspora : Jews amidst Greeks and Romans Erich S. Gruen 2
The late Roman army Pat Southern 2
Dictionary of Roman religion Lesley Adkins 2
Cleopatra and Antony : the true story of the ancient world's greatest love affair Diana Preston 2
The last generation of the Roman Republic Erich S. Gruen 2
Nero D. C. A. Shotter 2
The frontiers of Imperial Rome David J. Breeze 2
Solid citizens David Wishart 2
Deadly election Lindsey Davis 2
The gladiator's victory Benjamin Hulme-Cross 2
Odes Horace 2
Conquerors and slaves Keith Hopkins 2
Concrete vaulted construction in Imperial Rome : innovations in context Lynne C. Lancaster 2
The iron hand of Mars Lindsey Davis 2
Of merchants & heroes Paul Waters 2
Navies of Rome Michael Pitassi 2
Solving the mysteries of ancient Rome Trudy Hanbury-Murphy 2
Comedy and the rise of Rome Matthew Leigh 2
Son of Spartacus Simon Scarrow 2
Debate and dialogue : Christian and pagan cultures c. 360-430 Maijastina Kahlos 2
Sons of Hellenism, fathers of the church : Emperor Julian, Gregory of Nazianzus, and the vision of Rome Susanna Elm 2
The language of empire : Rome and the idea of empire from the third century BC to the second century AD John Richardson 2
The foundation of Rome Augusto Fraschetti 2
The defeat of Rome : Crassus, Carrhae and the invasion of the East Gareth C. Sampson 2
Early Rome and the Etruscans R. M. Ogilvie 2
Last rites David Wishart 2
Latin literature : a history Gian Biagio Conte 2
The Great Fire of Rome : life and death in the ancient city Joseph J. Walsh 2
Latin course for schools L. A. Wilding 2
Hadrian James Morwood 2
The Romans in Scotland Richard Dargie 2
The Romans in 100 facts Jem Duducu 2
Hadrian : the restless emperor Anthony Birley 2
The Romans and their world : a short introduction J. B. Campbell 2
Last seen in Massilia : mysteries of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 2
Hadrian's Wall David J. Breeze 2
The Romans and their gods R. M. Ogilvie 2
The Iron Age and Romano-British settlement at Crick Covert Farm, Northamptonshire : excavations 1997-1998 Gwilym Hughes 2
The Romans John Malam 2
The Romans : gods, emperors and dormice Marcia Williams 2
Land of the gods Sally Prue 2
Hannibal : Rome's greatest enemy B. D. Hoyos 2
Hannibal : enemy of Rome Ben Kane 2
La implantación del culto imperial de la provincia en Hispania Marta González Herrero 2
The Jupiter myth Lindsey Davis 2
Hannibal's war : books twenty-one to thirty Livy 2
The Romans Robert Hull 2
The Romans Philip Ardagh 2
The Long Year A.D.69 Kenneth Wellesley 2
The Romans John Manley 2
The Severans : the changed Roman Empire Michael Grant 2
Latin literature of the fourth century J. W. Binns 2
The Social War, 91 to 88 BCE : a history of the Italian insurgency against the Roman Republic Christopher J. Dart 2
The Son of God in the Roman world : divine sonship in its social and political context Michael Peppard 2
Life in Roman times Sarah Ridley 2
Life in Ancient Rome Nigel Rodgers 2
The Emperor Constantine Hans A. Pohlsander 2
The Emperor Constantine Michael Grant 2
The ancient middle classes : urban life and aesthetics in the Roman Empire, 100 BCE-250 CE Emanuel Mayer 2
The ancient city : life in Classical Athens & Rome Peter Connolly 2
The Emperor Elagabalus : fact or fiction? Leonardo de Arrizabalaga y Prado 2
The age of Augustus Werner Eck 2
God and empire : Jesus against Rome, then and now John Dominic Crossan 2
Gods & Goddesses in the daily life of the Ancient Romans Peter Hicks 2
Gods & legions : a novel of the Roman Empire Michael Curtis Ford 2
Gods and goddesses of ancient Rome Leon Ashworth 2
Legions of Rome : the definitive history of every imperial Roman legion Stephen Dando-Collins 2
Legionary recruitment and veteran settlement during the Principate J. C. Mann 2
The Venus throw : a mystery of Ancient Rome Steven Saylor 2
Legacies from ancient Rome Anita Ganeri 2
Greek and Latin literature of the Roman Empire : from Augustus to Justinian Albrecht Dihle 2
The Usborne Internet-linked encyclopedia of the Roman world Fiona Chandler 2
Law and power in the making of the Roman commonwealth Luigi Capogrossi Colognesi 2
Law and family in late antiquity : the Emperor Constantine's marriage legislation Judith Evans Grubbs 2
Laughter in ancient Rome : on joking, tickling, and cracking up Mary Beard 2
Latin poets and Roman life Jasper Griffin 2
Greek literature and the Roman empire : the politics of imitation Tim Whitmarsh 2
Historical atlas of ancient Rome Nick Constable 2
The October horse Colleen McCullough 2
Early Rome to 290 BC : the beginnings of the city and the rise of the Republic Guy Jolyon Bradley 2
The Roman Empire at bay, AD 180-395 D. S. Potter 2
The Roman forum David Watkin 2
The Roman empire of Ammianus John Matthews 2
The Roman empire from Severus to Constantine Pat Southern 2
Julius Caesar Beverley Birch 2
The Roman emperors : a biographical guide to the rulers of Imperial Rome, 31 B.C. - A.D. 476 Michael Grant 2
Julian's gods : religion and philosophy in the thought and action of Julian the Apostate Rowland Smith 2
Julian the Apostate Shaun Tougher 2
The Roman Empire and its Germanic peoples Herwig Wolfram 2
Imperialism, power, and identity : experiencing the Roman empire D. J. Mattingly 2
In at the death David Wishart 2
In bed with the Romans Paul Chrystal 2
The Roman art of war Catherine Gilliver 2
History and activities of the Roman Empire Alexandra Fix 2
In the name of Rome : the men who won the Roman Empire Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 2
The Roman army in Jordan : a handbook prepared on the occasion of the XVIIIth International Congress of Roman Frontier Studies, Amman, Jordan, 2-11 September 2000 D. L. Kennedy 2
The Roman Empire divided, 400-700 John Moorhead 2
The Roman army from Hadrian to Constantine Michael Simkins 2
Inside Ancient Rome David Stewart 2
The Roman Republic Michael H. Crawford 2
The Roman army : a social and institutional history Pat Southern 2
The Roman army Pat Southern 2
The Roman army David J. Breeze 2
The Roman actor Philip Massinger 2
The Roman World 44 BC-AD 180 Martin Goodman 2
Julius Caesar Hilary Burningham 2
Julius Caesar Pat Southern 2
Julius Caesar Philip Freeman 2
Imagining Roman Britain : Victorian responses to a Roman past Virginia Hoselitz 2
Junior Caesar Dave Woods 2
The Romans Joan Forman 2
The Romans Fiona Macdonald 2
Julius Zebra : rumble with the Romans! Gary Northfield 2
Julius Caesar and his foul friends Toby Brown 2
Julius Caesar : the colossus of Rome Richard A. Billows 2
The Roman world Paul Titley 2
Hostages and hostage-taking in the Roman Empire Joel Allen 2
Julius Caesar : leadership : strategy : conflict Nic Fields 2
The Roman way Edith Hamilton 2
The Roman war machine John Peddie 2
The Roman villa : an historical introduction John Percival 2
The Roman triumph Mary Beard 2
How to manage your slaves Marcus Sidonius Falx 2
The Roman record Paul Dowswell 2
The Roman predicament : how the rules of international order create the politics of empire Harold James 2
I am Spartapuss Robin Price 2
I wonder why Romans wore togas and other questions about ancient Rome Fiona Macdonald 2
I, Claudia : a mystery, 13 BC Marilyn Todd 2
The Roman mysteries omnibus Caroline Lawrence 2
Illegally dead David Wishart 2
The Roman mother Suzanne Dixon 2
The Roman moo-stery Stephen Cole 2
Life in a Roman fort Jane Shuter 2
Life in a Roman town Jane Shuter 2
The archaic community of the Romans Robert E. A. Palmer 2
Europe's barbarians, AD 200-600 Edward James 2
Enemies of Rome : barbarians through Roman eyes I. M. Ferris 2
Ennius and the architecture of the Annales Jackie Elliott 2
Master and God Lindsey Davis 2
Mass oratory and political power in the late Roman Republic Robert Morstein-Marx 2
Epigrams Martial 2
Children and childhood in Roman Italy Beryl Rawson 2
The decline of the ancient world A. H. M. Jones 2
Style and function in Roman decoration : living with objects and interiors Ellen Swift 2
The declaration of war on Cleopatra : an examination of the evidence for the antiquity of the ceremony enacted by Octavian in the Campus Martius F. Neil Johnson 2
Mark Antony's heroes : how the third Gallica Legion saved an apostle and created an Emperor Stephen Dando-Collins 2
Mark Antony : a life Pat Southern 2
Marius Federico Santangelo 2
Life in a Roman villa Jane Shuter 2
Marcus Aurelius : warrior, philosopher, emperor Frank McLynn 2
The dark lord Thomas Harlan 2
The cultural uses of the Caesars on the English Renaissance stage Lisa Hopkins 2
Sword of Rome Douglas Jackson 2
Exploratio : military and political intelligence in the Roman world from the second Punic War to the Battle of Adrianople N. J. E. Austin 2
Man eater Marilyn Todd 2
Making men : sophists and self-presentation in ancient Rome Maud W. Gleason 2
The consul at Rome : the civil functions of the consuls in the Roman Republic Francisco Pina Polo 2
The construction of authority in ancient Rome and Byzantium : the rhetoric of empire Sarolta A. Takács 2
Familia Caesaris : a social study of the emperor's freedmen and slaves P. R. C. Weaver 2
Family favourites Alfred Duggan 2
Enemies at home Lindsey Davis 2
Studies in ancient society M. I. Finley 2
Empress of Rome : the life of Livia Matthew Dennison 2
Empress Zenobia : Palmyra's rebel queen Pat Southern 2
Economy, family, and society from Rome to Islam : a critical edition, English translation, and study of Bryson's Management of the estate Simon Swain 2
The end of sacrifice : religious transformations in late antiquity Guy G. Stroumsa 2
The end of antiquity : archaeology, society and religion AD 235-700 J. K. Knight 2
The empire of the Tetrarchs : imperial pronouncements and government, AD 284-324 Simon Corcoran 2
The emperor's silver Nick Brown 2
Emperor Colin Thubron 2
The emperor's knives Anthony Riches 2
Step into the Roman Empire Philip Steele 2
Mediterranean anarchy, interstate war, and the rise of Rome Arthur M. Eckstein 2
Stephen Biesty's ancient world : Egypt, Rome, Greece in spectacular cross-section Stephen Biesty 2
Stilicho : the Vandal who saved Rome Ian Hughes 2
The early history of Rome : books I-V of The history of Rome from its foundations Livy 2
Strabo of Amasia : a Greek man of letters in Augustan Rome Daniela Dueck 2
Emperors of Rome : imperial Rome from Julius Caesar to the last emperor D. S. Potter 2
Emperors of Rome : the story of imperial Rome from Julius Caesar to the last emperor D. S. Potter 2
Empire : an epic novel of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 2
Structure and scale in the Roman economy Richard Duncan-Jones 2
The eagle of the Ninth Rosemary Sutcliff 2
Empire of ancient Rome Michael Burgan 2
Empire of honour : the art of government in the Roman world J. E. Lendon 2
Empire of pleasures : luxury and indulgence in the Roman world Andrew Dalby 2
Masters of Rome Robert Fabbri 2
Empires of faith : the fall of Rome to the rise of Islam, 500-700 Peter Sarris 2
The constitution of the Roman Republic Andrew Lintott 2
Farm equipment of the Roman world K. D. White 2
Magic in the ancient world Fritz Graf 2
The blood of the martyrs Naomi Mitchison 2
The blood of gods Conn Iggulden 2
From shame to sin : the Christian transformation of sexual morality in late antiquity Kyle Harper 2
The Antonines : the Roman Empire in transition Michael Grant 2
From the Gracchi to Nero : a history of Rome 133 BC to AD 68 H. H. Scullard 2
From the Gracchi to Nero : a history of Rome from 133 B.C. to A.D. 68 H. H. Scullard 2
The Augustan aristocracy Ronald Syme 2
The blood crows Simon Scarrow 2
The black stone Nick Brown 2
Livia : first lady of Imperial Rome Anthony Barrett 2
Frontiers of the Roman Empire Hugh Elton 2
Frontiers of the Roman Empire : a social and economic study C. R. Whittaker 2
Frontiers of the Roman Empire = Grenzen des Römischen reiches = Frontières de l'Empire Romain David J. Breeze 2
The barbarians speak : how the conquered peoples shaped Roman Europe Peter S. Wells 2
The awful revolution : the decline of the Roman Empire in the west F. W. Walbank 2
Gender, domesticity, and the age of Augustus : inventing private life Kristina Milnor 2
The assassins of Rome Caroline Lawrence 2
Geography matters in ancient Rome Melanie Waldron 2
The art of Caesar's Bellum Civile : literature, ideology, and community Luca Grillo 2
Germanicus : the magnificent life and mysterious death of Rome's most popular general Lindsay Powell 2
The army of the Roman Republic : the second century BC, Polybius and the camps at Numantia, Spain Mike Dobson 2
The Christians and the Roman Empire Marta Sordi 2
The Claudius novels Robert Graves 2
The Colosseum Keith Hopkins 2
From good goddess to vestal virgins : sex and category in Roman religion Ariadne Staples 2
From Tiberius to the Antonines : a history of the Roman Empire, AD 14-192 Albino Garzetti 2
Tacitus Ronald Mellor 2
The Ancient Romans Rosemary Rees 2
The complete idiot's guide to the Roman Empire Eric Nelson 2
The complete Roman legions Nigel Pollard 2
Fight for freedom Simon Scarrow 2
Fighting fit Annie Dalton 2
Fighting for Rome : poets and Caesars, history, and civil war John Henderson 2
The complete Roman army Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 2
Lyric texts and lyric consciousness : the birth of a genre from Archaic Greece to Augustan Rome Paul Allen Miller 2
Flying sorceress Keith Brumpton 2
Following Hadrian : a second-century journey through the Roman Empire Elizabeth Speller 2
The climax of Rome Michael Grant 2
Food for the fishes David Wishart 2
Foreign bodies David Wishart 2
Tales of the barbarians : ethnography and empire in the Roman west Greg Woolf 2
The civil wars of Alexandria Appianus 2
Loyalty and dissidence in Roman Egypt : the case of the Acta Alexandrinorum Andrew Harker 2
Fortune's favourites Colleen McCullough 2
The charioteer of Delphi Caroline Lawrence 2
Fragments of the histories/ [by] Sallust; and, Letters to Caesar/ [by] Pseudo-Sallust Sallust 2
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Rethinking the other in antiquity Erich S. Gruen 2
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Antony and Cleopatra Nick Potter 2
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Ancient Rome Mike Corbishley 2
Rome Richard Dargie 2
Rome Shahrukh Husain 2
To the ends of the earth Thomas Locke 2
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Titi Livi ab urbe condita Livy 2
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Time in Roman religion : one thousand years of religious history Gary Forsythe 2
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Public disputation, power, and social order in late antiquity Richard Lim 2
Prostitutes and matrons in the Roman world Anise K. Strong 2
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The social life of painting in Ancient Rome and on the bay of Naples Eleanor Winsor Leach 2
Becoming Roman? : diverging identities and experiences in ancient northwest Italy R. Haeussler 2
Praetorian Simon Scarrow 2
Beloved and God : the story of Hadrian and Antinous Royston Lambert 2
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Between geography and history : Hellenistic constructions of the Roman world Katherine Clarke 2
Rome at war : AD 293-696 Michael Whitby 2
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Apollo, Augustus, and the poets John F. Miller 2
At home with the ancient Romans Tim Cooke 2
Religious dissent in the Roman Empire : violence in Judaea at the time of Nero Vasily Rudich 2
The wolves of the North Harry Sidebottom 2
Rome and Jerusalem : the clash of ancient civilizations Martin Goodman 2
The wedding weekend Emma Hannigan 2
Rome and her empire Barry W. Cunliffe 2
Rome and rhetoric : Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Garry Wills 2
Readings in late antiquity : a sourcebook Michael Maas 2
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Augustus John Williams 2
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Roman helmets Hilary Travis 2
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Who were the Romans? Phil Roxbee Cox 2
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White murder David Wishart 2
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Why America is not a new Rome Vaclav Smil 2
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Roman republican theatre Gesine Manuwald 2
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Roman republics Harriet I. Flower 2
Roman games Bruce MacBain 2
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Roman life. Work Nicola Barber 2
428 AD : an ordinary year at the end of the Roman Empire Giusto Traina 2
69 A.D. : the year of four emperors Gwyn Morgan 2
Young Roman girl Moira Butterfield 2
You wouldn't want to be a Roman gladiator! : gory things you'd rather not know John Malam 2
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All about life in ancient Rome Brenda Williams 2
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Vengeance Simon Scarrow 2
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Warfare in Roman Europe, AD 350-425 Hugh Elton 2
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War at the edge of the world Ian Ross 2
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War and imperialism in Republican Rome, 327-70 B.C. William V. Harris 2
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Walking in Roman culture Timothy M. O'Sullivan 2
Vita Brevis : a crime novel of the Roman Empire Ruth Downie 2
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Roman centurions 31 BC-AD 500 : the classical and late empire Raffaele D'Amato 2
Aemilius Paullus : conqueror of Greece William Reiter 2
Aeneid I Virgil 2
Roman villa Gillian Clements 2
Roman villas : a study in social structure J. T. Smith 2
Aesop's human zoo : Roman stories about our bodies Phaedrus 2
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Plutarch's lives : exploring virtue and vice Tim Duff 2
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The road to Rome Ben Kane 2
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Rome. The Emperor's spy Manda Scott 2
Personal patronage under the early empire Richard P. Saller 2
The pirates of Pompeii Caroline Lawrence 2
Ruling the later Roman Empire Christopher Kelly 2
Savage city Sophia McDougall 2
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Caligula Suetonius 2
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People, personal expression, and social relations in late antiquity Ralph W. Mathisen 2
Rubicon Steven Saylor 2
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Power and eroticism in Imperial Rome Caroline Vout 2
Pliny's defense of empire Thomas R. Laehn 2
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Cast not the day Paul Waters 2
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The religion of senators in the Roman Empire : power and the beyond Zsuzsanna Várhelyi 2
Blood forest Geraint Jones 2
Caesar's women Colleen McCullough 2
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Rome's economic revolution Philip Kay 2
Rome's last citizen : the life and legacy of Cato, mortal enemy of Caesar Rob Goodman 2
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Roman times Fiona Corbridge 1
The Graeco-Roman context of early Christian literature Roman Garrison 1
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Roman soldier vs Parthian warrior : Carrhae to Nisibis, 53 BC-AD 217 Si Sheppard 1
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Roman times Pierre Miquel 1
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Science education in the early Roman Empire Richard Carrier 1
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The Greek slogan of freedom and early Roman politics in Greece Sviatoslav Dmitriev 1
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Shakespeare's Roman plays Paul Innes 1
Roman soldier's handbook Sam Taplin 1
Satyricon Petronius Arbiter 1
Roman town Hazel Mary Martell 1
Shakespeare's consuls, cardinals, and kings : the real history behind the plays Dick Riley 1
The Empire at war Kathy Lee 1
Romanising Oriental Gods : myth, salvation and ethics in the cults of Cybele, Isis, and Mithras Jaime Alvar Ezquerra 1
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The Emperor and the Roman Army : 31 BC-AD 235 J. B. Campbell 1
The Emperor Titus B. W. Jones 1
The Emperor Julian Robert Browning 1
The Emperor Hadrian Thorsten Opper 1
Satires : book 1 Juvenal 1
Shakespeare's arguments with history Ronald Knowles 1
Romano-Byzantine infantry equipment I. P. Stephenson 1
Romano-Celtic mask puzzle padlocks : a study in their design, technology and security Jerry Slocum 1
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The Emperor Commodus : God and Gladiator John S. McHugh 1
Roman town John Malam 1
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Satires Juvenal 1
Romans Alice Harman 1
Romans Anthony Marks 1
The De re militari of Vegetius : the reception, transmission and legacy of a Roman text in the Middle Ages C. T. Allmand 1
Satire and the threat of speech : Horace's satires, book 1 Catherine Schlegel 1
The Cthulhu Campaigns : Ancient Rome Mark Latham 1
Romans Beverly Saunders 1
Shakespeare's earliest tragedy : studies in Titus Andronicus G. Harold Metz 1
Romans Clive Gifford 1
The Crossroads Brotherhood trilogy Robert Fabbri 1
The Column of Marcus Aurelius : the genesis & meaning of a Roman imperial monument Martin Beckmann 1
The Colosseum & the Roman forum Martyn J. Whittock 1
The Empire collection. Volume I Anthony Riches 1
The Empire collection. Volume II Anthony Riches 1
The Empire collection. Volume III Anthony Riches 1
The Empire of Rome AD 98-180 Edward Gibbon 1
Roman town : what was life like for people in the past? John Malam 1
The Gods of ancient Rome : religion in everyday life from archaic to imperial times Robert Turcan 1
Roman towns Peter Hodge 1
The Gods of ancient Rome Robert Turcan 1
The Gnomans : in the beginning Tagomas 1
Roman twins Marian Hoefnagel 1
Roman urban street networks Alan Kaiser 1
The Gladiator Carla Capshaw 1
Roman society David Taylor 1
The German policy of Augustus : an examination of the archaeological evidence C. M. Wells 1
The Gallo-Roman muse : aspects of Roman literary tradition in sixteenth-century France Dorothy Gabe Coleman 1
The Gallic and civil wars Julius Caesar 1
Shakespeare's Rome Robert S. Miola 1
The Galilean and the goose : how Christianity converted the Roman Empire Denzil Davies 1
The Frankish invasion, 744-774 Thomas Hodgkin 1
The Frankish Empire, 774-814 Thomas Hodgkin 1
Saturnalia Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius Macrobius 1
Satires of Rome : threatening poses from Lucilius to Juvenal Kirk Freudenburg 1
The Forum of Trajan in Rome : a study of the monuments in brief James E. Packer 1
Roman warfare Jonathan P. Roth 1
The Fall of Rome : a reference guide Alden M. Rollins 1
Roman warships Michael Pitassi 1
Roman woodworking Roger Bradley Ulrich 1
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Romancing the past : the rise of vernacular prose historiography in thirteenth-century France Gabrielle M. Spiegel 1
Satires and epistles Horace 1
Romanifesto : modern lessons from Classical politics Asa Bennett 1
Shakespeare and the constant Romans Geoffrey Miles 1
Rome's debt to Greece Alan Wardman 1
The Jews in the Roman Empire : legal problems, from Herod to Justinian Alfredo Mordechai Rabello 1
The Jews in the Roman world Michael Grant 1
Roman military objectives in Britain under the Flavian emperors Alison E. Grant 1
Roman military signalling D. J. Woolliscroft 1
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Roman military tombstones Alastair Scott Anderson 1
The Roman Empire Simon Mason 1
The Roman Empire Richard J. A. Talbert 1
The Roman Empire Peter Chrisp 1
Roman mythology : a traveler's guide from Troy to Tivoli David Stuttard 1
Sejanus David Wishart 1
The Roman Empire Paul Veyne 1
The Roman Empire Nigel Kelly 1
See inside a Roman town Jonathan Rutland 1
Security in Roman times : Rome, Italy and the emperors Cecilia Ricci 1
The Roman Empire Louise Spilsbury 1
The Roman Empire John Wacher 1
The Roman Empire John D. Clare 1
Secrets of Pompeii : everyday life in ancient Rome Emidio De Albentiis 1
Second act Marilyn Todd 1
Roman news Andrew Langley 1
The Roman Empire Fiona Reynoldson 1
The Roman Empire Edwin M. Yamauchi 1
Sea eagles of Empire : the Classis Britannica and the battles for Britain Simon Elliott 1
Roman panorama : a background for today H. Grose Hodge 1
Scrutanda M. G. Balme 1
Senate and provinces 78-49 B.C : some aspects of the foreign policy and provincial relations of the Senate during the closing years of the Roman Republic J. M. Cobban 1
The Roman Empire Chris Jordan 1
The Roman Empire Chris Hodgson 1
Roman perspectives : studies in the social, political and cultural history of the first to fifth centuries John Matthews 1
Roman military medicine : survival in the modern wilderness Valentine J. Belfiglio 1
Roman military equipment from the the Punic wars to the fall of Rome M. C. Bishop 1
Roman military equipment M. C. Bishop 1
Selections from Tacitus, Annals II-III : Germanicus and Piso Cornelius Tacitus 1
Selections from Ovid Ovid 1
The Roman Republic. Volume 2 William Emerton Heitland 1
Roman manliness : 'virtus' and the Roman republic Myles Anthony McDonnell 1
The Roman Republic. Volume 1 William Emerton Heitland 1
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The Roman Republic and the Hellenistic Mediterranean : from Alexander to Caesar Joel Allen 1
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Roman masculinity and politics from Republic to Empire Charles Goldberg 1
The Roman Republic Andrew Lintott 1
Select epigrams Martial 1
The Roman Near East, 31 B.C. - A.D. 337 Fergus Millar 1
The Roman Navy : Ships, Men & Warfare 350 BC-AD 475 Michael Pitassi 1
The Roman Mithras cult : a cognitive approach Olympia Panagiotidou 1
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The Roman Empire and its neighbours Fergus Millar 1
Roman military brick stamps : a comparison of methodology Renate Kurzmann 1
Roman military clothing (3) : AD 400-640 Raffaele Amato 1
Senate and general : individual decision making and Roman foreign relations 264-194 B.C. Arthur M. Eckstein 1
Roman military clothing. 2, AD 200-400 Graham Sumner 1
The Roman Empire divided : 400-700 AD John Moorhead 1
Roman military clothing. Vol. 1, 100 BC - AD 200 Graham Sumner 1
Roman military diplomas 1954 to 1977 Margaret M. Roxan 1
Roman military diplomas, 1954-1977 Margaret M. Roxan 1
Roman military disasters : dark days and lost legions Paul Chrystal 1
Roman military dress Graham Sumner 1
The Roman Empire and the silk routes : the ancient world economy and the empires of Parthia, Central Asia and Han China Raoul McLaughlin 1
The Roman Empire and the New Testament : an essential guide Warren Carter 1
The Roman Empire and the Indian Ocean : the ancient world economy and the kingdoms of Africa, Arabia and India Raoul McLaughlin 1
Roman poetry E. E. Sikes 1
The Roman Empire Carole Brown 1
Scorpion rising Marilyn Todd 1
Roman republic at war : a compendium of battles from 498 to 31 BC Ira Donathan Taylor 1
The Pythagorean intertext in Ovid's Metamorphoses : a new interpretation Maria Maddalena Colavito 1
The Poison King : the life and legend of Mithridates, Rome's deadliest enemy Adrienne Mayor 1
The Poison King : the life and legend of Mithradates, Rome's deadliest enemy Adrienne Mayor 1
The Play of Allusion in the Historia Augusta David Rohrbacher 1
The Penguin historical atlas of ancient Rome Christopher Scarre 1
Roman religion Michael Massey 1
Roman religion Valerie M. Warrior 1
The Palgrave concise historical atlas of Roman warfare John Serrati 1
Settlement and soldiers in the Roman Near East D. L. Kennedy 1
Scipio : a novel Ross Leckie 1
Sextus Aurelius Victor : a historiographical study H. W. Bird 1
The Origin of Empire : Rome from the Republic to Hadrian (264 BC-138 AD) D. S. Potter 1
Sexual life in ancient Rome Otto Kiefer 1
Shakespeare's pagan world : the Roman tragedies J. L. Simmons 1
The Reign of Emperor Gallienus : The Apogee of Roman Cavalry Ilkka Syvänne 1
The Nisibis War 337-363 : the defence of the Roman East AD337-363 John S. Harrel 1
The Nero prediction Humphry Knipe 1
The Museum of Augustus : the Temple of Apollo in Pompeii, the Portico of Philippus in Rome, and Latin poetry Peter Heslin 1
Sexual morality in ancient Rome Rebecca Langlands 1
The Making of Roman Italy Edward Togo Salmon 1
Shakespeare and Ovid Jonathan Bate 1
Roman ship model Tim Dowley 1
The Late Roman West and the Vandals Frank M. Clover 1
Roman siege warfare Josh Levithan 1
Scipio : a novel Ross Leckie 1
Roman siege works Gwyn Davies 1
The Jupiter myth : a Falco novel Lindsey Davis 1
Roman social relations, 50 BC to AD 284 Ramsay MacMullen 1
Scipio Africanus : Rome's greatest general Richard A. Gabriel 1
Roman religion John North 1
The Roman Empire C. M. Wells 1
The Roman Army of the Punic Wars, 264-146 B.C. Nic Fields 1
Roman political thought Jed W. Atkins 1
The Roman Empire Angus McBride 1
Scipio Africanus: soldier and politician H. H. Scullard 1
Roman politics and the criminal courts, 149-78 B.C Erich S. Gruen 1
Seneca C. D. N. Costa 1
Roman politics, 220-150 B.C H. H. Scullard 1
Roman portraits : the Flavian-Trajanic period William C. McDermott 1
The Roman Emperor Aurelian : restorer of the World John White 1
The Roman Colosseum Elizabeth Mann 1
The Roman Barbarian Wars : the era of Roman conquest Ludwig Heinrich Dyck 1
Scipio Africanus : greater than Napoleon Basil Henry Liddell Hart 1
The Roman Army, 31 BC-AD 337 : a sourcebook Brian Campbell 1
Seneca : a philosopher in politics Mariam T. Griffin 1
Septimus Severus Barry Taylor 1
The Republic in danger : Drusus Libo and the succession of Tiberius Andrew Pettinger 1
The Roman Army of the Principate 27 BC-AD 117 Nic Fields 1
Sertorious and the struggle for Spain Philip Matyszak 1
The Roman Army from Caesar to Trajan Michael Simkins 1
Service in the Roman army R. W. Davies 1
Roman pottery in the archaeological record J. Theodore Peña 1
The Roman Alexander : readings in a cultural myth Diana Spencer 1
Roman provincial administration, 227 BC to AD 117 J. S. Richardson 1
The Roman Alexander : reading a cultural myth Diana Spencer 1
Roman record keeping & communications Paul Chrystal 1
Servilia and her Family Susan Treggiari 1
The Roman Caroline Storer 1
The Republican Roman army : a sourcebook Michael M. Sage 1
The Republican Aventine and Rome's social order Lisa Mignone 1
Romans Henry Pluckrose 1
The Aurelian Wall and the refashioning of Imperial Rome, AD 271-855 Hendrik W. Dey 1
Romans Jillian Powell 1
State, society and popular leaders in Mid-Republican Rome 241-167 BC Rachel Feig Vishnia 1
Stories of Rome Livy 1
Stories from Livy R. M. Ogilvie 1
Stone cold Marilyn Todd 1
Rome and the Arabian frontier : from the Nabataeans to the Saracens David Frank Graf 1
Rome and the Barbarians, 100 B.C.-A.D. 400 Thomas S. Burns 1
Rome and the Mediterranean 290 to 146 BC : the imperial republic Nathan Stewart Rosenstein 1
Rome and the Mediterranean : books XXXI-XLV of 'The history of Rome from its foundation' Livy 1
Staying alive in ancient Rome Brenda Williams 1
Statues in Roman society : representation and response Peter Stewart 1
Statue of terror Keith Brumpton 1
Statius' silvae and the poetics of empire Carole E. Newlands 1
Rome and the Nomads : the Pontic-Danubian realm in antiquity Roger Batty 1
Rome and the Third Macedonian War Paul J. Burton 1
So you want to be a Roman soldier Fiona Macdonald 1
Stumbling blocks : Roman poems Karl Kirchwey 1
State, society and popular leaders in Mid-Republican Rome 241-167 B.C. Rachel Feig Vishnia 1
State and society in Roman Galilee, A.D. 132-212 Martin Goodman 1
So you want to be a Roman soldier? Georgia Amson-Bradshaw 1
Stars of Olympuss Robin Price 1
Starlight escape Brian Brown 1
Staging the world : spoils, captives, and representations in the Roman triumphal procession Ida Östenberg 1
Rome and the barbarians Barry W. Cunliffe 1
Rome and the barbarians in Central and Eastern Europe : 1st Century B.C. - 1st Century A.D. M. B. Shchukin 1
Staging memory, staging strife : empire and civil war in the Octavia Lauren Donovan Ginsberg 1
Spraticus : rebellion Ben Kane 1
Rome, the Greek world, and the East Fergus Millar 1
Sport and pastimes Nicola Barber 1
Rome, blood and power : reform, murder and popular politics in the late republic 70-27 BC Gareth C. Sampson 1
Rome and provincial resistance Gil Gambash 1
Stowaway slaves David Grimstone 1
Rome and its frontiers : the dynamics of change C. R. Whittaker 1
Rome and its Empire, AD 193-284 Olivier Hekster 1
Rome after Sulla J. Alison Rosenblitt 1
Studying gender in classical antiquity Lin Foxhall 1
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Rome and China : points of contact Hyun Jin Kim 1
Studies in stoicism P. A. Brunt 1
Slaves of the empire Aaron Travis 1
Rome and Constantinople : rewriting Roman history during late antiquity Raymond Van Dam 1
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Rome and Italy : books VI-X of The History of Rome from its foundation Livy 1
Rome: the centre of power : Roman art to AD 200 Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli 1
Rome and Judaea : international law relations, 162-100 BCE Linda Zollschan 1
Rome and Jugurtha Sallust 1
Rome and Persia at war and peace : competition and contact in the Near East, 193 to 363 AD Peter M. Edwell 1
Rome and Persia in late antiquity : neighbours and rivals Beate Dignas 1
Rome and Romans according to Shakespeare Michael Platt 1
Rome and her empire D. C. A. Shotter 1
Strangely familiar : an introductory reader to the first century _ to the life and loves, the hopes and fears, the doubts and certainties of pagans, Jews and Christians F. Gerald Downing 1
Rome, blood & politics : reform, murder and popular politics in the late Republic 133-71 BC Gareth C. Sampson 1
Rome and the distant East : trade routes to the ancient lands of Arabia, India and China Raoul McLaughlin 1
Splendours of the Roman world Anna Maria Liberati Silverio 1
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Rome in late antiquity : everyday life and urban change, AD 323-609 Bertrand Lançon 1
Rome in the fourth century A.D. : an annotated bibliography with historical overview Alden M. Rollins 1
Rome's holy mountain : the Capitoline Hill in late antiquity Jason Moralee 1
Rome in triumph Biondo Flavio 1
Rome is where the heart is : An uplifting romantic read, perfect to escape with Tilly Tennant 1
Space, geography, and politics in the early Roman empire Claude Nicolet 1
Space and society in the Greek and Roman worlds Michael Scott 1
Rome on the Euphrates : the story of a frontier Freya Stark 1
Rome reconstructed Maria Antonietta Lozzi 1
Rome seizes the trident : the defeat of Carthaginian seapower and the forging of the Roman Empire Marc G. DeSantis 1
Rome spreads her wings : territorial expansion between the Punic Wars Gareth C. Sampson 1
Rome victorious : the irresistible rise of the Roman Empire B. D. Hoyos 1
Rome's Christian empress : Galla Placidia rules at the twilight of the empire Joyce E. Salisbury 1
Rome's Gothic Wars : from the third century to Alaric Michael Kulikowski 1
Sowing the body : psychoanalysis and ancient representations of women Page DuBois 1
Rome's Imperial economy : twelve essays William V. Harris 1
Rome's executioner Robert Fabbri 1
Southern frontiers : a journey across the Roman Empire Don McCullin 1
Rome's Italian wars : books six to ten Livy 1
Rome's Mediterranean empire : books 41-45 and the Periochae Livy 1
Sour grapes Marilyn Todd 1
Rome's Mediterranean empire : books forty-one to forty-five and the Periochae Livy 1
Rome's cultural revolution Andrew Wallace-Hadrill 1
Son of Spartapuss Robin Price 1
Somewhere in time Merline Lovelace 1
Some Arval Brethren Ronald Syme 1
Spartacus Aldo Schiavone 1
Rome in crisis : nine lives : Tiberius Gracchus, Gaius Gracchus, Sertorius, Lucullus, Younger Cato, Brutus, Antony, Galba, Otho Plutarch 1
Spirits of the dead : Roman funerary commemoration in Western Europe Maureen Carroll 1
Rome in Etruria and Umbria William V. Harris 1
Spirit, soul, and city : Shakespeare's Coriolanus Jan H. Blits 1
Rome, Parthia, India : the violent emergence of a New World Order 150-140 BC John D. Grainger 1
Spilling the beans on_ Julius Caesar and his friends, Romans and countrymen Mick Gowar 1
Rome's war in Parthia : blood in the sand Rose Mary Sheldon 1
Spend the day in Ancient Rome : projects and activities that bring the past to life Linda Honan 1
Rome's vestal virgins : a study of Rome's Vestal priestesses in the late Republic and early Empire Robin Lorsch Wildfang 1
Rome and the making of a world state, 150 BCE - 20 CE Josiah Osgood 1
Social life in the early Empire Dacre Balsdon 1
Spectacle in the Roman world Hazel Dodge 1
Spectacle and society in Livy's history Andrew Feldherr 1
Spartacus and the Slave War 73-71 BC : a gladiator rebels against Rome Nic Fields 1
Rome and the mysterious Orient : three plays by Plautus Titus Maccius Plautus 1
Rome and the spirit of Caesar : Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Jan H. Blits 1
Rome's sacred flame Robert Fabbri 1
Rome at war Catherine Gilliver 1
Sociological studies in Roman history Keith Hopkins 1
Rome's revolution : death of the republic and birth of the empire Richard Alston 1
Spartacus : the story of the rebellious Thracian gladiator Tony Bradman 1
Rome at war : farms, families, and death in the Middle Republic Nathan Stewart Rosenstein 1
Spartacus : the myth and the man M. J. Trow 1
Rome at war AD 293-696 Michael J. Whitby 1
Spartacus : the life of a Roman gladiator Rob Shone 1
Soldier and civilian : life beyond the ramparts : the eighth annual Caerleon lecture : In honorem aquilae Legionis II Augustae Valerie A. Maxfield 1
Spartacus Theresa Urbainczyk 1
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Route 66 A.D. : on the trail of ancient Roman tourists Tony Perrottet 1
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Rome Amanda Claridge 1
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Terra incognita : A novel of the Roman Empire Ruth Downie 1
Terentia, Tullia and Publilia : the women of Cicero's family Susan Treggiari 1
Ten studies in Tacitus Ronald Syme 1
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Technology in the ancient world. 6, Ancient Rome Charlie Samuels 1
Rome Gilbert Charles-Picard 1
Romans and barbarians : four views from the Empire's edge, 1st century AD Derek Williams 1
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Sacred languages and sacred texts John F. A. Sawyer 1
The Christian rejection of animal sacrifice Daniel C. Ullucci 1
Shakespeare's political drama : the history plays and the Roman plays Alexander Leggatt 1
Romans John Townsend 1
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Sallust's Bellum Catilinae Sallust 1
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Romans Nicola Baxter 1
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The Book of Acts in its diaspora setting Irina Levinskai︠a︡ 1
Romans Peter Crisp 1
The Aztec pantheon and the art of empire John M. D. Pohl 1
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Romans Philip Ardagh 1
Romans Philip Steele 1
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Shifting genres in late antiquity Geoffrey Greatrex 1
The Augustan settlement : (Roman history 53-55.9) Cassius Dio Cocceianus 1
The Augustan idea in English literature Howard Erskine-Hill 1
Ship of Rome John Stack 1
Romans : facts, things to make, activities Nicola Baxter 1
Rome Julia Bruce 1
Running the Roman home Alexandra Croom 1
Rome Sean Sheehan 1
Rome : eternal city Ferdinand Addis 1
T. Livi ab urbe condita. Liber xxi Livy 1
T. Livi ab urbe condita. Liber XXXIII Livy 1
Rome : in the year 300ce Ray Laurence 1
T. Calpurnius Siculus : a pastoral poet in Neronian Rome Evangelos Karakasis 1
Syrian influences in the Roman empire to AD 300 John D. Grainger 1
Swords of Rome Dufaux 1
Rome : republic into empire : the civil wars of the First Century BCE Paul Chrystal 1
Swords against the Senate : the rise of the Roman army and the fall of the Republic Erik Hildinger 1
Rome : splendours of an ancient civilization Anna Maria Liberati Silverio 1
Rome : splendours of an ancient civilization Annamaria Liberati 1
Sword of Rome Constance O'Banyon 1
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Sword of Empire : the complete campaigns Richard Foreman 1
Slavery in the late Roman world, AD 275-425 Kyle Harper 1
Summoned to the Roman courts : famous trials from antiquity Detlef Liebs 1
Rome : the biography of a city Christopher Hibbert 1
Sulla, the elites and the empire : a study of Roman policies in Italy and the Greek east Federico Santangelo 1
Sulla : the last republican Arthur Keaveney 1
Rome : the comprehensive street-by-street guide with bird's-eye-view mapping Peter Greene 1
Slavery in the late Roman world, AD 275-425 : an economic, social, and institutional study Kyle Harper 1
Sulla : a dictator reconsidered Lynda Telford 1
Slaves and masters in the Roman Empire : a study in social control K. R. Bradley 1
Suetonius : the Flavian emperors : a historical commentary Suetonius 1
Suetonius : Galba, Otho, Vitellius Suetonius 1
Subversive meals : an analysis of the Lord's Supper under Roman domination during the first century R. Alan Streett 1
Royal and Republican Rome Tyler Whittle 1
Slaves and slavery in ancient Rome Zvi Yavetz 1
Skip DeLirio's worst ever gig C. C. Taylor 1
Tacite et Montesquieu Catherine Volpilhac-Auger 1
Taken at the Flood : the Roman Conquest of Greece Robin Waterfield 1
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema : the painter of the Victorian vision of the ancient world Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1
Tacitus, annals V & VI Cornelius Tacitus 1
Tacitus, Thule and Caledonia : the achievements of Agricola's navy in their true perspective Stan Wolfson 1
Silvae P. Papinius Statius 1
Tacitus, Annals IV : a selection Cornelius Tacitus 1
Silvae 5 P. Papinius Statius 1
Rome & the sword : how warriors & weapons shaped Roman history Simon James 1
Tacitus, Annals Book 1 Cornelius Tacitus 1
Tacitus' annals Ronald Mellor 1
Rome 750 BC-500 AD Simon James 1
Silvae IV P. Papinius Statius 1
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Tacitus and the principate : from Augustus to Domitian Chris Burnand 1
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Ruling Roman Britain : Kings, Queens, Governors and Emperors from Julius Caesar to Agricola David Braund 1
Rubicon : the triumph and tragedy of the Roman Republic Tom Holland 1
Rome : automatic Amikam Toren 1
Tacitus ; Histories books I & II Cornelius Tacitus 1
Tacitus Victoria Emma Pagan 1
Rome : day one Andrea Carandini 1
Tacitus Thomas Alan Dorey 1
Rubicon Tom Holland 1
Tacitus Ronald Martin 1
Silvae. Book II P. Papinius Statius 1
Tacitus Rhiannon Ash 1
Sink or swim Brian Brown 1
Shopping in ancient Rome : the retail trade in the late republic and the principate Claire Holleran 1
"The stage am I" : raping Lucrece in early modern England Mercedes Maroto Camino 1
The Roman West, AD 200-500 : an archaeological study A. S. Esmonde Cleary 1
The slave-girl from Jerusalem Caroline Lawrence 1
The senatorial aristocracy in the later Roman Empire M. T. W. Arnheim 1
The serpent Dan Coetzee 1
The sewer demon Caroline Lawrence 1
The shape of the Roman order : the republic and its spaces Daniel J. Gargola 1
The shrine (a short story) Ben Kane 1
The silver branch Rosemary Sutcliff 1
The silver pigs : a Marcus Didius Falco mystery Lindsey Davis 1
The sirens of Surrentum Caroline Lawrence 1
The sixteen satires Juvenal 1
The social world of intellectuals in the Roman Empire : sophists, philosophers, and Christians Kendra Eshleman 1
The stone city Anna Lowenstein 1
The social world of the first Christians John Stambaugh 1
The son of heaven Philip Boast 1
The sons of Caesar : Imperial Rome's first dynasty Philip Matyszak 1
The sorrows of the ancient Romans : the gladiator and the monster Carlin A. Barton 1
The specter of the Jews : Emperor Julian and the rhetoric of ethnicity in Syrian Antioch Ari Finkelstein 1
The speeches in Vergil's 'Aeneid' Gilbert Highet 1
The speeches of Cicero : context, law, rhetoric Paul Lachlan MacKendrick 1
The spook who spoke again Lindsey Davis 1
The stained glass window John S. Wilkinson 1
The senate of imperial Rome Richard J. A. Talbert 1
The secular gospel of Sophia Daniel G. Helton 1
The secrets of Vesuvius Caroline Lawrence 1
The second sophistic : a cultural phenomenon in the Roman empire Graham Anderson 1
The rise of Rome : twelve lives : Rommulus ... Aemilius Paullus Plutarch 1
The rise of Rome, to 264 B.C. Jacques Heurgon 1
The rise of the Romans : the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, a chronology : volume one, 753BC-146BC Brian Taylor 1
The robe Lloyd C. Douglas 1
The role of the vestal virgins in Roman civic religion : a structuralist study of the Crimen Incesti Lindsay J. Thompson 1
The roman retail revolution : the socio-economic world of the taberna Steven J. R. Ellis 1
The ruin of the Roman Empire James Joseph O'Donnell 1
The ruthless Romans Terry Deary 1
The satires of Horace and Persius Horace 1
The satires of Juvenal : a verse translation Juvenal 1
The scarlet seal Iris Lloyd 1
The scientist in the early Roman Empire Richard Carrier 1
The scorpion's strike Anthony Riches 1
The scourge of God William Dietrich 1
The scourge of God : a novel William Dietrich 1
The second Augustan Legion in the West of Britain : the ninth annual Caerleon lecture in honorem aquilae legionis II Augustae M. G. Fulford 1
The second Augustan legion in North Britain : the second annual Caerleon lecture in honorem aquilae legionis II Augustae David J. Breeze 1
The second Roman mysteries quiz book Caroline Lawrence 1
The second sophistic Tim Whitmarsh 1
The state of speech : rhetoric and political thought in Ancient Rome Joy Connolly 1
The storm before the storm : the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic Mike Duncan 1
The legend of Alexander the Great on Greek and Roman coins Karsten Dahmen 1
The virgin's tale Sherri Smith 1
The twelve tasks of Flavia Gemina Caroline Lawrence 1
The two eyes of the Earth : art and ritual of kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran Matthew P. Canepa 1
The two-faced god Caroline Lawrence 1
The uncertain hour : a novel Jesse Browner 1
The urban economy during the early dominate : pottery evidence from the Palatine Hill John Theodore Peña 1
The urban image of Augustan Rome Diane Favro 1
The use and abuse of history M. I. Finley 1
The use of documentary evidence in the study of Roman imperial history B. W. Jones 1
The virgin and the bride : idealized womanhood in late antiquity Kate Cooper 1
The virtual tourist in Renaissance Rome : printing and collecting the Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae Rebecca Zorach 1
The story of Greece and Rome Antony Spawforth 1
The visibility of imported wine and its associated accoutrements in later Iron Age Britain Emma Carver 1
The visible past : Greek and Roman history from archaeology, 1960-1990 Michael Grant 1
The voting districts of the Roman Republic : the thirty-five urban and rural tribes Lily Ross Taylor 1
The walking muse : Horace on the theory of satire Kirk Freudenburg 1
The wall at the edge of the world : an unputdownable adventure in the Roman Empire Damion Hunter 1
The war with Catiline, the war with Jugurtha Sallust 1
The war with Hannibal Livy 1
The war with Hannibal. Books xxi-xxx of 'The history of Rome from its foundation Livy 1
The wars of the Romans : a critical edition and translation of De armis Romanis Alberico Gentili 1
The traveller's guide to Ancient Rome John Malam 1
The transmission of the text of Lucan in the ninth century Harold C. Gotoff 1
The tragedy of Julius Caesar; and, The tragedy of Marcus Brutus, 1722 John Sheffield Buckingham 1
The tragedy of Julius Caesar William Shakespeare 1
The story of Julius Caesar Nicholas J. Saunders 1
The story of garum : fermented fish sauce and salted fish in the ancient world Sally Grainger 1
The story of the kings of Rome : adapted from Livy, with notes and vocabulary Livy 1
The student's Catullus Daniel H. Garrison 1
The sublime in antiquity James I. Porter 1
The successor : Tiberius and the triumph of the Roman Empire Willemijn van Dijk 1
The sword of Hannibal Terry McCarthy 1
The terror of Constantinople Richard Blake 1
The third Nero Lindsey Davis 1
The third book of Horace's 'Odes' Horace 1
The third citizen : Shakespeare's theater and the early modern House of Commons Oliver Arnold 1
The third princess Philip Boast 1
The three worlds of Paul of Tarsus Richard Wallace 1
The throne of Caesar Steven Saylor 1
The thunder omen Caroline Lawrence 1
The tradition of the text of the Aeneid in the ninth century Robert A. Kaster 1
The tragedie of Julius Caesar : written by William Shakespeare. Julius Caesar: a concordance to the text of the first folio William Shakespeare 1
The tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra William Shakespeare 1
The tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra : asps amidst the figs William F. Zak 1
The rise of Rome : the making of the world's greatest empire Anthony Everitt 1
The rise of Rome : from the Iron Age to the Punic Wars (1000-264 BC) Kathryn Lomas 1
The rise of Rome : books one to five Livy 1
The most lamentable Roman tragedy of Titus Andronicus William Shakespeare 1
The many uses of olive oil Una Baylin 1
The march of Rome : the Roman Soldier AD50-150 Malcolm J. Watkins 1
The mask of Socrates Paul Zanker 1
The mask of power : Seneca's tragedies and Imperial Rome Denis Henry 1
The masks of Anthony and Cleopatra Marvin Rosenberg 1
The metallurgy of Roman silver coinage : from the reform of Nero to the reform of Trajan Kevin Butcher 1
The military decorations of the Roman Army Valerie Maxfield 1
The mirror of the self : sexuality, self-knowledge, and the gaze in the early Roman Empire Shadi Bartsch 1
The modern cultural myth of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire Jonathan Theodore 1
The municipalities of the Roman Empire James S. Reid 1
The rise of Rome Plutarch 1
The myth of Rome in Shakespeare and his contemporaries Warren L. Chernaik 1
The myth of nations : the medieval origins of Europe Patrick J. Geary 1
The narrows David Jones 1
The nature of history in Ancient Greece and Rome Charles W. Fornara 1
The neighborhoods of Augustan Rome John Bert Lott 1
The nemesis of empire Edward Togo Salmon 1
The new Rome : the fall of an empire and the fate of America Cullen Murphy 1
The new empire of Diocletian and Constantine Timothy D. Barnes 1
The noblest Roman : Marcus Brutus and his reputation M. L. Clarke 1
The manuscript tradition of Propertius James L. Butrica 1
The manuscript tradition of Polybius J. M. Moore 1
The man from Pomegranate Street Caroline Lawrence 1
The mammoth book of classical whodunnits Michael Ashley 1
The legionary from Londinium and other mini-mysteries Caroline Lawrence 1
The legions of Rome Matthew Holden 1
The life & times of Cleopatra Arthur Edward Pearse Brome Weigall 1
The life and legacy of Constantine : from late antiquity to early modern memory M. Shane Bjornlie 1
The life and times of Caesar Giancarlo Buzzi 1
The life and times of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt Arthur E. P. Brome Weigall 1
The life and times of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt : a study in the origin of the Roman Empire Arthur Edward Pearse Brome Weigall 1
The life of Cicero Plutarch 1
The life of Roman republicanism Joy Connolly 1
The light bearer Donna Gillespie 1
The long-lost secret diary of the world's worst gladiator Tim Collins 1
The lord of the entire world : Lord Jesus, a challenge to Lord Caesar? Joseph D. Fantin 1
The lost diary of Julius Caesar's slave Steve Barlow 1
The lost garden : a view of Shakespeare's English and Roman history plays John Wilders 1
The lost gold of Rome : the hunt for Alaric's treasure Daniel Costa 1
The lost history of Peter the Patrician : an account of Rome's imperial past from the age of Justinian Thomas M. Banchich 1
The madness of Nero Cornelius Tacitus 1
The making of Roman India Grant Richard Parker 1
The making of late antiquity P. Brown 1
The odes Horace 1
The odes of Horace Horace 1
The odes of Horace : a critical study Steele Commager 1
The praetorship in the Roman republic T. Corey Brennan 1
The primacy of vision in Virgil's Aeneid Alden Smith 1
The principal thing T. P. Wiseman 1
The private orations of Themistius Themistius 1
The promise of the West : the Greek world, Rome and Judaism Alan E. Samuel 1
The prophet from Ephesus Caroline Lawrence 1
The provinces of the Roman Empire : the European provinces: selections from 'The history of Rome', volume 5, book 8 Theodor Mommsen 1
The provincial at Rome : and, Rome and the Balkans 80BC-AD14 Ronald Syme 1
The quest for the lost Roman legions : discovering the Varus battlefield Tony Clunn 1
The reach of Rome : a history of the Roman imperial frontier 1st-5th centuries A.D. Derek Williams 1
The reach of Rome : a journey through the lands of the ancient empire Alberto Angela 1
The rebels' assault David Grimstone 1
The reception of Cicero in the early Roman Empire : the rhetorical schoolroom and the creation of a cultural legend Thomas J. Keeline 1
The red serpent Robert Low 1
The rediscovery of the Roman Empire : an inaugural lecture delivered in the University of Exeter on 21 November 1980 Malcolm Todd 1
The religion of Numa : and other essays on the religion of ancient Rome Jesse Benedict Carter 1
The religions of the Roman Empire John Ferguson 1
The republic ; and, The laws Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
The restoration of the Roman Forum in late antiquity : transforming public space Gregor Kalas 1
The return Harry Sidebottom 1
The price of freedom Michael J. Smith 1
The power of religion in late antiquity Andrew Cain 1
The oriental cults in Roman Britain Eve Harris 1
The positioning of the Roman Imperial legions Jerome H. Farnum 1
The origins and meanings of Roman witchcraft Natasha Sheldon 1
The origins of Roman Christian diplomacy : Constantius II and John Chrysostom as innovators Walter Stevenson 1
The origins of Roman citizenship Randall S. Howarth 1
The passionate statesman : Eros and politics in Plutarch's Lives Jeffrey Beneker 1
The patrician tribune : Publius Clodius Pulcher W. Jeffrey Tatum 1
The pilum M. C. Bishop 1
The pirate chief Simon Scarrow 1
The plight of Rome in the fifth century AD Mark W. Merrony 1
The poems and translations of Sir Richard Fanshawe Richard Fanshawe 1
The poems of Catullus : a bilingual edition Gaius Valerius Catullus 1
The poet and the prince : Ovid and Augustan discourse Alessandro Barchiesi 1
The poet's odyssey : Joachim Du Bellay and the 'Antiquitez de Rome' George Hugo Tucker 1
The poet's truth : a study of the poet in Virgil's Georgics Christine G. Perkell 1
The poisoned honey cake Caroline Lawrence 1
The politics of desire : Propertius IV Micaela Wakil Janan 1
The politics of friendship : Pompey and Cicero Beryl Rawson 1
The politics of munificence in the Roman Empire : citizens, elites, and benefactors in Asia Minor Arjan Zuiderhoek 1
The politics of public space in Republican Rome Amy Russell 1
The portable Gibbon : the decline and fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon 1
The waters of forgetfulness : an Augustan-age memoir Yorick Blumenfeld 1
The way of Caesar Irwin Isenberg 1
The way of the gladiator Daniel P. Mannix 1
Warriors in winter Mary Pope Osborne 1
Vt milites dicvntvr : a dictionary of Roman military terms and terminology M. C. Bishop 1
War and society in Imperial Rome, 31 BC-AD 284 J. B. Campbell 1
War and society in early Rome : from warlords to generals Jeremy Armstrong 1
War in late antiquity : a social history A. D. Lee 1
War in the ancient world : a social history Yvon Garlan 1
War with Hannibal : authentic Latin prose for the beginning student Eutropius 1
Warfare in the classical world : an illustrated encyclopaedia of weapons, warriors and warfare in the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome John Gibson Warry 1
Warfare in the classical world : war and the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome John Warry 1
Warlords of Republican Rome : Caesar versus Pompey Nic Fields 1
Warriors of Rome : an illustrated history of the Roman legions Michael Simkins 1
Vespasian 1-3 : Tribune of Rome, Rome's Executioner, False God of Rome Robert Fabbri 1
Warriors of Rome : an illustrated military history of the Roman legions Michael Simkins 1
Wars and battles of the Roman Republic : 753 BC-100 BC, the bloody road to empire Paul Chrystal 1
Watchmen of Rome Alex Gough 1
Ways of being Roman : discourses of identity in the Roman West Louise Revell 1
We the great are misthought S. F. Chandler 1
We who are about to die Peter Milligan 1
Western aristocracies and imperial court AD. 364-425 John Matthews 1
Western aristocracies and imperial court, A.D. 364-425 John Matthews 1
Western aristocracies and imperial court, AD 365-425 John Matthews 1
Votive body parts in Greek and Roman religion Jessica Hughes 1
Vote for Caesar : how the ancient Greeks and Romans solved the problems of today P. V. Jones 1
Vote for Caesar P. V. Jones 1
Voices of Imperial Rome Guy De la Bédoyère 1
Vespasian : the crossroads brotherhood Robert Fabbri 1
Vespasian : tribune of Rome Robert Fabbri 1
Vestal virgins, sibyls, and matrons : women in Roman religion Sarolta A. Takács 1
Vesuvius Poovius Kes Gray 1
Vico and Naples : the urban origins of modern social theory Barbara Ann Naddeo 1
Victrix : triumph in the Roman arena Frances Mary Hendry 1
Vindolanda's Roman eyeopeners : the ideal introduction to life on the northern frontier in Britain Andrew Birley 1
Violence in republican Rome Andrew Lintott 1
Virgil : a study in civilized poetry Brooks Otis 1
Virgil : his life and times Peter Levi 1
Virgil and the Augustan reception Richard F. Thomas 1
Virgil in medieval England : figuring the Aeneid from the twelfth century to Chaucer Christopher Baswell 1
Virgil on the nature of things : the Georgics, Lucretius and the didactic tradition Monica Gale 1
Virgil's Augustan epic Francis Cairns 1
Virgil's epic technique Richard Heinze 1
Virgil's experience : nature and history, times, names, and places Richard Jenkyns 1
Virtus romana : politics and morality in the Roman histories Catalina Balmaceda 1
Visual power in ancient Greece and Rome : between art and social reality Tonio Hölscher 1
Visualizing harbours in the classical world : iconography and representation around the Mediterranean Federico Ugolini 1
What do we know about the Romans? Mike Corbishley 1
What the Romans did for us Alison Hawes 1
What the soldiers wore on Hadrian's Wall Henry Russell Robinson 1
Women in ancient Rome : a sourcebook Bonnie MacLachlan 1
Worlds apart trading together : the organisation of long-distance trade between Rome and India in antiquity Kasper Grønlund Evers 1
Wrath of the furies Steven Saylor 1
Write your own Roman story Beth Brooke 1
Write your own Roman story Dave Martin 1
Write your own Roman story : teachers' resource book Beth Brooke 1
Writing Rome : textual approaches to the city Catharine Edwards 1
Writing ancient history : an introduction to classical historiography Luke Pitcher 1
Writing down Rome : satire, comedy, and other offences in Latin poetry John Henderson 1
Writing, performance, and authority in Augustan Rome Michèle Lowrie 1
Y Rhufeiniaid gynt : ysgrifau ar eu gwareiddiad a'u dylanwad R. Telfryn Pritchard 1
Year of four Caesars Howard Nield 1
You win or you die : the ancient world of Game of thrones Ayelet Haimson Lushkov 1
You wouldn't want to be a Roman gladiator! John Malam 1
You wouldn't want to be a Roman soldier : barbarians you'd rather not meet David Stewart 1
You wouldn't want to live in Pompeii! : a volcanic eruption you'd rather avoid John Malam 1
Your Ancient Rome homework helper Colin Hynson 1
Your guide to a new life in ancient Rome Isobel Lundie 1
Youth in the Roman Empire : the young and the restless years? Christian Laes 1
Zenobia : shooting star of Palmyra Nathanael J. Andrade 1
Working IX to V : orgy planners, funeral clowns, and other prized professions of the ancient world Vicki León 1
Women and the law in the Roman Empire : a sourcebook on marriage, divorce and widowhood Judith Evans Grubbs 1
What they don't tell you about the Romans in Britain Bob Fowke 1
Women and religion in the first Christian centuries Deborah Sawyer 1
Whatever happened to ... the Romans? Kirsty Holmes 1
Wheelock's Latin grammar Frederic M. Wheelock 1
When in Rome : social life in ancient Rome Paul Chrystal 1
When the bough breaks, and other stories Naomi Mitchison 1
Whither Quo vadis? : Sienkiewicz's novel in film and television Ruth Scodel 1
Who all die Alex Gough 1
Who was Julius Caesar? Aidan Warlow 1
Who was Julius Caesar? Nico Medina 1
Who's who in the ancient world : a handbook to the survivors of the Greek and Roman classics Betty Radice 1
Whose is the kingdom? John Ard.en 1
Why are you calling me a barbarian? Birgitta Petrén 1
Widow's pique Marilyn Todd 1
William Shakespeare : the tragedy of Julius Caesar William Shakespeare 1
William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra John Foss 1
William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Joseph E. Scalia 1
William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar William Shakespeare 1
William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar : the graphic novel Dan Whitehead 1
Wolves of Rome Valerio Manfredi 1
Wolves of the north Harry Sidebottom 1
Vespasian : Rome's executioner Robert Fabbri 1
Vespasian Suetonius 1
The western frontiers of Imperial Rome Steven K. Drummond 1
Tiberius goes to Rome Peter A. Kay 1
Three Roman plays William Shakespeare 1
Three classical tragedies : Titus Andronicus, Timon of Athens, Coriolanus William Shakespeare 1
Three's company Alfred Duggan 1
Tiberius Allan Massie 1
Tiberius Robin Seager 1
Tiberius Suetonius 1
Tiberius Claudius Maximus: the legionary Peter Connolly 1
Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus : tradition and apostasy Alvin H. Bernstein 1
Tiberius and the Roman Empire Charles Edward Smith 1
Time, space and innovation : an archaeological case study on the Romanization of the North-Western Provinces (50BC TO AD50) Claudia Dürrwächter 1
Verus Israel : a study of the relations between Christians and Jews in the Roman Empire (135-425) Marcel Simon 1
TimeRiders : gates of Rome Alex Scarrow 1
Times of the Romans Gilles Feyel 1
Titus Andronicus Alan C. Dessen 1
Titus Andronicus : introduction, the play in performance and commentary by Jacques Berthoud William Shakespeare 1
Titus Andronicus, 1594 William Shakespeare 1
Titus Andronicus, 1687 Edward Ravenscroft 1
Tools of the Ancient Romans : a kid's guide to the history & science of life in Ancient Rome Rachel Dickinson 1
Top 10 worst things about ancient Rome you wouldn't want to know! Victoria England 1
Trade and taboo : disreputable professions in the Roman Mediterranean Sarah E. Bond 1
They lived like this in the Roman Empire Marie Neurath 1
Theodosius and the limits of empire Mark Hebblewhite 1
Theodosian empresses : women and imperial dominion in late antiquity Kenneth G. Holum 1
Theodosian empress : women and imperial dominion in late antiquity Kenneth G. Holum 1
The woman of Rome Alberto Moravia 1
The works of Ausonius Decimus Magnus Ausonius 1
The world as it was Judith Weingarten 1
The world of Ancient Rome : a daily life encyclopedia James William Ermatinger 1
The world of Late Antiquity : from Marcus Aurelius to Muhammad Peter Brown 1
The world of Roman song : from ritualized speech to social order Thomas N. Habinek 1
The world of the Fullo : work, economy, and society in Roman Italy Miko Flohr 1
The world of the Romans Charles Freeman 1
The world of the Romans Victor Duruy 1
The world of the citizen in Republican Rome Claude Nicolet 1
The world of the early church Simon Jones 1
The world of the early church : a companion to the New Testament Priscilla C. Benham 1
The world of the first Christians Edwin M. Yamauchi 1
The world of the gladiator Susanna Shadrake 1
The wrath of Seth Zack 1
The year of the four emperors Kenneth Wellesley 1
The year of the four emperors Peter Andrew Livsey Greenhalgh 1
Themistius, Julian and Greek political theory under Rome : texts, translations and studies of four key works Simon Swain 1
Theoderic and the Roman imperial restoration Jonathan J. Arnold 1
Trade, transport and society in the ancient world : a sourcebook Onno van Nijf 1
Trade-routes and commerce of the Roman Empire M. P. Charlesworth 1
Trading communities in the Roman world : a micro-economic and institutional perspective Taco T. Terpstra 1
Unit sizes in the Late Roman Army Terence Coello 1
Unwritten Rome T. P. Wiseman 1
Urban space and aristocratic power in late antique Rome : AD 270-535 Carlos Machado 1
Usborne Internet-linked Romans Anthony Marks 1
Usborne Internet-linked Romans Gail Tingay 1
Usborne encyclopedia of the Roman world Fiona Chandler 1
Usborne visitor's guide to ancient Rome : Based on the travels of Lucius Minimus Britanicus Lesley Sims 1
Usborne visitors' guide to ancient Rome Lesley Sims 1
Ushering in a new Republic : theologies of arrival at Rome in the first century BCE Trevor S. Luke 1
Valentine : a love story Chet Raymo 1
Valorizing the Barbarians : enemy speeches in Roman historiography Eric Adler 1
Vandals to Visigoths : rural settlement patterns in early Medieval Spain Karen Eva Carr 1
Varian studies. Volume one, Varius Leonardo de Arrizabalaga y Prado 1
Vatis amici : Odes II Horace 1
Venus in copper Lindsey Davis 1
Venus in copper : a Marcus Didius Falco mystery Lindsey Davis 1
Vergil in the Middle Ages Domenico Comparetti 1
Vergil's Aeneid : the essential books Virgil 1
Vergil's Italy Alexander Gordon McKay 1
Vergil's empire : political thought in the Aeneid Eve Adler 1
Universal salvation in late antiquity : Porphyry of Tyre and the pagan-christian debate Michael Bland Simmons 1
Understanding local autonomy in Judaea between 6 and 66 CE Russell Martin 1
Tragedy, rhetoric, and the historiography of Tacitus' Annales Francesca Santoro L'Hoir 1
Understanding Shakespeare's Julius Caesar : a student casebook to issues, sources, and historical documents Thomas J. Derrick 1
Training the Roman cavalry : from Arrian's Ars Tactica Ann Hyland 1
Traitors of Rome Simon Scarrow 1
Trajan : optimus princeps Julian Bennett 1
Trajan : optimus princeps : a life and times Julian Bennett 1
Trajan's Army on Trajan's Column Ian Richmond 1
Trajan's Column and the Dacian wars Lino Rossi 1
Transient apostle : Paul, travel, and the rhetoric of empire Timothy Luckritz Marquis 1
Tribes of ancient Britain and Germany Cornelius Tacitus 1
Trimalchio's feast and other mini-mysteries Caroline Lawrence 1
Triumph and tragedy : the rise and fall of Rome's immortal emperors Alexander Canduci 1
Triumph in defeat : military loss and the Roman Republic Jessica Homan Clark 1
Triumph in dust Ian Ross 1
Triumphs in the age of civil war : the late Republic and the adaptability of triumphal tradition Carsten Hjort Lange 1
Turia : a Roman woman's Civil War Josiah Osgood 1
Twelve Greeks and Romans who changed the world Carl J. Richard 1
Twilight of the Empire : the Roman infantryman 3rd to 6th century AD Simon MacDowall 1
Two Romes Lucy Grig 1
Under divine auspices : divine ideology and the visualisation of imperial power in the Severan period Clare Rowan 1
Understand Roman civilization Paula James 1
The legionary : Tiberius Claudius Maximus Peter Connolly 1
The legate's daughter : a novel of intrigue in ancient Rome Wallace Breem 1
The Roman actor : a tragedy Philip Massinger 1
The age of Caesar : five Roman lives Plutarch 1
The Vatican Vergil : a masterpiece of late antique art David H. Wright 1
The Venus throw Steven Saylor 1
The Victorians and Ancient Rome Norman Vance 1
The Visigothic invasion Thomas Hodgkin 1
The Year of Julius and Caesar : 59 BC and the Transformation of the Roman Republic Stefan G. Chrissanthos 1
The accursed Antony Cutler 1
The acts of the apostates Geoffrey Farrington 1
The adventures of Quintus Propertius Roy R. Johnson 1
The age of Attila : fifth-century Byzantium and the Barbarians Colin D. Gordon 1
The age of Cicero Greg Woolf 1
The ancient near east, Greece and Rome : a brief history Jack L. Schwartzwald 1
The age of Constantine and Julian Diana Bowder 1
The age of marriage in ancient Rome Arnold A. Lelis 1
The ancient Roman city John Stambaugh 1
The ancient Romans Chester G. Starr 1
The ancient Romans Jane Shuter 1
The ancient Romans Louise Spilsbury 1
The ancient Romans O. A. W. Dilke 1
The ancient Romans : a social and political history from the early Republic to the death of Augustus Matthew Dillon 1
The ancient Romans : their lives and their world Paul Roberts 1
The Usborne official Roman soldier's handbook : a survival guide for the raw recruit Lesley Sims 1
The Usborne official Roman soldier's handbook Lesley Sims 1
The Usborne encyclopedia of the Roman world Fiona Chandler 1
The Titus conspiracy : murder in ancient Rome Lorraine Blundell 1
The Romans and their world R. E. C. Burrell 1
The Romans and trade André Tchernia 1
The Romans for dummies Guy De la Bédoyère 1
The Romans in the age of Augustus A. W. Lintott 1
The Romans pop-up : a pop-up book to make yourself Andy Hall 1
The Romans were the real gangsters John Wright 1
The Romans. Pupil book Fiona Macdonald 1
The Romans. Teacher's notes Isabel Macdonald 1
The Rome that did not fall : the survival of the East in the fifth century Stephen Williams 1
The Satyr of Capri Zack 1
The Satyricon: dinner with Trimalchio Petronius Arbiter 1
The Severans : the Roman Empire transformed Michael Grant 1
The Silvae of Statius P. Papinius Statius 1
The Sword of Atilla Michael Curtis Ford 1
The Sword of Attilla : a novel of the last years of Rome Michael Curtis Ford 1
The Syrian princesses : the women who ruled Rome, AD 193-235 Godfrey Turton 1
The Temple of Venus and Rome and Santa Francesca Romana at the Roman Forum : preservation and transformation Cristina González-Longo 1
The Tiberian narrative (2.94-131) Velleius Paterculus 1
The Time Traveller book of Rome and Romans Heather Amery 1
The ancient city Peter Connolly 1
The ancient world John Doogan 1
The legate's daughter Wallace Breem 1
The blade of fire David Grimstone 1
The bankers of Puteoli : finance, trade and industry in the Roman world David Jones 1
The barracks of the Roman army from the 1st to 3rd centuries A.D. : a comparative study of the barracks from fortresses, forts and fortlets with an analysis of building types and construction, stabling and garrisons David P. Davison 1
The battle of Actium : the rise & triumph of Augustus Caesar John M. Carter 1
The battle that stopped Rome : Emperor Augustus, Arminius, and the slaughter of the legions in the Teutoburg Forest Peter S. Wells 1
The beginnings of Rome : Italy and Rome from the Bronze Age to the Punic Wars, c.1000-263 BC Tim Cornell 1
The best and worst jobs. Ancient Rome Clive Gifford 1
The birth of critical thinking in Republican Rome Claude Moatti 1
The black banquet Lindsey Davis 1
The black flag Simon Scarrow 1
The blood of Alexandria Richard Blake 1
The annals Cornelius Tacitus 1
The blood of Rome Simon Scarrow 1
The bloody, rotten Roman Empire : the disgusting details about life in Ancient Rome James A. Corrick 1
The boat of fate : an historical novel Keith Roberts 1
The border wolves Damion Hunter 1
The bread makers : the social and professional lives of bakers in the Western Roman Empire Jared T. Benton 1
The breakdown of the Roman republic : from oligarchy to empire Christopher S. Mackay 1
The buildings of Ancient Rome Helen Leacroft 1
The business affairs of Mr Julius Caesar Bertolt Brecht 1
The busy periphery : urban systems of the Balkan and Danube Provinces (2nd-3rd c. AD) Damjan Donev 1
The baby Chris Hannan 1
The atlas of ancient Greece and ancient Rome Piero Bardi 1
Roman lives : a selection of eight Roman lives Plutarch 1
The assassination of Julius Caesar : a people's history of ancient Rome Michael Parenti 1
The annals : the reigns of Tiberius, Claudius, and Nero Cornelius Tacitus 1
The annals of Q. Ennius Quintus Ennius 1
The annals of Tacitus : book 4 Cornelius Tacitus 1
The annals of Tacitus : books 1-6 Cornelius Tacitus 1
The annals of Tacitus. Book 11 Cornelius Tacitus 1
The annals of Tacitus. Books 5-6 Cornelius Tacitus 1
The annals of ancient Rome P. C. Doherty 1
The archaeology of the Roman economy Kevin Greene 1
The archaeology of the dead : lectures in archaeothanatology H. Duday 1
The archers of Isca Caroline Lawrence 1
The architecture of the Roman triumph : monuments, memory, and identity Maggie L. Popkin 1
The arena : a short story Ben Kane 1
The armies and enemies of Imperial Rome : organisation, tactics, dress and weapons, 150 BC to 600 AD Phil Barker 1
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The army in the Roman revolution Arthur Keaveney 1
The army of the Caesars Michael Grant 1
The army of the Roman republic : from the regal period to the army of Julius Caesar Michael M. Sage 1
The art of forgetting : disgrace and oblivion in Roman political culture Harriet I. Flower 1
The art of war Manda Scott 1
The Romans and their world J. B. Campbell 1
The Romans and their Empire Trevor Cairns 1
The Romans and the medieval realms Judith Kidd 1
The Roman history : from Romulus and the foundation of Rome to the reign of the Emperor Tiberius Velleius Paterculus 1
The Roman countryside Stephen L. Dyson 1
The Roman economy : studies in ancient economic and administrative history A. H. M. Jones 1
The Roman emperors : from Julius Caesar to the fall of Rome Michael Kerrigan 1
The Roman empire Henri Stierlin 1
The Roman empire Sam Moorhead 1
The Roman empire : a beginner's guide Philip Matyszak 1
The Roman experience Lancelot Patrick Wilkinson 1
The Roman forts of the Saxon Shore Stephen Johnson 1
The Roman historians Ronald Mellor 1
The Roman history : the reign of Augustus Cassius Dio Cocceianus 1
The Romans : their gods and their beliefs Margaret Lyttelton 1
The Roman household : a sourcebook Jane F. Gardner 1
The Roman imperial mausoleum in late antiquity Mark Joseph Johnson 1
The Roman invasions of Britain Gerald Grainge 1
The Roman legionary Martin Windrow 1
The Roman market economy Peter Temin 1
The Roman mysteries omnibus II Caroline Lawrence 1
The Roman mysteries treasury Caroline Lawrence 1
The Roman nobility Matthias Gelzer 1
The Roman novel : the 'Satyricon' of Petronius and the 'Metamorphoses' of Apuleius P. G. Walsh 1
The Roman conquest of Italy Jean-Michel David 1
The Roman community at table during the Principate John F. Donahue 1
The Roman civil wars, 49-45 BC Terence Wise 1
The Roman citizenship A. N. Sherwin-White 1
The Roman army John Wilkes 1
The Roman army Paul Fleuret 1
The Roman army Peter Connolly 1
The Roman army Peter Hodge 1
The Roman army : an illustrated study Graham Webster 1
The Roman army : legions, wars and campaigns Nigel Rodgers 1
The Roman army : the civil wars, 88-31 BC Nic Fields 1
The Roman army and the expansion of the gospel Alexander Kyrychenko 1
The Roman army and the expansion of the gospel : the role of the centurion in Luke-Acts Alexander Kyrychenko 1
The Roman army at war 100 BC-AD 200 Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 1
The Roman army at war, 100 B.C.-A.D.200 Adrian Goldsworthy 1
The Roman army in Britain Paul A. Holder 1
The Roman army in Northern England Paul T. Bidwell 1
The Roman banquet : images of conviviality Katherine M. D. Dunbabin 1
The Roman bazaar : a comparative study of trade and markets in a tributary empire Peter F. Bang 1
The Roman book of days : the calendar of ancient Rome Paulina Erina 1
The Roman calendar from Numa to Constantine : time, history, and the fasti Jörg Rüpke 1
The Roman castrati : eunuchs in the Roman Empire Shaun Tougher 1
The Roman cavalry : from the First to the Third Century AD Karen R. Dixon 1
The Roman philosophers : from the time of Cato the Censor to the death of Marcus Aurelius Mark P. O. Morford 1
The Roman revolution Ronald Syme 1
The Roman revolution of Constantine Raymond Van Dam 1
The Romans Jean M. Jamieson 1
The Romans John Guy 1
The Romans John James 1
The Romans Kathryn Welch 1
The Romans Louise James 1
The Romans M. W. C. Hassall 1
The Romans Marian Redmond 1
The Romans Mike Corbishley 1
The Romans Pamela Odijk 1
The Romans Peter Hicks 1
The Romans Philippa Wingate 1
The Romans Sam Willis 1
The Romans Samuel Frederick Woolley 1
The Romans Sophie Ramondt 1
The Romans Tim Wood 1
The Romans : an introduction Abigail Graham 1
The Romans : an introduction Kevin M. McGeough 1
The Romans : an introduction to their history and civilisation Karl Christ 1
The Romans : from village to empire Mary Taliaferro Boatwright 1
The Romans : life in ancient Rome Liz Sonneborn 1
The Romans John Foster 1
The Romans Emma Károlyi 1
The Roman soldier Daniel Peterson 1
The Romans Donald R. Dudley 1
The Roman soldier's handbook : a survial guide for the raw recruit Lesley Sims 1
The Roman street : urban life and society in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Rome Jeremy Hartnett 1
The Roman twins Roy Gerrard 1
The Roman wars in Spain : the military confrontation with guerrilla warfare Daniel Varga 1
The Roman wedding : ritual and meaning in antiquity Karen K. Hersch 1
The Roman world Michael J. Vickers 1
The Roman world Mike Corbishley 1
The Roman world Tony Allan 1
The Roman world : activity support guide Bea Stimpson 1
The Roman world : people and places Nigel Rodgers 1
The Roman world : sources and interpretation D. Brendan Nagle 1
The Roman world : student's book Bea Stimpson 1
The Roman world of Dio Chrysostom C. P. Jones 1
The Roman's revenge Caroline Storer 1
The Romans Alfred Duggan 1
The Romans Anita Ganeri 1
The Romans Barry Steel 1
The Romans Brian Williams 1
The Romans Colin Hynson 1
The captain of the trident Simon Scarrow 1
The centurion John Stewart 1
The centurions Damion Hunter 1
The gladiators Arthur Koestler 1
The framework of an imperial legion : the fifth annual Caerleon lecture in honorem Aquilae Legionis II Augustae : by Michael Speider Michael P. Speidel 1
The function of the Roman Army in Southern Arabia Petraea Mariana Castro 1
The furies of Rome Robert Fabbri 1
The future of Roman military archaeology_ : the tenth annual Caerleon lecture in honorem aquilae legionis II Augustae Richard Reece 1
The game of death in ancient Rome : arena sport and political suicide Paul Plass 1
The gate of fire Thomas Harlan 1
The gates of stone Simon Scarrow 1
The gathering storm : Shakespeare's English and Roman history plays : a Marxist analysis Paul N. Siegel 1
The girl of two worlds Nelly Harper 1
The gladiators : history's most deadly sport Fik Meijer 1
The erotics of domination : male desire and the mistress in Latin love poetry Ellen Greene 1
The golden age of the classics in America : Greece, Rome, and the antebellum United States Carl J. Richard 1
The governor Joseph Agius 1
The grand strategy of the Roman Empire : from the first century A.D. to the third Edward Luttwak 1
The grand strategy of the Roman Empire : from the first century CE to the third Edward Luttwak 1
The grand strategy of the Roman Empire from the first century AD to the third Edward Luttwak 1
The grass crown Colleen McCullough 1
The graveyard of the Hesperides Lindsey Davis 1
The great Illyrian revolt : Rome's forgotten war in the Balkans, AD 6-9 Jason R. Abdale 1
The great necklace hunt Mick Gowar 1
The foundation of Rome : myth and history Alexandre Grandazzi 1
The fort Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 1
The first millennum A. D. in Europe and the Mediterranean : an archaeological essay Klavs Randsborg 1
The first Roman mysteries quiz book Caroline Lawrence 1
The exiled David Barbaree 1
The failure of the Roman Republic Richard Edwin Smith 1
The fall of Rome : and the end of civilization Bryan Ward-Perkins 1
The fall of Rome : can it be explained? Mortimer Chambers 1
The fall of the Roman Empire P. J. Heather 1
The fall of the Roman Empire : a new history of Rome and the barbarians P. J. Heather 1
The fall of the Roman Empire : a reappraisal Michael Grant 1
The fall of the Roman Republic Plutarch 1
The fall of the Roman Republic : and related essays P. A. Brunt 1
The fall of the Roman empire : the military explanation Arther Ferrill 1
The fall of the Roman household Catherine Fales Cooper 1
The fall of the Roman household Kate Cooper 1
The fall of the Western Roman Empire : an archaeological and historical perspective Neil Christie 1
The familia urbana during the early Empire : a study of columbaria inscriptions Kinuko Hasegawa 1
The family in Roman Egypt : a comparative approach to intergenerational solidarity and conflict Sabine R. Huebner 1
The family in late antiquity : the rise of Christianity and the endurance of tradition Geoffrey S. Nathan 1
The final pagan generation Edward Jay Watts 1
The fire of Rome Manda Scott 1
The first Christian centuries : perspectives on the early church P. R. McKechnie 1
The greater Roman historians M. L. W. Laistner 1
The grove of the Caesars Lindsey Davis 1
The guard dog geese Mick Gowar 1
The imperial families of Ancient Rome Maxwell Craven 1
The insignia of the Notitia dignitatum Pamela C. Berger 1
The intervention of philology : gender, learning, and power in Lohenstein's Roman plays Jane O. Newman 1
The invention of literature : from Greek intoxication to the Latin book Florence Dupont 1
The jeweled style : poetry and poetics in late antiquity Michael Roberts 1
The judgement William Napier 1
The justice of Constantine : law, communication, and control John Noël Dillon 1
The keys of Rome Louise Dale 1
The lamentable tragedy of Titus Andronicus : a facsimile from the first folio William Shakespeare 1
The last Roman : Romulus Augustulus and the decline of the west Adrian Murdoch 1
The last battle Tito Faraci 1
The last gladiatrix Eva Scott 1
The last hour Harry Sidebottom 1
The last king Michael Curtis Ford 1
The last legionary : life as a Roman soldier AD400 Paul Elliott 1
The last legionary : life as a Roman soldier, AD 400 Paul Elliott 1
The last world : with an Ovidian repertory Christoph Ransmayr 1
The late Roman Empire Glanville Downey 1
The later Roman Empire, 284-602 : a social, economic and administrative survey A. H. M. Jones 1
The later Roman Republic : the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, a chronology. Vol. 2, 145 to 27 BC Brian Taylor 1
The ingratitude of a common-wealth, 1682 Nahum Tate 1
The imagery and poetry of Lucretius David West 1
The hand of Cicero Shane Butler 1
The image of Rome Erich S. Gruen 1
The hidden author : an interpretation of Petronius' Satyricon Gian Biagio Conte 1
The hills of Rome : signature of an eternal city Caroline Vout 1
The historians of late antiquity David Rohrbacher 1
The history and coinage of the Roman imperators, 49-27 BC David R. Sear 1
The history of Rome, books 1-5 Livy 1
The history of Zonaras : from Alexander Severus to the death of Theodosius the Great Joannes Zonaras 1
The history of Zonaras : from Alexander Severus to the death of Theodosius the Great Thomas Banchich 1
The history of make-believe : Tacitus on imperial Rome Holly Haynes 1
The history of rome : from earliest times to the establishment of the Empire William Smith 1
The history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire : 28 selected chapters Edward Gibbon 1
The history of the kings of Rome : with a prefatory dissertation on its sources and evidence Thomas Henry Dyer 1
The horse changer : an epic rendering of Rome's civil wars Craig Smith 1
The hounds of Diana Joseph J. Pitarella 1
The house of the vestals : mysteries of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 1
The house of the vestals : the investigations of Gordianus the finder Steven Saylor 1
The how and why wonder book of ancient Rome Brenda Ralph Lewis 1
The idea of the city in Roman thought : from walled city to spiritual commonwealth Lidia Storoni Mazzolani 1
The ides : Caesar's murder and the war for Rome Stephen Dando-Collins 1
The illustrated encyclopedia of the Roman Empire Nigel Rodgers 1
The evolution of the late antique world Peter Garnsey 1
The epigrams of Martial Martial 1
The centurions Gordon Anthony 1
The crowd in Rome in the late Republic Fergus Millar 1
The confessions of young Nero Margaret George 1
The conflict between Christianity and Judaism Leopold Lucas 1
The constitution of the later Roman Empire : Creighton Memorial Lecture J. B. Bury 1
The contest for time and space in the Roman imperial cults and 1 Peter : reconfiguring the universe Wei Hsien Wan 1
The creation of the Roman frontier Stephen L. Dyson 1
The creation, composition, service and settlement of Roman auxiliary units raised on the Iberian Peninsula Alexander Meyer 1
The crimes of Elagabalus : the life and legacy of Rome's decadent boy emperor Martijn Icks 1
The crisis of Rome : the Jugurthine and Northern Wars and the rise of Marius Gareth C. Sampson 1
The crisis of the Roman republic : studies in political and social history Robin Seager 1
The cult of Isis in the Roman Empire : Isis Invicta Malcolm Drew Donalson 1
The epic successors of Virgil : a study in the dynamics of a tradition Philip R. Hardie 1
The cult of the Matronae in the Roman Rhineland : an historical evaluation of the archaeological evidence Alex Gustav Garman 1
The cults of the Roman Empire Robert Turcan 1
The cultural history of Rome Henri Stierlin 1
The culture of the Roman plebs Nicholas Horsfall 1
The daughters of Cannae Anthony Horne 1
The dawn of empire : Rome's rise to world power Robert Malcolm Errington 1
The dawn of the Roman Empire Livy 1
The dawn of the Roman Empire, books thirty-one to forty Livy 1
The day Commodus killed a rhino : understanding the Roman games J. P. Toner 1
The complete poetry of Catullus Gaius Valerius Catullus 1
The complete odes and epodes Horace 1
The complete illustrated history of ancient Rome : a boxed set of two encyclopedias : a chronicle of political and military history and a guide to art, architecture and everyday life, in more than 920 photographs Nigel Rodgers 1
The complete chronicle of the emperors of Rome Roger Kean 1
The changing landscapes of Rome's northern hinterland : the British School at Rome's Tiber Valley Project Helen Patterson 1
The changing nature of the self : a critical study of the autobiographic discourse Robert Elbaz 1
The cicero trilogy Robert Harris 1
The cities of the Eastern Roman provinces A. H. M. Jones 1
The civic tradition and Roman Athens James Henry Oliver 1
The civil war : with the anonymous Alexandrian, African, and Spanish wars Julius Caesar 1
The civilization of ancient Rome : an archaeological perspective _ beginnings to Augustus Henry V. Bender 1
The classical Mediterranean world William Hardy McNeill 1
The classical tradition in operation : Chaucer, Virgil, Shakespeare, Plautus, Pope, Horace, Tennyson, Lucretius, Pound, Propertius Niall Rudd 1
The classical world : an epic history of Greece and Rome Robin Lane Fox 1
The code of Romulus Caroline Lawrence 1
The collapse of Rome : Marius, Sulla and the forst civil war (91-70BC) Gareth C. Sampson 1
The commerce between the Roman Empire and India E. H. Warmington 1
The commerce between the Roman Empire and India Eric Herbert Warmington 1
The common liar : an essay on 'Antony and Cleopatra' Janet Adelman 1
The common people of ancient Rome : studies of Roman life and literature Frank Frost Abbott 1
The companion guide to Rome Georgina Masson 1
The complete Odes and Epodes : with the Centennial hymn Horace 1
The complete Roman emperor : imperial life at court and on campaign Michael Sommer 1
The day of the Barbarians : the first battle in the fall of the Roman Empire Alessandro Barbero 1
The day of the barbarians : the battle that led to the fall of the Roman Empire Alessandro Barbero 1
The day of the barbarians : the epic battle that began the fall of the Roman Empire Alessandro Barbero 1
The economic life of the ancient world J. Toutain 1
The economy of the Roman Empire Richard Duncan-Jones 1
The economy of the Roman Empire : quantitative studies Richard Duncan-Jones 1
The edge of the Empire Kathy Lee 1
The elegies of Quintilius Cittinus Aurelianus Quintilius Stultus 1
The elegies of Quintilius : "car la muse m'a fait l'un des fils de la Grèce" Peter Russell 1
The emperor in the Roman world : (31BC-AD337) Fergus Millar 1
The emperor of law : the emergence of Roman Imperial adjudication Kaius Tuori 1
The emperor waltz Philip Hensher 1
The emperor's exile Simon Scarrow 1
The emperor's retrospect : Augustus' Res gestae in epigraphy, historiography and commentary Ronald T. Ridley 1
The emperors of Rome : the story of Imperial Rome from Julius Caesar to the last emperor D. S. Potter 1
The empire of the dragons Valerio Manfredi 1
The empire unpossess'd : an essay on Gibbon's Decline and fall Lionel Gossman 1
The end of Roman Britain Michael E. Jones 1
The end of paganism in the north-western provinces of the Roman Empire : the example of the Mithras cult Eberhard W. Sauer 1
The end of the Roman Republic, 146 to 44 BC : conquest and crisis C. E. W. Steel 1
The end of the past : ancient Rome and the modern West Aldo Schiavone 1
The ending of Roman Britain A. S. Esmonde Cleary 1
The epic city : urbanism, utopia, and the garden in ancient Greece and Rome Annette Lucia Giesecke 1
The economics of the Roman stone trade Ben Russell 1
The early history of Rome. Books I-V of "The history of Rome from its foundation" Livy 1
The death of Caligula Flavius Josephus 1
The early Roman expansion into Italy : elite negotiation and family agendas Nicola Terrenato 1
The death of Rome saga. Books I-III, Conspiracies of Rome. The Terror of Constantinople. The Blood of Alexandria Richard Blake 1
The death of Virgil Hermann Broch 1
The death of classical paganism John Holland Smith 1
The decline and fall of the Roman Empire James William Ermatinger 1
The decline and fall of the Roman city J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz 1
The devil's bible : a novel Dana Chamblee Carpenter 1
The diary of a young Roman girl Moira Butterfield 1
The disappearing ninth legion : a popular history Mark Olly 1
The discources Niccolò Machiavelli 1
The discourses Niccolò Machiavelli 1
The dislocation of the Roman Army in Raetia István Gergő Farkas 1
The divinization of Caesar and Augustus : precedents, consequences, implications Michael Koortbojian 1
The dragon and the eagle : the rise and fall on the Chinese and Roman empires Sunny Y. Auyang 1
The dreams of Morpheus Robert Fabbri 1
The eagle has fallen Brian Young 1
The eagle of the ninth John Escott 1
The earliest Romans : a character sketch Ramsay MacMullen 1
The earliest history of the Christian gathering : origin, development and content of the Christian gathering in the first to third centuries Valeriy A. Alikin 1
The early Principate : Augustus to Trajan Peter Garnsey 1
Roman lives : a selection of eight lives Plutarch 1
Religion and memory in Tacitus' Annals Kelly E. Shannon-Henderson 1
Roman lives Dorothy Harrer 1
Critics, compilers, and commentators : an introduction to Roman philology, 200 BCE-800 CE James E. G. Zetzel 1
Coriolanus on stage in England and America, 1609-1994 John Ripley 1
Corneille, Horace R. C. Knight 1
Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi Suzanne Dixon 1
Cornelius Nepos 'Life of Hannibal' : Latin text, notes, maps, illustrations and vocabulary Bret Mulligan 1
Corruption and the decline of Rome Ramsay MacMullen 1
Cosmopolis : imagining community in late classical Athens and the early Roman Empire Daniel S. Richter 1
Crise poétique et poésie de crise : la réception de Lucain aux XIXe et XXe siècles : suivi d'une interprétation de la scène 'César à Troie' (La Pharsale, 9,950-999) Piet Schrijvers 1
Crisis and ambition : tombs and burial customs in third-century CE Rome Barbara Borg 1
Crisis and constitutionalism : Roman political thought from the fall of the republic to the age of revolution Benjamin Straumann 1
Crisis management during the Roman Republic : the role of political institutions in emergencies Gregory K. Golden 1
Cruelty and civilization : the Roman games Roland Auguet 1
Daily life of the ancient Romans David Matz 1
Cult places and cult personnel in the Roman Empire Duncan Fishwick 1
Cultural politics in Polybius's Histories Craige Brian Champion 1
Culture and society in Lucian C. P. Jones 1
Dacian trade with the Hellenistic and Roman world Ioan Glodariu 1
Daggers in the Forum : the revolutionary lives and violent deaths of the Gracchus brothers Keith Richardson 1
Daily life in Ancient Rome : a sourcebook Brian K. Harvey 1
Daily life in Late Antiquity Kristina Sessa 1
Daily life in ancient and modern Rome Joan D. Barghusen 1
Daily life in the New Testament James William Ermatinger 1
Daily life in the Roman city : Rome, Pompeii, and Ostia Gregory S. Aldrete 1
Coriolanus in Deutschland Steven Berkoff 1
Coriolanus : a guide to the play Mary Steible 1
Coriolanus (Shakespeare) Colin Partridge 1
Contrasts & connections. Teacher's resource book Colin Shephard 1
Comprehensive study guide for Wheelock's Latin Dale A. Grote 1
Conquering Romans Nigel Crowle 1
Conquerors of the Roman Empire : the Vandals Simon MacDowall 1
Conquerors of the Roman Empire. the Franks Simon MacDowall 1
Conquest Andrew Frediani 1
Conquest Jack Ludlow 1
Considerations on the causes of the greatness of the Romans and their decline Charles de Secondat Montesquieu 1
Constantine Margaret Killingray 1
Constantine Ramsey MacMullen 1
Constantine Werner de Saeger 1
Constantine and Christendom ; The oration to the saints ; The Greek and Latin accounts of the discovery of the cross ; The edict of Constantine to Pope Silvester Emperor of Rome Constantine I 1
Constantine and Eusebius Timothy D. Barnes 1
Constantine and the Cities : Imperial Authority and Civic Politics Noel Emmanuel Lenski 1
Constantine the Great : warlord of Rome Elizabeth James 1
Constantine versus Christ : the triumph of ideology Alistair Kee 1
Constantius II : usurpers, eunuchs and the antichrist Peter Crawford 1
Constructing literature in the Roman republic Sander M. Goldberg 1
Constructing literature in the Roman republic : poetry and its reception Sander M. Goldberg 1
Contested triumphs : politics, pageantry, and performance in Livy's Republican Rome Miriam R. Pelikan Pittenger 1
Continuity and change in Roman religion J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz 1
Continuité gentilice et continuité familiale dans les familles sénatoriales romaines à l'époque impériale : mythe et réalité Christian Settipani 1
Daily life of Christians in ancient Rome James William Ermatinger 1
Danger at the circus! Alain Surget 1
Commodus Simon Turney 1
Dining posture in ancient Rome : bodies, values, and status Matthew B. Roller 1
Demography and Roman society Tim G. Parkin 1
Deposed : an epic thriller of power, treachery and revenge David Barbaree 1
Designing for luxury on the Bay of Naples : villas and landscapes (c.100 BCE-79 CE) Mantha Zarmakoupi 1
Dialoguing in late antiquity Averil Cameron 1
Diary of Dorkius Maximus Tim Collins 1
Dictionary of Roman military terms Frank Graham 1
Did Romans design the space shuttle? : the Roman Empire, fascinating facts and everyday phrases explained Peter Ryding 1
Die Ausrüstung der römischen Armee auf der Siegessäule des Marcus Aurelius in Rom : ein Vergleich zwischen der skulpturalen Darstellung und den archäologischen Bodenfunden Boris Alexander Nikolaus Burandt 1
Die Gesichtskrüge der römischen Nordwestprovinzen Franziska Dövener 1
Die gens Ausoniana an der Macht : Untersuchungen zu Decimius Magnus Ausonius und seiner Familie Altay Coşkun 1
Dio, the Julio-Claudians : selections from books 58-63 of the Roman History of Cassius Dio Cassius Dio Cocceianus 1
Dangerous days in the Roman Empire Terry Deary 1
Diodorus Siculus and the world of the late Roman republic Charles Edward Muntz 1
Dionysius and The history of archaic Rome Emilio Gabba 1
Discours de la religion des anciens Romains illustré Guillaume Du Choul 1
Discover...the Roman Empire Imogen Greenberg 1
Ditherus Wart : accidental gladiator Alan MacDonald 1
Divination, prediction and the end of the Roman Republic Federico Santangelo 1
Divine interiors : mural paintings in Greek and Roman sanctuaries Eric M. Moormann 1
Divine qualities : cult and community in republican Rome Anna Clark 1
Divus Claudius Suetonius 1
Divus Julius Stefan Weinstock 1
Defenders of the Roman Empire Martyn J. Whittock 1
Defacing the past : damnation and desecration in Imperial Rome Dario Calomino 1
Decorated Roman armour : from the Age of the Kings to the death of Justinian the Great Raffaele D'Amato 1
Decline and fall of the Roman city J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz 1
Dangerous days in the Roman Empire : terrors and torments, diseases and deaths Terry Deary 1
Daniella's decision Genevieve Lyons 1
Dark horse Marilyn Todd 1
Darkness visible : a study of Vergil's 'Aeneid' W. R. Johnson 1
Daughters of Rome Kate Quinn 1
Day of the Caesars Simon Scarrow 1
De Bello Civili. Liber 8 Lucan 1
De bello civili, Book II Lucan 1
De bello civili, book 1 Lucan 1
Death : antiquity and its legacy Mario Erasmo 1
Death and burial in the Roman world J. M. C. Toynbee 1
Death and dynasty in early Imperial Rome : key sources, with text, translation, and commentary John Bert Lott 1
Death and renewal Keith Hopkins 1
Death and the emperor : Roman imperial funerary monuments from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius Penelope J. E. Davies 1
Death in Ancient Rome : a sourcebook Valerie M. Hope 1
Death in ancient Rome Catharine Edwards 1
Death in the arena Caroline Lawrence 1
Death of an emperor Flavius Josephus 1
Death of the Roman Republic : from 146 B.C. to the birth of the Roman Empire Stewart Perowne 1
Death, burial, and rebirth in the religions of antiquity Jon Davies 1
Decline and change in late antiquity : religion, barbarians and their historiography J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz 1
Complete works of Tacitus Cornelius Tacitus 1
Commerce and social standing in ancient Rome John H. D'Arms 1
Caracalla : a military biography Ilkka Syvänne 1
Christians and pagans in Roman Britain Dorothy Watts 1
Change and decline : Roman literature in the early empire Gordon Williams 1
Changes in the Roman empire : essays in the ordinary Ramsay MacMullen 1
Chariot champions! Jeremy Strong 1
Chariot racing in the Roman Empire Fik Meijer 1
Child emperor rule in the late Roman West, AD 367-455 Meaghan McEvoy 1
Christ and Caesar : the Gospel and the Roman Empire in the writings of Paul and Luke Seyoon Kim 1
Christian and Pagan in the Roman Empire : the witness of Tertullian Tertullian 1
Christianity and Roman society Gillian Clark 1
Christianity and paganism in the fourth to eighth centuries Ramsay MacMullen 1
Christianity in ancient Rome : the first three centuries Bernard Green 1
Chronicles, consuls, and coins : historiography and history in the later Roman Empire R. W. Burgess 1
Cicero's social and political thought Neal Wood 1
Cicero : Pro Marco Caelio Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
Cicero : a portrait Elizabeth Rawson 1
Cicero : a turbulent life Anthony Everitt 1
Cicero : pro P. Sulla oratio Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
Cicero and the Roman Republic Frank Richard Cowell 1
Cicero and the Roman Republic John Murrell 1
Cicero and the end of the Roman Republic Thomas E. J. Wiedemann 1
Cicero and the end of the Roman Republic W. K. Lacey 1
Cicero orations Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
Cicero the politician Christian Habicht 1
Cena Trimalchionis Petronius Arbiter 1
Celt and Roman : the Celts of Italy Peter Berresford Ellis 1
Cecilia Linda Ferri 1
Cave canem : animals in roman civilization I. M. Ferris 1
Career of empire : America and imperial expansion over land and sea George Liska 1
Carthage Ross Leckie 1
Carthage must be destroyed Alan Wilkins 1
Carthage must be destroyed : the rise and fall of an ancient Mediterranean civilization Richard Miles 1
Carthage must be destroyed : the rise and fall of an ancient civilization Richard Miles 1
Cataclysm 90 BC : the forgotten war that almost destroyed Rome Philip Matyszak 1
Cataline's War, the Jugurthine War, Histories Sallust 1
Catilina's riddle Steven Saylor 1
Catilinarians Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
Catiline's conspiracy ; The Jugurthine War ; Histories Sallust 1
Catiline's war ; The Jugurthine war ; Histories Sallust 1
Catiline, the monster of Rome : an ancient case of political assassination Francis Galassi 1
Cato the Younger : Life and Death at the End of the Roman Republic Fred K. Drogula 1
Cato the censor A. E. Astin 1
Cato the younger Plutarch 1
Catullan consciousness and the early modern lyric in England : from Wyatt to Donne Jacob Blevins 1
Catullan provocations : lyric poetry and the drama of position William Fitzgerald 1
Catullus Gaius Valerius Catullus 1
Catullus (Gai Valeri Catulli Veronensis liber) Gaius Valerius Catullus 1
Catullus and the poetics of Roman manhood David Wray 1
Catullus, Cicero, and a society of patrons : the generation of the text Sarah Culpepper Stroup 1
Cicero's accretive style : rhetorical strategies in the exordia of the judicial speeches Steven M. Cerutti 1
Cicero, Catullus, and the language of social performance Brian A. Krostenko 1
Commentaries on speeches of Cicero Quintus Asconius Pedianus 1
Clodia Metelli : the tribune's sister Marilyn B. Skinner 1
Claudian's In Eutropium, or, How, when, and why to slander a eunuch Jacqueline Long 1
Claudian's panegyric on the fourth consulate of Honorius Claudius Claudianus 1
Claudian: poet of declining Empire and morals : an inaugural lecture, [delivered in the University of Leeds on 4 November 1968] O. A. W. Dilke 1
Claudius Barbara Levick 1
Claudius Caesar : image and power in the early Roman empire Josiah Osgood 1
Claudius the god Robert Graves 1
Cleopatra Hannah Millist 1
Cleopatra's Daughter : And Other Royal Women of the Augustan Era Duane W. Roller 1
Cleopatra's daughter Michelle Moran 1
Cleopatra's kidnappers : how Caesar's Sixth Legion gave Egypt to Rome and Rome to Caesar Stephen Dando-Collins 1
Clothes Paul Harrison 1
Cicero, Philippic 2, 44-50, 78-92, 100-119 Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
Cohors² : the evidence for and a short history of the auxiliary infantry units of the Imperial Roman Army J. E. H. Spaul 1
Coinage and history of the Roman Empire, c. 82 B.C.- A.D. 480 David L. Vagi 1
Coinage in Roman imperial policy, 31 BC-AD 68 Carol Humphrey Vivian Sutherland 1
Coinage in the Roman economy, 300 B.C. to A.D. 700 Kenneth W. Harl 1
Coins and samian ware : a study of the dating of coin-loss and the deposition of samian ware (terra sigillata), with a discussion of the decline of samian ware manufacture in the NW provinces of the Roman Empire, late 2nd to mid 3rd centuries AD Anthony King 1
Colosseum Peter Connolly 1
Columbarium tombs and collective identity in Augustan Rome D. Borbonus 1
Coming out Christian in the Roman world : how the followers of Jesus made a place in Caesar's empire Douglas Boin 1
Commanders and command in the Roman Republic and Early Empire Fred K. Drogula 1
Commentaries on five speeches of Cicero Quintus Asconius Pedianus 1
Claudian panegyricus de sexto consulatu Honorii Augusti Claudius Claudianus 1
Claudian and the Roman epic tradition Catherine Ware 1
Classicism and Christianity in late antique Latin poetry Philip R. Hardie 1
Classical survivals : the classics in the modern world Hugh Lloyd-Jones 1
Cicero, classicism, and popular culture Marshall W. Fishwick 1
Cicero, rhetoric, and empire C. E. W. Steel 1
Cicero. 10, In Catilinam, I-IV. Pro Murena. Pro Sulla. Pro Flacco Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
Cinna the poet, and other Roman essays T. P. Wiseman 1
Cities in the sand Aubrey Menen 1
Cities, peasants, and food in classical antiquity : essays in social and economic history Peter Garnsey 1
Citizens of Rome Simon Goodenough 1
Civic monuments and the Augustales in Roman Italy Margaret L. Laird 1
Civic patronage in the Roman Empire John Nicols 1
Civil disobedience in antiquity David Daube 1
Civil war Julius Caesar 1
Civilized piety : the rhetoric of pietas in the pastoral epistles and the Roman Empire T. Chrisopher Hoklotubbe 1
Clan Fabius, defenders of Rome : a history of the republic's most illustrious family Jeremiah B. McCall 1
Clash of the gladiators Catherine Chambers 1
Classes Imperii Romani : an epigraphic examination of the men of the Imperial Roman Navy J. E. H. Spaul 1
Classical attitudes to modern issues : population and family planning, women's liberation, nudism in deed and word, homosexuality L. P. Wilkinson 1
Classical bearings : interpreting ancient history and culture Peter Green 1
Classical civilisation : a history in ten chapters Nigel Jonathan Spivey 1
Classical culture and the idea of Rome in eighteenth-century England Philip Ayres 1
Classical myth : a treasury of greek and roman legends, art, and history Jane Bingham 1
Classical notes J. F. C. Cunningham 1
Documents illustrating the principates of Gaius Claudius and Nero E. Mary Smallwood 1
Domestic space in classical antiquity Lisa C. Nevett 1
Domina P. C. Doherty 1
Founding fathers Alfred Duggan 1
Focus on Romans Anita Ganeri 1
Food and drink Kenneth McLeish 1
Food in the ancient world from A-Z Andrew Dalby 1
Food provisions for ancient Rome : a supply chain approach Paul James 1
For the glory of Rome : a history of warriors and warfare Ross Cowan 1
Foreign clientelae (264-70 B.C.) E. Badian 1
Foreign cults in Rome : creating a Roman Empire Eric M. Orlin 1
Foreigners at Rome : citizens and strangers David Noy 1
Fortuna : deity and concept in Archaic and Republican Italy Daniele Miano 1
Forum Iulium : l'area del Foro di Cesare alla luce delle campagne di scavo 2005-2008 : le fasi arcaica, repubblicana e cesariano-augustea Alessandro Delfino 1
Four emperors and an architect : how Robert Adam rediscovered the Tetrarchy Alicia Salter 1
From Diocletian to the Arab conquest : change in the late Roman Empire J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz 1
Fourteen satires of Juvenal Juvenal 1
Fragments of the Histories ; Letters to Caesar Sallust 1
Frankie vs the rowdy Romans Frank Lampard 1
Frankness, Greek culture, and the Roman empire Dana Farah Fields 1
Freed slaves and Roman imperial culture : social integration and the transformation of values Rose MacLean 1
Friends, Romans, concubines Somerset De Chair 1
From Asculum to Actium : the municipalization of Italy from the Social War to Augustus Edward Bispham 1
From Caesar to Augustus (c. 49 BC-AD 14) : using coins as sources Clare Rowan 1
From Clement to Origen : the social and historical context of the church fathers David Rankin 1
From Constantine to Alaric F. P. Stevens 1
Flavische Epik im Spannungsfeld von generischer Tradition und zeitgenössischer Gesellschaft Jana Maria Hartmann 1
Flavia Albia. Books 1-3 Lindsey Davis 1
Flames of Rome : a novel Paul L. Maier 1
First sword of Rome : a three-part historical novel set in the Roman Empire of the first century AD John Hawkley 1
Falco on the loose : Last act in Palmyra, Time to depart, A dying light in Corduba Lindsey Davis 1
Fall of the Roman Republic Plutarch 1
Fall of the Roman Republic : Marius, Sulla, Crassus, Pompey, Caesar, Cicero: six lives Plutarch 1
False god of Rome Robert Fabbri 1
Famine and pestilence in the late Roman and early Byzantine empire : a systematic survey of subsistence crises and epidemics Dionysios Ch. Stathakopoulos 1
Famous men of ancient Rome : lives of Julius Caesar, Nero, Marcus Aurelius and others John H. Haaren 1
Fasti sacerdotum : a prosopography of pagan, Jewish, and Christian religious officials in the city of Rome, 300 BC to AD 499 Jörg Rüpke 1
Fasti. Book 3 Ovid 1
Fasti. Book IV Ovid 1
Fathers and daughters in Roman society : women and the elite family Judith P. Hallett 1
Faustina I and II : imperial women of the golden age Barbara Levick 1
Festivals and ceremonies of the Roman Republic H. H. Scullard 1
Fiction as history : Nero to Julian G. W. Bowersock 1
Fields of Amaranth Ross Merren 1
Fields of battle : retracing ancient battlefields Richard J. Evans 1
Figures in the sand Janice Ell.iott 1
Final judgments : duty and emotion in Roman wills, 200 B.C.-A.D. 250 Edward Champlin 1
Find out about ancient Egypt, Rome & Greece : explore the great classical civilizations, with 60 step-by-step projects and 1500 exciting images Charlotte Hurdman 1
Find out about ancient Rome Jane Bingham 1
Find out about the Roman Empire : what life was like in the ancient world Philip Steele 1
Fire & sword Harry Sidebottom 1
From Constantine to Charlemagne : an archaeology of Italy, AD 300-800 Neil Christie 1
From Jupiter to Christ : on the history of religion in the Roman imperial period Jörg Rüpke 1
Domina : the women who made Imperial Rome Guy De la Bédoyère 1
Get a life! Philip Ardagh 1
Garrison life at Vindolanda : a band of brothers Anthony Birley 1
Gellius the satirist : Roman cultural authority in Attic nights Wytse Hette Keulen 1
Gender, manumission, and the Roman freedwoman Matthew J. Perry 1
Gendering classicism : the ancient world in twentieth-century women's historical fiction Ruth Hoberman 1
Geography and the classical world : unearthing historical geography's forgotten past William A. Koelsch 1
Geography in classical antiquity Daniela Dueck 1
Germania : the Teutoburger Wald and its aftermath Neil Smith 1
Germanicus David Wishart 1
Gerry goes to Rome Pamela Sharman 1
Gestures and acclamations in ancient Rome Gregory S. Aldrete 1
Getting to know about Roman life and customs in the lands of the Bible John Sutcliffe 1
From Nabataea to Roman Arabia : acquisition or conquest Fahad Mutlaq Al-Otaibi 1
Gibbon J. W. John Wyon Burrow 1
Gibbon : making history Roy Porter 1
Gibbon and his Roman Empire David P. Jordan 1
Gibbon and the 'Watchmen of the Holy City' : the historian and his reputation, 1776-1815 David Womersley 1
Gift and gain : how money transformed Ancient Rome Neil Coffee 1
Gifts of clothing in late antique literature N. K. Rollason 1
Gladiator Alan Gibbons 1
Gladiator Deborah Jane Murrell 1
Gladiator Dee Phillips 1
Gladiator Helen Greathead 1
Ganymede in Rome : twenty eight epigrams of Marcus Valerius Martialis Brian Hill 1
Galla Placidia : the last Roman empress Hagith Sivan 1
Galerius and the will of Diocletian Bill Leadbetter 1
Galdir : rebel of the north Fred Nath 1
From Ostia to Alexandria with Flavia Gemina Caroline Lawrence 1
From Rome to Byzantium : the fifth century A.D. Michael Grant 1
From Rome to Byzantium : trade and continuity in the first millennium AD Tom Green 1
From Rome to Byzantium AD 363 to 565 : the transformation of ancient Rome A. D. Lee 1
From Tiberius to the Antonines : a history of the Roman Empire AD14-192 Albino Garzetti 1
From barbarians to new men : Greek, Roman and modern perceptions of peoples from the central Apennines Emma Dench 1
From republic to empire : Scipio Africanus in the Punica of Silius Italicus Raymond Marks 1
From the Gracchi to Nero : a history of Rome 133 B.C. to A.D. 68 H. H. Scullard 1
From the Gracchi to Nero : a history of Rome from 133 BC to AD 68 H. H. Scullard 1
From trial to triumph S. J. Freebairn-Smith 1
From tribe to province to state : an historical-ethnographic and archaeological perspective for reinterpreting the settlement processes of the Germanic populations in western Europe between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages Paolo De Vingo 1
Frommer's easyguide to Rome, Florence and Venice 2015 Stephen Keeling 1
Frommer's easyguide to Rome, Florence and Venice 2016 Stephen Keeling 1
Frommer's easyguide to Rome, Florence and Venice 2017 Stephen Keeling 1
Frontier and society in Roman North Africa David Cherry 1
Fronto and Antonine Rome Edward Champlin 1
Fulvia, or, Hercules and the creature Barry Taylor 1
Gaiseric : the vandal who desroyed Rome Ian Hughes 1
Gaius Marius : the rise and fall of Rome's saviour Marc Hyden 1
Galba's men L. J. Trafford 1
Galdir : a slave's tale Fred Nath 1
Falco on his metal Lindsey Davis 1
Falco : the official companion Lindsey Davis 1
Failure of empire : Valens and the Roman state in the fourth century A.D. Noel Emmanuel Lenski 1
Emperor : the gates of Rome Conn Iggulden 1
Edward Gibbon's Decline and fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon 1
Edward Gibbon, luminous historian, 1772-1794 Patricia B. Craddock 1
Egypt in Italy : Visions of Egypt in Roman Imperial Culture Molly Swetnam-Burland 1
Elegies [of] Tibullus Tibullus 1
Elena R. E. Shrubb 1
Eleutheria Arty Scott 1
Emotion, restraint, and community in ancient Rome Robert A. Kaster 1
Emperor Andrew Frediani 1
Emperor Stephen Baxter 1
Emperor : the death of kings Conn Iggulden 1
Emperor Alexander Severus : Rome's age of insurrection, AD 222-235 John S. McHugh 1
Facing the gods : epiphany and representation in Graeco-Roman art, literature and religion Verity J. Platt 1
Emperor and senators in the reign of Constantius II : maintaining imperial rule between Rome and Constantinople in the fourth century AD Muriel Moser 1
Emperor of Rome Robert Fabbri 1
Emperor worship and Roman religion Ittai Gradel 1
Emperor's axe Alex Gough 1
Emperor's spear Alex Gough 1
Emperor's sword Alex Gough 1
Emperors and ancestors : Roman rulers and the constraints of tradition Olivier Hekster 1
Emperors and biography : studies in the 'Historia Augusta' Ronald Syme 1
Emperors and gladiators Anita Ganeri 1
Emperors and usurpers : an historical commentary on Cassius Dio's Roman history / Books 79(78)-80(80) (A.D. 217-229 Andrew G. Scott 1
Edward Gibbon and the shape of history Charlotte Roberts 1
Edictum, municipium y lex : Hispania en época flavia (69-96 d.C.) Javier Andreu Pintado 1
Edge of empire Peter Rooks 1
Eastern Roman mounted archers and extraordinary medico-surgical interventions at Paliokastro in Thasos Island during the Protobyzantine period : the historical and medical history records and the archaeo-anthropological evidence Anagnostis P. Agelarakis 1
Domitian Suetonius 1
Domitilla and the goddess Anthony Horne 1
Double trouble Judi Curtin 1
Dress and the Roman woman : self-presentation and society K. Olson 1
Drudgery divine : on the comparison of early christianities and the religions of late antiquity Jonathan Z. Smith 1
Dryden and the traces of classical Rome Paul Hammond 1
Dynastic commemoration and imperial portraiture in the Julio-Claudian period Charles Brian Rose 1
Dynasty Tom Holland 1
Dynasty and empire in the age of Augustus : the case of the Boscoreale Cups Ann L. Kuttner 1
Eagle and empire Alan Smale 1
Eagle in exile Alan Smale 1
Eagle in the snow Wallace Breem 1
Eagle in the snow : a novel Wallace Breem 1
Eagles in the dust : the Roman defeat at Adrianople AD 378 Adrian Coombs-Hoar 1
Eagles of the empire I, II, and III Simon Scarrow 1
Eagles over Britannia Guy De la Bédoyère 1
Eagles over Britannia : the Roman army in Britain Guy De la Bédoyère 1
Early Christianity and the Roman empire Timothy D. Barnes 1
Early Roman armies Nick Sekunda 1
Early Rome and Latium : economy and society c. 1000 to 500 BC Christopher John Smith 1
East of Asia Minor : Rome's hidden frontier Timothy Bruce Mitford 1
Emperors and usurpers in the later Roman empire : civil war, panegyric, and the construction of legitimacy Adrastos Omissi 1
Emperors don't die in bed Fik Meijer 1
Emperors of Rome : the monsters : from Tiberius to Theodora, AD 14-548 Paul Chrystal 1
Escape from evil David Grimstone 1
Essays on Latin lyric, elegy, and epic Michael C. J. Putnam 1
Essential Latin : the language and life of ancient Rome G. D. A. Sharpley 1
Ethnic identity and aristocratic competition in Republican Roman Gary D. Farney 1
Ethnic identity and aristocratic competition in Republican Rome Gary D. Farney 1
Etruria and Rome R. A. L. Fell 1
Europe in the Dark Ages Jean Hubert 1
Euryale Kara Dalkey 1
Everyday life in Roman times Mike Corbishley 1
Everyday life in ancient Rome Frank Richard Cowell 1
Everyday life in ancient Rome Lionel Casson 1
Everyday life in ancient Rome Neil Grant 1
Everyday life in the Roman Empire Joan Liversidge 1
Everyday life of a soldier on Hadrian's Wall Paul Elliott 1
Excavations on the site of the Northgate Brewery, Chester, 1974-5 : a Roman centurion's quarters and barrack S. W. Ward 1
Exercitus Moesiae : the Roman Army in Moesia from Augustus to Severus Alexander Conor Whately 1
Experiencing pain in Imperial Greek culture Daniel King 1
Exploring Ancient Rome John Malam 1
Exploring Rome : Piranesi and his contemporaries : catalogue Cara D. Denison 1
Exploring ancient Rome Brian J. Knapp 1
Eye of the Cyclaw Robin Price 1
Faces from the past : a study of Roman face pots from Italy and the western provinces of the Roman Empire Gillian Mary Braithwaite 1
Essays in ancient and modern historiography Arnaldo Momigliano 1
Escape from Vesuvius Jo Foster 1
Empire Steven Saylor 1
Escape from Rome : the failure of Empire and the road to prosperity Walter Scheidel 1
Empire : the novel of imperial Rome Steven Saylor 1
Empire and emperors : selections from Tacitus' Annals Cornelius Tacitus 1
Empire and ideology in the Graeco-Roman world : selected papers Benjamin H. Isaac 1
Empire and memory : the representation of the Roman Republic in imperial culture Alain M. Gowing 1
Empire and political cultures in the Roman world Emma Dench 1
Empire baptized : how the church embraced what Jesus rejected (second-fifth centuries) Wes Howard-Brook 1
Empire of the Romans : from Julius Caesar to Justinian : six hundred years of peace and war. Volume 2, Select anthology John Matthews 1
Empire state : how the Roman Military built an empire Simon Elliott 1
Empire to commonwealth : consequences of monotheism in late antiquity Garth Fowden 1
Empress of Rome Kate Quinn 1
Emulating Alexander : how Alexander the Great's legacy fuelled Rome's wars with Persia Glenn Barnett 1
Encyclopedia of ancient Rome Matthew Bunson 1
Enemies of the Roman order : treason, unrest, and alienation in the Empire Ramsay MacMullen 1
Engraved gems and propaganda in the Roman Republic and under Augustus Paweł Gołyźniak 1
Environmental problems of the Greeks and Romans : ecology in the ancient mediterranean J. Donald Hughes 1
Epic in Republican Rome Sander M. Goldberg 1
Epistles Horace 1
Epistles, Book II ; and, Epistle to the Pisones (Ars poetica) Horace 1
Epitoma rei militaris Flavius Vegetius Renatus 1
Epodes Horace 1
Escape from Rome Caroline Lawrence 1
Carbo and the thief : and other tales of ancient Rome Alex Gough 1
Captured! Brian Brown 1
Roman literary culture : from Plautus to Macrobius Elaine Fantham 1
An alphabet of Ancient Rome Mary Chubb 1
Allusion and intertext : dynamics of appropriation in Roman poetry Stephen Hinds 1
Ambrose of Milan : church and court in a Christian capital Neil B. McLynn 1
Ambush Geraint Jones 1
Amida : a novel Mark Walker 1
Ammianus Marcellinus : a selection with introduction, notes and commentary Ammianus Marcellinus 1
Ammianus Marcellinus and the representation of historical reality Timothy D. Barnes 1
Among the gentiles : Greco-Roman religion and Christianity Luke Timothy Johnson 1
Amores ; Medicamina faciei femineae ; Ars amatoria ; Remedia amoris Ovid 1
An English translation of Alfred de Vigny's Daphné: la deuxième consultation du Docteur Noir = Daphne: the second consultation of Doctor Noir Alfred de Vigny 1
An actor in Rome Joanne Daly 1
An ancient Rome chronology, 264-27 B.C. David Matz 1
Ancient Roman children Richard Tames 1
An emperor's manual for ruling his empire Catherine Chambers 1
An environmental history of ancient Greece and Rome Lukas Thommen 1
An illustrated encyclopedia of the uniforms of the Roman world : a detailed study of the armies of Rome and their enemies, including the Etruscans, Samnites, Carthaginians, Celts, Macedonians, Gauls, Huns, Sassanids, Persians and Turks Kevin F. Kiley 1
An interpretation of the poems of Catullus Brian Arkins 1
An introduction to Roman religion John Scheid 1
An introduction to the Roman world Peter D. Arnott 1
An opening repertoire for black Dražen Marović 1
An tSean-Róimh Simon James 1
Anatomizing Civil War : studies in Lucan's epic technique Martin T. Dinter 1
Ancestor masks and aristocratic power in Roman culture Harriet Flower 1
All things Julius Caesar : an encyclopedia of Caesar's world and legacy Michael Lovano 1
All about remarkable Romans P. S. Quick 1
Alexander the Great in the Roman Empire, 150 BC to AD 600 Jaakkojuhani Peltonen 1
Albion ablaze John Timbers 1
Actors in the audience : theatricality and doublespeak from Nero to Hadrian Shadi Bartsch 1
Acts of the Apostles and the rhetoric of Roman imperialism Drew W. Billings 1
Adam Ferguson in the Scottish Enlightenment : the Roman past and Europe's future Iain McDaniel 1
Adoption in the Roman world Hugh Lindsay 1
Adrianopole, AD 378 : the Goths crush Rome's legions Simon MacDowall 1
Aeneid VI Virgil 1
Aeneid. Book VI Virgil 1
Aetius : Attila's nemesis Ian Hughes 1
Affa Lewis Mann 1
Africa and the West : an economic history of the Roman imperialism in Africa 'Goke Akinboye 1
After Martial Peter Porter 1
Against the Jews and the Gentiles. Books I-IV Giannozzo Manetti 1
Age of conquests : the Greek world from Alexander to Hadrian Angelos Chaniotis 1
Age of gold Cecily Paul 1
Agent angel : fighting fit Annie Dalton 1
Agent of Rome : the black stone Nick Brown 1
Agent of Rome : the far shore Nick Brown 1
Agent of Rome: The Black Stone : Agent of Rome 4 Nick Brown 1
Agricultural production in the Roman economy A.D. 200-400 Tamara Lewit 1
Agrippina : mother of Nero Anthony Barrett 1
Alaric the Goth : a different history of the fall of Rome Douglas Boin 1
Ancient & modern P. V. Jones 1
Ancient Roman homes Brian Williams 1
Actium 31 BC : downfall of Antony and Cleopatra Si Sheppard 1
Ancient Rome Tracey Turner 1
Ancient Rome Richard Mansfield Haywood 1
Ancient Rome Robert Snedden 1
Ancient Rome Rupert Matthews 1
Ancient Rome S. L. Case 1
Ancient Rome Sandy Ransford 1
Ancient Rome Sean Sheehan 1
Ancient Rome Simon Adams 1
Ancient Rome Stewart Ross 1
Ancient Rome Susan McKeever 1
Ancient Rome Timothy R. Roberts 1
Ancient Rome Virginia L. Campbell 1
Ancient Roman jobs Brian Williams 1
Ancient Rome : a comprehensive resource for the active study of Ancient Rome George Moore 1
Ancient Rome : an interactive history adventure Rachael Hanel 1
Ancient Rome : archaeology unlocks the secrets of Rome's past Zilah Deckker 1
Ancient Rome : chronicles of the Roman world Timothy Roland Roberts 1
Ancient Rome : dig up the secrets of the dead Nancy Dickmann 1
Ancient Rome : everything you need to know Simon Holland 1
Ancient Rome : from the earliest times down to 476 A.D. Robert F. Pennell 1
Ancient Rome : from the early Republic to the assassination of Julius Caesar Matthew Dillon 1
Ancient Rome : life and art Luisa Franchi Dell'Orto 1
Ancient Rome : life, myth and art Tony Allan 1
Ancient Rome Peter Crisp 1
Ancient Rome Peter Connolly 1
Ancient Rome Peter Ackroyd 1
Ancient Rome Nigel Rodgers 1
Ancient Roman topography and architecture Ian Campbell 1
Ancient Roman war and weapons Brian Williams 1
Ancient Roman women Brian Williams 1
Ancient Romans Alice Harman 1
Ancient Romans Jillian Powell 1
Ancient Romans Sarah McNeill 1
Ancient Romans : 12 projects to make and do Jillian Powell 1
Ancient Romans : with over 100 facts & 50 flaps to lift Joshua George 1
Ancient Romans and their neighbors : an activity guide Simonetta Carr 1
Ancient Romans picture book Megan Cullis 1
Ancient Rome A. N. Sherwin-White 1
Ancient Rome Andrew Solway 1
Ancient Rome Anita Ganeri 1
Ancient Rome Anna Nilsen 1
Ancient Rome Anne Millard 1
Ancient Rome Christopher Fagg 1
Ancient Rome D. H. Trump 1
Ancient Rome Duncan Hill 1
Ancient Rome Michael J. Vickers 1
Ancient Rome Nancy H. Ramage 1
Ancient Rome Nick Pierce 1
Actium's wake : a personal history by Marcus Rutilus Crispus Ralph Jackman 1
Ab urbe condita. Tomus III, Libri 21-25 Livy 1
Captain Fact's Roman adventure Knife 1
A friend of Caesar : a tale of the fall of the Roman republic, time, 50-47 B.C. William Stearns Davis 1
A commentary on Horace's Epodes Lindsay Watson 1
A commentary on Livy, books 38-40 John Briscoe 1
A commentary on Livy, books 41-45 John Briscoe 1
A commentary on Livy, books xxxiv-xxxvii John Briscoe 1
A commentary on Silius Italicus' Punica 10 R. Joy Littlewood 1
A companion to the city of Rome Amanda Claridge 1
A concise history of republican Rome Georgina Masson 1
A critical history of early Rome : from prehistory to the first Punic War Gary Forsythe 1
A cultural history of bathing in Late Antiquity and early Byzantium Michal Zytka 1
A day in the life of a Roman centurion Richard Wood 1
A general survey of coinage in the Roman Empire A.D. 294-408 and its relationship to Roman military deployment Steven D. Nicklas 1
A history of the Roman World from 30 BC to AD 138 Edward Togo Salmon 1
A hero's quest David Grimstone 1
A historical commentary on Sallust's Bellum Jugurthinum G. M. Paul 1
A historical commentary on Tacitus' 'Histories' I and II G. E. F. Chilver 1
A historical commentary on Tacitus' 'Histories' IV and V G. E. F. Chilver 1
A history of Rome : from the foundation of the city to the sole rule of Julius Caesar Theodor Mommsen 1
A history of Rome : from town to empire and from empire to town Erik Christiansen 1
A history of Rome through the fifth century A. H. M. Jones 1
A history of Rome to A.D.565 William G. Sinnigen 1
A history of the Later Roman Empire : from Arcadius to Irene (395 A.D. to 800 A.D.) J. B. Bury 1
A history of the Later Roman Empire : from Arcadius to Irene (395 A.D. to 800 A.D.). Volume 1 J. B. Bury 1
A closer look at Imperial Rome Patricia Vanags 1
A classical story book Morris Bishop 1
A chronicle of the last pagans Pierre Chuvin 1
A captuve in Rome Kathy Lee 1
100 things you should know about ancient Rome Fiona Macdonald 1
1000 facts on ancient Rome Rupert Matthews 1
101 amazing facts about ancient Rome Jack Goldstein 1
24 hours in Ancient Rome : a day in the life of the people who lived there Philip Matyszak 1
31 BC : Antony, Cleopatra and the fall of Egypt David Stuttard 1
A Family of Gods : the worship of the imperial family in the Latin West Gwynaeth McIntyre 1
A Roman adventure Frances Durkin 1
A Roman centurion Stewart Ross 1
A Roman fort Fiona Macdonald 1
A Roman gladiator Anne Steel 1
A Roman life : Rutilius Gallicus on paper & in stone John Henderson 1
A Roman rescue K. A. Gerrard 1
A Roman soldier's handbook Alison Hawes 1
A Roman villa Jacqueline Morley 1
A bibliography of Virgil R. G. Austin 1
A body in the bathhouse Lindsey Davis 1
A brief history of Classical civilization Stephen Kershaw 1
A brief history of the Roman Empire Stephen Kershaw 1
A brief history of the Romans Mary Taliaferro Boatwright 1
A cabinet of Roman curiosities : strange tales and surprising facts from the world's greatest empire J. C. McKeown 1
A capitol death Lindsey Davis 1
A history of the Later Roman Empire : from Arcadius to Irene (395 A.D. to 800 A.D.). Volume 2 J. B. Bury 1
A history of the Roman equestrian order Caillan Davenport 1
Ab urbe condita, Book VI Livy 1
A visitor's guide to ancient Rome Lesley Sims 1
A short guide to electioneering : (?) Quintus Cicero's Commentariolum petitionis Quintus Tullius Cicero 1
A short history of rome : for schools E. E. Bryant 1
A short history of the Roman Republic William Emerton Heitland 1
A soldier's life in Roman times Fiona Corbridge 1
A struggle for Rome : a historical novel Felix Dahn 1
A study of ancient Roman amphibious and offensive sea-ground task force operations Valentine J. Belfiglio 1
A symposion of praise : Horace returns to lyric in Odes IV Timothy S. Johnson 1
A translation of Jerome's Chronicon with historical commentary Saint Jerome 1
A trip to ancient Rome & a royal encounter John Laycock 1
A view to a death John Timbers 1
A vote for murder David Wishart 1
A history of the Roman people Celia E. Schultz 1
A walk in Ancient Rome John T. Cullen 1
A wargamer's guide to the early Roman Empire Daniel Mersey 1
A world full of Gods : Romans, Jews, and early Christians Keith Hopkins 1
A world full of gods : Pagans, Jews and Christians in the Roman Empire Keith Hopkins 1
A written republic : Cicero's philosophical politics Yelena Baraz 1
A.Persi Flacci et D.Juni Juvenalis: Saturae Persius 1
AD 33 : the year that changed the world Colin Duriez 1
AD 410 : the year that shook Rome Sam Moorhead 1
AD 69 : emperors, armies & anarchy Nic Fields 1
ALA² : the auxiliary cavalry units of the pre-Diocletianic imperial Roman army J. E. H. Spaul 1
A scandalous history of the Roman Emperors Anthony Blond 1
A runaway donkey Mick Gowar 1
A profile of ancient Rome Flavio Conti 1
A primer history of Rome M. Creighton 1
A history of the Roman people Fritz M. Heichelheim 1
A history of the Roman republic Klaus Bringmann 1
A history of the Roman world from A.D. 138 to 337 Henry Michael Denne Parker 1
A history of the Roman world, 753-146 B.C. H. H. Scullard 1
A history of the later Roman Empire, AD 284-641 : the transformation of the ancient world Stephen Mitchell 1
A history of the later Roman empire, AD 284-641 Stephen Mitchell 1
A kid's life in ancient Rome : growing up in ancient Rome Roger Canavan 1
A legal history of Rome George Mousourakis 1
A little Roman therapy Howard Tilley 1
A man at arms : a novel Steven Pressfield 1
A market economy in the early Roman Empire Peter Temin 1
A military history of late Rome 284 to 361 Ilkka Syvänne 1
A mist of prophecies Steven Saylor 1
A mist of prophecies : a mystery of Ancient Rose Steven Saylor 1
A mist of prophecies : a novel of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 1
A new history of the Roman Emperors Roger Kean 1
A partial edition of Les fais des Rommians, with a study of its style and syntax : a medieval Roman history Thomas J. McCormick 1
A pinch of pure cunning : six mysteries from Ancient Rome Jane Finnis 1
A place calling itself Rome John Osborne 1
A political history of early Christianity Allen Brent 1
A political history of the Roman Empire E. H. Gwynne-Thomas 1
Ancient Rome : social and historical documents from the early Republic to the death of Augustus Matt Dillon 1
Ancient Rome : social and historical documents from the early Republic to the death of Augustus Matthew Dillon 1
Ancient Rome : the empire 30BC - AD476 Pat Southern 1
Book xl = Liber xl Livy 1
Blood & thunder Dan Scott 1
Blood games Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 1
Blood justice Dan Scott 1
Blood oath Chris Priestley 1
Blood oath Dan Scott 1
Blood of the Caesars : how the murder of Germanicus led to the fall of Rome Stephen Dando-Collins 1
Blood of the Iceni Gordon Rennie 1
Blood vengeance Dan Scott 1
Bonds of empire : the Roman world in the reign of Trajan Ruth Ilsley Hicks 1
Bones : orthopaedic pathologies in Roman Imperial Age Andrea Piccioli 1
Book xxxix = Liber xxxix Livy 1
Bread and circuses : the Roman Emperor and his people : inaugural lecture in Latin language and literature at King's College London, May 21st, 1973 Alan Cameron 1
Book xxxvi = Liber xxxvi Livy 1
Book xxxvii = Liber xxxvii Livy 1
Books XXIII & XXIV Livy 1
Born for the good of the state : Emperor Flavius Magnus Maximus, Wales, and the later Roman Empire, 367-411 David Leedham 1
Born with teeth : history's bravest warrior Frank Baron 1
Boudicat Robin Price 1
Boundaries, borders and frontiers in archaeology : a study of spatial relationships Bryan Avery Feuer 1
Boy Caesar Jeremy Reed 1
Brave Cloelia Jane Louise Curry 1
Bread and circuses : a sourcebook on the Roman games Alison Futrell 1
Blood & and Dan Scott 1
Blond's Roman Emperors Anthony Blond 1
Black-gloss ware in Italy : production management and local histories Helga Di Giuseppe 1
Black salamander Marilyn Todd 1
Barbarism and religion J. G. A. Pocock 1
Baroque antiquity : archaeological imagination in early modern Europe Victor Plahte Tschudi 1
Bathing in public in the Roman world Garrett G. Fagan 1
Bathing in the Roman world Fikret K. Yegül 1
Baths and bathing in classical antiquity Fikret K. Yegül 1
Beasts from the dark Robert Low 1
Becoming Roman : the origins of provincial civilization in Gaul Greg Woolf 1
Behind the New Testament : a lecture delivered by Mary Smallwood in the Christ Church Advent lecture series Mary Smallwood 1
Being a Roman citizen Jane F. Gardner 1
Believe what you will Philip Massinger 1
Bellum Catilinae Sallust 1
Betrayal Anthony Riches 1
Between Rome and Carthage : Southern Italy during the Second Punic War Michael P. Fronda 1
Between Rome and Persia : the middle Euphrates, Mesopotamia and Palmyra under Roman control Peter M. Edwell 1
Between empires : Arabs, Romans, and Sasanians in late antiquity Greg Fisher 1
Beyond anger : a study of Juvenal's third book of satires Susanna Morton Braund 1
Beyond the Rubicon : Romans and Gauls in Republican Italy J. H. C. Williams 1
Beyond the bloom : bloom refining and iron artifact production in the Roman world David Sim 1
Big J Stewart Ross 1
Big J : the story of Julius Caesar Stewart Ross 1
Big screen Rome Monica Silveira Cyrino 1
Bread and circuses : historical sociology and political pluralism Paul Veyne 1
Bringing in the sheaves : economy and metaphor in the Roman world Brent D. Shaw 1
Ancient Rome : the republic 753 BC - 30 BC Pat Southern 1
Caesars and apostles : Hellenism, Rome and Judaism Emil Bock 1
Caesar and the fading of the Roman world : a study in republicanism and Caesarism Peter R. Baehr 1
Caesar in Gaul and Rome : war in words Andrew M. Riggsby 1
Caesar's Civil War William Wendell Batstone 1
Caesar's civil war, 45-44 BC Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 1
Caesar's civil war, 49-44 BC Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 1
Caesar's daughter Edward Burton 1
Caesar's legacy : civil war and the emergence of the Roman Empire Josiah Osgood 1
Caesar's legion : the epic saga of Julius Caesar's elite tenth legion and the armies of Rome Stephen Dando-Collins 1
Caesar's legions : the Roman soldier 753BC to 117AD Nick Sekunda 1
Caesar's tribune John Timbers 1
Caligula Sam Wilkinson 1
Britain and the Roman Empire J. C. Mann 1
Caligula Simon Turney 1
Caligula : [the tyranny of Rome] Douglas Jackson 1
Caligula : an unexpected general Lee Fratantuono 1
Caligula : the abuse of power Anthony Barrett 1
Caligula. Volume 1 David Lapham 1
Caligula. Volume 2, Heart of Rome David Lapham 1
Called to be saints : Christian living in first-century Rome Michael Mullins 1
Camillus Barry Taylor 1
Camillus : a study of Indo-European religion as Roman history Georges Dumézil 1
Candace Barry Taylor 1
Caesar and the crisis of the Roman aristocracy : a civil war reader James S. Ruebel 1
Caesar and Roman politics, 60-50 B.C James Sabben-Clare 1
Caesar : de bello civili III Julius Caesar 1
Caesar : a history of the art of war among the Romans down to the end of the Roman empire, with a detailed account of the campaigns of Caius Julius Caesar Theodore Ayrault Dodge 1
Britain and the end of the Roman Empire K. R. Dark 1
Britannia. Vol. 1 Peter Milligan 1
Britannia. Vol. 3, Lost eagles of Rome Peter Milligan 1
Britannicus Jean Racine 1
Brothers of Rome Ed Scullion 1
Brutus : Caesar's assassin Kirsty Corrigan 1
Brutus : the noble conspirator Kathryn Tempest 1
Building Mid-Republican Rome : labor, architecture, and the urban economy Seth Bernard 1
Building a Roman legionary fortress Elizabeth A. M. Shirley 1
Building for eternity : the history and technology of Roman concrete engineering in the sea C. J. Brandon 1
Burning the books ; The guardian geese ; Little old boy Geraldine McCaughrean 1
By blood divided James Heneage 1
C. IVLI Caesaris commentariorvm : libri III de bello civili Julius Caesar 1
C. Sallusti Crispi, Catilina ; Iugurtha ; Historiarum fragmenta selecta ; appendix Sallustiana Sallust 1
C. Suetoni Tranquilli De vita Caesarum libros VIII et De grammaticis et rhetoribus librum Suetonius 1
Cacus and Marsyas in Etrusco-Roman legend Jocelyn Penny Small 1
Caesar Allan Massie 1
Caesar Christian Meier 1
Caesar Michael Grant 1
Caesar Nigel Cawthorne 1
Caesar Pat Southern 1
Barbarians, maps and historiography : studies on the early medieval West Walter A. Goffart 1
Barbarians in the Greek and Roman world Erik Jensen 1
Barbarians and bishops : army, church and state in the reign of Arcadius and Chrysostom J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz 1
Arminius the Liberator : myth and ideology Martin M. Winkler 1
Antony and Cleopatra : a guide to the play Joan Lord Hall 1
Apex omnium : religion in the Res gestae of Ammianus R. L. Rike 1
Approaching the Roman revolution : papers on Republican history Ronald Syme 1
Archaeology of the Roman Empire Anthony King 1
Archaic Roman Religion : with an appendix on the religion of the Etruscans Georges Dumézil 1
Architectural restoration and heritage in Imperial Rome Christopher Siwicki 1
Architecture and politics in Republican Rome Penelope J. E. Davies 1
Arena Simon Scarrow 1
Arguments with silence : writing the history of Roman women Amy Richlin 1
Armies of the late Roman Empire AD 284 to 476 : history, organization and uniforms Gabriele Esposito 1
Arms and armour of the Imperial Roman soldier : from Marius to Commodus, 112 BC-AD 192 Raffaele D'Amato 1
Barbarians and Romans A.D. 418-584 : the techniques of accommodation Walter Goffart 1
Army, society and religion in Byzantium Walter Emil Kaegi 1
Arnobius of Sicca : religious conflict and competition in the age of Diocletian Michael Bland Simmons 1
Arsacids and Sasanians : political ideology in post-Hellenistic and late antique Persia M. Rahim Shayegan 1
Art and ceremony in late antiquity Sabine MacCormack 1
Art for art's sake Charles Fowler 1
Art, Artefacts and Chronology in Classical Archaeology William R. Biers 1
Artifact & artifice : classical archaeology and the ancient historian Jonathan M. Hall 1
Artifacts from ancient Rome James B. Tschen-Emmons 1
As the Romans did : a source book in Roman social history Jo-Ann Shelton 1
As the Romans did : a sourcebook in Roman social history Jo-Ann Shelton 1
Antony and Cleopatra Bridget Escolme 1
Antiquity and capitalism : Max Weber and the sociological foundations of Roman civilisation John R. Love 1
Antioch : city and imperial administration in the later Roman Empire J. H. W. G. Liebeschuetz 1
Antike Roman : power symbology and the Roman play in early modern England, 1585-1635 Clifford Ronan 1
Ancient Rome and Victorian masculinity Laura Eastlake 1
Ancient Rome and modern America Margaret Malamud 1
Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire Michael Kerrigan 1
Ancient Rome as a museum : power, identity, and the culture of collecting Steven H. Rutledge 1
Ancient Rome at the cinema : story and spectacle in Hollywood and Rome Elena Theodorakopoulos 1
Ancient Rome in 30 seconds : 30 fascinating topics for time travellers, explained in half a minute Simon Holland 1
Ancient angels : conceptualizing angeloi in the Roman Empire Rangar Cline 1
Ancient dynasties : the families the ruled the classical world, circa 1000BC to AD750 John D. Grainger 1
Ancient historians : a student handbook Susan Sorek 1
Ancient mystery cults Walter Burkert 1
Ancient shipwrecks of the Mediterranean & the Roman provinces A. J. Parker 1
Animals for show and pleasure in ancient Rome George Jennison 1
Animals in the classical world : ethical perspectives from Greek and Roman texts Alastair Harden 1
Annalium. Liber XV Cornelius Tacitus 1
Annals book IV Cornelius Tacitus 1
Annals, Book I Cornelius Tacitus 1
Annals, Histories, Agricola, Germania Cornelius Tacitus 1
Annals. Book XV Cornelius Tacitus 1
Anno mortis Rebecca Levene 1
Anthony and Cleopatra William Shakespeare 1
Anthropology and Roman culture : kinship, time, images of the soul Maurizio Bettini 1
Aspects of Roman history, 31 BC-AD 117 Richard Alston 1
Aspects of Roman history, 82 BC-AD 14 : a source-based approach Hilary Swain 1
Aspects of Roman history, AD 14-117 Richard Alston 1
Augustus Caesar E. S. Shuckburgh 1
Augustus and the principate : the evolution of the system W. K. Lacey 1
Augustus at war : the struggle for the Pax Augusta Lindsay Powell 1
Augustus, first Roman emperor : power, propaganda and the politics of survival Matthew D. H. Clark 1
Aulus Gellius : an Antonine scholar and his achievement Leofranc Holford-Strevens 1
Aulus Gellius and Roman reading culture : text, presence, and imperial knowledge in the Noctes Atticae Joseph A. Howley 1
Aurelian and the third century Alaric Watson 1
Ausonius of Bordeaux : genesis of a Gallic aristocracy Hagith Sivan 1
Authority and the sacred : aspects of the Christianisation of the Roman world Peter Brown 1
Avoid being a Roman soldier! David Stewart 1
Avoid being a slave in Pompeii! John Malam 1
BIRTH OF A WORLDVIEW : early christianity in its jewish and pagan context Robert Doran 1
Backgrounds of early Christianity Everett Ferguson 1
Backgrounds to Augustan poetry : Gallus, elegy and Rome David O. Ross 1
Bandits of Rome Alex Gough 1
Banished voices : readings in Ovid's exile poetry Gareth D. Williams 1
Banishment in the later Roman Empire, 284-476 CE Daniel A. Washburn 1
Barbarian bride Eva Scott 1
Barbarian migrations and the Roman West, 376-568 Guy Halsall 1
Barbarian tides : the migration age and the later Roman Empire Walter A. Goffart 1
Barbarians : rebellion and resistance to the Roman Empire Stephen Kershaw 1
Barbarians against Rome : Rome's Celtic, Germanic, Spanish and Gallic enemies Peter Wilcox 1
Augustus and the family at the birth of the Roman Empire Beth Severy 1
Augustus : the memoirs of the Emperor Allan Massie 1
Aspects of the mind of Byzantium : political theory, theology, and ecclesiastical relations with the See of Rome Milton V. Anastos 1
Augustus : the biography Jochen Bleicken 1
Aspects of the relationship between the Central and Gallic empires in the mid to late third century AD with special reference to coinage studies Richard John Bourne 1
Associations in the Greco-Roman world : a sourcebook Richard S. Ascough 1
At the temple gates : the religion of freelance experts in the Roman empire Heidi Wendt 1
At the time of the Roman Empire Ray Mitchell 1
Athanasius and Constantius : theology and politics in the Constantinian empire Timothy D. Barnes 1
Athletics and literature in the Roman empire Jason König 1
Attila : the barbarian king who challenged Rome John Man 1
Attila : the gathering of the storm William Napier 1
Attila : the scourge of god : the story of Flavius Aetius, the last great roman general, and of his friend who became an enemy - Attila, King of the Huns Ross Laidlaw 1
Attila the Hun : a barbarian king and the fall of Rome John Man 1
Attis Tom Holland 1
Augustan Rome Andrew Wallace-Hadrill 1
Augustan Rome 44 BC to AD 14 : the restoration of the Republic and the establishment of the Empire John Richardson 1
Augustan culture : an interpretive introduction Karl Galinsky 1
Augustus John Norman Stuart Buchan Tweedsmuir 1
Augustus : Caesar's web : power and propaganda in Augustan Rome Matthew H. C. Clark 1
Augustus : a biography Jochen Bleicken 1
Augustus : a novel Allan Massie 1
Augustus : image and substance Barbara Levick 1
Augustus : introduction to the life of an emperor Karl Galinsky 1
Augustus : son of Rome Richard Foreman 1
Gladiator : death and glory in Ancient Rome Nick Pierce 1
Gladiator : fight for freedom Simon Scarrow 1
Gladiator : life and death in ancient Rome John Malam 1
Picture reference book of the ancient Romans Boswell Taylor 1
Peasants and slaves : the rural population of Roman Italy (200 BC to AD 100) Alessandro Launaro 1
People & their homes: into Roman times Harry T. Sutton 1
People and spaces in Roman military bases Penelope M. Allison 1
Peoples of the Roman world Mary Taliaferro Boatwright 1
Persia and Rome in classical Judaism Jacob Neusner 1
Personal enmity in Roman politics 218-43BC David F. Epstein 1
Personal names in the Roman world Clive Cheesman 1
Petronius and the anatomy of fiction Victoria Rimell 1
Petronius the poet : verse and literary tradition in the Satyricon Catherine Connors 1
Philosophy in ancient Rome : a loss of wings Charles Vergeer 1
Picturing Paul in empire : imperial image, text and persuasion in Colossians, Ephesians and the pastoral epistles Harry O. Maier 1
Plutarch and Rome C. P. Jones 1
Pilate's wife Antoinette May 1
Pirata Simon Scarrow 1
Plato's Republic and Shakespeare's Rome : a political study of the Roman works Barbara L. Parker 1
Playing the farmer : representations of rural life in Vergil's Georgics Philip Thibodeau 1
Playing with time : Ovid and the Fasti Carole E. Newlands 1
Plebs and politics in the late Roman Republic Henrik Mouritsen 1
Plebs and princeps Zvi Yavetz 1
Plinio y los "oppida de antiguo Lacio" : el proceso de difusión del Latium en Hispania Citerior David Espinosa 1
Pliny the Elder's natural history : the empire in the encyclopedia Trevor Morgan Murphy 1
Pliny's statue : the Letters, self-portraiture & classical art John Henderson 1
Peasant and empire in Christian North Africa Leslie Dossey 1
Pax romana Jonathan Hickman 1
Pax and the politics of peace : Republic to Principate Hannah Cornwell 1
Pax Romana and the peace of Jesus Christ Klaus Wengst 1
Ovid, Aratus, and Augustus : astronomy in Ovid's Fasti Emma Gee 1
Oxford children's ancient history R. E. C. Burrell 1
Oxford first ancient history R. E. C. Burrell 1
P. Papini Stati Silvae P. Papinius Statius 1
Pagan Rome and the early Christians Stephen Benko 1
Paganism in the Roman Empire Ramsay MacMullen 1
Pandora : new tales of the vampires Anne Rice 1
Pandora's boy Lindsey Davis 1
Panegyric to the Emperor Theodosius Latinus Pacatus Drepanius 1
Pantheon : a new history of Roman religion Jörg Rüpke 1
Parthian shot David Wishart 1
Past and future in ancient history Chester G. Starr 1
Patients and healers in the High Roman Empire Ido Israelowich 1
Patricians and emperors : the last rulers of the western Roman empire Ian Hughes 1
Patterns and process in late Roman Republican coin hoards, 157-2 BC Kris Lockyear 1
Patterns of redemption in Virgil's Georgics Llewelyn Morgan 1
Paul in chains : Roman imprisonment and the letters of St. Paul Richard J. Cassidy 1
Paul's gift from Philippi : conventions of gift-exchange and Christian giving Gerald W. Peterman 1
Pax Romana Paul Petit 1
Pax Romana Peter Amey 1
Pax Romana : war, peace and conquest in the Roman world Adrian Keith Goldsworthy 1
Plutarch Robert Lamberton 1
Plutarch and his Roman readers Philip A. Stadter 1
Ovid's Metamorphoses and the traditions of Augustan poetry Peter E. Knox 1
Power and status in the Roman Empire, AD 193-284 Inge Mennen 1
Pompey, Cato, and the governance of the Roman Empire Morrell Kit 1
Porti e approdi fluviali in Italia peninsulare : dall'età romana all'anno mille Alessandro Luciano 1
Portia and Bob go to Italy Glenis Carlton 1
Poseidon's gold : a Marcus Didius Falco mystery Lindsey Davis 1
Post-Augustan poetry Harold Edgeworth Butler 1
Pottery in the Roman world : an ethnoarchaeological approach D. P. S. Peacock 1
Poverty and leadership in the later Roman Empire Peter Brown 1
Power and persuasion in late antiquity : towards a Christian empire Peter Brown 1
Power and privilege in Roman society Richard Duncan-Jones 1
Power and public finance at Rome, 264-49 BCE James Tan 1
Powers of expression, expressions of power : speech presentation and Latin literature Andrew Laird 1
Plutarch and history : eighteen studies C. B. R. Pelling 1
Praetorian : the rise and fall of Rome's imperial bodyguard Guy De la Bédoyère 1
Prefect and Emperor : the 'Relationes' of Symmachus, A.D.384 Quintus Aurelius Symmachus 1
Princes and political cultures : the new Tiberian senatorial decrees Greg Rowe 1
Private lives, imperial virtues : the frieze of the Forum Transitorium in Rome Eve D'Ambra 1
Produzione e commercio dei tessuti nell'Occidente romano Fabio Vicari 1
Professional ranks in the Roman Army of Dacia George Cupcea 1
Projecting the past : ancient Rome, cinema and history Maria Wyke 1
Promised verse : poets in the society of Augustan Rome Peter White 1
Propertius Margaret Hubbard 1
Propertius : a Hellenistic poet on love and death Theodore D. Papanghelis 1
Pompey the Great : a political biography Robin Seager 1
Pompey the Great Pat Southern 1
Pompey : leadership, strategy, conflict Nic Fields 1
Polyhymnia : the rhetoric of Horatian lyric discourse Gregson Davis 1
Plutarch's 'Lives' Alan Wardman 1
Plutarch's Sertorius : a historical commentary Christoph F. Konrad 1
Plutarch's lives Plutarch 1
Pocket timeline of ancient Rome Katharine Hoare 1
Poems of Catullus Gaius Valerius Catullus 1
Poetaster Ben Jonson 1
Poetic interplay : Catullus and Horace Michael C. J. Putnam 1
Poetry and civil war in Lucan's Bellum civile Jamie Masters 1
Poetry underpinning power : Vergil's Aeneid : the epic for Emperor Augustus : a recovery study Hans-Peter Stahl 1
Political dissidence under Nero Vasily Rudich 1
Political dissidence under Nero : the price of dissimulation Vasily Rudich 1
Political life and culture in late Roman society John Matthews 1
Political life in the city of Rome John R. Patterson 1
Politics and philosophy at Rome : collected papers Miriam T. Griffin 1
Politics and society in imperial Rome Aloys Winterling 1
Politics in the Roman Republic Henrik Mouritsen 1
Politics, philosophy, and empire in the fourth century : select orations of Themistius Themistius 1
Pollution and religion in ancient Rome Jack J. Lennon 1
Polybius : Book 1 : A commentary David D. Phillips 1
Polybius between the English and the Turks Arnaldo Momigliano 1
Polybius, Rome, and the Hellenistic world : essays and reflections F. W. Walbank 1
Ovid, Amores : text, prolegomena and commentary in four volumes J. C. McKeown 1
Ovid and the Fasti : an historical study Geraldine Herbert-Brown 1
Gladiator : the Roman fighter's (unofficial) manual Philip Matyszak 1
Mutina 43 BC : Mark Antony's struggle for survival Nic Fields 1
Models from the past in Roman culture : a world of exempla Matthew B. Roller 1
Momentary monsters : Lucan and his heroes W. R. Johnson 1
Money in the late Roman Republic David B. Hollander 1
Morituri Mark Morris 1
Moving Romans : migration to Rome in the principate Laurens Ernst Tacoma 1
Multisensory living in ancient Rome : power and space in Roman houses Hannah Platts 1
Municipium S() : a Roman town in the central Balkans, Komini near Pljevlja, Montenegro Miroslava Mirković 1
Murder in the eagle's shadow Malcolm Seymour 1
Museum puzzle-picture book of life in Roman times Harry T. Sutton 1
Museum puzzle-picture book of the Roman Army Harry T. Sutton 1
My best book of ancient Rome Deborah Jane Murrell 1
Nero Suetonius 1
My best book of ancient Rome Deborah Murrell 1
Mystery cults in the ancient world Hugh Bowden 1
Mystery history of the Roman colosseum Rhiannon Ash 1
Myths and civilization of the ancient Romans John Malam 1
Nahum Tate and the Coriolanus tradition in English drama, with a critical edition of Tate's The ingratitude of a common-wealth Nahum Tate 1
Napoleon's commentaries on the wars of Julius Caesar Emperor of the French Napoleon I 1
Nature embodied : gesture in ancient Rome Anthony Corbeill 1
Nature of Roman comedy : a study in popular entertainment George E. Duckworth 1
Nemesis : fall of Rome C. R. May 1
Nero David Wishart 1
Mithridates the Great : Rome's indomitable enemy Philip Matyszak 1
Mithridates the Great Philip Matyszak 1
Mistress of Rome Kate Quinn 1
Miscellaneous works of Edward Gibbon, Esquire : with memoirs of his life and writings, composed by himself. Volume 2 Edward Gibbon 1
Meet the ancient Romans Liz Miles 1
Meet the incredible Romans John Malam 1
Melville's classical allusions : a comprehensive index and glossary Gail H. Coffler 1
Memento mori : what the Romans can tell us about old age & death P. V. Jones 1
Memoirs of Hadrian ; and, Reflections on the composition of 'Memoirs of Hadrian' Marguerite Yourcenar 1
Memorable deeds and sayings Valerius Maximus 1
Memorable deeds and sayings : one thousand tales from ancient Rome Valerius Maximus 1
Memorable doings and saying Valerius Maximus 1
Memorials to the Roman dead Susan Walker 1
Men, women and children in ancient Rome Jane Bingham 1
Merchant of Rome : a novel of Christ and Caesar Leonard Wibberley 1
Merchants, sailors & pirates in the Roman world Nicholas K. Rauh 1
Merry and jovial: reconsidering the effigies immortalis and the commemoration of Roman boys Crispin Corrado 1
Metropolis and Hinterland : the city of Rome and the Italian economy, 200 BC-AD 200 Neville Morley 1
Metropolis and hinterland : the city of Rome and the Italian economy, 200 B.C.-A.D. 200 Neville Morley 1
Migration, mobility and place in ancient Italy Elena Isayev 1
Military history of late Rome AD 361-395 Ilkka Syvänne 1
Military history of late Rome, AD 395-425 Ilkka Syvänne 1
Milvian Bridge AD 312 : Constantine's battle for empire and faith Ross Cowan 1
Mining and metallurgy in the Greek and Roman world John F. Healy 1
Miracles in Greco-Roman antiquity : a sourcebook Wendy Cotter 1
Nero Jürgen Malitz 1
Nero : emperor and court J. F. Drinkwater 1
Ovid : times and reasons : a new translation of Fasti Ovid 1
On the republic ; and On the laws Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
Odes, book I Horace 1
Of no country I know : new and selected poems and translations David Ferry 1
Officers of the Second Augustan Legion in Britain : the third annual Caerleon lecture In honorem aquilae legionis II Augustae Anthony Birley 1
Old bones David Wishart 1
Olympiodorus of Thebes and the sack of Rome : a study of the Historikoi logoi, with translated fragments, commentary and additional material Christopher Chaffin 1
On Roman religion : lived religion and the individual in ancient Rome Jörg Rüpke 1
On Roman time Michele Renee Salzman 1
On the absence of the railway engine Donald C. Earl 1
On the commonwealth ; and, On the laws Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
On the edge of the empires : interactions and confrontations in North Mesopotamia during the Roman period Rocco Palermo 1
On the true doctrine : a discourse against the Christians Celsus (Platonic philosopher) 1
Nero : the last Caesar Lissa Oliver 1
Once upon the Tiber : an offbeat history of Rome Rose Williams 1
One day in ancient Rome Kenneth Allen 1
Onslaught Anthony Riches 1
Oratory and political career in the late Roman republic Henriette van der Blom 1
Ordering anarchy : armies and leaders in Tacitus' Histories Rhiannon Ash 1
Ostia in late antiquity Douglas Boin 1
Outline history of Rome : from the earliest record (753 B.C.) to the Code of Justinian (A.D. 534) Paul Berry 1
Ovid J. W. Binns 1
Ovid James Wallace Binns 1
Ovid : the poet and his work Niklas Holzberg 1
Odes and epodes Horace 1
Odes and Carmen Saeculare Horace 1
Odes IV ; and, Carmen saeculare Horace 1
Octavian's rise to power : impact on leadership, culture, society and politics in the Roman world Willow Sainsbury 1
Nero : the singing emperor Noonie Minogue 1
Nero Caesar Augustus : emperor of Rome D. C. A. Shotter 1
Nero: reality and legend B. H. Warmington 1
Nerone : ein Handbuch für die Christenverfolgung Friedrich Haller 1
New frameworks for old : the place of literature in the Cambridge classical course : an inaugural lecture E. J. Kenney 1
New men in the Roman senate, 139 B.C.-A.D.14 T. P. Wiseman 1
News and frontier consciousness in the late Roman Empire Mark W. Graham 1
Nicolaus of Damascus : the life of Augustus and the autobiography of Damascus Nicolaus 1
No bodyguard Barry Taylor 1
No regrets : remorse in classical antiquity Laurel Fulkerson 1
Nor life nor death : a tale of young heroes in the days of Rome John O'Neill 1
North Sea and Channel connectivity during the Late Iron Age and Roman period : (175/150 BC - AD 409) Francis M. Morris 1
Notes on 'Julius Caesar' Peter Thomson 1
Notes on Roman history, literature & civilization Edmond Joseph Hally 1
Nothing ordinary here : Statius as creator of distinction in the Silvae Noelle K. Zeiner 1
Numidia and the Roman army : social, military and economic aspects of the frontier zone Elizabeth W. B. Fentress 1
Nótaí ar stair, litríocht agus saíocht na Róimhe Edmond Joseph Hally 1
Oakeshott on Rome and America Gene Callahan 1
Oaten reeds and trumpets : pastoral and epic in Virgil, Spenser and Milton D. M. Rosenberg 1
Octavia : a play attributed to Seneca Pseudo-Seneca 1
Octavian's chalice Peter Breakwell 1
Propertius: 'love' and 'war' : individual and state under Augustus Hans-Peter Stahl 1
Prophecy and history in the crisis of the Roman Empire : ahistorical commentary on the Thirteenth Sibylline Oracle D. S. Potter 1
Prophets and emperors : human and divine authority from Augustus to Theodosius D. S. Potter 1
Roman colonization under the Republic Edward Togo Salmon 1
Roman builders : a study in architectural process Rabun M. Taylor 1
Roman building : materials and techniques Jean Pierre Adam 1
Roman building techniques Tony Rook 1
Roman cavalry equipment I. P. Stephenson 1
Roman challenge Julia Bruce 1
Roman circuses : arenas for chariot racing John H. Humphrey 1
Roman cities = Les villes romaines Pierre Grimal 1
Roman city guidebook Jill A. Laidlaw 1
Roman civilization Dacre Balsdon 1
Roman civilization Paula James 1
Roman conquests : Italy Ross Cowan 1
Roman dusk : a Count Saint-Germain novel Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 1
Roman conquests : the Danubian frontier Michael Schmitz 1
Roman conquests. Asia Minor, Syria and Armenia Richard J. Evans 1
Roman conquests. Gaul Michael M. Sage 1
Roman conquests. North Africa Nic Fields 1
Roman constructions : readings in postmodern Latin Don Fowler 1
Roman cosmetics & perfumes Susan Stewart 1
Roman culture and society : collected papers Elizabeth Rawson 1
Roman death : the dying and the dead in Ancient Rome Valerie M. Hope 1
Roman diary : the journal of Iliona, a slave Richard Platt 1
Roman disasters J. P. Toner 1
Roman buckles and military fittings Andrew Appels 1
Roman bridges Colin O'Connor 1
Roman books and their impact O. A. W. Dilke 1
Roman body armour Hilary Travis 1
Roman Propertius and the reinvention of Elegy Jeri Blair Debrohun 1
Roman Republican coin hoards Michael H. Crawford 1
Roman Republican legionary 298-105 BC Nic Fields 1
Roman Republican moneyers and their coins, 63BC - 49BC Michael Harlan 1
Roman Shakespeare : warriors, wounds, and women Coppélia Kahn 1
Roman Syria and the Near East Kevin Butcher 1
Roman activity book : creative fun Sue Weatherill 1
Roman and Christian imperialism John Westbury-Jones 1
Roman archaeology and art : essays and studies Ian Richmond 1
Roman archaeology for historians Ray Laurence 1
Roman arena Andrew Langley 1
Roman aristocratic parties and families Friedrich Münzer 1
Roman army units in the eastern provinces. 1. 31 BC-AD 195 Raffaele D'Amato 1
Roman art Peter Stewart 1
Roman art & archaeology : 753 BCE to 337 CE Mark D. Fullerton 1
Roman artillery Alan Wilkins 1
Roman artisans and the urban economy Cameron Hawkins 1
Roman auxiliary cavalryman : AD 14-193 Nic Fields 1
Roman auxiliary forts 27 BC-AD 378 Duncan B. Campbell 1
Roman battle tactics, 390-110 BC Nic Fields 1
Roman blood Steven Saylor 1
Roman drama and Roman history T. P. Wiseman 1
Roman dusk : a novel of the Count Saint-Germain Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 1
Prophets, prophecy, and oracles in the Roman Empire : Jewish, Christian, and Greco-Roman cultures Leslie Kelly 1
Roman legionary AD 69-161 Ross Cowan 1
Roman imperial themes P. A. Brunt 1
Roman imperialism Andrew Erskine 1
Roman imperialism in the late republic E. Badian 1
Roman landscape : culture and identity Diana Spencer 1
Roman law in context David Johnston 1
Roman legionaries : soldiers of empire Simon Elliott 1
Roman legionaries at the time of Julius Caesar Erik Abranson 1
Roman legionary 109-58 BC : the age of Marius, Sulla and Pompey the Great Ross Cowan 1
Roman legionary 58 BC - AD 69 Ross Cowan 1
Roman legionary AD 284-337 : the age of Diocletian and Constantine the Great Ross Cowan 1
Roman legionary versus Carthaginian warrior : Second Punic War 217-206 BC D. Campbell 1
Roman emperors in context : Theodosius to Justinian Brian Croke 1
Roman legionary vs Gallic warrior : 58-52 BC D. Campbell 1
Roman life J. A. Guy 1
Roman life John Guy 1
Roman life : 100 B.C. to A.D. 200 John R. Clarke 1
Roman life and beliefs Edwin M. Yamauchi 1
Roman life in the days of Cicero : sketches drawn from his letters and speeches Alfred John Church 1
Roman life. Clothes Paul Harrison 1
Roman life. Homes Nicola Barber 1
Roman life. Sport and pastimes Nicola Barber 1
Roman literary culture : from Cicero to Apuleius Elaine Fantham 1
Roman imperial policy from Julian to Theodosius R. M. Errington 1
Roman imperial identities in the early Christian era Judith Perkins 1
Roman imperial armour : the production of early imperial military armour David Sim 1
Roman identity from the Arab conquests to the triumph of orthodoxy Douglas Whalin 1
Roman empire at war : a compendium of battles from 31 BC to AD 565 Ira Donathan Taylor 1
Roman festivals in the Greek East : from the early empire to the Middle Byzantine Era Fritz Graf 1
Roman foreign policy in the East : 168 B.C. to A.D.1 A. N. Sherwin-White 1
Roman fortifications on the 'Saxon Shore' Stephen Johnson 1
Roman forts in Britain David J. Breeze 1
Roman freedmen during the late republic Susan Treggiari 1
Roman frontiers in their landscape settings David J. Breeze 1
Roman girlhood and the fashioning of femininity Lauren E. Caldwell 1
Roman glass : reflections on cultural change Stuart J. Fleming 1
Roman government's response to crisis, AD 235-337 Ramsay MacMullen 1
Roman heavy cavalry. 1, Cataphractarii & Clibanarii, 1st century BC-5th century AD Andrey Negin 1
Roman heavy cavalry. 2, AD 500-1450 Andrey Negin 1
Roman helmets John Robert Travis 1
Roman historical myths : the regal period in Augustan literature Matthew Fox 1
Roman historical portraits J. M. C. Toynbee 1
Roman historiography : an introduction to its basic aspects and development Andreas Mehl 1
Roman historiography : an introduction to the basic aspects and development Andreas Mehl 1
Roman history and coinage, 44 BC-AD 69 : fifty points of relation from Julius Caesar to Vespasian C. H. V. Sutherland 1
Roman homosexuality Craig A. Williams 1
Roman homosexuality : ideologies of masculinity in classical antiquity Craig A. Williams 1
Roman honor : the fire in the bones Carlin A. Barton 1
Roman Power : A Thousand Years of Empire William V. Harris 1
Roman Legionary, AD 284-337 : the age of Diocletian and Constantine Ross Cowan 1
Roman Empire : power and people Dirk Booms 1
Religion and the Romans Ken Dowden 1
Ready, aim, fire! Brian Brown 1
Rebellion Ben Kane 1
Reconstructing the Roman republic : an ancient political culture and modern research Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp 1
Reflections in a serpent's eye : Thebes in Ovid's Metamorphoses Micaela Wakil Janan 1
Release your inner Roman Marcus Sidonius Falx 1
Religion & power : pagans, Jews, and Christians in the Greek East Douglas R. Edwards 1
Religion : antiquity and its legacy Jörg Rüpke 1
Religion and identity in Europe : the makings of religious enemies in Antiquity and today Susanne William Rasmussen 1
'Julius Caesar' on stage in England and America, 1599-1973 John Ripley 1
Religion and statecraft among the Romans Alan Wardman 1
Religion in Roman Britain Martin Henig 1
Roman Empire Nigel Rodgers 1
Religion in republican Rome : rationalization and ritual change Jörg Rüpke 1
Religion in the Roman Empire J. B. Rives 1
Religion of the Romans Jörg Rüpke 1
Religions of Rome Mary Beard 1
Religions of the Constantinian empire M. J. Edwards 1
Religious conflict in fourth-century Rome : a documentary study Brian Croke 1
Religious deviance in the Roman world : superstition or individuality? Jörg Rüpke 1
Religious dissent in late antiquity, 350-450 Maijastina Kahlos 1
Religious networks in the Roman empire : the spread of new ideas Anna Collar 1
Remains of the Jews : the holy land and Christian empire in late antiquity Andrew S. Jacobs 1
Reading the Roman republic in early modern England Freyja Cox Jensen 1
Reading after Actium : Vergil's Georgics, Octavian, and Rome Christopher Nappa 1
Reading Virgil and his texts : studies in intertextuality Richard F. Thomas 1
Reading Romans with Roman eyes : studies on the social perspective of Paul James R. Harrison 1
Prose rhythm in Latin literature of the Roman Empire : first century B.C. to fourth century A.D. Steven M. Oberhelman 1
Prosopography of Greek rhetors and sophists of the Roman Empire Paweł Janiszewski 1
Prospects of the ten kingdoms of the Roman Empire, being the third series of Aids to prophetic enquiry Benjamin Wills Newton 1
Protecting the Roman Empire : fortlets, frontiers, and the quest for post-conquest security Matthew F. A. Symonds 1
Provincial soldiers and imperial instability in the histories of Tacitus Jonathan Master 1
Public land in the Roman Republic : a social and economic history of ager publicus in Italy, 396-89 B.C. Saskia T. Roselaar 1
Public opinion and politics in the Late Roman Republic Cristina Rosillo López 1
Publicans and sinners : private enterprise in the service of the Roman Republic E. Badian 1
Q. Aurelius Symmachus : a political biography Cristiana Sogno 1
Queen of lies Achilleas Mavrellis 1
Quo vadis. : a tale of the time of Nero Henryk Sienkiewicz 1
Quo vadis? Henryk Sienkiewicz 1
Rabbinisme et paganisme en Palestine romaine : étude historique des realia talmudiques (Ier-IVème siècles) Emmanuel Friedheim 1
Race : antiqvity [i.e. antiquity] and its legacy Denise Eileen McCoskey 1
Race through Rome Timothy Knapman 1
Race to the death Annelise Gray 1
Racial prejudice in Imperial Rome A. N. Sherwin-White 1
Racing factions Robert Fabbri 1
Ragstone to riches : imperial estates, metalla and the Roman military in the south east of Britain during the occupation Simon Elliott 1
Reading Cicero C. E. W. Steel 1
Reading Latin P. V. Jones 1
Remus : a Roman myth T. P. Wiseman 1
Representative government in Greek and Roman history J. A. O. Larsen 1
Representing Agrippina : constructions of female power in the early Roman Empire Judith Ginsburg 1
Rising from the ruins : Roman antiquities in neoclassic literature Bruce C. Swaffield 1
Rivers and the power of ancient Rome J. B. Campbell 1
Roads and bridges of the Roman Empire Horst Barow 1
Rob the Roman gets eaten by a lion (nearly) Scoular Anderson 1
Roma Mimmo Jodice 1
Roma Steven Saylor 1
Roma Victrix Russell Whitfield 1
Roma victa : von Roms Umgang mit Niederlagen Simon Lentzsch 1
Roman & Byzantine antiquities in the National Museum of Ireland : a select catalogue Lynda Mulvin 1
Roman Aqueducts and Water Supply A. Trevor Hodge 1
Roman Arabia G. W. Bowersock 1
Roman Army : pocket dictionary Richard Anthony Abdy 1
Roman Army : wars of the empire Graham Sumner 1
Roman Army units in the Western provinces (1) : 31 BC-AD 195 Raffaele D'Amato 1
Roman Army units in the Western provinces. Volume 2, 3rd century AD Raffaele D'Amato 1
Roman Artefacts and Society : Design, Behaviour and Experience Ellen Swift 1
Roman Britain Martin O'Connell 1
Roman Britain : life in an imperial province Keith Branigan 1
Roman Britain and the Roman Navy David J. P. Mason 1
Roman Conquests : Egypt and Judaea John D. Grainger 1
Roman Egyptomania : a special exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 24 September 2004 - 8 May, 2005 Sally-Ann Ashton 1
Roman Emperor Zeno : The perils of power politics in fifth-century constantinople Peter Crawford 1
River of gold Anthony Riches 1
Rico's secret child Lucy Gordon 1
Republic : the pillars of Rome Jack Ludlow 1
Rhetoric in classical historiography : four studies A. J. Woodman 1
Republican Roman army 200-104BC Nick Sekunda 1
Republican Roman warships 509-27 BC Raffaele D'Amato 1
Republican Rome E. Royston Pike 1
Republican Rome H. L. Havell 1
Republican Rome, the army and the allies Emilio Gabba 1
Republicanism during the early Roman Empire Sam Wilkinson 1
Republicanism, rhetoric, and Roman political thought : Sallust, Livy, and Tacitus Daniel J. Kapust 1
Res gestae divi Augusti : text, translation, and commentary Emperor of Rome Augustus 1
Res publica : Roman politics and society according to Cicero Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
Res publica and the Roman republic : 'without body or form' Louise Hodgson 1
Res publica constituta : Actium, Apollo, and the accomplishment of the triumviral assignment Carsten Hjort Lange 1
Rescue mission David Grimstone 1
Rethinking "Gnosticism" : an argument for dismantling a dubious category Michael A. Williams 1
Rethinking Roman history J. P. Toner 1
Rethinking classical Indo-Roman trade : political economy of eastern Mediterranean exchange relations Rājangurukkaḷ 1
Retribution Anthony Riches 1
Return to Rome Caroline Lawrence 1
Revelation and the holy sceptre Wesley D. Pillay 1
Revelation and the marble economy of Roman Ephesus : a people's history approach Anna M. V. Bowden 1
Reviving Roman religion : sacred trees in the Roman world Ailsa Hunt 1
Revolt against the Romans Tony Bradman 1
Meet the ancient Romans Alex Woolf 1
Medieval and early modern portrayals of Julius Caesar : the transmission of an idea Nigel Mortimer 1
Medieval Rome : stability and crisis of a city, 900-1150 Chris Wickham 1
Ideology in cold blood : a reading of Lucan's Civil War Shadi Bartsch 1
How to think about God : an ancient guide for believers and nonbelievers Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
How to win a Roman chariot race : lives, legends and treasures from the ancient world Jane Hood 1
How would you survive as an ancient Roman? Anita Ganeri 1
Humanism and the Latin classics Aldo Manuzio 1
Huns, Vandals, and the fall of the Roman empire Thomas Hodgkin 1
I Claudius ; and, Claudius the God Robert Graves 1
I served Caesar Derek Winn 1
I, Caesar : ruling the Roman Empire Phil Grabsky 1
I, Claudius : from the autobiography of Tiberius Claudius Robert Graves 1
IXth : the story of the lost legion James Perry 1
If Rome hadn't fallen : what might have happened if the Western Empire had survived Timothy Venning 1
Imperial Roman warships 27 BC-197 AD Raffaele D'Amato 1
Il piombo dell'imperatore : il relitto di Rena Maiore e le miniere del princeps in età augustea Stefano Genovesi 1
Illyricum in Roman politics, 229 BC-AD 68 Danijel Džino 1
Image and mystery in the Roman world : papers given in memory of Jocelyn Toynbee Paul Zanker 1
Image and reality of Roman imperial power in the third century AD : impact of war Lukas de Blois 1
Image and value in the Graeco-Roman world : studies in Mithraism and religious art R. L. Gordon 1
Imperatores victi : military defeat and aristocratic competition in the middle and late Republic Nathan Rosenstein 1
Imperatrix Russell Whitfield 1
Imperial Roman legionary, AD 161-284 Ross Cowan 1
Imperial Roman naval forces 31 BC-AD 500 Raffaele D'Amato 1
Imperial Roman warships 193-565 AD Raffaele D'Amato 1
How to live like a Roman gladiator Anita Ganeri 1
How to be a Roman soldier Fiona Macdonald 1
How to be a Roman in 21 easy stages Scoular Anderson 1
How to be a Roman : a day in the life of a Roman family Paul Chrystal 1
History of ancient Rome Nathaniel Harris 1
History of the classical world : a chronicle of politics, battles, beliefs, mythology, art and architecture, shown in over 1700 photographs and artworks Hazel Dodge 1
Homeric effects in Vergil's narrative Alessandro Barchiesi 1
Homes Paul Harrison 1
Honorius : the fight for the Roman West AD 395-423 Chris Doyle 1
Horace : behind the public poetry R. O. A. M. Lyne 1
Horace : image, identity, and audience Randall L. B. McNeill 1
Horace : poetics and politics V. G. Kiernan 1
Horace Odes I : carpe diem Horace 1
Horace and the dialectic of freedom : readings in epistles 1 W. R. Johnson 1
Horace and the gift economy of patronage Phebe Lowell Bowditch 1
Horace the minstrel : a practical and aesthetic study of his Aeolic verse Noel A. Bonavia-Hunt 1
Horace's Carmen saeculare : ritual magic and the poet's art Michael C. J. Putnam 1
Horace, after so long : a verse paraphrase of Odes IV Robert Roberts 1
Horace, odes and epodes Horace 1
Horribly huge book of awful Egyptians and ruthless Romans Terry Deary 1
Household gods Harry Turtledove 1
Household gods : private devotion in ancient Greece and Rome Alexandra Sofroniew 1
Houses and society in the later Roman Empire Kimberly Diane Bowes 1
Housing the chosen : the architectural context of mystery groups and religious associations in the ancient world Inge Nielsen 1
How they lived in ancient Rome Stig Hadenius 1
Imperial Roman warships 27 BC-193 AD Raffaele D'Amato 1
Imperial Rome Harold Edward Leslie Mellersh 1
Jail break! Jeremy Strong 1
Into the lion's den Terry Deary 1
Infamy : the crimes of ancient Rome J. P. Toner 1
Infantry combat in Livy's battle narratives Sam Koon 1
Information and frontiers A. D. Lee 1
Information and frontiers : Roman foreign relations in late antiquity A. D. Lee 1
Intellectual life in the late Roman Republic Elizabeth Rawson 1
Inter Moesos et Thraces : the rural hinterland of Novae in Lower Moesia (1st-6th centuries AD) Agnieszka Tomas 1
Intermediate college Latin Kathryn A. Sinkovich 1
International law in archaic Rome : war and religion Alan Watson 1
Intertextuality and the reading of Roman poetry Lowell Edmunds 1
Into the kingdom Maggy Whitehouse 1
Introduction to the Romans Lesley Adkins 1
Imperial Rome Jill Hughes 1
Invader Simon Scarrow 1
Invaders : The Romans : resource pack Paul Noble 1
Invictus Simon Scarrow 1
Invisible Romans : prostitutes, outlaws, slaves, gladiators, ordinary men and women -- the Romans that history forgot Robert C. Knapp 1
Irony and misreading in the Annals of Tacitus Ellen O'Gorman 1
Is mise Manchán Maximus Tim Collins 1
Isis and sarapis in the Roman world Sarolta A. Takács 1
Italian manpower, 225 B.C.-A.D. 14 P. A. Brunt 1
Italy before Rome John J. Reich 1
Italy's economic revolution : integration and economy in Republican Italy Saskia T. Roselaar 1
Indo-Roman trade : from pots to pepper R. Tomber 1
Indo-European sacred space : Vedic and Roman cult Roger D. Woodard 1
Individual voices : an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Newcastle upon Tyne on Monday 13th October 1969 David West 1
In the shadow of Caesar Anthony Horne 1
Imperial Rome Tyler Whittle 1
Imperial Rome AD 193 to 284 : the critical century Clifford Ando 1
Imperial Rome AD 284 to 363 : the new empire Jill Harries 1
Imperial brothers : Valentinian, Valens and the disaster at Adrianople Ian Hughes 1
Imperial exits Julius Cicatrix 1
Imperial general : the remarkable career of Petellius Cerialis Philip Matyszak 1
Imperial ideals in the Roman West : representation, circulation, power Carlos F. Noreña 1
Imperial ideology and provincial loyalty in the Roman Empire Clifford Ando 1
Imperial inquisitions : prosecutors and informants from Tiberius to Domitian Steven H. Rutledge 1
Imperial patient : the memoirs of Nero's doctor Alex Comfort 1
Imperial triumph : the Roman world from Hadrian to Constantine Michael Kulikowski 1
Imperial vengeance Ian Ross 1
Imperialism in the Roman Republic Erich S. Gruen 1
Imperium : a novel of ancient rome Robert Harris 1
Imperium Romanum : politics and administration Andrew Lintott 1
Imperium and cosmos : Augustus and the northern Campus Martius Paul Rehak 1
In Catilinam I-IV Marcus Tullius Cicero 1
In ancient Rome Shalini Vallepur 1
In praise of Aeneas : Virgil and epideictic rhetoric in the early Italian Renaissance Craig Kallendorf 1
In search of Paul : how Jesus's Apostle opposed Rome's empire with God's kingdom : a new vision of Paul's words & world John Dominic Crossan 1
In the image of the ancestors : narratives of kinship in Flavian epic Neil W. Bernstein 1
History of Rome. Books 31-34 Livy 1
History of Rome. Books 1-5 Livy 1
History of Ancient Rome Jean Defrasne 1
Greek and Roman historians : information and misinformation Michael Grant 1
Goths and Romans, 332-489 P. J. Heather 1
Goths rising : an epic story of 4th century Barbarian migration S. J. Jones 1
Grammar and Christianity in the late Roman world Catherine M. Chin 1
Great Caesar Plantagenet Somerset Fry 1
Great civilisations Robert Nicholson 1
Greece and Rome Mike Corbishley 1
Greece and Rome R. J. Unstead 1
Greece and Rome at war Peter Connolly 1
Greece and the Augustan cultural revolution Antony Spawforth 1
Greek and Roman artillery Eric William Marsden 1
Greek and Roman life Ian Jenkins 1
History in Ovid Ronald Syme 1
Greek and Roman lives Plutarch 1
Greek and Roman oared warships J. S. Morrison 1
Greek and Roman religions Rebecca I. Denova 1
Greek and Roman themes in Joyce Brian Arkins 1
Greek and Roman times Roger Coote 1
Greek athletics in the Roman world : victory and virtue Zahra Newby 1
Greek mythography in the Roman world Alan Cameron 1
Greek myths in Roman art and culture : imagery, values and identity in Italy, 50 BC-AD 250 Zahra Newby 1
Greek narratives of the Roman Empire under the Severans : Cassius Dio, Philostratus and Herodian Adam M. Kemezis 1
Greek sophists in the Roman Empire G. W. Bowersock 1
Gory gladiators, savage centurions and Caesar's sticky end Neil Tonge 1
Gordianus The Finder Omnibus Steven Saylor 1
Going to war in Roman times Moira Butterfield 1
Gods, myths and legends Paul Fleuret 1
Gladiator Boy vs the Golem Army David Grimstone 1
Gladiator Boy vs the white snake David Grimstone 1
Gladiator Boy. Collection 2 David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy vs the insane fury David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy vs the living dead David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy vs the raging torrent David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy vs the three ninjas David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy. Collection 1 David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy. Collection 3 David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy. Collection 3 : Dead or alive David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy. Collection 4 David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy. Collection 5 David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy. Fight for survival : Collection 4 David Grimstone 1
Gladiator boy. Quest's end : Collection 5 David Grimstone 1
Gladiators Steven Wisdom 1
Gladiators Tim Collins 1
Gladiators 100 BC-AD 200 Stephen Wisdom 1
Gladiatrix Frances Mary Hendry 1
Gladiatrix Russell Whitfield 1
Gladius : living, fighting and dying in the Roman army Guy De la Bédoyère 1
Globalizing Roman culture : unity, diversity and empire Richard Hingley 1
Greeks & Romans John Farndon 1
Greeks and the imperial court, from Tiberius to Nero Michael Kaplan 1
Greeks on Greekness : viewing the Greek past under the Roman Empire David Konstan 1
Hannibal : Clouds of War Ben Kane 1
Hannibal and the enemies of Rome Peter Connolly 1
Hannibal of Carthage Sean Price 1
Hannibal the cannibal? : Polybius on Barcid atrocities Louis Rawlings 1
Hannibal's dynasty : power and politics in the western Mediterranean, 247-183 BC Dexter Hoyos 1
Hannibal's oath : the life and wars of Rome's greatest enemy John Prevas 1
Harvesting the sea : the exploitation of marine resources in the Roman Mediterranean Annalisa Marzano 1
Hate and war : the column of Marcus Aurelius I. M. Ferris 1
Heavenly honours : Roman emperor worship, Caesar to Constantine Ittai Gradel 1
Hegemony to Empire : the development of the Roman Imperium in the East from 148 to 62 B.C. Robert Morstein Kallet-Marx 1
Heliogabalus, or, The crowned anarchist Antonin Artaud 1
Hellenism and empire : language, classicism, and power in the Greek world, AD 50-250 Simon Swain 1
Hellenistic and Roman naval wars 336-31 BC John D. Grainger 1
Herodian Herodian 1
Hidden lives, public personae : women and civic life in the Roman West Emily Ann Hemelrijk 1
Hispania and the Roman Mediterranean AD 100-700 : ceramics and trade Paul Reynolds 1
Histoire et historiographie en Occident aux IVe et Ve siecles Yves-Marie Duval 1
Historia Augusta papers Ronald Syme 1
Histories, book 1 Cornelius Tacitus 1
Histories. Book II Cornelius Tacitus 1
Historiography at the end of the Republic : provincial perspectives on Roman rule Liv Mariah Yarrow 1
History and literature of Christianity from Tertullian to Boethius Pierre de Labriolle 1
Hannibal : a Hellenistic life Eve MacDonald 1
Hannibal Serge Lancel 1
Greeks, Celts and Romans : studies in venture and resistance C. F. C. Hawkes 1
Hannibal Robert Garland 1
Greeks, Romans and barbarians : spheres of interaction Barry W. Cunliffe 1
Gross facts about the Roman Empire Mira Vonne 1
Growing up and growing old in Ancient Rome : a life course approach Mary Harlow 1
Growing up in ancient Rome Amanda Purves 1
Growing up in ancient Rome Brenda Ralph Lewis 1
Gruesome deaths and celibate lives : Christian martyrs and ascetics Aideen M. Hartney 1
Guardians of language : the grammarian and society in late antiquity Robert A. Kaster 1
Guardians of the Roman Empire Boris Rankov 1
Hadrian Stewart Perowne 1
Hadrian : empire and conflict Thorsten Opper 1
Hadrian and the cities of the Roman empire Mary Taliaferro Boatwright 1
Hadrian and the city of Rome Mary Taliaferro Boatwright 1
Hadrian and the triumph of Rome Anthony Everitt 1
Hadrian as builder and benefactor in the western provinces Trudie E. Fraser 1
Hadrian's Wall David John Breeze 1
Hadrian's Wall and the end of empire : the Roman frontier in the 4th and 5th centuries Rob Collins 1
Hadrian's cavalry Jo Anderson 1
Hadrian's empire Danny Danziger 1
Hadrian's empire : when Rome ruled the world Danny Danziger 1
Hail Caesar. Rome's Dacian wars Craig Woodfield 1
Hannibal Cliff Mills 1
Iudaea capta Esther Ben Simhon 1
Jail break! : Romans on the rampage Jeremy Strong 1
Medicus : a novel of the Roman empire Ruth Downie 1
Livy's exemplary history Jane D. Chaplin 1
Lives of the later Caesars : the first part of the 'Augustan history', with newly compiled 'Lives' of Nerva and Trajan Anthony Birley 1
Lives of the noble Grecians and Romans Plutarch 1
Liviana : studies on Livy John Briscoe 1
Living in Imperial Rome Eilís Dillon 1
Living in Roman times Jane Chisholm 1
Living in the suburbs of Roman Italy : space and social contact Geoff W. Adams 1
Living with myths : the imagery of Roman sarcophagi Paul Zanker 1
Livy Thomas Alan Dorey 1
Livy : reconstructing early Rome Gary B. Miles 1
Livy : the composition of his history T. J. Luce 1
Livy's political philosophy : power and personality in Early Rome Ann Vasaly 1
Lucan : an introduction Frederick M. Ahl 1
Livy. Bk.5 Livy 1
Local elites and local coinage : elite self representation on the provincial coinage of Asia, 31 BC to AD 275 Robert Bennett 1
Look at the Romans Peter Green 1
Lords of battle : war on Rome C. R. May 1
Lorica segmentata. Vol. 1, A handbook of articulated Roman plate armour M. C. Bishop 1
Lorica segmentata. Vol. 2, A catalogue of finds M. D. Thomas 1
Lost legion rediscovered : the mystery of the Theban Legion Donald O'Reilly 1
Louis MacNeice : the classical radio plays Louis MacNeice 1
Louisa S. McCord : poems, drama, biography, letters Louisa Susanna Cheves McCord 1
Louisa S. McCord : selected writings Louisa Susanna Cheves McCord 1
Lives of the Romans Philip Matyszak 1
Lives of the Caesars Suetonius 1
Lives : the Dryden translation Plutarch 1
Literature and religion at Rome : cultures, contexts, and beliefs D. C. Feeney 1
Life and leisure in ancient Rome Dacre Balsdon 1
Life and leisure in ancient Rome J. P. V. D. Balsdon 1
Life and letters in the fourth century T. R. Glover 1
Life and literature in the Roman Republic Tenney Frank 1
Life and times in ancient Rome Conrad Mason 1
Life as a gladiator Michael Burgan 1
Life in a Roman legionary fortress Tim Copeland 1
Life in a Roman town Hazel Martell 1
Life in a Roman villa Renzo Rossi 1
Life in a Roman villa : from the 1st to the 5th centuries AD Brenda Williams 1
Life in ancient Rome Joan P. Alcock 1
Life in ancient Rome John Malam 1
Life in ancient Rome Pierre Miquel 1
Life in ancient Rome Robert Sackville-West 1
Life in ancient Rome Simon Adams 1
Life of Antony Plutarch 1
Life of Constantine Bishop of Caesarea of Caesarea Eusebius 1
Lightning strikes twice Denise Robins 1
Lines of enquiry : studies in Latin poetry Niall Rudd 1
Literary texts and the Roman historian D. S. Potter 1
Literature and politics in the age of Nero J. P. Sullivan 1
Love in ancient Rome Pierre Grimal 1
Lucan : spectacle and engagement Matthew Leigh 1
Jamie meets the Romans Will Llawerch 1
Master of Gaul : part two of a five-volume epic based on Caesar's commentaries on his Gallic wars John Timbers 1
Mark Antony Pat Southern 1
Mark Antony : a biography Eleanor Goltz Huzar 1
Mark Antony : a plain blunt man Paolo De Ruggiero 1
Markets and fairs in Roman Italy : their social and economic importance from the second century BC to the third century AD Joan M. Frayn 1
Markets and marketing in Roman Palestine Tsevi Ary. Bentsiyon ben Yiśraʾel Aba Rozenfeld 1
Martial's Rome : empire and the ideology of epigram Victoria Rimell 1
Martyrdom and Rome G. W. Bowersock 1
Mary Sidney Herbert Philippe de Mornay 1
Masada Peter Cordwell 1
Masculinity and dress in Roman antiquity K. Olson 1
Mastering the West : Rome and Carthage at War B. D. Hoyos 1
Lucan's Egyptian civil war Jonathan Tracy 1
Masters of Roman prose from Cato to Apuleius : interpretative studies Michael von Albrecht 1
Masters of Rome Simon Turney 1
Masters of Rome box set Colleen McCullough 1
Maternal megalomania : Julia Domna and the imperial politics of motherhood Julie Langford 1
Matrona docta : educated women in the Roman élite from Cornelia to Julia Domna Emily Ann Hemelrijk 1
Maximinus Thrax : from common soldier to Emperor of Rome Paul N. Pearson 1
Maze of the Minopaw Robin Price 1
Mea Roma Martial 1
Medical Latin in the Roman Empire D. R. Langslow 1
Medical care for the Roman army on the Rhine, Danube, and British frontiers in the first, second, and early third centuries AD Patricia Anne Baker 1
Marcus Crassus and the late Roman Republic Allen M. Ward 1
Marcus Aurelius : a biography Anthony Birley 1
Marcus Agrippa : right-hand man of Caesar Augustus Lindsay Powell 1
Marada the she-wolf Chris Claremont 1
Lucius Verus and the Roman defence of the East M. C. Bishop 1
Lucullus : a life Arthur Keaveney 1
Lucullus : the life and campaigns of a Roman conqueror Lee Fratantuono 1
Lucy Learner and the Romans Richard Yarnall 1
Luxus : the sumptuous arts of Greece and Rome Kenneth D. S. Lapatin 1
Lydia's dream : Lydia, the Roman woman who saw history made Donald Snuggs 1
Machiavelli's new modes and orders : a study of the 'Discourses on Livy' Harvey Claflin Mansfield 1
Macrobii Ambrosii Theodosii Saturnalia Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius Macrobius 1
Mad or simply bad? : the Roman emperor Gaius Caligula, or, Was it all in the genes? : an inaugural lecture delivered at the University of Lancaster on 26 March 2003 D. C. A. Shotter 1
Mad, bad and just plain dangerous. Romans John Townsend 1
Maecenas Peter Mountford 1
Magic and paganism in early Christianity Hans-Josef Klauck 1
Magistracy and the historiography of the Roman republic : politics in prose Ayelet Haimson Lushkov 1
Magnus Pius : Sextus Pompeius and the transformation of the Roman republic Kathryn Welch 1
Magnus and the Crossroads Brotherhood Robert Fabbri 1
Mago's cellar Titch Laudrigan 1
Man and animal in Severan Rome : the literary imagination of Claudius Aelianus Steven D. Smith 1
Man from Galava Margaret Joyce 1
Man, state and deity : essays in ancient history Victor Ehrenberg 1
Manichaeism : in the later Roman Empire and medieval China : a historical survey Samuel N. C. Lieu 1
Maphaeus Vegius and his thirteenth book of the "Aeneid" Maffeo Vegio 1
Life and death in the Roman suburb Allison L. C. Emmerson 1
Libertas and the practice of politics in the late Roman Republic Valentina Arena 1
Libertas Alistair Forrest 1
Julius Caesar : a life Pat Southern 1
Julius Caesar Richard Appignanesi 1
Julius Caesar Robert Garland 1
Julius Caesar Samuel Willard Crompton 1
Julius Caesar Timothy Knapman 1
Julius Caesar Tony Bradman 1
Julius Caesar : "I came, I saw, I conquered" Ellen Galford 1
Julius Caesar : Rome's greatest warlord Simon Elliott 1
Julius Caesar : a Shakespeare story Andrew Matthews 1
Julius Caesar : a guide to the play Jo McMurtry 1
Julius Caesar : a life Antony Kamm 1
Julius Caesar : great dictator of Rome Richard Platt 1
Letocetum : the rise and decline of a Roman posting station Jim Gould 1
Julius Caesar : lessons in leadership from the great conqueror Bill Yenne 1
Julius Caesar : original Shakespearean text with a modern line-for-line translation William Shakespeare 1
Julius Caesar : the curse of the gods Caroline Corby 1
Julius Caesar : the life of a Roman general Gary Jeffrey 1
Julius Caesar : the people's dictator Luciano Canfora 1
Julius Caesar : the pursuit of power Ernle Dusgate Selby Bradford 1
Julius Caesar and the Romans Robin May 1
Julius Caesar and the transformation of the Roman Republic Tom Stevenson 1
Julius Caesar's Bellum Civile and the composition of a new reality Ayelet Peer 1
Julius Caesar's goat Dick King-Smith 1
Julius Caesar Rex Warner 1
Julius Caesar Rachel Firth 1
Julius Caesar Nick Hunter 1
Julius Caesar Michael Grant 1
Jesus was Caesar : on the Julian origin of Christianity : an investigative report Francesco Carotta 1
Jewish childhood in the Roman world Hagith Sivan 1
Jews and Christians in the Holy Land : Palestine in the fourth century Günter Stemberger 1
Jonson, Shakespeare and early modern Virgil Margaret Tudeau-Clayton 1
Judeans in the Greek cities of the Roman Empire : rights, citizenship and civil discord Bradley Ritter 1
Julia William Napier 1
Julia : [an epic tale of love and war set in the final days of the Roman Empire] William Napier 1
Julia : an epic tale of love and war set in the final days of the Roman Empire Christopher Hart 1
Julia Augusti : the emperor's daughter Elaine Fantham 1
Julia Domna : Syrian empress Barbara Levick 1
Julian and Hellenism : an intellectual biography Polymnia Athanassiadi 1
Julian the Apostate G. W. Bowersock 1
Julius Caesar Adam McKeown 1
Julius Caesar Andrew Matthews 1
Julius Caesar Anita Ganeri 1
Julius Caesar Christian Meier 1
Julius Caesar Claire Throp 1
Julius Caesar Ellen Galford 1
Julius Caesar Emma Fischel 1
Julius Caesar Graham Tingay 1
Julius Caesar Jill Atkins 1
Julius Caesar's interesting bits : a riot of Roman reference Fay Gregory 1
Julius Caesar, 1680 William Shakespeare 1
Julius caesar David Gill 1
Latin elegy, lyric and epigram : a critical anthology F. R. Dale 1
Latin inscriptions in the Kelsey Museum : the Dennison and De Criscio collections Steven L. Tuck 1
Latin literature Susanna Morton Braund 1
Latin literature of the fourth century James Wallace Binns 1
Latin textual criticism James Willis 1
Latrinae et foricae : toilets in the Roman world Barry Hobson 1
Layers of loyalty in Latin panegyric, AD 289-307 Roger Rees 1
Legends of early Rome : authentic Latin prose for the beginning student Brian Beyer 1
Legible religion : books, gods, and rituals in Roman culture Duncan MacRae 1
Legio XX Valeria Victrix : prosopography, archaeology and history Stephen James Malone 1
Legion Geraint Jones 1
Legion of the occult Roberto Genovesi 1
Legion versus phalanx : the epic struggle for infantry supremacy in the ancient world Myke Cole 1
Legions in crisis : transformation of the Roman soldier, AD 192-284 Paul Elliott 1
Legions triumphant : imperial Rome at war Richard Bodley Scott 1
Legiony rzymskie na ziemiach Polski i Litwy Tadeusz Nalepa 1
Leisure and ancient Rome J. P. Toner 1
Lempriere's classical encyclopaedia : Greek and Roman mythology John Lemprière 1
Lemprière's classical dictionary John Lemprière 1
Lepidus : the tarnished triumvir Richard D. Weigel 1
Les éléments métalliques du costume masculin dans les provinces romaines de la mer Noire, IIIe-Ve s. ap. J.-C Vanessa Soupault 1
Let's get Caesar Robin Kingsland 1
Latin historians Christina Shuttleworth Kraus 1
Latin : better read than dead : essential Latin for beginners and refreshers G. D. A. Sharpley 1
Justinian's flea : plague, empire and the birth of Europe William Rosen 1
Late antiquity Peter Brown 1
Juvenalia : Juvenal The Sixteen Satires Richard Quick 1
Keep your pantheon David Mamet 1
Kill Caesar! : assassination in the early Roman Empire Rose Mary Sheldon 1
Killing for the Republic : citizen-soldiers and the Roman way of war Steele Brand 1
Kingdom of the wicked. Book one, Rules Helen Dale 1
Kings and Kingship in the Hellenistic world 350 - 30 BC John D. Grainger 1
Kings and consuls : eight essays on Roman history, historiography, and political thought James H. Richardson 1
Kinship diplomacy in the ancient world C. P. Jones 1
Kipling's Horace : carminibus nonnullis Q. Horatii Flacci nonnulla adiunximus quae ad illius exemplar poeta nostras Rudyard Kipling anglice vel convertit vel imitatus est Rudyard Kipling 1
Kult bei der Arena : Nemesis-Heiligtümer im Kontext römischer Amphitheater Tim Wittenberg 1
Königszeit und frühe Republik in der Schrift "De viris illustribus urbis Romae" : quellenkritisch-historische Untersuchungen Joachim Fugmann 1
L. Munatius Plancus : serving and surviving in the Roman Revolution Thomas H. Watkins 1
La memoria de Roma : oralidad, escritura e historia en la República romana Ana Rodríguez Mayorgas 1
Land, city and trade in the Roman Empire C. R. Whittaker 1
Landscapes and cities : rural settlement and civic transformation in early imperial Italy John R. Patterson 1
Language and society in the Greek and Roman worlds James Clackson 1
Last act in Palmyra Lindsey Davis 1
Last seen in Massilia : a mystery of ancient Rome Steven Saylor 1
Late Republican-Early Imperial regional Italian landscapes and demography Peter de Graaf 1
Late Roman African urbanism : continuity and transformation in the city Gareth Sears 1
Late Roman cavalryman, 236-565 AD Simon MacDowall 1
[History]; with and English translation by C. R. Whitaker : in two volumes. Books 1-4 Herodian 1