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Book subject: Fiction in English

Fiction in English is a book subject adressed in 20,810 books and 24,547 editions by 6,785 authors

1965 - 2017


There are 20,810 books and 24,547 editions on Fiction in English between 1965 and 2017

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There are the 20,810 books on the Fiction in English subject with a total 24,547 editions

Title Author Editions
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 9
Black Beauty Anna Sewell 6
Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson 6
Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë 6
The Duchess of Duke Street Mollie Hardwick 6
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe 5
The property of a gentleman Catherine Gaskin 5
Kate Hannigan Catherine Cookson 5
Heritage of folly Catherine Marchant 5
Dracula Bram Stoker 5
Carnacki the ghost-finder William Hope Hodgson 5
Love for Lydia H. E. Bates 5
The Lord of the rings J. R. R. Tolkien 4
The memoirs of a survivor Doris Lessing 4
Tortilla Flat John Steinbeck 4
The Fen Tiger Catherine Marchant 4
The jacaranda tree H. E. Bates 4
The glass key Dashiell Hammett 4
Maggie Rowan Catherine Cookson 4
The scarlet sword H. E. Bates 4
The Atkinson heritage Mollie Hardwick 4
The sea shall not have them John Harris 4
The witch from the sea Philippa Carr 4
Mallion's pride Carola Salisbury 4
A raft of swords Duncan Kyle 4
The lion triumphant Philippa Carr 4
The nice bloke Catherine Cookson 4
The silver bears Paul Erdman 4
The eagle has landed Jack Higgins 4
The Maltese falcon Dashiell Hammett 4
House of men Catherine Marchant 4
The shiralee D'Arcy Niland 4
Runaway bride Jane Aiken Hodge 4
My cousin Rachel Daphne Du Maurier 4
The mill on the Floss George Eliot 4
Roots Alex Haley 4
Rooney Catherine Cookson 4
The moneychangers Arthur Hailey 4
Dark inheritance Carola Salisbury 4
A tale of two cities Charles Dickens 4
Slinky Jane Catherine Cookson 4
The day of the triffids John Wyndham 4
Pure as the lily Catherine Cookson 4
HMS Ulysses Alistair MacLean 4
Centennial James A. Michener 4
The riddle of the sands : a record of secret service Erskine Childers 4
Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë 4
Golden Soak Hammond Innes 4
Rebel heiress Jane Aiken Hodge 4
Nightwork Irwin Shaw 4
The shadow of the Lynx Victoria Holt 3
Watch the wall, my darling Jane Aiken Hodge 3
Time enough for love Robert A. Heinlein 3
The seventeenth stair Barbara Paul 3
Terror's cradle Duncan Kyle 3
Earth abides George Rippey Stewart 3
Avalanche Express Colin Forbes 3
High citadel Desmond Bagley 3
Daneclere Pamela Hill 3
Winter quarry Paul Henissart 3
The call of the wild Jack London 3
Green, green my valley now Richard Llewellyn 3
A town like Alice Nevil Shute 3
Rosevean Iris Bromige 3
A falcon for a queen Catherine Gaskin 3
Operation Malacca Joe Poyer 3
Dangerous Davies : the last detective Leslie Thomas 3
The incredible Brazilian Zulfikar Ghose 3
The legend Evelyn Anthony 3
The night of the party Iris Bromige 3
The long corridor Catherine Cookson 3
Bride of Pendorric Victoria Holt 3
A few days in Endel Joanna Marcus 3
Under the Stars and Bars J. T. Edson 3
The devil rides out Dennis Wheatley 3
The devil's advocate Morris West 3
Rockfire Catherine Dillon 3
Little Angie Emma Cave 3
Whistler's Lane Anthea Fraser 3
Georgina Clare Darcy 3
The rendezvous Evelyn Anthony 3
Winter in Thrush Green Miss Read 3
The cup and the lip Elizabeth Ferrars 3
Enter a murderer Ngaio Marsh 3
Drummer in the dark Francis Clifford 3
Rolande Clare Darcy 3
Here was a man Norah Lofts 3
Lion in the evening Alan Scholefield 3
The Company John Ehrlichman 3
The Cooler George Markstein 3
To kill a mockingbird Harper Lee 3
Damnation Alley Roger Zelazny 3
Only when I larf Len Deighton 3
Laurian Vale Iris Bromige 3
Saint Jack Paul Theroux 3
Absolute beginners Colin MacInnes 3
The naked runner Francis Clifford 3
Take my life Winston Graham 3
The Dain curse Dashiell Hammett 3
The Golden Gate Alistair MacLean 3
To ride Pegasus Anne McCaffrey 3
Crown of aloes Norah Lofts 3
A most romantic city Mary Ann Gibbs 3
High-rise J. G. Ballard 3
The coral island R. M. Ballantyne 3
The silver nightingale Sylvia Thorpe 3
Doctor in the house Richard Gordon 3
A demon in my view Ruth Rendell 3
A death out of season Emanuel Litvinoff 3
Miss Martha Mary Crawford Catherine Marchant 3
Tumbleweed Janwillem Van de Wetering 3
Home to roost Andrew Garve 3
A distant song Iris Bromige 3
The doomsday carrier Victor Canning 3
Venom Alan Scholefield 3
One of our warships John Winton 3
The devil on horseback Victoria Holt 3
A judgement in stone Ruth Rendell 3
Running blind Desmond Bagley 3
Witch Barbara Michaels 3
The distant summer Sarah Patterson 3
The Saint in trouble Leslie Charteris 3
The shepherd Frederick Forsyth 3
A hot and copper sky Jon Burmeister 3
Mrs Bridges' story Mollie Hardwick 3
Pendragon, late of Prince Albert's Own Robert Trevelyan 3
One way to Venice Jane Aiken Hodge 3
Blue Russell Will Bryant 3
The navigator Morris West 3
Parson's House Elizabeth Cadell 3
Promised land Robert B. Parker 3
Alice's adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll 3
Giant Edna Ferber 3
George's women Catherine MacArthur 3
Mr Bellamy's story Michael Hardwick 3
A prayer for the ship Douglas Reeman 3
The deep Peter Benchley 3
The rules of marriage Sheila Bishop 3
The iron façade Catherine Marchant 3
Attachments Judith Rossner 3
Tinker tailor soldier spy John Le Carré 3
The Chinese agenda Joe Poyer 3
Losers weepers Nan Maynard 3
The Poellenberg inheritance Evelyn Anthony 3
A haunted landscape Iris Bromige 3
The Pontius Pilate papers Warren Kiefer 3
Death and the dancing footman Ngaio Marsh 3
Panzer platoon, invade Russia! Gunther Lutz 3
Thomas and Sarah Mollie Hardwick 3
White death John J. McLaglen 3
The book of Merlyn : the unpublished conclusion to 'The once and future king' T. H. White 3
Reunion Fred Uhlman 3
The Barrancourt destiny Anne Worboys 3
The hound of the Baskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle 3
The demon Hubert Selby 3
Gulliver's travels Jonathan Swift 3
The round tower Catherine Cookson 3
Patriot's dream Barbara Michaels 3
The life and strange surprizing adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, mariner : who lived eight and twenty years all alone in an uninhabited island on the coast of America near the mouth of the great river of Oroonoque, having been cast on shore by shipwreck wherein all the men perished but himself; with an account how he was at last as strangely deliver'd by pyrates Daniel Defoe 3
Edge of glass Catherine Gaskin 3
Money to burn Elizabeth Cadell 3
Generation of victors Burt Hirschfeld 3
The husband's story Norman Collins 3
Death of a thin-skinned animal Patrick Alexander 3
The railway children E. Nesbit 3
Harlequin Morris West 3
Death of a hawker Janwillem Van de Wetering 3
Panzer platoon, Blitzkrieg! Gunther Lutz 3
The human factor Graham Greene 3
A grief ago Nan Maynard 3
The crystal gull Lucilla Andrews 3
Harriet Jilly Cooper 3
The boys from Brazil Ira Levin 3
Red harvest Dashiell Hammett 3
Rendezvous, south Atlantic Douglas Reeman 3
Edwardian Belle Jean Merrill 3
Elyza Clare Darcy 3
The Balkan assignment Joe Poyer 3
The secret woman Victoria Holt 3
Agent in place Helen MacInnes 3
Dead cert Dick Francis 3
The jewelled daughter Anne Maybury 3
The secret agent : a simple tale Joseph Conrad 3
Galahad at Blandings P. G. Wodehouse 3
Two for Inspector West John Cre.asey 3
The hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy Douglas Adams 3
Rebecca Daphne Du Maurier 3
Gadget Nicolas Freeling 3
The ABC murders Agatha Christie 3
A game of murder Francis Durbridge 3
Ritual in the dark Colin Wilson 3
Day of judgment Jack Higgins 3
The caretaker wife Barbara Whitehead 3
The purple plain H. E. Bates 3
Payment deferred C. S. Forester 3
A portrait of the artist as a young man James Joyce 3
Waxwork Peter Lovesey 3
The railway king Margaret Mayhew 3
Dead city Shane Stevens 3
Ragtime E. L. Doctorow 3
Last year when I was young Monica Dickens 3
The French inheritance Anne Stevenson 3
Game in diamonds Elizabeth Cadell 3
Heaven is here Lucy Walker 3
The Princess of Celle Jean Plaidy 3
George Appledown, the boy that fell out of bed Denstan 3
Willard and his bowling trophies : a perverse mystery Richard Brautigan 3
The quiet wards Lucilla Andrews 3
The windmill years Vicky Martin 3
Looking for Mr Goodbar Judith Rossner 3
Emily Davis Miss Read 3
The sea king's daughter Barbara Michaels 3
Breakheart Pass Alistair MacLean 3
A fringe of leaves Patrick White 3
To a god unknown John Steinbeck 3
Bear Island Alistair MacLean 3
A frenzy of merchantmen Brian Callison 3
The Orion line Nicholas Luard 3
Why didn't they ask Evans? Agatha Christie 3
Latter end Patricia Wentworth 3
Gideon's force William Vivian Butler 3
The fate of the 'Lady Emma' Paul Lund 3
Silent song Lucilla Andrews 3
Yesterday's spy Len Deighton 3
Circus Alistair MacLean 3
A blast of trumpets Gordon Ashe 3
Dragonmede Rona Randall 3
Focus Arthur Miller 3
The swarm Arthur Herzog 3
Just another sucker James Hadley Chase 3
The young doctors downstairs Lucilla Andrews 3
Stars in my heart Barbara Cartland 3
The file on Lester Andrew Garve 3
The fifteen streets Catherine Cookson 3
Female friends Fay Weldon 3
A bad night's work Owen Josiah Currington 3
Narrow exit Paul Henissart 3
Simon the Coldheart Georgette Heyer 3
The menagerie Catherine Cookson 3
The talented Mr Ripley Patricia Highsmith 3
A stranger is watching Mary Higgins Clark 3
Porterhouse blue Tom Sharpe 3
A severed head Iris Murdoch 3
Donovan John Midgley 3
North Cape Joe Poyer 3
The tomorrow file Lawrence Sanders 3
A mind to murder P. D. James 3
Not a penny more, not a penny less Jeffrey Archer 3
The years of the hungry tiger John Gordon Davis 3
A cage of ice Duncan Kyle 3
My son, my son Howard Spring 3
Cakes and ale, or, The skeleton in the cupboard W. Somerset Maugham 3
A woman of independent means Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey 3
The Wallace Nigel G. Tranter 3
If you can't be good Ross Thomas 3
Dragonquest : being the further adventures of the Dragonriders of Pern Anne McCaffrey 3
Last seen wearing Colin Dexter 3
Imperial Highness Evelyn Anthony 3
The Irish witch Dennis Wheatley 3
Fear is the key Alistair MacLean 3
The garment Catherine Cookson 3
Soldier blue Theodore V. Olsen 3
A bride for Bedivere Hilary Ford 3
The main Trevanian 3
Goodbye California Alistair MacLean 3
Trial run Dick Francis 3
Clandara Evelyn Anthony 3
Flyaway Desmond Bagley 3
Judas country Gavin Lyall 3
'North Star' Hammond Innes 3
Flight of the grey goose Victor Canning 3
They came to Baghdad Agatha Christie 3
Spindrift Phyllis A. Whitney 3
No holly for Miss Quinn Miss Read 3
South by Java Head Alistair MacLean 3
The man in the high castle Philip K. Dick 3
1990 Maureen Gregson 3
Fire in the barley Frank Parrish 3
Fire in the embers Burt Hirschfeld 3
Trapp's war Brian Callison 3
Flight into fear Duncan Kyle 3
Jack Carter's law Ted Lewis 3
Band of brothers Ernest Kellogg Gann 3
Fletch Gregory Mcdonald 3
The knave of diamonds Ethel M. Dell 3
So long as you both shall live : an 87th Precinct mystery Ed McBain 3
The tightrope men Desmond Bagley 3
The time of the dragon Dorothy Eden 3
Go in and sink! Douglas Reeman 3
Castle of Eagles Constance Heaven 3
Firefox Craig Thomas 3
The massacre at Fall Creek Jessamyn West 3
The massacre trail Charles C. Garrett 3
In the time of lilacs Hermina Black 3
In the springtime of the year Susan Hill 3
Flow my tears, the policeman said Philip K. Dick 3
The man from yesterday George Markstein 3
The Zambesi break Tasman Beattie 3
Neptune landing Ronald Bassett 3
Jack Mercybright Mary E. Pearce 3
Campbell's kingdom Hammond Innes 3
When the boat comes in James Mitchell 3
In storm and in calm Lucilla Andrews 3
The porkchoppers Ross Thomas 3
The fledgling Elizabeth Cadell 3
Cast for death Margaret Yorke 3
Touch not the cat Mary Stewart 3
Nevada Zane Grey 3
No man's land Simon Watson 3
Dragon's Eye Jennie Melville 3
Never tell a secret Joyce Stranger 3
The gate of Eden William Corlett 3
Gone to Texas Forrest Carter 3
Chance awakening George Markstein 3
The House of a Thousand Lanterns Victoria Holt 3
The beast must die Nicholas Blake 3
Iceberg Clive Cussler 3
The smuggler's bride Rosalind Laker 3
House of the twelve Caesars Phyllis Hastings 3
Lady of quality Georgette Heyer 3
Grave mistake Ngaio Marsh 3
The big four Agatha Christie 3
The lost world : a shortened version edited with notes and exercises by Kenneth Pinnock, illustrated by Will H.Maile Arthur Conan Doyle 3
Copsi Castle Norah Lofts 3
Bellman and true Desmond Lowden 3
The lost years Hermina Black 3
The gambling man Catherine Cookson 3
Four days Harold King 3
The greatest breakthrough since lunchtime Colin Douglas 3
Falconer John Cheever 3
The Kingsford mark Victor Canning 3
The moonlit way Alice Dwyer-Joyce 3
A connoisseur's case Michael Innes 3
Gracie Lindsay A. J. Cronin 3
The enemy Desmond Bagley 3
My Lady of Cleves Margaret Campbell Barnes 3
The great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 3
Lady with carnations A. J. Cronin 3
The smile of the stranger Joan Aiken 3
Prescription for Melissa Alice Dwyer-Joyce 3
Oliver's story Erich Segal 3
The Nonesuch Georgette Heyer 3
Message from Absalom Anne Armstrong Thompson 3
The guns of Navarone Alistair MacLean 3
Cressida Clare Darcy 3
An unsuitable job for a woman P. D. James 3
The Mandarin cypher Adam Hall 3
The look of innocence Anna Gilbert 3
Merlin's Keep Madeleine Brent 3
On the night of the seventh moon Victoria Holt 3
Somebody's sister Derek Marlowe 3
The dwelling place Catherine Cookson 3
Cover her face P. D. James 3
The Grosvenor Square goodbye Francis Clifford 3
Bella Jilly Cooper 3
Foxglove summer Naidra Grey 3
The big sleep Raymond Chandler 3
Lament for a lost lover Philippa Carr 3
To the manor born Peter Spence 3
Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie 3
The golden crucible Jean Stubbs 3
Knight's Acre Norah Lofts 3
My Mercedes is bigger than yours Nkem Nwankwo 3
The pretty ones Dorothy Eden 3
Now and forever Danielle Steel 3
The stone bull Phyllis A. Whitney 3
The golden unicorn Phyllis A. Whitney 3
The Malaspiga exit Evelyn Anthony 3
The fabulous riverboat Philip José Farmer 3
The Valley of fear Arthur Conan Doyle 3
The golden keel Desmond Bagley 3
The petrodollar takeover Peter J. Tanous 3
Colour blind Catherine Cookson 3
The face of trespass Ruth Rendell 3
Prelude to terror Helen MacInnes 3
Below the horizon John Wingate 3
Shadow 81 Lucien Nahum 3
Collision Spencer Dunmore 3
Jack Frank Walker 3
Shadow of a lady Jane Aiken Hodge 3
The Vivero letter Desmond Bagley 3
Ice Station Zebra Alistair MacLean 3
The miracle at St Bruno's Philippa Carr 3
The fall of Midas Norah Lofts 3
The money harvest Ross Thomas 3
Castle Malindine Hilary Ford 3
Fanny McBride Catherine Cookson 3
The Hollow Agatha Christie 3
It was the lark Catherine MacArthur 3
The spy who came in from the cold John Le Carré 3
The place of stones Constance Heaven 3
Seawitch Alistair MacLean 3
Octavia Jilly Cooper 3
The grapes of wrath John Steinbeck 3
A cleft of stars Geoffrey Jenkins 3
The pride of the Peacock Victoria Holt 3
Fame is the spur Howard Spring 3
My darling, my hamburger Paul Zindel 3
Force 10 from Navarone Alistair MacLean 3
Summer lightning Judith Richards 3
My enemy the Queen Victoria Holt 3
See them die Ed McBain 3
Inverted world Christopher Priest 3
The untrodden snow Denise Robins 3
The good thief Robert Rosenblum 3
Gideon's men J. J. Marric 2
God save the child Robert B. Parker 2
The last Sherlock Holmes story Michael Dibdin 2
Gideon's press J. J. Marric 2
Gideon's ride J. J. Marric 2
Give me back my heart Denise Robins 2
Go saddle the sea Joan Aiken 2
Gland time Don J. Townshend 2
The last dance John Briley 2
The last dogfight Martin Caidin 2
The last frontier Alistair MacLean 2
Girl with red hair Giles Gordon 2
The last cruise Arthur J. La Bern 2
Give the boys a great big hand Ed McBain 2
Girl with green eyes Edna O'Brien 2
The last hours before dawn Reg Gadney 2
Girl alone Lucy Walker 2
Glendraco Laura Black 2
The last butterfly Michael Jacot 2
Girl alone Jane Blackmore 2
Gipsy flower Ursula Bloom 2
Gloriana, or, The unfulfill'd queen : being a romance Michael Moorcock 2
Glory and the lightning Taylor Caldwell 2
The last place God made Jack Higgins 2
The last showdown Max Brand 2
The last cattle drive Robert Day 2
Gilded spurs Grace Ingram 2
Gideon's wrath J. J. Marric 2
SS Panzer Battalion Leo Kessler 2
The long coffin Nigel G. Tranter 2
Gideon's fog J. J. Marric 2
Fortune for a Falcon Catherine Darby 2
The magnificent marriage Barbara Cartland 2
The magician : a novel,together with a fragment of autobiography W. Somerset Maugham 2
For love alone Christina Stead 2
The machine-gunners Robert Westall 2
For want of a nail Melvyn Bragg 2
For whom the bell tolls Ernest Hemingway 2
Forced march Leo Kessler 2
Foreign affairs Hugh Fleetwood 2
The love-child Philippa Carr 2
Forlorn river Zane Grey 2
Fortune's wheel Rhoda Edwards 2
Footsteps in the park Marie Joseph 2
Found, lost, found, or, The English way of life J. B. Priestley 2
The lost traveller : a motorcycle Grail quest epic and science fiction Western Steve Wilson 2
The lost traveller Antonia White 2
The loser Peter Ustinov 2
The lord of Greenwich Juliet Dymoke 2
Free lance George Shipway 2
Freedom road Howard Fast 2
French connection II Robin Moore 2
French leave P. G. Wodehouse 2
The long summer Alan White 2
For I have lived today Alice Dwyer-Joyce 2
Footsteps in the night Helga Moray 2
The long shadow Denise Robins 2
Flight one Charles Carpentier 2
The man who travelled on motorways Trevor Hoyle 2
Flameout Basil Jackson 2
Flameout Colin D. Peel 2
The man who seduced a bank Thomas Ernest Bennett Clarke 2
The man who loved children Christina Stead 2
Flash point Michael Francis Gilbert 2
Flashman's lady : from the Flashman papers, 1842-1845 George MacDonald Fraser 2
The man who cried Catherine Cookson 2
The man who came back John Rossiter 2
Flight into Camden David Storey 2
The man in the Sopwith Camel Michael Butterworth 2
Fool's paradise Barbara Goolden 2
Flights of angels Paula Milne 2
Flint Louis L'Amour 2
Floating worlds Cecelia Holland 2
The man from outback Lucy Walker 2
Flowers in the attic V. C. Andrews 2
Fluke James Herbert 2
Flynn Gregory Mcdonald 2
The man from Broken Hills Louis L'Amour 2
The man Irving Wallace 2
Fool's errand Marc Norman 2
The long silence Alan White 2
The long search Gordon Ashe 2
Gideon's drive J. J. Marric 2
The legend of the seventh virgin Victoria Holt 2
Gamma's girl Lucy Walker 2
The linden tree Hester Rowan 2
Gangway! Donald E. Westlake 2
Gateway to Hell Dennis Wheatley 2
The light of day Eric Ambler 2
Gay defeat Denise Robins 2
Gelignite : a Yellowthread Street mystery William Marshall 2
Gemini child Rebecca Stratton 2
The lies of Boyo Butler Christopher Leach 2
The liberated Henry Sutton 2
Gentleman traitor Alan Williams 2
Game in Heaven with Tussy Marx Piers Paul Read 2
Geordie David Walker 2
George and Mildred Roger Bowdler 2
George beneath a paper moon Nina Bawden 2
Georgy girl Margaret Forster 2
The left-handed sleeper Ted Willis 2
Getaway Owen John 2
Ghost Fox James Houston 2
Ghost in green velvet Elizabeth Peters 2
Ghostboat George E. Simpson 2
The lathe of heaven Ursula K. Le Guin 2
Games of choice Maurice Gee 2
The lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz Russell Hoban 2
Friends at court Henry Cecil 2
Full moon P. G. Wodehouse 2
From Doon with death Ruth Rendell 2
From Russia, with love Ian Fleming 2
From here to eternity James Jones 2
From the broken tree Lee Langley 2
From the city, from the plough Alexander Baron 2
The long day's dying Alan White 2
The long dark night Joseph Hayes 2
Frost in May Antonia White 2
The lonely lady Harold Robbins 2
The lonely furrow Norah Lofts 2
The little pretender Barbara Cartland 2
Game for vultures Michael Hartmann 2
Full up Molly Parkin 2
The little nugget P. G. Wodehouse 2
The little girl who lives down the lane Laird Koenig 2
The little adventure Barbara Cartland 2
The lions of Judah Ted Willis 2
The lion's claw Peter Padfield 2
The lion of justice Jean Plaidy 2
Gallows on the sand Morris West 2
The lion of England Eve Trevaskis 2
The lion of Delos Anne Worboys 2
Going home Danielle Steel 2
Hand of glory Glen Petrie 2
The land endures Mary E. Pearce 2
Hungry as the sea Wilbur A. Smith 2
The gravy train hit Curtis Stevens 2
Hurricane wake Rosalind Ashe 2
The great Eric Ackroyd disaster Bill Tidy 2
The great land Derek Lambert 2
The great moment Elinor Glyn 2
The great sky and the silence James S. Rand 2
The great train robbery Michael Crichton 2
Hounds and jackals Barbara Wood 2
How the West was won : a novel Louis L'Amour 2
How many miles to Babylon? Jennifer Johnston 2
The green fields of Eden Francis Clifford 2
How do I love thee Lucille Iremonger 2
How I fooled the world John Banning 2
Housespy Maureen Duffy 2
Hush money Peter Israel 2
The grass is singing Doris Lessing 2
The grass harp Truman Capote 2
I am alone Walter Macken 2
The grab Maria Katzenbach 2
I have a complaint to make Guy Bellamy 2
I heard the owl call my name Margaret Craven 2
I hold the four aces James Hadley Chase 2
I know my love Catherine Gaskin 2
I like it here Kingsley Ami.s 2
I met a gypsy Norah Lofts 2
The good life John Esmonde 2
I never loved your mind Paul Zindel 2
The golden songbird Sheila Walsh 2
The golden rendezvous Alistair MacLean 2
The golden mistress Basil Beyea 2
The golden illusion Barbara Cartland 2
House of many shadows Barbara Michaels 2
Hothouse Brian W. Aldiss 2
I, Judas Taylor Caldwell 2
The hatchet man : a Yellowthread Street mystery William Marshall 2
Holiday for Inspector West John Cre.asey 2
Holiday Stanley Middleton 2
The hard men Theodore V. Olsen 2
The harp in the south Ruth Park 2
The hash-Knife outfit Zane Grey 2
Hit the beach Paul Lund 2
Hit and run James Hadley Chase 2
Hotel de Dream Emma Tennant 2
His hour Elinor Glyn 2
His burial too Catherine Aird 2
His Highness commands Pendragon Robert Trevelyan 2
The haunting of Toby Jugg Dennis Wheatley 2
Hilda Lessways Arnold Bennett 2
Highland river Neil Miller Gunn 2
Hollow target Paul Bryers 2
Hollywood and LeVine Andrew Bergman 2
The hanged men David Harper 2
Home in the dark William John Weatherby 2
Home through the dark Anthea Fraser 2
The hand of Oberon Roger Zelazny 2
Honey-pot Mira Stables 2
The half-breed J. T. Edson 2
Hopscotch Brian Garfield 2
Horizon Helen MacInnes 2
The guns of Avalon Roger Zelazny 2
Horror at Fontenay Alan Hull Walton 2
Hospital call Elizabeth Harrison 2
Hospital circles Lucilla Andrews 2
Hostage, London : the diary of Julian Despard Geoffrey Household 2
Hot pursuit Gavin Scott 2
Hotel Arthur Hailey 2
I, Claudius : from the autobiography of Tiberius Claudius, Emperor of the Romans, born 10 BC, murdered and deified AD 54 Robert Graves 2
The golden gun Charles C. Garrett 2
Gold scoop Sandy Gall 2
In the national interest Marvin L. Kalb 2
The ghost on the hill John Gordon 2
The ghosts of Glencoe Mollie Hunter 2
Indecent exposure Tom Sharpe 2
Incident at La Junta Oliver Lange 2
In their wisdom C. P. Snow 2
The girl Catherine Cookson 2
The girl from the candle-lit bath Dodie Smith 2
In love Nicola Thorne 2
In the hour before midnight Jack Higgins 2
In the highest tradition Edward F. Droge 2
In the frame Dick Francis 2
In the beginning Chaim Potok 2
In solitary Garry Kilworth 2
In my lady's chamber John Hawkesworth 2
Injury time Beryl Bainbridge 2
The gentle sex Paula Allardyce 2
Inside information Nicolas Bentley 2
The general C. S. Forester 2
The gazebo Patricia Wentworth 2
Instar Ryder Brady 2
The gates of morning Phyllis Hastings 2
International Velvet Bryan Forbes 2
The gated road Jean S. MacLeod 2
The gate of worlds Robert Silverberg 2
Into exile Joan Lingard 2
Into the road Adrienne Richard 2
Intruder squadron Jack Bannatyne 2
Invitation to paradise Lesley Howard 2
The gang Herbert Kastle 2
The gamekeeper Barry Hines 2
Isabel the Fair Margaret Campbell Barnes 2
The girls in 5J Rita Samson Bernhard 2
The glass cage : an unconventional detective story Colin Wilson 2
The golden gondola Barbara Cartland 2
The godwhale T. J. Bass 2
Images of Rose Anna Gilbert 2
The goddess abides Pearl S. Buck 2
Illusions Richard Bach 2
Illuminatus! Robert Shea 2
If you can't catch, don't throw Nan Maynard 2
The godsend Bernard Taylor 2
If the stars are gods Gregory Benford 2
In hazard : a sea story Richard Hughes 2
The gold of Malabar Berkely Mather 2
The gold of noon Essie Summers 2
The golden Greek Warren Tute 2
The golden cockatrice Gavin Black 2
Ice and iron Wilson Tucker 2
IQ 83 Arthur Herzog 2
Imogen Jilly Cooper 2
The glory trap Sherman Williamson 2
Imperial Woman Pearl S. Buck 2
Imperial earth : a fantasy of love and discord Arthur C. Clarke 2
Imperial nights Olivia O'Neill 2
The glory boys Gerald Seymour 2
The glittering prizes Frederic Raphael 2
The glittering lights Barbara Cartland 2
In a marmalade saloon Patrick O'Connor 2
The gleam in the North D. K. Broster 2
In a yellow wood Gore Vidal 2
In at the kill Elizabeth Ferrars 2
In connection with Kilshaw Peter Driscoll 2
The glass flame Phyllis A. Whitney 2
In dubious battle John Steinbeck 2
In gallant company Alexander Kent 2
In guilt and in glory David Hanly 2
The healers Gerald Green 2
High water Douglas Reeman 2
The heart listens Helen Van Slyke 2
The island of Doctor Moreau H. G. Wells 2
The intercom conspiracy Eric Ambler 2
The invisible cord Catherine Cookson 2
The invisible victory Richard Gordon 2
Gunman's reckoning Max Brand 2
The iron tiger Jack Higgins 2
The island Peter Benchley 2
The ivory dagger Patricia Wentworth 2
Greenvoe George Mackay Brown 2
Guernica night Barry N. Malzberg 2
The jade dragon Nancy Buckingham 2
The jealous God John Braine 2
Grimm Grange William Browning 2
Greygallows Barbara Michaels 2
The jigsaw man Dorothea Bennett 2
The insurrectionist Andrew McCoy 2
The inside man George Harmon Cox.e 2
Gurney's revenge Sam Llewellyn 2
The innocence has gone, Daddy André Launay 2
The inner circle Jonathan Fast 2
The injured party Elaine Dundy 2
The inimitable Jeeves P. G. Wodehouse 2
The inheritors Michael Hardwick 2
HMS Hero Ian Mackintosh 2
The infiltrator Martin Walker 2
The inferno John Cre.asey 2
Hail to the chief : an 87th Precinct mystery Ed McBain 2
Halcyon drift Brian M. Stableford 2
The incandescent ones Fred Hoyle 2
The impetuous duchess Barbara Cartland 2
Hammersleigh Rosemary Ellerbeck 2
Hammerstrike Walter Winward 2
The joker in the pack James Hadley Chase 2
The judgement of love Barbara Cartland 2
High stakes Dick Francis 2
Good enough for Nelson John Winton 2
The king of the castle Victoria Holt 2
The king's bed Margaret Campbell Barnes 2
The king's bounty Roy Clews 2
Good-night, Prof, love John Rowe Townsend 2
Good riddance Barbara Abercrombie 2
Good luck Mister Cain Brian Freeborn 2
Good as Gold Joseph Heller 2
Green ice Gerald A. Browne 2
Gone to earth Mary Webb 2
Golightly adrift Geoff Pike 2
Goldilocks Ed McBain 2
Goldfish have no hiding place James Hadley Chase 2
Goldengirl Peter Lear 2
The lady of Monkton Elizabeth Byrd 2
Goodbye darling James Mitchell 2
Goodbye to Berlin Christopher Isherwood 2
Goodey's last stand Charles E. Alverson 2
The killings Clark Howard 2
Gorilla Colin Willock 2
Gower Street Claire Rayner 2
The killer elite Robert Rostand 2
The kidnap kid Tony Kenrick 2
Great Granny Webster Caroline Blackwood 2
Great expectations Charles Dickens 2
Great space battles Stewart Cowley 2
Greatheart Ethel M. Dell 2
The karma of love Barbara Cartland 2
The jurors Benjamin Siegel 2
The junketeers Isidore Broat 2
Green hill far away Peter Upton 2
The jungle Upton Sinclair 2
The immigrants Howard Fast 2
The image-maker Phyllis Hastings 2
The man with no shadow Stephen Marlowe 2
Hell shot Joe Poyer 2
The history of Rasselas,Prince of Abissinia Samuel Johnson 2
Hello summer, goodbye Michael Coney 2
The history of the adventures of Joseph Andrews and his friend Mr.Abraham Adams Henry Fielding 2
The hit man Robert James Flood 2
Hellbottom Eric Corder 2
The hollow lands Michael Moorcock 2
The homecoming Norah Lofts 2
The icing of Balthazar John Goldsmith 2
The homestead grays James Wylie 2
Hell on wheels G. J. Morgan 2
The honey harlot Christianna Brand 2
Hell house Richard Matheson 2
The honourable schoolboy John Le Carré 2
The hooded falcon Prudence Andrew 2
Hellstrom's hive Frank Herbert 2
Help, I am being held prisoner Donald E. Westlake 2
The history man Malcolm Bradbury 2
Henry Golightly : a novel of the sea Geoff Pike 2
Henry and Cato Iris Murdoch 2
The high window Raymond Chandler 2
The high graders Louis L'Amour 2
Here comes a candle Jane Aiken Hodge 2
Heronbrook Anne Rundle 2
The hero : a novel Peter Haining 2
The heritors Agnes Short 2
The heckler Ed McBain 2
High crystal Martin Caidin 2
The heart of the lion Jean Plaidy 2
High lonesome Louis L'Amour 2
High lonesome world : the death and life of a country music singer Babs Hodges Deal 2
High road to China : a novel Jon Cleary 2
Heir to Kuragin Constance Heaven 2
The hospital ship Martin Bax 2
Heathcliff Jeffrey Caine 2
Harvest home Xunmo Zeng 2
Hanged man's house Elizabeth Ferrars 2
The ice schooner Michael Moorcock 2
Hanging on Dean R. Koontz 2
Hangman Paul Geddes 2
The ibis seal Anne O'Grady 2
The husband hunters Barbara Cartland 2
Hannah Massey Catherine Cookson 2
The hunting animal Norman Bogner 2
Hanover Street : a novel Maureen Gregson 2
The hunters Peter Hill 2
The hundredth chance Ethel M. Dell 2
The human predicament Richard Hughes 2
Harkfast : the making of the king Hugh C. Rae 2
The houseman's tale Colin Douglas 2
Harvest of the sun E. V. Thompson 2
Heat Arthur Herzog 2
The house of the Wolfings William Morris 2
Havoc in the Indies Ben Healey 2
The house of conflict Iris Bromige 2
The house of Kingsley Merrick Deborah Hill 2
The house next door Anne Rivers Siddons 2
The house is dark Rebecca James 2
The house in Paris Elizabeth Bowen 2
Hazell and the menacing jester P. B. Yuill 2
Hazell and the three card trick P. B. Yuill 2
Hazell plays Solomon P. B. Yuill 2
Head of the force James Barnett 2
Hear no evil Jean Ure 2
Hearing secret harmonies : a novel Anthony Powell 2
Heart of darkness; and, Typhoon Joseph Conrad 2
The man with a thousand names : science fiction A. E. Van Vogt 2
The mushroom cave Robert Rosenblum 2
The man with the golden gun Ian Fleming 2
The silent pool Patricia Wentworth 2
The shattered chain Marion Zimmer Bradley 2
The she-wolf Pamela Bennetts 2
Damaris Jane Sheridan 2
Dakota boomtown Frank Castle 2
The sheik Maggie Davis 2
The sheriff of Tombstone Todhunter Ballard 2
The shining Stephen King 2
The shipkiller Justin Scott 2
Cutter and Bone Newton Thornburg 2
The shootist Glendon Swarthout 2
Curtain : Poirot's last case Agatha Christie 2
The sign of four Arthur Conan Doyle 2
Csardas Diane Pearson 2
Cryptozoic Brian W. Aldiss 2
Cry witch Naomi A. Hintze 2
Dance for diplomats Palma Harcourt 2
The shakeout Ken Follett 2
Dandelion wine Ray Bradbury 2
The seven per cent solution : being a reprint from the reminiscences of John H. Watson, MD Nicholas Meyer 2
The sequence Elinor Glyn 2
The sergeant major's daughter Sheila Walsh 2
The serpent Jane Gaskell 2
The serpent and the staff Frank Yerby 2
The set Gwen Davis 2
Dark as the grave wherein my friend is laid Malcolm Lowry 2
Darcourt Isabelle Holland 2
Dando and the Mad Emperor William Clive 2
The seventh hexagram : a novel Ian McLachlan 2
The seventh power James Mills 2
Dangling man Saul Bellow 2
Dangerous call Elizabeth Harrison 2
Danger point Patricia Wentworth 2
The shadow of the sun Sylvia Pell 2
The silent invaders Robert Silverberg 2
The silent salesman Michael Z. Lewin 2
The senator Patrick Anderson 2
The silent world of Nicholas Quinn Colin Dexter 2
Craig and the Midas touch Kenneth Benton 2
The slaves of heaven Edmund Cooper 2
The slaves of love Barbara Cartland 2
The sleep of life Richard Gordon 2
The sleeper awakes H. G. Wells 2
The slippery step Rae Foley 2
The slow awakening Catherine Marchant 2
Courage John Shannon 2
Countess Josephine Edgar 2
Counterstroke Andrew Garve 2
Counterflood Kit Thackeray 2
The smartest grave Reginald James White 2
Counter-Clock World Philip K. Dick 2
The smile at the foot of the ladder Henry Miller 2
Count Manfred Miranda Seymour 2
The skeleton at the Villa Wolkonsky Chapman Pincher 2
Crimson Creek Robert McCaig 2
Crome yellow Aldous Huxley 2
The silver thaw Betty Neels 2
Cruel as the grave Helen McCloy 2
Crowned heads Thomas Tryon 2
Crownbird Kit Thackeray 2
The silver leopard Zoë Cass 2
Crown in candlelight Rosemary Hawley Jarman 2
The silver mistress Peter O'Donnell 2
Crosstalk Dennis Bloodworth 2
Crooked Adam D. E. Stevenson 2
Crossroads, a warm breeze Malcolm Hulke 2
Crossroads, a new beginning Malcolm Hulke 2
Crossroads : something old, something new Malcolm Hulke 2
Crossover Wilfred Greatorex 2
The singing swans Alexandra Manners 2
Crooked wood Michael Underwood 2
Dark green, bright red Gore Vidal 2
The seedbearers Peter Valentine Timlett 2
The man with the president's mind Ted Allbeury 2
Death descending Karen Campbell 2
Death is a red rose Dorothy Eden 2
The romantic Frenchman Mary Ann Gibbs 2
Death in the trees Gordon Ashe 2
Death in the clouds Agatha Christie 2
Death in the city J. R. L. Anderson 2
The rose medallion James Grant 2
Death in the North Sea J. R. L. Anderson 2
The rosemary tree Elizabeth Goudge 2
The ruby fleet Helga Moray 2
The runaway girl Lucy Walker 2
The ruthless rake Barbara Cartland 2
The ruthless range Lewis B. Patten 2
The sacred and profane love machine Iris Murdoch 2
The sacred ground Victor Briggs 2
Death flight Domini Wiles 2
The romance of Atlantis Taylor Caldwell 2
Death knell Terry Cline 2
Death may surprise us Ted Willis 2
The ring tree Ursula Bloom 2
Death sentence Brian Garfield 2
The rich are with you always Malcolm Macdonald 2
The rider of Lost Creek Louis L'Amour 2
The rig Richard Douglas 2
Death on the Nile Agatha Christie 2
The ring of fate Joyce Bentley 2
Death of an informer William John Weatherby 2
The road to revelation Norah Lofts 2
Death of an expert witness P. D. James 2
The rings of Tantalus Richard Avery 2
The ringway virus Russell Foreman 2
Death of a supertanker Antony Trew 2
The road from the monument Storm Jameson 2
The road to Corlay Richard Cowper 2
Death dreams William Katz 2
Death comes riding Nelson Nye 2
Dark quartet : the story of the Brontes Lynne Reid Banks 2
The sandcastle Iris Murdoch 2
The secret armour Lucilla Andrews 2
Daybreak Pat McGrath 2
Daybreak Jean Ure 2
Day of the butterfly Norah Lofts 2
The secret lemonade drinker Guy Bellamy 2
Daughters and sons I. Compton-Burnett 2
Daughter of the house Catherine Gaskin 2
Daughter of darkness Miranda Seymour 2
Daughter of Valdoro Evelyn Stewart Armstrong 2
The secret people John Beynon 2
Darsham's Folly Harriet Esmond 2
The seduction of Mrs Pendlebury Margaret Forster 2
Dark star Anne Maybury 2
Dark side of the street Jack Higgins 2
Dark river, dark mountain Sylvia Sherry 2
Dead babies Martin Amis 2
The second deadly sin Lawrence Sanders 2
Dead game Gerald Hammond 2
Dear and glorious physician Taylor Caldwell 2
Death by bequest Mary McMullen 2
The savage day Jack Higgins 2
The saviour Hugh Miller 2
The saviour Marvin Werlin 2
Death and bright water James Mitchell 2
The scarlet ruse John D. MacDonald 2
The sceptre and the rose Doris Leslie 2
Dead in a ditch Victor Gunn 2
The schoolgirl murder case Colin Wilson 2
The sea above them John Wingate 2
Dead runner Frank Ross 2
The sea waif Anne Weale 2
The season of the machete James Patterson 2
Dead in the morning Margaret Yorke 2
The snake John Godey 2
The snare of the hunter Helen MacInnes 2
The snatch Bill Pronzini 2
Change of heart Sally Mandel 2
The tangent objective Lawrence Sanders 2
The taskmaster Harold King 2
Chesapeake James A. Michener 2
The taste of too much Clifford Hanley 2
Checkmate Dorothy Dunnett 2
The tears of autumn Charles McCarry 2
Chase the wind E. V. Thompson 2
The tears of love Barbara Cartland 2
Charnel house Graham Masterton 2
The tempestuous petticoat Mary Ann Gibbs 2
The temple of the sun Moyra Caldecott 2
The tenth life Richard Lockridge 2
The terminal connection Robin Moore 2
Charing Cross Claire Rayner 2
The terminal man Michael Crichton 2
The tangent factor Lawrence Sanders 2
The tamarind seed Evelyn Anthony 2
The tall stranger D. E. Stevenson 2
Christ on trial Roger Dixon 2
City of gold and shadows Ellis Peters 2
The survivor James Herbert 2
The survivors Simon Raven 2
The sweet dove died Barbara Pym 2
The sweetheart deal Robert Rosenblum 2
The sword and the stallion Michael Moorcock 2
The sword of Orley Stewart Farrar 2
The tall stones Moyra Caldecott 2
The sword of the golden stud Ashley Carter 2
Children of the rose Elaine Feinstein 2
Children of Morrow H. M. Hoover 2
Children of Kaywana Edgar Mittelholzer 2
Children of Dune Frank Herbert 2
Children crossing Verity Bargate 2
The terrible ones Nick Carter 2
Chancy Louis L'Amour 2
Corporation wife Catherine Gaskin 2
The testing time Kathleen Janes 2
Castle Raven Laura Black 2
The toll Michael Mewshaw 2
Castle Barebane Joan Aiken 2
Cast a long shadow Mary E. Pearce 2
Cast a long shadow Hebe 2
Casino Royale Ian Fleming 2
The tormented Frederick E. Smith 2
Casey Joyce Stranger 2
Case pending Dell Shannon 2
The tower of Monte Rado Sheila Ross 2
Carrie Stephen King 2
Caroline, the Queen Jean Plaidy 2
The transformation George MacBeth 2
Caribee Christopher Nicole 2
The trapper's last shot John Yount 2
The time of the kraken Jay Williams 2
The tides of spring Valerie Elliston 2
Catchworld Chris Boyce 2
The third George Jean Plaidy 2
The texts of Festival Mick Farren 2
The thin man Dashiell Hammett 2
Chalky Matthew Vaughan 2
The thin red line James Jones 2
The things men do James Hadley Chase 2
Chaining the lady Piers Anthony 2
Ceremony of the innocent Taylor Caldwell 2
The thunder and the flame Alexander Fullerton 2
The thirstland Willem Abraham De Klerk 2
The thirteenth hour John Lee 2
Cecily Clare Darcy 2
The thirty-nine steps John Buchan 2
The thorn birds Colleen McCullough 2
The three lives of Edward Berner Herbert Kastle 2
City of spades Colin MacInnes 2
The sunbird Wilbur A. Smith 2
City of the dead Herbert Lieberman 2
Clansman of Andor Andrew J. Offutt 2
The spider and the fly Graham Lord 2
The spoilers Desmond Bagley 2
The spy who loved me Ian Fleming 2
Concrete island J. G. Ballard 2
The stainless steel rat saves the world Harry Harrison 2
The stainless steel rat's revenge Harry Harrison 2
The stalker Bill Pronzini 2
Compromising positions Susan Isaacs 2
The starmaker Henry Denker 2
The stars in shroud Gregory Benford 2
Command a king's ship Alexander Kent 2
The starting point Josephine Kamm 2
The status civilization Robert Sheckley 2
Come love, come hope Iris Bromige 2
Come back, yesterday Denise Robins 2
Confessions of a shop assistant Jonathan May 2
Confessions of a teenage baboon Paul Zindel 2
The special collection Ted Allbeury 2
The song in the green thorn tree : a novel of the life and loves of Robert Burns James Barke 2
The snow must return Denise Robins 2
Coronation Street, early days H. V. Kershaw 2
The snow tiger Desmond Bagley 2
Cop hater Ed McBain 2
The solstice man Derry Quinn 2
The son of someone famous M. E. Kerr 2
Conversations with a corpse Robert C. Dennis 2
The space vampires Colin Wilson 2
Contract on Cherry Street Philip Rosenberg 2
The sons of the sheik E. M. Hull 2
The sorrowing wind Mary E. Pearce 2
Constantine Cay Catherine Dillon 2
The sound of the weir Mary Ingate 2
The space guardians Brian Ball 2
The stone god awakens Philip José Farmer 2
The stone leopard Colin Forbes 2
The stone maiden Alexandra Manners 2
The summer of the Spanish woman Catherine Gaskin 2
Close-up Len Deighton 2
The suffrage of Elvira V. S. Naipaul 2
Close encounters of the third kind Steven Spielberg 2
Clone Richard Cowper 2
The summer day is done Robert Tyler Stevens 2
Climate for conspiracy Palma Harcourt 2
Clear to sail Helga Moray 2
The succubus Ken Johnson 2
Clayhanger Arnold Bennett 2
Claws of steel Leo Kessler 2
Claudius the god and his wife Messalina : the troublesome reign of Tiberius Claudius Caesar, Emperor of the Romans (born 10 BC, died AD 54), as described by himself, also his murder at the hands of the notorious Agrippina (mother of the Emperor Nero) and his subsequent deification, as described by others Robert Graves 2
The summer-house loon Anne Fine 2
The sun chemist Lionel Davidson 2
Clara Reeve Leonie Hargrave 2
The sucker punch James Hadley Chase 2
Club hammer Jenny Savage 2
Columbella Phyllis A. Whitney 2
Collision course Douglas Rutherford 2
Columba Carolyn Slaughter 2
The stone that never came down John Brunner 2
The store Knight Isaacson 2
Colour scheme Ngaio Marsh 2
The story of the Weasel Carolyn Slaughter 2
Collision course E. C. Tubb 2
Colliers Row Jan Webster 2
Cobbler's Dream Monica Dickens 2
Collages Anaïs Nin 2
Cold Comfort Farm Stella Gibbons 2
Coil of serpents Anne Stevenson 2
Cogan's trade George V. Higgins 2
The strolling players Alice Dwyer-Joyce 2
Cockpit Jerzy Kosinski 2
The rich are different Susan Howatch 2
Death shall overcome Emma Lathen 2
Death spins the platter Ellery Queen 2
The ninth man John Lee 2
The navvies are coming Frank Walker 2
Every man a king Anne Worboys 2
Even the wicked Ed McBain 2
The new Sister Theatre Lucilla Andrews 2
Esmond in India Ruth Prawer Jhabvala 2
The nice and the good Iris Murdoch 2
The night I caught the Santa Fé Chief Edward Thorpe 2
The night is a child Richard Llewellyn 2
Escape from passion Barbara Cartland 2
The night letter Paul Spike 2
The night of Kadar Garry Kilworth 2
The night of the twelfth Michael Francis Gilbert 2
The night shapes James Blish 2
Ensign Flandry Poul Anderson 2
The nightmare factor Thomas N. Scortia 2
The navigators Anthony Burton 2
Excellency David Beaty 2
Excellent women Barbara Pym 2
Exit Sherlock Holmes : the great detective's final days Robert Lee Hall 2
Eyes of Horus Joan Grant 2
Eyes Felice Picano 2
The murder of Roger Ackroyd Agatha Christie 2
Eye among the blind Robert Holdstock 2
Extro Alfred Bester 2
The murder on the links Agatha Christie 2
Exhibition Simon Cooper 2
The narrow corner W. Somerset Maugham 2
The mysterious commission Michael Innes 2
The mysterious maid-servant Barbara Cartland 2
The mystery of Saligo Bay Margaret Pemberton 2
The mystery of the Blue Train Agatha Christie 2
The naked battle Barbara Cartland 2
The nameless one Rosemary Timperley 2
Ennal's Point Alun Richards 2
The noose hangs high Frank C. Robertson 2
East to Barryvale Yvonne Whittal 2
Endings and beginnings Michael Hardwick 2
The only good German Ted Allbeury 2
Elephants can remember Agatha Christie 2
Electric train David Beaty 2
The other Cathy Nancy Buckingham 2
Edward, Edward : a part of his story and of history, 1795-1816, set out in three parts in this form of a new-old picaresque romance that is also a study in grace Lolah Burford 2
Edward the Seventh David Butler 2
The other side of midnight Sidney Sheldon 2
The other side of paradise Maynah Lewis 2
Edinburgh excursion Lucilla Andrews 2
The other side of summer Vicky Maxwell 2
The otherwise girl Keith Claire 2
The outposter Gordon R. Dickson 2
Eating people is wrong Malcolm Bradbury 2
Eaters of the dead : the manuscript of Ibn Fadlan, relating his experiences with the Northmen in A.D.922 Michael Crichton 2
The outsiders S. E. Hinton 2
Elizabeth Jessica Hamilton 2
The once and future king T. H. White 2
The omega point George Zebrowski 2
The odd flamingo Nina Bawden 2
Ending up Kingsley Ami.s 2
The nowhere city Alison Lurie 2
The nuclear letters Graham Lancaster 2
The nursing home murder Ngaio Marsh 2
Empty world John Christopher 2
The occupying power Evelyn Anthony 2
Emily of New Moon L. M. Montgomery 2
Elizabethan lover Barbara Cartland 2
Emily Stone Anne Redmon 2
Emily Jilly Cooper 2
The old boys William Trevor 2
Emerald Suzanne Goodwin 2
The old man & the sea Ernest Hemingway 2
Elusive harmony Mary Burchell 2
The murder at the vicarage Agatha Christie 2
Face me when you walk away Brian Freemantle 2
The mugger Ed McBain 2
Fade-out Patrick Tilley 2
Final score Emmett Grogan 2
Final payments Mary Gordon 2
Final curtain Ngaio Marsh 2
The master of Jethart Alice Dwyer-Joyce 2
Filmi, filmi, Inspector Ghote H. R. F. Keating 2
The matter of paradise Brown Meggs 2
The melodeon Glendon Swarthout 2
Fifty-two pickup Elmore Leonard 2
Fifty Seymour Kern 2
Fifth Planet Fred Hoyle 2
The memory of Eva Ryker Donald A. Stanwood 2
Fever of love Denise Robins 2
The men that God forgot Richard Butler 2
The merciless ladies Winston Graham 2
The mesmerist Felice Picano 2
The master of Aysgarth Margaret Mayhew 2
The master mariner Nicholas Monsarrat 2
The master idol Anthony Burton 2
The marquis who hated women Barbara Cartland 2
Five hours from Isfahan William Copeland 2
Fisheye Peter Townend 2
First blood David Morrell 2
The market square Miss Read 2
Fireplay William Wingate 2
Firegold J. R. Daniels 2
Fire storm Robert L. Duncan 2
The mask of memory Victor Canning 2
Fire on the snow Barbara Cartland 2
The marriage masque Catherine Fellows 2
The marriage of Meggotta Edith Pargeter 2
Fire mountain Christopher Wood 2
The marriage ring Paddy Kitchen 2
The mask of Dimitrios Eric Ambler 2
The middle of the journey Lionel Trilling 2
Feathers in the fire Catherine Cookson 2
Feast of the scorpion James Pattinson 2
Falling angel William Hjortsberg 2
Falstaff : being the 'Acta domini Johannis Fastolfe', or 'Life and valiant deeds of Sir John Faustoff', or 'The hundred days war', as told by Sir John Fastolf, K.G., to his secretaries William Worcester, Stephen Scrope, Fr. Brackley, Christopher Hanson, Luke Nanton, John Bussard, and Peter Basset Robert Nye 2
False scent Ngaio Marsh 2
False flags Noel Hynd 2
False colours Georgette Heyer 2
Falls the shadow Regina Ross 2
Falling bodies Sue Kaufman 2
The moonflower Phyllis A. Whitney 2
The moon in a bucket Mary Ann Gibbs 2
Falkenhorst Mark Rascovich 2
The mother Pearl S. Buck 2
The mountain valley war Louis L'Amour 2
Fairwinds Rebecca Stratton 2
The mountains have a secret Arthur Upfield 2
Faintley speaking Gladys Mitchell 2
The moon is square Margaret Maddocks 2
Family business Anthony Blond 2
The midnight dancers Anne Maybury 2
The minstrel boy A. J. Cronin 2
The milkman's on his way Max Bygraves 2
Fear John Ives 2
Fault in the structure Gladys Mitchell 2
The millionaire's daughter Dorothy Eden 2
Fathers come first Rosita Sweetman 2
The mind of Mr. Soames Charles Eric Maine 2
Fast and loose Molly Parkin 2
The moon and sixpence W. Somerset Maugham 2
Farther afield Miss Read 2
Farnham's freehold Robert A. Heinlein 2
The mistletoe and sword : a story of Roman Britain Anya Seton 2
Fareham Creek Madelyn Palmer 2
The mists of love Ruby M. Ayres 2
Far flies the eagle Evelyn Anthony 2
The outward urge John Wyndham 2
The pact Orlando R. Petrocelli 2
Death stalk Bob Langley 2
The rabbit Ted Lewis 2
The protector conclusion Jon Burmeister 2
Doctor Caro Bernard Packer 2
Do with me what you will Joyce Carol Oates 2
Do not go, my love Denise Robins 2
Do me a favour, drop dead James Hadley Chase 2
The public burning Robert Coover 2
Disraeli rising Maurice Edelman 2
Disraeli in love Maurice Edelman 2
The queen Morton Cooper 2
The queen and the gypsy Constance Heaven 2
The queen from Provence Jean Plaidy 2
Diary of a somebody Christopher Matthew 2
The question of Max Amanda Cross 2
The quick and the dead Louis L'Amour 2
The quincunx of time James Blish 2
Doctor Finlay of Tannochbrae A. J. Cronin 2
The promise : a novel Danielle Steel 2
The professor's daughter Piers Paul Read 2
Doctor's housekeeper Sarah Devon 2
The price G. F. Newman 2
The pride of summer John Broderick 2
The prince of darkness Jean Plaidy 2
Does the queen still live? John Fredman 2
Document of the last Nazi Matthew Eden 2
The print petticoat Lucilla Andrews 2
The private life of Florence Nightingale Richard Gordon 2
Doctor Rat William Kotzwinkle 2
Doctor on toast Richard Gordon 2
Doctor on the job Richard Gordon 2
Doctor in the nest Richard Gordon 2
Doctor at sea Richard Gordon 2
Doctor at large Richard Gordon 2
Doctor Sax : Faust part three Jack Kerouac 2
Dial death Martin Russell 2
The radiant dove Annabel Jones 2
East of desolation Jack Higgins 2
Devil's gamble Frank G. Slaughter 2
The red house mystery A. A. Milne 2
The reincarnation of Peter Proud Max Ehrlich 2
Deluge Richard Doyle 2
Delia Diana Morgan 2
The reluctant bride Barbara Cartland 2
Deep water Patricia Highsmith 2
Deep pocket Michael Kenyon 2
The reluctant heiress Annabel Laine 2
The reluctant orphan Sara Seale 2
Decision at Delphi Helen MacInnes 2
Death's head Leo Kessler 2
The return Evelyn Anthony 2
The revenge of Dracula Peter Tremayne 2
The revenge of Moriarty John Gardner 2
The revolt of the eaglets Jean Plaidy 2
The reason why Elinor Glyn 2
Desolation island Patrick O'Brian 2
The razor's edge W. Somerset Maugham 2
Deus Irae Philip K. Dick 2
The rags of time Barbara Goolden 2
The raiders L. J. Coburn 2
Devil to pay C. Northcote Parkinson 2
The rain forest Olivia Manning 2
The rainbird pattern Victor Canning 2
The rakehells of heaven John Boyd 2
The ransom commando James Grant 2
Desperate defiance Barbara Cartland 2
The rap Ernest Brawley 2
The rapist Michael Kenyon 2
The rasp Philip Macdonald 2
Destination unknown Agatha Christie 2
The rat report Constantine FitzGibbon 2
Desperate measures Dennis Wheatley 2
Don't hang up, Sophie - it's God Alida Baxter 2
The pretty horse-breakers Barbara Cartland 2
Don't stop the carnival Herman Wouk 2
The predator Denis Pitts 2
Dune Messiah Frank Herbert 2
Duffy's rocks Edward Fenton 2
The past tense of love Elizabeth Cadell 2
Duchess Josephine Edgar 2
Dubonnet Francis Pollini 2
Dubai Robin Moore 2
Dry hustle Sarah Kernochan 2
Drowned rat Elizabeth Ferrars 2
The peace keeper Ray Hogan 2
The peacemakers J. T. Edson 2
The peacock bed Joanne Marshall 2
The peacock spring Rumer Godden 2
Dress gray Lucian K. Truscott 2
Dreamsnake Vonda N. McIntyre 2
The penniless peer Barbara Cartland 2
The passionate enemies Jean Plaidy 2
Dust on the sea Edward L. Beach 2
The passionate brood Margaret Campbell Barnes 2
The paradise game Brian M. Stableford 2
East Side General Frank G. Slaughter 2
Earthwind Robert Holdstock 2
Earthly possessions Anne Tyler 2
The painted tent Victor Canning 2
The painted veil W. Somerset Maugham 2
Earth cult Trevor Hoyle 2
Early stages Jean Ure 2
The passion of new Eve Angela Carter 2
The paragon Elleston Trevor 2
Eagle in the sky Wilbur A. Smith 2
Dynasty of death Taylor Caldwell 2
Dying of the light George R. R. Martin 2
The passage Bruce Nicolaysen 2
Dying inside : science fiction Robert Silverberg 2
The penny murders Lionel Black 2
The penultimate truth Philip K. Dick 2
Dreaming of Babylon : a private eye novel, 1942 Richard Brautigan 2
The poison oracle Peter Dickinson 2
Down the water Elisabeth Kyle 2
The planet savers Marion Zimmer Bradley 2
The plate shop J. R. Harvey 2
Doubled in Diamonds Victor Canning 2
The pleasures of Helen Lawrence Sanders 2
The point of murder Margaret Yorke 2
The portable D.H. Lawrence D. H. Lawrence 2
Downward to the earth Robert Silverberg 2
Double cross Charles R. Pike 2
The power eaters Diana Davenport 2
Doomsday contract Tony Williamson 2
Doomsday Creek Clifton Adams 2
The praise singer Mary Renault 2
Don't whistle 'Macbeth' David Fletcher 2
Down there on a visit Christopher Isherwood 2
Dr Futurity Philip K. Dick 2
The people of the wind Poul Anderson 2
The pigeon project Irving Wallace 2
The philosopher's stone Colin Wilson 2
Dragonship Robert MacLeod 2
Dragons at the gate Robert L. Duncan 2
Dragonard blood Rupert Gilchrist 2
Dragon's claw Peter O'Donnell 2
The pierhead jump Ronald Bassett 2
Dragon Bay Violet Winspear 2
The pirate Harold Robbins 2
The pillars of hell Roy Chester 2
Dracula unborn Peter Tremayne 2
The pillow fight Nicholas Monsarrat 2
The pilot Robert P. Davis 2
Dr. No Ian Fleming 2
Dr Kildare's trial Max Brand 2
The fury John Farris 2
The face of fear K. R. Dwyer 2
Island of enchantment Renée Shann 2
The French Atlantic affair Ernest Lehman 2
Puckoon Spike Milligan 2
The Galmart affair Sheila Westall 2
The Game-players of Titan Philip K. Dick 2
Psycho Robert Bloch 2
Psmith, journalist P. G. Wodehouse 2
The Gaudy : a novel J. I. M. Stewart 2
The Gemini contenders Robert Ludlum 2
Prudence Jilly Cooper 2
Provincetown Burt Hirschfeld 2
The Glendower legacy Thomas Gifford 2
Proteus Morris West 2
Prophet of the wind : a novel Barbara Rees 2
The Godwulf manuscript Robert B. Parker 2
Property of Alice Hoffman 2
The Goering testament George Markstein 2
The Gabriel Hounds Mary Stewart 2
The Foundation Richard Gregson 2
The Devil's alternative Frederick Forsyth 2
Quarrel with murder Michael Halliday 2
The Dirdir Jack Vance 2
The Dynostar menace Kit Pedler 2
The Eagle and the Iron Cross Glendon Swarthout 2
Rabbit Boss Thomas Sanchez 2
Quicksilver lady Barbara Whitehead 2
Quick service P. G. Wodehouse 2
Quest in the sun Helga Moray 2
The English lover Jonathan Smith 2
Queen's Royal John Quigley 2
The Fairacre festival Miss Read 2
The Feast of July H. E. Bates 2
Queen Lucia E. F. Benson 2
The Fennister affair Josephine Bell 2
Quatermass Nigel Kneale 2
Quartet in autumn Barbara Pym 2
Promised land Brian M. Stableford 2
The Gotland deal N. J. Crisp 2
Prissy Clifford Hanley 2
Prison of ice David Axton 2
The Inshore Squadron Alexander Kent 2
Posse from hell Clair Huffaker 2
The Japanese corpse Janwillem Van de Wetering 2
Portrait of Elmbury John Moore 2
The Jesus incident Frank Herbert 2
The Joker Edgar Wallace 2
The Jonah kit Ian Watson 2
The Jones men Vern E. Smith 2
The Judas sheep Jan Roberts 2
The Judas ship Brian Callison 2
The Junkers Piers Paul Read 2
The Ka of Gifford Hillary Dennis Wheatley 2
The Kappillan of Malta Nicholas Monsarrat 2
Polmarran Tower Charlotte Massey 2
Policewoman : a young woman's initiation into the realities of justice Dorothy Uhnak 2
Postern of fate Agatha Christie 2
Power Richard Martin Stern 2
The House of Kingdom Lucy Gillen 2
Pretty doll houses Gabriel Fielding 2
Prior betrothal Elsie Lee 2
The Greek treasure : a biographical novel of Henry and Sophia Schliemann Irving Stone 2
The Greenlander Mark Adlard 2
Prince Regent John Frederick Burke 2
The Greythorn woman J. H. Brennan 2
The Guvnor G. F. Newman 2
The Hawkline monster : a Gothic Western Richard Brautigan 2
The House of God Samuel Shem 2
The Haymarket Claire Rayner 2
The Heywood inheritance Catherine Fellows 2
The Holcroft covenant Robert Ludlum 2
Precious bane Mary Webb 2
Pray for a brave heart Helen MacInnes 2
Praxis Fay Weldon 2
Rainbow in the spray Pamela Wynne 2
Rainbow trail Zane Grey 2
Point of honour Alan Scholefield 2
The Bormann receipt Madelaine Duke 2
Rendezvous with danger Margaret Pemberton 2
The Buckingham Palace connection Ted Willis 2
Remember me Fay Weldon 2
The Budapest tradeoff Hollis Alpert 2
The Bulgarian exclusive Anthony Grey 2
Rekill Ian Kennedy Martin 2
Reilly's luck Louis L'Amour 2
Regina Clare Darcy 2
Regiment of women Thomas Berger 2
Regent Square Forbes Bramble 2
Regency royal Michael Hardwick 2
The Camelot caper Elizabeth Peters 2
Regan and the Manhattan file Ian Kennedy Martin 2
The Cavanaugh quest Thomas Gifford 2
Red snow Oliver Lange 2
The Braganza pursuit Sarah Neilan 2
Reprisal William McGivern 2
Rainbow's end James M. Cain 2
Requiem at Rogano Stephen Knight 2
Revenge Noel Hynd 2
Return via Dunkirk Gun Buster 2
Return to the gate William Corlett 2
The Bastard King Jean Plaidy 2
Return to Thrush Green Miss Read 2
Return to Thebes Allen Drury 2
The Beaufort sisters Jon Cleary 2
The Benedict Arnold connection Joseph DiMona 2
The Bengali inheritance Owen Sela 2
The Bhunda jewels Anne Worboys 2
Return load Douglas Rutherford 2
The Black Baroness Dennis Wheatley 2
The Black Cossacks Leo Kessler 2
The Black House Paul Theroux 2
The Blind Barber John Dickson Carr 2
The Cawley casket Cora Mayne 2
Red rowan berry Frances Murray 2
Red roses from the doctor Sonia Deane 2
Red roses dying Nan Maynard 2
The Council of Justice Edgar Wallace 2
Rape of the fair country Alexander Cordell 2
The Coventry option Anthony Burton 2
Ransom run Martin Dibner 2
The Crezz Sean Hignett 2
The Crowthers of Bankdam Thomas Armstrong 2
The Cuoto snatch Jack Shelynn 2
The D'Artagnan signature Robert Rostand 2
The Damascus cover Howard Kaplan 2
The Dancing Dodo John Gardner 2
The Dead Sea cipher Elizabeth Peters 2
The Delikon H. M. Hoover 2
Ramage Dudley Pope 2
The Devil and Mary Ann Catherine Cookson 2
Raise the Titanic! Clive Cussler 2
Rat trap Craig Thomas 2
Ratoon Christopher Nicole 2
The Clewiston test Kate Wilhelm 2
The Chinese assassin Anthony Grey 2
The Chancellor manuscript Robert Ludlum 2
The Chandler heritage Ben Haas 2
The Chelsea murders Lionel Davidson 2
The Chicago girl Tony Kenrick 2
The China syndrome Burton Wohl 2
Red Adam's lady Grace Ingram 2
Recoil Brian Garfield 2
Ravenstor Elizabeth Renier 2
The Chinese bandit Becker hStephen 2
Recalled to life Robert Silverberg 2
The Chinese shawl Patricia Wentworth 2
The Christmas spy John Howlett 2
The Churchill Commando Ted Willis 2
The Clauberg trigger John Tarrant 2
The Khufra run James Graham 2
The King's general Daphne Du Maurier 2
The Barclay place Rae Foley 2
The Quebec plot Leo Heaps 2
Out Max Austin 2
The Quinta affair Naidra Grey 2
The R document Irving Wallace 2
The Rain Goddess Peter Stiff 2
Our lady of darkness Fritz Leiber 2
Our father Thomas Hinde 2
Other people Sol Stein 2
Other days, other eyes Bob Shaw 2
The Remittance Kid J. T. Edson 2
Ordinary people Judith Guest 2
Orders to kill Charles Whiting 2
The Revenger, the mile deep grave Joseph Hedges 2
The Rhinemann exchange Robert Ludlum 2
Orbitsville Bob Shaw 2
The Right Honourable Chimpanzee David St. George 2
The Queenslander Robert Macklin 2
The Prometheus crisis Thomas N. Scortia 2
Palomino blonde Ted Allbeury 2
Over a barrel Guy Elmes 2
The Persian boy Mary Renault 2
Pagan voyager Simon Finch 2
The Petersburg-Cannes express Hans Koning 2
Paddington Green Claire Rayner 2
The Pigman Paul Zindel 2
Owen Glendower John Cowper Powys 2
The Plantagenet prelude Jean Plaidy 2
Overture in Venice Hester Rowan 2
The Pnume Jack Vance 2
Overload Arthur Hailey 2
Overdue Francis Clifford 2
Over the gate Miss Read 2
Over the edge David Westheimer 2
The Portuguese fragment Owen Sela 2
Over on the dry side Louis L'Amour 2
The Ritter double-cross Daniel Rockfern 2
The Riverside Villas murder Kingsley Ami.s 2
The Robespierre serial Nicholas Luard 2
The Romanov succession Brian Garfield 2
The Scofield diagnosis Henry Denker 2
The Scott-Dunlap ring George La Fountaine 2
The Seagull's Cry Denise Robins 2
The Sheik's captive Violet Winspear 2
One for sorrow Joyce Stranger 2
The Sicilian affair May Mackintosh 2
The Sicilian specialist Norman Lewis 2
The Singapore grip J. G. Farrell 2
The Sinkiang executive Adam Hall 2
One by one Linda Lee 2
Once is not enough Jacqueline Susann 2
On with the dance Michael Hardwick 2
On the spot Edgar Wallace 2
On the edge Roy Doliner 2
On call Elizabeth Harrison 2
One o'clock at the Gotham Rae Foley 2
The Satanist Dennis Wheatley 2
The Sandbaggers Ian Mackintosh 2
Open season David Osborn 2
The Rosemary touch Lois Wyse 2
Operation Nightfall John Miles 2
The Ross forgery William H. Hallahan 2
The Rotterdam delivery Edward Aloysius O'Neill 2
Operation Ares Gene Wolfe 2
Opening night Ngaio Marsh 2
Only the hyenas laughed Robin Moore 2
One sunny day Joan Alexander 2
Only children Alison Lurie 2
Only a matter of time V. C. Clinton-Baddeley 2
The Salamanca drum Dorothy Eden 2
The Salamander Morris West 2
One way ticket Alec Thackeray 2
The Salzburg connection Helen MacInnes 2
The Penrich Dragon Sandra Wilson 2
The Peacemaker C. S. Forester 2
Plutonium Vic Mayhew 2
The Mac Donnell Shaun Herron 2
The Magdalene scrolls Barbara Wood 2
The Malacia tapestry Brian W. Aldiss 2
Peter Abelard : a novel Helen Waddell 2
The Mallen streak Catherine Cookson 2
Perdido Jill Robinson 2
Pepper Tree Bay Lucy Walker 2
The Manor of Braye Rosamond Fitzroy 2
The Marlow chronicles Lawrence Sanders 2
The Martian Inca Ian Watson 2
The Meadows of Tallon Estelle Thompson 2
Pebble in the sky Isaac Asimov 2
Pearls, girls and Monty Bodkin P. G. Wodehouse 2
Pearl Stirling Silliphant 2
The Medici ring Nicole St. John 2
The Mercenaries John Harris 2
The Maclarens C. L. Skelton 2
The Lynmara legacy Catherine Gaskin 2
Pandemic Tom Ardies 2
The Luxembourg run Stanley Ellin 2
Playground John Buell 2
The Kobra manifesto Adam Hall 2
The Kutzov haul Michael Kerr 2
The Lady of Wildersley Josephine Edgar 2
Planet of exile Ursula K. Le Guin 2
Plague ship Frank G. Slaughter 2
The Land Leviathan : a new scientific romance Michael Moorcock 2
The Leavenworth Irregulars William D. Blankenship 2
The Levanter Eric Ambler 2
The Lincoln hunters Wilson Tucker 2
The Loo sanction Trevanian 2
Picnic at Hanging Rock Joan Weigall Lindsay 2
Pic Jack Kerouac 2
Phoenix Amos Aricha 2
The Lorimer line Anne Melville 2
The Messiah Roger Dixon 2
The Midas consequence Michael Ayrton 2
The Middle Temple murder J. S. Fletcher 2
The Miernik dossier Charles McCarry 2
Pardon me, you're stepping on my eyeball! Paul Zindel 2
Paradise road David Scott Milton 2
The Olympic sleeper Tom Barling 2
The Onedin Line, the high seas Cyril Abraham 2
Paradise Place Warwick Deeping 2
Paradigm red Harold King 2
Paper tiger Jack Davies 2
The Oshawa Project Daniel Rockfern 2
Panzertrap Christopher White 2
Panzer platoon, blood and ice Gunther Lutz 2
The Pallisers Anthony Trollope 2
Panic! Bill Pronzini 2
Panic button Tasman Beattie 2
Pangolin Peter Driscoll 2
The Partridge Kite Michael Nicholson 2
The Odessa file Frederick Forsyth 2
The October horse Pauline Marrington 2
The October Circle Robert Littell 2
Passport to peril James Leasor 2
Patrol to the Golden Horn Alexander Fullerton 2
Patience and Sarah Isabel Miller 2
The Mittenwald syndicate Daniel Rockfern 2
The Modigliani scandal Zachary Stone 2
The Money War Terrence Lore Smith 2
Pastime Anthony Fowles 2
The New owner Iris Bromige 2
Parsival, or, A knight's tale Richard Monaco 2
Passenger to nowhere Anthony Gilbert 2
Passenger Thomas Keneally 2
The Nonsuch lure Mary M. Luke 2
Passage by night Jack Higgins 2
Parveen Anne Sinclair Mehdevi 2
Partners Bernard Kops 2
Revenge of the Manitou Graham Masterton 2
The Baltic convoy Showell Styles 2
Island of fire Helga Mayne 2
Shipmaster Gwyn Griffin 2
Ship of force Alan Evans 2
Sting of the honeybee Frank Parrish 2
Stolen faces Michael Bishop 2
Sheila Levine is dead and living in New York Gail Parent 2
Storm in the village Miss Read 2
Storm warning Jack Higgins 2
Storm warning Mara Kay 2
Storm's End Rebecca James 2
Stowaway to Mars John Beynon 2
Shall we tell the President? Jeffrey Archer 2
Strange rapture Denise Robins 2
Shadows of roses Hermina Black 2
Strangers Barbara Ewing 2
Shadow on the trail Zane Grey 2
Shadow on the stones Moyra Caldecott 2
Ship of strangers Bob Shaw 2
Shipwreck Charles Logan 2
Silverhill Phyllis A. Whitney 2
Still glides the stream D. E. Stevenson 2
Silent witness Margaret Yorke 2
Signal, close action! Alexander Kent 2
Sign of the unicorn Roger Zelazny 2
Siege in the sun Dorothy Eden 2
Siege Peter Cave 2
Side-effect Raymond Hawkey 2
State visit Clive Egleton 2
Shāh-māk Alan Williams 2
Shroud for a nightingale P. D. James 2
Showdown at Yellow Butte Louis L'Amour 2
Show me a hero Patrick Alexander 2
Stephen Morris Nevil Shute 2
Steppe Piers Anthony 2
Shoot Douglas Fairbairn 2
Stiff upper lip, Jeeves P. G. Wodehouse 2
Shadow of the leopard Michael Hartmann 2
Strangers when we meet Evan Hunter 2
Strangers' forest Pamela Hill 2
Shadow of an unknown woman Daoma Winston 2
Sula Toni Morrison 2
Seize the day Saul Bellow 2
Sullivan Walter Macken 2
Secrets J. R. Lowell 2
Secret ingredients Patrick Skene Catling 2
Secret army, the end of the line John Brason 2
Secret army dossier John Brason 2
Second-class citizen Buchi Emecheta 2
Second to the right, and straight on till morning Lance Salway 2
Summer of no surrender Richard Townshend Bickers 2
Second best Denise Robins 2
Season of passion Danielle Steel 2
Season of anomy Wole Soyinka 2
Season in purgatory Thomas Keneally 2
Searching for Caleb Anne Tyler 2
Suddenly while gardening Elizabeth Lemarchand 2
Sudden death Peter Brennan 2
Such devoted sisters Cathy Linton 2
Seven days to a killing Clive Egleton 2
Street 8 Douglas Fairbairn 2
Streets of gold Evan Hunter 2
Shabby tiger Howard Spring 2
Seventh Avenue Norman Bogner 2
String horses Ursula Holden 2
Stronghold Stanley Ellin 2
Stud game David Anthony 2
Such a nice client Josephine Bell 2
Seven Ways From Sundown Clair Huffaker 2
Suaine and the crow-god Stuart Gordon 2
Subaltern's choice : an 'Ogilvie' novel Duncan MacNeil 2
Set to partners Patricia Ormsby 2
Service of all the dead Colin Dexter 2
Servants of the Wankh Jack Vance 2
Silver canyon Louis L'Amour 2
Star trek, the motion picture : a novel Gene Roddenberry 2
Sun child Angela Huth 2
Southtrap Geoffrey Jenkins 2
Snowman Norman Bogner 2
Space relations : a slightly gothic interplanetary tale Donald Barr 2
Snowbound six Richard Martin Stern 2
Snowball Ted Allbeury 2
Snow Falcon Craig Thomas 2
Snap Jacqueline Wilson 2
Sparkling cyanide Agatha Christie 2
Spawn Robert Holles 2
Speak to me of love Dorothy Eden 2
Special delivery James Pattinson 2
Smokescreen Dick Francis 2
Speedboat Renata Adler 2
Smith's gazelle Lionel Davidson 2
Spence in Petal Park Michael Allen 2
Smear job : a Callan novel James Mitchell 2
So Moses was born Joan Grant 2
Southern Cross Terry Coleman 2
Since we love Denise Robins 2
South wind Norman Douglas 2
Something nasty in the woodshed Kyril Bonfiglioli 2
Somebody else's wife Adam Kennedy 2
Somebody at the door Raymond Postgate 2
Some women won't wait A. A. Fair 2
Something wicked this way comes Ray Bradbury 2
Something worth fighting for Reg Gadney 2
Sometimes a great notion Ken Kesey 2
Some achieve greatness Frank Swinnerton 2
Sombrero fallout : a Japanese novel Richard Brautigan 2
Song of Solomon Toni Morrison 2
Songs of steel Andrew Ekwuru 2
Sons of fortune Malcolm Macdonald 2
Sons of the morning Matthew Holden 2
Sound the retreat Simon Raven 2
So what happens to me? James Hadley Chase 2
Sphinx Robin Cook 2
Smallbone deceased Michael Francis Gilbert 2
Slowly the poison June Dru.mmond 2
Slingshot Stuart Brooke Jackman 2
Six days of the Condor James Grady 2
Six days Elinor Glyn 2
Sitka Louis L'Amour 2
Sisters and strangers Helen Van Slyke 2
Sisters Claire Rayner 2
Sister in waiting Cathy Linton 2
Stamping ground Maurice Leitch 2
Sister Jackie Cathy Linton 2
Stand up virgin soldiers Leslie Thomas 2
Stanfield harvest Richard Martin Stern 2
Sir Nigel Arthur Conan Doyle 2
Star fire Ingo Swann 2
Star maker Olaf Stapledon 2
Singing in the shrouds Ngaio Marsh 2
Star smashers of the Galaxy Rangers Harry Harrison 2
Six of one Rita Mae Brown 2
Six-fingered stud Lance Horner 2
Skivvy Margery Lawrence 2
Slay-ride Dick Francis 2
Slight mourning Catherine Aird 2
Slide Gerald A. Browne 2
Sleepless nights Elizabeth Hardwick 2
Sleeping murder : Miss Marple's last case Agatha Christie 2
Sleeping dogs Frank Ross 2
Spoil! Ernest G. Perrault 2
Slapstick, or, Lonesome no more! Kurt Vonnegut 2
Squadron-scramble : Yeoman in the Battle of Britain Robert Jackson 2
Spring in September Essie Summers 2
Spring magic D. E. Stevenson 2
Skyfall Harry Harrison 2
Skye Cameron Phyllis A. Whitney 2
Spy story Len Deighton 2
Sky girl Dianne Doubtfire 2
Search for tomorrow Edward Lindall 2
Sunday Simmons and Charlie Brick Jackie Collins 2
Rex Joyce Stranger 2
Tender mercies Rosellen Brown 2
Rooms John Kershaw 2
Rook's gambit Adam Hall 2
Testament David Morrell 2
Romantic lady Sylvia Thorpe 2
Testkill Ted Dexter 2
Tetrasomy two Oscar Rossiter 2
Thank you, Jeeves P. G. Wodehouse 2
Rogue's mistress Constance Gluyas 2
That old gang of mine Leslie Thomas 2
Rogue moon Algis Budrys 2
Rogue eagle James McClure 2
That was then, this is now S. E. Hinton 2
That's the house, there Loren Singer 2
The "African Queen" C. S. Forester 2
The 'Caine' mutiny Herman Wouk 2
Terry Nation's 'Blake's seven' Trevor Hoyle 2
Tenant of Chesdene Manor Alice Chetwynd Ley 2
Target practice Nicholas Meyer 2
Ten plus one : an 87th Precinct mystery Ed McBain 2
Target, the bronze heist Michael Feeney Callan 2
Running scared Jon Burmeister 2
Running scared Gregory Mcdonald 2
Tear his head off his shoulders Nell Dunn 2
Technicians of death Tony Williamson 2
Rule Britannia Daphne Du Maurier 2
Telford's change Jim Hawkins 2
Tell it to the birds James Hadley Chase 2
Royo County Robert Roper 2
Tell me now, and again Richard Llewellyn 2
Rowanburn Rosalind Stewart 2
Temporary kings : a novel Anthony Powell 2
Rough deal Walter Winward 2
Ten days, Mister Cain? Brian Freeborn 2
Ten little niggers Agatha Christie 2
The 'Dolphin' summer Carola Salisbury 2
Robin's nest Roger Bowdler 2
The 'K' assignment Leslie Waller 2
Roaring boys : a schoolmaster's agony Edward Blishen 2
Right ho, Jeeves P. G. Wodehouse 2
Riders of the purple sage Zane Grey 2
Riders in the chariot Patrick White 2
The Amyot crime Christopher Nicole 2
Rider of the high hills Max Brand 2
The Andromeda Strain Michael Crichton 2
The Angry Brigade : a documentary novel Alan Burns 2
Ride the blue riband Rosalind Laker 2
Ride out the storm : a novel of Dunkirk John Harris 2
Richard Whittington, London's Mayor Gwynedd Sudworth 2
The Astrov inheritance Constance Heaven 2
Rich people Morton Cooper 2
Rhapsody in black Brian M. Stableford 2
The Bad Bunch J. T. Edson 2
Rhanna Christine Marion Fraser 2
Ring around the sun Clifford D. Simak 2
Ring for Jeeves P. G. Wodehouse 2
The Alpha list Ted Allbeury 2
The 65th tape Frank Ross 2
The 'Ludendorff' pirates Al Ramrus 2
Rivers west Louis L'Amour 2
The 'Strode Venturer' Hammond Innes 2
The 100 kilo club Simon Gandolfi 2
The 2000% rule Edward A. Pollitz 2
River of blood John J. McLaglen 2
Risk Dick Francis 2
The Alington inheritance Patricia Wentworth 2
Rising damp Tony Warren 2
Ripoff Arthur Maling 2
Ripley's game Patricia Highsmith 2
Ripley under ground Patricia Highsmith 2
The Affacombe affair Elizabeth Lemarchand 2
Rings of ice Piers Anthony 2
Target risk John Wingate 2
SAM 7 Richard Cox 2
Seal woman R. M. Lockley 2
Sweet William Beryl Bainbridge 2
Scared to death Anne Morice 2
Scarborough House Sharon Salvato 2
Sweet dreams Michael Frayn 2
Sayonara James A. Michener 2
Say goodbye to dragons Gerry Huxham 2
Saxby for God Richard Haley 2
Saving the Queen William F. Buckley 2
Saville David Storey 2
Savannah purchase Jane Aiken Hodge 2
Sweet lass of Richmond Hill Jean Plaidy 2
Savage ransom David Lippincott 2
Sweet reason Robert Littell 2
Savage Eden Constance Gluyas 2
Saul Adam John Poole 2
Saturday night and Sunday morning Alan Sillitoe 2
Sweet and low Emma Lathen 2
Scend of the sea Geoffrey Jenkins 2
Tara Kane George Markstein 2
Swampworld west Perry Anthony Chapdelaine 2
Sunflower Marilyn Sharp 2
Sungods in exile : secrets of the Dzopa of Tibet Karyl Robin-Evans 2
Sunset Christopher Nicole 2
Sea lightning Linda Harrel 2
Scum Roy Minton 2
Scully Alan Bleasdale 2
Super tour Marilyn Allen 2
Scruffy Paul Gallico 2
Supersonic Basil Jackson 2
Surface with daring Douglas Reeman 2
Scorpion Christopher Hill 2
Surprise Brian Burland 2
Survival Martin Sherwood 2
Survivors Terry Nation 2
Sutherland's law Lindsay Galloway 2
Saturday games Brown Meggs 2
Saturday city Jan Webster 2
Sweetheart, sweetheart Bernard Taylor 2
Sweethearts and wives C. L. Skelton 2
Salt mine David Lippincott 2
Tai-Pan James Clavell 2
Take or destroy! John Harris 2
Take the war to Washington Peter Van Greenaway 2
Saffron's war Frederick E. Smith 2
Tall man riding Norman Fox 2
Tallant for disaster Andrew York 2
Tallant for trouble Andrew York 2
Taller than trees John Gordon Davis 2
Sadie when she died : an 87th Precinct mystery Ed McBain 2
Tamarisk Claire Lorrimer 2
Sabrina Madeleine Polland 2
Sabres of the Reich Leo Kessler 2
Tango November John Howlett 2
Sable Hunter Alexandra Manners 2
Taggart Louis L'Amour 2
Sam Chard D. Bannister 2
Sam the sudden P. G. Wodehouse 2
Saraband for two sisters Philippa Carr 2
Sarnia Hilary Ford 2
Sargasso Edwin Corley 2
Switchback Molly Parkin 2
Sword and scalpel Frank G. Slaughter 2
Sword of honour David Beaty 2
Sarah Alan Arnold 2
Sara Dane Catherine Gaskin 2
Sam, up in the world Leslie Sands 2
Sara Brian Talbot Cleeve 2
Sylvester, or, The wicked uncle Georgette Heyer 2
Sand in the wind Robert Roth 2
T-Force, highway through hell Charles Whiting 2
T-Force, massacre at Metz Charles Whiting 2
T-Force, the last mission Charles Whiting 2
The Spanish summer Mary Howard 2
The Standish Place Isabelle Holland 2
Olympia's inheritance Orlando R. Petrocelli 2
Looking after Libby Pamela Brown 2
Look away, Beulah Land Lonnie Coleman 2
Long time no see : an 87th Precinct mystery Ed McBain 2
Long summer shadows Sheila Bishop 2
Long distance Penelope Mortimer 2
The destroyers Douglas Reeman 2
The destroyers, Operation Kill Ike Charles Whiting 2
The destroyers, Operation Stalag Charles Whiting 2
The destroyers, Operation Werewolf Charles Whiting 2
The destroyers, operation Caucasian Fox Charles Whiting 2
The destroyers, operation Il Duce Charles Whiting 2
The destruction man Charles West 2
Liza of Lambeth W. Somerset Maugham 2
Living room Sol Stein 2
The devil in Clevely Norah Lofts 2
The devil in love Barbara Cartland 2
Look, listen and love Barbara Cartland 2
The destiny man Peter Van Greenaway 2
Louise's daughters Sarah Shears 2
The desperate hours Joseph Hayes 2
The death of grass John Christopher 2
The death of the king's canary Dylan Thomas 2
Lost mountain Abra Taylor 2
The death worms of Kratos Richard Avery 2
Lorna Doone R. D. Blackmore 2
Loren Ruston SRN Hermina Black 2
Lord of the horizon Joan Grant 2
Lord of the Far Island Victoria Holt 2
The defector Donald Seaman 2
Lord of Ravensley Constance Heaven 2
Lord Tedric, the space pirates E. E. Smith 2
Lord Rivington's lady Eileen Jackson 2
Lord Malquist & Mr. Moon : a novel Tom Stoppard 2
Lord Jim : a tale Joseph Conrad 2
Lord Jim Joseph Conrad 2
Live and let die Ian Fleming 2
Liv J. P. Miller 2
Little sisters Fay Weldon 2
Listen, please listen Naomi A. Hintze 2
Lieut Gulliver Jones : his vacation Edwin Lester Linden Arnold 2
Levkas Man Hammond Innes 2
Leviathan John Gordon Davis 2
The diviners Margaret Laurence 2
Letting go Philip Roth 2
The doctor is sick Anthony Burgess 2
The doctor who made house calls Milton R. Bass 2
Let's pretend Jacqueline Wilson 2
Let's go play at the Adams' Mendal W. Johnson 2
The doctor's desperate hour Elizabeth Seifert 2
Lest darkness fall L. Sprague De Camp 2
The doctor's wife Brian Moore 2
Leopard in the fold Joy Petersen Packer 2
The dogs of war Frederick Forsyth 2
Leave it to Psmith P. G. Wodehouse 2
Life and Mary Ann Catherine Cookson 2
The dissector Hugh Miller 2
Life at the top John Braine 2
Lillibullero Robert Neill 2
Listen to danger Dorothy Eden 2
The devil's footsteps John Frederick Burke 2
The devil's own Christopher Nicole 2
Line of succession Brian Garfield 2
Line of duty Ernest Tidyman 2
The diamond cage Alice Dwyer-Joyce 2
Like love : an 87th Precinct mystery Ed McBain 2
The discretion of Dominick Ayres Matthew Vaughan 2
The diary of a nobody George Grossmith 2
The dirty area Nicholas Luard 2
Light of the moon Barbara Cartland 2
Light from one star Netta Muskett 2
Lift-off at Satan Richard Butler 2
Lifeblood Frank G. Slaughter 2
Louise Sarah Shears 2
Louise's inheritance Sarah Shears 2
The doubting kind Alison Prince 2
Maggie Cassidy Jack Kerouac 2
Magdalene Carolyn Slaughter 2
Madselin Norah Lofts 2
Madonna red James Carroll 2
Madam, you must die Charlotte Keppel 2
Madalena Sheila Walsh 2
Mad is the heart Denise Robins 2
The curve and the tusk Stuart Cloete 2
The dance of love Daniel B. Dodson 2
The dancer from Atlantis Poul Anderson 2
The dancing floor John Buchan 2
The dancing floor Michael M. McNamara 2
The dangerous dandy Barbara Cartland 2
M.C. Higgins, the great Virginia Hamilton 2
The dark arena Mario Puzo 2
The dark backward Marie Buchanan 2
Maggie Lena Kennedy 2
The crying of lot 49 Thomas Pynchon 2
The death of Attila Cecelia Holland 2
Maid of honour : the court of Mary Queen of Scots Elizabeth Byrd 2
Manhattan Neal Travis 2
The coup John Updike 2
Man plus Frederik Pohl 2
The covenant Paige Mitchell 2
Man on a short leash Oliver Jacks 2
The crash of '79 Paul Erdman 2
The cricket match Hugh De Selincourt 2
The crime at Black Dudley Margery Allingham 2
Man and maid Elinor Glyn 2
Mamba Stuart Cloete 2
Malice aforethought : the story of a commonplace crime Francis Iles 2
The cross of Frankenstein Robert J. Myers 2
Make death love me Ruth Rendell 2
The cruel Count Barbara Cartland 2
Major Stepton's war Matthew Vaughan 2
Lydia Clare Darcy 2
Lunar attack John Rankine 2
Luke's kingdom John Frederick Burke 2
Lucy Crown Irwin Shaw 2
Love songs Lawrence Sanders 2
Love on the run Barbara Cartland 2
The day of reckoning Joe Poyer 2
Love leaves at midnight Barbara Cartland 2
Love kills Dan Greenburg 2
Love is innocent Barbara Cartland 2
Love in amber Netta Muskett 2
Love in a cloud Lucy Walker 2
The dead of winter William H. Hallahan 2
The dead stay dumb James Hadley Chase 2
The dead zone Stephen King 2
The deadly climate Ursula Cur.tiss 2
The deal Donald Zec 2
The dear colleague Frances Murray 2
Love and desire and hate Denise Robins 2
Love story Erich Segal 2
The day before sunrise Thomas Wiseman 2
Love's perilous passage Emma Woodhouse 2
The dark side of love Oscar Saul 2
Lucky Jim Kingsley Ami.s 2
The dark mile D. K. Broster 2
Lucia in London E. F. Benson 2
The dark pasture Jessica Stirling 2
Loving and giving Denise Robins 2
Loving ; [and], Living ; [and], Party going Henry Green 2
Lovers are not people Timeri Murari 2
The darkness on Diamondia : science fiction A. E. Van Vogt 2
Lovers and tyrants Francine Du Plessix Gray 2
Lovers & gamblers Jackie Collins 2
The dark side of the sun Terry Pratchett 2
Love, let me not hunger Paul Gallico 2
The darkling plain Jon Burmeister 2
The darkness of the body David Plante 2
The double rainbow Suzanne Ebel 2
The dragon and the pearl Barbara Cartland 2
The Stepford wives Ira Levin 2
Jump for love and money, or is it sex again? Myrna Blumberg 2
Judith Lammeter Anne Rundle 2
The fingered city Denison Hatch 2
Judith Aritha Van Herk 2
Judas flowering Jane Aiken Hodge 2
Judas cross Jeffrey M. Wallmann 2
Jubb Keith Waterhouse 2
The fires of Glenlochy Constance Heaven 2
The first deadly sin Lawrence Sanders 2
The first hundred thousand Ian Hay 2
Journey into fire Patricia Wright 2
Journey into fear Eric Ambler 2
The first of Midnight Marjorie Darke 2
The first shot L. J. Coburn 2
Joseph Andrews Henry Fielding 2
The five-minute marriage Joan Aiken 2
The finalists Russell Braddon 2
The final Conclave Malachi Martin 2
The fan man William Kotzwinkle 2
The file on Devlin Catherine Gaskin 2
Kes : ('A kestrel for a knave') Barry Hines 2
The fascinator Andrew York 2
Keegan : the no-option contract Brian Ball 2
Kaywana stock Edgar Mittelholzer 2
Kaywana heritage Edgar Mittelholzer 2
Kaywana blood Edgar Mittelholzer 2
Katie Mulholland : a novel Catherine Cookson 2
Kate Hardy D. E. Stevenson 2
The fear dealers Robin Cade 2
The feast is finished Denise Robins 2
The feast of the peacock Phyllis Hastings 2
The field-marshal's memoirs John Masters 2
Just the way it is James Hadley Chase 2
Just tell me what you want Jay Presson Allen 2
Just for one weekend Theresa Cha.rles 2
The flame is love Barbara Cartland 2
The flame of the Borgias Jean Briggs 2
The fleur-de-lys affair Hal Ross 2
Jog Rummage Grahame Wright 2
The forgotten story Winston Graham 2
James Bond and Moonraker Christopher Wood 2
Jamaica Inn Daphne Du Maurier 2
The fortunate marriage Meriol Trevor 2
The fountains Sylvia Wallace 2
The fountains of Paradise Arthur C. Clarke 2
The four Graces D. E. Stevenson 2
Jack Carter and the Mafia pigeon Ted Lewis 2
The four musketeers : the revenge of Milady Michael Hardwick 2
The four swans : a novel of Cornwall, 1795-7 Winston Graham 2
The fox from his lair Elizabeth Cadell 2
It can't be helped Benjamin Lee 2
Isle at the rainbow's end Anne Hampson 2
The frightened bride Barbara Cartland 2
The fugitive trail Zane Grey 2
The forger Edgar Wallace 2
The forever war Joe Haldeman 2
Janet Forsythe Anne Hepple 2
Jessamy Court Anne Maybury 2
Jocelyn John Galsworthy 2
The floating outfit J. T. Edson 2
Jimmy the Kid Donald E. Westlake 2
The flowering year Iris Bromige 2
Jewels Robert Perrin 2
Jet race James Broom Lynne 2
Jerusalem poker Edward Whittemore 2
The forbidden tower Marion Zimmer Bradley 2
Jericho Road Claud Cockburn 2
The fog James Herbert 2
The folly David Anne 2
Jem : the making of a utopia Frederik Pohl 2
The food of the gods H. G. Wells 2
Jaws Peter Benchley 2
The far arena Richard Sapir 2
Kilgaren Isabelle Holland 2
The dragonfly Ursula Bloom 2
The earth is the Lord's : a tale of the rise of Genghis Khan Taylor Caldwell 2
The electric horseman H. B. Gilmour 2
Lady-here's your wreath James Hadley Chase 2
Lady, lady, I did it! : an 87th precinct mystery Ed McBain 2
Lady on the coin Margaret Campbell Barnes 2
The eleventh plague L. T. Peters 2
The elusive Earl Barbara Cartland 2
Lady killer Ed McBain 2
Lady Pamela Clare Darcy 2
The empty copper sea John D. MacDonald 2
The enchanted garden Iris Bromige 2
The enchanted waltz Barbara Cartland 2
Kundu Morris West 2
The end of the web George Sims 2
The enduring flame Denise Robins 2
The enemies within Michael Z. Lewin 2
The eighty-minute hour : a space opera Brian W. Aldiss 2
Landscape of the heart Elizabeth Renier 2
Kilkenny Louis L'Amour 2
Landscape with violence John Wainwright 2
Laurence, my love Denise Robins 2
The dreadful lemon sky John D. MacDonald 2
Laura possessed Anthea Fraser 2
Launch! Edward Stewart 2
The drifter J. T. Edson 2
The drought J. G. Ballard 2
The drought John Cre.asey 2
Last of the summer wine Roy Clarke 2
Last movement Joan Aiken 2
Last man at Arlington Joseph DiMona 2
Last ditch Ngaio Marsh 2
The drums of war Roy Clews 2
The dude ranger Zane Grey 2
Las Vegas strip Morris Renek 2
The eagle at the gate Rona Randall 2
Kona winds Janet Dailey 2
Kolchak's gold Brian Garfield 2
Knock down Dick Francis 2
The entity Frank De Felitta 2
Kinflicks Lisa Alther 2
Kim Rudyard Kipling 2
Killraine Thorne Douglas 2
Killoe Louis L'Amour 2
Killing with kindness Anne Morice 2
Caravan to Vaccarès Alistair MacLean 2
The face of terror Emanuel Litvinoff 2
Killer's wedge Ed McBain 2
Killer's payoff Ed McBain 2
Killer's choice Ed McBain 2
The fall and rise of Reginald Perrin David Nobbs 2
The fall of Chronopolis Barrington J. Bayley 2
The fall of an eagle Jon Cleary 2
The fallible fiend L. Sprague De Camp 2
The fan Bob Randall 2
The eyes of Heisenberg Frank Herbert 2
The eyes of Buddha John Dudley Ball 2
The eye stones Harriet Esmond 2
The executioner, California hit Don Pendleton 2
Kleinzeit Russell Hoban 2
Kit's Hill Jean Stubbs 2
Kirlian quest Piers Anthony 2
Kirkby's changeling Madeleine Brent 2
Kingfisher Gerald Seymour 2
The executioner, Boston blitz Don Pendleton 2
The exile waiting Vonda N. McIntyre 2
The eye of the tornado Chapman Pincher 2
King's Royal John Quigley 2
The expert Bernard Picton 2
The exploiters Samuel Edwards 2
King of White Lady R. Lance Hill 2
The eye of God Elizabeth Sutherland 2
The eye of the peacock Oliver Goff 2
The cost of silence Margaret Yorke 2
Many a human heart Lyndon Snow 2
The corpse on the dike Janwillem Van de Wetering 2
The angry man Joyce Dingwell 2
The annotated Alice Lewis Carroll 2
Night of the juggler William McGivern 2
The apothecary's daughter Mary Ann Gibbs 2
Night cover Michael Z. Lewin 2
The arrangement Elia Kazan 2
The arrogant guns Lewis B. Patten 2
Night Edna O'Brien 2
The artist Norman Garbo 2
Next Saturday in Milan Warren Tute 2
Newsdeath Ray Connolly 2
News from the city of the sun Isabel Colegate 2
The assassin Evelyn Anthony 2
The assault on 'Mavis A' Norman Stahl 2
New face in hell Roger Busby 2
The assumption of the rogues & rascals Elizabeth Smart 2
The angry tide : a novel of Cornwall, 1798-9 Winston Graham 2
Night walk Bob Shaw 2
No fond return of love Barbara Pym 2
The amulet of fortune Susannah Broome 2
No darkness for love Barbara Cartland 2
Ninety-two in the shade Thomas McGuane 2
Nine o'clock tide Mignon Good Eberhart 2
Nine moons wasted Marianne Lamont 2
Nine months in the life of an old maid Judith Rossner 2
The alchemical marriage of Alistair Crompton Robert Sheckley 2
Nightshade Derek Marlowe 2
Nightrunners of Bengal John Masters 2
Nightmare in pink John D. MacDonald 2
The alteration Kingsley Ami.s 2
The amaranth flower Eleanor Farnes 2
Nightmare Arthur J. La Bern 2
Nightingale's song Denise Robins 2
Night-world Robert Bloch 2
Night without end Alistair MacLean 2
The auctioneer Joan Samson 2
Never count apples Joyce Stranger 2
Nethergate Norah Lofts 2
Nerve Dick Francis 2
My life as a man Philip Roth 2
My laugh comes last James Hadley Chase 2
My friends the Misses Kindness Jane Duncan 2
My friends George and Tom Jane Duncan 2
My friend the professor Lucilla Andrews 2
My enemy came nigh Richard Townshend Bickers 2
The bend in the river Iris Bromige 2
My darling spitfire Rosemary Carter 2
The best of vets Alex Duncan 2
The best place to be Helen Van Slyke 2
The better angels Charles McCarry 2
Mutiny Frank Tilsley 2
Mustang man Louis L'Amour 2
The big fix Roger L. Simon 2
The big footprints Hammond Innes 2
My life closed twice Nigel Williams 2
The bear raid Ken Follett 2
The battle of the queens Jean Plaidy 2
The banners of courage Sacha Carnegie 2
Neptune Samuel Edwards 2
Nemesis Agatha Christie 2
Necessary objects Lois Gould 2
Nebula maker Olaf Stapledon 2
The ballad of Beta-2 ; and, Empire star Delany Samuel R. 2
National Velvet Enid Bagnold 2
The banners of revolt Sacha Carnegie 2
The battle of Disneyland Thom Keyes 2
Napoleon symphony Anthony Burgess 2
Nantucket woman Diana Gaines 2
The banshee tide Alice Dwyer-Joyce 2
Nails R. Lance Hill 2
Nadine Geoffrey Bocca 2
Mystery mile Margery Allingham 2
No end to yesterday Shelagh Macdonald 2
The adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the twentieth century : a romance Michael Moorcock 2
Marathon man William Goldman 2
The Theta syndrome Elleston Trevor 2
The Tiffany caper Joseph Purtell 2
The Toff and the runaway bride John Cre.asey 2
Nurse errant Lucilla Andrews 2
The Triton ultimatum Laurence Delaney 2
The Trojan horse Hammond Innes 2
Number one with a bullet Elaine Jesmer 2
The Valhalla exchange Harry Patterson 2
The Valkyrie mandate Robert Vaughan 2
The Varleigh medallion Sylvia Thorpe 2
The Venice plot Raymond Rudorff 2
The Vicar of Christ Walter F. Murphy 2
The Vienna pursuit Anthea Goddard 2
The Viking process Norman Hartley 2
Not by appointment Essie Summers 2
The Vodi John Braine 2
The Thomas Berryman number James Patterson 2
The Texan J. T. Edson 2
No laughing matter Angus Wilson 2
October the first is too late Fred Hoyle 2
The Stirk of Stirk Peter Tinniswood 2
The Stonewall brigade Frank G. Slaughter 2
The Storrington papers Dorothy Eden 2
The Strasbourg legacy William Craig 2
Oktoberfest Frank De Felitta 2
Oil strike John Wingate 2
Oil Jonathan Black 2
Office life Keith Waterhouse 2
Off with his head Ngaio Marsh 2
The Svengali plot Trevor Hoyle 2
Of men and monsters William Tenn 2
Of human bondage W. Somerset Maugham 2
Odds on Miss Seeton Heron Carvic 2
The Swynden necklace Mira Stables 2
Odd John : a story between jest and earnest Olaf Stapledon 2
Not as a stranger Morton Thompson 2
The Von Eyssen deception Richard Hirschhorn 2
Nostromo : a tale of the seaboard Joseph Conrad 2
The Vulcan bulletins Sam Gulliver 2
No survivors Edwyn Gray 2
The Wolfen Whitley Strieber 2
The Word Irving Wallace 2
The Yangtze run Patrick O'Hara 2
The Yermakov transfer Derek Lambert 2
No place for murder George Harmon Cox.e 2
No ordinary man Betty Roland 2
No more meadows Monica Dickens 2
No more leprechauns Ned Nicholl 2
The accomplice Darryl Ponicsan 2
The ace of spades Dell Shannon 2
No mama no Verity Bargate 2
No love lost : two stories of suspense Margery Allingham 2
The acupuncture murders Dwight Steward 2
The admiral Warren Tute 2
The Wohldorf shipment Patrick O'Hara 2
No time for love Barbara Cartland 2
The Wilby conspiracy Peter Driscoll 2
North Dallas forty Peter Gent 2
North to the rails Louis L'Amour 2
North from Rome Helen MacInnes 2
North and south Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 2
North Star crusade William Katz 2
The Waltons Robert Weverka 2
The Waltons, the Easter story Robert Weverka 2
Noonday and night Gladys Mitchell 2
The Widow of Windsor Jean Plaidy 2
The Weatherman Guy Jon Burmeister 2
None dare call it treason Catherine Gavin 2
The Weirdown experiment E. W. Hildick 2
The Werewolf trace John Gardner 2
The West End horror : a posthumous memoir of John H. Watson, MD Nicholas Meyer 2
The White Khan Catherine Dillon 2
Murders anonymous Elizabeth Ferrars 2
Murderer's fen Andrew Garve 2
Murder sails at midnight Marian Babson 2
Miguel Street V. S. Naipaul 2
The case of the fabulous fake Erle Stanley Gardner 2
Midnight never comes Jack Higgins 2
Michaelmas Algis Budrys 2
The case of the musical cow Erle Stanley Gardner 2
The castle of fear Barbara Cartland 2
The castle of iron L. Sprague De Camp 2
The catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger 2
The cats Berton Roueche 2
Memoirs of a spacewoman Naomi Mitchison 2
The cedar tree : a novel Michael Hardwick 2
The cedar tree, a bough breaks : a novel Michael Hardwick 2
The cedar tree, autumn of an age : a novel Michael Hardwick 2
The cement garden Ian McEwan 2
Medusa's children Bob Shaw 2
The champagne Marxist Reg Gadney 2
The case of the empty tin Erle Stanley Gardner 2
Millennium : a novel about people and politics in the year 1999 Ben Bova 2
The big nickel Calder Willingham 2
Mills of the gods Daoma Winston 2
Mission to the stars A. E. Van Vogt 2
Mission to Venice James Hadley Chase 2
The burning lamp Frances Murray 2
The burning men Stuart Brooke Jackman 2
Missing - and presumed dead Joseph Hayes 2
Miss Philadelphia Smith Paula Allardyce 2
The call of the pines Lucy Walker 2
Miss Clare remembers Miss Read 2
The candles of night Phyllis Hastings 2
Mirkheim Poul Anderson 2
The captive crown : the third of a trilogy of novels on the rise of the house of Stewart Nigel G. Tranter 2
The captive of Kensington Palace Jean Plaidy 2
The card : a story of adventure in the Five Towns Arnold Bennett 2
Miracle visitors Ian Watson 2
Minotaur country : a novel of suspense Helen McCloy 2
The childkeeper Sol Stein 2
The children of Dynmouth William Trevor 2
Mayday! Clive Cussler 2
Maxwell's demon Martin Sherwood 2
The comeback Barnaby Williams 2
The comic Brian Glanville 2
Marry in haste Jane Aiken Hodge 2
Marriage and Mary Ann Catherine Cookson 2
The condition of Muzak : a Jerry Cornelius novel Michael Moorcock 2
Marnie Winston Graham 2
The confessions of Proinsias O'Toole John Morrow 2
Mark the sparrow Clark Howard 2
The connector Tony Williamson 2
The conservationist Nadine Gordimer 2
The consul's file Paul Theroux 2
The consultant : a novel of computer crime John McNeil 2
The contaminant Leonard Reiffel 2
Maria Eugenia Price 2
Margie E. V. Cunningham 2
The collector John Fowles 2
Mary Ann and Bill Catherine Cookson 2
The coast of fear Leslie Waller 2
Matari Luke Rhinehart 2
Maximum effort James Campbell 2
The chocolate war Robert Cormier 2
Maverick squadron Arthur Kent 2
The chrysalids John Wyndham 2
The château Stephen Coulter 2
The cinder path Catherine Cookson 2
The city and the stars Arthur C. Clarke 2
The clutch of caution Roderick Grant 2
The civil prisoners Meriol Trevor 2
The climate of hell Herbert Lieberman 2
Master Sawbones Jacqueline Lawrence 2
The clockwork testament, or, Enderby's end Anthony Burgess 2
The cloud catchers Ursula Holden 2
Masquerade Jean Ure 2
The buffalo hook Richard Butler 2
Mistress of Mellyn Victoria Holt 2
Mistress of the streets : the early adventures of Nell Gwynne Richard Sumner 2
Moths Rosalind Ashe 2
The blazing ocean Cyril Abraham 2
Mr.Love and Justice Colin MacInnes 2
Mr. Weston's good wine Theodore Francis Powys 2
Mr. Stone and the Knights Companion V. S. Naipaul 2
The blind miller Catherine Cookson 2
The blind side Francis Clifford 2
Mr Rodriguez Mary Howard 2
The blond baboon Janwillem Van de Wetering 2
The blood bond Emma Cave 2
The blood of October David Lippincott 2
Mr Fitton's commission Showell Styles 2
Mr Big Michael Kenyon 2
Moviola Garson Kanin 2
The bloody wood Michael Innes 2
The blue field John Moore 2
The blade of Castlemayne Anthony Esler 2
The black tower P. D. James 2
Mrs Pollifax on safari Dorothy Gilman 2
The bitter tea Gavin Black 2
Murder makes the wheels go round Emma Lathen 2
The big wave Conrad Voss Bark 2
The billion dollar killing Paul Erdman 2
The bird in last year's nest Shaun Herron 2
The birds of prey John Ralston Saul 2
Murder by the mile Martin Russell 2
The bitter winds of love Barbara Cartland 2
Mulatto Jeanne Wilson 2
Murder by bequest Rae Foley 2
The black castle Les Daniels 2
The black cloud Fred Hoyle 2
Murder at the UN William John Weatherby 2
The black gold of Malaverde Richard Latshaw Graves 2
Murder against the grain Emma Lathen 2
The blue hawk Peter Dickinson 2
Mothers and daughters Evan Hunter 2
The broken bough Iris Bromige 2
The blue-eyed witch Barbara Cartland 2
The brass islands Alice Dwyer-Joyce 2
Moonchild Aleister Crowley 2
Moon over Eden Barbara Cartland 2
Monument Lloyd Biggle 2
Monsieur, or, The Prince of Darkness : a novel Lawrence Durrell 2
The brides of Friedberg Gwendoline Butler 2
Monk Dawson Piers Paul Read 2
Money is love Richard Condon 2
Money from Holme Michael Innes 2
The bridge of sand John James 2
The bright Cantonese Alexander Cordell 2
Monday in summer Lucy Walker 2
Moment of love Denise Robins 2
The brittle glass Norah Lofts 2
The broad highway Jeffery Farnol 2
Moonrakers' bride Madeleine Brent 2
The boy who invented the bubble gun : an odyssey of innocence Paul Gallico 2
The bottom line Fletcher Knebel 2
The bondmaster breed Richard Tresillian 2
Moscow quadrille Ted Allbeury 2
Moscow farewell George Feifer 2
Moscow 5000 David Grant 2
The bomb that could lip-read Donald Seaman 2
The bondmaster Richard Tresillian 2
Morwenna Anne Goring 2
Mortal stakes Robert B. Parker 2
Morag's flying fortress Jack Trevor Story 2
Mortal encounter Patricia Sargent 2
Morning tide Neil Miller Gunn 2
The bored bridegroom Barbara Cartland 2
More than all Marjorie Warby 2
More of the good life Christine Sparks 2
The bornless keeper P. B. Yuill 2
The treasure of Pleasant Valley Frank Yerby 2
Green darkness Anya Seton 2
Trinity Leon Uris 2
Wolf Solent John Cowper Powys 2
The witches of Conyngton Sylvia Thorpe 2
Brothers at war Oliver Knox 2
Through a brief darkness Richard Peck 2
Through all the years Essie Summers 2
Victoria in the wings Jean Plaidy 2
Blackstone and the scourge of Europe Richard Falkirk 2
Act of God Charles Templeton 2
Uncle Fred in the springtime P. G. Wodehouse 2
A daughter's a daughter : a novel of romance and suspense Mary Westmacott 2
Banking on death Emma Lathen 2
Wolf hunt Charles Whiting 2
When the tree sings Stratis Haviaras 2
A dancer of fortune John Munonye 2
When the wind blows Cyril Hare 2
The voice of Armageddon David Lippincott 2
Across the bitter sea Eilís Dillon 2
Bandicoot Richard Condon 2
Under Gemini Rosamunde Pilcher 2
A sword for Mr Fitton Showell Styles 2
Brood of eagles Richard Martin Stern 2
The voice of love Daisy Thomson 2
Through the looking-glass : and what Alice found there Lewis Carroll 2
Thrush Green Miss Read 2
Ballerina Hermina Black 2
Vienna summer Nancy Buckingham 2
The virus killer Irwin Philip Sobel 2
Total eclipse John Brunner 2
Woman of fury Constance Gluyas 2
Village affairs Miss Read 2
A midsummer tempest Poul Anderson 2
A strong and willing girl Dorothy Edwards 2
Unborn tomorrow Barbara Goolden 2
A study in scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle 2
Angel pavement J. B. Priestley 2
A crime for the family Dulan Barber 2
The vines of Yarrabee Dorothy Eden 2
Barchester Towers Anthony Trollope 2
Torpedo squadron Jack Bannatyne 2
Acts of love Elia Kazan 2
Torpedo boat Duncan Harding 2
A damsel in distress P. G. Wodehouse 2
Bruno's dream Iris Murdoch 2
Woman in the mirror Winston Graham 2
Angels, duty calls Valerie Georgeson 2
Brown sugar Nancy Cato 2
Brown on Resolution C. S. Forester 2
A crumb for every sparrow Nan Maynard 2
Action Atlantic Edwyn Gray 2
A cry of angels Jeff Fields 2
Woman at risk Miles Tripp 2
A cure for cancer Michael Moorcock 2
The witling Vernor Vinge 2
The witch of Prague F. Marion Crawford 2
Across a billion years Robert Silverberg 2
The volcanoes of San Domingo Adam Hall 2
The walnut door John Hersey 2
Bridie climbing Nicola Thorne 2
The walking stick Winston Graham 2
A dog's ransom Patricia Highsmith 2
Blind date Jerzy Kosinski 2
The winnowing winds Ann Marlowe 2
Any minute I can split Judith Rossner 2
Where eagles dare Alistair MacLean 2
Witch's blood William Blain 2
A man called Scavener Peter Van Greenaway 2
Tom Brown's schooldays Thomas Hughes 2
Witch world Andre Norton 2
Witch of the White House Jane Hammond 2
Ballerina Edward Stewart 2
A man called Masters Lucy Walker 2
Blindfold Antony Melville-Ross 2
The wanderers Richard Price 2
Toll for the brave Jack Higgins 2
Where is love? Barbara Cartland 2
Tokyo Torpedo Edwyn Gray 2
Bride of Zarco Margaret Rome 2
The wandering worlds Terry Greenhough 2
Thursday's child Faith Baldwin 2
Acapulco gold Edwin Corley 2
Vicinity cluster Piers Anthony 2
Brief encounter : a novel Alec Waugh 2
Witchfire at Lammas Robert Neill 2
A man from Alamein Claude Macdonald Hull 2
Bless the beasts and children Glendon Swarthout 2
A sword to the heart Barbara Cartland 2
The voyage unplanned Frank Yerby 2
Within these walls, the governor Felicity Douglas 2
Within these walls Felicity Douglas 2
Blake's Reach Catherine Gaskin 2
Within the hollow crown Margaret Campbell Barnes 2
The wisest fool : a novel of James the Sixth and First Nigel G. Tranter 2
Thunder at sunset John Masters 2
Badge for a gunfighter Clair Huffaker 2
Where Helen lies Rae Foley 2
Victoire Clare Darcy 2
The waiting game Alexander Fullerton 2
Bright flows the river Taylor Caldwell 2
Aces high William Hughes 2
Aces and eights Philip Garlington 2
Where angels fear to tread E. M. Forster 2
With extreme prejudice Berkely Mather 2
The winter people Phyllis A. Whitney 2
Blaze of riot James Tucker 2
Accounting for murder Emma Lathen 2
Where are the children? Mary Higgins Clark 2
Bleeders come first Colin Douglas 2
With a vengeance Gerald DiPego 2
Bare Nell Leslie Thomas 2
Touch and go C. Northcote Parkinson 2
Trap Angel Frederick H. Christian 2
After many a summer Aldous Huxley 2
Two much Donald E. Westlake 2
Visit to Rowanbank Flora Kidd 2
Three act tragedy Agatha Christie 2
The world menders Lloyd Biggle 2
The upstart Piers Paul Read 2
Busman's holiday Lucilla Andrews 2
The world is full of divorced women Jackie Collins 2
Westward ho Charles Kingsley 2
Westward the tide Louis L'Amour 2
Wychwood Nicole St. John 2
The world inside Robert Silverberg 2
A change for the better Susan Hill 2
Vittoria Cottage D. E. Stevenson 2
After doomsday Poul Anderson 2
Write up Molly Parkin 2
A sound of lightning Jon Cleary 2
After Julius Elizabeth Jane Howard 2
A source of embarrassment A. L. Barker 2
What beck'ning ghost? John Churchward 2
The word for world is forest Ursula K. Le Guin 2
Black amber Phyllis A. Whitney 2
Africana William Harrison 2
Black aura John Sladek 2
A circus of hells Poul Anderson 2
After the funeral Agatha Christie 2
Bustillo Kenneth Royce 2
Touch and go John Stroud 2
The unwanted Christiaan Barnard 2
Translation : a novel Stephen Marlowe 2
Afternoon of a good woman Nina Bawden 2
Weep in the sun : an island chronicle Jeanne Wilson 2
This year, next year Roger Bowdler 2
Butterfield 8 John O'Hara 2
Afternoon men Anthony Powell 2
Afternoon for lizards Dorothy Eden 2
Year of the Golden Ape Colin Forbes 2
An instant in the wind André P. Brink 2
Afterglow and nightfall Edith Pargeter 2
Thomas the Fish Diana Morgan 2
A smell of fraud Gil Hogg 2
Xanthe and the robots Sheila MacLeod 2
But the dead are many : a novel in fugue form Frank J. Hardy 2
A perfect stranger Firth Haring 2
Were he a stranger M. S. Craig 2
But one queen Eleanor Roberts 2
Trans-Siberian Express Warren Adler 2
Those who walk away Patricia Highsmith 2
A soldier's tale Michael Kennedy Joseph 2
Those who watch Robert Silverberg 2
But a short time to live James Hadley Chase 2
Traitor to the living Philip José Farmer 2
After the harvest Lillie Holland 2
A city of bells Elizabeth Goudge 2
A city on a hill George V. Higgins 2
A speaking likeness Sheila Bishop 2
Ukridge P. G. Wodehouse 2
A stranger and afraid Elizabeth Ferrars 2
Vinegar Hill Colin Free 2
Black narcissus Rumer Godden 2
The woman doctor Ursula Bloom 2
Buck Rogers in the 25th century Addison E. Steele 2
Three weeks in October Yaël Dayan 2
A stranger in my grave Margaret Millar 2
Barlow exposed Elwyn Jones 2
Women in the wall Julia O'Faolain 2
When darkness comes Robert E. Swindells 2
Women in love D. H. Lawrence 2
Ultramarine : a novel Malcolm Lowry 2
Two weeks in another town Irwin Shaw 2
Black sheep Georgette Heyer 2
The village Victor Briggs 2
Touch the lion's paw Derek Lambert 2
Adam and Evelina Paula Allardyce 2
When eight bells toll Alistair MacLean 2
The village cricket match John Parker 2
Three's company Alfred Duggan 2
Barefoot in the head Brian W. Aldiss 2
Valdoro's mistress Evelyn Stewart Armstrong 2
Village diary Miss Read 2
The wolf at the door Graham Shelby 2
Typhoon John Gordon Davis 2
Tyler's Row Miss Read 2
The woman in white Wilkie Collins 2
Bartholomew Fair Phyllis Hastings 2
The woodcutter operation Kenneth Royce 2
Wrath of the lion Jack Higgins 2
A splinter of glass John Cre.asey 2
Two's company Alida Baxter 2
Battlestar galactica Glen A. Larson 2
A spread of sail James Dillon White 2
Battles at Thrush Green Miss Read 2
Wraiths and changelings Gladys Mitchell 2
Buried in so sweet a place Stanton Forbes 2
Viper's game Robert Rostand 2
What's better than money? James Hadley Chase 2
Affair Allan Prior 2
The women's room Marilyn French 2
The venom of The Cobra Robert Charles 2
Black gambit Eric Clark 2
World of wonders Robertson Davies 2
Black is the colour of my true love's heart Catherine Reynolds 2
World from rough stones Malcolm Macdonald 2
A murder of quality John Le Carré 2
World enough and time Robert Penn Warren 2
A murder is announced Agatha Christie 2
World class Jane Boyar 2
The vicissitudes of Evangeline Elinor Glyn 2
A dream of Wessex Christopher Priest 2
Acapulco Burt Hirschfeld 2
Absolution : a mystery Anthony Shaffer 2
Wild times Brian Garfield 2
Auction Richard Cox 2
The widow's cruise Nicholas Blake 2
A twist of sand Geoffrey Jenkins 2
A twisted skein Kathleen Conlon 2
A woman like us Nicola Thorne 2
Border fury G. J. Morgan 2
The way we die now Michael Z. Lewin 2
The wayward jilt Margaret Stewart Taylor 2
As eagles fly Barbara Cartland 2
Wilde alliance Ian Mackintosh 2
Borden Chantry Louis L'Amour 2
The weather in Africa Martha Gellhorn 2
A kiss before dying Ira Levin 2
A very long way from anywhere else : a novel Ursula K. Le Guin 2
Vampirella Ron Goulart 2
A glass of blessings Barbara Pym 2
Atlantic fury Hammond Innes 2
Up at the villa W. Somerset Maugham 2
To have and have not Ernest Hemingway 2
Vampire in the shadows Marc Lovell 2
The whole truth John Ehrlichman 2
To fear a painted devil Ruth Rendell 2
Wild justice Wilbur A. Smith 2
A victim of the aurora Thomas Keneally 2
Bloodline Sidney Sheldon 2
Audrey Rose Frank De Felitta 2
A dream of treason Marshall Pugh 2
The widow's war Alan Williams 2
Both the ladies and the gentlemen William Donaldson 2
A gamble with hearts Barbara Cartland 2
To make a light Helga Moray 2
A game for heroes James Graham 2
A true romance Jacky Gillott 2
Unreasonable doubt Elizabeth Ferrars 2
The way of an eagle Ethel M. Dell 2
Bloodbath William Wingate 2
To look and pass Taylor Caldwell 2
Will Shakespeare John Mortimer 2
Borrower of the night Elizabeth Peters 2
A game of secrets Thomas Wiseman 2
Wilderness trek Zane Grey 2
Unscheduled flight Hugh Atkinson 2
A lady bought with rifles Jeanne Williams 2
To live forever Jack Vance 2
The way to dusty death Alistair MacLean 2
Born with the century William Kinsolving 2
A gastronomic murder Alexandra Roudybush 2
Arthur Gordon McGill 2
White hell of pity Norah Lofts 2
Bloodhouse Kenneth Cook 2
Until the colours fade Tim Jeal 2
Time in eclipse David S. Garnett 2
Bloody passage James Graham 2
Ash David Walker 2
Whiteout! Duncan Kyle 2
A hospital summer Lucilla Andrews 2
A wife for the Admiral Mary Ann Gibbs 2
At sunrise, the rough music Richard Llewellyn 2
Who is Teddy Villanova? Thomas Berger 2
Wicked angel Taylor Caldwell 2
At high risk Palma Harcourt 2
Valley of delight Margaret Malcolm 2
Boldt Ted Lewis 2
Bogmail Patrick McGinley 2
A walk in the dark Joyce Stranger 2
Boca Grande Loren Singer 2
The white lion of Norfolk Lyn Andrews 2
Blue jay summer Elleston Trevor 2
Up the walls of the world James Tiptree 2
The white lie assignment Peter Driscoll 2
A horse called Mogollon J. T. Edson 2
Who? Algis Budrys 2
Astral quest John Rankine 2
Astra and Flondrix Seamus Cullen 2
Bluegrass Borden Deal 2
A web of salvage Brian Callison 2
A high wind in Jamaica Richard Hughes 2
A herald of doom Gordon Ashe 2
Assignment in Brittany Helen MacInnes 2
A hero for Leanda Andrew Garve 2
The white queen Lesley J. Nickell 2
Aspen Burt Hirschfeld 2
A wild cry of love Barbara Paul 2
Urn burial Patrick Ruell 2
A kind of courage John Harris 2
Blossom like the rose Norah Lofts 2
Wild grow the lilies : an antic novel Christy Brown 2
A god against the gods Allen Drury 2
To die in Italbar Roger Zelazny 2
The white witch Elizabeth Goudge 2
Upstairs, downstairs John Hawkesworth 2
The white telephone John Crosby 2
A grand man Catherine Cookson 2
A killing in Rome Robert Rostand 2
Valley of the ravens Nancy Buckingham 2
To catch a unicorn Sara Seale 2
Wild Turkey Roger L. Simon 2
A grove of olives Suzanne Ebel 2
Wild Card Raymond Hawkey 2
Wife to the Kingmaker Sandra Wilson 2
Whitton's folly Pamela Hill 2
Blowdown Charles MacHardy 2
Blown seed David Toulmin 2
Ask me no questions Ann Schlee 2
Ask me tomorrow Stan Barstow 2
Ask the rattlesnake Philip Loraine 2
Who goes here? Bob Shaw 2
To mend a heart Elizabeth Harrison 2
The wife Judith Burnley 2
To nick a good body Barry Norman 2
A wrinkle in the skin John Christopher 2
Apple tree saga Mary E. Pearce 2
A young lady of fashion Mary Ann Gibbs 2
Where there's Smoke Ed McBain 2
A time of madness Robert Early 2
Blood flies upwards Elizabeth Ferrars 2
A family affair N. J. Crisp 2
A family affair Rex Stout 2
Breath of suspicion Elizabeth Ferrars 2
The wind from Hastings Morgan Llywelyn 2
Winter of artifice ; [and], House of incest Anaïs Nin 2
Winter kills Richard Condon 2
Axwater Jennie Melville 2
A far-off place Laurens Van der Post 2
The wind cannot read Richard Mason 2
Venus reveal'd : the amorous adventures of Francis Lysaght Celia Haddon 2
A family likeness Anna Gilbert 2
Axe : an 87th Precinct mystery Ed McBain 2
Appointment in Samarra John O'Hara 2
The warriors of day James Blish 2
A little of what you fancy H. E. Bates 2
A wreath of stars Bob Shaw 2
Appointment with death Agatha Christie 2
The wars Timothy Findley 2
Venus afflicted Frederic Mullally 2
Apple tree lean down Mary E. Pearce 2
Tiger Tiger Alfred Bester 2
The war to end wars Mollie Hardwick 2
The war of the worlds H. G. Wells 2
The wanting seed Anthony Burgess 2
Bride for a night Anne Hampson 2
Bride by candlelight Dorothy Eden 2
Bliss incorporated Patrick Skene Catling 2
Brensham village John Moore 2
Today we choose faces Roger Zelazny 2
Apache, knife in the night William M. James 2
Breed, the silent kill James A. Muir 2
A duel of hearts Barbara Cartland 2
Breed, the lonely hunt James A. Muir 2
The winds of freedom Maryhelen Clague 2
Undercurrent Bill Pronzini 2
Winterwood Dorothy Eden 2
About time Mike Bygrave 2
Blood Amyot Christopher Nicole 2
A fair exchange Palma Harcourt 2
Where pigeons go to die R. Wright Campbell 2
Back crack boy Joseph McKeown 2
Tobias and the Angel Frank Yerby 2
The war of the running fox Bob Langley 2
Vertigo Bob Shaw 2
Winter's children Michael Coney 2
Where the long grass blows Louis L'Amour 2
The wary transgressor James Hadley Chase 2
Venom House Arthur Upfield 2
Time bomb James D. Atwater 2
A word child Iris Murdoch 2
Whistle James Jones 2
Window on the square Phyllis A. Whitney 2
Tim Frazer gets the message Francis Durbridge 2
The water-babies : a fairy tale for a land-baby Charles Kingsley 2
Whistle for the crows Dorothy Eden 2
A tough one to lose Tony Kenrick 2
The wild island Antonia Fraser 2
Unnatural causes P. D. James 2
The wild hunt Jill Tattersall 2
Autumn lace Eileen Jackson 2
The wild geese Daniel Carney 2
A fortune in death Leonard St. Clair 2
To the far blue mountains Louis L'Amour 2
Blood secrets Craig Jones 2
Autumn heroes Oliver Jacks 2
White Fang Jack London 2
To see a fine lady Norah Lofts 2
The waters of madness W. A. Ballinger 2
To run a little faster John Gardner 2
Time and Timothy Grenville Terry Greenhough 2
Venetia Georgette Heyer 2
To risks unknown Douglas Reeman 2
Time and chance Anna Wibberley 2
A tree on fire Alan Sillitoe 2
Bracknell's law E. W. Hildick 2
Brain wave Poul Anderson 2
Brainrack Kit Pedler 2
The water margin David Weir 2
Wings above the Diamantina Arthur Upfield 2
The willing heart Helen Bianchin 2
Unholy writ David Williams 2
Wings Robert J. Serling 2
Break-out Owen Josiah Currington 2
To the devil - a daughter Dennis Wheatley 2
April's grave Susan Howatch 2
The will Richard Martin Stern 2
Winged escort Douglas Reeman 2
Whiskey man Howell Raines 2
A touch of danger James Jones 2
The watchers on the shore Stan Barstow 2
Bravo Charlie Macartney Filgate 2
A fine silk purse Sheila Walsh 2
To the Opera Ball Sarah Gainham 2
Avalanche John Wingate 2
Brave new world Aldous Huxley 2
The watchman's stone Rona Randall 2
Blood on the snow Emanuel Litvinoff 2
The water gipsies A. P. Herbert 2
A flock of ships Brian Callison 2
Blood red, sister rose Thomas Keneally 2
A folly of princes : the second of a trilogy of novels on the rise of the house of Stewart Nigel G. Tranter 2
The unteleported man Philip K. Dick 2
Valentina Evelyn Anthony 2
Bewitched Barbara Cartland 2
The tunnel Robert Byrne 2
A pride of dolphins Mark Hebden 2
Always is not forever Helen Van Slyke 2
Cain's daughters Doris Shannon 2
The young romantic Iris Bromige 2
Believe this, you'll believe anything James Hadley Chase 2
Young Jethro Roy Clews 2
A question of courage Marjorie Darke 2
An air of glory Sarah Neilan 2
Thin air George E. Simpson 2
Thin air William Marshall 2
Twister Jack M. Bickham 2
'Salem's Lot Stephen King 2
Way station Clifford D. Simak 2
Captain Havoc Ben Healey 2
Air Force One Edwin Corley 2
Captain Fantom Charles Underhill 2
Alive and dead Elizabeth Ferrars 2
An agent on the other side George O'Toole 2
Beloved exiles Agnes Newton Keith 2
This is the house Deborah Hill 2
Amigo, amigo Francis Clifford 2
A show of violence Sara Woods 2
A book of common prayer Joan Didion 2
4.50 from Paddington Agatha Christie 2
Amok George Fox 2
Third girl Agatha Christie 2
A plague of demons Keith Laumer 2
Air bridge Hammond Innes 2
Z for Zachariah : a novel Robert C. O'Brien 2
Warrior queen James Sinclair 2
A bride for Beltane Vicki Page 2
A single man Christopher Isherwood 2
Bilgewater Jane Gardam 2
Turn killer Brian Lecomber 2
Web John Wyndham 2
Walkabout James Vance Marshall 2
All other perils Robert MacLeod 2
This sweet and bitter earth Alexander Cordell 2
'Knight's Keep' Rona Randall 2
Alien embassy Ian Watson 2
A sea-change Lois Gould 2
A pride of kings Juliet Dymoke 2
The zap gun ... Philip K. Dick 2
Cane music Joyce Dingwell 2
You must be kidding James Hadley Chase 2
Ziggurat Robert Katz 2
You live once John D. MacDonald 2
Trocadero Leslie Waller 2
There should have been castles Herman Raucher 2
Bill, the galactic hero Harry Harrison 2
All else is folly Catherine Gaskin 2
633 Squadron, Operation Crucible Frederick E. Smith 2
Beggarman's country Jan Webster 2
A search for the king Gore Vidal 2
These old shades Georgette Heyer 2
All under heaven Pearl S. Buck 2
The unforgiven Maynah Lewis 2
Beyond this horizon Robert A. Heinlein 2
A bridge of magpies Geoffrey Jenkins 2
Weather war Leonard Leokum 2
Voyage in the dark Jean Rhys 2
Beryl's lot Margaret Powell 2
Tucker Louis L'Amour 2
'Til death Ed McBain 2
A book of Ruth Syrell Rogovin Leahy 2
Beggarman, thief Irwin Shaw 2
Tropic of Ruislip Leslie Thomas 2
An ace up my sleeve James Hadley Chase 2
The unbaited trap Catherine Cookson 2
Amusement park Robert Stuart Nathan 2
Ward 402 Ronald Joel Glasser 2
A sheltering tree : a Rainwood family novel Iris Bromige 2
A quiet life Beryl Bainbridge 2
Amyot's Cay Christopher Nicole 2
Triad 21 Harry Arvay 2
This school is driving me crazy Nat Hentoff 2
Altered states Paddy Chayefsky 2
A shadow on summer Christy Brown 2
A billion days of earth Doris Piserchia 2
All heads turn when the hunt goes by John Farris 2
1985 Anthony Burgess 2
Alpha-Omega Wilfred Glassford 2
You and me, babe Chuck Barris 2
The yesterday rider Ray Hogan 2
Beloved son George Turner 2
Thirst! Charles Eric Maine 2
Tug of war (December 22nd-December 31st 1941) Duncan Harding 2
Tuesday the rabbi saw red Harry Kemelman 2
Young pioneers Rose Wilder Lane 2
There's always a price tag James Hadley Chase 2
All flesh is grass Clifford D. Simak 2
Bid time return Richard Matheson 2
A bargain in bullets Joseph Cha.dwick 2
An April girl Iris Bromige 2
Beloved prisoner Catherine Dillon 2
Airscream John Bruce 2
Big man Ed McBain 2
All in a summer season Jean Ure 2
Caleb Williams William Godwin 2
Beguinage J. T. Edson 2
330 Park Stanley Cohen 2
Young Pattullo : a novel J. I. M. Stewart 2
War of the wing-men Poul Anderson 2
Bigger than Texas William R. Cox 2
Tudor agent Robert Farrington 2
A rage against heaven Fred Mustard Stewart 2
Bid for happiness Renée Shann 2
Tregaron's daughter Madeleine Brent 2
War story Gordon McGill 2
The understudy Elia Kazan 2
Trelawny's Fell Isabelle Holland 2
'Venus with pistol' Gavin Lyall 2
Best summer job Patrick Skene Catling 2
A separate peace John Knowles 2
The underside H. R. F. Keating 2
Beguinage is dead! J. T. Edson 2
Airport Arthur Hailey 2
All men are lonely now Francis Clifford 2
Yukon gold William D. Blankenship 2
Tudor mansion Eleanor Hyde 2
A ship is dying Brian Callison 2
Trenfell castle Helga Moray 2
Twinkle, twinkle, little spy Len Deighton 2
Yukiko MacDonald Harris 2
This splendid earth V. J. Banis 2
Twinkle, twinkle, 'Killer' Kane William Peter Blatty 2
Albion! Albion! Dick Morland 2
Billy Liar Keith Waterhouse 2
American made Shylah Boyd 2
The unpredictable bride Barbara Cartland 2
All that glitters Samuel Edwards 2
633 Squadron, Operation Valkyrie Frederick E. Smith 2
The turquoise lament John D. MacDonald 2
Birdcage Victor Canning 2
The twelve maidens : a novel of witchcraft Stewart Farrar 2
The trembling hills Phyllis A. Whitney 2
A proper place Joan Lingard 2
Can you forgive her? Anthony Trollope 2
They came to Cordura Glendon Swarthout 2
Vortex Jon Cle.ary 2
They call it murder Tom Hart 2
Wedding at Blue River Dorothy Quentin 2
A burnt-out case Graham Greene 2
Birds of a bloodied feather Richard Tate 2
This Jim Dianne Doubtfire 2
Webber's son Christopher Leach 2
Watch for me on the mountain Forrest Carter 2
Bellary Bay John Welcome 2
'Hello sailor' Eric Idle 2
Benjamin seven Michael Kerr 2
Beyond the Poseidon adventure Paul Gallico 2
Captains and the kings Taylor Caldwell 2
Birdy William Wharton 2
Two for the price of one Tony Kenrick 2
Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; and, Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there Lewis Carroll 2
An eligible connection Elsie Lee 2
The unlimited dream company J. G. Ballard 2
Alien Alan Dean Foster 2
Vor James Blish 2
By hook or by crook Emma Lathen 2
Wednesday the Rabbi got wet Harry Kemelman 2
All the nice girls Elisabeth Kyle 2
By command of the Viceroy : an 'Ogilvie' novel Duncan MacNeil 2
Theophilus North Thornton Wilder 2
A running duck Paula Gosling 2
Watch for the morning Elisabeth Macdonald 2
They do it all with mirrors Carol White 2
Yellow-dog contract Ross Thomas 2
Two hours to darkness Antony Trew 2
A sleeping life Ruth Rendell 2
The wrong end of time John Brunner 2
Travelling horseman Nicholas Luard 2
The turquoise mask Phyllis A. Whitney 2
Walking dead Peter Dickinson 2
A rhapsody of love Barbara Cartland 2
Zulu dawn Cy Endfield 2
Trick or treat? Ray Connolly 2
All the day long Howard Spring 2
An evil streak Andrea Newman 2
A rose in the heather Suzanne Ebel 2
Vote for a silk gown Jay Allerton 2
An artist and a magician Hugh Fleetwood 2
All the conspirators Christopher Isherwood 2
Candles in the wood Alexandra Manners 2
By Grand Central station I sat down and wept Elizabeth Smart 2
Beyond Apollo Barry N. Malzberg 2
A safety match Ian Hay 2
The zero factor William Oscar Johnson 2
Agent Thomas Hinde 2
Treasure by degrees David Williams 2
You, my brother : a novel based on the lives of Edmund & William Shakespeare Philip Burton 2
A single monstrous act Kenneth Benton 2
They : a sequence of unease Kay Dick 2
Waiting to hear from William Babs Hodges Deal 2
This sweet sickness Patricia Highsmith 2
These twain Arnold Bennett 2
Two is lonely Lynne Reid Banks 2
A Christmas carol Charles Dickens 2
Ambulance Hugh Miller 2
A scanner darkly Philip K. Dick 2
Cabal Norman Garbo 2
Trigger fast J. T. Edson 2
A place in England Melvyn Bragg 2
There is a happy land Keith Waterhouse 2
Yes - honestly Terence Brady 2
A remarkable case of burglary H. R. F. Keating 2
Candida rising Lamorna Heath 2
Billy Liar on the moon Keith Waterhouse 2
Thirty-four East Alfred Coppel 2
The turncoat Jack Lynn 2
Captain rebel Frank Yerby 2
Veiled Isis Michael Hastings 1
The Toff takes shares John Cre.asey 1
The blood-red dream Michael Collins 1
The blood order Jack D. Hunter 1
The blinder Barry Hines 1
The blind spot Joy Petersen Packer 1
The blood on my sleeve Ivon Baker 1
Waldo; and, Magic, Inc Robert A. Heinlein 1
The blind side Patricia Wentworth 1
The bionic woman, double identity Maud Willis 1
The Toff on fire John Cre.asey 1
Veronique : a novel Virginia Coffman 1
The blood countess Arabella Seymour 1
The Truxton Cipher Henry Gruppe 1
Venetian dream Monica Blake 1
The Valley of the Pines Rae Collins 1
The Toff on ice John Cre.asey 1
The Trafalgar rose Clare Frances Holmes 1
Veronique Virginia Coffman 1
The Tripoli documents Henry Kane 1
The birds of passage Nora Kent 1
The Venetian : a novel David Weiss 1
The blond baboon : a novel Janwillem Van de Wetering 1
The birdwatcher Ethel Gordon 1
Venetian bird Victor Canning 1
The blind search Lesley Ega.n 1
Venetian blind William Haggard 1
The Tregony rape Edwina Black 1
The birds of paradise Paul Scott 1
The Triad consignment James Raven 1
The Triad conspiracy Alistair McColl MacKay 1
Walk a lonely road Joyce Stranger 1
Walk a crooked mile Judson Philips 1
The blood brothers Dennis Sinclair 1
The bishop's mantle Agnes Sligh Turnbull 1
The Vatican target Barry Schiff 1
The birds fall down Rebecca West 1
The Tower of the Winds Elizabeth Hunter 1
Wake all the dead Sarah Kilpatrick 1
The Tritonian ring L. Sprague De Camp 1
The birds are walking Helga Moray 1
The bitch Jackie Collins 1
Veronica Joy Petersen Packer 1
The bite Eric Corder 1
The bird in the tree Elizabeth Goudge 1
The Tower of London William Harrison Ainsworth 1
The bite C. E. Dibb 1
The black hunter Jane Donnelly 1
Wake the sleeping tiger Margaret Way 1
The Turnbulls Taylor Caldwell 1
The black pearls Robert Kerr 1
The V2 virus Elliott Cannon 1
The black cockade : Paul Gallant's Louisbourg Command Victor Suthren 1
The black prince Iris Murdoch 1
The black room Colin Wilson 1
The Vaaldorp diamond Eva Dane 1
Vengeance of McAllister Matt Chisholm 1
Walden two B. F. Skinner 1
The black spiders John Cre.asey 1
The Tuesday blade : a novel Bob Ottum 1
The black stage Anthony Gilbert 1
The Tuesday blade Bob Ottum 1
The black widow John J. McLaglen 1
The black wine Hal Bennett 1
The black, the grey and the gold Norman Robert Ford 1
The black mountains Fred Saberhagen 1
The black mountain : a Nero Wolfe novel Rex Stout 1
The Valley of Ghosts Edgar Wallace 1
The black duke Ross Dexter 1
The black knight Flora Kidd 1
The Upas tree : a novel Eva Hanagan 1
The black knights : a truckers novel Guy N. Smith 1
The V-Mann papers Charles Cruickshank 1
Venture into destiny Catherine Grant 1
The black leather barbarians Pat Stadley 1
The black marble Joseph Wambaugh 1
The black moon : a novel of Cornwall, 1794-1795 Winston Graham 1
The Unicorn group Lee R. Bobker 1
The black moon : a novel of Cornwall, 1794-5 Winston Graham 1
Vengeance trail J. B. Dancer 1
The black moth Georgette Heyer 1
The Ulsterman Andrew Lane 1
The Twyborn affair : a novel Patrick White 1
The black eagle Anne Hampson 1
The Valdez marriage Violet Winspear 1
The blackboard jungle Evan Hunter 1
Vengeance of Chane Norman Gant 1
The Valette heritage Louisa Bronte 1
The black Mercedes Gordon Boshell 1
Vengeance hunt Charles R. Pike 1
Verdict James Broom Lynne 1
Vermilion Sands J. G. Ballard 1
Vengeance Valley George G. Gilman 1
The bitter lotus Richard Beilby 1
The blessing papers William Barnwell 1
The blind beak : a novel about the fabulous Sir John Fielding, blind magistrate and detective, his renowned Bow Street Runners and his secret agent, Nick Rathburn, gamester and rakehell Ernest Dudley 1
The Tucson conspiracy Matt Chisholm 1
The bitter core Denise Robins 1
The Valkyrie encounter Stephen Marlowe 1
Venetian rhapsody Denise Robins 1
The Valkyrie encounter : a novel Stephen Marlowe 1
The Truxton Cipher : a novel of suspense Henry Gruppe 1
Wakefield's course Mazo De la Roche 1
The black and the white Hazel Towson 1
The black bird : a novel Alexander Edwards 1
The Tudor Rose Margaret Campbell Barnes 1
Venus plus X Sturgeon Theodore 1
Venus and her prey Polly Hobson 1
The black charade : a Dr Caspian story John Frederick Burke 1
The Tudor heritage Lyn Andrews 1
The black charade John Frederick Burke 1
Waking slow Michael Mewshaw 1
The blanket of the dark Ben Healey 1
Vengeance is mine John E. Lewis 1
The blessing Nancy Mitford 1
Vengeance is also mine Will Palmer 1
The bleeding heart : a novel Marilyn French 1
The black camel Earl Derr Biggers 1
Vengeance in the sun Margaret Pemberton 1
The black cabinet Patricia Wentworth 1
The blessed plot : a novel Evelyn Berckman 1
The blooding William Darrid 1
The affair C. P. Snow 1
The blooding of the guns Alexander Fullerton 1
The bride in blue Joan Rees 1
The briar rose Helen Vaughan 1
Valley of the looms Mair Unsworth 1
The Swiss arrangement William Fairchild 1
The brickfield ; and, The betrayal L. P. Hartley 1
The bridal lamp Patricia Ainsworth 1
The bride Margaret Irwin 1
Walkabout wife Cork, Dorothy 1
The Swiss account Leslie Waller 1
The Sweeney 8, Regan and the Venetian Virgin Joe Balham 1
The bride from Modena D. V. Young 1
Walkers on the sky David Lake 1
The brides of Bunyoni Christina Laffeaty 1
Valley of the hawk Margaret Mayo 1
The bride of Alderburn Marguerite Neilson 1
The bride of Invercoe Charlotte Massey 1
The bride of Romano Rebecca Stratton 1
The bride of Tancred Diane Pearson 1
The bride of the 'Delta Queen' Janet Dailey 1
The bride price Buchi Emecheta 1
The bride price Elizabeth Hunter 1
The bride price : a novel Buchi Emecheta 1
Valley of the Vines Joy Petersen Packer 1
The breast Philip Roth 1
The Swiss conspiracy Michael Stanley 1
The breaking of Arnold Stanley Watts 1
The Swiss deal Harry Arvay 1
Valley of the vapours Janet Dailey 1
Valley of the tall chimneys Joanne Marshall 1
The boys in the mail room : a novel Iris Rainer Dart 1
The Tango briefing Adam Hall 1
The brain robbers : a Clutha tale Hugh Munro 1
The Tang murders Charles Cruickshank 1
The brains of Earth Jack Vance 1
The bramble bush Charles Mergendahl 1
The Tallyman Bill Knox 1
The Syndic C. M. Kornbluth 1
The branch and the briar Anne Lowing 1
The branded man Hal G. Evarts 1
The brass bound book Jennette Dowling Letton 1
The brass cupcake John D. MacDonald 1
Walkabout Ian Cameron 1
Valley of the moon Margaret Way 1
The brats : a novel of the future R. Chetwynd-Hayes 1
The brave and the free Leslie Waller 1
The brazen head John Cowper Powys 1
The Swiss legacy Anne Armstrong Thompson 1
The bread and butter miss Guy Cullingford 1
The bride wore black Cornell Woolrich 1
Valley of the Vines Joy Packer 1
The bounty hunter George G. Gilman 1
The broken gun Louis L'Amour 1
Valley of blood George G. Gilman 1
The brittle image Elspeth Couper 1
The Sundown Kid Hal G. Evarts 1
The Sultan's daughter Dennis Wheatley 1
The Styx complex Russell Lawrence Rhodes 1
Valley deep, mountain high Anne Mather 1
The broken arc Barbara Goolden 1
Valkyrie Queen Val Manning 1
The Stuart legacy Robert Kerr 1
The broken cycle A. Bertram Chandler 1
The broken heart E. Temple Thurston 1
The bridge Lennox Cook 1
Walking small L. J. Davis 1
The broken key Mary Linn Roby 1
The broken link Yvonne Whittal 1
Valiant clay Neil Bell 1
The broken sword Poul Anderson 1
The brood Richard Starks 1
The brother F. D. Reeve 1
The brown land crying Richard Beilby 1
Wallflower Ruby M. Ayres 1
The buckaroo John Durham 1
The Suns of Scorpio Alan Burt Akers 1
The brink of murder : a novel Helen Nielsen 1
The brimstone halo Una Troy 1
The brightest star Roumelia Lane 1
Valley of the Kings : a novel of Tutankhamun Cecelia Holland 1
Valley of the Dolls : a novel Jacqueline Susann 1
Valley of home Joyce Eaglestone 1
The Sweeney 2 : the blag Joe Balham 1
The bridge of San Luis Rey ; [and], The woman of Andros Thornton Wilder 1
The bridge of kisses Berta Ruck 1
The Sweeney Ian Kennedy Martin 1
Valley of dreams Joan Warde 1
The Surrey cat Andrew Sinclair 1
Valley of decision Clare Frances Holmes 1
The bright adventure Geoffrey Rose 1
The bright day Mary Hocking 1
Valley of death Tom Curry 1
The Surgenor campaign John Hall Spencer 1
The bright day is done : the story of Amy Robsart Judith Saxton 1
The bright face of danger Roger Ormerod 1
The bright sword Gwynedd Sudworth 1
The Sunset gang Warren Adler 1
Walking dead man Hugh Pentecost 1
The bright-helmed one Jayne Viney 1
The brighter buccaneer Leslie Charteris 1
Valley of vultures Paul Edwards 1
Valley of wild horses Zane Grey 1
The bloody affray at Riverside Drive William Rayner 1
Vanishing point Pat Flower 1
The Toff and the crooked copper John Cre.asey 1
The blue scarab Christina Laffeaty 1
The Toff and the Golden Boy John Cre.asey 1
The blue sky of spring Elizabeth Cadell 1
The blue world Jack Vance 1
The blue, the grey and the red George G. Gilman 1
The Toff and old Harry John Cre.asey 1
The Toff among the millions John Cre.asey 1
The Titans John Jakes 1
The Tirana assignment Christopher Portway 1
The bluest eye Toni Morrison 1
Walk into my parlour Anne Hocking 1
The Time Druids William Thomas Webb 1
The Tilsit inheritance Catherine Gaskin 1
The blunderer Patricia Highsmith 1
The boarding-house William Trevor 1
The boat and the town Geoffrey Moorhouse 1
The billboard madonna Elleston Trevor 1
The Tillinger codicil Tasman Beattie 1
The boat-house riddle J. J. Connington 1
The body beautiful murder Kin Platt 1
The body in the library Agatha Christie 1
The blue sapphire D. E. Stevenson 1
The blue movie murders Ellery Queen 1
Vanity Fair William Makepeace Thackeray 1
Walk in the Paradise Garden Anne Maybury 1
The bloody sun Marion Zimmer Bradley 1
Vegas : a memoir of a dark season John Gregory Dunne 1
The Toff is back John Cre.asey 1
Vaso Valley Will Benton 1
Variable winds at Jalna Mazo De la Roche 1
The Toff in New York John Cre.asey 1
The blossom of months : a novel Peter Skelton 1
The blue adder stone C. Hunt 1
Var the Stick Piers Anthony 1
The blue guitar Nicholas Hasluck 1
The blue hammer Ross Macdonald 1
The Toff at Butlins John Cre.asey 1
The blue hammer : a Lew Archer novel Ross Macdonald 1
The Toff and the trip-trip-triplets John Cre.asey 1
Vanity of Duluoz : an adventurous education 1935-46 Jack Kerouac 1
The blue hills Concho Bradley 1
The blue jacaranda Elizabeth Hoy 1
The Toff and the stolen tresses John Cre.asey 1
The Toff and the spider John Cre.asey 1
The blue lagoon H. De Vere Stacpoole 1
The Toff and the sleepy cowboy John Cre.asey 1
Vanishing brands W. C. Tuttle 1
The body of a girl Michael Francis Gilbert 1
The bottle factory outing Beryl Bainbridge 1
The borribles Michael De Larrabeiti 1
The border lord Elizabeth Ormesher 1
The border men Cliff Ketchum 1
The border pawn Will Brennan 1
The border trumpet Ernest Haycox 1
Walk tall country Norrey Ford 1
The born loser Michael Cronin 1
Valmouth Ronald Firbank 1
The born survivor J. K. Lucas 1
Valleys of shadow Alun Williams 1
Valley with a bright cloud Gareth Lovett Jones 1
The Tetramachus collection Philippe Van Rjndt 1
The Thursday woman Muriel Davidson 1
The borrowed house Hilda Van Stockum 1
Walk to the end of the world Suzy McKee Charnas 1
The boss of the Lazy Y Charles Alden Seltzer 1
The Tennyson code Roderick Cooper 1
The Tejera secrets Mary Orr 1
The Taras report on the last days of Pompeii Alan Lloyd 1
Walk, don't walk Gordon Maclean Williams 1
The boss's daughter Joyce Dingwell 1
The Tar-Aiym Krang Alan Dean Foster 1
Walk-in Virgil Scott 1
The border Lord Jan Westcott 1
The boondocks Desmond Lowden 1
The boon companions June Dru.mmond 1
The Texan rancher Jane Corrie 1
The bodyguard man Philip Evans 1
The bodysnatchers of Lethe G. J. Barrett 1
The Thursby people Sue Krisman 1
The Thorburn enterprise John Rankine 1
Vandover and the brute Frank Norris 1
Walk into my parlour Norah Lofts 1
The bond Max Ehrlich 1
Walk softly and beware Margaret Blake 1
Vandenberg Oliver Lange 1
Vandemon's daughter Joan Goodrick 1
Vandals of eternity T. S. J. Gibbard 1
The bonds of matrimony Elizabeth Hunter 1
The Texas gun Nelson Nye 1
The Texas gun Ernenwein, Leslie 1
Vandals E. W. Hildick 1
The bondswoman Caryl Ledner 1
The book of Muntu Dixon Norma Meacock 1
The book of paradox Louise Cooper 1
The book of skulls : a novel Robert Silverberg 1
Vampire mission Joe Hunter 1
The book of the dun cow Walter Wangerin 1
The boat of fate Keith Roberts 1
The big fisherman Lloyd Cassel Dou.glas 1
The Venetian affair Helen MacInnes 1
The avatar : science fiction Poul Anderson 1
The aura and the kingfisher Tom Hart 1
The autobiography of Christopher Kirkland E. Lynn Linton 1
The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman Ernest J. Gaines 1
The abominable goat Stephen Lister 1
The autobiography of a boy G. S. Street 1
The autumn collection Geneviève Antoine-Dariaux 1
The autumn leaves merchant Peter De Polnay 1
Violence trail George G. Gilman 1
The autumn rose Fiona Hill 1
Voyage of destiny Ivy Preston 1
The abolitionist of Clark Gable Place Charles Webb 1
The audacious adventuress Barbara Cartland 1
The abolitionist Leslie Gladson 1
The avenging Saint Leslie Charteris 1
Violence at sundown Frank O'Rourke 1
The avenging four B. J. Holmes 1
The abolition of death James Anderson 1
Violence Festus Iyayi 1
The awakening Rosemary Carter 1
The awakening flame Margaret Way 1
The awakening of Alice Violet Winspear 1
The babe in the wood Roger Longrigg 1
The aunt's story Patrick White 1
Violet Clay Gail Godwin 1
The abductors Stuart Cloete 1
The assassins Elia Kazan 1
The asphalt jungle W. R. Burnett 1
Virginia Jo Longfield 1
The acceptance world : a novel Anthony Powell 1
Virgin-at-arms Mary Brooke Stoker 1
Voyage : a novel of 1896 Sterling Hayden 1
Virgin of the clearways Jeremy Sandford 1
The assassination run Jack Gerson 1
The absorbing fire : the Byron legend F. W. Kenyon 1
The assassinator David Vowell 1
The assassinators Philip Boast 1
Virgin luck Laurence Meynell 1
The abortion : a historical romance, 1966 Richard Brautigan 1
Virgin kisses Gloria Nagy 1
The assimilator Mark Bannon 1
The assistant Bernard Malamud 1
Vipers & Co Frank Walker 1
The asylum world John Jakes 1
The abortion : an historical romance, 1966 Richard Brautigan 1
The atheling Philippa Wiat 1
The atrocity exhibition J. G. Ballard 1
The attending physician R. B. Dominic 1
The attorney Harold Q. Masur 1
The baby merchants Lillian O'Donnell 1
Vintage murder Ngaio Marsh 1
The artist's daughter Leslie O'Grady 1
The bankrupts Brian Glanville 1
The ballad of the running man Shelley Smith 1
The balloonist MacDonald Harris 1
The Zhukov briefing Antony Trew 1
Voyage with murder Jeremy York 1
The balloonist : a novel MacDonald Harris 1
The Z document Nick Carter 1
Village of whispers Christina Green 1
The ballot Rowland Summerscales 1
The bamboo screen Simon Harvester 1
The bank : a novel Stephen Longstreet 1
The banners of love Sacha Carnegie 1
Village school Miss Read 1
The Ysabel Kid J. T. Edson 1
Vulcan! Kathleen Sky 1
The banners of power Sacha Carnegie 1
The Yellow Gentian Kathleen Holt 1
Villa of flowers Mary Raymond 1
The banners of war Sacha Carnegie 1
The Yakuza Leonard Schrader 1
The bargain bride Flora Kidd 1
The barons of Runnymede Pamela Bennetts 1
The Xavier affair : a José Da Silva novel Robert L. Fish 1
The ballad of Castle Reef : a novel Honor Tracy 1
The ball game Jimmy Greaves 1
The baby sitters John Salisbury 1
The bad seed William March 1
The abducted heiress Jasmine Cresswell 1
The abandoned woman Richard Condon 1
The babysitter Robert Boyle 1
Villette Charlotte Brontë 1
The babysitter : a novel Andrew Coburn 1
The babysitters John Salisbury 1
The bachelor party Hal Hickman 1
The bachelors of Broken Hill Arthur Upfield 1
The backward shadow Lynne Reid Banks 1
The backwater man David Clements 1
The bad sister Emma Tennant 1
Voyage of the eighth mind John Lymington 1
The Zuss imperative Philip Cleife 1
The bad track Martin Booth 1
The badger's daughter Hugh C. Rae 1
Villain of the piece : a Mike King adventure Graham Fisher 1
The badlands trail Nevada Carter 1
The bait Dorothy Uhnak 1
The baker's daughter D. E. Stevenson 1
The Zoo Gang Paul Gallico 1
The baker's daughter Margaret Tabor 1
The Zilov bombs Donald Gabriel Barron 1
The ashes of Loda Andrew Garve 1
Virginia Fly is drowning Angela Huth 1
The big wind Beatrice Coogan 1
The alpine coach Virginia Coffman 1
The alchemists Margaret Anne Doody 1
The alien sky Paul Scott 1
The alien sky : a novel Paul Scott 1
Voices from the river Victor Kelleher 1
Voices : a novel John Herzfeld 1
Von Ryan's return David Westheimer 1
The alien way Gordon R. Dickson 1
The alien world Steven Eisler 1
The all-show sheriff Jerome Gardner 1
The adventures of Spiro Paul Strathern 1
The altar of honour Ethel M. Dell 1
The album Mary Roberts Rinehart 1
The adventures of Long John Silver Denis Judd 1
Vixen Zero Three Clive Cussler 1
The adventures of Hugh Trevor Thomas Holcroft 1
The adventures of Ferdinand, Count Fathom T. Smollett 1
Vixen 03 Clive Cussler 1
The amaryllis game Peter Hannis 1
The amateur agent Douglas Vallance 1
The amateur governess Mary Ann Gibbs 1
Visitors to the spa Evelyn Charles 1
The ambassador Morris West 1
Voices in an empty house : a novel Joan Aiken 1
The albatross muff : a novel Barbara Hanrahan 1
The amethyst meadows Iris Danbury 1
The age of innocence Edith Wharton 1
The affair at Cralla Voe Jack Shelynn 1
The affair is all : a novel David Stuart Ryan 1
The affair of Doctor Rutland Sonia Deane 1
The adversary : a novel Bart Spicer 1
Voices of a summer day Irwin Shaw 1
The afterglow Rose Burghley 1
The adversary Bart Spicer 1
The adventuress : a novel Daoma Winston 1
The adventuress Daoma Winston 1
Voices of children : a novel Edward Candy 1
Voices in the night Kate Norway 1
The albatross muff Barbara Hanrahan 1
Voices in the house Pearl S. Buck 1
The adventuresome spirit Linden Grierson 1
Voices of loving Anne Neville 1
Voices in an empty room Philip Loraine 1
The adventures of the wilderness family Martin Quinn 1
The adventures of a young outlaw Thomas Bontly 1
The adventures of a donkey Arabella] [Argus 1
The age of the pussyfoot Frederik Pohl 1
The agents of love Rudolf Nassauer 1
The agony and the ecstasy : the biographical novel of Michelangelo Irving Stone 1
The amber cat Elizabeth Ford 1
Visitors to the crescent Mary Hocking 1
Vote to kill Douglas Hurd 1
The apprentice Arun Joshi 1
Vision of love Grace Richmond 1
The annotated Dracula : Dracula Bram Stoker 1
The anonymity of sacrifice I. N. C. Aniebo 1
The ante-room Kate O'Brien 1
The ants Peter Tremayne 1
The anxious conspirator Michael Underwood 1
The anything tree John Rackham 1
The apocalypse Jeffrey Konvitz 1
Vision of Cody Jack Kerouac 1
The apparition Ramona Stewart 1
The apprentice : a novel Leslie Gillett 1
The angry wife Pearl S. Buck 1
The actress Henry Denker 1
The archives of haven Julian Jay Savarin 1
The argonauts Yvonne Schoell 1
Visible people Stephen Gray 1
The arm and the darkness Taylor Caldwell 1
The arms of the Mantis Robert Charles 1
The arranged marriage Flora Kidd 1
The action Francis King 1
Vote for love Barbara Cartland 1
Visa to limbo William Haggard 1
The annals of Ballykilferret Frank Kelly 1
The angry vineyard Rhydwen Williams 1
The amnesia trap Roger Ormerod 1
The adventure of the stalwart companions : heretofore unpublished letters and papers concerning a singular collaboration between Theodore Roosevelt and Sherlock Holmes H. Paul Jeffers 1
The amorous rogue Raymond Foxall 1
Visit of the princess R. H. Mottram 1
The anarchistic colossus A. E. Van Vogt 1
The adventures of Don Juan Richard Gardner 1
Visions of Heydrich Peter Eve.rett 1
The adventures of Augie March Saul Bellow 1
The anarchistic colossus : science fiction A. E. Van Vogt 1
The adventurers Jane Aiken Hodge 1
The anathema stone John Buxton Hilton 1
The adventurer Barbara Cartland 1
The adoration of the hanged man Mark Ellis 1
The angry town of Pawnee Bluffs Lewis B. Patten 1
The anchor tree Emyr Humphreys 1
The angel in the corner Monica Dickens 1
Voss : a novel Patrick White 1
The angel of death Philip Loraine 1
The anger of fear Jeffrey Ashford 1
The angry ghost : a Doc Savage adventure Kenneth Robeson 1
The angry island James Pattinson 1
Vision quest : a novel Terry Davis 1
The angry mountains Hammond Innes 1
The angry tide : a novel of Cornwall, 1798-1799 Winston Graham 1
The barons of behaviour Tom Purdom 1
The XYY man, the miniatures frame Kenneth Royce 1
Viking song Jean S. MacLeod 1
The big chip Elliott Cannon 1
The big X Hank Searls 1
Vicious spiral James Ryder 1
Wait for love Sarah Vern 1
The big brain Berkeley Gray 1
Wait for me, Wendy Jeanne Marie 1
Wait for the night Frances Cow.en 1
The Walsingham woman Jan Westcott 1
Wait for the wake Margaret Carr 1
Wait for tomorrow Denise Robins 1
The big brand Orlando Rigoni 1
The big clock Kenneth Fearing 1
Vicky takes a chance Jenny Hewitt 1
The big day Barry Unsworth 1
Wait for what will come Barbara Michaels 1
The Vort programme John Rankine 1
The Vorovich affair Sidney Leo Stebel 1
The big deal Peter Malloch 1
The big death Charles Eric Maine 1
Vicious circles Anthony Stuart 1
Waiters on the dance Julian Jay Savarin 1
Waiting for Cordelia Herbert Gold 1
The Volunteers Raymond Williams 1
The better world of Reginald Perrin David Nobbs 1
Victim Josephine Bell 1
Waiting for Deborah Constance Milburn 1
The best of Barbara Cartland Barbara Cartland 1
The bender : pictures from an exhibition of middle class portraits Paul Scott 1
Victims : a novel Arthur Maimane 1
The bending reed Elizabeth Dawson 1
The Washermen Peter Hill 1
Victims James Grant 1
The bespoken mile March Cost 1
The Warwick heiress Margaret Abbey 1
The best novels of Nancy Mitford Nancy Mitford 1
Victims Jack Pearl 1
The Warsaw document Adam Hall 1
The Wapshot chronicle ; [and], The Wapshot scandal John Cheever 1
The betrayer Sam A. Adewoye 1
The best of friends Mary Danby 1
Victim of circumstance Michael Underwood 1
Victim Terence Journet 1
The Waltons, trouble on the mountain Robert Weverka 1
The bestsellers Stephen Lewis 1
Waif of the river Jeffery Farnol 1
Wailing monkey embracing a tree Penelope Shuttle 1
The betrayal of Dr Vane Sonia Deane 1
The betrayed Tudor Elizabeth Ormesher 1
The betrayer Domini Wiles 1
The big drive Thorne Douglas 1
The big fish Patrick Doncaster 1
The barracks John McGahern 1
The big smoke D'Arcy Niland 1
The big noise Gerald Courtis 1
The big paddle Robin Moore 1
The big payoff Janice Law 1
The Viceroy of Ouidah Bruce Chatwin 1
Very ordinary seamen J. P. W. Mallalieu 1
The big pick-up Elleston Trevor 1
The big rip-off Basil Copper 1
The Vesey inheritance Gwendoline Butler 1
The big sky trail James Glenn 1
Very good, Jeeves P. G. Wodehouse 1
The big stiffs Michael Avallone 1
The big needle Symon Myles 1
The big story Morris West 1
The Vermilion Hills Dennis Archer 1
Veruchia E. C. Tubb 1
The big sun of Mercury Isaac Asimov 1
The big swim Christobel Mattingley 1
The big tickle Michael Cronin 1
The Venus of Konpara John Masters 1
The big time Fritz Leiber 1
The big trail Max Brand 1
The Venus Fly-Trap John Wainwright 1
Very private secretary Baillie Reynolds 1
The Vienna elephant Edwin Leather 1
Waiting for Willa Dorothy Eden 1
The Viking stranger Violet Winspear 1
Waiting for a train George G. Gilman 1
The affair Hans Koning 1
The Vikings, trail of blood Neil Langholm 1
Vets rush out Robert Stevenson 1
Vets in congress Alex Duncan 1
The Vikings, blood sacrifice Neil Langholm 1
Vet on vacation Alex Duncan 1
Vet in a state ; [and], Vet on vacation Alex Duncan 1
Vet among the pigeons ; [and], Vet in the manger Alex Duncan 1
The big gamble George Harmon Cox.e 1
Waiting for summer Perry Organ 1
Vet among the pigeons Alex Duncan 1
The big game George G. Gilman 1
The big gold George G. Gilman 1
The big gold dream Chester B. Himes 1
The big kill Mickey Spillane 1
The Viking maiden : a Churchill's Vixens novel Leslie McManus 1
The big killing Peter Malloch 1
Waiting for the rain Charles Mungoshi 1
The big kiss-off of 1944 : a Jack LeVine mystery Andrew Bergman 1
The big land Zane Grey 1
The big man Rose Charpentier 1
Victims : a tale from Fermanagh Eugene McCabe 1
The beloved island I. M. Fresson 1
The Watch House Robert Westall 1
The Winding Stair massacre Douglas C. Jones 1
The beach of sweet returns Margery Hilton 1
The beachcomber Emma Townsend 1
Vida : a novel Marge Piercy 1
The beaded banana Margaret Scherf 1
The Winter Queen Judith Saxton 1
The Windleton conspiracy Christina Laffeaty 1
The beads of Nemesis Elizabeth Hunter 1
Victory : an island tale Joseph Conrad 1
The bear's whelp : the autobiography of Robert Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, Earl of Warwick and Earl of Leicester in the Holy Roman Empire Derek Wilson 1
The beardless warriors Richard Matheson 1
The Wind River Kid Will Cook 1
Waco rides in J. T. Edson 1
The bearer plot Owen Sela 1
The Wilt alternative Tom Sharpe 1
The beat maker Ray Ferrier 1
The Willow Maid Maureen Peters 1
Waco's debt J. T. Edson 1
Wager for love Rachelle Edwards 1
The beau and the blue stocking Alice Chetwynd Ley 1
The beau and the bluestocking Alice Chetwynd Ley 1
The beaufighters Richard Townshend Bickers 1
The beautiful Miss Stuart Clare Kersey 1
The bawd's footman Roger Bowdler 1
The Winter sisters Suzanne Goodwin 1
The Watering Place of Good Peace Geoffrey Jenkins 1
Vulcan's hammer Philip K. Dick 1
The Wycherly woman Ross Macdonald 1
The barrier : a novel containing five sonnets by John Betjeman written in the style of the period Robin Maugham 1
The Wort papers Peter Mathers 1
Viking Queen Val Manning 1
The barrier between Rowena Lee 1
The barrier between them Lilian Woodward 1
The Woodville S. R. Bridge 1
The bars of iron Ethel M. Dell 1
The bartered bride Margaret Rome 1
The basilisk : a seafaring adventure story William Travis 1
Vultures of Paradise Valley Paul Evan Lehman 1
The battle of forever A. E. Van Vogt 1
The bastard John Wainwright 1
The battered sombrero Jett Black 1
The Wolf of Masada John Fredman 1
The battle lost and won Olivia Manning 1
The battle mound Crichton Porteous 1
The Witch Hill murder Pauline Glen Winslow 1
Vigilante! John J. McLaglen 1
Vigilante justice Roy Peters 1
The Winthrop woman Anya Seton 1
The battle of Midway Donald Stanley Sanford 1
The beautiful and damned F. Scott Fitzgerald 1
The beautiful dead Hugh Pentecost 1
The beautiful golden frame Peter Chambers 1
The Waterloo legacy Christine Herring 1
The Westing game Ellen Raskin 1
The bell branch Lucy Walker 1
The West End horror : a posthumous memoir of John H. Watson Nicholas Meyer 1
Waggoners' Walk : the story continues - Terry James 1
The Welsh sonata : variations on a theme James Hanley 1
Victoria : a novel Evelyn Anthony 1
The bell tower of Wyndspelle Aola Vandergriff 1
Wagner, the wehr-wolf George W. M. Reynolds 1
Wagon smoke to Webster Mark Donovan 1
Wagons east George G. Gilman 1
Victoria Terence Brady 1
The Wicker Man Robin Hardy 1
The belles lettres of Alexandra Bonaparte Helen Muir 1
The bells of Rome Mabel Esther Allan 1
The bells of Santa Caterina Catherine Shaw 1
The bells of St Martin Karen Campbell 1
The bells of the city Sheila Coates 1
The bells still ring Sheila Burns 1
The belly dance Daniela Gioseffi 1
Wagons to Backsight J. T. Edson 1
Victoria Evelyn Anthony 1
The beloved invader : a novel Eugenia Price 1
The bell Iris Murdoch 1
The begrudgers John Cowell 1
The beginning of love Daisy Thomson 1
The beggars are coming Mary Loos 1
The beautiful one Alexandra Hamilton 1
The beautiful visit Elizabeth Jane Howard 1
The beautiful words : a novel Mervyn Jones 1
The beauty of embers Renée Shann 1
The beauty queen Patricia Nell Warren 1
The Whiteoak brothers Mazo De la Roche 1
The beckoning dream Christina Laffeaty 1
The White Rose Alanna Knight 1
The beckoning lady Margery Allingham 1
The beckoning maiden Winifred Mantle 1
Waggoners' Walk Barbara Clegg 1
The beehive Margaret O'Donnell 1
The beekeepers : a novel Peter Redgrove 1
The White House Patrick Anderson 1
The White Elephant and the Happy King : a romantic parable Larry Lyre 1
The White Cottage mystery Margery Allingham 1
Victoria four-thirty Cecil Roberts 1
Victoria and company Terence Brady 1
The White Company Arthur Conan Doyle 1
The Westminster disaster Fred Hoyle 1
The beggar's virtue Barbara Bennett 1
Village of blood Ian Dear 1
The cat and the canary Gerry Kingsley 1
The buffalo hunters Wayne C. Lee 1
The devil's bondman Sylvia Thorpe 1
Two lucky people Tony Kenrick 1
The delinquents Peter Malloch 1
The delphinium girl Mark Smith 1
The delta factor Mickey Spillane 1
The delta knife Kenneth O'Hara 1
The demolished man Alfred Bester 1
Two loves have I : a romance Mary Howard 1
Two loves have I Mary Burchell 1
The demon breed James H. Schmitz 1
The depths John Cre.asey 1
Two loves for Theresa Helen Eastwood 1
The derby man Gary McCarthy 1
The desert falcons Richard Townshend Bickers 1
The desert riders Frank Morgan 1
The deserters Luke Short 1
The designated heir Maxine Kumin 1
The desperate dawn Isobel Stewart 1
The desperate deputy of Cougar Hill Louis Trimble 1
The desperate dude Edwin Booth 1
The destinies of Darcy Dancer, gentleman J. P. Donleavy 1
Two loves for Sue Angela Morgan 1
The destroyer 19, holy terror Richard Sapir 1
Two lovers too many Joan Fleming 1
The destroyer 20, assassins play-off Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer 21, deadly seeds Richard Sapir 1
Two love stories Julius Lester 1
The destroyer 22, brain drain Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer 24, king's curse Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer 25, sweet dreams Richard Sapir 1
The delinquent Mohammed Sule 1
The degenerate ones Nathan Burke 1
The defending heart Delia Foster 1
The decoy murders Arthur Douglas 1
Two of a kind : Edge meets Steele George G. Gilman 1
The death train William M. James 1
The death watch ladies John Newton Chance 1
Two of a kind Anne Hampson 1
The death-bringers Dell Shannon 1
The death-scented flower Phyllis Hastings 1
The deathless and the dead Anna Clarke 1
The deathmakers Glen Sire 1
Two moons : a novel Rayner Heppenstall 1
The debriefing Robert Littell 1
The deceivers Charles Cruickshank 1
The deceivers John Masters 1
The decimate decision Anthony Heal 1
The deep John Crowley 1
The defector Evelyn Anthony 1
The deep Mickey Spillane 1
Two miles to the border J. T. Edson 1
The deep blue good-bye John D. MacDonald 1
The deep currents Hilda Rothwell 1
The deep fall : a Thane and Moss case Bill Knox 1
The deep gods David Mason 1
The deep range Arthur C. Clarke 1
The deep six Martin Dibner 1
The deep well at noon Jessica Stirling 1
The deer park Norman Mailer 1
The defection of A.J. Lewinter Robert Littell 1
Two men in twenty Maurice Procter 1
Two meet trouble Michael Halliday 1
The destroyer 26, in enemy hands Richard Sapir 1
Two in the bush George Bagby 1
The destroyer 27, the last temple Richard Sapir 1
The devil gun J. T. Edson 1
The detective wore silk drawers Peter Lovesey 1
The devices of darkness Jean English 1
The devil Prince Ina Binner 1
The devil and Ben Camden Heinrich Graat 1
The devil and Miss Hay Sheila Holland 1
The devil and Mrs Devine Josephine Leslie 1
The devil at Archangel Sara Craven 1
Two faces of Nemesis Antony Melville-Ross 1
The devil comes to Winchelsea Philip Lindsay 1
Two doctors and a girl Elizabeth Seifert 1
The devil dances for gold Regina Ross 1
The devil drives Jane Arbor 1
The devil for company Ruth Clemence 1
Two coffers for the pretender de Castro Lyne 1
The detective Roderick Thorp 1
The devil in harbour Catherine Gavin 1
Two against the world Harriet Smith 1
The devil in the atlas : a study of modern satanism David Gurney 1
Two Doctor Greys Grace Richmond 1
The devil is dead R. A. Lafferty 1
Two & two John Cowper Powys 1
The devil of the lake Rosemary Timperley 1
The devil on Lammas Night Susan Howatch 1
Twist of hate Cyril Joyce 1
The devil tree Jerzy Kosinski 1
The devil was handsome Maurice Procter 1
The devil wore scarlet Dulcie Gray 1
The devil you don't : a novel Ron Moody 1
The detective : a novel Paul Ferris 1
The detail Wilson McCarthy 1
The destroyer 28, ship of death Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, kill or cure Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer 29, the final death Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer 30, mugger blood Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer 31, the head men Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer 32, killer chromosomes Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer 33, voodoo die Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, Chinese puzzle Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, Dr Quake Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, Mafia fix Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, acid rock Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, death check Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, death therapy Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, funny money Richard Sapir 1
Two in shadow Jane Blackmore 1
The destroyer, last war dance Richard Sapir 1
The destruction of the temple Barry N. Malzberg 1
The destroyer, murder ward Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, murder's shield Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, oil slick Richard Sapir 1
Two hearts, two minds Felicity Hayle 1
The destroyer, slave safari Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, summit chase Richard Sapir 1
The destroyer, terror squad Richard Sapir 1
Two girls in the big smoke Norah Hoult 1
The destroyers, Operation Afrika Charles Whiting 1
Two from Galilee Marjorie Holmes 1
Two for joy Audrie Manley-Tucker 1
Two flights up Mary Roberts Rinehart 1
Two faces of Sylvia Louise Hoffman 1
The death strain Nick Carter 1
The death pit Charles R. Pike 1
Two on a quest Phyllis Matthewman 1
The day is past Alice Alwyn 1
The daughter of time Josephine Tey 1
The dawn attack Brian Callison 1
The dawn of love Barbara Cartland 1
The dawn steals softly Anne Hampson 1
The dawnrider Will Bradford 1
The day I died Walter Harris 1
The day after judgement James Blish 1
The day after tomorrow Robert A. Heinlein 1
The day after tomorrow Sharleen Cooper Cohen 1
Ty-shan Bay : a novel based on certain exploits culled from the journals of Mark Valentine, master mariner Raoul Templeton Aundrews 1
The day before yesterday Mavis Heath-Miller 1
The day democracy died George G. Gilman 1
The day in shadow Nayantara Sahgal 1
Twopence a tub Susan Price 1
The daughter : a short story Hugo Manning 1
Two-way witness Donald Franklin 1
The day it rained animals David Graves 1
The day of Chaminuka William Rayner 1
The day of destruction Vincent Brome 1
Two-way mirror - : a novel David Stuart Leslie 1
The day of dog Paul Sangster 1
The day of murder Brian Bearshaw 1
The day of the Donkey Derby Joan Fleming 1
The day of the Jackal Frederick Forsyth 1
The day of the big dollar Peter Chambers 1
Two-faced death Roderic Jeffries 1
The day of the cabbie Lee Dunne 1
Two-eyes : science fiction Stuart Gordon 1
The daughter at home Mary Faid 1
The darling pirate Belinda Dell 1
The day of the peppercorn kill John Wainwright 1
The dark side of the moon William Corlett 1
The dark palazzo Virginia Coffman 1
The dark path Marguerite Neilson 1
Uhuru Robert Ruark 1
The dark room R. K. Narayan 1
The dark secret of Josephine Dennis Wheatley 1
The dark shore Susan Howatch 1
Ugly rumours : a novel Tobias Wolff 1
Ubik Philip K. Dick 1
USA John Dos Passos 1
The dark side of marriage Margery Hilton 1
The dark side of pleasure : a novel Margaret Thomson Davis 1
U-700 James Follett 1
The dark side of the island Jack Higgins 1
The dark side of the sun Brian Talbot Cleeve 1
Tycoon Scott Marshall 1
Tyranopolis A. E. Van Vogt 1
The dark stranger Jean Innes 1
The dark tower Josephine Edgar 1
The dark twin Marion Campbell 1
Tyranny of love Lesley Dixon 1
The dark valley Mike Stall 1
The dark warrior Mary Wibberley 1
The dark wood Frances Turk 1
The dark-eyed client Laurence Moody 1
The darker side Lesley Dixon 1
Typhoon, and Youth Joseph Conrad 1
The darkling plain R. M. Douglas 1
The darkness of the morning Gordon Parker 1
The day of the locust Nathanael West 1
The day of the redeemer Alec Redwood 1
The death of the heart Elizabeth Bowen 1
The dearest ring Brenda Castle 1
The deadly document Michael Bar-Zohar 1
The deadly dyke Brian Parvin 1
The deadly homecoming Theodore George 1
The deadly joker Nicholas Blake 1
The deadly messiah David Campbell Hill 1
The deadly payoff : a novel Frederic Mullally 1
The deadly piece Pete Hamill 1
The deadly stranger : a James Gunn novel John Delaney 1
The deadly travellers Dorothy Eden 1
Two sketches of womanhood Gwyn Williams 1
Two serious ladies Jane Bowles 1
The dear departed C. J. Wright 1
The dear, dead girls : a Mrs. Pym story Nigel Morland 1
The death box Errol Lecale 1
Two thousand seasons Ayi Kwei Armah 1
The death collection Mel Arrighi 1
The death convention Diana Winsor 1
The death dealers Mickey Spillane 1
The death freak Clifford Irving 1
The death freak John Luckless 1
The death in the Willows Richard Forrest 1
The death list Robert Hawkes 1
Two royal brothers Ina Binner 1
The death of Jim Loney James Welch 1
The death of Reginald Perrin : a novel David Nobbs 1
The death of William Posters Alan Sillitoe 1
Two ravens Cecelia Holland 1
Two on a tower Thomas Hardy 1
The deadly dagger Eva McDonald 1
The deadliest game Peter McCurtin 1
Two-eyes Stuart Gordon 1
The deMaury papers Isabelle Holland 1
The day of the scorpion Paul Scott 1
The day of the storm Rosamunde Pilcher 1
The day of the storm ; and, The end of the summer Rosamunde Pilcher 1
Two-bit town Jerome Gardner 1
The day of their return Poul Anderson 1
The day the call came Thomas Hinde 1
The day the children vanished Hugh Pentecost 1
The day will dawn Christine Hunter 1
The daybreakers Louis L'Amour 1
The days of Christmas Jill Hoyle 1
The days of winter Cynthia Freeman 1
The days of winter : a novel Cynthia Freeman 1
The de Marigny affair Margaret Cameron Pain 1
The dead are discreet Arthur Lyons 1
The deader they fall Peter Chambers 1
The dead butler caper Frank Norman 1
The dead commando Gordon Lan.dsborough 1
The dead father Donald Barthelme 1
The dead line Philip McCutchan 1
Two worlds and their ways I. Compton-Burnett 1
The dead of the night Harry Carmichael 1
The dead of winter Dominic Cooper 1
The dead secret Wilkie Collins 1
The dead side of the mike : a crime novel Simon Brett 1
The dead sleep late Elliot Kennedy 1
Two virgins : a novel Kamala Markandaya 1
Two thousand seasons : a novel Ayi Kwei Armah 1
The dead, the dying and the damned D. J. Hollands 1
The devil's angel Ann Edgeworth 1
Twist of fate Charlotte Lamb 1
Ulysses : a facsimile of the manuscript James Joyce 1
The devil's bride Margaret Pargeter 1
The drive north : a novel Alexis Lykiard 1
The driver's seat Muriel Spark 1
The driving of destiny Ursula Bloom 1
The drop in Eric Cyril Williams 1
Tudor tapestry Iris Davies 1
Tudor myth Eleanor Hyde 1
The drowned world J. G. Ballard 1
The drowner John D. MacDonald 1
The drowning season Alice Hoffman 1
The drums of Dracula Robert Lory 1
The drums of Eck Paul Twitchell 1
The drums of Fu Manchu Sax Rohmer 1
The drums of Kufu Japhet Delft 1
Tudor mystery Eleanor Hyde 1
The drums of love Barbara Cartland 1
Tudor murder Eleanor Hyde 1
The dry conspiracy Frederick Broadie 1
The duchess disappeared Barbara Cartland 1
The dud avocado Elaine Dundy 1
The duel : a novel Donald Seaman 1
The duelling machine Ben Bova 1
The duellists Gordon M. Williams 1
Tudor mausoleum Eleanor Hyde 1
The duke's right hand James Dalgleish 1
The dust and the heat Michael Francis Gilbert 1
The dust collector Jennifer Lash 1
The dutiful tradition Kate Norway 1
The dying of the light Brian Glanville 1
The eagle and the raven Pauline Gedge 1
The drifters James A. Michener 1
Tug-of-war Julian Fane 1
The drift fence Zane Grey 1
Tuned out Maia Rodman 1
The doves of Venus Olivia Manning 1
The dragon Alfred Coppel 1
The dragon and the eagle Gwynedd Sudworth 1
Tunnel war Joe Poyer 1
The dragon and the rose Roberta Gellis 1
The dragon at noonday Edith Pargeter 1
The dragon in the garden Reginald Maddock 1
The dragon in the sea Frank Herbert 1
Tunnel from Calais David Divine 1
The dramaturges of Yan John Brunner 1
Tunnel Marc Charbonnier 1
The dreadful hollow Nicholas Blake 1
Tunes for a small harmonica Barbara Wersba 1
The dream and the destiny Alexander Cordell 1
The drift Aldryd Haines 1
The dream and the glory Barbara Cartland 1
Tularosa Jessica Richards 1
The dream lover Mark Upton 1
The dream millen[n]ium James White 1
The dream millennium James White 1
The dream on the hill Lilian Peake 1
The dream team Joe McGinniss 1
The dream within Barbara Cartland 1
The dreamer : a bagatelle from Pagehurst related on the eve of Lupercalia Graham Williams 1
The dreamers Vera Caspary 1
Tug-of-war Susan Gregory 1
The dreaming jewels Sturgeon Theodore 1
The dressmaker Beryl Bainbridge 1
The eagle and the wren Jeanne Whitmee 1
The eagle of the Vincella Rebecca Stratton 1
The eagle's nest John Carter 1
The emerald garden Katrina Britt 1
Tsar's woman Pamela Hill 1
Tryphena's summer William Owen 1
Try to find a dead man Mark Ashton 1
The eleventh commandment Melville Shavelson 1
Try anything once A. A. Fair 1
The elimination process Cyril Joyce 1
Truth with her boots on Henry Cecil 1
The elixir of life William Harrison Ainsworth 1
The elusive marriage Patricia Ormsby 1
The emancipated George Gissing 1
The embassy Vincent Brome 1
Truth or dare Jacqueline Wilson 1
The embedding Ian Watson 1
The emerald trap Leonard St. Clair 1
Tsing-boum Nicolas Freeling 1
The emigrants George Lamming 1
The emissary Michael James Mainwaring 1
The emperor's daughter : the story of Margeurite of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands, daughter of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, and Aunt of Charles V, the Great Julia Hamilton 1
The empresses Freda Margaret Long 1
The empty house Michael Francis Gilbert 1
The empty house ; [and], Snow in April Rosamunde Pilcher 1
The empty palace Ben Barclay 1
The empty tiger Max Catto 1
The enchanted cup Patricia Ainsworth 1
Truth game Douglas Hurd 1
The enchanted land Jude Deveraux 1
Trusted like the fox Sara Woods 1
The enchanted woods Katrina Britt 1
The electronic lullaby meat market John B. Spencer 1
Tsotsi Athol Fugard 1
Tudor malice Eleanor Hyde 1
The ecstasy of Angus Liam O'Flaherty 1
The eagle's pawn Clare Frances Holmes 1
The eagle's wing Michael Syson 1
The eagles gather Taylor Caldwell 1
The earth and all it holds V. J. Banis 1
The earth book of Stormgate Poul Anderson 1
The earth tripper Leo P. Kelley 1
The ebony cross Nick Carter 1
The ebony version Charles Greig 1
The echo chamber Gabriel Josipovici 1
The echo on the stairs Martin Jenson 1
The echoing strangers Gladys Mitchell 1
Tsuga's children Thomas Williams 1
The ecstasy connection Paul Kenyon 1
The edge of darkness John Prebble 1
The eldest daughter Hebe 1
The edge of grass James Burton Kelly 1
The edge of hate Elliott Cannon 1
The edge of the coast Jon Burmeister 1
The edge of tomorrow D. G. Finlay 1
The edge of winter Betty Neels 1
The edible woman Margaret Atwood 1
The education of Don Juan : a novel Robin Hardy 1
The egoist George Meredith 1
The eighteenth emergency Betsy Cromer Byars 1
The eighth dwarf Ross Thomas 1
The eighth sacrament : a novel Thomas Cullinan 1
The eighth sin Stefan Kanfer 1
The eighth square Herbert Lieberman 1
Turbo Douglas Rutherford 1
The doublecross gun James Kane 1
The double snare Rosemary Harris 1
The disinheriting party : a novel John Clute 1
The dirty workers : a novel Tom Clarkson 1
The disappearance Derek Marlowe 1
Twiddledum, twaddledum : a novel Peter Spielberg 1
The disappearance Rosa Guy 1
The disastrous visit Gwenllian Meyrick 1
Twice ten thousand miles : a novel Frances Lynch 1
Twice have I loved Denise Robins 1
The disciples of Nemesis Beresford Osborne 1
The discovery James Parry 1
Twice freed Patricia Mary St. John 1
Twice brightly Harry Secombe 1
The disgraceful duke Barbara Cartland 1
The disinherited Kenneth Orvis 1
The disorderly Knights Dorothy Dunnett 1
Twilight for the gods Ernest Kellogg Gann 1
The dispossessed Ursula K. Le Guin 1
The dispossessed : a novel Ursula K. Le Guin 1
Twice a victim Cyril Joyce 1
The dissertation : a novel R. M. Koster 1
Twenty-one tales Rudyard Kipling 1
The dissident : a novel Peter Van Greenaway 1
The distance and the dark Terence De Vere White 1
Twenty notches Max Brand 1
The distant dream Lilian Peake 1
The distant gun Jeff Blaine 1
The distant rainbow Molly Lillis 1
Twelve horses and the hangman's noose Gladys Mitchell 1
Turtle diary Russell Hoban 1
The dirty dozen E. M. Nathanson 1
The dirtiest picture postcard Peter Cave 1
The disturbing death of Jenkin Delaney Michael Bonner 1
The devils of D-Day Graham Masterton 1
The devil's darling Violet Winspear 1
The devil's daughter Olwen Edwards 1
Twins : a novel Bari Wood 1
The devil's door Robert Neill 1
The devil's edge John Newton Chance 1
Twins Bari Wood 1
The devil's elbow Gladys Mitchell 1
The devil's innocents Josephine Edgar 1
The devil's maze Gerald Suster 1
The devil's mistress John William Brodie-Innes 1
The devil's own Olwen Edwards 1
The devil's princess Daoma Winston 1
The devil's rock Ivy Valdes 1
The devious being Alexandra Hamilton 1
The diplomatic sailor John Parkinson 1
Twin tragedy Margaret Carr 1
The diamond Elizabeth Byrd 1
Twilight province George Finkel 1
The diamond hostage James Quartermain 1
The diamond hunters Wilbur A. Smith 1
The diamond mercenaries John Carter 1
Twilight of a Tudor Ursula Bloom 1
The diamonds of Loreta Ivor Drummond 1
Twilight of Briareus Richard Cowper 1
Twilight moment Leila Mackinlay 1
The dice man Luke Rhinehart 1
The diehard Jon A. Jackson 1
The digger's game George V. Higgins 1
The distant suns Michael Moorcock 1
Turpin and Swiftnick Richard Carpenter 1
The double image Helen MacInnes 1
The dollmaker Maureen Ellen Wakefield 1
The doctors of Downlands Sheila Brandon 1
The doctors on Eden Place Elizabeth Seifert 1
The documents in the case Dorothy L. Sayers 1
The dog days of Arthur Cane Tom Paisley 1
The dog it was that died H. R. F. Keating 1
The dog that never was Stephen Lister 1
Turkey hash Nova Craig 1
The dog who knew too much Matilda Excellent 1
The dogs Robert Calder 1
The dogs : a novel Robert Calder 1
The doll with opal eyes Jean DeWeese 1
The doll's bad news James Hadley Chase 1
The dollar covenant Michael Sinclair 1
The domino principle Adam Kennedy 1
Turkey-track rampage Bob Haning 1
The doom campaign Mary McMullen 1
Turbulent covenant Jessica Steele 1
The doomsday list Kenneth Orvis 1
The doomsday marshal Ray Hogan 1
The doomsday ultimatum James Follett 1
The door Mary Roberts Rinehart 1
The door into summer Robert A. Heinlein 1
The door through space Marion Zimmer Bradley 1
Turbulence Christopher Hodder-Williams 1
The dotty : a novel J. V. Stevenson 1
The double agent John Bingham 1
The double blind John Rowan Wilson 1
The double dealers May Mackintosh 1
The doctors of Doncastle Lilian Woodward 1
The doctor's three daughters Grace M. Phipps 1
The dividing line Kay Thorpe 1
The doctor who fell in love Rachel Harvey 1
The dividing line Robin Maugham 1
The divine fantasy Freda Margaret Long 1
Turnstiles Ursula Holden 1
Turning wheels Stuart Cloete 1
The divorce Stephen Longstreet 1
The doctor and Mathilda Elizabeth Seifert 1
The doctor at Partridge Hill Margaret Allan 1
The doctor decided Pamela Wynne 1
Turning point Arthur Laurents 1
The doctor makes a choice Elizabeth Seifert 1
The doctor takes a wife Elizabeth Seifert 1
The doctor was a guest Claire Vernon 1
The doctor was hijacked Claire Vernon 1
Turning point Alistair Mair 1
The doctor's strange secret Elizabeth Seifert 1
The doctor's affair Elizabeth Seifert 1
Turn the light out as you go Edgar Lustgarten 1
The doctor's bride Elizabeth Seifert 1
The doctor's circle Eleanor Farnes 1
The doctor's daughter Elizabeth Seifert 1
The doctor's daughter Paula Allardyce 1
The doctor's daughters Isobel Stewart 1
Turn again Tiger Samuel Selvon 1
The doctor's husband Elizabeth Seifert 1
The doctor's love Sonia Deane 1
The doctor's private life Elizabeth Seifert 1
Turkish white Mel Arrighi 1
The doctor's reputation Elizabeth Seifert 1
The dark pageant : a novel about Gilles de Rais Edward Lucie-Smith 1
The dark on the other side Barbara Michaels 1
The buffalo soldiers John Prebble 1
The cloistered flame Maureen Peters 1
Untamed Helga Moray 1
Unruly son Robert Barnard 1
Unreasonable summer Dixie Browning 1
The centaur John Updike 1
The centauri device M. John Harrison 1
The ceremony of innocence David Martin 1
The chain reaction Martyn Wessex 1
The chains of pity Peter De Polnay 1
The chalk giants Keith Roberts 1
The chalk woman Brenda Little 1
The challenge Kerry Allyne 1
The challenge of spring Iris Bromige 1
The chameleon James Weir 1
The champ Richard Woodley 1
The champ : a novel Richard Woodley 1
Unnatural selection James Ranbern 1
The champagne killer Hugh Pentecost 1
The chancer John Brown 1
The changeling Margaret Higgins 1
The changeling queen Julia Hamilton 1
The changing tide Sylvia Thorpe 1
The chant of Jimmie Blacksmith Thomas Keneally 1
The chanting of children Margaret Sand 1
The chaos contract David Weldon 1
The chaos weapon Colin Kapp 1
The chaperone Ethel Gordon 1
The charge is rape Jonathan MacGowan 1
The charmed life Jack Butler Yeats 1
The charmers Stella Gibbons 1
The caviar cruise Forrest Webb 1
The caves of alienation Stuart Evans 1
The cave under the water Howard Jones 1
The cat trapper Paul Bryers 1
The case of the stuttering bishop Erle Stanley Gardner 1
The case of the substitute face Erle Stanley Gardner 1
Up and out; [and, The mountains of the moon] John Cowper Powys 1
The case of the worried waitress Erle Stanley Gardner 1
The cask Freeman Wills Crofts 1
The castle garden Angela Petron 1
The castle keeps Andrew J. Offutt 1
The castle made for love Barbara Cartland 1
Unwanted wife Rachel Lindsay 1
The castle of the demon Patrick Ruell 1
The castle on the hill Elizabeth Goudge 1
The castle on the mountain Julie Wellsley 1
The Strickland demon Jack D. Shackleford 1
The cat's eye : a novel Monica Furlong 1
The cave girl Edgar Rice Burroughs 1
The cat's paw James Heron 1
The cat-nappers : a Jeeves and Bertie story P. G. Wodehouse 1
The catalyst Rowena Lee 1
Untimely guest Marian Babson 1
The caterpillar cop James McClure 1
Until we meet Anne Weale 1
The cats Nick Sharman 1
The cats are running Richard Stour 1
The cats to come Geoffrey Household 1
The cattleman Joyce Dingwell 1
The cattleman who played Cupid Ernest Samuel Condick 1
The causeway Philip Maitland Hubbard 1
The cautious heart Stella Kent 1
The chase Richard Unekis 1
The chateau of the swans Willson Lloyd 1
The cheerleader Ruth Doan MacDougall 1
The clandestine queen Alice Harwood 1
The circular staircase Mary Roberts Rinehart 1
The circus Juanita Casey 1
Unity Penfold Margaret Tabor 1
The city Jane Gaskell 1
The city and the desert Alan Barclay 1
Union dues John Sayles 1
The city of the beast Michael Moorcock 1
The city of the sun Brian M. Stableford 1
Unidentified woman