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Book subject: Machinery

Machinery is a book subject adressed in 63 books and 66 editions by 60 authors

1970 - 2020


There are 63 books and 66 editions on Machinery between 1970 and 2020

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There are the 63 books on the Machinery subject with a total 66 editions

Title Author Editions
An introduction to the mechanics of machines John Lamb Murray Morrison 2
Inside big machines Arlene Blanchard 2
Mechanics of machines G. H. Ryder 2
Additive manufacturing of metals : from fundamental technology to rocket nozzles, medical implants, and custom jewelry John O. Milewski 1
Mechanics of machines : elementary theory and examples John Hannah 1
Machines as engines of growth Joseph Zeira 1
Machines as tall as giants Paul Stickland 1
Machines in motion Leonard Maunder 1
Machines, cars, trucks and tractors Alan Snow 1
Machining dynamics : frequency response to improved productivity Tony L. Schmitz 1
Maschinenelemente für Dummies Anton Haberkern 1
Materialflusssysteme : Förder- und Lagertechnik Michael Ten Hompel 1
Mechanical engineering craft studies Leonard George Brown 1
Mechanics of machinery Mahmoud A. Mostafa 1
Mechanics of machines V. Ramamurti 1
Mechanics of machines : advanced theory and examples John Hannah 1
Mega machines : the biggest machines ever built Richard Gunn 1
Machines John Williams 1
Modeling and optimization of advanced manufacturing processes Sumit Bhowmik 1
On the power of machines John Banks 1
Pumps as turbines : fundamentals and applications Armando Carravetta 1
Risk-based engineering : an integrated approach to complex systems : special reference to nuclear plants Prabhakar V. Varde 1
Setup planning for machining Manjuri Hazarika 1
Solution of problems in mechanics of machines Simon Anvoner 1
Systems engineering and its application to industrial product development Eugenio Brusa 1
The mechanisation of peat winning of Thorne Moors Martin Limbert 1
The world of machines Jenny Vaughan 1
Theory of machines and mechanisms John Joseph Uicker 1
Third harmonic utilization in permanent magnet machines Kai Wang 1
Unusual machines Peter Sloan 1
Verfahren der Fertigungssteuerung : Grundlagen, Beschreibung, Konfiguration Hermann Lödding 1
Machines Mark Lambert 1
Kinematic analysis of parallel manipulators by algebraic screw theory Jaime Gallardo-Alvarado 1
Kunststoffkomponenten für LED-Beleuchtungsanwendungen : Werkzeugtechnik, Replikation und Metrologie Christian Brecher 1
Additive manufacturing technologies : 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and direct digital manufacturing Ian Gibson 1
Advanced noncontact cutting and joining technologies : micro- and nano-manufacturing Rasheedat Modupe Mahamood 1
Advances in metal forming : expert system for metal forming Rahulkumar Shivajirao Hingole 1
Big machines Derek Radford 1
Big machines Peter Sloan 1
Cloud-based cyber-physical systems in manufacturing Lihui Wang 1
Coordinate metrology : accuracy of systems and measurements Jerzy A. Sladek 1
Dancing machines : choreographies of the age of mechanical reproduction Felicia M. McCarren 1
Das Getriebebuch Robert Fischer 1
Design for environmental sustainability : life cycle design of products Carlo Vezzoli 1
Designing electronic product enclosures Tony Serksnis 1
Down milling trimming process optimization for carbon fiber-reinforced plastic Moham Saiful Bahri 1
Electro-hydraulic actuation systems : design, testing, identification and validation J. Jaidev Vyas 1
Entrepreneurship in innovation communities : insights from 3D printing startups and the dilemma of open source hardware Jan-Peter Ferdinand 1
Fabrication and processing of shape memory alloys Kush Mehta 1
Fertigungsverfahren. 2 : Zerspanung mit geometrisch unbestimmter Schneide Fritz Klocke 1
Find out about machines Malcolm Andrews 1
Finite Element Analysis of Rotating Beams : Physics Based Interpolation Ranjan Ganguli 1
Freedom in machinery. Vol.1, Introducing screw theory Jack Phillips 1
Freedom in machinery. Vol.2, Screw theory exemplified Jack Phillips 1
Handbook of force transducers : characteristics and applications Dan Mihai Ştefănescu 1
Handbuch Umformtechnik : Grundlagen, Technologien, Maschinen Eckart Doege 1
Humans, animals, machines : blurring boundaries Glen A. Mazis 1
ICoRD'15 -- research into design across boundaries. Volume 1, Theory, research methodology, aesthetics, human factors and education Amaresh Chakrabarti 1
Implementing polytope projects for smart systems Octavian Iordache 1
Industry 4.0 : managing the digital transformation Alp Ustundag 1
Intelligent optimization of mold design and process parameters in injection molding Mehdi Moayyedian 1
Just-in-time elements and benefits Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz 1
Ölhydraulik : Handbuch der hydraulischen Antriebe und Steuerungen Dietmar Findeisen 1
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