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Book subject: France

France is a book subject adressed in 6,213 books and 7,845 editions by 4,633 authors

1913 - 2021


There are 6,213 books and 7,845 editions on France between 1913 and 2021

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There are the 6,213 books on the France subject with a total 7,845 editions

Title Author Editions
A tale of two cities Charles Dickens 36
The three musketeers Alexandre Dumas 28
The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas 16
Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert 15
Les misérables Victor Hugo 14
The Scarlet Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 10
The man in the iron mask Alexandre Dumas 8
Labyrinth Kate Mosse 8
Travels through France and Italy T. Smollett 8
Reflections on the revolution in France : and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event Edmund Burke 8
France Celia Tidmarsh 7
Suite Française Irène Némirovsky 7
To lose a battle : France 1940 Alistair Horne 6
Rights of man Thomas Paine 6
Manon Lescaut Prévost 6
France Teresa Fisher 6
Perfume : the story of a murderer Patrick Süskind 6
The French Polity William Safran 5
The lady and the unicorn Tracy Chevalier 5
The discovery of France Graham Robb 5
Marie Antoinette : the journey Antonia Fraser 5
Peaches for Monsieur le Curé Joanne Harris 5
Eugenie Grandet Honoré de Balzac 5
The winter ghosts Kate Mosse 5
1356 Bernard Cornwell 5
Talleyrand Duff Cooper 5
Swann's way Marcel Proust 5
Waiting for Anya Michael Morpurgo 4
Obedience Jacqueline Yallop 4
Blue of noon Georges Bataille 4
The girl who fell from the sky Simon Mawer 4
Twenty years after Alexandre Dumas 4
Cat Freya North 4
The Great cat massacre : and other episodes in French cultural history Robert Darnton 4
Paradise red K. M. Grant 4
A history of modern France Jeremy D. Popkin 4
Robespierre John Hardman 4
Capetian France 987-1328 Elizabeth M. Hallam 4
The French Theodore Zeldin 4
Travellers' France : a guide to six major routes through France Arthur Eperon 4
Resistance : memoirs of occupied France Agnès Humbert 4
Through the French canals David Jefferson 4
Citadel Kate Mosse 4
Karen Brown's France : charming inns & itineraries Karen Brown 4
Through the French canals Philip Bristow 4
A distant mirror : the calamitous 14th century Barbara W. Tuchman 4
Venus of empire : the life of Pauline Bonaparte Flora Fraser 4
A traveller's wine guide to France Christopher Fielden 4
An act of treachery Ann Widdecombe 4
The blessing Nancy Mitford 4
The triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 4
The merde factor Stephen Clarke 4
France since 1945 Robert Gildea 4
Holy fools Joanne Harris 4
France Catherine Barr 4
In France Pat McLagan 4
A short history of the French Revolution Jeremy D. Popkin 4
Joan of Arc : a military leader Kelly DeVries 4
The fall of the French monarchy : Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and the Baron de Breteuil Munro Price 4
Rosie's war : an Englishwoman's escape from occupied France Rosemary Say 4
Merivel : a man of his time Rose Tremain 4
Submission Michel Houellebecq 4
In search of lost time Marcel Proust 4
Living and working in France : a survival handbook David Hampshire 4
A motor-flight through France Edith Wharton 4
Narrow dog to Carcassonne Terry Darlington 4
Live & work in France Victoria Pybus 4
A traveller's history of France Robert Cole 3
France : the rough guide Kate Baillie 3
How the French won Waterloo (or think they did) Stephen Clarke 3
Honour and the sword A. L. Berridge 3
Paris after the liberation 1944-1949 Antony Beevor 3
The magician's wife Brian Moore 3
The Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre : the mysteries of a crime of state (24 August 1572) Arlette Jouanna 3
Talk to the snail : ten commandments for understanding the French Stephen Clarke 3
Napoleon's integration of Europe S. J. Woolf 3
Madame Bovary : provincial lives Gustave Flaubert 3
Napoleon : the path to power, 1769-1799 Philip G. Dwyer 3
The rose grower Michelle De Kretser 3
Priscilla : the hidden life of an Englishwoman in wartime France Nicholas Shakespeare 3
Joan of Arc : maid, myth and history Timothy Wilson-Smith 3
Hostage queen Freda Lightfoot 3
Uncle Bernac : a memory of the empire Arthur Conan Doyle 3
The road to war : France and Vietnam, 1944-1947 Martin Shipway 3
Charlemagne : barbarian & emperor Derek Wilson 3
Before endeavours fade : a guide to the battlefields of the First World War Rose E. B. Coombs 3
Inventing Eleanor : the medieval and post-medieval image of Eleanor of Aquitaine Michael R. Evans 3
The one thing more Anne Perry 3
The Scottish people and the French Revolution Bob Harris 3
How far from Austerlitz? : Napoleon 1805-1815 Alistair Horne 3
The dream maker Jean-Christophe Rufin 3
The French Revolution in Russian intellectual life : 1865-1905 Dmitry Shlapentokh 3
The Guermantes way Marcel Proust 3
Rick Steves best of France Rick Steves 3
Madame Bovary : provincial morals Gustave Flaubert 3
The French Revolution George F. E. Rudé 3
German history 1789-1871 : from the Holy Roman Empire to the Bismarckian Reich Eric Dorn Brose 3
Ignorance Michèle Roberts 3
Scaramouche Rafael Sabatini 3
Panther soup : a European journey in war and peace John Gimlette 3
The maid Kimberly Cutter 3
The White Cities : reports from France 1925-39 Joseph Roth 3
India in the French imagination : peripheral voices, 1754-1815 Kate Marsh 3
Origins of the French Revolution William Doyle 3
Contemporary France : politics and society since 1945 D. L. Hanley 3
Quentin Durward Walter Scott 3
Sentimental education Gustave Flaubert 3
Massacre at the Champ de Mars : popular dissent and political culture in the French Revolution David Andress 3
Human nature and the French Revolution : from the Enlightenment to the Napoleonic Code Xavier Martin 3
Louis the well-beloved Jean Plaidy 3
La France contemporaine William F. Edmiston 3
Mary, Queen of France Jean Plaidy 3
Economic growth in Britain and France, 1780-1914 : two paths to the twentieth century Patrick O'Brien 3
France since 1870 : culture, politics and society Charles Sowerwine 3
Louis XVIII Philip Mansel 3
Revolution Jennifer Donnelly 3
Love and Louis XIV : the women in the life of the Sun King Antonia Fraser 3
The French revolutionary wars Gregory Fremont-Barnes 3
The English republican tradition and eighteenth-century France : between the ancients and the moderns Rachel Hammersley 3
Revolution Française : Emmanuel Macron and the quest to reinvent a nation Sophie Pedder 3
The French Wars of Religion, 1559-1598 R. J. Knecht 3
Storm and conquest : the battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809 Stephen Taylor 3
Napoleon symphony Anthony Burgess 3
The mirror of confusion : the representation of French history in English Renaissance drama Andrew M. Kirk 3
Revolution and terror in France, 1789-1795 D. G. Wright 3
The work of Atget Eugène Atget 3
The misunderstanding Irène Némirovsky 3
The red and the black : a chronicle of the nineteenth century Stendhal 3
On the brink : the trouble with France Jonathan Fenby 3
From victory to Vichy : veterans in inter-war France Chris Millington 3
Adolphe Benjamin Constant 3
Eleanor of Aquitaine : by the wrath of God, Queen of England Alison Weir 3
The obstructed path : French social thought in the years of desperation, 1930-1960 H. Stuart Hughes 3
Season of light Katharine McMahon 3
The Great Fear of 1789 : rural panic in revolutionary France Georges Lefebvre 3
Au contraire! : figuring out the French Gilles Asselin 3
Engineering the Revolution : arms and Enlightenment in France, 1763-1815 Ken Alder 3
Richelieu R. J. Knecht 3
The virgin blue Tracy Chevalier 3
An officer and a spy Robert Harris 3
A visit to France Rob Alcraft 3
In the steps of the Black Prince : the road to Poitiers, 1355-1356 Peter Hoskins 3
L'Auberge Julia Stagg 3
The light behind the window Lucinda Riley 3
France before the revolution J. H. Shennan 3
Conflict, commerce and Franco-Scottish relations, 1560-1713 Siobhan Talbott 3
Marie-Antoinette and Count Axel Fersen : the untold love story Evelyn Farr 3
Painted in blood Pip Vaughan-Hughes 3
Obsolete Communism : the left-wing alternative Daniel Cohn-Bendit 3
Lucie Aubrac : the French Resistance heroine who defied the Gestapo Sian Rees 3
The waning of the Middle Ages : a study of the forms of life thought and art in France and the Netherlands in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Johan Huizinga 3
An ill wind David Donachie 3
How to ruin a queen : Marie Antoinette, the stolen diamonds and the scandal that shook the French throne Jonathan Beckman 3
France, 1814-1940 J. P. T. Bury 3
Lost illusions Honoré de Balzac 3
Bonjour Tristesse ; and, A certain smile Françoise Sagan 3
The rise and fall of Renaissance France : 1483-1610 R. J. Knecht 3
Josephine : the rose of Martinique Andrea Stuart 3
An economic history of modern France François Caron 3
The French Revolution, 1787-1804 Peter Jones 3
The wave theory of angels Alison MacLeod 3
The dream Émile Zola 3
Anglo-American strategic relations and the French problem, 1960-1963 : a troubled partnership Constantine A. Pagedas 3
Dial M for merde Stephen Clarke 3
Little resistance : a teenage English girl's adventures in occupied France Antonia Hunt 3
Mitterrand : a study in ambiguity Philip Short 3
Politics, culture, and class in the French Revolution Lynn Hunt 3
Mobilizing nature : the environmental history of war and militarization in modern France Chris Pearson 3
The summer queen Elizabeth Chadwick 3
The sun king : Louis XIV at Versailles Nancy Mitford 3
France Rosemary Bailey 3
Pilgrim guides to the roads through France to Santiago de Compostela. 4, Arles to Puente la Reina Marigold Fox 3
The identity of France Fernand Braudel 3
Art in the service of colonialism : French art education in Morocco, 1912-1956 Hamid Irbouh 3
Saint Joan : a chronicle play in six scenes and an epilogue Bernard Shaw 3
France in modern times : from the Enlightenment to the present Gordon Wright 3
A concise history of France Roger Price 3
The elusive Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 3
The power of the centre : central governments and the macro-implementation of EU public policy Dionyssis G. Dimitrakopoulos 3
The sword and the cross Fergus Fleming 3
Let's visit France Bernard Newman 3
The Oxford history of the French Revolution William Doyle 3
Balzac and the French Revolution Ronnie Butler 3
Finding Philippe Elizabeth Pewsey 3
Sodom and Gomorrah Marcel Proust 3
The secret life of France Lucy Wadham 3
The inverted mirror : mythologizing the enemy in France and Germany, 1898-1914 Michael E. Nolan 3
Field service Robert Edric 3
With eagles to glory : Napoleon and his German allies in the 1809 campaign John H. Gill 3
A girl, a horse and a dog Belinda Braithwaite 3
France Nicola Williams 3
France in revolution Dylan Rees 3
French politics and society Alistair Cole 3
The history of the Franks Bishop of Tours Saint Gregory 3
France in the age of Henri IV : the struggle for stability Mark Greengrass 3
Too important for the generals : losing and winning the First World War Allan Mallinson 3
Je t'aime à la Folie : one man's quest to fulfil a life-long dream Michael Wright 3
In defence of the terror : liberty or death in the French Revolution Sophie Wahnich 3
The French Revolution : a history Thomas Carlyle 3
The French Revolution 1787-1797 Robert Gould 3
France John Laurence Carr 3
Le bal ; and, Snow in autumn Irène Némirovsky 3
Changing France : literature and material culture in the Second Empire Anne Green 3
1000 years of annoying the French Stephen Clarke 3
France John Ryder Hawkes 3
Toute allure : falling in love in rural France Karen Wheeler 3
1759 : the year Britain became master of the world Frank McLynn 3
The sinner who seduced me Stefanie Sloane 3
De Gaulle Andrew Shennan 3
France Anita Ganeri 3
Leaving home Anita Brookner 3
France Adam Ruck 3
The government and politics of France Vincent Wright 3
Legacy Danielle Steel 3
The silent boy Andrew Taylor 3
The Black Count : glory, revolution, betrayal and the real Count of Monte Cristo Tom Reiss 3
Rosetta Barbara Ewing 3
A good death Elizabeth Ironside 3
Five quarters of the orange Joanne Harris 3
Philip Augustus : king of France 1180-1223 Jim Bradbury 3
The tide of war Seth Hunter 3
Power and politics in old regime France, 1720-1745 Peter Robert Campbell 3
Testimony : France, Europe and the world in the twenty-first century Nicolas Sarkozy 3
Power and reputation at the court of Louis XIII : the career of Charles d'Albert, Duc de Luynes (1578-1621) Sharon Kettering 3
Class and state in ancien régime France : the road to modernity David Parker 3
Marie Antoinette : the last Queen of France Évelyne Lever 3
Citizens : a chronicle of the French Revolution Simon Schama 3
The price of glory Seth Hunter 3
The antigallican Tom Bowling 3
Fair stood the wind for France H. E. Bates 3
Joan of Arc : a history Helen Castor 3
Napoleon's master : a life of Prince Talleyrand David Lawday 3
The last time I saw Paris Elliot Paul 3
The search warrant Patrick Modiano 3
Napoleon David G. Chandler 3
Life in the French country house Mark Girouard 3
A people's history of the French Revolution Éric Hazan 3
Two friends, one summer Kate Le Vann 3
Napoleon Georges Lefebvre 3
Two lipsticks & a lover Helena Frith Powell 3
Napoleon Paul Johnson 3
A question of loyalties Allan Massie 3
The life of Madame Necker : sin, redemption and the Parisian salon Sonja Boon 3
The dance of death Kate Sedley 3
France for dummies Darwin Porter 3
Baudin, Napoleon and the exploration of Australia Nicole Starbuck 3
Cycle touring in France Stephen Fox 3
The French Revolution and what went wrong Stephen Clarke 3
The Italian Wars, 1494-1559 : war, state and society in early modern Europe Michael Edward Mallett 3
The second empress Michelle Moran 3
Romain Rolland and the politics of intellectual engagement David James Fisher 3
The pardon of Saint Anne William Palmer 3
Citizens, soldiers and national armies : military service in France and Germany, 1789-1830 Thomas Hippler 3
Impact of extreme right parties on immigration policy : comparing Britain, France and Italy João Miguel Duarte de Carvalho 3
That sweet enemy : the French and the British from the Sun King to the present Robert Tombs 3
French châteaux & hotels Alastair Sawday 3
Fatal purity : Robespierre and the French Revolution Ruth Scurr 3
Wild boy Jill Dawson 3
The French lesson Hallie Rubenhold 3
French bed & breakfast Jo Boissevain 3
Cultural exchange in seventeenth-century France and England Gesa Stedman 2
Culture, power and personality in medieval France John F. Benton 2
D-Day plus one : shot down and on the run in France Frank Holland 2
France since 1870 : culture, society and the making of the republic Charles Sowerwine 2
The princess de Clèves La Fayette 2
The politics of racism in France Peter Fysh 2
France since 1918 Herbert Tint 2
The reef Edith Wharton 2
Simone de Beauvoir : the making of an intellectual woman Toril Moi 2
The politics of privilege : old regime and revolution in Lille Gail Bossenga 2
France on two wheels : six long bike rides for the bon vivant cyclist Adam Ruck 2
France in the age of organization : factory, home and nation from the 1920s to Vichy Jackie Clarke 2
France in the age of Louis XIII and Richelieu Victor-L. Tapie 2
Silent accomplice : the untold story of France's role in the Rwandan genocide Andrew Wallis 2
The power of politics : new social movements in France Jan Willem Duyvendak 2
Karen Brown's France : charming bed & breakfasts Clare Brown 2
Marriage, a journey and a dog Brenda H. Sedgwick 2
The red and the black Stendhal 2
Cyrano de Bergerac : a heroic comedy in five acts Edmond Rostand 2
Shades of indignation : political scandals in France, past and present Paul Jankowski 2
Marie Antoinette Joan Haslip 2
Cruising French waterways Hugh McKnight 2
Cyrano : adventures in space and time with the legendary French hero Ishbel Addyman 2
Dancing to the precipice : Lucie de la Tour du Pin and the French Revolution Caroline Moorehead 2
Marie-Antoinette and Count Fersen : the untold love story Evelyn Farr 2
The queen of four kingdoms : an historical novel Princess of Kent Michael 2
Dangerous enthusiasm : William Blake and the culture of radicalism in the 1790s Jon Mee 2
Marie Walewska : Napoleon's great love Christine Sutherland 2
France in the new century : portrait of a changing society John Ardagh 2
The poor of eighteenth-century France, 1750-1789 Olwen H. Hufton 2
The double tenth George Brown 2
Marie-Thérèse : the fate of Marie Antoinette's daughter Susan Nagel 2
Dangerous to know Tasha Alexander 2
Danton Norman Hampson 2
Danton : the gentle giant of terror David Lawday 2
The populist challenge : political protest and ethno-nationalist mobilization in France Jens Rydgren 2
The queen's necklace Antal Szerb 2
Marianne in chains : in search of the German occupation, 1940-1945 Robert Gildea 2
Maritime power and the struggle for freedom Peter Padfield 2
Marianne in chains Robert Gildea 2
Shaping Europe : France, Germany, and embedded bilateralism from the Elysée Treaty to twenty-first century politics Ulrich Krotz 2
The dynastic state and the Army under Louis XIV : royal service and private interest, 1661-1701 Guy Rowlands 2
The power and patronage of Marguerite de Navarre Barbara Stephenson 2
France on the eve of revolution : British travellers' observations 1763-1788 John Lough 2
Culture and society in France 1789-1848 F. W. J. Hemmings 2
The private realm of Marie-Antoinette Marie-France Boyer 2
The real France : your need-to-know guide for all things French Anne-Marie Laval 2
Cycling in France Tim Hughes 2
France in the making 843-1180 Jean Dunbabin 2
Joan of Arc and her marching orders Phil Robins 2
Courtly song in late sixteenth-century France Jeanice Brooks 2
France/China : intercultural imaginings Alex Hughes 2
Church and culture in seventeenth-century France Henry Phillips 2
Miss don't touch me Hubert 2
Church and society in eighteenth-century France John McManners 2
Misia : the life of Misia Sert Arthur Gold 2
Franco-Irish relations, 1500-1610 : politics, migration, and trade Mary Ann Lyons 2
The crowd in history : a study of popular disturbances in France and England, 1730-1848 George F. E. Rudé 2
Joan of Arc Josephine Poole 2
Minerva's message : stabilizing the French Revolution Martin S. Staum 2
Citizen emperor : Napoleon in power, 1799-1815 Philip G. Dwyer 2
The secret Anglo-French war in the Middle East : intelligence and decolonization, 1940-1948 Meir Zamir 2
Milady Charlotte Jean Plaidy 2
Migration in comparative perspective : Caribbean communities in Britain and France Margaret Byron 2
Citizenship between empire and nation : remaking France and French Africa, 1945-1960 Frederick Cooper 2
Joan of Arc Mary Gordon 2
City of darkness, city of light Marge Piercy 2
Civic catechisms and reason in the French Revolution Adrian Velicu 2
The season of the beast Andrea H. Japp 2
Clara's tale Pierre Péju 2
The French Revolution J. M. Thompson 2
Metrostop Paris : history from the city's heart Gregor Dallas 2
Meteors that enlighten the earth : Napoleon and the cult of great men Matthew D. Zarzeczny 2
The scratch of a pen : 1763 and the transformation of North America Colin G. Calloway 2
Salons, history, and the creation of seventeenth-century France : mastering memory Faith Evelyn Beasley 2
The French Revolution J. M. Roberts 2
The culture of defeat : on national trauma, mourning, and recovery Wolfgang Schivelbusch 2
The scarlet nightingale Alan Titchmarsh 2
The French Revolution J. F. Bosher 2
Merchants, landlords, magistrates : the Depont family in eighteenth-century France Robert Forster 2
Coleridge, revision and romanticism : after the revolution, 1793-1818 Mark Ve-Yin Tee 2
The sentimental theatre of the French Revolution Cecilia Feilla 2
Francogallia François Hotman 2
The creation of Brittany : a late medieval state Michael Jones 2
The silent hours Cesca Major 2
Rulers and ruling families in early medieval Europe : Alfred, Charles the Bald, and others Janet L. Nelson 2
Charlemagne and Roland : a romance Allan Massie 2
The society of princes : the Lorraine-Guise and the conservation of power and wealth in seventeenth-century France Jonathan Spangler 2
Charlemagne's mustache : and other cultural clusters of a dark age Paul Edward Dutton 2
Moi and Marie Antoinette Lynn Cullen 2
The French Revolution Thomas Carlyle 2
The counts of Laval : culture, patronage and religion in fifteenth and sixteenth-century France Malcolm Walsby 2
Jewish citizenship in France : the temptation of being among one's own Dominique Schnapper 2
Modern capitalist planning: the French model Stephen S. Cohen 2
François Mitterrand : the last French president Ronald Tiersky 2
The silver link Claire Lorrimer 2
Chasing empire across the sea : communications and the state in the French Atlantic, 1713-1763 Kenneth J. Banks 2
The silver blade Sally Gardner 2
François Mitterrand : a study in political leadership Alistair Cole 2
Saint Joan of Arc : born, January 6, 1412, burned as a heretic, May 20, 1431, canonized as a saint, May 16, 1920 V. Sackville-West 2
Checkmate Dorothy Dunnett 2
Chemistry, pharmacy and revolution in France, 1777-1809 Jonathan Simon 2
Jews and gender in liberation France K. H. Adler 2
The she wolf Maurice Druon 2
The French Revolution Paul Harold Beik 2
Children in moral danger and the problem of government in Third Republic France Sylvia Schafer 2
Children of the Revolution : the French, 1799-1914 Robert Gildea 2
The shaping of the French colonial empire : a bio-bibliography of the careers of Richelieu, Fouquet and Colbert Philip P. Boucher 2
The shameful peace : how French artists and intellectuals survived the Nazi occupation Frederic Spotts 2
The French Revolution Nicola Barber 2
Choosing terror : virtue, friendship, and authenticity in the French Revolution Marisa Linton 2
Mixed-race and modernity in colonial India : changing concepts of hybridity across empires Adrian Carton 2
Christian democracy in France R. E. M. Irving 2
Menstruation and procreation in early modern France Cathy McClive 2
Sartre against Stalinism Ian H. Birchall 2
Marshal Pétain Richard Griffiths 2
Sartre and "Les temps modernes” Howard Davies 2
The devil's captain : Ernst Jünger in Nazi Paris, 1941-1944 Allan Mitchell 2
Journal Hélène Berr 2
Consuming the past : the medieval revival in fin-de-siècle France Elizabeth Emery 2
The disappearance of Emily Marr Louise Candlish 2
May '68 and its afterlives Kristin Ross 2
Jovial bigotry : Max O'Rell and the debate over manners and morals in 19th century France, Britain and the United States Jana Verhoeven 2
Judicial politics and urban revolt in seventeenth-century France : the Parlement of Aix, 1629-1659 Sharon Kettering 2
France's New Deal : from the thirties to the postwar era Philip G. Nord 2
Contemporary France : essays and texts on politics, economics, society Jill Forbes 2
France à la carte Richard Binns 2
Sensational internationalism : the Paris Commune and the remapping of American memory in the long nineteenth century J. Michelle Coghlan 2
The republic in danger : General Maurice Gamelin and the politics of French defence, 1933-1940 Martin S. Alexander 2
Masculinity and male codes of honor in modern France Robert A. Nye 2
The remaking of France : the National Assembly and the Constitution of 1791 Michael P. Fitzsimmons 2
France today : introductory studies J. E. Flower 2
Cooking for Claudine John Baxter 2
The religious origins of the French Revolution : from Calvin to the Civil Constitution, 1560-1791 Dale K. Van Kley 2
Mary Queen of Scots : a study in failure Jenny Wormald 2
The reinvention of love Helen Humphreys 2
Corps and clienteles : public finance and political change in France, 1688-1715 Mark Potter 2
The reign of terror in America : visions of violence from anti-Jacobinism to antislavery Rachel Hope Cleves 2
The divine blood Andrea H. Japp 2
Just for the holidays Sue Moorcroft 2
The divisions of French Catholicism, 1629-1645 : 'the parting of the ways' A. D. Wright 2
Cosette : the sequel to Les misérables Laura Kalpakian 2
Cosette, or, The time of illusions François Cérésa 2
Martyrs and murderers : the Guise family and the making of Europe Stuart Carroll 2
Sexing the citizen : morality and masculinity in France, 1870-1920 Judith Surkis 2
Courage Robert Carter 2
The rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte Robert B. Asprey 2
Considerations on the principal events of the French Revolution Staël 2
Josephine : a life of the Empress Carolly Erickson 2
The day of the Jackal Frederick Forsyth 2
The ruby airship Sharon Gosling 2
France, the land and its people Danielle Lifshitz 2
Colonial food in interwar Paris : the taste of empire Lauren Janes 2
The rough guide to France David Abram 2
Colonial metropolis : the urban grounds of anti-imperialism and feminism in interwar Paris Jennifer Anne Boittin 2
Colonialism and neocolonialism Jean-Paul Sartre 2
The darkest red Viviane Moore 2
Joan of Arc : of Domremy Michael Morpurgo 2
The roads to modernity : the British, French, and American Enlightenments Gertrude Himmelfarb 2
The roads to Santiago : the medieval pilgrim routes through France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela Derry Brabbs 2
Commemorating the dead in revolutionary France : revolution and remembrance, 1789-1799 Joseph Clarke 2
Joan of Arc : the early debate Deborah A. Fraioli 2
Commerce and its discontents in eighteenth-century French political thought Anoush Fraser Terjanian 2
Common sense : a political history Sophia A. Rosenfeld 2
Conservative socialism : the decline of radicalism and the triumph of the Left in France Roger F. S. Kaplan 2
Community, myth and recognition in twentieth-century French literature and thought Nikolaj d'Origny Lübecker 2
France, Germany, and the Western Alliance Philip H. Gordon 2
The death of Jean Moulin : biography of a ghost Patrick Marnham 2
Memoirs : a shortened version Louis de Rouvroy Saint-Simon 2
The road to Compiègne Jean Plaidy 2
Condé in context : ideological change in seventeenth-century France Mark Bannister 2
Scotland and the French Revolutionary War, 1792-1802 Atle L. Wold 2
The rival queens : Catherine de' Medici, her daughter Marguerite de Valois, and the betrayal that ignited a kingdom Nancy Bazelon Goldstone 2
Medieval violence : physical brutality in Northern France, 1270-1330 Hannah Skoda 2
The French Revolution Christopher Hibbert 2
The rise of heritage : preserving the past in France, Germany and England, 1789-1914 Astrid Swenson 2
Conquest : the English kingdom of France, 1417-1450 Juliet R. V. Barker 2
The French Revolution Adrian Gilbert 2
France in the Middle Ages 987-1460 : From Hugh Capet to Joan of Arc Georges Duby 2
French Musketeer 1622-1775 René Chartrand 2
Soccer empire : the World Cup and the future of France Laurent Dubois 2
Life of the fathers Bishop of Tours Saint Gregory 2
Life in a French family D. L. Ellis 2
The gender of photography : how masculine and feminine values shaped the history of nineteenth-century photography Nicole Hudgins 2
The legacy of the French Revolutionary Wars : the nation-in-arms in French republican memory Alan I. Forrest 2
Ten years' exile : or the memoirs of that interesting period of the life of the Baroness de Staël-Holstein, Staël 2
Templar families : landowning families and the Order of the Temple in France, c.1120-1307 Jochen Schenk 2
The legend of Napoleon Sudhir Hazareesingh 2
The furies : violence and terror in the French and Russian Revolutions Arno J. Mayer 2
Life in Renaissance France Lucien Febvre 2
The fruits of revolution : property rights, litigation, and French agriculture, 1700-1860 Jean-Laurent Rosenthal 2
Labour, science and technology in France, 1500-1620 Henry Heller 2
The friends of peace : anti-war liberalism in England, 1793-1815 J. E. Cookson 2
France : come on a journey of discovery Linda Pickwell 2
Linguistics, anthropology and philosophy in the French enlightenment : language theory and ideology Ulrich Ricken 2
Lisette's list : a novel Susan Vreeland 2
The last summer of the world Emily Mitchell 2
The general : Charles de Gaulle and the France he saved Jonathan Fenby 2
La vie en bleu : France and the French since 1900 H. R. Kedward 2
The knight, the lady and the priest : the making of modern marriage in medieval France Georges Duby 2
The Cathars Sean Martin 2
Language and revolution in Burke, Wollstonecraft, Paine, and Godwin Jane Hodson 2
Fatal inheritance Rachel Rhys 2
Fat man on a bicycle : a discovery of France Tom Vernon 2
Fat man in France : six tours for the cyclist Tom Vernon 2
Letts go to France Harold Dennis-Jones 2
Farewell, my Queen Chantal Thomas 2
Terrible exile : the last days of Napoleon on St Helena Brian Unwin 2
Liberty : the lives and times of six women in Revolutionary France Lucy Moore 2
Liberty and locality in revolutionary France : six villages compared, 1760-1820 Peter Jones 2
Lafayette in the somewhat United States Sarah Vowell 2
The last duel : a true story of crime, scandal and trial by combat in medieval France Eric Jager 2
False patriots Charles O'Brien 2
Life and other punctures Eleanor Bron 2
La vie est belle : the elegant art of living in the French style Henrietta Heald 2
Everybody was so young : Gerald and Sara Murphy : a lost generation love story Amanda Vaill 2
The Frankish world : 750-900 Janet L. Nelson 2
English Catholic exiles in late sixteenth-century Paris Katy Gibbons 2
Epitaph for an era : politics and rhetoric in the Carolingian world Mayke De Jong 2
The long week-end 1897-1919 : part of a life Wilfred R. (Wilfred Ruprecht) Bion 2
Local politics in the French Wars of Religion : the towns of Champagne, the Duc de Guise, and the Catholic League, 1560-95 Mark W. Konnert 2
France : the four seasons Michael Busselle 2
The forgotten summer Carol Drinkwater 2
Long road to freedom : the story of her life under German occupation Ginette Spanier 2
The maid's request : a story Michèle Desbordes 2
Living the French Revolution, 1789-1799 Peter McPhee 2
England and the Avignon popes : the practice of diplomacy in late medieval Europe Karsten Plöger 2
Enemies of the Enlightenment : the French Counter-Enlightenment and the making of modernity Darrin M. McMahon 2
La Vendée Anthony Trollope 2
The Dorset House affair Norman Russell 2
The flag of freedom Seth Hunter 2
The making of Saint Louis : kingship, sanctity, and crusade in the later Middle Ages M. Cecilia Gaposchkin 2
France : the dark years, 1940-1944 Julian Jackson 2
Essays in later medieval French history P. S. Lewis 2
The lily and the lion Maurice Druon 2
Ethnicized gang rape and discourses of gender, race and nation Kiran Kaur Grewal 2
Talleyrand : betrayer and saviour of France Robin Harris 2
Europe from below : an assessment of Franco-German popular contacts John E. Farquharson 2
Living & working in France = Chez vous en France Geneviève Brame 2
The little Breton bistro Nina George 2
Tales of passion, tales of woe Sandra Gulland 2
Take your camera to France Ted Park 2
Ethnicity & equality : France in the balance Azouz Begag 2
Living in France today Philip Holland 2
Ethnic minority migrants in Britain and France : integration trade-offs Rahsaan Maxwell 2
The foundling's war Michel Déon 2
Living in France Philip Holland 2
The long affair : Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution,1785-1800 Conor Cruise O'Brien 2
Living in France Ruth Thomson 2
THE ROMANTIC MACHINE : Utopian Science and Technology after Napoleon John Tresch 2
Fealty and fidelity : the Lazarists of Bourbon France, 1660-1736 Seán Alexander Smith 2
The king's army : warfare, soldiers, and society during the wars of religion in France, 1562-76 James B. Wood 2
The king without a kingdom Maurice Druon 2
The Battle of the Golden Spurs (Courtrai, 11 July 1302) : a contribution to the history of Flanders' war of liberation, 1297-1305 J. F. Verbruggen 2
Fortunes a faire : the French in Asian trade, 1719-48 Catherine Manning 2
The government and politics of France Dorothy Maud Pickles 2
Legionnaire : an Englishman in the French Foreign Legion Simon Murray 2
The Black Carib Wars : freedom, survival and the making of the Garifuna Chris Taylor 2
Forgetting differences : tragedy, historiography, and the French wars of religion Andrea Frisch 2
France Nick Inman 2
The holiday Which? guide to France Adam Ruck 2
The hidden diary of Marie Antoinette Carolly Erickson 2
The government and politics of France Andrew Knapp 2
For liberty and glory : Washington, Lafayette, and their revolutions James R. Gaines 2
The house with blue shutters Lisa Hilton 2
The Battle of Crécy, 1346 Andrew Ayton 2
France Richard Ingham 2
France Robert Prosser 2
Framing the nation : documentary film in interwar France Alison J. Murray Levine 2
France Alice Harman 2
That sweet enemy : a personal view of France and the French Christopher Sinclair-Stevenson 2
France Clive Gifford 2
France J. A. Hunt 2
The great upheaval : America and the birth of the modern world, 1788-1800 Jay Winik 2
The Brethren Robert Merle 2
The great French Revolution, 1789-1793 Petr Alekseevich Kropotkin 2
The Bourbons : the history of a dynasty J. H. Shennan 2
France Jillian Powell 2
France Clare Boast 2
France Ann Stonehouse 2
The Bonapartes : the history of a dynasty W. H. C. Smith 2
France Camilla De la Bédoyère 2
The halt in the mud : French strategic planning from Waterloo to Sedan Gary P. Cox 2
The Bonaparte plot Hugh McLeave 2
France Annabelle Lynch 2
France Annabel Savery 2
Les liaisons dangereuses Choderlos de Laclos 2
Les miserables Crystal S. Chan 2
Law and the politics of memory : confronting the past Stiina Löytömäki 2
The invention of decolonization : the Algerian War and the remaking of France Todd Shepard 2
The gods of revolution Christopher Dawson 2
Final option Charles W. Sasser 2
Fighting for the French Foreign Legion Alex Lochrie 2
The Agincourt bride Joanna Hickson 2
Fighting for America : the struggle for mastery in North America, 1519-1871 Jeremy Black 2
The glorious First of June : fleet battle in the reign of terror Sam Willis 2
France 1814-1914 Robert Tombs 2
Les misérables Marcia Williams 2
The jester James Patterson 2
The journey of Martin Nadaud : a life and turbulent times Gillian Tindall 2
France 1870-1914 : politics and society R. D. Anderson 2
Feudal empires : Norman and Plantagenet John Le Patourel 2
The key of the tower : a novel Gilbert Adair 2
Feminism, absolutism, and Jansenism : Louis XIV and the Port-Royal nuns Daniella J. Kostroun 2
The Albigensian Crusade Jonathan Sumption 2
France Terry Marsh 2
France Terry Deary 2
France Sylvia Goulding 2
The American enemy : the history of French anti-Americanism Philippe Roger 2
France Susan Crean 2
The impostor : BHL in wonderland Jade Lindgaard 2
The impossible Bourbons : Europe's most ambitious dynasty Oliver Thomson 2
The Ancien Regime William Doyle 2
The Ancien Régime : a history of France 1610-1774 Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 2
The Ancien Régime and the French Revolution Alexis de Tocqueville 2
France Steve Fallon 2
The Carolingian Renaissance and the idea of kingship Walter Ullmann 2
Flirting with French : adventures in pursuit of a language William Alexander 2
France Sally Adamson Taylor 2
France Ruth Thomson 2
The golden hour Maiya Williams 2
The Dreyfus affair : a chronological history George R. Whyte 2
Looking for the proletariat : Socialisme ou Barbarie and the problem of worker writing Stephen William Hastings-King 2
Lord Tony's wife Emmuska Orczy Orczy 2
The other Americans in Paris : businessmen, countesses, wayward youth, 1880-1941 Nancy L. Green 2
The origins of French absolutism, 1598-1661 Alan James 2
Madame Tussaud : waxwork queen of the French Revolution Tony Thorne 2
The evils of revolution Edmund Burke 2
Desperate measures Dennis Wheatley 2
Madame de Maintenon : the secret wife of Louis XIV Veronica Buckley 2
Madame de Pompadour Nancy Mitford 2
The other Enlightenment : how French women became modern Carla Hesse 2
Madame Du Deffand and her world Benedetta Craveri 2
Madame de Pompadour : mistress of France Christine Pevitt 2
Madame de Pompadour : sex, culture and power Margaret Crosland 2
Sons of thunder Giles Kristian 2
Den of thieves Julia Golding 2
Democracy in modern France Nick Hewlett 2
Madame de Staël Maria Fairweather 2
Sovay Celia Rees 2
The exploits of Brigadier Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle 2
The new France John Ardagh 2
The night watch Patrick Modiano 2
Louise's war : a World War II novel of suspense Sarah R. Shaber 2
Disruptive acts : the new woman in fin-de-siècle France Mary Louise Roberts 2
Love and war in the Pyrenees : a story of courage, fear and hope, 1939-1944 Rosemary Bailey 2
Discovering the country vineyards of France Michael Busselle 2
The night rainbow Claire King 2
Lovers Daniel Arsand 2
Discourses of antiracism in France Catherine Lloyd 2
Madame Bovary of the suburbs Sophie Divry 2
Discarding images : reflections on music and culture in medieval France Christopher Page 2
The Enlightenment past : reconstructing eighteenth-century French thought Daniel Brewer 2
Diotima at the barricades : French feminists read Plato Paul Allen Miller 2
The nun Denis Diderot 2
Madame Bovary : provincial manners Gustave Flaubert 2
Diary of the dark years, 1940-1944 : collaboration, resistance, and daily life in occupied Paris Jean Guéhenno 2
Madame de Staël : the first modern woman Francine Du Plessix Gray 2
Defying empire : trading with the enemy in colonial New York Thomas M. Truxes 2
King of the world : the life of Louis XIV Philip Mansel 2
France in revolution, 1774-1815 Dylan Rees 2
Death and the Enlightenment : changing attitudes to death among Christians and unbelievers in eighteenth-century France John McManners 2
The political economy of virtue : luxury, patriotism, and the origins of the French Revolution John Shovlin 2
The political theory of Christine de Pizan Kate Langdon Forhan 2
Malice L. M. Shakespeare 2
The end of the soul : scientific modernity, atheism, and anthropology in France Jennifer Michael Hecht 2
Managing the franc poincaré : economic understanding and political constraint in French monetary policy, 1928-1936 Kenneth Mouré 2
The Frankish kingdoms under the Carolingians, 751-987 Rosamond McKitterick 2
Something to declare Julian Barnes 2
The politics of everyday life in Vichy France : foreigners, undesirables, and strangers Shannon Lee Fogg 2
France in the 1980s John Ardagh 2
Manuscripts and libraries in the age of Charlemagne Bernhard Bischoff 2
France in the Enlightenment Daniel Roche 2
Marching with the devil : legends, glory and lies in the French Foreign Legion David Mason 2
The empress of ice cream Anthony Capella 2
The policing of families Jacques Donzelot 2
The police and the people : French popular protest, 1789-1820 Richard Cobb 2
Death comes to the maiden : sex and execution,1431-1933 Camille Naish 2
The poisoned crown Maurice Druon 2
Death's dark vale Diney Costeloe 2
Society in crisis : France in the sixteenth century John Hearsey McMillan Salmon 2
Society, culture and the auditory imagination in modern France : the humanity of hearing Ingrid Sykes 2
Decisive years in France 1840-1847 David H. Pinkney 2
The pilgrim hawk : a love story Glenway Wescott 2
The Longman companion to the French Revolution Colin Jones 2
Kill them all : Cathars and carnage in the Albigensian crusade Sean McGlynn 2
The perilous crown : France between revolutions, 1814-1848 Munro Price 2
The perilous crown : France between revolutions Munro Price 2
The perfect heretics Jeff Merrifield 2
Defeated flesh : welfare, warfare and the making of modern France Bertrand Taithe 2
King and emperor : a new life of Charlemagne Janet L. Nelson 2
The penitential state : authority and atonement in the age of Louis the Pious, 814-840 Mayke De Jong 2
Louise de la Vallière Alexandre Dumas 2
L'artisanat de l'os à l'époque Gallo-Romaine : de l'ostéologie à l'archéologie expérimentale Marc Barbier 2
The first total war : Napoleon's Europe and the birth of modern warfare David A. Bell 2
The masses arise : the great French Revolution 1789-1815 Peter Taaffe 2
The march to the Marne : the French army 1871-1914 Douglas Porch 2
The mark of the angel Nancy Huston 2
France and Islam in West Africa, 1860-1960 Christopher Harrison 2
Eleanor of Aquitaine : a biography Marion Meade 2
Eleanor of Aquitaine : Queen of France, Queen of England Ralph V. Turner 2
Louis XII Frederic J. Baumgartner 2
Eldorado Emmuska Orczy Orczy 2
The many lives & secret sorrows of Josephine B Sandra Gulland 2
The meaning of Sarkozy Alain Badiou 2
Edmund Burke's aesthetic ideology : language, gender, and political economy in revolution Tom Furniss 2
France and conventional defense in Central Europe David S. Yost 2
France and fascism : February 1934 and the dynamics of political crisis Brian Jenkins 2
France and its empire since 1870 Alice L. Conklin 2
Louis XIV G. R. R. Treasure 2
La France et la francophonie : conversations with native speakers Mary Anne O'Neil 2
The mandarins Simone de Beauvoir 2
Divine and poetic freedom in the Renaissance : nominalist theology and literature in France and Italy Ullrich Langer 2
Emperor of the west Hywel Williams 2
France and Britain 1900-1940 : entente and estrangement P. M. H. Bell 2
The man behind the iron mask John Noone 2
Empress Eugénie and the arts : politics and visual culture in the nineteenth century Alison McQueen 2
The first Bourbon century in France W. E. Brown 2
Empire of sand : how Britain made the Middle East Walter Reid 2
The man in the red coat Julian Barnes 2
The man on Devil's Island : Alfred Dreyfus and the affair that divided France Ruth Harris 2
The man who would be king : the life of Philippe d'Orléans, Regent of France, 1674-1723 Christine Pevitt 2
Embers of war : the fall of an empire and the making of America's Vietnam Fredrik Logevall 2
Summons to the Chateau d'Arc Kay Cornelius 2
Louis IX and the challenge of the crusade : a study in rulership William C. Jordan 2
The Dreyfus affair : the story of the most infamous miscarriage of justice in French history Piers Paul Read 2
The man who outshone the Sun King : the rise and fall of Nicolas Foucquet Charles Drazin 2
Elena's destiny Lisette Allen 2
Louis XIV Ian Dunlop 2
The Duke of Anjou and the politique struggle during the Wars of Religion Mack P. Holt 2
France and the Estates General of 1614 Michael Hayden 2
France and the construction of Europe, 1944-2007 : the geopolitical imperative Michael Sutton 2
Status interaction during the reign of Louis XIV Giora Sternberg 2
The moral disarmament of France : education, pacifism, and patriotism, 1914-1940 Mona L. Siegel 2
Dreams from the endz Faïza Guène 2
Louis XIV, 1661-1715 Peter Robert Campbell 2
Louis XIV, France and Europe, 1661-1715 Richard Wilkinson 2
Downhill all the way Edward Enfield 2
Downcast eyes : the denigration of vision in twentieth-century French thought Martin Jay 2
The men of liberty Claude Manceron 2
Dominant languages : language and hierarchy in Britain and France R. D. Grillo 2
Louis XV's army René Chartrand 2
Louis XVI John Hardman 2
Documents on the Second French Empire, 1852-1870 Roger Price 2
The fall of the Bastille : revolution in France Stewart Ross 2
France and the new imperialism : security policy in Sub-Saharan Africa Bruno Charbonneau 2
The modernization of rural France : communications networks and agricultural market structures in nineteenth-century France Roger Price 2
Droll stories Honoré de Balzac 2
Stigmata Colin Falconer 2
Stolen marches David Crackanthorpe 2
Dunkirk : anatomy of disaster Patrick Turnbull 2
France and the Spanish Civil War : cultural representations of the war next door, 1936-1945 Martin Hurcombe 2
The misfortunes of virtue, and other early tales Sade 2
The mirror makers Clare Colvin 2
Early modern France, 1560-1715 Robin Briggs 2
The mind and method of the historian Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 2
Stranded in the present : modern time and the melancholy of history Peter Fritzsche 2
The family and the nation : gender and citizenship in revolutionary France, 1789-1830 Jennifer Ngaire Heuer 2
Strange gardens Michel Quint 2
Louis XIV Vincent Cronin 2
The family on trial in revolutionary France Suzanne Desan 2
Echoes of the Marseillaise : two centuries look back on the French Revolution E. J. Hobsbawm 2
The men of the First French Republic : political alignments in the National Convention of 1792 Alison Patrick 2
Charlemagne : father of a continent Alessandro Barbero 2
France Henry Pluckrose 2
France Ian Robertson 2
The art of Louis-Léopold Boilly : modern life in Napoleonic France Susan L. Siegfried 2
Friend or foe : an Anglo-Saxon history of France Alistair Horne 2
Reform, revolution and French global policy, 1787-1791 Jeremy J. Whiteman 2
A most holy war : the Albigensian Crusade and the battle for Christendom Mark Gregory Pegg 2
When the King took flight Timothy Tackett 2
The Hundred Years War : England and France at war, c.1300-c.1450 C. T. Allmand 2
A masquerade too far Patricia Favier 2
Immigrant labor and racial conflict in industrial societies : the French and British experience, 1945-1975 Gary P. Freeman 2
A map book of France Anthony Julian Brett Tussler 2
Immigration and insecurity in France Jane Freedman 2
Immigration and national identity : North African political movements in colonial and postcolonial France Rabah Aissaoui 2
French urbanism in foreign lands Ambe J. Njoh 2
Antiquarianism and the visual histories of Louis XIV : artifacts for a future past Robert Wellington 2
Gothic fiction and the invention of terrorism : the politics and aesthetics of fear in the age of the reign of terror Joseph Crawford 2
Reluctant queen Freda Lightfoot 2
The Hundred Years War : a people's history David Green 2
White horses over France : from the Camargue to Cornwall Robin Hanbury-Tenison 2
Nethergate Norah Lofts 2
Arabs of the Jewish faith : the civilizing mission in colonial Algeria Joshua Schreier 2
Peasants into Frenchmen : the modernization of rural France, 1870-1914 Eugen Weber 2
Archaeologies of colonialism : consumption, entanglement, and violence in ancient Mediterranean France Michael Dietler 2
Who is Charlie? : xenophobia and the new middle class Emmanuel Todd 2
Nelson's Trafalgar : the battle that changed the world Roy Adkins 2
The assassination of Jacques Lemaigre Dubreuil : a Frenchman between France and North Africa William A. Hoisington 2
Religion, politics, and preferment in France since 1890 : la Belle Epoque and its legacy Maurice Larkin 2
The French in the kingdom of Sicily, 1266-1305 Jean Dunbabin 2
French socialism in a global era : the political economy of the new social democracy in France Ben Clift 2
Goshawk squadron Derek Robinson 2
Reflections on the revolution in France and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event Edmund Burke 2
When in France, do as the French do : the clued-in guide to French life, language and culture Ross Steele 2
When economic crises endure Jacques Mazier 2
The Hundred Years War Anne Curry 2
Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France Martin Bouquet 2
The French religious wars, 1562-1598 R. J. Knecht 2
An introduction to 16th-century French literature and thought : other times, other places Neil Kenny 2
What the day owes the night Yasmina Khadra 2
Nova Francia : a description of Acadia, 1606 Marc Lescarbot 2
Uneasy asylum : France and the refugee crisis, 1933-1942 Vicki Caron 2
Undiscovered France : an insider's guide to the most beautiful villages Brigitte Tilleray 2
A place of greater safety Hilary Mantel 2
Notre-Dame de Paris Victor Hugo 2
What's it like to live in -- France? Jillian Powell 2
The ambitious stepmother Fidelis Morgan 2
Notes on a thesis Tiphaine Rivière 2
Under two flags : the life of Major-General Sir Edward Spears Max Egremont 2
Prelude to revolution : France in May, 1968 Daniel Singer 2
Under the shadow of defeat : the war of 1870-71 in French memory Karine Varley 2
Red, white and drunk all over : a wine-soaked journey from grape to glass Natalie MacLean 2
A perfect circle Susie Kelly 2
Image of the people : Gustave Courbet and the 1848 revolution T. J. Clark 2
A pact with Vichy : Angelo Tasca from Italian socialism to French collaboration Emanuel Rota 2
The ancien régime : French society, 1600-1750 Pierre Goubert 2
Prelude to power : the Parisian radical press, 1789-1791 Jack Richard Censer 2
Unceasing strife, unending fear : Jacques de Thérines and the freedom of the church in the age of the last Capetians William C. Jordan 2
When Paris went dark : the City of Light under German occupation, 1940-44 Ronald C. Rosbottom 2
The Roman forts of the Saxon Shore Stephen Johnson 2
Imperial heights : Dalat and the making and undoing of French Indochina Eric T. Jennings 2
The attack on the mill and other stories Émile Zola 2
Unlikely collaboration : Gertrude Stein, Bernard Faÿ, and the Vichy dilemma Barbara Will 2
Per̀e Goriot Honoré de Balzac 2
To the Maginot Line : the politics of French military preparation in the 1920's Judith M. Hughes 2
Napoleon. Volume 1, Soldier of destiny, 1769-1805 Michael Broers 2
History of the Thirteen Honoré de Balzac 2
The Iron Castle Angus Donald 2
Republican identities in war and peace : representations of France in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Antoine Prost 2
The Iron King Maurice Druon 2
Back roads France Rosemary Bailey 2
Time to remember Gemma O'Connor 2
Bad faith : a forgotten history of family and fatherland Carmen Callil 2
History and politics in late Carolingian and Ottonian Europe : the chronicle of Regino of Prüm and Adalbert of Magdeburg Abbot of Prüm Regino 2
Badiou, Balibar, Rancière : rethinking emancipation Nick Hewlett 2
The Queen and the courtesan Freda Lightfoot 2
Thérèse Desqueyroux François Mauriac 2
Remaking France : Americanization, public diplomacy, and the Marshall Plan Brian D. McKenzie 2
A good man in evil times : the story of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, the unknown hero who saved countless lives in World War II José Alain Fralon 2
Napoleon's military machine Philip J. Haythornthwaite 2
Through France on minor roads Peter Brereton 2
Battle for Beijing, 1858-1860 : Franco-British conflict in China Harry Gregor Gelber 2
Threshold of terror : the last hours of the monarchy in the French Revolution Rodney Allen 2
With violets Elizabeth Robards 2
In the name of the king A. L. Berridge 2
The Jacobin clubs in the French Revolution, 1793-1795 Michael L. Kennedy 2
French naval & colonial troops 1872-1914 René Chartrand 2
Three musketeers Alexandre Dumas 2
Historical dictionary of the French Revolution Paul R. Hanson 2
Philosophies of integration : immigration and the idea of citizenship in France and Britain Adrian Favell 2
Why the French don't like headscarves : Islam, the State, and public space John R. Bowen 2
The beast within Émile Zola 2
The French empire between the wars : imperialism, politics and society Martin Thomas 2
Au revoir Liverpool Maureen Lee 2
Travelling with pomegranates Sue Monk Kidd 2
A little tour of France Henry James 2
The attraction of the contrary : essays on the literature of the French Enlightenment Walter E. Rex 2
Nazi Paris : the history of an occupation, 1940-1944 Allan Mitchell 2
Peiresc's Orient : antiquarianism as cultural history in the seventeenth century Peter N. Miller 2
Artemis Julian Stockwin 2
Transnational France : the modern history of a universal nation Tyler Edward Stovall 2
Remembrance of things past Harold Pinter 2
Remembrance of things past Marcel Proust 2
The French imperial nation-state : negritude & colonial humanism between the two world wars Gary Wilder 2
People and politics in France, 1848-1870 Roger Price 2
Why France collapsed Guy Chapman 2
French revolutions : cycling the Tour de France Tim Moore 2
French revolutions Tim Moore 2
The French fetish from Chaucer to Shakespeare Deanne Williams 2
Assuming the burden : Europe and the American commitment to war in Vietnam Mark Atwood Lawrence 2
National policy, global memory : the commemoration of the "Righteous" from Jerusalem to Paris, 1942-2007 Sarah Gensburger 2
French revolutionaries and English republicans : the Cordeliers Club, 1790-1794 Rachel Hammersley 2
Performance, poetry and politics on the queen's day : Catherine de Médicis and Pierre de Ronsard at Fontainebleau Virginia Scott 2
A holiday history of France Ronald Hamilton 2
The French exception : Emmanuel Macron - the extraordinary rise and risk Adam Plowright 2
The French exception Andrew Jack 2
Narrative responses to the trauma of the French revolution Katherine Astbury 2
Why the Dreyfus Affair matters Louis Begley 2
The French encounter with Africans : white response to blacks, 1530-1880 William B. Cohen 2
Ideologies and institutions in urban France : the representation of immigrants R. D. Grillo 2
A price too high Patricia Favier 2
French military rule in Morocco : colonialism and its consequences Moshe Gershovich 2
Our friends beneath the sands : the Foreign Legion in France's colonial conquests 1870-1935 Martin Windrow 2
Outwitting the Gestapo Lucie Aubrac 2
Paris to the past : traveling through French history by train Ina Caro 2
Abraham Lincoln and a new birth of freedom : the Union and slavery in the diplomacy of the Civil War Howard Jones 2
Absolute monarchy on the frontiers : Louis XIV's military occupations of Lorraine and Savoy Phil McCluskey 2
Voltaire : the universal man Derek Parker 2
The Tudor Rose : Princess Mary, Henry VIII's sister Jennifer Draskau 2
Voices of the Foreign Legion : the French Foreign Legion in its own words Adrian Gilbert 2
Ourika Claire de Durfort Duras 2
Voices from the dark years : the truth about occupied France, 1940-1945 Douglas Boyd 2
Queen Jezebel Jean Plaidy 2
Huguenot heartland : Montauban and southern French Calvinism during the wars of religion Philip Conner 2
Queen of fashion : what Marie Antoinette wore to the revolution Caroline Weber 2
General de Gaulle's Cold War : challenging American hegemony, 1963-68 Garret Martin 2
A stranger in Paris : Germany's role in Republican France, 1870-1940 Allan Mitchell 2
The United States and the making of postwar France 1945-1954 Irwin M. Wall 2
Otto Abetz and his Paris acolytes : French writers who flirted with fascism, 1930-1945 Martin Mauthner 2
Hostels France & Italy : the only comprehensive, unofficial, opinionated guide Paul Karr 2
We come from France Teresa Fisher 2
Virtue and terror Maximilien Robespierre 2
Virgins Diana Gabaldon 2
Orientalism versus Occidentalism : literary and cultural imaging between France and Iran since the Islamic revolution Laetitia Nanquette 2
Violence and the state in Languedoc, 1250-1400 Justine Firnhaber-Baker 2
The Valois : kings of France, 1328-1589 R. J. Knecht 2
A sword for Joan of Arc Sam Godwin 2
The Vicomte de Bragelonne Alexandre Dumas 2
Order and disorder under the Ancien Régime Jeffrey Merrick 2
Gentlemen in question Melinda Hammond 2
Over from Dover : the BBC 'Breakaway' cross-channel guide Roger Macdonald 2
Paris to the Pyrenees : a skeptic pilgrim walks the way of Saint James David Downie 2
Proletarian nights : the workers' dream in nineteenth-century France Jacques Rancière 2
A tale of two cities : a story of the French Revolution Charles Dickens 2
The Sun King Nancy Mitford 2
A tale of two monasteries : Westminster and Saint-Denis in the thirteenth century William C. Jordan 2
The Sun King and his loves Lucy Norton 2
Paris : the 'New Rome' of Napoleon I Diana Rowell 2
How the French think : an affectionate portrait of an intellectual people Sudhir Hazareesingh 2
Pryde and the infernal device Malcolm Archibald 2
Public opinion and the end of appeasement in Britain and France Daniel Hucker 2
A trick of the dark B. R. Collins 2
A turn to empire : the rise of imperial liberalism in Britain and France Jennifer Pitts 2
Germaine Tillion, Lucie Aubrac, and the politics of memories of the French Resistance Donald Reid 2
A vindication of the rights of men : in a letter to the right honourable Edmund Burke : occasioned by his Reflections on the Revolution in France : and ; A vindication of the rights of woman : with strictures on political and moral subjects Mary Wollstonecraft 2
Parade's end Ford Madox Ford 2
A virtue for courageous minds : moderation in French political thought, 1748-1830 Aurelian Crăiuțu 2
Providence Anita Brookner 2
A visit to France Sylvia C. Redstone 2
The Gondi : family strategy and survival in early modern France Joanna Milstein 2
Paris and the spirit of 1919 : consumer struggles, transnationalism, and revolution Tyler Edward Stovall 2
Walking in France Rob Hunter 2
Wars, plots and scandals in post-war France Philip M. Williams 2
Pyrrhic victory : French strategy and operations in the Great War Robert A. Doughty 2
A year in the merde Stephen Clarke 2
George's grand tour Caroline Vermalle 2
A tale of two cities Pauline Francis 2
Promenades : a historian's appreciation of modern French literature Richard Cobb 2
After the fall : German policy in occupied France, 1940-1944 Thomas Johnston Laub 2
A star for Mrs. Blake : a novel April Smith 2
Ideas of monarchical reform : Fénelon, Jacobitism and the political works of the Chevalier Ramsay Andrew Mansfield 2
Americomania and the French Revolution debate in Britain, 1789--1802 W. M. Verhoeven 2
Verdict on Vichy : power and prejudice in the Vichy France regime Michael Curtis 2
Alliance within the alliance? : Franco-German military cooperation and the European pillar of defense David G. Haglund 2
Allies with the infidel : the Ottoman and French alliance in the sixteenth century Christine Isom-Verhaaren 2
Rationalizing parliament : legislative institutions and party politics in France John D. Huber 2
Raymond Poincaré John F. V. Keiger 2
The affair of the poisons : murder, infanticide and satanism at the court of Louis XIV Anne Somerset 2
Welsh responses to the French revolution : press and public discourse, 1789-1802 Marion Löffler 2
I love you madly : Marie-Antoinette and Count Fersen - the secret letters King of France consort of Louis XVI Queen Marie Antoinette 2
A revolution of feeling : the decade that forged the modern mind Rachel Hewitt 2
God's heretics : the Albigensian Crusade Aubrey Burl 2
The age of Napoleon Alistair Horne 2
Americans in Paris : life and death under Nazi occupation 1940-1944 Charles Glass 2
From slavery to feudalism in south-western Europe Pierre Bonnassie 2
The Villa Violetta June Barraclough 2
Amour : how the French talk about love Stefania Rousselle 2
The age of conversation Benedetta Craveri 2
Godfather of the revolution : the life of Philippe Egalité, Duc d'Orléans Tom Ambrose 2
From liberalism to fascism : the right in a French province, 1928-1939 Kevin Passmore 2
An Englishman amoureux : love in deepest France Michael Sadler 2
An Englishman in Paris : l'education continentale Michael Sadler 2
An Englishman à la campagne : life in deepest France Michael Sadler 2
The age of structuralism : from Lévi-Strauss to Foucault Edith Kurzweil 2
The age of the ship of the line : the British and French navies, 1650-1815 Jonathan R. Dull 2
Going nowhere Roderick Low 2
Occupation : the ordeal of France, 1940-1944 Ian Ousby 2
Western imperialism in the Middle East 1914-1958 D. K. Fieldhouse 2
Past imperfect : French intellectuals, 1944-1956 Tony Judt 2
Verneuil 1424 : the Second Agincourt : The Battle of the Three Kingdoms Richard Wadge 2
The affair of the poisons : Louis XIV, Madame de Montespan, and one of history's great unsolved mysteries Frances Mossiker 2
All the light we cannot see : a novel Anthony Doerr 2
The Wanderer, or, Female difficulties Fanny Burney 2
Parties and democracy in France : parties under presidentialism David S. Bell 2
The French wars of religion, 1562-1629 Mack P. Holt 2
Villa triste Patrick Modiano 2
The French wars 1667-1714 : the Sun King at war John A. Lynn 2
Vietnam 1946 : how the war began Stein Tønnesson 2
Race, science, and the nation : reconstructing the ancient past in Britain, France and Germany Chris Manias 2
Party politics and decentralization in Japan and France : when the opposition governs Kōichi Nakano 2
Agnès Sorel : mistress of beauty Princess of Kent Michael 2
Pascal's wager : the man who played dice with God James A. Connor 2
Hunter killer Patrick Robinson 2
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All the light we cannot see Anthony Doerr 2
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Writing a New France, 1604-1632 : empire and early modern French identity Brian Brazeau 2
1,000 years of annoying the French Stephen Clarke 2
Napoleon : the end of glory Munro Price 2
Harold Wilson and Europe : pursuing Britain's membership of the European Community Melissa Pine 2
Hatred in print : Catholic propaganda and Protestant identity during the French wars of religion Luc Racaut 2
A French song companion Graham Johnson 2
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Zarafa Michael Allin 2
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The chateau on the lake Charlotte Betts 2
World War I battlefields : a travel guide to the Western Front : sites, museums, memorials John Ruler 2
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Ring roads Patrick Modiano 2
Hidden France Richard Binns 2
Islam and social change in French West Africa : history of an emancipatory community Sean Hanretta 2
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Y Chwyldro Ffrengig 1787-1797 Robert Gould 2
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The companion guide to the south of France Archibald Lyall 2
French blues : a not-so sentimental journey through lives and memories in modern France Paul Rambali 2
Cannibal encounters : Europeans and Island Caribs, 1492-1763 Philip P. Boucher 2
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Mwah Mwah Chloe Rayban 2
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Castle : the siege chronicles Derek Farmer 2
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Rock of contention : Free French and Americans at war in New Caledonia, 1940-1945 J. Kim Munholland 2
Muslims and Jews in France : history of a conflict Maud Mandel 2
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French leave Suzanne Goodwin 2
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Napoleon in Egypt : 'the greatest glory' Paul Strathern 2
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French kids eat everything : how our family moved to France, cured picky eating, banned snacking and discovered 10 simple rules for raising happy, healthy eaters Karen Le Billon 2
Best of enemies : Anglo-French relations since the Norman Conquest Robert Gibson 2
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Biography in early modern France, 1540-1630 : forms and functions Katherine MacDonald 2
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Black Africa, 1945-1980 : economic decolonization and arrested development D. K. Fieldhouse 2
French fortresses in North America 1535-1763 : Québec, Montréal, Louisbourg and New Orleans René Chartrand 2
Indiana George Sand 2
They eat horses, don't they? : the truth about the French Piu Marie Eatwell 2
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Bel-Ami Guy de Maupassant 2
Bed & breakfast in France Rosemary Gower-Jones 2
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Women and the book trade in sixteenth-century France Susan Broomhall 2
Picturing Marie Leszczinska (1703-1768) : representing queenship in eighteenth-century France Jennifer Grant Germann 2
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French Renaissance monarchy : Francis I and Henry II R. J. Knecht 2
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Charlemagne Matthias Becher 2
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Retiring to France Victoria Pybus 2
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Montaigne and the art of free-thinking Richard Scholar 2
Charity and bienfaisance : the treatment of the poor in the Montpellier region 1740-1815 Colin Jones 2
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Return to the field Alexander Fullerton 2
The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 2
Bernard-Lazare : antisemitism and the problem of Jewish identity in late nineteenth-century France Nelly Wilson 2
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Catholic royalism in the department of the Gard, 1814-1852 Brian Fitzpatrick 2
Bonaparte Correlli Barnett 2
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The way of the Scarlet Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 2
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Popular front Paris and the poetics of culture Dudley Andrew 2
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French Revolution John Farman 2
Piety and the people : religious printing in French, 1511-1551 Francis M. Higman 2
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Piglettes Clémentine Beauvais 2
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Guide to French institutions J. Coveney 2
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French Revolution Sean Connolly 2
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The Jews in nineteenth-century France : from the French Revolution to the Alliance Israélite Universelle Michael Graetz 1
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The Collaborators Pierre Siniac 1
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The Jews of modern France Paula Hyman 1
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The Canada merchants 1713-1763 J. F. Bosher 1
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The Field of Cloth of Gold Glenn Richardson 1
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The French Revolution Richard Tames 1
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The French Revolution - conflict or continuity? Steven T. Ross 1
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The French Revolution : a bibliography of works in English William Doyle 1
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The French Revolution : a tale of terror and hope for our times Harold Behr 1
The French Revolution and the Russian anti-democratic tradition : a case of false consciousness Dmitry Shlapentokh 1
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The French Revolution Linda Frey 1
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The French Revolution Hippolyte Taine 1
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The French state in question H. S. Jones 1
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The Enlightenment in practice : academic prize contests and intellectual culture in France, 1670-1794 Jeremy L. Caradonna 1
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The Emperor Napoleon John Pelling 1
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The Daniel Wilsons in France, 1819-1919 : industry, the arts, the press, châteaux, the Elysée Palace, and scandal Michael Palmer 1
The Dreyfus affair Leslie Derfler 1
The Girondins of Chile : reminiscences of an eyewitness Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna 1
The Gaullist phenomenon : the Gaullist Movement in the Fifth Republic Jean Charlot 1
The Gaullist attack on Canada, 1967-1997 J. F. Bosher 1
The Dreyfus affair : a trilogy George R. Whyte 1
The Dreyfus affair : honour and politics in the Belle Époque Martin Phillip Johnson 1
The Fronde : a French revolution, 1648-1652 Orest Ranum 1
The French: portrait of a people Sanche De Gramont 1
The Dreyfus affair : the scandal that tore France in two Piers Paul Read 1
The French writers' war, 1940-1953 Gisèle Sapiro 1
The Duke's notebook Victor J. Enoch 1
The Dreyfus affair and the rise of the French public intellectual Tom Conner 1
The French wife Diney Costeloe 1
The French way : the keys to the behavior, attitudes, and customs of the French Ross Steele 1
The Dreyfus affair in French society and politics Eric Cahm 1
The French way : how France embraced and rejected American values and power Richard F. Kuisel 1
The French way Isabelle Perrin 1
The Duchess Hortense : Cardinal Mazarin's wanton niece Bryan Bevan 1
The Duchess of Dino Philip Ziegler 1
The French war on trade : privateering 1793-1815 Patrick Crowhurst 1
The Duke of Wellington and the British army of occupation in France, 1815-1818 Thomas Dwight Veve 1
The European struggle to settle North America : colonizing attempts by England, France and Spain, 1521-1608 Margaret F. Pickett 1
The Europeanization of French foreign policy : France and the EU in East Asia Reuben Yik-Pern Wong 1
The French prerevolution, 1787-1788 Jean Egret 1
The French face of Joseph Conrad Yves Hervouet 1
The Frankish Church J. M. Wallace-Hadrill 1
The Frankish Empire, 774-814 Thomas Hodgkin 1
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The French in love and war : popular culture in the era of the World Wars Charles Rearick 1
The French in North America 1500-1783 W. J. Eccles 1
The French in Central America : culture and commerce, 1820-1930 Thomas David Schoonover 1
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The Frankish invasion, 744-774 Thomas Hodgkin 1
The French generation of 1820 Alan B. Spitzer 1
The Frankish kings and culture in the early Middle Ages Rosamond McKitterick 1
The French exception : still so special? Andrew Jack 1
The Evolution of the French courtesan novel : from de Chabrillan to Colette Courtney Sullivan 1
The French exception : Emmanuel Macron's extraordinary rise and risk Adam Plowright 1
The Franks Edward James 1
The French empire at war, 1940-45 Martin Thomas 1
The French empire at war, 1940-1945 Martin Thomas 1
The French economy, 1913-39 : the history of a decline Tom Kemp 1
The French economy in the twentieth century Jean-Pierre Dormois 1
The French economy in the nineteenth century : an essay in econometric analysis Maurice Lévy-Leboyer 1
The French economy J. R. Hough 1
The French disease : the Catholic Church and Irish radicalism, 1790-1800 Dáire Keogh 1
The French defence debate : consensus and continuity in the Mitterrand era R. E. Utley 1
The French influence on English education W. H. G. Armytage 1
The Frankenstein of 1790 and other lost chapters from revolutionary France Julia V. Douthwaite 1
The Franco-Prussian War : the German conquest of France in 1870-1871 Geoffrey Wawro 1
The French intifada : the long war between France and its Arabs Andrew Hussey 1
The French Revolution : a peasant's revolt David Andress 1
The French prefectoral system : an example of integrated administrative decentralisation F. F. Ridley 1
The French peasantry in the seventeenth century Pierre Goubert 1
The Field of Cloth of Gold : men and manners in 1520 Joycelyne G. Russell 1
The Fifth French Republic Nicholas Atkin 1
The French peasantry 1450-1660 Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 1
The Fifth French Republic : presidents, politics and personalities Philip Thody 1
The First French Republic, 1792-1804 Michael John Sydenham 1
The First Indochina War : French and American policy, 1945-54 R. E. M. Irving 1
The French overseas empire Frederick Quinn 1
The French on the Somme : August 1914 - 30 June 1916: From Serre to the river Somme David O'Mara 1
The French nobility in the eighteenth century : from feudalism to enlightenment Guy Chaussinand-Nogaret 1
The Flanders road Claude Simon 1
The French navy and American independence : a study of arms and diplomacy, 1774-1787 Jonathan R. Dull 1
The French nation : from Napoleon to Petain 1814-1940 Denis W. Brogan 1
The French monarchy, 1483-1789. Volume 2 A. J. Grant 1
The French monarchy, 1483-1789. Volume 1 A. J. Grant 1
The Fourth Republic, 1944-1958 Jean-Pierre Rioux 1
The France of Louis XIV William K. Ritchie 1
The Franco-German axis in European integration Gisela Hendriks 1
The French language in the seventeenth century : contemporary opinion in France Peter Rickard 1
"A dream of stone" : fame, vision, and monumentality in nineteenth-century French literary culture Michael D. Garval 1
Society, law, and trade in medieval Montpellier Kathryn L. Reyerson 1
The British monarchy and the French Revolution Marilyn Morris 1
Rendezvous Melody Carlson 1
Representing ethnicity in contemporary French visual culture Joseph McGonagle 1
Representations of revolution (1789-1820) Ronald Paulson 1
Report from a Parisian paradise : essays from France, 1925-1939 Joseph Roth 1
Reparation in world politics : France and European economic diplomacy, 1916-1923 Marc Trachtenberg 1
Renée of France Simonetta Carr 1
René Massigli (1888-1988) : une vie de diplomate Raphaële Ulrich-Pier 1
Renegotiating French identity : musical culture and creativity in France during Vichy and the German occupation Jane F. Fulcher 1
Rendez-vous with France Jill Butler 1
Republic of Islamophobia : the rise of respectable racism in France Jim Wolfreys 1
Rencontres culturelles : cross-cultural mini-dramas Arley W. Levno 1
Renaissance warrior and patron : the reign of Francis I R. J. Knecht 1
Renaissance truth and the Latin language turn Ann Moss 1
Renaissance dynasticism and apanage politics : Jacques de Savoie-Nemours, 1531-1585 Matthew A. Vester 1
Renaissance and revolt : essays in the intellectual and social history of early modern France J. H. M. Salmon 1
Renaissance France at war : armies, culture and society, c.1480-1560 David Potter 1
Remnants of empire : reflections on past and present French fictions on/in Algeria Peter Dunwoodie 1
Reproducing the French race : immigration, intimacy, and embodiment in the early twentieth century Elisa Camiscioli 1
Republican France : divided loyalties Peggy A. Phillips 1
Rethinking antisemitism in nineteenth-century France Julie Kalman 1
Resistance in Vichy France : a study of ideas and motivation in the southern zone, 1940-1942 Harry Roderick Kedward 1
Resurrecting the granary of Rome : environmental history and French colonial expansion in North Africa Diana K. Davis 1
Resurrecting slavery : racial legacies and white supremacy in France Crystal Marie Fleming 1
Restoring the Reformation : British Evangelicalism and the Francophone 'Réveil' 1816-1849 Kenneth J. Stewart 1
Restoration and reaction, 1815-1848 André Jardin 1
Restoration : the fall of Napoleon in the course of European art, 1812-1820 Thomas E. Crow 1
Rester Catholique en France : l'encadrement religieux destiné aux migrants Belgo-Flamands du Lillois, de Paris et des Campagnes Françaises 1850-1960 Henk Byls 1
Respectable folly : millenarians and the French Revolution in France and England Clarke Garrett 1
Resistance in Vichy France : a study of ideas and motivation in the southern zone, 1940-1942 H. R. Kedward 1
Republican citizens, precarious subjects : representations of work in post-Fordist France Jeremy F. Lane 1
Resistance : a woman's journal of struggle and defiance in occupied France Agnès Humbert 1
Resentment and the right : French intellectual identity reimagined, 1898-2000 Sarah Shurts 1
Rescuing the children : a Holocaust memoir Vivette Samuel 1
Rescue the queen : a diary of the French Revolution, 1789-1793 Axel von Fersen 1
Rescue as resistance : how Jewish organizations fought the Holocaust in France Lucien Lazare 1
Requiem Robyn Young 1
Republicanism in nineteenth-century France, 1814-1871 Pamela M. Pilbeam 1
Remembrance of things past. Volume 3 Marcel Proust 1
Remembrance of things past. Volume 2 Marcel Proust 1
Remembrance of things past. Volume 1 Marcel Proust 1
Reflections on the revolution in France, 1968 Charles Posner 1
Regeneration and hegemony : Franco-Batavian relations in the revolutionary era, 1795-1803 Raymond Kubben 1
Regards français sur l'Amérique : de l'Entre-deux-guerres à la Guerre froide Edward Dawley 1
Refugees of the French Revolution : émigrés in London, 1789-1802 Kirsty Carpenter 1
Refugees and the promise of asylum in postwar France, 1945-1995 Greg Burgess 1
Refractory men, fanatical women : fidelity to conscience during the French Revolution Edwin Bannon 1
Reforming ideas in Britain : politics and language in the shadow of the French Revolution, 1789-1815 Mark Philp 1
Reform and revolution in France : the politics of transition, 1774-1791 Peter Jones 1
Reflections on De Gaulle : political founding in modernity Will Morrisey 1
Remembrance of things past Stéphane Heuet 1
Reflections at the death bed of Voltaire : the art of dying in eighteenth century France : an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Oxford on 21 November 1974 John McManners 1
Reflation and austerity : economic policy under Mitterrand Pierre-Alain Muet 1
Refiguring les années noires : literary representations of the Nazi occupation Kathy Comfort 1
Redefining regional French : koinéization and dialect levelling in Northern France David Hornsby 1
Red noses Peter Barnes 1
Red moon Rachel Anderson 1
Red gold Alan Furst 1
Regeneration through empire : French pronatalists and colonial settlement in the Third Republic Margaret Cook Andersen 1
Regional governance and power in France : the dynamics of political space Romain Pasquier 1
Reign of virtue : mobilizing gender in Vichy France Miranda Pollard 1
Reimagining history in Anglo-Norman prose chronicles John Spence 1
Remembering the occupation in French film : national identity in postwar Europe Leah Dianne Hewitt 1
Remembering kings past : monastic foundation legends in medieval southern France Amy G. Remensnyder 1
Remaking the male body : masculinity and the uses of physical culture in interwar and Vichy France Joan Tumblety 1
Remaking France : Americanization, public diplomacy, and the Marshall Plan Brian Angus McKenzie 1
Religious symbols in public functions : unveiling state neutrality : a comparative analysis of Dutch, English and French justifications for limiting the freedom of public officials to display religious symbols Hana M. A. E. van Ooijen 1
Religious renewal in France, 1789-1870 : the Roman Catholic Church between catastrophe and triumph Roger Price 1
Religions en transition dans la seconde moitié du dix-huitième siècle Louis Châtellier 1
Religion revolution and regional culture in eighteenth-century France Timothy Tackett 1
Religion and revolution in France, 1780-1804 Nigel Aston 1
Relentless storm Claire Lorrimer 1
Relation détaillée de la campagne de M. le Commandeur de Suffren : dans l'Inde du ler Juin 1782 au 29 Septembre auivant Pierre André de Suffren de Saint-Tropez 1
Reinventing Voltaire : the politics of commemoration in nineteenth century France Stephen Bird 1
Reinterpreting the French Revolution : a global-historical perspective Bailey Stone 1
Reims on fire : war and reconciliation between France and Germany Thomas W. Gaehtgens 1
Reimagining politics after the terror : the republican origins of French liberalism Andrew J. S. Jainchill 1
Rethinking France : plans for renewal 1940-1946 Andrew Shennan 1
Rethinking revolutionary change in Europe : a neostructuralist approach Bailey Stone 1
The British in France : visitors and residents since the Revolution Peter Thorold 1
Rick Steves France 2016 Rick Steves 1
Road to Rouen : a 10,000-mile journey in a cheese-filled Passat Ben Hatch 1
Rights, representation, and reform : Nonsense upon stilts and other writings on the French Revolution Jeremy Bentham 1
Rights of man, Common sense, and other political writings Thomas Paine 1
Rides of passage Matt Lamy 1
Rick Steves' France, Belgium & the Netherlands 2002 Rick Steves 1
Rick Steves' France 2015 Rick Steves 1
Rick Steves France 2017 Rick Steves 1
Richelieu's army : war, government, and society in France, 1624-1642 David Parrott 1
Robert Estienne, royal printer : an historical study of the elder Stephanus Elizabeth Armstrong 1
Richelieu's Desmarets and the century of Louis XIV H. Gaston Hall 1
Richelieu plays bridge Robert F. Mackinnon 1
Richelieu and the affair of Cinq-Mars Philippe Erlanger 1
Richelieu and reason of state William Farr Church 1
Richelieu and Olivares J. H. Elliott 1
Richelieu and Mazarin : a study in statesmanship D. J. Sturdy 1
Richelieu and Mazarin G. R. R. Treasure 1
Robert Delavignette on the French Empire : selected writings Robert Delavignette 1
Robert Louis Stevenson & France Louis Stott 1
Rethinking the French revolution : Marxism and the revisionist challenge George C. Comninel 1
Romance and revolution : Shelley and the politics of a genre David Duff 1
Romanticism and war : a study of British Romantic Period writers and the Napoleonic Wars J. R. Watson 1
Romantic migrations : local, national, and transnational dispositions Michael Wiley 1
Romantic Catholics : France's postrevolutionary generation in search of a modern faith Carol E. Harrison 1
Romanesque churches of the Loire & Western France M. D. Costen 1
Romancing the past : the rise of vernacular prose historiography in thirteenth-century France Gabrielle M. Spiegel 1
Romancing the cathedral : gothic architecture in fin-de-siècle French culture Elizabeth Emery 1
Romancing the cathedral : gothic architecture in fin-de-sic̈le French culture Elizabeth Emery 1
Roman antiquities in Renaissance France, 1515-65 Richard Cooper 1
Robert the Burgundian and the counts of Anjou, ca. 1025-1098 W. Scott Jessee 1
Roman Gaul Joan Liversidge 1
Roman France : an archaeological field guide J. K. Knight 1
Roman France Paul Lachlan MacKendrick 1
Rogue spy Joanna Bourne 1
Rock shelters of the Perigord : geological stratigraphy and archaeological succession Henri Laville 1
Robespierre and the Festival of the Supreme Being : the search for a republican morality Jonathan A. Smyth 1
Robespierre J. M. Thompson 1
Richard Temple Patrick O'Brian 1
Richard Ferris, 1754-1828 Mary Purcell 1
Rhône-Alpes in the 1990s : a European investment region Michael Dunford 1
Revolution and counter-revolution in France, 1815-1852 William Fortescue 1
Revolution and repetition : Marx, Hugo, Balzac Jeffrey Mehlman 1
Revolution and red tape : the French ministerial bureaucracy 1770-1850 Clive H. Church 1
Revolution and reaction in modern France G. Lowes Dickinson 1
Revolution and mass democracy : the Paris club of 1848 Peter H. Amann 1
Revolution and mass democracy : the Paris Club movement in 1848 Peter Henry Amann 1
Revolution and international system Kyung-Won Kim 1
Revolution and environment in Southern France, 1780-1830 : peasants, lords, and murder in the Corbières Peter McPhee 1
Revolution and counter-revolution in Europe : from 1918 to 1968 Pierre Frank 1
Rhinestones, religion, and the Republic : fashioning Jewishness in France Kimberly A. Arkin 1
Revolution & romanticism Howard Mumford Jones 1
Revolution Emmanuel Macron 1
Reveries of community : French epic in the age of Henri IV, 1572-1616 Katherine S. Maynard 1
Return to Patton's France : 1944's odyssey retraced Hugh A. Harter 1
Retreat from love Colette 1
Retiring in France : a survival handbook David Hampshire 1
Retiring in France David Hampshire 1
Revolution and the European experience, 1789-1914 Ken Post 1
Revolution and the form of the English novel, 1790-1825 : intercepted letters, interrupted seductions Nicola J. Watson 1
Revolution and the making of the contemporary legal profession : England, France, and the United States Michael Burrage 1
Revolution in the house : family, classic, and inheritance in Southern France, 1755-1825 Margaret H. Darrow 1
Rewriting saints and ancestors : memory and forgetting in France, 500-1200 Constance Brittain Bouchard 1
Revolutionsgeschichte schreiben : Formen der Revolutionshistoriographie in Büchners "Dantons Tod" und französischer Geschichtsschreibung des 20. Jahrhunderts Julian Kanning 1
Revolutions and the collapse of monarchy : human agency and the making of revolution in France, Russia and Iran Zhand Shakibi 1
Revolutions : reflections on American equality and foreign liberations David Brion Davis 1
Revolutionary thought after the Paris Commune, 1871-1885 Julia Nicholls 1
Revolutionary demands : a content analysis of the 'Cahiers de doléances' of 1789 Gilbert Shapiro 1
Revolutionary commerce : globalization and the French monarchy Paul Burton Cheney 1
Revolutionary Writings : Reflections on the Revolution in France and the First Letter on a Regicide Peace Edmund Burke 1
Revolutionary France, 1788-1880 Malcolm Crook 1
Revolutionary France, 1770-1880 François Furet 1
Revolutionary France's war of conquest in the Rhineland : conquering the natural frontier, 1792-1797 Jordan R. Hayworth 1
Revolutionary Europe, 1783-1815 George F. E. Rudé 1
Revolutionary Europe, 1780-1850 Jonathan Sperber 1
Revolutionaries at work : the constituent assembly, 1789-1791 Edna Hindie Lemay 1
Revolution! : France 1789-1794 Sarel Eimerl 1
Red dream : an exotic novel Victoria Brooks 1
Red deer hunting in the Upper Paleolithic of South-West France : a study in seasonality Anne Pike-Tay 1
Recovering a Voice : West European Jewish Communities after the Holocaust David H. Weinberg 1
Postcolonial encounters in international relations : the politics of transgression in the Maghreb Alina Sajed 1
Power and faction in Louis XIV's France Roger Mettam 1
Power and border lordship in medieval France : the county of the Perche, 1000-1226 Kathleen Thompson 1
Power Nick Dear 1
Poussin and French dynastic ideology Judith E. Bernstock 1
Pot-bouille Émile Zola 1
Postcoloniality : the French dimension Margaret A. Majumdar 1
Postcolonial minorities in Britain and France : in the hyphen of the nation-state Shailja Sharma 1
Postcolonial counterpoint : orientalism, France, and the Maghreb Farid Laroussi 1
Power and pleasure : Louis Barthou and the Third French Republic Robert J. Young 1
Post-imperial democracies : ideology and party formation in Third Republic France, Weimar Germany, and post-Soviet Russia Stephen E. Hanson 1
Post captain Patrick O'Brian 1
Portrayals of revolution : images, debates and patterns of thought on the French Revolution Noel Parker 1
Portraits from the French Renaissance and the Wars of Religion André Thevet 1
Portraits and anecdotes (historiettes) Tallemant Des Réaux 1
Portrait of a Bonaparte : the life and times of Joseph-Napoleon Primoli, 1851-1927 Joanna Richardson 1
Populist religion and left-wing politics in France, 1830-1852 Edward Berenson 1
Power and glory : France's secret wars with Britain and America, 1945-2016 Roger Howard 1
Power and religion in Merovingian Gaul : Columbanian monasticism and the formation of the Frankish aristocracy Yaniv Fox 1
Reconstructing the Middle Ages : Gaston Paris and the development of nineteenth-century Medievalism Isabel DiVanna 1
Press, revolution, and social identities in France, 1830-1835 Jeremy D. Popkin 1
Prioritätenwechsel in der deutschen Aussenpolitik? : Berlin, Paris, Washington, das strategische Dreieck der deutschen Aussenpolitik nach dem 11. September 2001 Kai Behrens 1
Printed propaganda under Louis XIV : absolute monarchy and public opinion Joseph Klaits 1
Printed poison : pamphlet propaganda, faction politics, and the public sphere in early seventeenth-century France Jeffrey K. Sawyer 1
Principled pragmatist : the political career of Alexandre Millerand Marjorie Milbank Farrar 1
Prince of darkness : the queen's man IV Sharon Kay Penman 1
Prince of darkness Sharon Kay Penman 1
Priest & parish in eighteenth-century France : a social and political study of the curés in a diocese of Dauphiné, 1750-1791 Timothy Tackett 1
Presidential power in fifth Republic France David S. Bell 1
Power for the people Trevor Cairns 1
Preserving the provinces : small town and countryside in the work of Honoré de Balzac Andrew Watts 1
Preserving the monarchy : the comte de Vergennes, 1774-1787 Munro Price 1
Prelude to terror : the constituent assembly and the failure of consensus, 1789-91 Norman Hampson 1
Prelude to fame : an account of the early life of Napoleon up to the Battle of Montenotte Bertram Ratcliffe 1
Praised be our lords : a political education Régis Debray 1
Practicing democracy : local activism and politics in France and Finland Eeva Luhtakallio 1
Power, property and history : Barnave's 'Introduction to the French Revolution' and other writings Antoine Pierre Joseph Marie Barnave 1
Populism, nativism, and economic uncertainty : playing the blame game in the 2017 British, French, and German elections Delton T. Daigle 1
Population, the state, and national grandeur : demography as political science in modern France Paul-André Rosental 1
Population politics in twentieth century Europe : fascist dictatorships and liberal democracies Maria Sophia Quine 1
Politics & anger Theodore Zeldin 1
Politics and the Parlement of Paris under Louis XV, 1754-1774 Julian Swann 1
Politics and society in de Gaulle's republic Philip M. Williams 1
Politics and society in contemporary France, 1789-1971 : a documentary history Eric Cahm 1
Politics and rural society : the southern Massif Central c.1750-1880 Peter Jones 1
Politics and ritual in early medieval Europe Janet L. Nelson 1
Politics and institutions in Capetian France Elizabeth A. R. Brown 1
Politics and genre in the works of Elizabeth Hamilton, 1756-1816 Claire Grogan 1
Politicians, bureaucrats and leadership in organizations : lessons from regional planning in France June Burnham 1
Population en danger ! : la lutte contre les fléaux sociaux sous la Troisième République Virginie De Luca Barrusse 1
Political traditions in modern France Sudhir Hazareesingh 1
Political resurrection in the twentieth century : the fall and rise of political leaders Leslie Derfler 1
Political representation in France Philip E. Converse 1
Political parties and elections in the French Fifth Republic John Frears 1
Political pamphlets and sermons from Wales : 1790-1806 Marion Löffler 1
Political leadership in a global age : the experiences of France and Norway Jean-Pascal Daloz 1
Political leadership in France : from Charles de Gaulle to Nicolas Sarkozy John Gaffney 1
Politics and theater : the crisis of legitimacy in restoration France, 1815-1830 Sheryl Kroen 1
Politics in Europe : comparisons and interpretations Arend Lijphart 1
Politics in France Charles Hauss 1
Politics in France Pierre Avril 1
Population and society in twentieth century France Colin L. Dyer 1
Popular theatre and political utopia in France, 1870-1940 : active citizens Jessica Wardhaugh 1
Popular rumour in revolutionary Paris, 1792-1794 Lindsay Porter 1
Popular legitimism and the monarchy in France : mass politics without parties, 1830-1880 Bernard Rulof 1
Poppy's place in the sun Lorraine Wilson 1
Pont-de-Montvert : social structure and politics in a French village, 1700-1914 Patrice L. R. Higonnet 1
Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and South India under French rule : from François Martin to Dupleix 1674-1754 J. B. P. More 1
Polscy donatariusze Napoleona Stanisław Kirkor 1
Politics, society and Christianity in Vichy France W. D. Halls 1
Politics, power, and bureaucracy in France : the administrative elite Ezra N. Suleiman 1
Politics in the rural society : the southern Massif Central, c. 1750-1880 P. M. Jones 1
Politics in New Caledonia Myriam Dornoy 1
Politics in Gaullist France : coping with chaos Charles Hauss 1
Politics in France : from Giscard to Mitterrand Ian Derbyshire 1
Politics in France : from Giscard to Mitterand Ian Derbyshire 1
Prison journal, 1940-1945 Édouard Daladier 1
Prisoners of honour : the Dreyfus affair David Levering Lewis 1
Prisoners of war, and other stories Guy de Maupassant 1
Radical contra-diction : Coleridge, revolution, apostasy Björn Bosserhoff 1
Rashi's daughter, secret scholar Maggie Anton 1
Rasero : a novel Francisco Rebolledo 1
Ramon Lull and Lullism in fourteenth-century France J. N. Hillgarth 1
Ramillies 1706 : year of miracles James Falkner 1
Radio and the politics of sound in interwar France, 1921-1939 Rebecca Scales 1
Radicals : politics and republicanism in the French Revolution Leigh Ann Whaley 1
Radicalism in French culture : a sociology of French theory in the 1960s Niilo Kauppi 1
Racist violence and the state : a comparative analysis of Britain, France, and the Netherlands Rob Witte 1
Quicksilver Princess of Kent Michael 1
Races on display : French representations of colonized peoples 1886-1940 Dana S. Hale 1
Race to the Rhine : liberating France & the low countries Leo Marriott 1
Race politics in Britain and France : ideas and policymaking since the 1960's Erik Bleich 1
Race on Display in 20th- and 21st- Century France Katelyn E. Knox 1
Race and war in France : colonial subjects in the French army, 1914-1918 Richard Standish Fogarty 1
R.L.S., francophile : Robert Louis Stevenson in France : a travelogue with a difference Robin A. Hill 1
Québec : the heights of Abraham 1759 : the armies of Wolfe and Montcalm René Chartrand 1
Rat Scabies and the holy grail Christopher Dawes 1
Rationality and emotion : the comparative study of the Franco-German and Sino-Japanese reconciliations Lin Ren 1
Rayonnement culturel : kulturpolitische Bedingungen und Aktivitäten in der französischen Besatzungszone 1945-1948 Karina Günther 1
Re-writing the French revolutionary tradition R. S. Alexander 1
Reconstructing citizenship : the politics of nationality reform and immigration in contemporary France Miriam Feldblum 1
Reconstructing America : the symbol of America in modern thought James W. Ceaser 1
Reconciling France against democracy : the Croix de Feu and the Parti Social Français, 1927-1945 Sean Kennedy 1
Reconcilable differences : U.S.-French relations in the new era Michael J. Brenner 1
Recollections : the French Revolution of 1848 and its aftermath Alexis de Tocqueville 1
Recollections : the French Revolution of 1848 Alexis de Tocqueville 1
Recollections Alexis de Tocqueville 1
Reasoning of state : realists, romantics and rationality in international relations Brian C. Rathbun 1
Reason's muse : sexual difference and the birth of democracy Geneviève Fraisse 1
Realism and social vision in Courbet & Proudhon James Henry Rubin 1
Realism and revolution : Balzac, Stendhal, Zola, and the performances of history Sandy Petrey 1
Reading an erased code : romantic religion and literary aesthetics in France Michel Despland 1
Readers and society in nineteenth-century France : workers, women, peasants Martyn Lyons 1
Read, play and discover France ... Hélène Fatou 1
Reactions to the French Revolution Richard Cobb 1
Quicksilver : a novel Princess of Kent Michael 1
Quest Daphne Franks 1
Private ambition and political alliances : the Phélypeaux de Pontchartrain family and Louis XIV's government, 1650-1715 Sara E. Chapman 1
Protestantism, poetry and protest : the vernacular writings of Antoine de Chandieu, c. 1534-1591 Sara Barker 1
Public welfare, science and propaganda in 17th-century France : the innovations of Théophraste Renaudot Howard M. Solomon 1
Public attitudes toward immigration in the United States, France, and Germany Joel Fetzer 1
Public administration in France Frederick Ridley 1
Provincial politics in the French Revolution : Caen and Limoges, 1789-1794 Paul R. Hanson 1
Provincial patriot of the French Revolution : François Buzot, 1760-1794 Bette Wyn Oliver 1
Province and empire : Brittany and the Carolingians Julia M. H. Smith 1
Province and empire Julia M. H. Smith 1
Prose of the world : Denis Diderot and the periphery of Enlightenment Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht 1
Queenship in medieval France, 1300-1500 Murielle Gaude-Ferragu 1
Promised land Roger Booth 1
Progrès et perfectibilité : un dilemme des Lumières françaises (1755-1814) Florence Lotterie 1
Product complexity, quality of institutions and the pro-trade effect of immigrants Anthony Briant 1
Process : a novel Kay Boyle 1
Problems of contemporary French politics Dorothy Maud Pickles 1
Privilege and the politics of taxation in eighteenth-century France : liberté, égalité, fiscalité Michael Kwass 1
Private lives and public affairs : the causes célèbres of prerevolutionary France Sarah C. Maza 1
Publishing and cultural politics in revolutionary Paris, 1789-1810 Carla Hesse 1
Publishing women's life stories in France, 1647-1720 : from voice to print Elizabeth C. Goldsmith 1
Puritans and libertines : Anglo-French literary relations in the Reformation Hugh M. Richmond 1
Push yourself just a little bit more : backstage at the Tour de France Johnny Green 1
Queens, consorts, concubines : Gregory of Tours and women of the Merovingian elite E. T. Dailey 1
Queens in the cult of the French Renaissance monarchy : public law, royal ceremonial, and political discourse in the history of regency government, 1484-1610 Elizabeth McCartney 1
Queens and mistresses of Renaissance France Kathleen Anne Wellman 1
Queen's mate : three women of power in France on the eve of the Renaissance Pauline Maud Matarasso 1
Queen of the world : opinion in the public life of France from the renaissance to the revolution J. A. W. Gunn 1
Queen Victoria and the Bonapartes Theo Aronson 1
Que sait-on de l'amour en France au XIIe siècle? Georges Duby 1
Quatre cimetières mérovingiens de l'Est de la France : Lavoye, Dieve-sur-Meuse, Mézières-Manchester et Mazerny : etude quantitative et qualitative des pratiques funéraires Bailey K. Young 1
Qu'est-ce que j'apprends! ... Philippe Ganier-Raymond 1
Pétain's crime : the full story of French collaboration in the Holocaust Paul Webster 1
Pétain's Jewish children : French Jewish youth and the Vichy regime, 1940-1942 Daniel Lee 1
Pétain the soldier Stephen Ryan 1
Pétain Nicholas Atkin 1
Pétain Charles Williams 1
Pyrenean prehistory : a palaeoeconomic survey of the French sites Paul G. Bahn 1
Romanticism at the end of history Jerome Christensen 1
Romanticism on the road : the marginal gains of Wordsworth's homeless Toby R. Benis 1
Romanticism, revolution and language : the fate of the word from Samuel Johnson to George Eliot John B. Beer 1
Studies in naval history : biographies John Knox Laughton 1
Summer's lease Celia Larner 1
Suite Francaise : storm in June Moynot 1
Suffering saints : Jansensists and Convulsionnaires in France, 1640-1799 Brian Eugene Strayer 1
Sudden courage : youth in France confront the Germans, 1940-1945 Ronald C. Rosbottom 1
Succeeding at sex and Scotland, or, The case of Louis Morel : a tale of two or more mysteries not excluding the novelist's labyrinth Hunter Steele 1
Styles of Enlightenment : taste, politics and authorship in eighteenth-century France Elena Russo 1
Stuff and money in the time of the French Revolution Rebecca L. Spang 1
Studies in carto-bibliography, British and French, and in the bibliography of itineraries and roadbooks Herbert George Fordham 1
Sunspots and the Sun King : sovereignty and mediation in seventeenth-century France Ellen M. McClure 1
Students and workers : an analytical account of dissent in France, May-June 1968 John Gretton 1
Structural crisis and institutional change in modern capitalism : French capitalism in transition Bruno Amable 1
Strong of body, brave and noble : chivalry and society in medieval France Constance Brittain Bouchard 1
Strength in numbers : population, reproduction, and power in eighteenth-century France Carol Blum 1
Strategy and ethnic conflict : a method, theory and case study Laure Paquette 1
Strategy and command : the Anglo-French coalition on the Western Front, 1914 Roy A. Prete 1
Strategies for change : the future of French society Michel Crozier 1
Sunlight hours Caroline Caugant 1
Superior women : medieval female authority in Poitiers' Abbey of Sainte-Croix Jennifer C. Edwards 1
Soldiers of Christ : preaching in late medieval and reformation France Larissa Taylor 1
Swann in love Stéphane Heuet 1
Sword of France : a novel Hilary Condé-Mark 1
Swiftly : a novel Adam Roberts 1
Swiftly Adam Roberts 1
Sweet land of liberty : America in the mind of the French left, 1848-1871 Thomas Sancton 1
Sweet encore : a road trip from Paris to Portugal (via northern Spain) Karen Wheeler 1
Swastika over Paris Jeremy Josephs 1
Swann's way Stéphane Heuet 1
Swan's way Marcel Proust 1
Supplement to the History of the Barons de Spon, Comtes zu Forbach and allied families Seymour de Spon De Spon 1
Swallows & robins : the laughs & tears of a holiday home owner Susie Kelly 1
Susi Madron's cycling in France : discover the secret heart of France Susi Madron 1
Surviving the French Revolution : a bridge across time Bette Wyn Oliver 1
Survival guide to France Huw Lloyd-Jones 1
Surrealism, history and revolution Simon Baker 1
Surprised by France Donald Carroll 1
Sur l'histoire ʹeconomique de la France mʹediʹevale : la route,la fleuve,la foire Robert-Henri Bautier 1
Strangers on the Western Front : Chinese workers in the Great War Guoqi Xu 1
Strange revelations : magic, poison, and sacrilege in Louis XIV's France Lynn Wood Mollenauer 1
Strange allies : Britain, France and the dilemmas of disarmament and security, 1929-1933 Andrew Webster 1
Souvenirs of Madame Vigée Le Brun Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun 1
Spatial patterns in Magdalenian open air sites from the Isle Valley, Southwestern France Todd A. Koetje 1
Sparrow : the story of Joan of Arc Michael Morpurgo 1
Spanish steps : travels with my donkey Tim Moore 1
Spanish steps : one man and his ass on the pilgrim way to Santiago Tim Moore 1
Sovereignty, international law, and the French revolution Edward James Kolla 1
Souvenirs of Madame Vigée Le Brun. Volume 2 Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun 1
Souvenirs of Madame Vigée Le Brun. Volume 1 Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun 1
Sous les paves ... the troubles : Northern Ireland, France and the European collective memory of 1968 Chris Reynolds 1
Storied places : pilgrim shrines, nature, and history in early modern France Virginia Reinburg 1
Sources et reflets de l'histoire de France Madelyn Gutwirth 1
Soult : Napoleon's maligned marshal Peter Hayman 1
Sophie de Grouchy's letters on sympathy Marie-Louise-Sophie de Grouchy Condorcet 1
Sons of the Revolution : radical democrats in France, 1862-1914 Judith F. Stone 1
Song for Eloise Leigh Sauerwein 1
Son of Serge Bastarde John Dummer 1
Somewhere in France, 1939 C. Gibson 1
Spectacular politics : Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte and the Fête impériale, 1849-1870 Matthew Truesdell 1
Spectacular realities : early mass culture in fin-de-siècle Paris Vanessa R. Schwartz 1
Spider king : the Schoonover collection Lawrence L. Schoonover 1
Spilling the beans on Joan of Arc and the burning issues of the time Victoria Parker 1
Stonekiller J. Robert Janes 1
Stone bruises Simon Beckett 1
Stendhal and the age of Napoleon Gita May 1
Stavisky : a confidence man in the republic of virtue Paul Jankowski 1
Status, authority and regional power : Aquitaine and France, 9th to 12th centuries Jane Martindale 1
Statistical demography Roland Pressat 1
States' gains, labor's losses : China, France, and Mexico choose global liaisons, 1980-2000 Dorothy J. Solinger 1
States of marriage : gender, justice, and rights in colonial Mali Emily Burrill 1
State-making and labor movements : France and the United States, 1876-1914 Gerald Friedman 1
State-building in medieval France : studies in early Angevin history Bernard S. Bachrach 1
State formation in early modern Alsace, 1648-1789 Stephen A. Lazer 1
Stanfield's coast scenery : a series of views in the British Channel, from original drawings taken expressly for the work Clarkson Stanfield 1
Stagestruck : the business of theater in eighteenth-century France and its colonies Lauren Clay 1
Spotlight on France Bobbie Kalman 1
Spilling the beans on- Napoleon Bonaparte and his counterparts Mick Gowar 1
Sébastien Roch Octave Mirbeau 1
Ségolène Royal : a biography Robert Harneis 1
Tahiti beyond the postcard : power, place, and everyday life Miriam Kahn 1
The Anti-Jacobins, 1798-1800 : the early contributors to the Anti-Jacobin review Emily Lorraine De Montluzin 1
The Bastille : a history of a symbol of despotism and freedom Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink 1
The Barbary figs Rachid Boudjedra 1
The Axis occupation of Europe then and now Winston G. Ramsey 1
The Australian Imperial Force in France 1916 C. E. W. Bean 1
The Auld Alliance : the Franco-Scottish connection Gordon Donaldson 1
The Auld Alliance Hubert Fenwick 1
The Art of survival : France and the Great War picaresque Libby Murphy 1
The Anglo-Swedish alliance against Napoleonic France Christer Jörgensen 1
The Albigensian Crusade Bernard Hamilton 1
The Anglo-French clash in Lebanon and Syria, 1940-45 A. B. Gaunson 1
The Angevin legacy and the Hundred Years War 1250-1340 M. G. A. Vale 1
The Amiens truce : Britain and Bonaparte, 1801-1803 John D. Grainger 1
The American trap : my battle to expose America's secret economic war against the rest of the world Frédéric Pierucci 1
The Algerian war, the Algerian Revolution Natalya Vince 1
The Algerian war, 1954-1962 Martin Windrow 1
The Algeria Hotel : France, memory, and the Second World War Adam Nossiter 1
The Bastille falls Simon Schama 1
The Bastille spy C. S. Quinn 1
The Battle of France 10 May-22 June 1940 : six weeks which changed the world Philip Warner 1
The Battle of France, 1940, 10 May - 22 June Philip Warner 1
The British and French in the Atlantic 1650-1800 : comparisons and contrasts Gwenda Morgan 1
The Briennes : The rise and fall of a Champenois Dynasty in the age of the Crusades, c. 950-1356 Guy J. M. Perry 1
The Breath of the Rose : the second Agnes de Souarcy mystery Andrea H. Japp 1
The Bourbon kings of France Desmond Seward 1
The Boulanger Affair reconsidered : royalism, Boulangism, and the origins of the radical right in France William D. Irvine 1
The Bonnot Gang : the story of the French illegalists Richard Parry 1
The Body broken : the Calvinist doctrine of the Eucharist and the symbolization of power in sixteenth-century France Christopher Elwood 1
The Blitzkrieg campaigns : Germany's 'Lightning War' strategy in action John Delaney 1
The Blanqui reader : political writings, 1830-1880 Auguste Blanqui 1
The Black Virgin Fabien Vehlmann 1
The Black Prince and the Grande Chevauchée of 1355 Mollie M. Madden 1
The Bernonville affair : a French war criminal in post-WWII Québec Yves Lavertu 1
The Bedford inventories : the worldly goods of John, Duke of Bedford, Regent of France (1389-1435) Jenny Stratford 1
The Battle of Trafalgar 1805 Florian Richter 1
The Battle of Trafalgar Martin Robson 1
The Algeria Hotel Adam Nossiter 1
The Agincourt war : a military history of the latter part of the Hundred Years War from 1369 to 1453 Alfred Higgins Burne 1
Take the long way home : an artistic journey Rod Holt 1
Taste and power : furnishing Modern France Leora Auslander 1
Tendances : social and cultural trends in modern France Mark Stroud 1
Templar Jordan Mechner 1
Telling lies Tricia Glensor 1
Telling (French) tales Edna Mae 1
Teens in France Nickie Kranz 1
Teachers, writers, celebrities : the intellectuals of modern France Régis Debray 1
Taylorism in France 1904-1920 : the impact of scientific management on factory relations and society George G. Humphreys 1
Taste & corruption Theodore Zeldin 1
The Abyssinian Jean-Christophe Rufin 1
Tangled destiny : France, Europe and the Anglo-Saxons Roger Woodhouse 1
Tallien : a brief romance Frederic Tuten 1
Talleyrand, prophet of the Entente Cordiale Maurice Schumann 1
Talleyrand in London : the master diplomat's last mission Linda Kelly 1
Talleyrand Philip G. Dwyer 1
Tales from Balzac Honoré de Balzac 1
Taking a line for a walk : 1000 miles on foot Le Havre to Rome Christopher Lambert 1
Tennessee Williams in Sweden and France, 1945-1965 : cultural translations, sexual anxieties and racial fantasies Dirk Gindt 1
Terence Conran's France Terence Conran 1
Territorial ambitions and the gardens of Versailles Chandra Mukerji 1
Terror : a play in one act Joan Greening 1
The Abbé Grégoire and the French Revolution / the making of modern universalism Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall 1
The 2017 French presidential elections : a political reformation? Jocelyn Evans 1
The (true?) story of Eustace the monk Kathryn Bedford 1
The 'Black Horror on the Rhine' : intersections of race, nation, gender and class in 1920s Germany Iris Wigger 1
The "Which?" guide to France Adam Ruck 1
That scoundrel Émile Dubois, or, The light of other days Lucinda Elliot 1
That long lost summer Minna Howard 1
That deplorable boy Jasper Barry 1
Thank you for this moment : a story of love, power and betrayal Valérie Trierweiler 1
Testimony : English version of Temoignage Nicolas Sarkozy 1
Terrorism and communism : a contribution to the natural history of revolution Karl Kautsky 1
Terror in the French Revolution Hugh Gough 1
Terror and terroir : the winegrowers of the Languedoc and modern France Andrew W. M. Smith 1
Terror and repression in revolutionary Marseilles William Scott 1
Terror and its discontents : suspect words in revolutionary France Caroline Weber 1
Solomon's thieves. Book one Jordan Mechner 1
Soldier and peasant in french popular culture, 1766-1870 David M. Hopkin 1
Romanticism, revolution, and language John B. Beer 1
Saints of the impossible : Bataille, Weil, and the politics of the sacred Alexander Irwin 1
Sarah & Abraham : the search for miracles and the stuttering poet Sarah Engelhard 1
Sans-culottes : an eighteenth-century emblem in the French Revolution Michael Sonenscher 1
Sandi Toksvig's guide to France Sandi Toksvig 1
Sam White's Paris Sam White 1
Salty, bitter, sweet Mayra Cuevas 1
Salonnieres, furies and fairies : the politics of gender in absolutist France Anne E. Duggan 1
Saints' lives and the rhetoric of gender : male and female in Merovingian hagiography John Kitchen 1
Saint-Simonians in nineteenth-century France : from free love to Algeria Pamela M. Pilbeam 1
Satire, prints and theatricality in the French Revolution Claire Trévien 1
Saint-Simon at Versailles Louis de Rouvroy Saint-Simon 1
Saint-Simon and the court of Louis XIV Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 1
Saint-Just Norman Hampson 1
Saint-Boniface and its Jews : a novel Nathalie Gara 1
Saint Marie Antoinette Robert Connolly 1
Saint Louis : crusader king of France Jean Richard 1
Saint Louis Jacques Le Goff 1
Sarah's key Tatiana de Rosnay 1
Satori in Paris Jack Kerouac 1
Soldier and peasant in French popular culture, 1766-1830 David M. Hopkin 1
Scarlet pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 1
Science, industry and the social order in post-revolutionary France Robert Fox 1
Science in France in the revolutionary era Thomas Bugge 1
Schriften zur Sozialreform : das Berkaer Projekt Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz 1
Schillers rebellionskonzept und die Französische revolution Jeffrey L. High 1
Scenes from the marriage of Louis XIV : nuptial fictions and the making of absolutist power Abby E. Zanger 1
Scenarios of the imaginary : theorizing the French enlightenment Josué V. Harari 1
Scarlet wind Frances Burke 1
Scarlet and black Stendhal 1
Savage tales : the writings of Paul Gauguin Linda Goddard 1
Scarlet and black Duncan Campbell-Smith 1
Scaramouche the King-maker Rafael Sabatini 1
Scaramouche : a romance of the French revolution Rafael Sabatini 1
Saving Mona Lisa : the battle to protect the Louvre and its treasures from the Nazis Gerri Chanel 1
Saving Mona Lisa : the battle to protect the Louvre & its treasures during World War II Gerri Chanel 1
Savages. Volume 2, The spectre Sabri Louatah 1
Savages. Volume 1, The wedding Sabri Louatah 1
Saint Joan of Arc : burned as a heretic, May 30, 1431, canonised as a saint, May 16, 1920 V. Sackville-West 1
Saharan Jews and the fate of French Algeria Sarah Abrevaya Stein 1
Sacré bleu : a comedy d'art Christopher Moore 1
Rousseau, Burke, and revolution in France, 1791 Jennifer J. Popiel 1
Royal succession in Capetian France : studies on familial order and the state Andrew W. Lewis 1
Royal spy : The strange case of the Chevalier D'Eon Edna Nixon 1
Royal road to Fotheringay Jean Plaidy 1
Royal imposter Sonja S. Key 1
Royal flush : the story of Minette Margaret Irwin 1
Royal censorship of books in eighteenth-century France Raymond Birn 1
Rousseauism and education in eighteenth-century France Jean Bloch 1
Rousseau's legacy : emergence and eclipse of the writer in France Dennis Porter 1
Sacred ends Lisa Appignanesi 1
Rough Guide to Provence & Cote d'Azur Neville Walker 1
Rouen during the Wars of Religion Philip Benedict 1
Rosie's French journals : a spaniel's view of living in rural France J. H. Woolley 1
Rose Mellie Rose : with "the story of the triptych" Marie Redonnet 1
Roosevelt and the French Mario Rossi 1
Roosevelt and de Gaulle : allies in conflict : a personal memoir Raoul Aglion 1
Romantics and renegades : the poetics of political reaction Charles Mahoney 1
Royalist political thought during the French revolution James L. Osen 1
Rulership in France, 15th-17th centuries Ralph E. Giesey 1
Rules of exchange : French capitalism in comparative perspective, eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries Alessandro Stanziani 1
Ruling oneself out : a theory of collective abdications Ivan Ermakoff 1
Sacred dread : Raïssa Maritain, the allure of suffering, and the French Catholic revival (1905/1944) Brenna Moore 1
Sacred boundaries : religious coexistence and conflict in early-modern France Keith P. Luria 1
Sacred bonds of solidarity : the rise of Jewish internationalism in nineteenth-century France Lisa Moses Leff 1
Sa femme : or the other woman Emmanuèle Bernheim 1
République Française Emmanuelle Waeckerlé 1
Régis Debray : a critical introduction Keith Reader 1
Russian émigrés in the intellectual and literary life of inter-war France : a bibliographical essay Leonid Livak 1
Russia, France, and the idea of Europe Julie M. Newton 1
Rural society and French politics : Boulangism and the Dreyfus affair 1886-1900 Michael Burns 1
Rural living in France : a survival handbook J. C. Jeremy Hobson 1
Rural history in the North Sea area : an overview of recent research, Middle Ages-twentieth century Erik Thoen 1
Rural communism in France, 1920-1939 Laird Boswell 1
Rural France : the people, places and character of the Frenchman's France John Ardagh 1
Ruling women. Volume 2, Configuring the female prince in seventeenth-century French drama Derval Conroy 1
Ruling women. Volume 1, Government, virtue, and the female prince in seventeenth-century France Derval Conroy 1
Scotland, England and France after the loss of Normandy, 1204-1296 : "Auld Amitie" M. A. Pollock 1
Screening reality : French documentary film during the German occupation Steve Wharton 1
Season of infamy : a diary of war and occupation, 1939-1945 Charles Rist 1
Sinking the French : at war with our ally, 1940 David W. Wragg 1
Sleeping with the enemy Evelyn Anthony 1
Sixty million Frenchmen can't be wrong : (why we love France but not the French) Jean-Benoît Nadeau 1
Six hundred years of reform : bishops and the French church, 1190-1789 Michael Hayden 1
Sites of the spectator : emerging literary and cultural practice in eighteenth-century France Suzanne R. Pucci 1
Sister republics : the origins of French and American republicanism Patrice Higonnet 1
Sir William Trumbull in Paris : 1685-1686 Ruth Clark 1
Sir Percy hits back Emmuska Orczy Orczy 1
Sink the French : the French Navy after the fall of France 1940 David W. Wragg 1
Siam and the West, 1500-1700 Dirk van der Cruysse 1
Singing the French Revolution : popular culture and politics 1787-1799 Laura Mason 1
Simple guide to France : customs & etiquette Danielle Robinson 1
Simple etiquette in France Marie-Thérèse Byram 1
Simone Weil on colonialism : an ethic of the other Simone Weil 1
Silent night Charles Ellingworth 1
Silas Deane, Revolutionary War diplomat and politician Milton C. Van Vlack 1
Signing the body : marks on skin in early modern France Katherine Dauge-Roth 1
Slow boat through France Hugh McKnight 1
Slow journey south : walking to Africa - a year in footsteps Paula Constant 1
Slow way to Paris John Chapman 1
So speaks the heart Johanna Lindsey 1
Society, theory and the French Revolution : studies in the revolutionary imaginary Brian C. J. Singer 1
Society, government and the enlightenment : the experiences of eighteenth-century France and Prussia C. B. A. Behrens 1
Society in crisis : France in the sixteenth century J. H. M. Salmon 1
Society at war : the experience of England and France during the Hundred Years War C. T. Allmand 1
Society and politics in revolutionary Bordeaux Alan Forrest 1
Society and government in France under Richelieu and Mazarin, 1624-61 Richard Bonney 1
Societies in upheaval : insurrections in France, Hungary and Spain in the early eighteenth century Linda Frey 1
Societies in change Colin Shephard 1
Socialism of a different kind : reshaping the left in France Bernard E. Brown 1
Social-nationalism : an anatomy of French Euroscepticism Bertrand Benoit 1
Social movements in France : towards a new citizenship Sarah Waters 1
Social history of France in the nineteenth century Christophe Charle 1
Social equality in education : France and England 1789-1939 Ann Margaret Doyle 1
Social change in modern France : towards a cultural anthropology of the Fifth Republic Henri Mendras 1
Social change in France Michalina Vaughan 1
Sick heroes : French society and literature in the romantic age, 1750-1850 Allan H. Pasco 1
Shot & grape tour : Bordeaux to Burley-in-Wharfedale Andrew Webster 1
Sebastian Castellio, 1515-1563 : humanist and defender of religious toleration in a confessional age Hans R. Guggisberg 1
Seducing the French : the dilemma of Americanization Richard F. Kuisel 1
Selling French dreams Alan Biggins 1
Selling British books in France : a market survey Vivienne Menkes-Ivry 1
Selected short stories [of] Honoré de Balzac Honoré de Balzac 1
Selected short stories Honoré de Balzac 1
Selected short stories Guy de Maupassant 1
Seeking imperialism's embrace : national identity, decolonization, and assimilation in the French Caribbean Kristen Stromberg Childers 1
Seeds of change : peasants, nobles and rural revolution in 18th-century France Robert Forster 1
Security, defense discourse and identity in NATO and Europe : how France changed foreign policy Falk Ostermann 1
Shorn women : gender and punishment in liberation France Fabrice Virgili 1
Securing American independence : John Jay and the French alliance Frank W. Brecher 1
Secular assemblages : affect, orientalism and power in the French Enlightenment Marek Sullivan 1
Secrets of the Cirque Medrano : a novel Elaine Scott 1
Secrets in the snow : a novel of intrigue and romance Michaela MacColl 1
Secret service : British agents in France, 1792-1815 Elizabeth Sparrow 1
Second chance : in combat with the U.S. 'Texas' Infantry, the OSS, and the French resistance during the liberation of France, 1943-1946 Stephen J. Weiss 1
Second Empire and Commune : France 1848-1871 W. H. C. Smith 1
Selling mothers' milk : the wet-nursing business in France 1715-1914 George D. Sussman 1
Send her victorious Alexander Cordell 1
Sentimental education : The story of a young man Gustave Flaubert 1
Separate beds Elizabeth Buchan 1
Shanghai on the Mʹetro : spies, intrigue, and the French between the wars Michael B. Miller 1
Shakespeare, Marlowe and the politics of France Richard Hillman 1
Shakespeare and the French borders of English Michael Saenger 1
Shadows of yesterday Ann Wardlaw 1
Shadows of revolution : reflections on France, past and present David A. Bell 1
Sexuality and cultural degeneration in Enlightenment France : medicine and literature Mary McAlpin 1
Sex, honor and citizenship in early Third Republic France Andrea Mansker 1
Seventeenth century France G. R. R. Treasure 1
Seven Lears : the pursuit of the good ; Golgo : sermons on pain and privilege Howard Barker 1
Settlement and social organization : the Merovingian region of Metz Guy Halsall 1
Settlement and economy in Neolithic northern France J. M. Howell 1
Setting up in France Laetitia de Warren 1
Serving France, Ireland and England : Ruvigny, Earl of Galway, 1648-1720 Marie M. Léoutre 1
Serge bastards ate my baguette : on the road in the real rural France John Dummer 1
Sepulchre Kate Mosse 1
The Lit de justice of the kings of France : constitutional ideology in legend, ritual, and discourse Sarah Hanley 1
The cult of the legislator in France 1750-1830 : a study in the political theology of the French enlightenment David A. Wisner 1
The Louisiana Purchase : a global context Robert D. Bush 1
The su[r]prise of love = La seconde surprise de l'amour Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux 1
The swimming pool season Rose Tremain 1
The survival of the Jews in France : 1940-44 Jacques Sémelin 1
The surgeon's mate Patrick O'Brian 1
The superstitious mind : French peasants and the supernatural in the nineteenth century Judith Devlin 1
The sun king rises Yves Jégo 1
The sun king : Louis XIV, France and Europe, 1643-1715 : A/AS level history for AQA. Student book David Hickman 1
The suffering of the immigrant Abdelmalek Sayad 1
The subject medieval/modern : text and governance in the Middle Ages Peter Haidu 1
The structure of the terror : the example of Javogues and the Loire Colin Lucas 1
The three musketeers Lance Stahlberg 1
The story of war : church and propaganda in France and Sweden 1610-1710 Anna Maria Forssberg 1
The story of the Chevalier Des Grieux and Manon Lescaut Prévost 1
The story of Madame Tussaud Audrey Daly 1
The story of Joan of Arc Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel 1
The story of French New Orleans : history of a creole city Dianne Guenin-Lelle 1
The state, France and the sixteenth century Howell A. Lloyd 1
The state and the market economy : industrial patriotism and economic intervention in France Jack Ernest Shalom Hayward 1
The stakes of regulation : perspectives on Bread, politics and political economy forty years later Steven L. Kaplan 1
The swimming pool season : a novel Rose Tremain 1
The sword and the shield : Britain, America, NATO, and nuclear weapons, 1970-1976 Kristan Stoddart 1
The taking of the Bastille, July 14th, 1789 Jacques Léon Godechot 1
The tangled thread Cynthia Harrod-Eagles 1
The three musketeers Joan Cameron 1
The three musketeers Diane Mowat 1
The three musketeers Clarissa Hutton 1
The three musketeers Bruce Buchanan 1
The thought gang Tibor Fischer 1
The thirteenth of May : the advent of de Gaulle's republic Charles Maier 1
The things you do for love Rachel Crowther 1
The terror of natural right : republicanism, the cult of nature, and the French Revolution Dan Edelstein 1
The terror in the French Revolution Norman Hampson 1
The terror in the French Revolution Hugh Gough 1
The terror in the French Revolution H. Gough 1
The territory of the historian Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 1
The terrible year: the Paris Commune, 1871 Alistair Horne 1
The terminal man Alfred Mehran 1
The tenth chamber Glenn Cooper 1
The ten year war : the dramatized story of an endangered nation Brigitte Poirson 1
The tar man Linda Buckley-Archer 1
The stain Rikki Ducornet 1
The spymaster's lady Joanna Bourne 1
The spoils of conquest Seth Hunter 1
The social architecture of French cinema, 1929-1939 Margaret C. Flinn 1
The sky over the Louvre Yslaire 1
The sixth lamentation William Brodrick 1
The sisters of Versailles : a novel Sally Christie 1
The simple guide to France : customs and etiquette Danielle Robinson 1
The silence of the sea/ = Le silence de la mer : a novel of French resistance during World War II Vercors 1
The siege of Orléans and the Loire campaign : Joan of Arc and the passage to victory 1428-29 Stéphane W. Gondoin 1
The short reign of Pippin IV : a fabrication John Steinbeck 1
The shock of the ancient : literature & history in early modern France Larry F. Norman 1
The shawl : time passed by, stitch by stitch : a short story Noël Blatchford 1
The sharpest fight : the 95th Rifles at Tarbes 20th March 1814 Michael Ayrton 1
The shaping of modern France : writings on French history since 1715 James Friguglietti 1
The shaping of liberal politics in revolutionary France : a comparative perspective Anne Sa'adah 1
The shadow of the guillotine : Britain and the French Revolution David Bindman 1
The shadow of enlightenment : optical and political transparency in France, 1789-1848 Theresa Levitt 1
The shadow emperor : a biography of Napoleon III Alan Strauss-Schom 1
The seven letters Jan Harvey 1
The serpent of the valois Peter Mowbray 1
The snow was dirty Georges Simenon 1
The social conflict in France (19 May-31 December 1974) Antoine Bonnemaison 1
The spirit of the Revolution of 1789 : and other writings on the revolutionary epoch P.-L. Roederer 1
The social economy & social ownership : a new concept : the French example W. P. Watkins 1
The spectrum of political engagement : Mounier, Benda, Nizan, Brasillah, Sartre David L. Schalk 1
The spectrum of political engagement : Mounier, Benda, Nizan, Brasillach, Sartre David L. Schalk 1
The spectre of Babeuf Ian H. Birchall 1
The space between words Michèle Phoenix 1
The southern French nobility and the Albigensian Crusade Elaine Graham-Leigh 1
The soul of a thief Steven Hartov 1
The sorrow and the pity : chronicle of a French city under the German occupation, a film Marcel Ophüls 1
The sorcerer of Sainte Felice Ann Finnin 1
The song of the Cathar wars : a history of the Albigensian Crusade de Tudèle Guillaume 1
The song of the Cathar Wars : a history of the Albigensian crusade of Tudela William 1
The society of prisoners : Anglo-French wars and incarceration in the eighteenth century Renaud Morieux 1
The socialite : a novel J'nell Ciesielski 1
The social origins of political regionalism : france 1849-1981 William Brustein 1
The social origins of a labor elite : French engine-drivers, 1837-1917 Margot B. Stein 1
The social life of hagiography in the Merovingian kingdom Jamie Kreiner 1
The social interpretation of the French Revolution Alfred Cobban 1
The social economy of France Peter Coffey 1
The three musketeers Ken Ludwig 1
The three musketeers Michael Leitch 1
The serpent and the moon : two rivals for the love of a Renaissance king Princess of Kent Michael 1
The way of Saint James : a pilgrimage to Santiago de Conpostela James Bentley 1
The wild ass's skin : (La peau de chagrin) Honoré de Balzac 1
The wicked queen : the origins of the myth of Marie-Antoinette Chantal Thomas 1
The white path Viviane Moore 1
The week France fell : June 1940 Noel Barber 1
The wedding favor Cara Connelly 1
The way of St James : a cyclists' guide John Higginson 1
The way of St James : Le Puy to Santiago : a cyclist's guide John Higginson 1
The way of Saint James ; or, The pilgrims' road to Santiago Thomas Arthur Layton 1
The way by Swann's Marcel Proust 1
The three musketeers Oliver Ho 1
The wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon, 1792-1815 Owen Connelly 1
The war of wars : the epic struggle between Britain and France, 1789-1815 Robert Harvey 1
The war of wars : the epic struggle between Britain and France 1793-1815 Robert Harvey 1
The war guilt problem and the Ligue des Droits de l'Homme, 1914-1944 Norman Ingram 1
The war against Paris 1871 Robert Tombs 1
The walker-through-walls, and other stories Marcel Aymé 1
The wager of Lucien Goldmann : tragedy, dialectics, and a hidden god Mitchell Cohen 1
The vow Frances Lobb 1
The wine lover's guide to Burgundy Michael Busselle 1
The wine lover's guide to France Michael Busselle 1
The wine lover's guide to the Rhône and South-East France Michael Busselle 1
The winter is over : writings on transformation denied, 1989-1995 Antonio Negri 1
The writer's gift or the patron's pleasure? : the literary economy in late medieval France Deborah L. McGrady 1
The worlds of Doctor Renaudot Erika Green 1
The world of the troubadours : medieval Occitan society, c. 1100-c. 1300 Linda M. Paterson 1
The world of the salons : sociability and worldliness in eighteenth-century Paris Antoine Lilti 1
The world of the impressionists Steven Adams 1
The world of Orderic Vitalis Marjorie Chibnall 1
The world is not for sale : farmers against junk food José Bové 1
The world at night Alan Furst 1
The workroom : (L'atelier) Jean-Claude Grumberg 1
The work of Atget Eugène Atget 1
The word from Paris : essays on modern French thinkers and writers John Sturrock 1
The wonders of Vilayet : being the memoir, originally in Persian, of a visit to France and Britain Mirza Sheikh I'tesamuddin 1
The women's war Alexandre Dumas 1
The women's war Alexandre Dumas 1
The women of Versailles : a novel Kate Brown 1
The woman question in France, 1400-1870 Karen. Offen 1
The woman of the eighteenth century : her life, from birth to death, her love and her philosophy in the worlds of salon, shop and street Edmond de Goncourt 1
The visitor's guide to the French coast Martin Collins 1
The visitor's guide to Normandy landing beaches, memorials and museums Tonie Holt 1
The vision of Rome in late Renaissance France Margaret M. McGowan 1
The treasure of Montsʹegur : a novel Sophy Burnham 1
The travelling historian's guide to France Robin Neillands 1
The traveller's key to medieval France : a guide to the sacred architecture of medieval France John James 1
The traveller's guide to the wine regions of France Hubrecht Duijker 1
The travel writings of John Moore John Moore 1
The travails of conscience : the Arnauld family and the Ancien Régime Alexander Sedgwick 1
The transvestite memoirs : the Abbé de Choisy Abbie De Choisy 1
The transformation of the year one thousand : the village of Lournand from antiquity to feudalism Guy Bois 1
The tragedy of Sir John French George H. Cassar 1
The tour of 1929 and Easter 1951 Marianne Nicholl 1
The time of theory : a history of Tel Quel (1960-1983) Patrick Ffrench 1
The time of terror Seth Hunter 1
The tide watchers : a novel Melissa James 1
The three musketeers and the affair of the queen's diamonds Susan Gates 1
The three musketeers : le panteau! : a pantomine Richard Lloyd 1
The three musketeers Willis Hall 1
The three musketeers Roy Thomas 1
The three musketeers Rebecca Levene 1
The travels of Francis Tallents in France and Switzerland, 1671-1673 Francis Tallents 1
The trial of Madame Caillaux Edward Berenson 1
The vineyards of France Don Philpott 1
The trouble with France Martin Lloyd 1
The victory of seapower : winning the Napoleonic War 1806-1814 Richard Woodman 1
The veil of silence Djura 1
The vanishing peasant : innovation and change in French agriculture Henri Mendras 1
The vagrant Crawford Potter 1
The vagabond Bernard Cornwell 1
The uprooted : race, children, and imperialism in French Indochina, 1890-1980 Christina Elizabeth Firpo 1
The unseen terror : the French Revolution in the provinces Richard Ballard 1
The unloved Deborah Levy 1
The unknown masterpiece and other stories Honoré de Balzac 1
The universal spider : the life of Louis XI of France Philippe de Comines 1
The ungovernable rock : a history of the Anglo-Corsican kingdom and its role in Britain's Mediterranean strategy during the Revolutionary War (1793-1797) Desmond Gregory 1
The unfinished Enlightenment : description in the age of the encyclopedia Joanna Stalnaker 1
The uneasy Entente : French foreign policy and Franco-British misunderstandings Dorothy Maud Pickles 1
The two Tocquevilles : father and son : Hervé and Alexis de Tocqueville on the coming of the French Revolution Hervé de Tocqueville 1
The twilight of French eastern alliances, 1926-1936 : French-Czechoslovak-Polish relations from Locarno to the remilitarization of the Rhineland Piotr S. Wandycz 1
The truth about Cora Pearl Pearl Binder 1
The trouble with history : morality, revolution, and counterrevolution Adam Michnik 1
The serpent and the moon : two rivals for the love of a renassaince king Princess of Kent Michael 1
The serf, the knight, and the historian Dominique Barthélemy 1
The Louvre and Versailles : the evolution of the proto-typical palace in the age of absolutism Christopher Tadgell 1
The private memoirs of Madame Roland Roland 1
The question of Hu Jonathan D. Spence 1
The queen's diamonds Roger Macdonald 1
The pursuit of reality : the Némirovsky effect H. R. Kedward 1
The puppet master : a novel Liz Greene 1
The prophecy Lily Blake 1
The problem of democracy in postwar Europe : political actors and the formation of the postwar model of democracy in France, West Germany and Italy Pepijn Corduwener 1
The prizes of war : the naval prize system in the Napoleonic Wars, 1793-1815 J. R. Hill 1
The privileged partnership : Franco-German relations in the European Community 1969-1984 Haig Simonian 1
The private life of Marie Antoinette Campan 1
The reluctant king : Joseph Bonaparte, King of the two Sicilies and Spain Michael Ross 1
The prisoner from Perrecy : the story of one of Napoleon's officers who died in Hampshire Audrey Deacon 1
The prisoner Marcel Proust 1
The pride of place : local memories & political culture in nineteenth-century France Stéphane Gerson 1
The price of media capture and the looting of newspapers in interwar France Vincent Bignon 1
The press in the French Revolution : a selection of documents taken from the press of the Revolution for the years 1789-1794 John Gilchrist 1
The presidents of the French fifth republic David S. Bell 1
The president Georges Simenon 1
The prehistoric chamber tombs of France : a geological morphological and chronological survey Glyn Daniel 1
The radical bourgeoisie : the Ligue de l'enseignement and the origins of the Third Republic 1866-1885 Kate Auspitz 1
The rainbow bridge A. M. Flegg 1
The ramparts of nations : institutions and immigration policies in France and the United States Jeffrey M. Togman 1
The real Bluebeard : the life of Gilles de Rais Jean Benedetti 1
The reluctant ally : France and Atlantic security Michael M. Harrison 1
The relations of history and geography : studies in England, France and the United States H. C. Darby 1
The reign of Philip the Fair Joseph R. Strayer 1
The register of Eudes of Rouen Archbishop of Rouen Odo Rigaldus 1
The regions of France : a reference guide to history and culture Wayne Northcutt 1
The regionalist movement in France, 1890-1914 : Jean Charles-Brun and French political thought Julian Wright 1
The refugees : a tale of two continents Arthur Conan Doyle 1
The refugees Arthur Conan Doyle 1
The reform of zeal : François de Sales and militant French Catholicism Thomas A. Donlan 1
The rediscovery of America : transatlantic crosscurrents in an age of revolution Stuart Andrews 1
The red and the black : authoritative text context and backgrounds criticism Stendhal 1
The recovery of France in the fifteenth century P. S. Lewis 1
The rebellious century, 1830-1930 Charles Tilly 1
The rebel princess Judith Koll Healey 1
The real queen of France Lisa Hilton 1
The real Traviata : the song of Marie Duplessis René Weis 1
The real Joan of Arc? : a history mystery Terry Deary 1
The practice of everyday life. Vol.2, Living and cooking Michel de Certeau 1
The powers of law : a comparative analysis of sociopolitical legal studies Mauricio García Villegas 1
The power of large numbers : population, politics, and gender in nineteenth-century France Joshua Cole 1
The politics of dreaming in the Carolingian empire Paul Edward Dutton 1
The politics of depression in France, 1932-1936 Julian Jackson 1
The politics of cultural policy in France Kim Eling 1
The politics of appearances : representations of dress in revolutionary France Richard Wrigley 1
The politics of French trade unionism : party-union relations at the time of the Union of the Left Jeff Bridgford 1
The politics of French post- colonialist discourse Margaret A. Majumdar 1
The politics of French business 1936-1945 Richard Vinen 1
The politico-administrative institutions of France and the European Union : towards fusion? Christian Lequesne 1
The poet assassinated Guillaume Apollinaire 1
The place of words : the Académie Française and its dictionary during an age of revolution Michael P. Fitzsimmons 1
The pilgrim's guide to Santiago de Compostela : a gazetteer Anne Shaver-Crandell 1
The pilgrim route to Santiago Robert Brian Tate 1
The physician-legislators of France Jack D. Ellis 1
The philosopher's kiss : a novel Peter Prange 1
The phantom white hare and other tales Alexandre Dumas 1
The performance of self : ritual, clothing and identity during the Hundred Years War Susan Crane 1
The perfidy of Albion : French perceptions of England during the French Revolution Norman Hampson 1
The perfect heresy : the revolutionary life and death of the medieval Cathars Stephen O'Shea 1
The politics of design in French colonial urbanism Gwendolyn Wright 1
The politics of fun : cultural policy and debate in contemporary France David Looseley 1
The postal message scheme of the French Red Cross in France & its African colonies in World War 2 David Trapnell 1
The politics of grand strategy : Britain and France prepare for war, 1904-1914 Samuel R. Williamson 1
The pork butcher David Hughes 1
The population of France D. I. Scargill 1
The popular front and central Europe: the dilemmas of French impotence, 1918-1940 Nicole Jordan 1
The politics of virtue in Enlightenment France Marisa Linton 1
The politics of survival : artisans in twentieth-century France Steven M. Zdatny 1
The politics of survival Marc Abélès 1
The politics of slave trade suppression in Britain and France, 1814-48 : diplomacy, morality and economics Paul Michael Kielstra 1
The politics of religion in early modern France Joseph Bergin 1
The politics of piety : Franciscan preachers during the wars of religion, 1560-1600 Megan C. Armstrong 1
The politics of pessimism : Albert de Broglie and conservative politics in the early Third Republic Alan Grubb 1
The politics of persuasion : British policy and French African neutrality, 1940-1942 Desmond Dinan 1
The politics of memory and identity in Carolingian royal diplomas : the West Frankish Kingdom (840-987) Geoffrey Koziol 1
The politics of integration : law, race and literature in post-war Britain and France Chloe A. Gill-Khan 1
The politics of industrial collaboration during World War II : Ford France, Vichy and Nazi Germany Talbot C. Imlay 1
The politics of immigration in France, Britain, and the United States : a comparative study Martin Schain 1
The politics of grandeur : ideological aspects of de Gaulle's foreign policy Philip G. Cerny 1
The politics of grandeur : ideological aspects of de Gaulle's foreign policy Philip G. Cerny 1
The reluctant enemies : the story of the last war between Britain and France, 1940-1942 Warren Tute 1
The reluctant queen Freda Lightfoot 1
The selected works of Marc Bloch Marc Bloch 1
The royal French state, 1460-1610 Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie 1
The satiric decade : satire and the rise of republicanism in France, 1830-1840 Amy Wiese Forbes 1
The salt roads Nalo Hopkinson 1
The saboteur : true adventures of the gentleman commando who took on the Nazis Paul Kix 1
The ruling passion Alice Acland 1
The ruins of lace Iris Anthony 1
The ruby talisman Belinda Murrell 1
The royal succession Maurice Druon 1
The royal patronage of liturgy in Frankish Gaul to the death of Charles the Bald,(877) Yitzhak Hen 1
The rough guide to France Kate Baillie 1
The reprieve Jean-Paul Sartre 1
The rose of Martinique : a life of Napoleon's Josephine Andrea Stuart 1
The rose arch Linda Sole 1
The role of the Prime Minister in France, 1981-91 Robert Elgie 1
The role of France in the Rwandan genocide Daniela Kroslak 1
The road to the Costa Brava Eric Whelpton 1
The road to Vichy 1918-1938 Yves R. Simon 1
The road to St Helena : Napoleon after Waterloo J. David Markham 1
The road to Santiago : walking the way of St James René Freund 1
The scar of revolution : Custine, Tocqueville, and the romantic imagination Irena Grudzińska-Gross 1
The scarlet cloak Jean Plaidy 1
The scarlet musketeers : a musical Tim Perkins 1
The scarlet stockings : the enchanted riddle Charlotte Kandel 1
The securitization of migration : a study of movement and order Philippe Bourbeau 1
The secret war of Helene de Champlain Hélène De Champlain 1
The secret of the chateau Kathleen McGurl 1
The secret mirror : literary form and history in Tocqueville's Recollections L. E. Shiner 1
The secret life of Josephine : a novel Carolly Erickson 1
The secret life of Josephine : Napoleon's bird of paradise Carolly Erickson 1
The second worst restaurant in France Alexander McCall Smith 1
The second front Douglas Botting 1
The second footman Jasper Barry 1
The second Vendée : the continuity of counter-revolution in the Department of the Gard, 1789-1815 Gwynne Lewis 1
The second Jezebel Peter Mowbray 1
The second French Republic 1848-1852 : a political reinterpretation Christopher Guyver 1
The search for the Man in the Iron Mask : a historical detective story Paul Sonnino 1
The sea has no end : the life of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville Victor J. H. Suthren 1
The sea ahead Shally Hunt 1
The scourge of the eagle : Napoleon and the liberal opposition Louis de Villefosse 1
The school for lies : a play adapted from Moliere's Le misanthrope David Ives 1
The road to Rome via Genoa Eric Whelpton 1
The road to Rivoli : Napoleon's first campaign Martin Boycott-Brown 1
The road to Racque and Rouen! Tim Bulmer 1
The right moment David Belbin 1
The riddle of the deplorable dandy Patricia Veryan 1
The rib of Adam Andrew Chapman 1
The rhyme and reason of politics in early modern Europe : collected essays of Herbert H. Rowen Herbert H Rowen 1
The rhetoric of historical representation : three narrative histories of the French Revolution Ann Rigney 1
The revolutionary career of Maximilien Robespierre David P. Jordan 1
The revolutionary and Napoleonic era, 1789-1815 J. Holland Rose 1
The revolution in provincial France : Aquitaine, 1789-1799 Alan Forrest 1
The revolt Clara Dupont-Monod 1
The return of religion in France : from democratisation to postmetaphysics Enda McCaffrey 1
The retreat from Mons 1914. South, Etreux to the Marne Jon Cooksey 1
The retreat from Mons 1914. North: Casteau to Le Cateau Jon Cooksey 1
The resurrection of Frédéric Debreu Alex Marsh 1
The resurgence of the radical right in France : from Boulangisme to the Front National Gabriel Goodliffe 1
The response of the Royal Army to the French Revolution : the role and development of the line army, 1787-93 Samuel F. Scott 1
The republican moment : the struggle for democracy in nineteenth-century France Philip G. Nord 1
The republic of letters : a cultural history of the French enlightenment Dena Goodman 1
The reprieve Jean-Pierre Gibrat 1
The right in France from the Third Republic to Vichy Kevin Passmore 1
The right-wing press in the French Revolution: 1789-92 W. J. Murray 1
The road to Provence Eric Whelpton 1
The ripening seed Colette 1
The road to Oran : Anglo-French naval relations, September 1939-July 1940 D. K. Brown 1
The road to Crécy : the English invasion of France, 1346 Marilyn Livingstone 1
The road to Compostela Robin Neillands 1
The road to Bordeaux Suzanne Marie Adele Beauclerk St. Albans 1
The road to 1789 : from reform to revolution in France Nora Temple 1
The road taken : three sequences of poems John Hudson 1
The rivals of Versailles : a novel Sally Christie 1
The rise of the Carolingians and the Liber Historiae Francorum Richard A. Gerberding 1
The rise of populism and the collapse of the left-right paradigm : lessons from the 2017 French presidential election Yann Algan 1
The rise of Richelieu Joseph Bergin 1
The rise of Napoleon Robert Lacey 1
The rise of Louis Napoleon F. A. Simpson 1
The rise of De Gaulle and the class struggle Ted Grant 1
The rise and fall of theological enlightenment : Jean-Martin de Prades and ideological polarization in eighteenth-century France Jeffrey D. Burson 1
The rise and fall of the Second Empire, 1852-1871 Alain Plessis 1
The rise and fall of Renaissance France R. J. Knecht 1
The rise Robert B. Asprey 1
The years of Napoleon Christopher John Hunt 1
The young Richelieu : a psychoanalytic approach to leadership Elizabeth Wirth Marvick 1
The young survivors Debra Barnes 1
Watersteps through France : to the Camargue by canal Bill Cooper 1
We'll always have Paris : trying and failing to be French Emma Beddington 1
We'll always have Paris : American tourists in France since 1930 Harvey A. Levenstein 1
We won't budge : an African exile in the world Manthia Diawara 1
We too shall be mothers Sallie Muirden 1
We live in France James Tomlins 1
We are not in the world Conor O'Callaghan 1
We are not afraid Gila Lustiger 1
Watteau's painted conversations : art, literature, and talk in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century France Mary Vidal 1
Waterloo : the aftermath Paul O'Keeffe 1
When poetry ruled the streets : the French May events of 1968 Andrew Feenberg 1
Waterloo : new perspectives : the great battle reappraised David Hamilton-Williams 1
Waterford merchants and their families on distant shores : Waterford traders in Spain and France 1600-1800 Liam Murphy 1
Water into wine : a wine lover's cruise through the vineyards of France Hilary Wright 1
Washington & Napoleon : leadership in the age of revolution Matthew J. Flynn 1
Warships after Washington : the development of the five major fleets 1922-1930 John Jordan 1
Warrior pursuits : noble culture and civil conflict in early modern France Brian Sandberg 1
Warrior girl Pauline Chandler 1
War, wine, and taxes : the political economy of Anglo-French trade, 1689-1900 John V. C. Nye 1
Wealth and Disaster : Atlantic Migrations from a Pyrenean Town in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Pierre Force 1
Weapons of mass diplomacy Abel Lanzac 1
Welcome to France F. George Kay 1
Welcome to France Fiona Conboy 1
When I was young Mary Fitzgerald 1
When I was young Mary FitzGerald 1
What's Left? : the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Right Diane Rubenstein 1
What soldiers do : sex and the American GI in World War II France Mary Louise Roberts 1
What happens in France Carol E. Wyer 1
What do we want from Europe? : French and British attitudes ; report of a seminar held in London 30/31 October 2001 David Goodhart 1
Western Yorubaland under European rule, 1889-1945 : a comparative analysis of French and British colonialism A. I. Asiwaju 1
West Indian planter attitudes to the American and French Revolutions : as seen in MSS in the National Library of Wales Clare Taylor 1
West Germany, Cold War Europe and the Algerian War Mathilde Von Bülow 1
Welsh poetry of the French Revolution, 1789-1805 Cathryn Charnell-White 1
Welsh Ballads of the French Revolution, 1793-1815 Ffion Mair Jones 1
Wellington's rifles : six years to Waterloo with England's legendary sharpshooters Mark Urban 1
Wellington invades France : the final phase of the Peninsular War, 1813-1814 Ian Robertson 1
Wellington and Napoleon : clash of arms 1807-1815 Robin Neillands 1
Welfare Reform : A Comparative Assessment of the French and U. S. Experiences Rosemary A. Stevens 1
Welcome to the free zone Nathalie Gara 1
Welcome to the free zone Ladislas Gara 1
War, states, and contention : a comparative historical study Sidney G. Tarrow 1
War, revolution and the bureaucratic state : politics and army administration in France, 1791-1799 Howard G. Brown 1
War, public opinion and policy in Britain, France and the Netherlands, 1785-1815 Graeme Callister 1
Von Bauern zu Europäern? : der agraristische Diskurs in Frankreich, 1944-1962 Lorraine Bluche 1
Voltaire's calligrapher : a novel Pablo de Santis 1
Voltaire's calligrapher Pablo de Santis 1
Voltaire and the parlements of France James Hanrahan 1
Voices of the people in nineteenth-century France David M. Hopkin 1
Voices of the media : performing linguistic otherness Gaëlle Planchenault 1
Voices of conscience : royal confessors and political counsel in seventeenth-century Spain and France Nicole Reinhardt 1
Vivre Ici : space, place and experience in contemporary French documentary Alison J. Murray Levine 1
Vive la revolution : a stand-up history of the French Revolution Mark Steel 1
Vive la revolution Mark Steel 1
Vive la différence : a souvenir of Britain and France Mike Smith 1
Vive Madame la Dauphine : a biographical novel André Romijn 1
Viva la France? : a French teenager tells of his life under the German occupation Maurice White 1
Vital minimum : need, science, and politics in modern France Dana Simmons 1
Visualizing the nation : gender, representation, and revolution in eighteenth-century France Joan B. Landes 1
Visualizing the Revolution : politics and the pictorial arts in late eighteenth-century France Rolf Reichardt 1
Violet for Bonaparte Geoffrey Trease 1
Violent modernity : France in Algeria Abdelmajid Hannoum 1
Voltaire's politics : the poet as realist Peter Gay 1
Voyage littéraire de deux religieux bénédictins de la Congregation de Saint Maur E. Martène and U. Durand Edmond Martène 1
War, justice and public order : England and France in the later Middle Ages Richard W. Kaeuper 1
Vénus noire : black women and colonial fantasies in nineteenth-century France Robin Mitchell 1
War, domination, and the monarchy of France : Claude de Seyssel and the language of politics in the Renaissance Rebecca Ard Boone 1
War spy Jim Eldridge 1
War of wars : the Napoleonic era Robert Harvey 1
War and society in revolutionary Europe 1770-1870 Geoffrey Best 1
War and liberation in France : living with the liberators Hilary Footitt 1
War and government in the French provinces : Picardy, 1470-1560 David Potter 1
War and chivalry : warfare and aristocratic culture in England, France and Burgundy at the end of the Middle Ages M. G. A. Vale 1
Walter Pater and the French tradition John J. Conlon 1
Walled towns and the shaping of France : from the medieval to the early modern era Michael Wolfe 1
Walking to Hagetmau John Woolley 1
Walking through France : from the Channel to the Camargue Robin Neillands 1
Walking the retreat : the march to the Marne: 1914 revisited Terry Cudbird 1
Walking the hexagon : an escape around France on foot Terry Cudbird 1
Walking in France Gillian Souter 1
Waiting for you Janice Sims 1
Wage rigidity, collective bargaining and the minimum wage : evidence from French agreement data Sanvi Avouyi-Dovi 1
WAR OF IDEAS : british attitudes to the wars against revolutionary france, 1792-1802 Emma Vincent Macleod 1
When ballet became French : modern ballet and the cultural politics of France, 1909-1939 Ilyana Karthas 1
When the French tried to be British : party, opposition, and the quest for civil disagreement, 1814-1848 J. A. W. Gunn 1
The zodiac of Paris : how an improbable controversy over an ancient Egyptian artifact provoked a modern debate between religion and science Jed Z. Buchwald 1
Working women and socialist politics in France 1880-1914 : a regional study Patricia Hilden 1
Writing faith : text, sign & history in the miracles of Sainte Foy Kathleen M. Ashley 1
Writing against revolution : literary conservatism in Britain, 1790-1832 Kevin Gilmartin 1
Writing after postcolonialism : Francophone North African literature in transition Jane Hiddleston 1
Writers' France : a regional panorama John Ardagh 1
Worthy monuments : art museums and the politics of culture in nineteenth-century France Daniel J. Sherman 1
Wormwood : a drama of Paris Marie Corelli 1
World cultures : France Celia Dixie 1
World War II Vichy French security troops Stephen Michael Cullen 1
Working with Napoleon : the memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte 1802-1815 Claude-François Méneval 1
Where to watch birds in France Philippe J. Dubois 1
Wordsworth's second nature : a study of the poetry and politics James K. Chandler 1
Wordsworth : romantic poetry and revolution politics John Williams 1
Word of honor : interpreting noble culture in sixteenth-century France Kristen B. Neuschel 1
Word image and experience : dynamics of miracle and self-perception in sixth-century Gaul Giselle de Nie 1
Women, writing, and revolution, 1790-1827 Gary Kelly 1
Women, power, and religious patronage in the Middle Ages Erin L. Jordan 1
Women, equality, and the French Revolution Candice E. Proctor 1
Women's suffrage and social politics in the French Third Republic Steven C. Hause 1
Writing spatiality in West Africa : colonial legacies in the Anglophone/Francophone novel Madhu Krishnan 1
Writing the revolution : a French woman's history in letters Lindsay A. H. Parker 1
Writing the story of France in World War II : literature and memory, 1942-1958 Michael L. Berkvam 1
Writings on empire and slavery Alexis de Tocqueville 1
Étude historique sur les relations de la France et du royaume de Siam de 1662 à 1703 : d'après les documents inédits des Archives du Ministère de la Marine et des Colonies, avec le fac-simile d'une carte du temps Lucien Lanier 1
État sanitaire entre ancien régime et révolution industrielle : étude paléoépidemiologique de deux populations provençales Marie Perrin 1
Éminence : Cardinal Richelieu and the rise of France Jean-Vincent Blanchard 1
Émigré New York : French intellectuals in wartime Manhattan, 1940-1944 Jeffrey Mehlman 1
Éditions Françaises du XVIe siècle conservées dans le fonds ancien de la Bibliothèque de Saint David's University College, Lampeter (Pays de Galles) : catalogue alphabétique Trevor Peach 1
Échos : cultural discussions for students of French Kimberlee Anne Campbell 1
Zeraffa Giraffa Dianne Hofmeyr 1
Ze French do it better : a lifestyle guide Frédérique Veysset 1
Youth and revolution in the 1790s : [letters of William Pattison, Thomas Amyot and Henry Crabb Robinson] William Pattisson 1
Youth and empire : trans-colonial childhoods in British and French Asia David M. Pomfret 1
Your father's room Michel Déon 1
Young Henry of Navarre Heinrich Mann 1
Yolande of Aragon (1381-1442) family and power : the reverse of the tapestry Zita Eva Rohr 1
Ymateb I chwyldro : barn rahi Cymry blaenllaw ar ddigwyddiadau cychwynnol y Chwyldro Ffrengig = Response to revolution : how the opening events of the French Revolution were perceived by some prominent Welshmen D. O. Thomas 1
Years of plenty, years of want : France and the legacy of the Great War Benjamin F. Martin 1
Y Chwyldro Ffrengig a'r anterliwt : hanes bywyd a marwolaeth Brenin a Brenhines Ffrainc gan Huw Jones, Glanconwy Huw Jones 1
Written on silk L. L. Chaikin 1
Women's rights in France Dorothy E. McBride 1
Women's rights and women's lives in France, 1944-1968 Claire Duchen 1
Women's representations of the occupation in post-'68 France Claire Gorrara 1
Wine regions of France Jane Anson 1
Will & circumstance : Montesquieu, Rousseau and the French Revolution Norman Hampson 1
Wildlife travelling companion: France Bob Gibbons 1
Wild swimming France : discover the most beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls of France Daniel Start 1
Wild France : the animals, plants and landscapes Bob Gibbons 1
Why there is no poststructuralism in France : the making of an intellectual generation Johannes Angermuller 1
Why my father died : a daughter confronts her family's past at the trial of Klaus Barbie Annette Kahn 1
Why it took us 25 years to learn French : the many misadventures of an American couple traveling in France Russ Peterson 1
Why Muslim integration fails in Christian-heritage societies Claire L. Adida 1
Why French women feel great at 50 Mylene Desclaux 1
Who was Marie Antoinette? Dana Meachen Rau 1
Who was Joan of Arc? Pam Pollack 1
Who was - Napoleon : the little general who wanted to rule the world Adrian Hadland 1
Who speaks for Europe? : the vision of Charles de Gaulle Lois Pattison De Ménil 1
Who shall be happy-? Trevor Griffiths 1
Whither France? Leon Trotsky 1
White heat K. M. Grant 1
White hart, red lion : the England of Shakespeare's histories Nick Asbury 1
William Pitt and the French Revolution, 1785-1795 Jennifer Mori 1
Wine regions of France Terry Marsh 1
Women's medical work in early modern France Susan Broomhall 1
Wine roads of France Frederick Tingey 1
Women warriors in Romantic drama Wendy C. Nielsen 1
Women in the wall Julia O'Faolain 1
Women at work, men in labour : work and image in the French Revolution Valérie Mainz 1
Women and visual culture in nineteenth-century France, 1800-1852 Gen Doy 1
Women and the limits of citizenship in the French revolution Olwen H. Hufton 1
Women and politics in France 1958-2000 Gill Allwood 1
Women and political insurgency : France in the mid-nineteenth century David Barry 1
Women and men of the French Renaissance Edith Sichel 1
Women and mass consumer society in postwar France Rebecca Pulju 1
Witnessing the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars in German Central Europe Leighton S. James 1
Witness to the revolution : American and British commentators in France, 1788-94 Peter Burley 1
Within the shadows Ernest Tarrant 1
With the French Foreign Legion in Syria John Harvey 1
With Napoleon in Russia Armand-Augustin-Louis de Caulaincourt 1
Wining and dining in France Robin Neillands 1
Wings : gifts of art, life, and travel in France Erin Byrne 1
Wine, sugar, and the making of modern France : global economic crisis and the racialization of French citizenship, 1870-1910 Elizabeth Heath 1
Violence and religion : attitudes towards militancy in the French civil wars and the English Revolution Judy Sproxton 1
Vintage stuff Tom Sharpe 1
VindiciÆ GallicÆ : defence of the French Revolution : a critical edition James Mackintosh 1
Tour de France Richard Cobb 1
Trading places : colonization and slavery in eighteenth-century French culture Madeleine Dobie 1
Tracing your Huguenot ancestors : a guide for family historians Kathy Chater 1
Towards nuclear entente : the case for Anglo-French nuclear co-operation Eldon Wylie Griffiths 1
Towards a new democracy Valéry Giscard d'Estaing 1
Towards a francophone community : Canada's relations with France and French Africa, 1945-1968 Robin Stewart Gendron 1
Toward a definition of antisemitism Gavin I. Langmuir 1
Tous français : immigration, la chance de la France Bernard Stasi 1
Tourism and colonization in Indochina (1898-1939) Aline Demay 1
Torture : the role of ideology in the French-Algerian War Rita Maran 1
Vindiciae gallicae : defence of the French Revolution, 1791 James Mackintosh 1
Tools of empire or means of national salvation? : the railway in the imagination of western empire builders and their enemies in Asia Robert Lee 1
Too important for the generals : how Britain nearly lost the First World War Allan Mallinson 1
Tomi : a childhood under the Nazis Tomi Ungerer 1
Tocqueville's revenge : state, society, and economy in contemporary France Jonah D. Levy 1
Tocqueville and the two democracies Jean-Claude Lamberti 1
Tocqueville : the Ancien Régime and the French Revolution Alexis de Tocqueville 1
Tocqueville : a biography André Jardin 1
To win a war : 1918, the year of victory John Terraine 1
Tradition, history and the French : a case of tunnel vision : an inaugural lecture Michael Jones 1
Trafalgar : battle and era R. D. S. Stevens 1
Trafalgar : the untold story of the greatest sea battle in history Nicholas Best 1
Traitor's chase Stuart Gibbs 1
Troubadour Mary Hoffman 1
Triumph in France, 1955 Beatrice Stockdale 1
Tricolor and crescent : France and the Islamic world William E. Watson 1
Triclouleur : the French overseas empire Raymond F. Betts 1
Trial of faith : religion and politics in Tocqueville's thought Doris Silk Goldstein 1
Trial by fire Jonathan Sumption 1
Treatise on monastic studies : 1691 Jean Mabillon 1
Travels with a bicycle Dorothy Perham 1
Travels through history. France Julian Worker 1
Travels in revolutionary France : &, A journey across America George Cadogan Morgan 1
Travels in France : during the years 1787, 1788 and 1789 Arthur Young 1
Travels With Tinkerbelle : 6,000 miles around France in a mechanical wreck Susie Kelly 1
Travelling solo to France Bettina Guthridge 1
Traveller's literary companion to France John Edmondson 1
Trapped by scandal Jane Feather 1
Transnational neofascism in France and Italy Andrea Mammone 1
Transformation of the French demographic landscape, 1806-1906 Noël Bonneuil 1
To the green fields beyond Nick Whitby 1
To speak for the people : public opinion and the problem of legitimacy in the French Revolution Jon Cowans 1
To live in France James Bentley 1
Three hundred hours : a novel Roderick Craig Low 1
Three faces of revolution : Paris, London and New York in 1789 Derek Jarrett 1
Three changes of destiny : Rainbow's memories Pierrette Firmin-Didot 1
Three Republics one navy : a naval history of France 1870-1999 Anthony Clayton 1
Three German invasions of France : the summer campaigns of 1870, 1914 and 1940 Douglas Fermer 1
Thou, my fellow officer Eric Bonnemaison 1
Thou kingdom come : Robert J. Monk is God's secret agent : book of Revelation decoded : story Stephen John Lambourne 1
Those people : the subculture of a housing project ... Colette Pétonnet 1
Thomas Paine and the French Revolution Carine Lounissi 1
Thomas Paine Mark Philp 1
This bright era of happy revolutions : French Consul Michel-Ange-Bernard Mangourit and international republicanism in Charleston, 1792-1794 Robert J. Alderson 1
Thinking the message Robert Griffin 1
Thinking politically : liberalism in the age of ideology Raymond Aron 1
Thiers 1797-1877 : a political life J. P. T. Bury 1
Theŕes̀e François Mauriac 1
They feared no evil : the woman agents of Britain's secret armies, 1939-45 James Gleeson 1
These fiery frenchified dames : women and political culture in early national Philadelphia Susan Branson 1
Theorizing the ideal sovereign : the rise of the French vernacular royal biography Daisy Delogu 1
Three hundred hours Roderick Low 1
Three marshals of France : leadership after trauma Anthony Clayton 1
To live and think like pigs : the incitement of envy and boredom in market democracies Gilles Châtelet 1
Three republics one navy : a naval history of France 1870-1999 Antony Clayton 1
To be free and French : citizenship in France's Atlantic empire Lorelle D. Semley 1
To be a merchant prince Judith Williams 1
To be a citizen : the political culture of the early French Third Republic James R. Lehning 1
Timeline Michael Crichton 1
Time, desire, and horror : towards a history of the senses Alain Corbin 1
Time regained Marcel Proust 1
Time for outrage! Stéphane Hessel 1
Time for eternity Susan Squires 1
Time and the French Revolution : the Republican calendar, 1789-year XIV Matthew John Shaw 1
Till the day goes down Judith Lennox 1
Tiepolo's hound Derek Walcott 1
Through Parisian eyes : reflections on contemporary French arts and culture Melinda Camber Porter 1
Through France with Berzelius : live scholars and dead volcanoes Carl Gustaf Bernhard 1
Through France to the Med : any yachtsman's attainable dream Mike Harper 1
Threshold of a new world : intellectuals and the exile experience in Paris, 1830-1848 Lloyd S. Kramer 1
Three sisters, three queens Philippa Gregory 1
Three rivers of France : Dordogne, Lot, Tarn Freda White 1
Troubled neighbours : Franco-British relations in the twentieth century Neville Waites 1
True France : the wars over cultural identity, 1900-1945 Herman Lebovics 1
Turlupin Leo Perutz 1
Vestiges of the colonial empire in France : monuments, museums, and colonial memories Robert Aldrich 1
Versailles Ian Dunlop 1
Versailles Elizabeth Massie 1
Vercors 1944 : resistance in the French Alps Peter Lieb 1
Venantius Fortunatus : a Latin poet in Merovingian Gaul Judith W. George 1
Venality : the sale of offices in eighteenth-century France William Doyle 1
Velvet is the night Elizabeth Thorton 1
Veloscenic : Paris, Versailles, Mont-Saint-Michel Richard Peace 1
Vectors of memory : legacies of trauma in postwar Europe Nancy Wood 1
Vectors of memory Nancy Wood 1
Vaux and Versailles : the appropriations, erasures, and accidents that made modern France Claire Goldstein 1
Vauban and the French military under Louis XIV : an illustrated history of fortifications and strategies Jean-Denis Lepage 1
Variations on catastrophe : some French responses to the Great War John Cruickshank 1
Valois Guyenne : a study of politics, government, and society in late medieval France Robin Harris 1
Vainglory : Can anything stop the Gloriole Family achieving power ? Geraldine McCaughrean 1
Vagabond Bernard Cornwell 1
VCE history. French Revolution Michael Adcock 1
Utterly brilliant! : my life's journey Timmy Mallett 1
Versailles : the passions and politics of an era Joseph Barry 1
Via Gebennensis : Geneva to Le Puy-en-Velay Alison Raju 1
Utopia deferred : writings from Utopie, (1967-1978) Jean Baudrillard 1
Viaggio del cardinale Mazzarini a St Jean de Luz l'anno 1659 : un journal des négociations de la paix des Pyrénées Atto Melani 1
Vindiciae Gallicae and other writings on the French Revolution James Mackintosh 1
Vilna on the Seine : Jewish intellectuals in France since 1968 Judith Friedlander 1
Villas and gardens in early modern Italy and France Mirka Beneš 1
Villages of France Joanna Sullam 1
Village voices : French country life Marie-France Boyer 1
Village bells : sound and meaning in the 19th century French countryside Alain Corbin 1
Villa Air-Bel : the Second World War, escape and a house in France Rosemary Sullivan 1
Villa Air-Bel : World War II, escape, and a house in Marseille Rosemary Sullivan 1
Victory through coalition : Britain and France during the First World War Elizabeth Greenhalgh 1
Victory Carla Jablonski 1
Victorian political thought on France and the French Georgios Varouxakis 1
Victor Hugo's Les misérables : adapted for today's readers James Reimann 1
Victor Hugo's Les misérables : a graphic novel Luciano Saracino 1
Vici in Roman Gaul Monica Rorison 1
Vichy in the tropics : Pétain's national revolution in Madagascar, Guadeloupe, and Indochina, 1940-1944 Eric T. Jennings 1
Vichy boyhood : an inside view of the Pétain regime Pascal Jardin 1
Vichy air force at war : the French air force that fought the allies in World War II Jonathan Sutherland 1
Utopian Communism in France : Cabet and the Icarians, 1839-1851 Christopher H. Johnson 1
Use-wear analysis of flaked stone tools Patrick C. Vaughan 1
Turn right for Corfu Cecil Lewis 1
Uncertain friendship : American-French diplomatic relations through the Cold War Marvin Ralph Zahniser 1
Un sac de billes Joseph Joffo 1
Un rêve de puissance : la France et le contrôle de l'économie allemande : 1942-1949 Martial Libera 1
Un nouveau patriotisme français, 1750-1770 : la France face à la puissance anglaise à l'époque de la guerre de Sept Ans Edmond Dziembowski 1
Un complʹement des donnʹees sur les sociʹetʹes rubanʹees : l'industrie osseuse à Cuiry-lès-Chaudardes Isabelle Sidéra 1
Ultimate French leave Richard Binns 1
Two wheels on a tin road Leon E. Oldbury 1
Two men on a breeze Roger Wilson 1
Two men in a car : a businessman, a chauffeur, and their holidays in France Mike Buchanan 1
Two lives of Charlemagne Einhard 1
Twilight visions : surrealism and Paris Therese Lichtenstein 1
Twilight of the elites : prosperity, the periphery, and the future of France Christophe Guilluy 1
Twilight : Moonbeam alley Stefan Zweig 1
Twenty first century pilgrim : roam to Rome : the long-distance ramblings of Peter Shackleton Peter Douglas Shackleton 1
Twentieth-century French thought : from Bergson to Lévi-Strauss Joseph Chiari 1
Twentieth-century France : politics and society 1898-1991 James F. McMillan 1
Twentieth century interpretations of 'A tale of two cities' : a collection of critical essays Charles E. Beckwith 1
Twelve who ruled : the year of the Terror in the French Revolution R. R. Palmer 1
Uncertain destiny : honour and infamy Joanna d'Este Clark 1
Uncovering the Germanic past : Merovingian archaeology in France, 1830-1914 Bonnie Effros 1
Ursule Mirouët Honoré de Balzac 1
Under the French polish, or : nearly everything you need to know about surviving and making the best of France and the French Malcolm Pearce 1
Ursule Mirouet/#cHonore de Balzac ; translated and with an introduction by Donald Adamson Honoré de Balzac 1
Urban protest in seventeenth-century France : the culture of retribution William Beik 1
Urban government and the rise of the French city : five municipalities in the nineteenth century William B. Cohen 1
Up, up and away Nancy Holder 1
Up to Mametz Llewelyn Wyn Griffith 1
Unsex'd revolutionaries : five women novelists of the 1790s Eleanor Ty 1
Unions, change and crisis : French and Italian union strategy and the political economy, 1945-1980 Peter Lange 1
Uniforms of the French Revolutionary Wars 1789-1802 Philip J. Haythornthwaite 1
Uniforms of Napoleon's army Carle Vernet 1
Ungleiche Geschwister : die deutschen Republikaner (REP) im Vergleich zum französischen Front national (FN) Harald Bergsdorf 1
Unequal partners : French-German relations, 1989-2000 Julius W. Friend 1
Undiscovered France Judy Smith 1
Understanding the French Revolution Albert Soboul 1
Understanding immigration : issues and challenges in an era of mass population movement Marilyn B. Hoskin 1
Understanding demographic transitions : an overview of french historical statistics Claude Diebolt 1
Understanding A tale of two cities : a student casebook to issues, sources, and historical documents George Newlin 1
Under the shadow of Napoleon : French influence on the American way of warfare from the War of 1812 to the outbreak of WWII Michael A. Bonura 1
The perfect foil : François-André Vincent and the Revolution in French painting Elizabeth Mansfield 1
The people's armies : The armées révolutionnaires : instrument of the Terror in the departments April 1793 to Floréal Year II Richard Cobb 1
The peasantry in the French Revolution Peter Jones 1
The complete Brigadier Gerard : the adventures of Brigadier Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle 1
The conquest of the Western Sudan : a study in French military imperialism A. S. Kanya-Forstner 1
The conquest of Plassans Émile Zola 1
The confusion Neal Stephenson 1
The confidant Hélène Grémillon 1
The comte and the courtesan Truda Taylor 1
The compromising of Louis XVI : the armoire de fer and the French Revolution Andrew Freeman 1
The complete writings of William Fox : abolitionist, Tory, and friend to the French Revolution William Fox 1
The complete works of W.R. Bion. Volume I Wilfred R. (Wilfred Ruprecht) Bion 1
The companion to A tale of two cities Andrew Sanders 1
Political institutions in contemporary France Robert Elgie 1
The communitarian third way : Alexandre Marc's Ordre Nouveau, 1930-2000 John Hellman 1
The coming of the terror in the French Revolution Timothy Tackett 1
The comedy of Charleroi : and other stories Pierre Drieu La Rochelle 1
The colonial unconscious : race and culture in interwar France Elizabeth Ezra 1
The colonial system unveiled Pompée-Valentin Vastey 1
The colonial life of pharmaceuticals : medicines and modernity in Vietnam Laurence Monnais-Rousselot 1
The colonial heritage of French comics Mark McKinney 1
The collected historical works of Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H.. Volume 4, The history of Normandy and of England Francis Palgrave 1
The conquest of water : the advent of health in the industrial age Jean-Pierre Goubert 1
The conspiracy and tragedy of Charles Duke of Byron George Chapman 1
The constitutional monarchy in France, 1814-1848 : revolution and stability Pamela M. Pilbeam 1
The construction of memory in interwar France Daniel J. Sherman 1
The courts of love Jean Plaidy 1
The courtesans : the demi-monde in nineteenth-century France Joanna Richardson 1
The court society Norbert Elias 1
The court of France, 1789-1830 Philip Mansel 1
The court and reign of Francis the First, King of France. Volume 2 Pardoe 1
The court and reign of Francis the First, King of France. Volume 1 Pardoe 1
The court and reign of Francis the First, King of France Pardoe 1
The course of French history Pierre Goubert 1
The counter-revolution in revolution : images of Thermidor and Napoleon at the time of Russian Revolution and Civil War Dmitry Shlapentokh 1
The counter-revolution : doctrine and action, 1789-1804 Jacques Léon Godechot 1
The cost of courage Charles Kaiser 1
The corruption of angels : the great Inquisition of 1245-1246 Mark Gregory Pegg 1
The coronation of Charlemagne, 25 December 800 Robert Folz 1
The conversion of Henri IV : politics, power, and religious belief in early modern France Michael Wolfe 1
The conversation : the night Napoleon changed the world Jean d' Ormesson 1
The contentious French Charles Tilly 1
The contemporary French economy Graeme M. Holmes 1
The collected historical works of Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H.. Volume 3, The history of Normandy and of England Francis Palgrave 1
The collected historical works of Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H.. Volume 2, The history of Normandy and of England Francis Palgrave 1
The collected historical works of Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H.. Volume 1, The history of Normandy and of England Francis Palgrave 1
The captivity of John II, 1356-60 : the royal image in later medieval England and France Neil Murphy 1
The candle and the guillotine : revolution and justice in Lyon, 1789-93 Julie Patricia Johnson 1
The campaigns of the Great Conde (1621-1686) Edward Cust 1
The campaigns of Napoleon David G. Chandler 1
The campaigns of Marshal Turenne (1611-1675) Edward Cust 1
The business culture in France Colin Gordon 1
The burning chambers Kate Mosse 1
The bureaucrat and the poor : encounters in French welfare offices Vincent Dubois 1
The burdens of brotherhood : Jews and Muslims from North Africa to France Ethan Katz 1
The burden of victory : France, Britain, and the enforcement of the Versailles peace, 1919-1925 W. Laird Kleine-Ahlbrandt 1
The breath of the rose Andrea H. Japp 1
The bowmen of England : the story of the English longbow Donald Featherstone 1
The bourgeois revolution in France, 1789-1815 Henry Heller 1
The bourgeois : Catholicism vs capitalism in eighteenth-century France Bernard Groethuysen 1
The boundaries of the republic : migrant rights and the limits of universalism in France, 1918-1940 Mary Dewhurst Lewis 1
The border : policy and politics in Europe and the United States Martin Schain 1
The bookseller's daughter Pam Rosenthal 1
The book of peace de Pisan Christine 1
The captive Colette 1
The castle of whispers Carole Martinez 1
The collected Brigadier Gerard stories Arthur Conan Doyle 1
The cave of Fontéchevade : recent excavations and their paleoanthropological implications Philip G. Chase 1
The collapse of the Anglo-French alliance Jeremy Black 1
The cocotte (Boule de suif) and three other stories Guy de Maupassant 1
The cobras of Calcutta Grant Sutherland 1
The civilizing mission in the metropole : Algerian families and the French welfare state during decolonization Amelia H. Lyons 1
The city of tears Kate Mosse 1
The chronicles of Robert de Monte de Torigni Robert 1
The chronicle of William of Puylaurens : the Albigensian crusade and its aftermath of Puylaurens William 1
The chronicle of Hugh of Flavigny : reform and the investiture contest in the late eleventh century Patrick Healy 1
The chronicle and historical notes of Bernard Itier Bernardus Iterii 1
The chosen ones Veronica de Osa 1
The choreography of modernism in France : la danseuse, 1830-1930 Julie Townsend 1
The cheffe : a culinary novel Marie NDiaye 1
The chateaux of France Hubert Fenwick 1
The chateau of happily-ever-afters Jaimie Admans 1
The chateau William Maxwell 1
The changing nature of the self : a critical study of the autobiographic discourse Robert Elbaz 1
The changing face of France Virginia Chandler 1
The crime of crimes : demonology and politics in France, 1560-1620 Jonathan L. Pearl 1
The cult of the modern : trans-Mediterranean France and the construction of French modernity Gavin Murray-Miller 1
The fabrication of Louis XIV Peter Burke 1
The eagle in splendour : inside the court of Napoleon Philip Mansel 1
The empire of the French : a chronology of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1792-1815 Brian Taylor 1
The emperor's last island : a journey to St Helena Julia Blackburn 1
The emerging European enterprise : strategy and structure in French and German industry Gareth P. Dyas 1
The eighteenth century Richard Fargher 1
The economy of glory : from ancien régime France to the fall of Napoleon Robert Morrissey 1
The economic modernisation of France Roger Price 1
The economic geography of France John N. Tuppen 1
The early growth of the European economy : warriors and peasants from the seventh to the twelfth century Georges Duby 1
The eagle in splendour : Napoleon I and his court Philip Mansel 1
The cult of the nation in France : inventing nationalism, 1680-1800 David A. Bell 1
The dévotes : women and church in seventeenth-century France Elizabeth Rapley 1
The duke and the emperor : Wellington and Napoleon John Strawson 1
The dream of an absolute language : Emanuel Swedenborg and French literary culture Lynn Rosellen Wilkinson 1
The divorce of Lothar II : Christian marriage and political power in the Carolingian world Karl Heidecker 1
The divorce of King Lothar and Queen Theutberga : Hincmar of Rheims's De Divortio Archbishop of Reims Hincmar 1
The divine left : a chronicle of the years 1977-1984 Jean Baudrillard 1
The divided path : the German influence on social reform in France after 1870 Allan Mitchell 1
The dissolution of traditional rural culture in nineteenth-century France : a study of the Bethmale costume Roberta Pollack Seid 1
The encyclopedists as a group : a collective biography of the authors of the Encyclopédie Frank A. Kafker 1
The end of the French intellectual : from Zola to Houellebecq Shlomo Sand 1
The end of the old order : Napoleon and Europe, 1801 - 1805 Frederick W. Kagan 1
The enduring memory : time and history in a French village Françoise Zonabend 1
The extreme right in France : from Pétain to Le Pen James Shields 1
The expert cook in enlightenment France Sean Takats 1
The experience of occupation in the Nord, 1914-18 : living with the enemy in First World War France James E. Connolly 1
The exchange of princesses Chantal Thomas 1
The evolution of the option for the poor in France 1880-1965 Mary Theresa Moser 1
The evolution of empires : brief historical sketches of France, Germany and England Mary Platt Parmele 1
The ethnographic state : France and the invention of Moroccan Islam Edmund Burke 1
The ethical challenges of the soldier : the French experience Benoît Royal 1
The escape from Elba : the fall and flight of Napoleon 1814-1815 Norman MacKenzie 1
The erasers Alain Robbe-Grillet 1
The era of the French Revolution : a bibliography of the history of Western civilization 1789-1799 Ronald J. Caldwell 1
The epoch of Napoleon Owen Connelly 1
The epistle of the prison of human life ; with An epistle to the Queen of France and ; Lament on the evils of the Civil War de Pisan Christine 1
The enormous room E. E. Cummings 1
The enemy : a story from World War II James Riordan 1
The enemy Lee Child 1
The enemies of Versailles : a novel Sally Christie 1
The disgraceful Mr Ravenhurst Louise Allen 1
The discovery of the Third World : decolonization and the rise of the new left in France, c. 1950-1976 Christoph Kalter 1
The discovery of France : a historical geography from the Revolution to the First World War Graham Robb 1
The death of French culture Donald Morrison 1
The deadly stroke Warren Tute 1
The days of the French Revolution Christopher Hibbert 1
The day we danced in underpants Sarah Wilson 1
The dawn of the French Revolution M. Pio Corrêa 1
The dawn of the French Renaissance Arthur Augustus Tilley 1
The dawn of Christianity in the West Walter de M. Seaman 1
The dark side of church-state separation : the French revolution, Nazi Germany, and international Communism Stephen Strehle 1
The dark pageant : a novel about Gilles de Rais Edward Lucie-Smith 1
The dance of the muses : a novel on the life of Pierre Ronsard Heather Von Prondzynski 1
The d'Antraigues phenomenon : the making and breaking of a revolutionary royalist espionage agent Colin Duckworth 1
The culture of regionalism : art, architecture and international exhibitions in France, Germany and Spain, 1890-1939 Eric Storm 1
The culture of history : English uses of the past, 1800-1953 Billie Melman 1
The culture of French revolutionary diplomacy : in the face of Europe Linda Frey 1
The cultural uses of print in early modern France Roger Chartier 1
The cultural origins of the French Revolution Roger Chartier 1
The cultural and intellectual rebuilding of France after the Second World War Michael Kelly 1
The cult of the revolutionary tradition : the Blanquists in French politics, 1864-1893 Patrick H. Hutton 1
The dear colleague Frances Murray 1
The death of politics : France under Mitterrand John Laughland 1
The discourse of the Front National and the Fordist crisis Steve Bastow 1
The death of the French Atlantic : trade, war, and slavery in the age of revolution Alan Forrest 1
The discourse of enlightenment in eighteenth-century France : Diderot and the art of philosophizing Daniel Brewer 1
The discerning gentleman's guide how to survive the 100 Years War : people to meet and places to plunder Lee Rotherham 1
The disarmament of hatred : Marc Sangnier, French Catholicism and the legacy of the First World War, 1914-45 Gearóid Barry 1
The disappearance of Adèle Bedeau Raymond Brunet 1
The diplomacy of partition : Britain, France and the creation of Nigeria 1890-1898 Claire Hirshfield 1
The diary of Mademoiselle D'Arvers Toru Dutt 1
The diaries of Gouverneur Morris : European travels, 1794-1798 Gouverneur Morris 1
The dialogue in hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu Maurice Joly 1
The devil's queen Jeanne Kalogridis 1
The development of the French economy, 1750-1914 Colin Heywood 1
The development of freedom in America and France in the age of their revolutions : the role of Franklin, Lafayette, Jefferson, Washington, Napoleon, Tocqueville, and others Malcolm Scott 1
The demands of liberty : civil society in France since the Revolution Pierre Rosanvallon 1
The decline of the Third Republic, 1914-1938 Philippe Bernard 1
The decline of Bismarck's European order : Franco-Russian relations, 1875-1890 George F. Kennan 1
The decline and fall of Napoleon's empire : how the emperor self-destructed Digby Smith 1
The debate on the French Revolution Peter Davies 1
The deaths of Louis XVI : regicide and the French political imagination Susan Dunn 1
The book of Kings : art, war, and the Morgan Library's Medieval Picture Bible William Noel 1
The bonjour effect : the secret codes of French conversation revealed Julie Barlow 1
The body politic : corporeal metaphor in revolutionary France, 1770-1800 Antoine de Baecque 1
The Saint-Napoleon : celebrations of sovereignty in nineteenth-century France Sudhir Hazareesingh 1
The Sino-French Naval War 1884-1885 Piotr Olender 1
The Siege of Fort William Henry : a year on the Northeastern frontier Ben Hughes 1
The Seven Years War and the old regime in France : the economic and financial toll James C. Riley 1
The Senate of the Fifth French Republic Paul Smith 1
The Scottish Enlightenment and the French Revolution Anna Plassart 1
The Scarlet Pimpernel Beverley Cross 1
The Sarkozy phenomenon Nick Hewlett 1
The Sainte-Chapelle and the construction of sacral monarchy : royal architecture in thirteenth-century Paris Meredith Cohen 1
The Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre : the mysteries of a crime of state Arlette Jouanna 1
The body in pieces : the fragment as a metaphor of modernity Linda Nochlin 1
The Ruskins in Normandy : a tour in 1848 with Murray's handbook J. G. Links 1
The Rough Wooings : Mary Queen of Scots, 1542-1551 Marcus Merriman 1
The Rough Guide chronicle France Ian Littlewood 1
The Rouen campaign, 1590-1592 : politics, warfare and the early-modern state Howell A. Lloyd 1
The Rondoli sisters and other selected short stories Guy de Maupassant 1
The Roman remains of Brittany, Normandy and the Loire Valley : a guide book James Bromwich 1
The Roger Brook series Dennis Wheatley 1
The Road to Oran : Anglo-French naval relations, September 1939-July 1940 David Brown 1
The Somme 1916 : touring the French sector David O'Mara 1
The Statue of Liberty : a transatlantic story Edward Berenson 1
The Sultan's daughter Dennis Wheatley 1
The Sun King conspiracy Yves Jégo 1
The Villa Golitsyn : a novel Piers Paul Read 1
The Viking hostage Tracey Warr 1
The Vichy syndrome : history and memory in France since 1944 Henry Rousso 1
The Usbourne first book of France Louisa Somerville 1
The United States, Britain and the transatlantic crisis : rising to the Gaullist challenge, 1963-68 James Ellison 1
The Tudor occupation of Boulogne : conquest, colonisation and imperial monarchy, 1544-1550 Neil Murphy 1
The Three Musketeers Jim Pipe 1
The Three Musketeers David Morvan 1
The Third Republic in France, 1870-1940 : conflicts and continuities William Fortescue 1
The Third Republic in France, 1870-1940 : conflicts and continuities William Fortescue 1
The Third Republic from its origins to the Great War, 1871-1914 Jean-Marie Mayeur 1
The Third Republic from 1870 to 1914 Robert Gildea 1
The Third Republic and the centennial of 1789 Brenda Nelms 1
The Thermidorean regime and the Directory 1794-1799 Denis Woronoff 1
The Terror : the shadow of the guillotine : France, 1793-1794 Graeme Fife 1
The Terror : the shadow of the guillotine : France, 1792-1794 Graeme Fife 1
The Sweetest Taboo Susan Johnson 1
The Rhineland war : 1936 : the way it might have happened L. Solymar 1
The Republican moment : struggles for democracy in nineteenth-century France Philip G. Nord 1
The Republican line : caricature and French republican identity, 1830-52 Laura O'Brien 1
The Ninth of Thermidor : the fall of Robespierre Richard Bienvenu 1
The National Front and French politics : the resistible rise of Jean-Marie Le Pen Jonathan Marcus 1
The Napoleonic source book Philip J. Haythornthwaite 1
The Napoleonic empire in Italy, 1796-1814 : cultural imperialism in a European context? Michael Broers 1
The Napoleonic empire Geoffrey Ellis 1
The Napoleonic Wars : the rise and fall of an empire Gregory Fremont-Barnes 1
The Napoleonic Wars : an illustrated history, 1792-1815 Michael Glover 1
The Moroccan goums : tribal warriors in a modern war Edward L. Bimberg 1
The Monarchy of France Claude de Seyssel 1
The Middle Palaeolithic geography of Southern France : resources and site location Katherine V. Boyle 1
The Mexican Adventure 1861-67 René Chartrand 1
The Merovingian archaeology of south-west Gaul Edward James 1
The Memoirs of Baron Lejeune, aide-de-camp to Marshals Berthier, Davout, and Oudinot Louis-François Lejeune 1
The May 1968 events in France : reproductions and interpretations Keith Reader 1
The Maginot Line, 1928-45 William Allcorn 1
The Maginot Line : none shall pass J. E. Kaufmann 1
The Maginot Line : myth and reality Anthony Kemp 1
The Magic Piano Helen O'Sullivan 1
The New Order and the French economy Alan S. Milward 1
The Old Regime and the Revolution, vol. 2, notes on the French Revolution and Napoleon Alexis de Tocqueville 1
The Republican experiment, 1848-1852 Maurice Agulhon 1
The Palace of Versailles Antony Mason 1
The Renaissance monarchies, 1469-1558 Catherine Mulgan 1
The Renaissance in France, 1488-1559 Anne Denieul-Cormier 1
The Red Sphinx {or} The Comte de Moret Alexandre Dumas 1
The Red Sphinx : A Sequel to the Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas 1
The Radical alternative J.-J. Servan-Schreiber 1
The Princesse de Clèves La Fayette 1
The Princess of Clèves : contemporary reactions, criticism La Fayette 1
The Postwar moment : progressive forces in Britain, France, and the United States after World War II Isser Woloch 1
The Popular Front in France : defending democracy, 1934-38 Julian Jackson 1
The Pompidou years, 1969-1974 Serge Berstein 1
The Philosophes and post-revolutionary France John Lough 1
The Peninsular War, 1807-1814 : a concise military history Michael Glover 1
The Parlement of Paris after the Fronde, 1653-1673 Albert N. Hamscher 1
The Parlement of Paris J. H. Shennan 1
The Paris of Henri IV : architecture and urbanism Hilary Ballon 1
The Paris Embassy of Sir Eric Phipps : Anglo-French relations and the Foreign Office, 1937-1939 John Herman 1
The Paris Commune : French politics, culture, and society at the crossroads of the revolutionary tradition and revolutionary socialism David A. Shafer 1
The Wars of the French Revolution : 1792-1801 Charles J. Esdaile 1
The Way of St James Cyclist Guide : A Cyclists' Guide From Le Puy en Velay to Santiago de Compostela John Higginson 1
The Which? guide to the Dordogne, the Lot and the Tarn Andrew Leslie 1
The beginning of the end : France, May 1968 Angelo Quattrocchi 1
The begetters of revolution : England's involvement with France, 1759-1789 Derek Jarrett 1
The bayonets of the Republic : motivation and tactics in the army of revolutionary France, 1791-94 John A. Lynn 1
The battleground of high politics : a comparative study of British and French policies towards Poland and the Baltic States 1917-39 Marie-Jacqueline Powell 1
The battle of the queens Jean Plaidy 1
The battle of the gods and giants : the legacies of Descartes and Gassendi, 1655-1715 Thomas M. Lennon 1
The battle of Poitiers, 1356 David Green 1
The battle for empire : a century of Anglo-French conflict Jock Haswell 1
The battle for children : World War II, youth crime, and juvenile justice in twentieth-century France Sarah Fishman 1
The battle for North America Francis Parkman 1
The battle : a new history of Waterloo Alessandro Barbero 1
The barber of Seville ; and, The marriage of Figaro Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais 1
The banquet years : the origins of the avant-garde in France, 1885 to World War I Roger Shattuck 1
The balcony Jane Delury 1
The autumn of the Middle Ages Johan Huizinga 1
The autonomy of pleasure : libertines, license, and sexual revolution James A. Steintrager 1
The authorized press in Vichy and German-occupied France, 1940-1944 : a bibliography Donna Evleth 1
The auld alliance : Scotland and France, the military connection Stephen Wood 1
The beginning of ideology : consciousness and society in the French Reformation Donald R. Kelley 1
The belly of the Atlantic Fatou Diome 1
The attack on "feudalism" in eighteenth century France J. Q. C. Mackrell 1
The beloved nemesis George Sava 1
The body and the French Revolution : sex, class and political culture Dorinda Outram 1
The blood of others Simone de Beauvoir 1
The blind decades : employment and growth in France, 1974-2014 Philippe Askenazy 1
The black tower : a novel Louis Bayard 1
The black tower Louis Bayard 1
The black sheep : (La Rabouilleuse) Honoré de Balzac 1
The black sheep Honoré de Balzac 1
The black hawk Joanna Bourne 1
The black death Aidan Anthony 1
The birth of the academic article : Le Journal des Sçavans and the Philosophical Transactions, 1665-1700 David Banks 1
The birth of the West : Rome, Germany, France, and the creation of Europe in the tenth century Paul Collins 1
The birth of nobility : social change in England and France, 900-1300 David Crouch 1
The birth of nobility : constructing aristocracy in England and France : 900-1300 David Crouch 1
The birth of an ideology : myths and symbols of nation in late-medieval France Colette Beaune 1
The birth of absolutism : a history of France, 1598-1661 Yves-Marie Berc é 1
The best of France Henri Gault 1
The best loved villages of France Stéphane Bern 1
The attack on 'feudalism' in eighteenth-century France John Quentin Colborne Mackrell 1
The assassination of Henry IV : the tyrannicide problem and the consolidation of the French absolute monarchy in the early seventeenth century Roland Mousnier 1
The XYZ affair William Stinchcombe 1
The alternative alliance : Anglo-French relations before the comming of NATO, 1944-48 Sean Greenwood 1
The allure of the archives Arlette Farge 1
The allure of empire : art in the service of French imperialism, 1798-1836 Todd B. Porterfield 1
The alliance of iron and wheat in the Third French Republic, 1860-1914 : origins of the new conservatism Herman Lebovics 1
The agony of France Andrew Sangster 1
The aggressions of the French at Tahiti : and other islands in the Pacific George Pritchard 1
The age of reason Jean-Paul Sartre 1
The age of illusion : manners and morals, 1750-1848 James Laver 1
The age of Napoleon Susan P. Conner 1
The age of Louis XIV : the rise of modern diplomacy William James Roosen 1
The age of Charles Martel Paul Fouracre 1
The age of Charlemagne Donald Bullough 1
The aftermath of war (Situations III) Jean-Paul Sartre 1
The aesthetics of hate : far-right intellectuals, antisemitism, and gender in 1930s France Sandrine Sanos 1
The adventurous life of Philip Mazzei = La vita avventurosa di Filippo Mazzei Margherita Marchione 1
The adventures of Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle 1
The achievements of Charles de Gaulle Philip Thody 1
The absolute bourgeois : artists and politics in France, 1848-1851 T. J. Clark 1
The almost impossible ally : Harold Macmillan and Charles de Gaulle Peter Mangold 1
The amateur commandos Raymond Foxall 1
The artist as politician : the relationship between the art and the politics of the French romantics Ellie Nower Schamber 1
The anatomy of glory Anne S. Kinsolving Brown 1
The artisan republic : revolution, reaction, and resistance in Lyon 1848-1851 Mary Lynn Stewart-McDougall 1
The art of war of revolutionary France, 1789-1802 Paddy Griffith 1
The armies of the Revolution J. E. Sharp 1
The aristide case Storm Jameson 1
The architect's apprentice Dan Scott 1
The archaeology of Brittany, Normandy and the Channel Islands : an introduction and guide Barbara Bender 1
The apprentice writer Julien Green 1
The anti-semitic moment : a tour of France in 1898 Pierre Birnbaum 1
The anti-Jacobin novel : British conservatism and the French Revolution M. O. Grenby 1
The annals of Flodoard of Reims : 919-966 of Reims Flodoard 1
The anger of the guns : an infantry officer on the Western Front John Nettleton 1
The ancient enemy : England, France and Europe from the Angevins to the Tudors 1154-1558 M. G. A. Vale 1
The ancient enemy : England, France and Europe from the Angevins to the Tudors M. G. A. Vale 1
The ancien régime in France Peter Robert Campbell 1
The anatomy of revolution revisited : a comparative analysis of England, France, and Russia Bailey Stone 1
The anatomy of glory : Napoleon and his Guard; a study in leadership Henry Lachouque 1
The anatomy of glory : Napoleon and his Guard : a study in leadership Anne S. Kinsolving Brown 1
The extreme right in France, 1789 to the present : from De Maistre to Le Pen Peter Davies 1
The face of France Nesta Roberts 1
The patriotic traitor Jonathan Lynn 1
The lost love letters of Heloise and Abelard : perceptions of dialogue in twelfth-century France C. J. Mews 1
The majesty of the people : popular sovereignty and the role of the writer in the 1790s Georgina Laura Green 1
The mainstreaming of the extreme right in France and Australia : a populist hegemony? Aurélien Mondon 1
The maiden of Tonnerre : the vicissitudes of the chevalier and the chevalière d'Eon Charles Geneviève Louis Auguste André Timothée d' Eon de Beaumont 1
The madness of hares : a Tom Fox mystery Richard Sutcliffe 1
The loving subject : desire, eloquence, and power in Romanesque France Gerald A. Bond 1
The love of France Marie-Françoise Golinsky 1
The lost world of the Impressionists Alice Bellony-Rewald 1
The lost love letters of Heloise and Abelard : perceptions of dialogue in twelfth-century France Constant J. Mews 1
The lost king of France : the tragic story of Marie-Antoinette's favourite son Deborah Cadbury 1
The medieval Charlemagne legend : an annotated bibliography Susan E. Farrier 1
The lost king of France : revolution, revenge and the search for Louis XVII Deborah Cadbury 1
The lost fleet : the discovery of a sunken armada from the golden age of piracy Barry Clifford 1
The lost airman : a true story of escape from Nazi-occupied France Seth Meyerowitz 1
The looking glass Michèle Roberts 1
The long-haired kings, and other studies in Frankish history J. M. Wallace-Hadrill 1
The long silence : the tragedy of Occupied France in World War I Helen McPhail 1
The long silence : civilian life under the German occupation of northern France, 1914-1918 Helen McPhail 1
The long presidency : France in the Mitterrand years, 1981-1995 Julius Weis Friend 1
The making of French absolutism David Parker 1
The making of a class : cadres in French society Luc Boltanski 1
The making of an insurrection : Parisian sections and the Gironde Morris Slavin 1
The making of modern France : ideology, politics and culture Emmanuel Todd 1
The master pipers George Sand 1
The master and Minerva : disputing women in French medieval culture Helen Solterer 1
The massacre of St Bartholomew and the European conflict, 1559-1572 N. M. Sutherland 1
The masque of the black tulip Lauren Willig 1
The march of the twenty-six : the story of Napoleon's marshals R. F. Delderfield 1
The mapmaker's wife : a true tale of love, murder and survival in the Amazon Robert Whitaker 1
The man who went back Lucien Dumais 1
The man who outshone the Sun King : ambition, triumph and treachery in the reign of Louis XIV Charles Drazin 1
The man who outshone the Sun King : a life of gleaming opulence and wretched reversal in the reign of Louis XIV Charles Drazin 1
The man the Nazis couldn't catch John Laffin 1
The man in the iron mask : a historical detective investigation Harry Thompaon 1
The man in the iron mask Roy Thomas 1
The man in the iron mask P. Hoyle 1
The man in the iron mask Jim Pipe 1
The man in the iron mask Harry Thompson 1
The making of the sans-culottes : democratic ideas and institutions in Paris, 1789-92 R. B. Rose 1
The making of the French episcopate, 1589-1661 Joseph Bergin 1
The long presidency : France in the Mitterrand years, 1981-1995 Julius W. Friend 1
The long presidency : France in the Mitterand years, 1981-1995 Julius W. Friend 1
The long long road Jeanine de Bara 1
The life and works of Adèle d'Osmond comtesse de Boigne, 1781-1866 David S. Vanderboegh 1
The life and times of Guillaume Dupuytren, 1777-1835 Paul Wylock 1
The life and death of my lord Gilles de Rais Robert Nye 1
The life and afterlife of Isabeau of Bavaria Tracy Adams 1
The liberation of the Riviera : the resistance to the Nazis in the South of France and the story of its heroic leader, Ange-Marie Miniconi Peter Leslie 1
The liberation of Paris : how Eisenhower, De Gaulle, and Von Choltitz saved the City of Light Jean Edward Smith 1
The letter in Flora Tristan's politics, 1840-1844 Máire Cross 1
The leopard boy Daniel Picouly 1
The lengthening shadow Isabelle Munday 1
The legend of Charlemagne in medieval England : the matter of France in Middle English and Anglo-Norman literature Phillipa Hardman 1
The legend of Bouvines : war, religion and culture in the Middle Ages Georges Duby 1
The legacy of iconoclasm : religious war and the relic landscape of Tours, Blois and Vendôme, 1550-1750 Eric Nelson 1
The law of treason and treason trials in later medieval France S. H. Cuttler 1
The later years of Catherine de' Medici Edith Sichel 1
The last throw of the dice : Bourbaki and Werder in Eastern France, 1870-71 Quintin Barry 1
The last president of Europe : Emmanuel Macron's race to revive France and save the world William Drozdiak 1
The last musketeer Stuart Gibbs 1
The last great dance on Earth Sandra Gulland 1
The life and times of Robespierre Luigi Mario Pizzinelli 1
The life of Henrietta Anne : daughter of Charles I Melanie Clegg 1
The long affair : Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution Conor Cruise O'Brien 1
The life of Jean Jaurès Harvey Goldberg 1
The locust years : the story of the Fourth French Republic, 1946-1958 Frank Giles 1
The local administration of the Bas-Languedoc region of France, 1789-1801 : a study of governmental reform in the wake of the French Revolution Roger Duck 1
The lives of the kings & queens of France René de La Croix Castries 1
The little duke : Richard the Fearless Charlotte Mary Yonge 1
The little duke Charlotte Mary Yonge 1
The little book of Versailles Dominique Foufelle 1
The little French recipe book : the heartwarming and emotional story of a son's quest to discover his father's final secrets Jacky Durand 1
The literary underground of the Old Regime Robert Darnton 1
The lion, the lily, and the leopard : the crown and nobility of Scotland, France, and England, and the struggle for power (1100-1204) Melissa Pollock 1
The linguist Mark Urban 1
The linchpin : French-German relations, 1950-1990 Julius W. Friend 1
The limits of absolutism in ancien rʹegime France Richard Bonney 1
The lily and the rose Dany&Dany (Writers) 1
The life of a knight : from Philip Augustus to Saint Louis : 1171 - 1252 Julien Braconnier 1
The life of Napoleon Buonaparte : emperor of the French Walter Scott 1
The life of Napoleon Buonaparte Walter Scott 1
The life of Louis XVI John Hardman 1
The medical world of early modern France L. W. B. Brockliss 1
The medieval cult of St Petroc Karen Jankulak 1
The face of the crowd : studies in revolution, ideology and popular protest George F. E. Rudé 1
The object of art Marian Hobson 1
The only problem Muriel Spark 1
The one who led an army : Joan of Arc (1412-1431) Críostóir Ó Floinn 1
The one and indivisible French Republic J. E. S. Hayward 1
The old regime and the revolution Trevor Cairns 1
The old ladies' tea party Pierre Véry 1
The occupation trilogy : La Place de l'Etoile, The night watch, Ring roads Patrick Modiano 1
The occupation trilogy Patrick Modiano 1
The occupation secret Mario Reading 1
The nude in French art and culture, 1870-1910 Heather Dawkins 1
The mediocracy : French philosophy since the mid-1970s Dominique Lecourt 1
The notorious life of Gyp : right-wing anarchist in fin-de-siècle France Willa Z. Silverman 1
The notebooks of Captain Coignet : soldier of the Empire, 1799-1816 Jean-Roch Coignet 1
The notebooks of Captain Coignet : (soldier of the Empire), 1776-1850 Jean-Roch Coignet 1
The notables and the nation : the political schooling of the French, 1787-1788 Vivian R. Gruder 1
The noble assassin Paul Kix 1
The night the Old Regime ended : August 4, 1789, and the French Revolution Michael P. Fitzsimmons 1
The night rainbow Claire King 1
The new social question : rethinking the welfare state Pierre Rosanvallon 1
The open boundary of history and fiction : a critical approach to the French Enlightenment Suzanne Gearhart 1
The origin and principles of the American Revolution, compared with the origin and principles of the French Revolution Friedrich von Gentz 1
The origin of the world Pierre Michon 1
The origins of France : from Clovis to the Capetians, 500-1000 Edward James 1
The path to Rome Hilaire Belloc 1
The past in French history Robert Gildea 1
The partition of Africa John Scott Keltie 1
The paratroopers of the French Foreign Legion : from Vietnam to Bosnia Howard R. Simpson 1
The paradoxes of nationalism : the French Revolution and its meaning for contemporary nation building Chimène Ilona Robbins Keitner 1
The other woman Colette 1
The other side of the duckpond Jean Bairstow 1
The other de Gaulle : diaries 1944-1954 Claude Mauriac 1
The orphans of Sainte Cécile : a story in two languages = Les orphelines de Sainte Cécile : une histoire en deux langues Patricia Le Baudrier 1
The origins of totalitarian democracy J. L. Talmon 1
The origins of totaliatarian democracy J. L. Talmon 1
The origins of the welfare state : women, work, and the French Revolution Lisa DiCaprio 1
The origins of the Hundred Years War : the Angevin legacy, 1250-1340 M. G. A. Vale 1
The origins of the French nationalist movement, 1886-1914 Robert Lynn Fuller 1
The origins of the French Revolutionary wars T. C. W. Blanning 1
The origins of physiocracy : economic revolution and social order in eighteenth-century France Elizabeth Fox-Genovese 1
The origins of contemporary France : the ancient regime, the revolution, the modern regime : selected chapters Hippolyte Taine 1
The new regime : transformations of the French civic order, 1789-1820s Isser Woloch 1
The new heretics of France : minority religions, la République, and the government-sponsored "war on sects" Susan J. Palmer 1
The new Vichy syndrome : why European intellectuals surrender to barbarism Theodore Dalrymple 1
The mistress of Paris : the 19th-century courtesan who built an empire on a secret Catherine Hewitt 1
The mirador : dreamed memories of Irène Némirovsky by her daughter Elisabeth Gille 1
The minority women and austerity : survival and resistance in France and Britain Leah Bassel 1
The millionaire of love David Leddick 1
The military-civilian nuclear link : a guide to the French nuclear industry Mary D. Davis 1
The military in imperial history : the French connection Alf Andrew Heggoy 1
The military challenges of transatlantic coalitions James P. Thomas 1
The military and colonial destruction of the Roman landscape of North Africa, 1830-1900 Michael Greenhalgh 1
The middle Neolithic in southern France : chasséen farming and culture process Patricia Phillips 1
The merry month of May James Jones 1
The merchants of Oran : a Jewish port at the dawn of empire Joshua Schreier 1
The memory of the modern Matt K. Matsuda 1
The memory of resistance : French opposition to the Algerian War (1954-1962) Martin Evans 1
The memory of colonialism in Britain and France : the sins of silence Itay Lotem 1
The memoirs of Roustam : Napoleon's Mamluk imperial bodyguard Roustam 1
The memoirs of Baron de Marbot, late lieutenant-general in the French Army Jean-Baptiste-Antoine-Marcelin Marbot 1
The memoir of lieutenant Dumont, 1715-1747 : a sojourner in the French Atlantic Dumont de Montigny 1
The melodramatic thread : spectacle and political culture in modern France James R. Lehning 1
The misanthrope Roger McGough 1
The mobilization of intellect : French scholars and writers during the Great War Martha Hanna 1
The new France : heirs on trial James Bellini 1
The modern philosopher ; Letters to her son ; and Verses on the Siege of Gibraltar Elizabeth Craven 1
The new France Edward Robert Tannenbaum 1
The negotiator : the masterclass at Saint-Germain Francis Walder 1
The necklace Guy de Maupassant 1
The navy that beat Napoleon W. D. Brownlee 1
The navy and government in early modern France, 1572-1661 Alan James 1
The narrow foothold Carina Birman 1
The métis of Senegal : urban life and politics in French West Africa Hilary Jones 1
The myth of France Raymond Rudorff 1
The mystery of the charity of Joan of Arc Jean-Paul Lucet 1
The mysteries of Udolpho : a romance Ann Ward Radcliffe 1
The most beautiful wine villages of France François Morel 1
The most beautiful villages of France Dominique Repérant 1
The mortal Napoleon III Roger Lawrence Williams 1
The moon & the sun Vonda N. McIntyre 1
The monarchy, the estates and the aristocracy in Renaissance France J. Russell Major 1
The monarchy of Capetian France and royal ceremonial Elizabeth A. R. Brown 1
The modern portrait in nineteenth-century France Heather McPherson 1
The last great Frenchman : a life of Charles de Gaulle Charles Williams 1
The last gaiter button : a study of the mobilization and concentration of the French army in the war of 1870 Thomas J. Adriance 1
The last duel : a true story of trial by combat in medieval France Eric Jager 1
The general will is citizenship : inquiries into French political thought Jason Andrew Neidleman 1
The gilded youth of Thermidor François Gendron 1
The gift in sixteenth-century France Natalie Zemon Davis 1
The ghosts of Albi Susan B. Kelly 1
The geography of post-war France : a social and economic approach Hugh D. Clout 1
The genesis of the French Revolution : a global-historical interpretation Bailey Stone 1
The genesis of Napoleonic propaganda, 1796-1799 Wayne Hanley 1
The genesis of Napoleonic propaganda, 1796 to 1799 Wayne Hanley 1
The genesis and effect of the Popular Front in France Karl G. Harr 1
The gay republic : sexuality, citizenship, and subversion in France Enda McCaffrey 1
The last banquet Jonathan Grimwood 1
The functional analysis of flint implements : Pincevent and Pont d'Ambon : two case studies from the French final palaeolithic Emily H. Moss 1
The frozen revolution : an essay on Jacobinism Ferenc Fehér 1
The friends of liberty : the English democratic movement in the age of the French Revolution A. Goodwin 1
The freedom line : the brave men and women who rescued Allied airmen from the Nazis during World War II Peter Eisner 1
The fourth estate at the fourth wall : newspapers on stage in July Monarchy France Cary Hollinshead-Strick 1
The fourth canvas Neil Hawke 1
The fourteenth of July Christopher Prendergast 1
The four roads to Heaven : France and the Santiago Pilgrimage Edwin Mullins 1
The giraffe has a long neck _ Jacques R. E. Poirier 1
The girl at the Lion d'Or Sebastian Faulks 1
The girl from Vichy Andie Newton 1
The glass-blowers Daphne Du Maurier 1
The great herb tour Christina Hindhaugh 1
The great demarcation : the French Revolution and the invention of modern property Rafe Blaufarb 1
The grand tours of Katherine Wilmot : France 1801-3 and Russia 1805-7 Catherine Wilmot 1
The government of Philip Augustus : foundations of French royal power in the Middle Ages John W. Baldwin 1
The government of France Jean Blondel 1
The government and politics of France Anne Stevens 1
The goose road Rowena House 1
The good man's daughter Roger Stokes 1
The good king : René of Anjou and fifteenth century Europe Margaret Lucille Kekewich 1
The good inn : an illustrated screen story of historical fiction Frank Black 1
The golden clasp Clare Frances Holmes 1
The golden challenge) Sheila Holroyd 1
The gold standard illusion : France, the Bank of France, and the international gold standard, 1914-1939 Kenneth Mouré 1
The gods will have blood : (Les dieux ont soif) Anatole France 1
The gods want blood Anatole France 1
The glory of the lilies : a novel about Joan of Arc Edward Wagenknecht 1
The global Seven Years War, 1754-1763 : Britain and France in a great power contest D. A. Baugh 1
The four hundred years war (1066-1453) Jonathan Smalley 1
The four Musketeers : the true story of D'Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis & Athos K. L. Maund 1
The fountain of privilege : political foundations of markets in Old Regime France and England Hilton L. Root 1
The fateful alliance : France, Russia and the coming of the First World War George F. Kennan 1
The fatal friendship : Marie Antoinette, Count Fersen & the flight to Varennes Stanley Loomis 1
The fat chef Fred Nath 1
The fastidious assassins Albert Camus 1
The far right in France : from Petain to Le Pen J. G. Shields 1
The family romance of the French Revolution Lynn Hunt 1
The family Hitchcock Mark Levin 1
The fallen angels Susannah Kells 1
The fall of the third Napoleon Theo Aronson 1
The fall of the blade Sue Reid 1
The fall of the French monarchy, 1787-1792 Michel Vovelle 1
The fall of the Bastille Nathaniel Harris 1
The fall of Robespierre : 1794 Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1
The fall of Paris : the siege and the commune 1870-71 Alistair Horne 1
The fall of Napoleon. Volume 1, Allied invasion of France, 1813-1814 Michael V. Leggiere 1
The fall of Napoleon Michael V. Leggiere 1
The fall of France : act with daring Martin Marix Evans 1
The fall of English France 1449-53 David Nicolle 1
The fate of kings Mark W. G. Stibbe 1
The favor of friends : intercession and aristocratic politics in Carolingian and Ottonian Europe Sean Gilsdorf 1
The foundations of laissez-faire : the economics of Pierre de Boisguilbert Gilbert Faccarello 1
The female population of France in the 19th century : a reconstruction of 82 departments Etienne Van de Walle 1
The foundations of industrialism Robert Leroux 1
The fortune of the Rougons Émile Zola 1
The forts of New France : the Great Lakes, the Plains and the Gulf Coast, 1600-1763 René Chartrand 1
The formation of a provincial nobility : the magistrates of the Parlement of Rouen, 1499-1610 Jonathan Dewald 1
The formation of Christian Europe : the Carolingians, baptism, and the imperium christianum Owen Michael Phelan 1
The foreign policy of France from 1914 to 1945 Jacques Néré 1
The foreign policies of France, 1944-1968 Guy de Carmoy 1
The forbidden rose Joanna Bourne 1
The food lover's companion to France Marc Millon 1
The flight of eagles Jeremy Moczarski 1
The five sisters : a young Norman in the Second World War J.-E. Havel 1
The first detective : the life and revolutionary times of Eugène-Francois Vidocq, criminal, spy and private eye James Morton 1
The first European revolution, 1776-1815 Norman Hampson 1
The fire David Thomas 1
The financial decline of a great power : war, influence, and money in Louis XIV's France Guy Rowlands 1
The field of the star : a pilgrim's journey to Santiago de Compostela Nicholas Luard 1
The feudal monarchy in France and England : from the Xth to the XIIIth century Charles Petit-Dutaillis 1
The great nation : France from Louis XV to Napoleon Colin Jones 1
The great nation : France from Louis XV to Napoleon 1715-99 Colin Jones 1
The great nation in decline : sex, modernity and health crises in revolutionary France c.1750-1850 Sean M. Quinlan 1
The invention of a European development aid bureaucracy : recycling empire Véronique Dimier 1
The interpreter : journal of a German double agent in occupied France Marcelle Kellermann 1
The internationalization of colonialism : Britain, France, and Black Africa, 1939-1956 John Kent 1
The internalized revolution Ehrhard Bahr 1
The insurrectionists W. J. Fishman 1
The institutions of France under the absolute monarchy, 1598-1789. Society and the State Roland Mousnier 1
The institutions of France under the absolute monarchy 1598-1789 Roland Mousnier 1
The information master : Jean-Baptiste Colbert's secret state intelligence system Jacob Soll 1
The influence of the French Revolution on the lives and thought of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, Immanuel Kant, and Pius VI : the end of conservatism Jeffrey Langan 1
The influence of French language and culture in the lives of eight women writers of Russian heritage Leslee Poulton 1
The influence of French culture on Willa Cather : intertextual references and resonances Stéphanie Durrans 1
The independent walker's guide to France : 35 extraordinary walks in 16 of France's finest regions Frank W. Booth 1
The improvement of humanity : education and the French Revolution R. R. Palmer 1
The imperialism of French decolonisaton : French policy and the Anglo-American response in Tunisia and Morocco Ryo Ikeda 1
The imperial nation : citizens and subjects in the British, French, Spanish, and American empires Josep Maria Fradera 1
The impact of absolutism in France : national experience under Richelieu, Mazarin and Louis XIV William Farr Church 1
The impact of Napoleon, 1800-1815 : an annotated bibliography Leigh Ann Whaley 1
The imaginary revolution : Parisian students and workers in 1968 Michael Seidman 1
The intrepid Miss Haydon Alice Chetwynd Ley 1
The invisible code : honor and sentiment in postrevolutionary France, 1814-1848 William M. Reddy 1
The image of the Popular Front : the masses and the media in interwar France Simon Dell 1
The invisible emperor : Napoleon on Elba Mark Braude 1
The last banquet Jon Courtenay Grimwood 1
The last adventure of Napoleon sunshine Pascal Ruter 1
The last act of Vichy : radio broadcasts January - June 1944 Philippe Henriot 1
The language question under Napoleon Stewart McCain 1
The language of sex : five voices from northern France around 1200 John W. Baldwin 1
The landing strip Kader Attia 1
The land of France 1815-1914 Hugh D. Clout 1
The lacemaker and the princess Kimberly Brubaker Bradley 1
The knight of Maison-Rouge Alexandre Dumas 1
The knight and the squire Terry Jones 1
The kings' mistresses : the liberated lives of Marie Mancini, Princess Colonna, and her sister Elizabeth C. Goldsmith 1
The king's women : a novel in four parts Deryn Lake 1
The king's debts : finance and politics in France 1589-1661 Richard Bonney 1
The king of thieves Michael Jecks 1
The killing fields of Provence : occupation, resistance and liberation in the South of France James Bourhill 1
The killer trail : a colonial scandal in the heart of Africa Bertrand Taithe 1
The judgement of Paris : the revolutionary decade that gave the world impressionism Ross King 1
The imaginary Jew Alain Finkielkraut 1
The illustrated companion to Nelson's navy Nicholas Blake 1
The great push : an episode of the Great War Patrick MacGill 1
The history of the Albigensian crusade : Peter of les-Vaux-de-Cernay's Historia Albigensis W. A. Sibly 1
The history of modern France : from the Revolution to the present day Jonathan Fenby 1
The history of modern France : from the Revolution to the War with Terror Jonathan Fenby 1
The history of French colonial policy, 1870-1925 Stephen H. Roberts 1
The historic country hotels of France Wendy Arnold 1
The historian's two bodies : the reception of historical texts in France, 1701-1790 Nathan Uglow 1
The hidden diary of Marie Antoinette : a novel Carolly Erickson 1
The headless republic : sacrificial violence in modern French thought Jesse Goldhammer 1
The harp lesson Emma Tennant 1
The handsome smuggler Gillian Kaye 1
The guillotine and the terror Daniel Arasse 1
The guerrilla wars, 1808-1814 : Napoleon's Spanish nightmare Miguel £ngel Martnʺ Mas 1
The growth of philosophic radicalism Élie Halévy 1
The greengage summer Rumer Godden 1
The green meridian : a walk across France Tim Salmon 1
The green cockade : the Irish in the French Revolution, 1789-1815 Liam Swords 1
The green Earth guide : traveling naturally in France Dorian Yates 1
The great unknown Peg Kingman 1
The history of the Albigensian crusade : Peter of les Vaux-de-Cernay's Historia Albigensis of les Vaux-de-Cernay Peter 1
The history of the Franks Saint Bishop of Tours Gregory 1
The ideology of the Great Fear : the Soissonnais in 1789 Clay Ramsay 1
The history of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1814 Mignet 1
The ideal : Beethoven and the French revolution : songs of liberty, sonatas op. 110/111/106 Pierre Mosonyi 1
The idea of perfect history : historical erudition and historical philosophy in Renaissance France George Huppert 1
The hurlyburly's husband : a novel Jean Teulé 1
The hunting book of Gaston Phébus : manuscrit français 616, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale Count of Foix Gaston III Phœbus 1
The hunters of Combe Grenal : approaches to middle paleolithic subsistence in Europe Philip G. Chase 1
The hunt for Nazi spies : fighting espionage in Vichy France Simon Kitson 1
The hunt after Jeanne-Antoinette de Pompadour : patronage, politics, art, and the French Enlightenment Rosamond Hooper-Hamersley 1
The hungry archaeologist in France : a travelling guide to caves, graves and good living in the Dordogne and Brittany Glyn Daniel 1
The hunchback of Notre Dame = Notre-Dame de Paris Victor Hugo 1
The hunchback of Notre Dame Victor Hugo 1
The humiliation of sinners : public penance in thirteenth-century France Mary C. Mansfield 1
The humilation of sinners : public penance in thirteenth-century France Mary C. Mansfield 1
The house on Cocoa Beach Beatriz Williams 1
The hotel on Place Vendôme : life, death, and betrayal at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris Tilar J. Mazzeo 1
The homeowner's guide to living in France Richard Whiting 1
The hollow years : France in the 1930s Eugen Weber 1
The history of the Island of Dominica : containing a description of its situation, extent, climate, mountains, rivers, natural productions, andc. andc., together with an account of the civil government, trade, laws, customs, and manners of the different inhabitants of that island, its conquest by the French, and restoration to the British dominions Thomas Atwood 1
Political leadership in France : from Charles de Gaulle to Nicholas Sarkozy John Gaffney 1
Napoleon's conquest of Europe : the War of the Third Coalition Frederick C. Schneid 1
Political concerns and literary topoi in French grand opera Robert Ignatius Letellier 1
Dunkirk and the fall of France Geoffrey Stewart 1
Earth Émile Zola 1
Early political writings Auguste Comte 1
Early French cookery : sources, history, original recipes and modern adaptions D. Eleanor Scully 1
Démocratie française Valéry Giscard d'Estaing 1
Dynamics in the French constitution : decoding French republican ideas David Marrani 1
Dutch-Belgian troops of the Napoleonic Wars Otto von Pivka 1
Durkheim and the Jews of France Ivan Strenski 1
Duo ; and, Le Toutounier : two novels Colette 1
Dugard of Rouen : French trade to Canada and the West Indies, 1729-1770 Dale Miquelon 1
East Lynne Henry Wood 1
Dublin 1916 : the French connection W. J. McCormack 1
Duarte Ribeiro de Macedo, um diplomata moderno, 1618-1680 : a biography of a Portuguese diplomat Ana Leal de Faria 1
Dreyfus to De Gaulle : politics and society in France, 1898-1969 James F. McMillan 1
Dreyfus and the literature of the Third Republic : secularism and tolerance in Zola, Barrås, Lazare and Proust Evlyn Gould 1
Dressed to rule : royal and court costume from Louis XIV to Elizabeth II Philip Mansel 1
Dress in France in the eighteenth century Madeleine Delpierre 1
Dreams, visions, and spiritual authority in Merovingian Gaul Isabel Moreira 1
Dreams of empire : Napoleon and the first world war, 1792-1815 Paul Fregosi 1
East Anglia against the tricolor, 1789-1815 : an English region and the conflict with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France J. P. Foynes 1
Easy living in France : how to cope with the French way of life John P. Harris 1
El Dorado : further adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel Emmuska Orczy Orczy 1
Economic planning and policies in Britain, France and Germany Geoffrey Denton 1
Edward VII and the entente cordiale Ian Dunlop 1
Edmund Burke and international relations : commonwealth of Europe and the crusade against the French revolution Jennifer M. Welsh 1
Edith Wharton Hermione Lee 1
Ecraser l'Infâme,1759 - 1770 René Pomeau 1
Ecopolitics : the environment in poststructuralist thought Verena Andermatt Conley 1
Economistes and the reinvention of empire : France in the Americas and Africa, c.1750-1802 Pernille Røge 1
Economic, social and demographic thought in the XIXth century : the population debate from Malthus to Marx Yves Charbit 1
Economic policies on each side of the channel : report of a seminar held in Paris 17 November 2005 Christopher Johnson 1
Economic management and French business : from de Gaulle to Chirac Mairi Maclean 1
Eat smart in France : how to decipher the menu, know the market foods & embark on a tasting adventure Ronnie Hess 1
Economic growth in Britain and France, 1780-1914 Patrick O'Brien 1
Economic forces in French history Tom Kemp 1
Economic diplomacy and the origins of the Second World War : Germany, Britain, France, and Eastern Europe, 1930-1939 David E. Kaiser 1
Economic development in early modern France : the privilege of liberty, 1650-1820 Jeff Horn 1
Eclipse of empire? : perceptions of the western empire and its rulers in late-medieval France Chris Jones 1
Ecclesiastical colony : China's Catholic Church and the French religious protectorate Ernest P. Young 1
Eccentric France : the Bradt guide to the frolics and frivolity of the French Piers Letcher 1
Eating and drinking in France today Pamela Vandyke Price 1
Dreamer's guide to living in France : the dreams, the realities John Hodgkinson 1
Dr. Franklin goes to France Stacy Schiff 1
Downed Allied airmen and evasion of capture : the role of local resistance networks in World War II Herman Bodson 1
Die deutsch-französische Partnerschaft: störanfällig, aber strapazierfähig? : eine Analyse im Bereich der Aussen-, Sicherheits- und Europapolitik (1990-2000) Susanne Pfeiffer 1
Dirty snow Georges Simenon 1
Diplomat in Paris, 1936-1939 : papers and memoirs of Juliusz Lukasiewicz, Ambassador of Poland Juliusz Lukasiewicz 1
Diplomacy and nation-building in Africa : Franco-British relations and Cameroon at the end of empire Mélanie Torrent 1
Dimanche and other stories Irène Némirovsky 1
Dignified retreat : writers and intellectuals in the age of Richelieu Robert Alan Schneider 1
Diffusion in Franco-German relations : a different perspective on a history of cooperation and conflict Eric Sangar 1
Difference, deviance, threat? : mainstream and right-extremist political discourse on ethnic issues in the Netherlands and France (1990-1997) Ineke van der Valk 1
Die deutsche Besatzung in Lyon im Blick der Täterforschung Elisabeth Meier 1
Die Politisierung der Oper im 19. Jahrhundert Maria Birbili 1
Double cross Stuart Gibbs 1
Diderot and Lessing as exemplars of a post-Spinozist mentality Louise Crowther 1
Dictionary of medieval knighthood and chivalry : people, places, and events Bradford B. Broughton 1
Dickens in France : selected pieces by Charles Dickens on France and the French Charles Dickens 1
Diary of the cavaliere Bernini's visit to France Paul Fréart de Chantelou 1
Diary of the 1914-1918 war Yves Congar 1
Devil's brood : the Angevin family Alfred Duggan 1
Devil's blade Mark Alder 1
Deviant women of the French Revolution and the rise of feminism Lisa Beckstrand 1
Disalienation : politics, philosophy, and radical psychiatry in postwar France Camille Robcis 1
Disciplining statistics : demography and vital statistics in France and England, 1830/1885 Libby Schweber 1
Discover France Nicola Williams 1
Discover France Oliver Berry 1
Does bilaterialism promote trade? : nineteenth century liberalization revisited Olivier Accominotti 1
Does France still count? : the French role in the new Europe Steven Philip Kramer 1
Documenting the everyday in medieval Europe : the social dimensions of a writing revolution, 1250-1350 Paul Bertrand 1
Doctor to the Resistance : the heroic true story of an American surgeon and his family in occupied Paris Hal Vaughan 1
Doctor Death : a Madeleine Karno mystery : a novel Lene Kaaberbøl 1
Do large departments make academics more productive? : agglomeration and peer effects in research Clément Bosquet 1
Divided rule : sovereignty and empire in French Tunisia, 1881-1938 Mary Dewhurst Lewis 1
Divided memory : French recollections of World War II from the Liberation to the present Olivier Wieviorka 1
Divided loyalties in a doomed empire : the French in the West : from New France to the Lewis and Clark Expedition Daniel Royot 1
Divided and conquered : the French High Command and the defeat of the West, 1940 Jeffery A. Gunsburg 1
Diverse nations : explorations in the history of racial and ethnic pluralism George M. Fredrickson 1
Distorting mirrors : visions of the crowd in late nineteenth-century France Susanna Barrows 1
Distant neighbours : understanding how the French deal with ethnic and religious diversity Christophe Bertossi 1
Disquiet Julia Leigh 1
Disorderly families : infamous letters from the Bastille archives Arlette Farge 1
Discovering the villages of France Michael Busselle 1
Discover France : experience the best of France Oliver Berry 1
Eglise et hérésie en France au XIIIe siècle Yves Dossat 1
Eleanor of Aquitaine Ann Kramer 1
Detour de France : an Englishman in search of a continental education Michael Simkins 1
Essays on Montesquieu and on the Enlightenment Robert Shackleton 1
Eugenie and Napoleon III David Duff 1
Etudes sur le grand domaine carolingien Jean-Pierre Devroey 1
Eternal liaisons Steven Brockington 1
Eternal France : a history of France 1789-1944 Norah Lofts 1
Estranged bedfellows : Britain and France in the Middle East during the Second World War Aviel Roshwald 1
Estienne Pasquier (1529-1615) : the versatile barrister of 16th_century France D. Thickett 1
Establishing the remnant church in France : Calvin's lectures on the Minor Prophets, 1556-1559 Jon Balserak 1
Essential questions to ask when buying a house in France : and how to ask them Mark Sampson 1
Essays on French history and historians John Stuart Mill 1
Euro-orientalism : liberal ideology and the image of Russia in France (c. 1740-1880) Ezequiel Adamovsky 1
Essays in Medieval diplomacy and administration Pierre Chaplais 1
Escape from the terror : the journal of Madame de la Tour du Pin Henriette Lucie Dillon La Tour du Pin Gouvernet 1
Ernest Renan : in the shadow of faith David C. J. Lee 1
Epicureans and atheists in France, 1650-1729 Alan Charles Kors 1
Envoy to the terror : Gouverneur Morris and the French Revolution Melanie Randolph Miller 1
Entertaining in the French style Eileen W. Johnson 1
Enlightenment phantasies : cultural identity in France and Germany, 1750-1914 Harold Mah 1
Enlightenment in Scotland and France : studies in political thought Mark Hulliung 1
Eugénie : the empress and her empire Desmond Seward 1
Europapolitik und innerstaatlicher Bezugsrahmen : Herleitung und Entwicklung der deutschen und französischen Europakonzeption im Spannungsfeld von EU-Integration und Osterweiterung der Jahre 1989/90-2000 Jochen Legleitner 1
Eleanor of Aquitaine Desmond Seward 1
Exceptional socialists : the case of the French Socialist party David S. Bell 1
Experiences of poverty in late medieval and early modern England and France Anne M. Scott 1
Experiences of charity, 1250-1650 Anne M. Scott 1
Expansion and crisis in Louis XIV's France : Franche-Comté and absolute monarchy, 1674-1715 Darryl Dee 1
Exotismus und Kommerz : Bäder- und Vergnügungswesen im Paris des späten 18. Jahrhunderts Wolfgang Cillessen 1
Exile, imprisonment, or death : the politics of disgrace in Bourbon France, 1610-1789 Julian Swann 1
Exile to paradise : savagery and civilization in Paris and the South Pacific, 1790-1900 Alice Bullard 1
Exile and the kingdom Albert Camus 1
Exhumation David Lewis 1
Everyman's France Maxine Feifer 1
Europe at walking pace Ben Whitwell 1
Eve's proud descendants : four women writers and republican politics in nineteenth-century France Whitney Walton 1
Europeanising spaces in Paris Hugh McDonnell 1
European monetary integration, 1970-79 : British and French experiences Daisuke Ikemoto 1
European adventurers in North India 1750-1803 Uma Shanker Pandey 1
Europe, 1648-1815 : from the old regime to the age of revolution Robin W. Winks 1
Europe under Napoleon 1799-1815 Michael Broers 1
Europe under Napoleon Michael Broers 1
Europe from below : an assessment of Franco-German popular contacts John Farquharson 1
Enlightenment and utility : Bentham in French, Bentham in France Emmanuelle de Champs 1
Enlightenment aberrations : error and revolution in France David William Bates 1
Enlightening the world : the creation of the Statue of Liberty Yasmin Sabina Khan 1
Elsa Labrador days in France : self sufficiency in rural France J. H. Woolley 1
Empire's legacy : roots of a far-right affinity in contemporary France John Welly Peter Veugelers 1
Empire's children : race, filiation, and citizenship in the French colonies Emmanuelle Saada 1
Empire of love : histories of France and the Pacific Matt K. Matsuda 1
Empire by collaboration : Indians, colonists, and governments in colonial Illinois country Robert Michael Morrissey 1
Emigration during the French revolution : consequences in the short and longue Durée Raphaël Franck 1
Emanuel Swedenborg, secret agent on Earth and in heaven : Jacobites, Jews, and Freemasons in early modern Sweden Marsha Keith Schuchard 1
Elsewhere John Tagholm 1
Elsa Labrador's French journals. Vignettes of French life J. H. Woolley 1
Elizabeth I of England through valois eyes : power, representation, and diplomacy in the reign of the queen, 1558-1588 Estelle Paranque 1
Enlightened pleasures : eighteenth-century France and the new epicureanism Thomas M. Kavanagh 1
Elections in the French Revolution : apprenticeship in democracy, 1789-1799 Malcolm Crook 1
Elections in the French Revoltion : an apprenticeship in democracy, 1789-1799 Malcolm Crook 1
Eleanor of Aquitaine : the story of the richest queen in medieval Europe David Hilliam 1
Eleanor of Aquitaine : the Queen who rode off to battle Ann Kramer 1
Eleanor of Aquitaine : queen of the troubadours Jean Markale 1
Eleanor of Aquitaine : queen of France and England, mother of empires Sara Cockerill 1
Eleanor of Aquitaine : queen and rebel Jean Flori 1
Eleanor of Aquitaine : queen and legend D. D. R. Owen 1
Empress to the Eagle Aileen Quigley 1
Emulation : David, Drouais, and Girodet in the art of revolutionary France Thomas E. Crow 1
En France : un tour des régions Gerald Harnden 1
En Route : the French autoroute guide Richard Binns 1
Enjoy France - the British abroad Hugh Pitt 1
Engraved Magdalenian plaquettes : a regional and stylistic analysis of stone, bone and antler plaquettes from Upper Palaeolithic sites in France and Cantabric Spain Ann Sieveking 1
English historians on the French Revolution Hedva Ben-Israel Kidron 1
England, France and Christendom, 1377-99 J. J. N. Palmer 1
England's last war against France : fighting Vichy 1940-42 Colin Smith 1
England's last war against France : fighting Vichy 1940-1942 Colin Smith 1
England and the French Revolution Stephen Prickett 1
Enduring song Jesse Briton 1
Ending the terror : the French Revolution after Robespierre Bronisław Baczko 1
Ending the French Revolution : violence, justice, and repression from the terror to Napoleon Howard G. Brown 1
End of the affair : the collapse of the Anglo-French alliance, 1939-40 Eleanor M. Gates 1
End games in Bordeaux Allan Massie 1
Encyclopédie / the triumph of reason in an unreasonable age Philipp Blom 1
Encore travellers' France Arthur Eperon 1
Enchanted Claire Delacroix 1
En taxi pour Johannesburg Matlakala Bopape 1
En suivant mon chemin Pat Green 1
Developing Africa : concepts and practices in twentieth-century colonialism Joseph M. Hodge 1
Detour de France Michael Simkins 1
Conflicts in French society : anticlericalism, education and morals in the nineteenth century: essays Theodore Zeldin 1
Creating community with food and drink in Merovingian Gaul Bonnie Effros 1
Crisis of the European mind : a study of André Malraux and Drieu la Rochelle Barrie Cadwallader 1
Crisis and compromise : politics in the Fourth Republic Philip M. Williams 1
Crimes unspoken : the rape of German women at the end of the Second World War Miriam Gebhardt 1
Crime, madness & politics in modern France : the medical concept of national decline Robert Nye 1
Crescendo of the virtuoso : spectacle, skill and self-promotion in Paris during the age of revolution Paul Metzner 1
Creole medievalism : colonial France and Joseph Bédier's Middle Ages Michelle R. Warren 1
Crecy, 1346 : the triumph of the longbow David Nicolle 1
Creating the nation in provincial France : religion and political identity in Brittany Caroline Ford 1
Crawl space : a novel Edie Meidav 1
Critical encounters : capitalism, democracy, ideas Wolfgang Streeck 1
Cranley letters Margaret Wolfe 1
Cousin Bette Honoré de Balzac 1
Courts, elites, and gendered power in the early Middle Ages : Charlemagne and others Janet L. Nelson 1
Courtesan and countess : the lost and found memoirs of the French consul's wife Céleste Vénard de Chabrillan 1
Counterpoint to Trafalgar : the Anglo-Russian invasion of Naples, 1805-1806 William H. Flayhart 1
Cosmopolitan patriots : Americans in Paris in the age of revolution Philipp Ziesche 1
Correspondence : models of letter-writing from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century Roger Chartier 1
Correspondance générale de La Beaumelle (1755-1756). Volume XI, janvier-décembre 1757