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Book subject: Feminism

Feminism is a book subject adressed in 611 books and 721 editions by 534 authors

1970 - 2021


There are 611 books and 721 editions on Feminism between 1970 and 2021

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There are the 611 books on the Feminism subject with a total 721 editions

Title Author Editions
The second sex Simone de Beauvoir 6
Threshold concepts in women's and gender studies : ways of seeing, thinking, and knowing Christie Launius 3
Subordination : feminism and social theory Clare Burton 3
Introducing feminism Cathia Jenainati 3
The end of men : and the rise of women Hanna Rosin 3
The female eunuch Germaine Greer 3
The horned god : feminism and men as wounding and healing John Rowan 3
The revolt of the primitive : an inquiry into the roots of political correctness Howard S. Schwartz 3
From where we stand : War, women's activism and feminist analysis Cynthia Cockburn 3
The whole woman Germaine Greer 3
Against empire : feminisms, racism and the West Zillah R. Eisenstein 3
Pure lust : elemental feminist philosophy Mary Daly 3
Ethics and human reproduction : a feminist analysis Christine Overall 3
Feminism, Inc. : coming of age in girl power media culture Emilie Zaslow 2
Feminism, digital culture and the politics of transmission : theory, practice and cultural heritage Deborah M. Withers 2
Has feminism changed science? Londa L. Schiebinger 2
Hot feminist Polly Vernon 2
Humanity, freedom and feminism Jill Marshall 2
I am your sister : collected and unpublished writings of Audre Lorde Audre Lorde 2
Essays on women, medicine and health Ann Oakley 2
Introduction to feminist therapy : strategies for social and individual change Kathy M. Evans 2
Environmental security and gender Nicole Detraz 2
Julia Kristeva and feminist thought Birgit Schippers 2
King Kong theory Virginie Despentes 2
Lesbian utopics Annamarie Jagose 2
Living dolls : the return of sexism Natasha Walter 2
Married to the job : wives' incorporation in men's work Janet Finch 2
Multiculturalism without culture Anne Phillips 2
No more nice girls : countercultural essays Ellen Willis 2
Global democracy, social movements, and feminism Catherine Eschle 2
Gender work : feminism after neoliberalism Robin Truth Goodman 2
Everywoman : one woman's truth about speaking the truth Jess Phillips 2
Fight like a girl : how to be a fearless feminist Megan Seely 2
Feminism seduced : how global elites use women's labor and ideas to exploit the world Hester Eisenstein 2
Feminism, gender and universities : politics, passion and pedagogies Miriam E. David 2
Feminist geopolitics : material states Deborah P. Dixon 2
Feminism and the power of law Carol Smart 2
Fight like a girl Clementine Ford 2
Feminism & popular culture : investigating the postfeminist mystique Rebecca Munford 2
Food and femininity Kate Cairns 2
Gender inclusive : essays on violence, men, and feminist international relations Adam Jones 2
Feminism June Hannam 2
Gender & sexuality : critical theories, critical thinkers Chris Beasley 2
Political worlds of women : activism, advocacy, and governance in the twenty-first century M. E. Hawkesworth 2
Female chauvinist pigs : women and the rise of raunch culture Ariel Levy 2
Gender and discourse : language and power in politics, the Church and organisations Clare Walsh 2
Exercising human rights : gender, agency and practice Robin Redhead 2
Moranthology Caitlin Moran 2
Sexual decoys : gender, race and war in imperial democracy Zillah R. Eisenstein 2
Positioning gender in discourse : a feminist methodology Judith Baxter 2
What is feminism? : an introduction to feminist theory Chris Beasley 2
The vagenda : a zero tolerance guide to the media Holly Baxter 2
The woman that never evolved Sarah Blaffer Hrdy 2
The yellow wall-paper Charlotte Perkins Gilman 2
This-worldly nibbana : a Buddhist-feminist social ethic for peacemaking in the global community Hsiao-Lan Hu 2
Unspeakable things : sex, lies and revolution Laurie Penny 2
Waging gendered wars : U.S. military women in Afghanistan and Iraq Paige Whaley Eager 2
What do women want? : power, sex, bread & roses Erica Jong 2
Whipping girl : a transsexual woman on sexism and the scapegoating of femininity Julia Serano 2
Reclaiming the F word : feminism today Catherine Redfern 2
Woman's consciousness, man's world Sheila Rowbotham 2
Women & power : a manifesto Mary Beard 2
Women and empowerment : strategies for increasing autonomy C. Margaret Hall 2
Women and socialism : essays on women's liberation Sharon Smith 2
Women in dark times Jacqueline Rose 2
Women's oppression today : the marxist / feminist encounter Michèle Barrett 2
Women's reality : an emerging female system in a white male society Anne Wilson Schaef 2
The subject of liberty : toward a feminist theory of freedom Nancy J. Hirschmann 2
The sociology of housework Ann Oakley 2
The secret history of Wonder Woman Jill Lepore 2
The miseducation of women James Tooley 2
Sacred cows : is feminism relevant to the new millennium Rosalind Coward 2
Sex differences : modern biology and the unisex fallacy Yves Christen 2
Dear Ijeawele, or a feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 2
Sexuality in the field of vision Jacqueline Rose 2
Sociology and the future of work : contemporary discourses and debates Paul Ransome 2
Split decisions : how and why to take a break from feminism Janet E. Halley 2
Sweet freedom : the struggle for women's liberation Anna Coote 2
The Carol J. Adams reader : writings and conversations 1995-2015 Carol J. Adams 2
The Public Woman Joan Smith 2
The aftermath of feminism : gender, culture and social change Angela McRobbie 2
The anatomy of freedom : feminism, physics and global politics Robin Morgan 2
The declaration of the rights of women : the originial manifesto for justice, equality and freedom Olympe de Gouges 2
The equality illusion : the truth about women and men today Kat Banyard 2
The failure of the sexual revolution George Frankl 2
The global women's movement : origins, issues and strategies Peggy Antrobus 2
Do it like a woman : ... and change the world Caroline Criado-Perez 2
Youth working with girls and women in community settings : a feminist perspective Janet Batsleer 2
Close to home : a materialist analysis of women's oppression Christine Delphy 2
Anti-porn : the resurgence of anti-pornography feminism Julia Long 2
Dangerous brown men : exploiting sex, violence and feminism in the war on terror Gargi Bhattacharyya 2
Classes of ladies of cloistered spaces : writing feminist history through biography in fin de siècle Egypt Marilyn Booth 2
Celebrity and the feminist blockbuster Anthea Taylor 2
A feminist case study in transnational migration : the Anne Jemima Clough journals Anne Jemima Clough 2
The demon lover : the roots of terrorism Robin Morgan 1
The dialectic of sex : the case for feminist revolution Shulamith Firestone 1
Anticlimax : a feminist perspective on the sexual revolution Sheila Jeffreys 1
The big lie : motherhood, feminism, and the reality of the biological clock Tanya Selvaratnam 1
The death of feminism : what's next in the struggle for women's freedom Phyllis Chesler 1
The dialectics of sex : the case for feminist revolution Shulamith Firestone 1
The curious feminist : searching for women in a new age of empire Cynthia H. Enloe 1
The contradictions of culture : cities, culture, women Elizabeth Wilson 1
The comparison trap Helen Roberts 1
The color of gender : reimaging democracy Zillah R. Eisenstein 1
The disorder of women : democracy, feminism and political theory Carole Pateman 1
The biopolitics of gender Jemima Repo 1
At the heart of freedom : feminism, sex, and equality Drucilla Cornell 1
The double X economy : the epic potential of empowering women Linda M. Scott 1
The Angela Y. Davis reader Angela Y. Davis 1
Taking on the big boys : or why feminism is good for families, business and the nation Ellen Bravo 1
Teaching men to be feminist Anne Dickson 1
Teaching science and health from a feminist perspective : a practical guide Sue Vilhauer Rosser 1
Teaching subjects in between : feminist politics, sisciplines, generations Therese Garstenauer 1
Technologies of sexiness : sex, identity, and consumer culture Adrienne Evans 1
Telling sexual stories : power, change, and social worlds Kenneth Plummer 1
Bananas, beaches & bases : making feminist sense of international politics Cynthia H. Enloe 1
Autoethnography and feminist theory at the water's edge : unsettled islands Sonja Boon 1
The Chinese exotic : modern diasporic femininity Olivia Khoo 1
The Dora Russell reader : 57 years of writing and journalism, 1925-1982 Dora Russell 1
The Penguin book of feminist writing Hannah Dawson 1
Backlash : the undeclared war against women Susan Faludi 1
The UN decade for women : an offer we couldn't refuse Fahnbulleh 1
The abolitionists : the family and marriage under attack Ronald Fletcher 1
The doomed rebellion Paul Ableman 1
Deeds not words Helen Pankhurst 1
The end of manhood : parables on sex and selfhood John Stoltenberg 1
Anti-racist feminism : critical race and gender studies Agnes Calliste 1
The main enemy : a materialist analysis of women's oppression Christine Delphy 1
The madwoman's underclothes : essays and occasional writings 1968-85 Germaine Greer 1
The limits of knowledge : generating pragmatist feminist cases for situated knowing Nancy Arden McHugh 1
The limitations of social media feminism : no space of our own Jessica Megarry 1
The language of strong black womanhood : myths, models, messages, and a new mandate for self-care Karla D. Scott 1
The industrial vagina : the political economy of the global sex trade Sheila Jeffreys 1
The housewife as pariah : contemporary feminism's war on the family F. Carolyn Graglia 1
Andrea Dworkin Jeremy Robinson 1
The guilty feminist : from our noble goals to our worst hypocrisies Deborah Frances-White 1
Anglo-American feminist challenges to the rhetorical traditions : Virginia Woolf, Mary Daly, Adrienne Rich Krista Ratcliffe 1
The gender of the gift : problems with women and problems with society in Melanesia Marilyn Strathern 1
The geek feminist revolution Kameron Hurley 1
The future of feminism Sylvia Walby 1
The future of differences : truth and method in feminist theory Susan J. Hekman 1
The future of difference : beyond the toxic entanglement of racism, sexism and feminism Sabine Hark 1
The feminist spectator as critic Jill Dolan 1
The feminist fourth wave : affective temporality Prudence Chamberlain 1
The feminism of uncertainty : a gender diary Ann Barr Snitow 1
The female woman Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington 1
The female thing : dirt, sex, envy, vulnerability Laura Kipnis 1
Animal : the autobiography of a female body Sara Pascoe 1
The family in question : changing households and familiar ideologies Diana Gittins 1
Another politics : talking across today's transformative movements Chris Dixon 1
The evolution of modern marriage : a sociology of sexual relations Franz Carl Müller-Lyer 1
The end of romance : lessons in patriarchy, feminism, rights and privileges Amitabh Satyam 1
The end of patriarchy : radical feminism for men Robert Jensen 1
Becoming feminist : narratives and memories Carly Guest 1
Be awesome : modern life for modern ladies Hadley Freeman 1
Strip : the making of a feminist Catlyn Ladd 1
Studying the impact of AIDS in Africa using participatory research methods Ambreena S. Manji 1
Sex object : a memoir Jessica Valenti 1
Sex and secularism Joan Wallach Scott 1
Sex & social justice Martha Craven Nussbaum 1
Seriously! : investigating crashes and crises as if women mattered Cynthia H. Enloe 1
Separate spheres : a critique of the concept of the woman-identified woman Reva Brown 1
Separate and dominate : feminism and racism after the War on Terror Christine Delphy 1
Sensuous knowledge : a black feminist approach for everyone Minna Salami 1
Seeing red : the politics of premenstrual tension Sophie Laws 1
Seduction : men, masculinity, and mediated intimacy Rachel O'Neill 1
Secretaries talk : sexuality, power and work Rosemary Pringle 1
Sceptical history : feminist and postmodern approaches in practice Helene Bowen Raddeker 1
Scapegoat : the Jews, Israel, and women's liberation Andrea Dworkin 1
Bitch doctrine : essays for dissenting adults Laurie Penny 1
Rose Inga Muscio 1
Roots : Black ghetto ecology Wilmette Brown 1
Rooms of our own Susan Gubar 1
Rock-a-by baby : feminism, self help, and postpartum depression Verta A. Taylor 1
Right stuff, wrong sex : America's first women in space program Margaret A. Weitekamp 1
Revolution at point zero Silvia Federici 1
Revisions : gender and sexuality in late modernity Lisa Adkins 1
Revisioning women and drug use : gender, power and the body Elizabeth Ettorre 1
Rethinking feminist identification : the case for de facto feminism Patricia S. Misciagno 1
Resurrecting Venus : embracing your feminine power Cynthia Occelli 1
Resolving the paradox of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's sexual politics Tamela Ice 1
Resisting reality : social construction and social critique Sally Anne Haslanger 1
Reproductive freedom, torture and international human rights : challenging the masculinisation of torture Ronli Noa Sifris 1
Recreating sexual politics : men, feminism and politics Victor J. Seidler 1
Recreating motherhood Barbara Katz Rothman 1
Recreating men : postmodern masculinity politics Bob Pease 1
Reconcilable differences : confronting beauty, pornography, and the future of feminism Lynn S. Chancer 1
Biology and feminism : a philosophical introduction Lynn Hankinson Nelson 1
Sex, love and feminism in the Asia Pacific : a cross-cultural study of young people's attitudes Chilla Bulbeck 1
The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house Audre Lorde 1
Sex, power, and politics : exploring the femme fatale's mastery of the political throughout history Tiffiany Howard 1
Straeon nos da i bob rebel : hanes 100 o ferched anghygoel Elena Favilli 1
Staking a claim : feminism, bureaucracy and the state Suzanne Franzway 1
Staging dissent : young women, transnational activism and guerilla pedagogies Lisa D. Weems 1
Beginning to see the light : sex, hope, and rock-and-roll Ellen Willis 1
Speaking freely : unlearning the lies of the fathers' tongues Julia Penelope 1
Some men : feminist allies in the movement to end violence against women Michael A. Messner 1
Solidarity of strangers : feminism after identity politics Jodi Dean 1
Behaving badly : backlash, the sex trade and the sons of feminism Reuben Cohen 1
Soap opera and women's talk : the pleasure of resistance Mary Ellen Brown 1
Smart girls marry money : how women are getting shafted by their romantic expectations - and what they can do about it Elizabeth Ford 1
SlutWalk : feminism, activism and media Kaitlynn Mendes 1
Sleights of reason : norm, bisexuality, development Mary Beth Mader 1
Skeptical feminism : activist theory, activist practice Carolyn Dever 1
Sister wives, surrogates and sex workers : outlaws by choice? Angela Campbell 1
Sister wives, surrogates and sex workers : outlaws by choice? Angela Campbell 1
Simone de Beauvoir. feminist writings Simone de Beauvoir 1
Simone de Beauvoir, philosophy & and feminism Nancy Bauer 1
Simone de Beauvoir's The second sex : a beginner's guide George Myerson 1
Simone de Beauvoir today : conversations, 1972-1982 Simone de Beauvoir 1
Simone de Beauvoir : a critical introduction Edward Fullbrook 1
Simians, cyborgs and women : the reinvention of nature Donna Jeanne Haraway 1
Significant sisters : the grassroots of active feminism 1839-1939 Margaret Forster 1
Shrill Lindy West 1
Shadow bodies : black women, ideology, representation, and politics Julia S. Jordan-Zachery 1
Beyond conception Patricia Spallone 1
Sexual solipsism : philosophical essays on pornography and objectification Rae Langton 1
Biology & feminism : a dynamic interaction Sue Vilhauer Rosser 1
Sexing war/policing gender : motherhood, myth and women's political violence Linda Ahäll 1
Sex, race and class Selma James 1
The many faces of faith :ba guide to world religions and christian traditions Richard R. Losch 1
The new politics of masculinity Fidelma Ashe 1
Anarchy and the sex question : essays on women and emancipation, 1896-1917 Emma Goldman 1
Absolutely now! : a futurist's journey to her inner truth Lynne Franks 1
Woman's embodied self : feminist perspectives on identity and image Joan C. Chrisler 1
A politics of impossible difference : the later work of Luce Irigaray Penelope Deutscher 1
Woman questions : essays for a materialist feminism Lise Vogel 1
Woman in the nineteenth century Margaret Fuller 1
Wild zones : pornography, art and feminism Kelly Ives 1
Why feminism matters : feminism lost and found Kath Woodward 1
Whose story is this? : old conflicts, new chapters Rebecca Solnit 1
Who's that girl? who's that boy? : clinical practice meets postmodern gender theory Lynne Layton 1
Who's afraid of Charles Darwin? : debating feminism and evolutionary theory Griet Vandermassen 1
White feminists and contemporary maternity : purging matrophobia D. Lynn O'Brien Hallstein 1
A theory of freedom : feminism and the social contract Shay Welch 1
When chicken-heads come home to roost : a hip-hop feminist breaks it down Joan Morgan 1
When IVF fails : feminism, infertility and the negotiation of normality Karen Throsby 1
Whatever's happening to women? : promises, practices and pay offs Julia Neuberger 1
What should we tell our daughters? : the pleasures and pressures of growing up female Melissa Benn 1
A vindication of the rights of men : in a letter to the right honourable Edmund Burke : occasioned by his Reflections on the Revolution in France : and ; A vindication of the rights of woman : with strictures on political and moral subjects Mary Wollstonecraft 1
What is a woman? : and other essays Toril Moi 1
A vindication of the rights of woman Mary Wollstonecraft 1
What and why they are : a peep into feminism Priyanka Singh 1
What about us? : an open letter to the mothers feminism forgot Maureen Freely 1
Well-behaved women seldom make history Laurel Thatcher Ulrich 1
We were feminists once : from riot grrrl to covergirl : the buying and selling of a political movement Andi Zeisler 1
We should all be feminists Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 1
We are dancing for you : native feminisms and the revitalization of women's coming-of-age ceremonies Cutcha Risling Baldy 1
A vindication of the rights of woman : with strictures on political and moral subjects Mary Wollstonecraft 1
Voices of protest - voices of promise : exploring spirituality for a new age Ursula King 1
Visual and other pleasures Laura Mulvey 1
Victims, gender and jouissance Victoria Grace 1
Vamps & tramps : new essays Camille Paglia 1
Woman's estate Juliet Mitchell 1
A plea for woman : being a vindication of the importance and extent of her natural sphere of action Hugo Reid 1
Women & social transformation Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim 1
Women vs feminism : why we all need liberating from the gender wars Joanna Williams 1
Xenofeminism Helen Hester 1
Wonder woman : the myth of 'having it all' Virginia Haussegger 1
Women, science, and society : the crucial union Sue Vilhauer Rosser 1
Women, history & theory : the essays of Joan Kelly Joan Kelly 1
Women, creole identity, and intellectual life in early twentieth-century Puerto Rico Magali Roy-Féquière 1
Women's studies Joy Magezis 1
Women's rights Geraldine B. Terry 1
A feminist post-transsexual autoethnography : challenging normative gender coercion Julie Peters 1
Women's oppression today : problems in Marxist feminist analysis Michèle Barrett 1
Women's liberation and the sublime : feminism, postmodernism, environment Bonnie Mann 1
Women's issues for a new generation : a social work perspective Gail L. Ukockis 1
Women's health and human wholeness Loretta Sue Bermosk 1
Women who make a fuss : the unfaithful daughters of Virginia Woolf Isabelle Stengers 1
Women on work, love, children and life Peggy Orenstein 1
Women : the longest revolution : essays on feminism, literature and psychoanalysis Juliet Mitchell 1
Women kind : unlocking the power of women supporting women Kirstin Ferguson 1
Women intellectuals, modernism and difference : transatlantic culture, 1919-1945 Alice Gambrell 1
Women in the Holocaust : a feminist history Zoë Waxman 1
A mother's eye Anne Richardson Roiphe 1
Women in Western political thought Susan Moller Okin 1
Women don't owe you pretty Florence Given 1
Women and the subversion of the community : a Mariarosa Dalla Costa reader Harry Cleaver 1
Women and the ideal society : Plato's Republic and modern myths of gender Natalie Harris Bluestone 1
A mother's eye : motherhood and feminism Anne Richardson Roiphe 1
Women and human development : the capabilities approach Martha Craven Nussbaum 1
Women and evil Nel Noddings 1
A new theory of human rights : new materialism and Zoroastrianism Alison Assiter 1
Women and dualism : a sociology of knowledge analysis Lynda M. Glennon 1
Ursula Franklin speaks : thoughts and afterthoughts, 1986-2012 Ursula M. Franklin 1
Unruly practices : power, discourse and gender in contemporary social theory Nancy Fraser 1
The mother of all questions : further feminisms Rebecca Solnit 1
Unravelling encounters : ethics, knowledge and resistance under neoliberalism Caitlin Janzen 1
Alternative femininities : body, age, and identity Samantha Holland 1
The struggle for pedagogies : critical and feminist discourses as regimes of truth Jennifer Gore 1
Ambition in black + white : the feminist narrative revised Melinda M. Marshall 1
The social psychology of collective action : identity, injustice and gender Caroline Kelly 1
The social construction of lesbianism Celia Kitzinger 1
The single woman : a discursive investigation Jill Reynolds 1
The sex myth : the gap between our fantasies and reality Rachel Hills 1
An Aristotelian feminism Sarah R. Borden 1
An introduction to feminism Lorna Finlayson 1
The sceptical feminist : a philosophical enquiry Janet Radcliffe Richards 1
The rise of neoliberal feminism Catherine Rottenberg 1
The rights of woman Mary Wollstonecraft 1
An unconventional family Sandra Lipsitz Bem 1
The radical future of liberal feminism Zillah R. Eisenstein 1
The problem with work : feminism, Marxism, antiwork politics, and postwork imaginaries Kathi Weeks 1
The princess at the window : a new gender morality Donna Laframboise 1
The power of women June Sarpong 1
The portable Kristeva Julia Kristeva 1
The pornography of representation Susanne Kappeler 1
The politics of the body : gender in a neoliberal and neoconservative age Alison Phipps 1
The politics of sexual violence : rape, identity and feminism Alison Healicon 1
The politics of reproduction Mary O'Brien 1
The politics of individualism : liberalism, liberal feminism and anarchism L. Susan Brown 1
The pirate's fiancee : feminism, reading, postmodernism Meaghan Morris 1
The philosophical imaginary Michèle Le Dœuff 1
The other machine : discourse and reproductive technologies Dion Farquhar 1
The oppositional imagination : feminism, critique and political theory Joan Cocks 1
The noughtie girls' guide to feminism Ellie Levenson 1
Reclaiming the F word : the new feminist movement Catherine Redfern 1
The symbolic order : (the book that every woman should read and that every man must read!) Caroline Wilson 1
The task of Utopia : a pragmatist and feminist perspective Erin McKenna 1
The tyranny of structurelessness Jo Freeman 1
Toward a feminist developmental psychology Patricia H. Miller 1
Unmasking the masculine : 'men' and 'identity' in a sceptical age Alan R. Petersen 1
Universal difference : feminism and the liberal undecidability of 'women' Kate Nash 1
Unassimilable feminisms : reappraising feminist, womanist, and mestiza identity politics Laura Gillman 1
Turn this world inside out : the emergence of nurturance culture Nora Samaran 1
Turkey, power and the west : gendered international relations and foreign policy Ali Bilgiç 1
True confessions of a raspberry Claire Glasman 1
Trouble and strife reader Deborah Cameron 1
Transnational feminist rhetorics and gendered leadership in global politics : from daughters of destiny to iron ladies Rebecca S. Richards 1
Transnational feminism in the United States : knowledge, ethics, and power Leela Fernandes 1
Transgressive : a trans woman on gender, feminism, and politics Rachel Anne Williams 1
Transforming men : changing patterns of dependency and dominance in gender relations Geoff Dench 1
Transforming feminist practice : non-violence, social justice, and the possibilities of a spiritualized feminism Leela Fernandes 1
Trafficking women's human rights Julietta Hua 1
Time and tide wait for no man Dale Spender 1
The vagenda Holly Baxter 1
Academic women in STEM faculty : views beyond a decade after POWRE Sue Vilhauer Rosser 1
Adaptive preferences and women's empowerment Serene J. Khader 1
Third wave feminism and the politics of gender in late modernity Shelley Budgeon 1
There are two sexes : essays in feminology Antoinette Fouque 1
Theorizing heterosexuality : gender, power and pleasure Stevi Jackson 1
Theorizing feminist policy Amy Mazur 1
Their angry creed : the shocking history of feminism, and how it is destroying our way of life Herbert Purdy 1
African women and feminism : reflecting on the politics of sisterhood Oyèrónkẹ́ Oyěwùmí 1
Age, gender and sexuality through the life course : the girl in time Susan Pickard 1
The woman magician : revisioning Western metaphysics from a woman's perspective and experience Brandy Williams 1
The witches' goddess : the feminine principle of divinity Janet Farrar 1
Ah les femmes! : tribulations, struggles and triumphs Louis B. Antoine 1
Alexandra Kollontai on women's liberation A. M. Kollontaĭ 1
Reclaiming the feminist vision : consciousness-raising and small group practice Janet L. Freedman 1
Real women run : running as feminist embodiment Sandra L. Faulkner 1
Biting the moon : a memoir of feminism and motherhood Joanne S. Frye 1
Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence Adrienne Rich 1
Communicating gender Suzanne Romaine 1
Fifty shades of feminism Lisa Appignanesi 1
Feminists organising against gendered violence Lesley McMillan 1
Feminist thought : a comprehensive introduction Rosemarie Tong 1
Feminist thinkers and the demands of femininity : the lives and work of intellectual women Lori Jo Marso 1
Feminist theory and the philosophies of man Andrea Nye 1
Feminist spaces : gender and geography in a global context Ann M. Oberhauser 1
Feminist perspectives on language Margaret Gibbon 1
Feminist legal theory : readings in law and gender Katherine Bartlett 1
Feminist international relations : exquisite corpse Marysia Zalewski 1
Feminist international : how to change everything / how to change everything Verónica Gago 1
Communicative engagement and social liberation : justice will be made Pat Arneson 1
Feminist fight club : an office survival manual (for a sexist workplace) Jessica Bennett 1
Feminist fables Suniti Narijoshi 1
Feminist experiences : the women's movement in four cultures Susan Bassnett 1
Feminist epistemology meets the masculinity of marketing and consumer knowledge : a contemporary rendering of a decade-long debate Shona Bettany 1
Feminist debates : issues of theory and political practice Valerie Bryson 1
Feminist criminology Claire M. Renzetti 1
Feminist counselling in action Jocelyn Chaplin 1
Feminist city : claiming space in a man-made world Leslie Kern 1
Feminist activism and digital networks : between empowerment and vulnerability Aristea Fotopoulou 1
Feminism, time, and nonlinear history Victoria Browne 1
Feminism, the state and social policy Nickie Charles 1
Feminism, politics and political science Jenny Chapman 1
Feminism, labour and digital media : the digital housewife Kylie Jarrett 1
Communicative engagement and social liberation : justice will be made Patricia Arneson 1
Feminism, femininity, and popular culture Joanne Hollows 1
Communion : the female search for love bell hooks 1
Feminism, breasts and breast-feeding Pamela Carter 1
Common passion, different voices : reflections on citizenship and intersubjectivity Eva Skærbæck 1
Financial management and corporate governance from the feminist ethics of care perspective Desi Adhariani 1
Finding feminism : millennial activists and the unfinished gender revolution Alison Dahl Crossley 1
Gender and international relations : an introduction Jill Steans 1
Cheating on the sisterhood : infidelity and feminism Lauren Rosewarne 1
Gender training : a transformative tool for gender equality Lucy Ferguson 1
Gender talk : feminism, discourse and conversation analysis Susan A. Speer 1
Gender politics and security discourse : personal-political imaginations and feminism in "post-conflict" Serbia Laura McLeod 1
Gender politics Sylvia Walby 1
Christians, feminists, and the culture of pornography Arthur J. Mielke 1
Gender hurts : a feminist analysis of the politics of transgenderism Sheila Jeffreys 1
Gender and the political : deconstructing the female terrorist Amanda Third 1
Gender and the abjection of Blackness Sabine Bröck-Sallah 1
Gender and political recruitment : theorizing institutional change Meryl Kenny 1
Gender and leisure : social and cultural perspectives Cara Aitchison 1
Gender and international relations : theory, practice, policy Jill Steans 1
Gender and international relations : issues, debates and future directions Jill Steans 1
Gender and governance Lisa Diane Brush 1
Finding her in history : confronting the traditions of misogyny Rosemary Papa 1
Cities, culture, women Elizabeth Wilson 1
Gender : a genealogy of an idea Jennifer Germon 1
Citizenship: feminist perspectives Ruth Lister 1
Futurist women : Florence, feminism and new science Paola Sica 1
Furious : technological feminism and digital futures Caroline Bassett 1
Full surrogacy now : feminism against family Sophie Lewis 1
From sabotage to support : a new vision for feminist solidarity in the workplace Joy L. Wiggins 1
From freedom fighters to terrorists : women and political violence Paige Whaley Eager 1
Free women, free men : sex, gender, feminism Camille Paglia 1
Frantz Fanon : conflicts and feminisms T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting 1
Foucault, feminism, and sex crimes : an anti-carceral analysis Chloë Taylor 1
For the record : the making and meaning of feminist knowledge Dale Spender 1
Firebrand feminism : the radical lives of Ti-Grace Atkinson, Kathie Sarachild, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, and Dana Densmore Breanne Fahs 1
Feminism, animals, science : the naming of the shrew Lynda I. A. Birke 1
Comrades and sisters : women and the struggle for libertation Janine Booth 1
Gender, development and disasters Sarah Bradshaw 1
Feminism in minutes Shannon Weber 1
Cultural sexism : the politics of feminist rage in the #MeToo era Heather Savigny 1
Faking it : U.S hegemony in a "post-phallic" era Cynthia Weber 1
Faces of feminism : an activist's reflections on the women's movement Sheila Tobias 1
Ezili's mirrors : imagining Black queer genders Omise'eke Natasha Tinsley 1
Extracts from the second sex Simone de Beauvoir 1
Explicit utopias : rewriting the sexual in women's pornography Amalia Ziv 1
Existential eroticism : a feminist approach to understanding women's oppression-perpetuating choices Shay Welch 1
Cunt : a declaration of independence Inga Muscio 1
Cyborgs and Barbie dolls : feminism, popular culture and the posthuman body Kim Toffoletti 1
Everyday women's and gender studies : introductory concepts Ann Braithwaite 1
Darkness now visible : patriarchy's resurgence and feminist resistance Carol Gilligan 1
Essays on ethics and feminism Sabina Lovibond 1
Equality Lucy Smith 1
Dead end feminism Elisabeth Badinter 1
Entitled : how male privilege hurts women Kate Manne 1
Enlightened women : modernist feminism in a postmodern age Alison Assiter 1
Engendering democracy Anne Phillips 1
Emma Goldman : sexuality and the impurity of the state Bonnie Haaland 1
Elise Boulding. Writings on feminism, the family and Quakerism Elise Boulding 1
Elise Boulding : a pioneer in peace research, peace-making, feminism and the family - from a Quaker perspective Elise Boulding 1
Economies of violence : transnational feminism, postsocialism, and the politics of sex trafficking Jennifer Suchland 1
Domestic occupations : spatial rhetorics and women's work Jessica Enoch 1
Doing gender in media, art and culture Rosemarie Buikema 1
Deans of women and the feminist movement : Emily Taylor's activism Kelly C. Sartorius 1
Divided loyalties : dilemmas of sex and class Anne Phillips 1
Dismantling rape culture : the peacebuilding power of 'Me Too' Tracey Nicholls 1
Discovering men D. H. J. Morgan 1
Different but equal : communication between the sexes Kay E. Payne 1
Developing ecofeminist theory : the complexity of difference Erika Cudworth 1
Female crime : construction of women in criminology Ngaire Naffine 1
Female energy awakening : the path of the worldwide womb blessing back to authentic femininity Miranda Gray 1
Female olympians : a mediated socio-cultural and political-economic timeline Linda K. Fuller 1
Feminism : transmissions and retransmissions / Marta Lamas ; translated by John Pluecker ; introduction by Jean Franco Marta Lamas 1
Feminism and youth culture Angela McRobbie 1
Connection, compromise, and control : Canadian women discuss midlife Nancy Mandell 1
Feminism and the mastery of women and childbirth : an ecofeminist examination of the cultural maiming and reclaiming of maternal agency during childbirth Jeffrey Allen Nall 1
Feminism and the contradictions of oppression Caroline Ramazanoglu 1
Feminism and the abyss of freedom Linda M. G. Zerilli 1
Feminism and philosophy : perspectives on difference and equality Moira Gatens 1
Feminism and nursing : an historical perspective on power, status and political activism in the nursing profession Joan I. Roberts 1
Feminism and men : Nikki van der Gaag Nikki Van der Gaag 1
Feminism and international relations : towards a political economy of gender in interstate and non-governmental institutions Sandra Whitworth 1
Feminism and hospitality : gender in the host/guest relationship Maurice Hamington 1
Feminism and global justice Kerry Carrington 1
Feminism and families Hilde Lindemann 1
Feminism and affect at the scene of argument : beyond the trope of the angry feminist Barbara Tomlinson 1
Feminism : transmissions and retransmissions Marta Lamas 1
Females Andrea Long Chu 1
Feminism : the ugly truth Mike Buchanan 1
Feminism : a key idea for business and society Celia V. Harquail 1
Feminism : a graphic guide Cathia Jenainati 1
Feminism : a beginner's guide Sally J. Scholz 1
Contemporary feminist theory and activism : six global issues Wendy Lynne Lee 1
Feminism Susan Osborne 1
Feminism Margaret Walters 1
Conversations with feminism : political theory and practice Penny A. Weiss 1
Feminism Jane Freedman 1
Feminism Deborah Cameron 1
Femininity, feminism and recreational pole dancing Kerry Griffiths 1
Femininity and domination : studies in the phenomenology of oppression Sandra Lee Bartky 1
Femininity : the politics of the personal Barbara Sichtermann 1
Gender, culture, and power : toward a feminist postmodern critical theory Ben Agger 1
Gender, family, and social movements Suzanne Staggenborg 1
Reclaiming feminism : challenging everyday misogyny Miriam E. David 1
Love, morals and the feminists Constance Rover 1
One dimensional woman Nina Power 1
Not the marrying kind : a feminist critique of same-sex marriage Nicola Barker 1
Nononsense feminism : why the world still needs the F-word Nikki Van der Gaag 1
No more sex war Neil Lyndon 1
Born lippy : how to do female Jo Brand 1
No excuses : 9 ways women can change how we think about power : tools for leading an unlimited life Gloria Feldt 1
Never play dead : how the truth makes you unstoppable Tomi Lahren 1
Neglected or misunderstood : the radical feminism of Shulamith Firestone Victoria Margree 1
Myths about women's rights : how, where, and why rights advance Feryal M. Cherif 1
Multiculturalism, religion and women : doing harm by doing good? Marie Macey 1
Breaking out : feminist consciousness and feminist research Liz Stanley 1
Mothers and children : feminist analyses and personal narratives Susan E. Chase 1
A decolonial feminism Françoise Vergès 1
Monstrosity, performance, and race in contemporary culture Bernadette Marie Calafell 1
Modern misogyny : anti-feminism in a post-feminist era Kristin J. Anderson 1
Misogynies Joan Smith 1
Men who believe in feminism Amanda Goldrick-Jones 1
Men explain things to me Rebecca Solnit 1
Meeting your power : returning home to yourself DJ Zinhle 1
Me, not you : the trouble with mainstream feminism Alison Phipps 1
Maternal encounters : the ethics of interruption Lisa Baraitser 1
Marxism and women's liberation Judith Orr 1
Breaking out again : feminist ontology and epistemology Liz Stanley 1
Manning up : how the rise of women has turned men into boys Kay S. Hymowitz 1
Manmade breast cancers Zillah R. Eisenstein 1
Manliness Harvey Claflin Mansfield 1
Making feminist sense of the global justice movement Catherine Eschle 1
Making feminist media : third-wave magazines on the cusp of the digital age Elizabeth Groeneveld 1
Magazine movements : women's culture, feminisms and media form Laurel Forster 1
One world women's movement Chilla Bulbeck 1
Online anti-rape activism : exploring the politics of the personal in the age of digital media Rachel Loney-Howes 1
Our blood : prophecies and discourses on sexual politics Andrea Dworkin 1
Practising interdisciplinarity in gender studies Veronica Vasterling 1
Democracy begins between two Luce Irigaray 1
Real politics : at the center of everyday life Jean Bethke Elshtain 1
Reading women : how the great books of feminism changed my life Stephanie Staal 1
Re-orienting western feminisms : women's diversity in a post-colonial world Chilla Bulbeck 1
Re-enchanting the world : feminism and the politics of the commons Silvia Federici 1
Radical feminism, writing, and critical agency : from manifesto to modem Jacqueline Rhodes 1
Radical feminism today Denise Thompson 1
Race, identity, and privilege from the US to the Congo Brenda F. Berrian 1
Queering femininity : sexuality, feminism and the politics of presentation Hannah McCann 1
Push back Eliane Glaser 1
Black men, black feminism : Lucifer's nocturne Jared Sexton 1
Prosthetic bodies : the construction of the fetus and the couple as patients in reproductive technologies Irma van der Ploeg 1
Primate visions : gender, race, and nature in the world of modern science Donna Jeanne Haraway 1
Power interrupted : antiracist and feminist activism inside the United Nations Sylvanna M. Falcón 1
Overloaded : popular culture and the future of feminism Imelda Whelehan 1
Power in struggle : feminism, sexuality and the state Davina Cooper 1
Postfeminism and health : critical psychology and media perspectives Sarah Riley 1
Post-feminist impasses in popular heroine television : the Persephone complex Alison Horbury 1
Black women, agency, and the new black feminism Maria del Guadalupe Davidson 1
Pornography, sex, and feminism Alan Soble 1
Pornography feminism : as powerful as she wants to be Rich Moreland 1
Pornography embodied : from speech to sexual practice Joan Mason-Grant 1
Popular culture, political economy and the death of feminism : why women are in refrigerators and other stories Penny Griffin 1
Politics, feminism and the reformation of gender Jenny Chapman 1
Blood at the root : motherhood, sexuality and male dominance Ann Ferguson 1
Pictures of women : sexuality Jane Root 1
Personification and the feminine in Roman philosophy Alex Dressler 1
Pandora's box : feminism confronts reproductive technology Nancy Lublin 1
Loving in the war years = Lo que nunca pasó por sus labios Cherríe Moraga 1
Breaking the Mould Angela Pippos 1
Gender, orientalism, and the 'War on Terror' : representation, discourse, and intervention in global politics Maryam Khalid 1
Liminal subjects : weaving (our) liberations Sara C. Motta 1
I used to be nice : sexual affairs Sue O'Sullivan 1
I hate men Pauline Harmange 1
I do but I don't : why the way we marry matters Kamy Wicoff 1
I call myself a feminist : the view from twenty-five women under thirty Victoria Pepe 1
Changing Cultures : Feminism,Youth and Consumerism Mica Nava 1
How to raise a feminist : bringing up confident kids who could change the world Allison Vale 1
Housework for sale Suzie Fleming 1
Changing our minds : lesbian feminism and psychology Celia Kitzinger 1
History & women, culture & faith : selected writings of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese Elizabeth Fox-Genovese 1
Hidden agendas : theory, politics, and experience in the women's movement Elizabeth Wilson 1
Heroines Kate Zambreno 1
Hear our truths : the creative potential of black girlhood Ruth Nicole Brown 1
Hatreds : racialized and sexualized conflicts in the 21st century Zillah R. Eisenstein 1
Changing the wor(l)d : discourse, politics, and the feminist movement Stacey Young 1
Harmless lovers? : gender, theory and personal relationships Mike Gane 1
Hard knocks : domestic violence and the psychology of storytelling Janice Haaken 1
Gypsy feminism : intersectional politics, alliances, gender and queer activism Laura Corradi 1
Global perspectives on gender and space : engaging feminism and development Ann M. Oberhauser 1
Changing women, unchanged men? : sociological perspectives on gender in a post-industrial society Sara Delamont 1
Glass slippers and tough bargains : women, men and power Maureen Gaffney 1
Give birth like a feminist Milli Hill 1
Girls with guns : firearms, feminism, and militarism France Winddance Twine 1
Georg Simmel : On women, sexuality and love Georg Simmel 1
Generational feminism : new materialist introduction to a generative approach Iris van der Tuin 1
Genealogies and conceptual belonging : zones of interference between gender and diversity Eike Marten 1
Gendering world politics : issues and approaches in the post-Cold War era J. Ann Tickner 1
Gendered lives : communication gender and culture Julia T. Wood 1
Gendered journeys : women, migration and feminist psychology Oliva M. Espín 1
Gendered discourses Jane Sunderland 1
I'm Buffy and you're history : Buffy the vampire slayer and contemporary feminism Patricia Pender 1
In praise of difference : the emergence of a global feminism Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira 1
In praise of the anecdotal woman : motherhood and a hidden curriculum Jacqueline Andrews 1
Can we all be feminists? : sixteen women on intersectionality, identity, and finding the right way forward for feminism June Eric-Udorie 1
Lifting the taboo : women, death and dying Sally Cline 1
Liberalism and the 'politics of difference' Andrea Baumeister 1
Letters to a young feminist Phyllis Chesler 1
Letters from a war zone : writings 1976-1987 Andrea Dworkin 1
Breaking the bowls : degendering and feminist change Judith Lorber 1
Learning liberation : women's response to men's education Jane L. Thompson 1
Lean out Dawn Foster 1
Laid bare : diary 1983-1984 Caroline Coon 1
Knowledge as resistance : the feminist international network of resistance to reproductive and genetic engineering Stevienna de Saille 1
Knowing victims : feminism, agency and victim politics in neoliberal times Rebecca Stringer 1
Breaking the rules : assessing the assessment of a girls' project Fiona Poland 1
Just immigration in the Americas : a feminist account Allison Wolf 1
Jung and feminism : liberating archetypes Demaris S. Wehr 1
Judith Butler and political theory : troubling politics Samuel Allen Chambers 1
In the name of women's rights : the rise of femonationalism Sara R. Farris 1
Jewish feminism and intersectionality Marla Brettschneider 1
Issues of blood Sophie Laws 1
Issues and solutions to women's empowerment V. Mathew Rincy 1
Is multiculturalism bad for women? Susan Moller Okin 1
Intruders on the rights of men : women's unpublished heritage Lynne Spender 1
Capitalism, For and Against : A Feminist Debate Ann E. Cudd 1
Introducing feminist ecclesiology Natalie Watson 1
Introducing feminist ecclesiology Natalie K. Watson 1
Introducing feminism Susan Alice Watkins 1
Captive daughters : breaking the chains Carla Cornelius 1
Intercourse Andrea Dworkin 1
Initiated : the wayward girls' guide to becoming a witch Amanda Yates Garcia 1
Inessential woman : problems of exclusion in feminist thought Elizabeth V. Spelman 1
#MeToo, Weinstein and feminism Karen Boyle 1
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