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Book subject: Engineering

Engineering is a book subject adressed in 1,952 books and 2,003 editions by 1,752 authors

1969 - 2021


There are 1,952 books and 2,003 editions on Engineering between 1969 and 2021

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There are the 1,952 books on the Engineering subject with a total 2,003 editions

Title Author Editions
Engineering science W. Bolton 7
Science for engineering J. O. Bird 5
Engineering science for technicians I. McDonagh 4
Planning and design of engineering systems G. C. Dandy 3
BTEC National engineering Michael H. Tooley 3
Engineering fundamentals R. L. Timings 3
Engineering fundamentals : an introduction to engineering Saeed Moaveni 3
Higher national engineering Michael H. Tooley 3
Principles of spread-spectrum communication systems Don J. Torrieri 2
Engineering : an endless frontier Sunny Y. Auyang 2
Engineering GCSE Michael H. Tooley 2
Solid modeling and applications : rapid prototyping, CAD and CAE theory Dugan Um 2
Besonderheiten ausländischer Eisenbahnbetriebsverfahren : Grundbegriffe -- Stellwerksfunktionen -- Signalsysteme Jörn Pachl 2
Betriebsplanung im öffentlichen Personennahverkehr : Ziele, Methoden, Konzepte Lars Schnieder 2
Initial airworthiness : determining the acceptability of new airborne systems Guy Gratton 2
Tensor algebra and tensor analysis for engineers : with applications to continuum mechanics Mikhail Itskov 2
Modeling steel deformation in the semi-solid state Marcin Hojny 2
Aufzüge und Fahrtreppen : ein Anwenderhandbuch Dieter Unger 2
Introduction to engineering Paul H. Wright 2
Engineering science D. Titherington 2
Hyperelasticity primer Robert M. Hackett 2
Engineering science for mechanical technicians J. O. Bird 2
Thermodynamics in nuclear power plant systems Bahman Zohuri 2
Analysis of electrical circuits with variable load regime parameters : projective geometry method A. Peñin 2
Physiology for engineers : applying engineering methods to physiological systems Michael Chappell 2
Engineers and their profession John Dustin Kemper 2
Silicon analog components : device design, process integration, characterization, and reliability Badih El-Kareh 2
Physics of semiconductor devices Massimo Rudan 2
Internet of things from hype to reality : the road to digitization Ammar Rayes 2
Higher engineering science W. Bolton 2
Introduction to engineering : an assessment and problem solving approach Quamrul H. Mazumder 2
Dynamic systems for everyone : understanding how our world works Asish Ghosh 2
Quality engineering : off-line methods and applications Chao-Ton Su 2
Quantum mechanics for applied physics and engineering Albert Thomas Fromhold 2
A finite element primer for beginners : the basics Tarek I. Zohdi 2
Submarine hydrodynamics M. Renilson 2
Noise tolerant data authentication for wireless communication Obaid Ur-Rehman 1
Parallel genetic algorithms for financial pattern discovery using GPUs João Baúto 1
Parallel sparse direct solver for integrated circuit simulation Xiaoming Chen 1
Nonlinear control and filtering using differential flatness approaches : applications to electromechanical systems Gerasimos G. Rigatos 1
Paradoxes in aerohydrodynamics Shakhbaz A. Yershin 1
Parasitic substrate coupling in high voltage integrated circuits : minority and majority carriers propagation in semiconductor substrate Pietro Buccella 1
Pareto-Nash-Stackelberg game and control theory : intelligent paradigms and applications Valeriu Ungureanu 1
Partial differential equations : mathematical techniques for engineers M. Epstein 1
Partial stabilization and control of distributed parameter systems with elastic elements Alexander L. Zuyev 1
Particle image velocimetry : a practical guide Markus Raffel 1
Parametric interval algebraic systems Iwona Skalna 1
Parabolic trough collector prototypes for low-temperature process heat Gianluca Coccia 1
Paradigms of knowledge management : with systems modelling case studies Krishna Nath Pandey 1
Noise and vibration in friction systems Vladimir P. Sergienko 1
Non-circular journal bearings Amit Chauhan 1
Pairwise comparison matrices and their fuzzy extension : multi-criteria decision making with a new fuzzy approach Jana Krejčí 1
PID controller tuning using the magnitude optimum criterion Konstantinos G. Papadopoulos 1
Overlapping coalition formation games in wireless communication networks Tianyu Wang 1
Out-of-order parallel discrete event simulation for electronic system-level design Weiwei Chen 1
Oscillating heat pipes Hongbin Ma 1
Non-cooperative Stochastic Differential Game Theory of Generalized Markov Jump Linear Systems Cheng-ke Zhang 1
Orifice plates and venturi tubes Michael Reader-Harris 1
Partielle Riccati-Differenzialgleichungen Reiner Thiele 1
Nichtlineare Regelungssysteme : Theorie und Anwendung der exakten Linearisierung Klaus Röbenack 1
Passenger car tires and wheels : development, manufacturing, application Gunter Leister 1
Ordinary differential equations for engineers : problems with MATLAB solutions Ali Ümit Keskin 1
New advances on chaotic intermittency and its applications Sergio Elaskar 1
Physical science for engineers Walter Schofield 1
Physical fundamentals of oscillations : frequency analysis of periodic motion stability Leonid Chechurin 1
Physical design and mask synthesis for directed self-assembly lithography Seongbo Shim 1
New backpropagation algorithm with type-2 fuzzy weights for neural networks Fernando Gaxiola 1
New classification method based on modular neural networks with the LVQ algorithm and type-2 fuzzy logic Jonathan Amezcua 1
Physical chemistry essentials Andreas Hofmann 1
Photonik der Solarzellen II : Solarzellen mit schwefelhaltigen Absorberschichten Andreas Stadler 1
Photon absorption models in nanostructured semiconductor solar cells and devices A. Luque 1
Personality in speech : assessment and automatic classification Tim Polzehl 1
New engineering technology Lawrence Smyth 1
Permutation polynomial interleavers for Turbo codes Lucian Trifina 1
Periodic flows to chaos in time-delay systems Albert C. J. Luo 1
New hybrid intelligent systems for diagnosis and risk evaluation of arterial hypertension Patricia Melin 1
New perspectives on surface passivation : understanding the Si-Al2O3 interface Lachlan E. Black 1
New solutions for the space debris problem Joseph N. Pelton 1
Newnes engineering science pocket book J. O. Bird 1
Perfecting engineering and technical drawing : reducing errors and misinterpretations Ronald E. Hanifan 1
Pelton turbines Zhengji Zhang 1
Pedestrian fall safety assessments : improved understanding on slip resistance measurements and investigations In-Ju Kim 1
Patterns of rationality : recurring inferences in science, social cognition and religious thinking Tommaso Bertolotti 1
Patient-specific controller for an implantable artificial pancreas Yvonne Ho 1
Pathology of learning in cyber space : concepts, structures and processes Sayed Hadi Sadeghi 1
Organic transistor devices for in vitro electrophysiological applications Andrea Spanu 1
Optimum investment strategy in the power industry Ryszard Bartnik 1
Orbital mechanics and astrodynamics : techniques and tools for space missions Gerald R. Hintz 1
Numerical simulation for next generation thermal power plants Falah Alobaid 1
Non-logic devices in logic processes Yanjun Ma 1
On the physical security of physically unclonable functions Shahin Tajik 1
On the mathematical modeling of memristor, memcapacitor, and meminductor Ahmed G. Radwan 1
On the logos : a naïve view on ordinary reasoning and fuzzy logic E. Trillas 1
On the learnability of physically unclonable functions Fatemeh Ganji 1
On Privacy-Preserving Protocols for Smart Metering Systems : Security and Privacy in Smart Grids Fabio Borges de Oliveira 1
Off-road vehicle dynamics : analysis, modelling and optimization Hamid Taghavifar 1
Nonfunctional requirements in systems analysis and design Kevin MacG. Adams 1
Occupational injuries from electrical shock and arc flash events Richard B. Campbell 1
OSS reliability measurement and assessment Shigeru Yamada 1
Numerische Auslegung von Wälzlagern Hung Nguyen-Schäfer 1
Numerical methods and modelling for engineering Richard Khoury 1
Nonlinear circuits and systems for neuro-inspired robot control Luca Patanè 1
Numerical approximation of the magnetoquasistatic model with uncertainties : applications in magnet design Ulrich Römer 1
Nuclear energy for hydrogen generation through intermediate heat exchangers : a renewable source of energy Bahman Zohuri 1
Novel diffusion-based models for image restoration and interpolation Tudor Barbu 1
Nonsmooth mechanics : models, dynamics, and control Bernard Brogliato 1
Nonregular nanosystems : theory and applications Yuri Shunin 1
Nonparametric kernel density estimation and its computational aspects Artur Gramacki 1
Nonlinearity : ordinary and fractional approximations by sublinear and max-product operators George A. Anastassiou 1
Nonlinear vibration with control : for flexible and adaptive structures David Wagg 1
Nonlinear stochastic systems with network-induced phenomena : recursive filtering and sliding-mode design Jun Hu 1
Nonlinear resonances S. Rajasekar 1
Nonlinear model predictive control : theory and algorithms Lars Grüne 1
On-chip high-voltage generator design : design methodology for charge pumps Toru Tanzawa 1
One-dimensional finite elements : an introduction to the FE method Andreas Öchsner 1
Non-local partial differential equations for engineering and biology : mathematical modeling and analysis Nikos I. Kavallaris 1
Ontology engineering applications in healthcare and workforce management systems David E. Forbes 1
Non-equilibrium evaporation and condensation processes : analytical solutions I︠U︡. B. Zudin 1
Non-equilibrium statistical physics with application to disordered systems Manuel Osvaldo Cáceres 1
Optimized cloud based scheduling Rong Kun Jason Tan 1
Optimization of type-2 fuzzy controllers using the bee colony algorithm Leticia Amador 1
Non-identifier based adaptive control in mechatronics : theory and application Christoph M. Hackl 1
Optimization of process flowsheets through metaheuristic techniques José María Ponce-Ortega 1
Optimization methods in structural design Alan Rothwell 1
Non-linear finite element analysis in structural mechanics Wilhelm Rust 1
Optimization for engineering problems K. Kumar 1
Optimization for Wireless Powered Communication Networks Guan Gui 1
Optimal operation of batch membrane processes Radoslav Paulen 1
Optimal control of stochastic difference Volterra equations : an introduction Leonid Shaikhet 1
Optimal control of energy resources for state estimation over wireless channels Alex S. Leong 1
Optimal control of a double integrator : a primer on maximum principle Arturo Locatelli 1
Non-linguistic analysis of call center conversations Sunil K. Kopparapu 1
Optimal control in thermal engineering Viorel Badescu 1
Optimal charging control of electric vehicles in smart grids Wanrong Tang 1
Optical phenomenology and applications : health monitoring for infrastructure materials and the environment Masoud Ghandehari 1
Optical fiber sensors for loT and smart devices Maria de Fátima F. Domingues 1
Optical character recognition systems for different languages with soft computing Arindam Chaudhuri 1
Opportunistic spectrum utilization in vehicular communication networks Nan Cheng 1
Opportunistic spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networks Zhe Wang 1
Operational amplifiers : theory and design Johan H. Huijsing 1
2D nanoelectronics : physics and devices of atomically thin materials Mircea Dragoman 1
Planning and control of maintenance systems : modelling and analysis S. Duffuaa 1
Physically unclonable functions : from basic design principles to advanced hardware security applications Basel Halak 1
Prototyping of concurrent control systems implemented in FPGA devices Remigiusz G. Wisniewski 1
Protocol design and analysis for cooperative wireless networks Wei Song 1
Proper generalized decompositions : an introduction to computer implementation with Matlab Elías Cueto 1
Propagation engineering in wireless communications Abdollah Ghasemi 1
Projektmanagement in der automobilindustrie : herausforderungen und erfolgsfaktoren Reinhard Wagner 1
Projektmanagement im Anlagenbau Alexander Malkwitz 1
Projektmanagement : Theorie und Praxis aus einer Hand Bernd-J. Madauss 1
Projektabwicklung in der Bauwirtschaft-- prozessorientiert : Wege zur Win-Win-Situation für Auftraggeber und Auftragnehmer Gerhard Girmscheid 1
Projected capacitive touch : a practical guide for engineers Tony Gray 1
Project managers at work Bruce Harpham 1
Project management for facility constructions : a guide for engineers and architects Alberto De Marco 1
Progress in engineering technology : automotive, energy generation, quality control and efficiency Muhamad Husaini Abu Bakar 1
Programming machine ethics Luis Moniz Pereira 1
Professional communication in engineering H. E. Sales 1
Product lifecycle management. Volume 3, The executive summary John Stark 1
Product lifecycle management. Volume 2, The devil is in the details John Stark 1
Product lifecycle management. Volume 1, 21st century paradigm for product realisation John Stark 1
Product development projects : dynamics and emergent complexity Christopher Schlick 1
Processing of hyperspectral medical images : applications in dermatology using MATLAB® Robert Koprowski 1
Processing medical thermal images : using Matlab® Robert Koprowski 1
Process control : theory and applications Jean-Pierre Corriou 1
Process analysis and simulation in chemical engineering Iván Dario Gil Chaves 1
Problems and solutions in thermoelasticity and magneto-thermoelasticity B. Das 1
Problems & solutions in inventory management Dinesh Shenoy 1
Problem solving in foundation engineering using foundationPro Mohammad Yamin 1
Probability distributions in risk management operations Constantinos Artikis 1
Proton exchange membrane fuel cells : design, modelling and performance assessment techniques Alhussein Albarbar 1
Pumps as turbines : fundamentals and applications Armando Carravetta 1
Probability Based High Temperature Engineering : Creep and Structural Fire Resistance Leo Razdolsky 1
Purposeful engineering economics Ronald A. Chadderton 1
Radio frequency modulation made easy Saleh Faruque 1
Radio frequency integrated circuit design for cognitive radio systems Amr M. Fahim 1
Radio frequency channel coding made easy Saleh Faruque 1
Radio frequency cell site engineering made easy Saleh Faruque 1
Radiators in hydronic heating installations : structure, selection and thermal characteristics Damian Piotr Muniak 1
Radiative heat transfer in turbulent combustion systems : theory and applications M. F. Modest 1
Radiation-tolerant delta-sigma time-to-digital converters Ying Cao 1
Radiation hardened CMOS integrated circuits for time-based signal processing Jeffrey Prinzie 1
Radiale Kreiselpumpen : Berechnung und Konstruktion der Hydrodynamischen Komponenten Wolfgang Wesche 1
RF tunable devices and subsystems : methods of modeling, analysis, and applications Qizheng Gu 1
R&I-Fließschema : Übergang von DIN 19227 zu DIN EN 62424 Thomas Bindel 1
Quasi-unsteady CHP operation of power plants : thermal and economic effectiveness Zbigniew Buryn 1
Quantum communications Gianfranco Cariolaro 1
Quantum biological information theory Ivan Djordjevic 1
Quantitative ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging for the assessment of vascular parameters Kristen M. Meiburger 1
Quantitative modeling of operational risk in finance and banking using possibility theory Arindam Chaudhuri 1
Quantitative and qualitative factors that leads to slip and fall incidents Ardiyansyah Syahrom 1
Quality of spatial data in command and control system Václav Talhofer 1
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of nonlinear systems : theory and applications M. Z. Zhurovsʹkyĭ 1
Qualitative analysis and control of complex neural networks with delays Zhanshan Wang 1
Quadrature frequency generation for wideband wireless applications Mohammad Elba 1
Quadrature RC-oscillators : the van der Pol approach João Carlos Ferreira de Almeida Casaleiro 1
QoS and energy management in cognitive radio network : case study approach Vishram Mishra 1
QoE Management in Wireless Networks Ying Wang 1
Python for probability, statistics, and machine learning José Unpingco 1
Probability collectives : a distributed multi-agent system approach for optimization Anand Jayant Kulkarni 1
Probabilistic composition of preferences, theory and applications A. P. Sant'Anna 1
Physics for engineers M. R. Srinivasan 1
Potential-based analysis of social, communication, and distributed networks Seyed Rasoul Etesami 1
Positive Trigonometric Polynomials and Signal Processing Applications Bogdan Dumitrescu 1
Portfolio optimization using fundamental indicators based on multi-objective EA Antonio Daniel Silva 1
Poroelasticity A. H.-D Cheng 1
Pore scale phenomena : frontiers in energy and environment J. M. Poate 1
Population-Based Approaches to the Resource-Constrained and Discrete-Continuous Scheduling Ewa. Ratajczak-Ropel 1
Polyurethan-Klebstoffe : Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten Horst Stepanski 1
Polynomial theory of error correcting codes Giovanni Cancellieri 1
Polynomial fuzzy model-based control systems : stability analysis and control synthesis using membership function dependent techniques Hak-Keung Lam 1
Polynomial chaos methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations : numerical techniques for fluid dynamics problems in the presence of uncertainties Mass Per Pettersson 1
Polymer nanocomposites : towards multi-functionality Aravind Dasari 1
Polymer engineering science and viscoelasticity : an introduction H. F. Brinson 1
Pole solutions for flame front propagation Oleg Kupervasser 1
Point processes for reliability analysis : shocks and repairable systems Ji Hwan Cha 1
Plasticity-damage couplings : from single crystal to polycrystalline materials Oana Cazacu 1
Plasticity and fracture Wolfgang Brocks 1
Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Reactions Driven Fusion Energy Bahman Zohuri 1
Planung von Elektroanlagen : Theorie, Vorschriften, Praxis Ismail Kasikci 1
Planning and scheduling for maritime container yards : supporting and facilitating the global supply network Wenkai Li 1
New Data Structures and Algorithms for Logic Synthesis and Verification Luca Gaetano Amaru 1
Planetary spacecraft navigation James Miller 1
Plan prediction : which policy is preferred by which people? Ray Wyatt 1
Piezoelectric accelerometers with integral electronics Felix Levinzon 1
Physiological aspects of legged terrestrial locomotion : the motor and the machine Giovanni Cavagna 1
Physik für Ingenieure für Dummies C. Thomsen 1
Physics of turbulent jet ignition : mechanisms and dynamics of ultra-lean combustion Sayan Biswas 1
Potential game theory : applications in radio resource allocation Quang Duy Lã 1
Powder consolidation using cold spray : process modeling and emerging applications Atieh Moridi 1
Proactive condition monitoring of low-speed machines Zhaklina Stamboliska 1
Power amplifiers for the S-, C-, X- and Ku-bands : an EDA perspective Mladen Božanić 1
Printing of graphene and related 2D materials : technology, formulation and applications Leonard W. T. Ng 1
Principles of systems science George E. Mobus 1
Principles of solar gas turbines for electricity generation Amos Madhlopa 1
Principles of river hydraulics Aronne Armanini 1
Principles of noology : toward a theory and science of intelligence Seng-Beng Ho 1
Principles of neural information processing W. von Seelen 1
Principles of nanomagnetism Alberto P. Guimarães 1
Principles of mobile communication Gordon L. Stüber 1
Principles of intelligent automobiles Xiubin Zhang 1
Principles of free-electron lasers H. P. Freund 1
Principles of engineering James J. Duderstadt 1
Primary exergy cost of goods and services : an input-output approach Matteo Vincenzo Rocco 1
Prestressed concrete : building, design, and construction Charles W. Dolan 1
Predicting Flow-Induced Acoustics at Near-Stall Conditions in an Automotive Turbocharger Compressor : a Numerical Approach Roberto Navarro García 1
Praxis der Zerspantechnik : Verfahren, werkzeuge, berechnung Jochen Dietrich 1
Practical project management for engineers Nehal Patel 1
Practical electrical engineering Sergey N. Makarov 1
Practical boundary surveying : legal and technical principles Paul Gay 1
Powertrain instrumentation and test systems : development, hybridization, electrification Michael Paulweber 1
Powerful pulsed plasma generators : research and application Victor Kolikov 1
Power-efficient high-speed parallel-sampling ADCs for broadband multi-carrier systems Yu Lin 1
Power system operations Antonio J. Conejo 1
Power switching components : theory, applications and future trends Kaveh Niayesh 1
Power electronics : converters and regulators Branko L. Dokić 1
Power electronics : circuit analysis and design Issa Batarseh 1
New Trends in Medical and Service Robots : Assistive, Surgical and Educational Robotics Hannes Bleuler 1
Natural gas and renewable methane for powertrains : future strategies for a climate-neutral mobility Michael Bargende 1
Neuronal network dynamics in 2D and 3D in vitro neuroengineered systems Monica Frega 1
Mechanik : vom Massenpunkt zum starren Körper Siegmund Brandt 1
Man and the technological society Louis Daniel Metz 1
Making friends on the fly : advances in ad hoc teamwork Samuel Barrett 1
Major Infrastructure Projects : Planning for Delivery Edward Ochieng 1
Maintenance overtime policies in reliability theory : models with random working cycles Toshio Nakagawa 1
Magnetostatic modelling of thin layers using the method of moments and its implementation in OCTAVE/MATLAB Roman Szewczyk 1
Magnetocaloric energy conversion : from theory to applications Andrej Kitanovski 1
Magnetic confinement fusion driven thermonuclear energy Bahman Zohuri 1
Maglev trains : key underlying technologies Zhigang Liu 1
Macroergonomics for manufacturing systems : an evaluation approach Arturo Realyvásquez-Vargas 1
Macro : big is beautiful Frank P. Davidson 1
Machining dynamics : frequency response to improved productivity Tony L. Schmitz 1
Machine tool metrology : an industrial handbook Graham T. Smith 1
Machine learning techniques for gait biometric recognition : using the ground reaction force James Eric Mason 1
Machine learning paradigms : artificial immune systems and their applications in software personalization Dionisios N. Sotiropoulos 1
Machine learning paradigms : applications in recommender systems Aristomenis S. Lampropoulos 1
Machine learning methods for behaviour analysis and anomaly detection in video Olga Isupova 1
Machine learning in complex networks Thiago Christiano Silva 1
Machine learning for the quantified self : on the art of learning from sensory data Mark Hoogendoorn 1
Machine learning for model order reduction Khaled Salah Mohamed 1
Machine learning for evolution strategies Oliver Kramer 1
Machine learning control : taming nonlinear dynamics and turbulence Thomas Duriez 1
Machine Learning in Sports : Identifying Potential Archers Rabiu Muazu Musa 1
MIMO radar waveform design for spectrum sharing with cellular systems : a MATLAB based approach Awais Khawar 1
MEMS Lorentz force magnetometers : from specifications to product Cesare Buffa 1
Lunar and interplanetary trajectories Robin Biesbroek 1
Low-power design and power-aware verification Progyna Khondkar 1
Low-power CMOS digital pixel imagers for high-speed uncooled PbSe IR applications Josep Maria Margarit 1
Management industrieller Dienstleistungen : Handbuch Produktion und Management 8 Günther Schuh 1
Management of innovation and product development : integrating business and technological perspectives Marco Cantamessa 1
Managing More-than-Moore Integration Technology development : a story of an advanced technology program in the semiconductor industry Riko Radojcic 1
Masters of structure Sutherland Lyall 1
Mechanics IUTAM USNC/TAM : a history of people, events, and communities Carl T. Herakovich 1
Mechanical technology R. A. Rowe 1
Mechanical systems : a unified approach to vibrations and controls Roger F. Gans 1
Mechanical foundations of engineering science H. G. Edmunds 1
Measuring and analysing the use of ontologies : a semantic framework for measuring ontology usage Jamshaid Ashraf 1
Meaningful engineering science : is your theory really practical? Stuart H. Rutherford 1
Maximum-entropy networks : pattern detection, network reconstruction and graph combinatorics Tiziano Squartini 1
Mathematical models of electrical network systems : theory and applications : an introduction A. Kłos 1
Materials science and engineering : an introduction William D. Callister 1
Materialflusssysteme : Förder- und Lagertechnik Michael Ten Hompel 1
Material Parameter Identification and Inverse Problems in Soft Tissue Biomechanics St?ephane Avril 1
Matching theory for wireless networks Zhu Han 1
Massive MIMO meets small cell : backhaul and cooperation Howard H. Yang 1
Managing complex, high risk projects : a guide to basic and advanced project management Franck Marle 1
Mass and energy balances : basic principles for calculation, design, and optimization of macro/nano systems Seyed Ali. Ashrafizadeh 1
Maschinenelemente für Dummies Anton Haberkern 1
Markov chain aggregation for agent-based models Sven Banisch 1
Marketing for engineers J. S. Bayliss 1
Market-driven spectrum sharing in cognitive radio Changyan Yi 1
Maritime governance : speed, flow, form process Michael Roe 1
Mapping, planning and exploration with Pose SLAM Rafael Valencia 1
Mapping biological systems to network systems Heena Rathore 1
Manipulation of multiphase materials for touch-less nanobiotechnology : a pyrofluidic platform Sara Coppola 1
Managing interdisciplinary projects : a primer for architecture, engineering and construction Stephen Emmitt 1
Managing indoor climate risks in museums Bart Ankersmit 1
Managing distributed dynamic systems with spatial grasp technology Peter Sapaty 1
Low-noise low-power design for phase-locked loops : multi-phase high-performance oscillators Feng Zhao 1
Low power interconnect design Sandeep Saini 1
Low power active electrode ICs for wearable EEG acquisition Jiawei Xu 1
Künstliche Intelligenz -- Wann übernehmen die Maschinen? Klaus Mainzer 1
Lean compendium : introduction to modern manufacturing theory Bruno G. Rüttimann 1
Lattices of dielectric resonators Alexander Trubin 1
Lasso-MPC - predictive control with l1-regularised least squares M. Gallieri 1
Laser metal deposition process of metals, alloys, and composite materials Rasheedat Modupe Mahamood 1
Large-scale production of paper-based li-ion cells Lorenzo Zolin 1
Language modeling for automatic speech recognition of inflective languages : an applications-oriented approach using lexical data Gregor Donaj 1
Language identification using spectral and prosodic features K. Sreenivasa Rao 1
Language identification using excitation source features K. Sreenivasa Rao 1
Land subsidence induced by engineering-environmental effects. Zhen-Dong Cui 1
LTE-A cellular networks : multi-hop relay for coverage, capacity and performance enhancement Abid Yahya 1
LED-based visible light communications Nan Chi 1
L2-gain and passivity techniques in nonlinear control Arjan van der Schaft 1
Kunststoffkomponenten für LED-Beleuchtungsanwendungen : Werkzeugtechnik, Replikation und Metrologie Christian Brecher 1
Learning factories : concepts, guidelines, best-practice examples Eberhard Abele 1
Kostenrechnung und Kostenmanagement für Ingenieure Ekbert Hering 1
Kontaktmechanik und Reibung : Von der Nanotribologie bis zur Erdbebendynamik Valentin Popov 1
Konstruktionsmethodik : Kurz und bündig Paul Naefe 1
Knowledge management and information tools for building maintenance and facility management Cinzia Talamo 1
Klimawirksame Kennzahlen für Europa und Eurasien : Statusreport und Empfehlungen für die Energiewirtschaft Valentin Crastan 1
Klarheit und Wertschätzung in der Führung : ein Leitfaden für Vorgesetzte und Führungskräfte in Unternehmen und Organisationen Gerald Massini 1
Kinetics of evaporation Denis N. Gerasimov 1
Kinematic analysis of parallel manipulators by algebraic screw theory Jaime Gallardo-Alvarado 1
Key factors of combustion : from kinetics to gas dynamics Nikolai M. Rubtsov 1
Kaizen Planning, Implementing and Controlling Jorge Luis Garc?ia-Alcaraz 1
K-best decoders for 5G+ wireless communication Mehnaz Rahman 1
Just-in-time elements and benefits Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz 1
Lean management beyond manufacturing : a holistic approach Sanjay Bhasin 1
Learning from data streams in dynamic environments Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh 1
Low Earth Orbit Satellite Design George Sebestyen 1
Linear parameter-varying and time-delay systems : analysis, observation, filtering & control Corentin Briat 1
Long term warranty and after sales service : concept, policies and cost models Anisur Rahman 1
Long term evolution in unlicensed bands Quang-Dung Ho 1
Lokaler Boykott der Bologna-Reform : Eine Untersuchung zur Beibehaltung des Diploms im Ingenieurstudium Marcel Schütz 1
Logistikmanagement in der Automobilindustrie : Grundlagen der Logistik im Automobilbau Florian Klug 1
Logic synthesis for finite state machines based on linear chains of states : foundations, recent developments and challenges Alexander Barkalov 1
Logic synthesis for FPGA-based finite state machines Alexander Barkalov 1
Location-based mobile games : design perspectives Davide Spallazzo 1
Locating, classifying and countering agile land vehicles : with applications to command architectures David D. Sworder 1
Listen and talk : full-duplex cognitive radio networks Yun Liao 1
Liquid-crystal nanomaterials : tribology and applications Sergey F. Ermakov 1
Liquid metal soft machines : principles and applications Jing Liu 1
Link-layer cooperative communication in vehicular networks Sailesh Bharati 1
Linear dynamical quantum systems : analysis, synthesis, and control Hendra I. Nurdin 1
Learning-based VANET communication and security techniques Liang Xiao 1
Linear and nonlinear circuits. Volume 1 : basic & advanced concepts Mauro Parodi 1
Linear and non-linear mechanical behavior of solid materials C. Lexcellent 1
Linear and integer programming made easy T. C. Hu 1
Limits of stability and stabilization of time-delay systems : a small-gain approach Jing Zhu 1
Liganded silver and gold quantum clusters : towards a new class of nonlinear optical nanomaterials Rodolphe Antoine 1
Life cycle and sustainability of abrasive tools Barbara S. Linke 1
Lichtverschmutzung in Metropolen : Analyse, Auswirkungen und Lösungsansätze Emlyn Etienne Goronczy 1
Lexikon der Luftfahrt Niels Klussmann 1
Leitfaden fur Bausachverständige : Rechtsgrundlagen, Gutachten, Haftung Karl-Heinz Keldungs 1
Leitfaden Safety of the Intended Functionality : Verfeinerung der Sicherheit der Sollfunktion auf dem Weg zum autonomen Fahren Lars Schnieder 1
Leitfaden Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering : Absicherung vernetzter Fahrzeuge auf dem Weg zum autonomen Fahren Lars Schnieder 1
Lectures in feedback design for multivariable systems Alberto Isidori 1
Mechanics of materials : an introduction to engineering technology Parviz Ghavami 1
Mechanism transitions in publish/subscribe systems : adaptive event brokering for location-based mobile social applications Björn Richerzhagen 1
Neural representations of natural language Lyndon White 1
Mechanothermodynamics L. A. Sosnovskiĭ 1
Multicomponent silicides for thermoelectric materials : phase stabilities, synthesis, and device tailoring J. C. Tedenac 1
Multicomponent and multiscale systems : theory, methods, and applications in engineering Juergen Geiser 1
Multibiometric watermarking with compressive sensing theory : techniques and applications Rohit M. Thanki 1
Multi-run memory tests for pattern sensitive faults Ireneusz Mrozek 1
Multi-net optimization of VLSI interconnect Konstantin Moiseev 1
Motivation of workers on microtask crowdsourcing platforms Babak Naderi 1
Motion estimation for video coding : efficient algorithms and architectures Indrajit Chakrabarti 1
Motion control of underactuated mechanical systems Javier Moreno-Valenzuela 1
Morphologie von Sandbänken in fließenden Gewässern und Buhnenfeldern : Laterale Sedimentation und natürliche Korngrößensortierung -- eine Homologie-Hypothese Bertram Botsch 1
Monoethylene glycol as hydrate inhibitor in offshore natural gas processing : from fundamentals to energy analysis Alexandre Mendonc̜a Teixeira 1
Molecules to monoliths : how engineering careers make (almost) everything happen : an introduction to engineering : the ultimate multiple choice career Steve Taylor 1
Molecular physical chemistry : a computer-based approach using Mathematica® and Gaussian José Teixeira 1
Modular system design and evaluation M. Sh. Levin 1
Modular High-temperature Gas-cooled Reactor Power Plant Kurt Kugeler 1
Modern functional evaluation methods for muscle strength and gait analysis Andrea Ancillao 1
Modern engineering Edward Vernon Krick 1
Modern Digital Radio Communication Signals and Systems Sung-Moon Michael Yang 1
Moderation, Präsentation und freie Rede : Darauf kommt es an Matthias Reckzügel 1
Models of wave memory Serguey Kashchenko 1
Models for cooperative games with fuzzy relations among the agents : fuzzy communication, proximity relation and fuzzy permission Andrés Jiménez-Losada 1
Modelling of convective heat and mass transfer in rotating flows Igor V. Shevchuk 1
Modelling and intelligent optimisation of production scheduling in VCIM systems Son Duy Dao 1
Modelling and control of dynamic systems using Gaussian process models J. Kocijan 1
Modellbildung und Simulation der Dynamik von Kraftfahrzeugen Dieter Schramm 1
Modeling with rules using semantic knowledge engineering Grzegorz J. Nalepa 1
Modeling transport phenomena in porous media with applications Malay K. Das 1
Modeling thermodynamic distance, curvature and fluctuations : a geometric approach Viorel Badescu 1
Multidisciplinary systems engineering : architecting the design process James A. Crowder 1
Multilayer control of networked cyber-physical systems Sabato Manfredi 1
Multimodal Scene Understanding : Algorithms, Applications and Deep Learning Michael Ying Yang 1
Nanometer CMOS ICs : from basics to ASICs H. J. M. Veendrick 1
Neural networks and statistical learning K.-L Du 1
Neural correlates of quality perception for complex speech signals Jan-Niklas Antons 1
Neural correlates of quality during perception of audiovisual stimuli Sebastian Arndt 1
Networks of dissipative systems : compositional certification of stability, performance, and safety Murat Arcak 1
Network-oriented modeling : addressing complexity of cognitive, affective and social interactions Jan Treur 1
Network radar countermeasure systems : integrating radar and radar countermeasures Qiuxi Jiang 1
Radio frequency propagation made easy Saleh Faruque 1
Natural convective heat transfer from horizontal and near horizontal surfaces P. H. Oosthuizen 1
Nanowires : building blocks for nanoscience and nanotechnology Anqi Zhang 1
Nanotechnology and scientific communication : ways of talking about emerging technologies and their impact on society (2004-2008) Deborah R. Bassett 1
Nanoscale surface modification for enhanced biosensing : a journey toward better glucose monitoring Guigen Zhang 1
Nanoporous metals for advanced energy technologies Yi Ding 1
Nanomaterials in extreme environments : fundamentals and applications R. A. Andrievskiĭ 1
Multimodal computational attention for scene understanding and robotics Boris Schauerte 1
Nanofabrication : principles, capabilities and limits Zheng Cui 1
Nanocrystals from oriented-attachment for energy applications Weidong He 1
Nano-scale heat transfer in nanostructures : toward understanding and engineering thermal transport Jihong Al-Ghalith 1
Nachhaltiges Vertriebscontrolling für Elektrotechniker : Integrationsmöglichkeiten von BSC und Management Cockpit in die Vertriebs- und Marketingsteuerung Roberto Capone 1
Nachhaltiges Planen, Bauen und Wohnen : Kriterien für Neubau und Bauen im Bestand Stefanie Friedrichsen 1
Nachbarrecht im Bauwesen : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Cornelius Pfisterer 1
NVQ engineering. Level 2. Mandatory units David Salmon 1
Multistage separation processes Fouad M. Khoury 1
Multispectral biometrics : systems and applications David Zhang 1
Multiscale mechanobiology in tissue engineering Damien Lacroix 1
Multiresolution approach to processing images for different applications : interaction of lower processing with higher vision Igor Vujovic 1
Multiprocessor scheduling for real-time systems Sanjoy K. Baruah 1
Modeling phenomena of flow and transport in porous media Jacob Bear 1
Modeling of nanotoxicity : molecular interactions of nanomaterials with bionanomachines Ruhong Zhou 1
Modeling of gas-to-particle mass transfer in turbulent flows Sean C. Garrick 1
Metallic amorphous alloy reinforcements in light metal matrices Es. Jayalakṣmi 1
Micromechanics of materials, with applications Mark Kachanov 1
Micromachines for biological micromanipulation Qingsong Xu 1
Microfluidic very large scale integration (VLSI) : modeling, simulation, testing, compilation and physical synthesis Paul Pop 1
Microelectronics : from fundamentals to applied design Maurizio di Paolo Emilio 1
Microelectronic Circuit Design for Energy Harvesting Systems Maurizio di Paolo Emilio 1
Microarchitecture of Network-on-Chip Routers : a Designer's Perspective Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos 1
Micro-relay technology for energy-efficient integrated circuits Hei Kam 1
Michell structures T. Lewiński 1
Metrology and physical mechanisms in new generation ionic devices Umberto Celano 1
Methodologies for service lfe prediction of buildings : with a focus on façade claddings Ana Cannas da Silva 1
Methodische Entwicklung modularer Produktfamilien : hohe Produktvielfalt beherrschbar entwickeln Dieter Krause 1
Metallic butterfly wing scales : superstructures with high surface-enhancement properties for optical applications Jiajun Gu 1
Metallfedern : Grundlagen, Werkstoffe, Berechnung, Gestaltung und Rechnereinsatz Manfred Meissner 1
Microsensing networks for sustainable cities Johannes Lambrechts 1
Metalle : Struktur und Eigenschaften der Metalle und Legierungen Erhard Hornbogen 1
Metal matrix composites : synthesis, wear characteristics, machinability study of MMC brake drum Nanjappan Natarajan 1
Metal cutting theory : new perspectives and new approaches Hanmin Shi 1
Metaheuristics algorithms in power systems Erik Cuevas 1
Metaheuristic applications to speech enhancement Prajna Kunche 1
Meta-heuristic Algorithms for Optimal Design of Real-Size Structures A. Kaveh 1
Memristor-based nanoelectronic computing circuits and architectures Ioannis Vourkas 1
Memristor technology : synthesis and modeling for sensing and security applications Heba Abunahla 1
Memory controllers for mixed-time-criticality systems : architectures, methodologies and trade-offs Sven Goossens 1
Memorized discrete systems and time-delay Albert C. J. Luo 1
Medical imaging and its security in telemedicine applications Rohit Thanki 1
Medical applications for biomaterials in Bolivia Susan Arias 1
Microscale soft robotics : motivations, progress, and outlook Jaeyoun Kim 1
Microstructure and properties of ductile iron and compacted graphite iron castings : the effects of mold sand/metal interface phenomena Mariusz Holtzer 1
Modeling of column apparatus processes Khristo Boi︠a︡dzhiev 1
Model-reference adaptive control : a primer Nhan T. Nguyen 1
Modeling high temperature materials behavior for structural analysis. Part I, Continuum mechanics foundations and constitutive models Konstantin Naumenko 1
Modeling discrete-event systems with GPenSIM : an introduction Reggie Davidrajuh 1
Modeling approaches to natural convection in porous media Yan Su 1
Modeling and simulation of smart grid integrated with hybrid renewable energy systems Mohamed Abdelaziz Mohamed 1
Modeling and simulation of functionalized materials for additive manufacturing and 3D printing : continuous and discrete media : continuum and discrete element Methods Tarek I. Zohdi 1
Modeling and optimization of cloud-ready and content-oriented networks Krzysztof Walkowiak 1
Modeling and optimization of advanced manufacturing processes Sumit Bhowmik 1
Modeling and design of flexible pavements and materials Dallas N. Little 1
Modeling and control of hybrid propulsion system for ground vehicles Yuan Zou 1
Modeling and control of greenhouse crop growth Francisco Rodríguez 1
Modeling and analysis of linear hyperbolic systems of balance laws Krzysztof Bartecki 1
Model-reference robust tuning of PID controllers Víctor Manuel Cordero Alfaro 1
Model predictive control : classical, robust and stochastic Basil Kouvaritakis 1
Microstructure-property optimization in metallic glasses Baran Sarac 1
Mobile technologies as a health care tool Pelin Arslan 1
Mobile phone security and forensics : a practical approach Iosif I. Anulidakis 1
Mobile electric vehicles : online charging and discharging Miao Wang 1
Mobile crowd sensing : incentive mechanism design Fen Hou 1
Mob control : models of threshold collective behavior Vladimir V. Breer 1
Mixed-integer representations in control design : mathematical foundations and applications Ionela Prodan 1
Mixed raster content : segmentation, compression, transmission George Pavlidis 1
Millimeter-wave power amplifiers Jaco Du Preez 1
Millimeter-Wave Antennas : Configurations and Applications Jaco Du Preez 1
Miles' equation in random vibrations : theory and applications in spacecraft structures design Jaap Wijker 1
Microwave electronics Andrey D. Grigoriev 1
Microwave RF antennas and circuits : nonlinearity applications in engineering Ofer Aluf 1
Radio frequency multiple access techniques made easy Saleh Faruque 1
Randomness and hyper-randomness I. I. Gorban 1
Radio frequency source coding made easy Saleh Faruque 1
The digital transformation of the automotive industry : catalysts, roadmap, practice Uwe Winkelhake 1
The science of golf putting : a complete guide for researchers, players and coaches Gonçalo Dias 1
The science of baseball : modeling bat-ball collisions and the flight of the ball Terry Bahill 1
The role of population games in the design of optimization-based controllers : a large-scale insight Julian Barreiro-Gomez 1
The rise of engineering science : how technology became scientific David F. Channell 1
The rediscovery of synchronous reluctance and ferrite permanent magnet motors : tutorial course notes Gianmario Pellegrino 1
The realization of Star Trek technologies : the science, not fiction, behind brain implants, plasma shields, quantum computing, and more Mark E. Lasbury 1
The pullout performance of pedicle screws Teyfik Demir 1
The praxis of product design in collaboration with engineering Wayne Chung 1
The perception of quality : mapping product and service quality to consumer perceptions George N. Kenyon 1
The path to post-Galilean epistemology : reinterpreting the birth of modern science Danilo Capecchi 1
The optimal homotopy asymptotic method : engineering applications Vasile Marinca 1
The neuroscientific basis of successful design : how emotions and perceptions matter Marco Maiocchi 1
The modes of gaseous combustion Nickolai M. Rubtsov 1
The making of an expert engineer James P. Trevelyan 1
The limit Mike Dash 1
The lean product design and development journey : a practical view Marcus Vinicius Pereira Pessôa 1
The last of NASA's original pilot astronauts : expanding the space frontier in the late sixties David Shayler 1
The issues and discussion of modern concrete science Wenke Yang 1
The fundamentals of computational intelligence : system approach M. Z. Zhurovsʹkyĭ 1
The finite volume method in computational fluid dynamics : an advanced introduction with OpenFOAM and Matlab Fadl Hassan Moukalled 1
The finite element method and applications in engineering using ANSYS® Erdogan Madenci 1
The estate house re-designed Anthony Sully 1
The engineers' metric data manual and buyers' guide D. S. Lock 1
The engineering project : its nature, ethics, and promise Gene Moriarty 1
The engineering profession : its heritage and its emerging public purpose Dan H. Pletta 1
The engineer and his profession John Dustin Kemper 1
The effect of surface wettability on the defrost process Yang Liu 1
The science of vehicle dynamics : handling, braking, and ride of road and race cars Massimo Guiggiani 1
The social bond : how the interaction between individuals drives the evolution of society Erik W. Aslaksen 1
The sol to gel transition Plinio Innocenzi 1
Theory of vibration protection I. A. Karnovskiĭ 1
Thermoacoustics : a unifying perspective for some engines and refrigerators G. W. Swift 1
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of nuclear reactors Bahman Zohuri 1
Thermal transport in semiconductors : first principles and phonon hydrodynamics Pol Torres Alvarez 1
Thermal protection modeling of hypersonic flying apparatus A. S. Yakimov 1
Thermal performance modeling of cross-flow heat exchangers Luben Cabezas Gómez 1
Thermal non-equilibrium in heterogeneous media Marcelo J. S. de Lemos 1
Thermal integrity in mechanics and engineering Boris F. Shorr 1
Thermal engineering studies with Excel, Mathcad and internet V. F. Ochkov 1
Thermal energy storage with phase change materials : a literature review of applications for buildings materials João M. P. Q. Delgado 1
Thermal energy storage using phase change materials : fundamentals and applications Amy S. Fleischer 1
Thermal effects in supercapacitors Guoping Xiong 1
Thermal behavior of photovoltaic devices : physics and engineering Olivier Dupré 1
Theory of vibration : an introduction Ahmed A. Shabana 1
The state of deformation in Earthlike self-gravitating objects Wolfgang H. Müller 1
Theory of hybrid systems : deterministic and stochastic Mohamad S. Alwan 1
Theory of affine projection algorithms for adaptive filtering Kazuhiko Ozeki 1
Theory and practice in machining systems Y. Itō 1
Theory and applications of spherical microphone array processing Daniel P. Jarrett 1
Theorie der Balkenbiegung : Einführung und Modellierung der statischen Verformung und Beanspruchung Andreas Öchsner 1
Theoretical modeling of inorganic nanostructures : symmetry and ab-initio calculations of nanolayers, nanotubes and nanowires R. A. Evarestov 1
Theoretical Modelling of Aeroheating on Sharpened Noses Under Rarefied Gas Effects and Nonequilibrium Real Gas Effects Zhi-Hui Wang 1
The visual neuroscience of robotic grasping : achieving sensorimotor skills througyh dorsal-ventral stream integration Eris Chinellato 1
The variable-order fractional calculus of variations Ricardo Almeida 1
The twenty-first century commercial space imperative Anthony Young 1
The theory of info-dynamics : rational foundations of information-knowledge dynamics K. K. Dompere 1
The statistical stability phenomenon Igor I. Gorban 1
The digital war : how China's tech power shapes the future of AI, lockchain and Cyberspace Winston Ma 1
The conversational interface : talking to smart devices Michael McTear 1
Thermodynamics : principles and practice Michel A. Saad 1
The chemical reactor from laboratory to industrial plant : a modern approach to chemical reaction engineering with different case histories and exercises Elio Santacesaria 1
Technician engineering science 3 Richard Guy Meadows 1
Technician engineering science 2 Richard Guy Meadows 1
Technician Engineering Science II Matthew George Page 1
Technical safety -- an attribute of quality : an interdisciplinary approach and guideline H. B. Keller 1
Technen : Elements of Recent History of Information Technologies with Epistemological Conclusions Andrzej Piotr Wierzbicki 1
Teaching learning based optimization algorithm : and its engineering applications R. Venkata Rao 1
Teach yourself engineering science Clive Cyril Beynon Day 1
Tantalum and niobium-based capacitors : science, technology, and applications Yuri Freeman 1
Tag counting and monitoring in large-scale RFID systems : theoretical foundations and algorithm design Jihong Yu 1
TP-model transformation-based-control design frameworks Péter Baranyi 1
TIGER : Kommunikationskonzept Tiefe Geothermie Anna Borg 1
Systems with hidden attractors : from theory to realization in circuits Việt Thanh Phạm 1
Systems engineering and its application to industrial product development Eugenio Brusa 1
Systemische Bionik : Impulse für eine nachhaltige gesellschaftliche Weiterentwicklung E. W. Udo Küppers 1
Systemic decision making : fundamentals for addressing problems and messes Patrick T. Hester 1
SystemVerilog assertions and functional coverage : guide to language, methodology and applications Ashok B. Mehta 1
System-level techniques for analog performance enhancement Bang-Sup Song 1
System reengineering in healthcare : application for hospital emergency departments Salman Ben Zayed 1
System dynamics with interaction discontinuity Albert C. J. Luo 1
System dynamics for mechanical engineers Matthew Davies 1
Synthesis of nanoparticles and nanomaterials : biological approaches Zhypargul Abdullaeva 1
Synthesis and characterization of piezotronic materials for application in strain/stress sensing Ren Zhu 1
Synergetics and fractals in tribology A. Kh. Dzhanakhmedov 1
Synchronization of integral and fractional order chaotic systems : a differential algebraic and differential geometric approach with selected applications in real-time Rafael Martínez-Guerra 1
Symmetry properties in transmission lines loaded with electrically small resonators : circuit modeling and applications Jordi Naqui 1
Symmetry in complex network systems : connecting equivariant bifurcation theory with engineering applications Visarath In 1
Symbolic parallelization of nested loop programs Alexandru-Petru Tanase 1
Techniques for building timing-predictable embedded systems Nan Guan 1
Technische Akustik Michael Möser 1
Technological aspects of manufacturing and numerical modelling of clinch-adhesive joints Tomasz Sadowski 1
The Management of additive manufacturing : enhancing business value Mojtaba Khorram Niaki 1
The biomechanics of impact injury : biomechanical response, mechanisms of injury, human tolerance and simulation A. I. King 1
The automotive transmission book Robert Fischer 1
The ascent of GIM, the Global Intelligent Machine : a history of production and information machines T. Koetsier 1
The art of regression modeling in road safety E. Hauer 1
The art of doing science and engineering : learning to learn R. W. Hamming 1
The art and science of rotating field machines design : a practical approach Vlado Ostović 1
The aerodynamics of a container freight train David Soper 1
The aero- and hydromechanics of keel yachts J. W. Slooff 1
The advent of unmanned electric vehicles : the choices between e-mobility and immobility S. Van Themsche 1
The abductive structure of scientific creativity : an essay on the ecology of cognition Lorenzo Magnani 1
The Space Shuttle program : technologies and accomplishments Davide Sivolella 1
The Seneca effect : why growth is slow but collapse is rapid Ugo Bardi 1
The Iranian space endeavor : ambitions and reality Parviz Tarikhi 1
Technological change : the role of scientists and engineers Derek L. Bosworth 1
The Hubble Space Telescope : from concept to success David Shayler 1
The Helmholtz equation least squares theory for reconstructing and predicting acoustic radiation Sean F. Wu 1
The Cassini-Huygens visit to Saturn : an historic mission to the ringed planet Michael Meltzer 1
The 2006 Hinton Lecture : redesigning African economies : the role of engineering in international development Calestous Juma 1
Text mining : concepts, implementation, and big data challenge Taeho Jo 1
Testing of interposer-based 2.5D integrated circuits Ran Wang 1
Test generation of crosstalk delay faults in VLSI circuits S. Jayanthy 1
Test eines Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensors Reiner Thiele 1
Tensor calculus for engineers and physicists Emil de Souza Sanchez Filho 1
Temperature- and supply voltage-independent time references for wireless sensor networks Valentijn de Smedt 1
Technology financing and commercialization : exploring the challenges and how nations can build innovative capacity Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat 1
Technological change-educational stability D. H. Roberts 1
Thermodynamic inversion : origin of living systems V. N. Kompanichenko 1
Thermoelectrical Effect in SiC for High-Temperature MEMS Sensors Toan Dinh 1
Swarm robotics : a formal approach Heiko Hamann 1
Understanding digital signal processing Orhan Gazi 1
Visual perception for humanoid robots : environmental recognition and localization, from sensor signals to reliable 6D poses David Israel González Aguirre 1
Visual knowledge discovery and machine learning Boris Kovalerchuk 1
Visual guidance of unmanned aerial manipulators Angel Santamaria-Navarro 1
Visibility-based optimal path and motion planning Paul Keng-Chieh Wang 1
Viscous flows : stretching and shrinking of surfaces Ahmer Mehmood 1
Virtualized cloud data center networks : issues in resource management Linjiun Tsai 1
Virtual work and shape change in solid mechanics M. Fremond 1
Virgin Galactic : the first ten years Erik Seedhouse 1
Vibrations of hollow elastic bodies Magomed F. Mekhtiev 1
Vibrations in the Production System : Measurement and Analysis with Water Jet Technology Štefánia Olejárová 1
Vibration control of active structures : an introduction André Preumont 1
Verschleiß metallischer werkstoffe : Erscheinungsformen sicher beurteilen Karl Sommer 1
Verkettungsarten im Wertstrom schlanker Unternehmen : Analysen, Algorithmen und Auswirkungen auf Leistung, Durchlaufzeiten und Bestände Detlef Habenicht 1
Vergabepraxis für Auftraggeber : Rechtliche Grundlagen - Vorbereitung - Abwicklung Andreas. Belke 1
Verfahren der Fertigungssteuerung : Grundlagen, Beschreibung, Konfiguration Hermann Lödding 1
Vehicular cyber physical systems : adaptive connectivity and security Danda B. Rawat 1
Vehicle dynamics : theory and application Reza N. Jazar 1
Vector network analyzer (VNA) measurements and uncertainty assessment Nosherwan Shoaib 1
Vector control of three-phase AC machines : system development in the practice Nguyen Phung Quang 1
Variety of development : Chinese automakers in market reform and globalization Qiushi Feng 1
Variable Structure Control of Complex Systems : Analysis and Design Xing-Gang Yan 1
Utility 4.0 Oliver D. Doleski 1
Use of extraterrestrial resources for human space missions to Moon or Mars Donald Rapp 1
Urban Mining Systems Takashi Nakamura 1
Unternehmensplanung für Ingenieure Ekbert Hering 1
Unified Lagrangian formulation for fluid and solid mechanics : fluid-structure interaction and coupled thermal problems using the PFEM Alessandro Franci 1
Underwater robots Gianluca Antonelli 1
Visualization of conventional and combusting subsonic jet instabilities V. V. Kozlov 1
VoIP technology : applications and challenges Tamal Chakraborty 1
Voltage control and protection in electrical power systems : from system components to wide-area control Sandro Corsi 1
Why we live in hierarchies? : a quantitative treatise Anna Zafeiris 1
ZnO thin-film transistors for cost-efficient flexible electronics Fábio Fedrizzi Vidor 1
XCOR : developing the next generation spaceplane Erik Seedhouse 1
Wärmeübertragung : ein nahezu allgegenwärtiges Phänomen Heinz Herwig 1
Writing virtual environments for software visualization Clinton L. Jeffery 1
Workshop science and materials Graham S. Ogden 1
Working knowledge : STEM essentials for the 21st century Karl Hess 1
Work-life balance in construction : millennials in Singapore and South Korea Low Sui Pheng 1
Wooden domes : history and modern times Barbara Misztal 1
Wireless sensor networks for structural health monitoring Jiannong Cao 1
Wireless powered communication networks : from security challenges to IoT applications Abbas Jamalipour 1
Wireless power transfer and data communication for neural implants : case study : epilepsy monitoring Gürkan Yılmaz 1
Wireless communications for power substations : RF characterization and modeling Basile L. Agba 1
Whole-body impedance control of wheeled humanoid robots Alexander Dietrich 1
Vor- und Nachteile von Neubau oder Sanierung im Bestand : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Werner Seiferlein 1
When China goes to the moon-- Marco Aliberti 1
What Every Engineer Should Know About Project Management Arnold M. Ruskin 1
Wellness protocol for smart homes : an integrated framework for ambient assisted living Hemant Ghayvat 1
Web-basierte Referenzarchitektur für virtuelle Techniken : Mit Anwendungsbeispielen aus der Industrie Sarah Brauns 1
Web microanalysis of big image data Peter Bajcsy 1
Wear prediction on total ankle replacement : effect of design parameters Amir Putra bin Md Saad 1
Wavelet transforms and their applications Lokenath Debnath 1
Wave propagation and diffraction : mathematical methods and applications Igor T. Selezov 1
Watermarking techniques for copyright protection of videos Ashish M. Kothari 1
Wasserstoff in der Fahrzeugtechnik : Erzeugung, Speicherung, Anwendung Manfred Klell 1
Wafer-level chip-scale packaging : analog and power semiconductor applications Shichun Qu 1
Vorbereitung und Durchführung von Bauabnahmen : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Konrad Micksch 1
Understanding phase contrast MR angiography : a practical approach with MATLAB examples Joseph Suresh Paul 1
Understanding and Modeling Förster-type Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) : FRET-Applications, Vol. 3 Hilmi Volkan Demir 1
Thermoelectrics : fundamentals, materials selection, properties, and performance N. M. Ravin 1
Uncertainty quantification in computational fluid dynamics and aircraft engines Francesco Montomoli 1
Transformer-Based Design Techniques for Oscillators and Frequency Dividers Howard Cam Luong 1
Transformationsprozesse und Stromnetzausbau : Herausforderungen für die deutsche Energie-Infrastruktur Jakob Jannis Bürger 1
Transferring human impedance regulation skills to robots Arash Ajoudani 1
Transdisciplinary systems engineering : exploiting convergence in a hyper-connected world Azad M. Madni 1
Train Operation in Emergencies Limin Jia 1
Traffic measurement for big network data Shigang Chen 1
Traffic and random processes : an introduction Raffaele Mauro 1
Traditional Machining Processes : Research Advances J. Paulo Davim 1
Tracking and mapping of spatiotemporal quantities using unicellular swarm intelligence : visualisation of invisible hazardous substances using unicellular swarm intelligence John Oluwagbemiga Oyekan 1
Towards ultrasound-guided spinal fusion surgery Amir Manbachi 1
Towards integrating control and information theories : from information-theoretic measures to control performance limitations Song Fang 1
Towards analytical techniques for optimizing knowledge acquisition, processing, propagation, and use in cyberinfrastructure and big data Leonardo Octavio Lerma 1
Towards a spin-ensemble quantum memory for superconducting qubits : design and implementation of the write, read and reset steps Cecile Grezes 1
Toward 5G software defined radio receiver front-ends Silvian Spiridon 1
Topic detection and classification in social networks : the Twitter case Dimitrios Milioris 1
Tissue and organ regeneration in adults : extension of the paradigm to several organs Ioannis V. Yannas 1
Timing performance of nanometer digital circuits under process variations Victor Champac 1
Timing channels in cryptography : a micro-architectural perspective Chester Rebeiro 1
Time-space, spiking neural networks and brain-inspired artificial intelligence Nikola K. Kasabov 1
Time-series prediction and applications : a machine intelligence approach Amit Konar 1
Time-dependent switched discrete-time linear systems : control and filtering Lixian Zhang 1
Time-delayed chaotic dynamical systems : from theory to electronic experiment Tanmoy Banerjee 1
Three-dimensional design methodologies for tree-based FPGA architecture Vinod Pangracious 1
Three revolutions : steering automated, shared, and electric vehicles to a better future Daniel Sperling 1
Third harmonic utilization in permanent magnet machines Kai Wang 1
Thinking ahead : essays on big data, digital revolution, and participatory market society Dirk Helbing 1
Thermomechanics of composite structures under high temperatures Yu. I. Dimitrienko 1
Transients for electrical engineers : elementary switched-circuit analysis in the time and Laplace transform domains (with a touch of MATLAB®) Paul J. Nahin 1
Transition curves for highway geometric design Andrzej Kobryń 1
Transmittierender Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensor Reiner Thiele 1
Two-dimensional nanostructures Mahmood Aliofkhazraei 1
Uncertainty data in interval-valued fuzzy set theory : properties, algorithms and applications Barbara Pe̜kala 1
Uncertain rule-based fuzzy systems : introduction and new directions Jerry M. Mendel 1
Uncertain optimal control Yuanguo Zhu 1
Ultra-low-voltage design of energy-efficient digital circuits Nele Reynders 1
Ultra-low-power and ultra-low-cost short-range wireless receivers in nanoscale CMOS Zhicheng Lin 1
Ultra low power ECG processing system for IoT devices Temesghen Tekeste Habte 1
Ultra low noise CMOS image sensors Assim Boukhayma 1
Ultra low bit-rate speech coding V. Ramasubramanian 1
Type-2 fuzzy granular models Mauricio A. Sanchez 1
Two-fluid model stability, simulation and chaos Martin A. Lopez de Bertodano 1
Two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides Alexander V. Kolobov 1
Two-dimensional systems : from introduction to state of the art Abdellah Benzaouia 1
Twin support vector machines : models, extensions and applications Jayadeva (Professor of electrical engineering) 1
Transport and logistics in a globalizing world : a focus on Italy Ilaria Mariotti 1
Turing machine universality of the game of life Paul Rendell 1
Turbulente Strömungen : Einführung in die Physik eines Jahrhundertproblems Heinz Herwig 1
Turbulence Christophe Bailly 1
Tunnel fire dynamics Haukur Ingason 1
Tunable microwave metamaterial structures Matthias Maasch 1
Trusted digital circuits : hardware trojan vulnerabilities, prevention and detection Hassan Salmani 1
Trusted computing for embedded systems Bernard Candaele 1
Treffsichere Analysen, Diagnosen und Prognosen : Leben ohne Statistik nach Genichi Taguchi Herbert Ruefer 1
Tree-shaped fluid flow and heat transfer A. F. Miguel 1
Tree-Based Convolutional Neural Networks : Principles and Applications Lili Mou 1
Travel plans for new residential developments : insights from theory and practice Chris De Gruyter 1
Transport phenomena in multiphase flows Roberto Mauri 1
Swarms and network intelligence in search Yaniv Altshuler 1
Sustainable value management for construction projects Ayodeji E. Oke 1
Radio monitoring : automated systems and their components Anatoly Rembovsky 1
Road lighting : fundamentals, technology and application Wout van Bommel 1
Schutz Kritischer Infrastrukturen im Verkehr : Security Engineering als ganzheitlicher Ansatz Lars Schnieder 1
Schulische Kabinettprojektion Berthold Heinrich 1
Scanning probe microscopy : atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy Bert Voigtländer 1
Safety-critical electrical drives : topologies, reliability, performance Igor Bolvashenkov 1
Safety message broadcast in vehicular networks Yuanguo Bi 1
Safety for future transport and mobility Hans-Leo Ross 1
S.I. Units in engineering Deane R. Blackman 1
S-variable approach to LMI-based robust control Yoshio Ebihara 1
Russia's posture in space : prospects for Europe Marco Aliberti 1
Rule based systems for big data : a machine learning approach Han Liu 1
Routing and wavelength assignment for WDM-based optical networks : quality-of-service and fault resilience Bijoy Chand Chatterjee 1
Rotordynamics of automotive turbochargers : linear and nonlinear rotordynamics - bearing design - rotor balancing Hung Nguyen-Schäfer 1
Rotor and structural dynamics of turbomachinery : a practical guide for engineers and scientists Raj Subbiah 1
Rolling contact fatigue in a vacuum : test equipment and coating analysis Michael Danyluk 1
Rocket ranch : the nuts and bolts of the Apollo Moon Program at Kennedy Space Center Jonathan H. Ward 1
Robust resource allocation in future wireless networks Saeedeh Parsaeefard 1
Robust observer-based fault diagnosis for nonlinear systems using MATLAB® Jian Zhang 1
Robust motion control of oscillatory-base manipulators : H∞-control and sliding-mode-control-based approaches Masayoshi Toda 1
Robust modelling and simulation : integration of SIMIO with coloured Petri nets Idalia Flores de la Mota 1
Robust digital processing of speech signals Branko Kovačević 1
Robust control of linear descriptor systems Yu Feng 1
Robust and distributed hypothesis testing Gökhan Gül 1
Robust Receding Horizon Control for Networked and Distributed Nonlinear Systems Huibing Li 1
Robotic manipulators and vehicles : control, estimation and filtering Gerasimos G. Rigatos 1
Robot path planning and cooperation : foundations, algorithms and experimentations Anis Koubâa 1
Roboethics : a navigating overview S. G. Tzafestas 1
Roadmap Utility 4.0 : Strukturiertes Vorgehen für die digitale Transformation in der Energiewirtschaft Daniel R. A. Schallmo 1
Science and mathematics for engineering J. O. Bird 1
Science and technology from global and historical perspectives Bahattin Karagözoğlu 1
Science background to engineering R. L. Timings 1
Self-organizing coalitions for managing complexity : agent-based simulation of evolutionary game theory models using dynamic social networks for interdisciplinary applications Juan C. Burguillo 1
Shock and materials Stepan S. Batsanov 1
Setup planning for machining Manjuri Hazarika 1
Service network design of bike sharing systems : Analysis and optimization Patrick Vogel 1
Separation logic for high-level synthesis Felix Winterstein 1
Sentiment analysis in the bio-medical domain : techniques, tools, and applications Ranjan Satapathy 1
Sensorless AC electric motor control : robust advanced design techniques and applications Alain Glumineau 1
Sensoren für die prozess- und fabrikautomation : Funktion - Ausführung - Anwendung Stefan Hesse 1
Semi-solid processing of aluminum alloys Shahrooz Nafisi 1
Semi-physical verification technology for dynamic performance of internet of things system Xiaolei Yu 1
Self-sufficiency of an autonomous reconfigurable modular robotic organism Raja Humza Qadir 1
Self-repair networks : a mechanism design Yoshiteru Ishida 1
Self-powered SoC platform for analysis and prediction of cardiac arrhythmias Hani Saleh 1
Self-learning optimal control of nonlinear systems : adaptive dynamic programming approach Qinglai Wei 1
Science for motor vehicle engineers Peter Twigg 1
Selbstmarketing für Bewerber : Wie Sie Ihr berufliches Profil schärfen und sich erfolgreich bewerben Dunja Reulein 1
Seismic wave propagation in non-homogeneous elastic media by boundary elements G. D. Manolis 1
Seismic behavior of steel storage pallet racking systems Carlo Ana Castiglioni 1
Security policy in system-on-chip designs : specification, implementation and verification Sandip Ray 1
Security issues in mobile NFC devices Michael Roland 1
Security in wireless sensor networks George S. Oreku 1
Security challenges and approaches in internet of things Sridipta Misra 1
Secure compressive sensing in multimedia data, cloud computing and IoT Yushu Zhang 1
Searching speech databases : features, techniques and evaluation measures Leena Mary 1
Search techniques in intelligent classification systems Andrey V. Savchenko 1
Search and optimization by metaheuristics : techniques and algorithms inspired by nature K.-L Du 1
Scientific foundations of engineering Stephen W. McKnight 1
Road traffic congestion : a concise guide John C. Falcocchio 1
Risk-based engineering : an integrated approach to complex systems : special reference to nuclear plants Prabhakar V. Varde 1
Short pulse laser systems for biomedical applications Kunal Mitra 1
Risk management in architectural design : control of uncertainty over building use and maintenance Claudio Martani 1
Regulation fixtures in hydronic heating installations : types, structures, characteristics and applications Damian Piotr Muniak 1
Regulated open multi-agent systems (ROMAS) : a multi-agent approach for designing normative open systems Emilia García 1
Regional analysis of time-fractional diffusion processes Fudong Ge 1
Reflektierender Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensor Reiner Thiele 1
Reflections on power prediction modeling of conventional high-speed craft Dejan Radojčić 1
Reduction of the Pareto set : an axiomatic approach Vladimir D. Noghin 1
Reconstruction, identification and implementation methods for spiking neural circuits Dorian Florescu 1
Reconfigurable transceiver architecture for multiband RF-FrontEnds Erick Gonzalez Rodriguez 1
Recommendations for fatigue design of welded joints and components A. Hobbacher 1
Rechtliche Aspekte im Building Information Modeling (BIM) : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Florian Schrammel 1
Recent advances in learning automata Alireza Rezvanian 1
Recent advances in ensembles for feature selection Verónica Bolón-Canedo 1
Recent advances in control and filtering of dynamic systems with constrained signals Ju H. Park 1
Reasoning with Rough Sets : Logical Approaches to Granularity-Based Framework Seiki Akama 1
Real-time speech and music classification by large audio feature space extraction Florian Eyben 1
Real-time recursive hyperspectral sample and band processing : algorithm architecture and implementation Chein-I Chang 1
Real-time progressive hyperspectral image processing : endmember finding and anomaly detection Chein-I Chang 1
Real-life applications with membrane computing Gexiang Zhang 1
Real time modeling, simulation and control of dynamical systems Asif Mahmood Mughal 1
Real time control engineering : systems and automation Tian Seng Ng 1
Raum-Akustik und Lärm-Minderung : Konzepte mit innovativen Schallabsorbern und -dämpfern Helmut V. Fuchs 1
Rational bases and generalized barycentrics : applications to finite elements and graphics Eugene L. Wachspress 1
Joints in carbon fibre reinforced composites P. A. Smith 1
Rainbows in channeling of charged particles in crystals and nanotubes N. Nešković 1
Rail Vehicle Dynamics Klaus Knothe 1
Radionuclide and metal sorption on cement and concrete Michael Ochs 1
Radio systems engineering : a tutorial approach Héctor J. de los Santos 1
Reinforced concrete design to Eurocode 2 Giandomenico Toniolo 1
Relativistische Effekte bei der Satellitennavigation : von Einstein zu GPS und Galileo Tobias Schüttler 1
Reliability and availability of quality control based on wavelet computer vision Ivica Kuzmanić 1
Resonant tunneling : quantum waveguides of variable cross-section, asymptotics, numerics, and applications Lev Baskin 1
Risk assessments and safe machinery : ensuring compliance with the EU directives Torben Jespen 1
Risk Based Assessment of Subsynchronous Resonance in AC/DC Systems Atia Adrees 1
Rhamnolipid biosurfactant : recent trends in production and application Rajesh Kumar 1
Reversible logic synthesis methodologies with application to quantum computing Saleem Mohammed Ridha Taha 1
Reversible and Quantum Circuits : Optimization and Complexity Analysis Nabila. Abdessaied 1
Reverse hypothesis machine learning : practitioner's perspective Parag Kulkarni 1
Return to engineering : chairman's address 2011/12 Ronald T. Hunter 1
Retail banking : business transformation and competitive strategies for the future Anna Omarini 1
Resource management for multimedia services in high data rate wireless networks Ruonan Zhang 1
Resource management for heterogeneous wireless networks Amila Tharaperiya Gamage 1
Resource allocation with carrier aggregation in cellular networks : optimality and spectrum sharing using C++ and Matlab Haya Shajaiah 1
Resource allocation in unlicensed long term evolution hetnets Huaqing Zhang 1
Resilient computer system design Victor Castano 1
Reliability and life-cycle analysis of deteriorating systems Mauricio Sánchez-Silva 1
Resilience by teaming in supply chains and networks Rogo Reyes Levalle 1
Requirements in engineering projects João M. Fernandes 1
Report of the Workshop Predictive Theoretical, Computational and Experimental Approaches for Additive Manufacturing (WAM 2016) Xu Guo 1
Renovierung von Anschlusskanälen der Grundstückentwässerung : Statistisch-stochastische Zustandsprognosen für Anschlusskanäle Andrzej Raganowicz 1
Remote powering and data communication for implanted biomedical systems Enver Gurhan Kilinc 1
Remaking the world Henry Petroski 1
Remaining relevant in your tech career : when change is the only constant Robert Stackowiak 1
Reliable software for unreliable hardware : a cross layer perspective Semeen Rehman 1
Reliable design of electronic equipment : an engineering guide Dhanasekharan Natarajan 1
Reliable and energy efficient streaming multiprocessor systems Anup Kumar Das 1
Reliability design of mechanical systems : a guide for mechanical and civil engineers Seongwoo Woo 1
Reliability and safety engineering A. K. Verma 1
Shock focusing phenomena : high energy density phenomena and dynamics of converging shocks Nicholas Apazidis 1
SiGe-based Re-engineering of Electronic Warfare Subsystems Wynand Lambrechts 1
Sustainability in manufacturing enterprises : concepts, analyses and assessments for industry 4.0 Ibrahim Garbie 1
Spectroscopy and optical diagnostics for gases Ronald K. Hanson 1
Stimulation and recording electrodes for neural prostheses Naser Pour Aryan 1
Stepped-frequency radar sensors : theory, analysis and design Cam Nguyen 1
Stem and ICT education in intelligent environments Hideyuki Kanematsu 1
Steganography Techniques for Digital Images Abid Yahya 1
Statistical physics of synchronization Shamik Gupta 1
Statistical physics of non-thermal phase transitions : from foundations to applications Sergey G. Abaimov 1
Statistical physics of complex systems : a concise introduction Eric Bertin 1
Statistical physics for electrical engineering Neri Merhav 1
Statistical mechanics for engineers Isamu Kusaka 1
Statics of historic masonry constructions Mario Como 1
Statics and rotational dynamics of composite beams Mehrdaad Ghorashi 1
Statics : learning from engineering examples I. Emri 1
State-space approaches for modelling and control in financial engineering : systems theory and machine learning methods Gerasimos G. Rigatos 1
State estimation and control for low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles Chingiz Hajiyev 1
Standpipe systems for fire protection Kenneth E. Isman 1
Stabilizing and optimizing control for time-delay systems : including model predictive controls W. H. Kwon 1
Stabilization and regulation of nonlinear systems : a robust and adaptive approach Zhiyong Chen 1
Stabilization and control of fractional order systems : a sliding mode approach B. Bandyopadhyay 1
Stability theory of switched dynamical systems Zhendong Sun 1
Stability and synchronization control of stochastic neural networks Wuneng Zhou 1
Stability and stabilization of linear and fuzzy time-delay systems : a linear matrix inequality approach Rajeeb Dey 1
Spline and spline wavelet methods with applications to signal and image processing. Volume III, Selected topics Amir Averbuch 1
Spline and spline wavelet methods with applications to signal and image processing. Volume II, Non-periodic splines Amir Averbuch 1
Speech recognition using articulatory and excitation source features K. Sreenivasa Rao 1
Speech enhancement techniques for digital hearing aids Komal R. Borisagar 1
Speech coding : code-excited linear prediction Tom Bäckström 1
Spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networks : medium access control protocol based approach Shweta Pandit 1
Stochastic Control and Filtering over Constrained Communication Networks Qinyuan Liu 1
Stochastic dynamics of power systems Ping Ju 1
Stochastic finite element methods : an introduction Vissarion Papadopoulos 1
Student study guide to accompany Principles of engineering James J. Duderstadt 1
Suspensions of colloidal particles and aggregates Frank Babick 1
Survival under uncertainty : an introduction to probability models of social structure and evolution Dimitri Volchenkov 1
Survival and sacrifice in Mars exploration : what we know from Polar expeditions Erik Seedhouse 1
Surface modifications and growth of titanium dioxide for photo-electrochemical water splitting John Callum Alexander 1
Supply chain configuration : concepts, solutions, and applications Charu Chandra 1
Supplier selection : an MCDA-based approach Krishnendu Mukherjee 1
Supervisory control of discrete-event systems W. Murray Wonham 1
Supervisor localization : a top-down approach to distributed control of discrete-event systems Kai Cai 1
Submodular rate region models for multicast communication in wireless networks Maximilian Riemensberger 1
Style and creativity in design Chiu-Shui Chan 1
Studying engineering at university : everything you need to know Clare Rhoden 1
Studies on time series applications in environmental sciences Alina Bărbulescu 1
Structures and their analysis Maurice Bernard Fuchs 1
Strategies and techniques for quality and flexibility Miryam Barad 1
Structures : a geometric approach : graphical statics and analysis Edmond Saliklis 1
Structural stability and vibration : an integrated introduction by analytical and numerical methods Sine Leergaard Wiggers 1
Structural processing for wireless communications Jianhua Lü 1
Structural fire performance of contemporary post-tensioned concrete construction John Gales 1
Structural equation models : from paths to networks J. Christopher Westland 1
Strong nonlinear oscillators : analytical solutions Livija Cveticanin 1
Stromspeicher und Power-to-Gas im deutschen Energiesystem : Rahmenbedingungen, Bedarf und Einsatzmöglichkeiten Martin Zapf 1
Stromsensor mit zirkularem Polarisator und Regelkreis Reiner Thiele 1
Stringer-panel models in structural concrete : applied to D-region design Johan Blaauwendraad 1
Stress concentration at notches Mykhaylo P. Savruk 1
Strength of materials and theory of elasticity in 19th century Italy : a brief account of the history of mechanics of solids and structures Danilo Capecchi 1
Strategisches Management von Fahrzeugflotten im öffentlichen Personenverkehr : Begriffe, Ziele, Aufgaben, Methoden Lars Schnieder 1
Spectrum sharing between radars and communication systems : a MATLAB based approach Awais Khawar 1
Spectral, convolution and numerical techniques in circuit theory Fuad Badrieh 1
Sicherheitsbewertung von Composite-Druckgasbehältern : Potential statistischer Methoden jenseits aktueller Vorschriften Georg W. Mair 1
Speaking in public about science : a quick guide for the preparation of good lectures, seminars, and scientific presentations Ulysses Paulino de Albuquerque 1
Smartphone instrumentations for public health safety Abbas Jamalipour 1
Smart maintenance for human-robot interaction : an intelligent search algorithmic perspective Bo Xing 1
Smart helicopter rotors : optimization and piezoelectric vibration control Ranjan Ganguli 1
Smart grids : security and privacy issues Kianoosh G. Boroojeni 1
Smart energy grid engineering Hossam A. Gabbar 1
Smart city - future city? : smart city 2.0 as a livable city and future market Chirine Etezadzadeh 1
Smart camera design : algorithms, architectures, and art Marilyn Wolf 1
Smart Nitrate Sensor : Internet of Things Enabled Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring Eshrat E. Alahi 1
Smart City -- Stadt der Zukunft? : Die Smart City 2.0 als lebenswerte Stadt und Zukunftsmarkt Chirine Etezadzadeh 1
Skills for engineering and built environment students : university to career John W. Davies 1
Six-phase electric machines Jonas Juozas Buksnaitis 1
Sinusoidal oscillators and waveform generators using modern electronic circuit building blocks Raj Senani 1
Singularities of robot mechanisms : numerical computation and avoidance path planning Oriol Bohigas 1
Simulation von Röhrenverstärkern mit SPICE : PC-Simulationen von Elektronenröhren in Audioverstärkern Alexander Potchinkov 1
Simulation based engineering in solid mechanics J. S. Rao 1
Simulation based engineering in fluid flow design J. S. Rao 1
Simulation approach towards energy flexible manufacturing systems Jan Beier 1
Simulation and optimization of digital circuits : considering and mitigating destabilizing factors Vazgen Melikyan 1
Simulating nonlinear circuits with Python power electronics : an open-source simulator, based on Python"! Shivkumar V. Iyer 1
Simplified theory of plastic zones : based on Zarka's method Hartwig Hübel 1
Silicon nanowire transistors Ahmet Bindal 1
Silicon light-emitting diodes and lasers : photon breeding devices using dressed photons Motoichi Ohtsu 1
Signal transforms in dynamic measurements Edward Layer 1
Signal interference in WiFi and ZigBee networks Gaotao Shi 1
Signal integrity : applied electromagnetics and professional practice Samuel H. Russ 1
Sicherungstechnik fur Bahnen im Stadtverkehr J?orn Pachl 1
Sicherheitsgerichtete Echtzeitsysteme Wolfgang A. Halang 1
Smartphone-based human activity recognition Jorge Luis Reyes Ortiz 1
Social Manufacturing : Fundamentals and Applications Pingyu Jiang 1
Social Multimedia Signals : a Signal Processing Approach to Social Network Phenomena Suman 4b Roy 1
Solar engineering of thermal processes John A. Duffie 1
Sparsity-based multipath exploitation for through-the-wall radar imaging Michael Leigsnering 1
Spaceports Around the World, A Global Growth Industry Erik Seedhouse 1
Spacecraft momentum control systems Frederick A. Leve 1
Spacecraft TT & C and information transmission theory and technologies Jiaxing Liu 1
Space systems for disaster warning, response, and recovery Scott Madry 1
Space modeling with SolidWorks and NX Jože Duhovnik 1
Space mining and its regulation Ram S. Jakhu 1
Space architecture education for engineers and architects : designing and planning beyond Earth Sandra Hauplik-Meusburger 1
Sound-based assistive technology : support to hearing, speaking and seeing Tōru Ifukube 1
Sonochemical Production of Nanomaterials Kenji Okitsu 1
Sonic skills : listening for knowledge in science, medicine and engineering (1920s-present) Karin Bijsterveld 1
Solar sails : a novel approach to interplanetary travel Giovanni Vulpetti 1
Solar energy engineering : processes and systems Soteris Kalogirou 1
Social cognitive radio networks Xu Chen 1
Soil mechanics : principles and practice Graham Barnes 1
Soil dynamics and foundation modeling : offshore and earthquake engineering Junbo Jia 1
Software failure investigation : a near-miss analysis approach Jan H. P. Eloff 1
Software design for resilient computer systems Igor Schagaev 1
Software defined networking applications in distributed datacenters Heng Qi 1
Soft error mechanisms, modeling and mitigation Selahattin Sayil 1
Soft commutation isolated DC-DC converters Ivo Barbi 1
Soft Computing Applications : Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop Soft Computing Applications (SOFA 2014), Volume 2 Valentina Emilia Balas 1
Sociorobot world : a guided tour for all S. G. Tzafestas 1
Social video content delivery Zhi Wang 1
Social network analysis applied to team sports analysis Filipe Manuel Clemente 1
Social media for knowledge sharing in automotive repair Patric Finkbeiner 1
Jones Engineering Group : a journey across three centuries Clara Cullen 1
Introduction to thermoelectricity H. J. Goldsmid 1
Jaya : an advanced optimization algorithm and its engineering applications Ravipudi Venkata Rao 1
Cooperative cognitive radio networking : system model, enabling techniques, and performance Bin Cao 1
Conflict resolution using the graph model : strategic interactions in competition and cooperation Haiyan Xu 1
Concurrency control in distributed system using mutual exclusion Sukhendu Kanrar 1
Concrete structures Mehdi Setareh 1
Conceptual shape optimization of entry vehicles : applied to capsules and winged fuselage vehicles Dominic Dirkx 1
Conceptual design : interpretations, mindset and models M. M. Andreasen 1
Concepts and formulations for spatial multibody dynamics Paulo Flores 1
Concentrating solar thermal technologies : analysis and optimisation by cfd modelling Maria Isabel Roldán Serrano 1
Computing colour image processing : digital colour primer Alan Parkin 1
Computergestützte Audio- und Videotechnik : Multimediatechnik in der Anwendung Dieter Stotz 1
Computer-supported collaborative decision-making F. G. Filip 1
Computer-aided design of microfluidic very large scale integration (mVLSI) biochips : design automation, testing, and design-for-testability Kai Hu 1
Computer vision metrics Scott Krig 1
Computer systems : digital design, fundamentals of computer architecture and assembly language Ata Elahi 1
Computer aided virtual manufacturing using creo parametric : easy to learn step by step guide Paul Obiora Kanife 1
Computational transport phenomena of fluid-particle systems Hamid Arastoopour 1
Computational statics revision course Zia Javanbakht 1
Computational statics and dynamics : an introduction based on the finite element method Andreas Öchsner 1
Computational red teaming : risk analytics of big-data-to-decisions intelligent systems Hussein A. Abbass 1
Computational reality : solving nonlinear and coupled problems in continuum mechanics Bilen Emek Abali 1
Computational proximity : excursions in the topology of digital images James F. Peters 1
Computational plasticity for finite elements : a Fortran-based introduction Michael Trapp 1
Computational nanomedicine and nanotechnology : lectures with computer practicums Renat R. Letfullin 1
Computational models of motivation for game playing agents Kathryn E. Merrick 1
Computational metrics for soccer analysis : connecting the dots Filipe Manuel Clemente 1
Computational methods for application in industry 4.0 Nikolaos E. Karkalos 1
Computational intelligence paradigms in economic and financial decision making Marina Resta 1
Computational intelligence applications to option pricing, volatility forecasting and value at risk Fahed Mostafa 1
Connectivity of communication networks Guoqiang Mao 1
Constraint programming and decision making : theory and applications Martine Ceberio 1
Constraint theory : multidimensional mathematical model management George J. Friedman 1
Control and decision strategies in wastewater treatment plants for operation improvement Ignacio Santín 1
Convective heat transfer from rotating disks subjected to streams of air Stefan Aus Der Wiesche 1
Convection in porous media Donald A. Nield 1
Convection in ferro-nanofluids : experiments and theory : physical mechanisms, flow patterns, and heat transfer Aleksandra A. Bozhko 1
Controller Tuning With Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization : A Holistic Multiobjective Optimization Design Procedure Gilberto Reynoso Meza 1
Controlled drug delivery systems : towards new frontiers in patient care Filippo Rossi 1
Controllability and minimum energy control Jerzy Klamka 1
Control theory tutorial : basic concepts illustrated by software examples Steven A. Frank 1
Control system design for electrical stimulation in upper limb rehabilitation : modelling, identification and robust performance Chris T. Freeman 1
Control strategies and co-design of networked control systems : considering time delay effects Héctor Benítez-Pérez 1
Control of magnetotransport in quantum billiards : theory, computation and applications Christian V. Morfonios 1
Control of discrete-time descriptor systems : an anisotropy-based approach Alexey A. Belov 1
Control and filtering for semi-Markovian jump systems Fanbiao Li 1
Contributions to networked and event-triggered control of linear systems María Guinaldo Losada 1
Construction and engineering marketing for major project services Ben C. Gerwick 1
Continuum mechanics through the ages - from the renaissance to the twentieth century : from hydraulics to plasticity G. A. Maugin 1
Continuum damage and fracture mechanics Andreas Öchsner 1
Continuous-flow chemistry in the research laboratory : modern organic chemistry in dedicated reactors at the dawn of the 21st century Toma Glasnov 1
Context-aware communication and computing : applications for smart environment Punnarumol Temdee 1
Contactless VLSI measurement and testing techniques Selahattin Sayil 1
Contactless 3D fingerprint identification Ajay Kumar 1
Contact mechanics of articular cartilage layers : asymptotic models Ivan Argatov 1
Contact force models for multibody dynamics Paulo Flores 1
Construction safety and waste management : an economic analysis Rita Yi Man Li 1
Construction program management : decision making and optimization techniques Ali D. Haidar 1
Construction contract preparation and management : from concept to completion Geoff Powell 1
Construction contract law : the essentials John Adriaanse 1
Computational intelligence and big data analytics : applications in bioinformatics Ch. Satyanarayana 1
Computational hemodynamics : theory, modelling and applications Jiyuan Tu 1
Computational fluid dynamics : incompressible turbulent flows Takeo Kajishima 1
Carbon quantum dots : synthesis, properties and applications Raz Jelinek 1
Chipless RFID : design procedure and detection techniques Reza Rezaiesarlak 1
Chemical complexity : self-organization processes in molecular systems A. S. Mikhailov 1
Charge-sharing SAR ADCs for low-voltage low-power applications Taimur Rabuske 1
Charge-based CMOS digital RF transmitters Pedro Emiliano Paro Filho 1
Chaos : concepts, control and constructive use Yurii Bolotin 1
Channel modeling and physical layer optimization in copper line networks Rainer Strobel 1
Challenges in fluid dynamics : a new approach R. Kh. Zeytounian 1
Cerebral autoregulation : control of blood flow in the brain Stephen Payne 1
Cellular image classification Xiang Xu 1
Cellular communications systems in congested environments : resource allocation and end-to-end quality of service solutions with MATLAB Mo Ghorbanzadeh 1
Cased hole-log analysis and reservoir performance monitoring Richard M. Bateman 1
Carl von Clausewitz, the fog-of-war, and the AI revolution : the real world is not a game of Go Rodrick Wallace 1
Carbon : the black, the gray and the transparent Tapan Gupta 1
Circuit design on plastic foils Daniele Raiteri 1
Capacitively-coupled chopper amplifiers Qinwen Fan 1
Canonical instabilities of autonomous vehicle systems : the unsettling reality behind the dreams of greed Rodrick Wallace 1
Canonical correlation analysis in speech enhancement Jacob Benesty 1
Cable-driven parallel robots : theory and application Andreas Pott 1
CMOS test and evaluation : a physical perspective Manjul Bhushan 1
CMOS indoor light energy harvesting system for wireless sensing applications Carlos Manuel Ferreira Carvalho 1
CMOS front ends for millimeter wave wireless communication systems Noël Deferm 1
CMOS continuous-time adaptive equalizers for high-speed serial links Cecilia Gimeno Gasca 1
CMOS 60-GHz and E-band power amplifiers and transmitters Dixian Zhao 1
CAD, 3D modeling, engineering analysis, and prototype experimentation : industrial and research applications Jeremy Zheng Li 1
Business resilience system (BRS) : driven through boolean, fuzzy logics and cloud computation : real and near real time analysis and decision making system Bahman Zohuri 1
Buoyancy-driven flow in fluid-saturated porous media near a bounding surface Hitoshi Sakamoto 1
Chiral nanophotonics : chiral optical properties of plasmonic systems Martin Schäferling 1
Cloud computing : concepts and practices Naresh Kumar Sehgal 1
Computational design of rolling bearings Hung Nguyen-Schäfer 1
Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Planning and Decision Making : Theory and Applications Michael Z. Zgurovsky 1
Computational aesthetics Y. Suzuki 1
Compressed sensing for privacy-preserving data processing Matteo Testa 1
Complexity Management in Engineering Design - a Primer Maik Maurer 1
Complex networks in software, knowledge, and social systems Miloš Savić 1
Complex and adaptive dynamical systems : a primer Claudius Gros 1
Complex analysis for practical engineering Kozo Sato 1
Complements of higher mathematics Marin Marin 1
Compact slot array antennas for wireless communications Alan J. Sangster 1
Compact heat exchangers Bahman Zohuri 1
Compact antennas for high data rate communication : Ultra-wideband (UWB) and Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology Jagannath Malik 1
Communication systems for electrical engineers Mohammad A. Matin 1
Combining interval, probabilistic, and other types of uncertainty in engineering applications Andrew M. Pownuk 1
Colliding bodies optimization : extensions and applications A. Kaveh 1
Cloud-based cyber-physical systems in manufacturing Lihui Wang 1
Collected papers in physics and engineering James Thomson 1
Cohort intelligence : a socio-inspired optimization method Anand Jayant Kulkarni 1
Cognitive wireless networks using the CSS technology Meiling Li 1
Cognitive supervision for robot-assisted minimally invasive laser surgery Loris Fichera 1
Cognitive phase transitions in the cerebral cortex : enhancing the neuron doctrine by modeling neural fields Robert Kozma 1
Cognitive multi-agent systems : structures, strategies and applications to mobile robotics and robosoccer Mikuláš Hajduk 1
Cognitive interference management in heterogeneous networks Dania Marabissi 1
Cognitive infocommunications (coginfocom) Péter Baranyi 1
Cognitive architectures Maria Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira 1
Cognitive (internet of) things : collaboration to optimize action Arvind Sathi 1
Coexistence of IMT-advanced systems for spectrum sharing with FSS receivers in C-Band and Extended C-Band Lway Faisal Abdulrazak 1
Coding for MIMO-OFDM in future wireless systems Bannour Ahmed 1
Cooperative OFDM underwater acoustic communications Xilin Cheng 1
Cooperative coordination and formation control for multi-agent systems Zhiyong Sun 1
Iterative learning control : an optimization paradigm D. H. Owens 1
Cooperative guidance & control of missiles autonomous formation Sentang Wu 1
Development of a cyber physical system for fire safety Rosalie Faith Wills 1
Developing disaster resilient housing in Vietnam : challenges and solutions Tuan Anh Tran 1
Detecting peripheral-based attacks on the host memory Patrick Stewin 1
Designing value-creating supply chain networks Alain Martel 1
Designing pilot projects as boundary objects : a Brazilian case study in the promotion of sustainable design Francesco Zurlo 1
Designing electronic product enclosures Tony Serksnis 1
Designing better services : a strategic approach from design to evaluation Francesca Foglieni 1
Designing a place called home : reordering the suburbs James W. Wentling 1
Design theory : methods and organization for innovation Pascal Le Masson 1
Design techniques for Mash continuous-time delta-sigma modulators Qiyuan Liu 1
Design principles and methodologies : from conceptualization to first prototyping with examples and case studies Alessandro Freddi 1
Design optimisation and validation of phononic crystal plates for manipulation of elastodynamic guided waves Saeid Hedayatrasa 1
Design of thermal barrier coatings : a modelling approach Mohit Gupta 1
Design of switched-capacitor filter circuits using low gain amplifiers Hugo Alexandre de Andrade Serra 1
Design of sigma-delta converters in MATLAB®/Simulink® Isacco Arnaldi 1
Design of shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators Ashwin Rao 1
Design of power-efficient highly digital analog-to-digital converters for next-generation wireless communication systems Xinpeng Xing 1
Design of organic complementary circuits and systems on foil Sahel Abdinia 1
Design of interpretable fuzzy systems Krzysztof Cpałka 1
Design of experiments for reinforcement learning Christopher Gatti 1
Design of efficient and safe neural stimulators : a multidisciplinary approach Marijn van Dongen 1
Design of digital chaotic systems updated by random iterations Qianxue Wang 1
Design of arithmetic circuits in quantum dot cellular automata nanotechnology K. Sridharan 1
Design of an intelligent embedded system for condition monitoring of an industrial robot Alaa Abdulhady Jaber 1
Design of FPGA-Based Computing Systems with OpenCL Hasitha Muthumala. Waidyasooriya 1
Design of CMOS analog integrated fractional-order circuits : applications in medicine and biology Georgia Tsirimokou 1
Design of CMOS RFIC Ultra-wideband impulse transmitters and receivers Cam Nguyen 1
Development of a methodology for the evaluation of active safety using the example of preventive pedestrian protection : doctoral thesis accepted by Technische Universität Berlin, Germany Thomas Helmer 1
Development of an environmental and economic assessment tool (ENVECO tool) for fire events Francine Amon 1
Development of an ultrasonic sensing technique to measure lubricant viscosity in engine journal bearing in-situ Michele Schirru 1
Digging into software knowledge generation in cultural heritage : modeling assistance strategies for large archaeological data sets Patricia Martin-Rodilla 1
Disassembly automation : automated systems with cognitive abilities Supachai Vongbunyong 1
Direction of arrival estimation and localization of multi-speech sources Nilanjan Dey 1
Dimensionsanalyse von Strömungen : der elegante Weg zu allgemeinen Lösungen Heinz Herwig 1
Dimensional analysis for engineers Volker Simon 1
Dimensional analysis beyond the pi theorem Bahman Zohuri 1
Digitally assisted, fully integrated, wideband transmitters for high-speed millimeter-wave wireless communication links David Del Rio 1
Digital systems : from logic gates to processors Jean-Pierre Deschamps 1
Digital storage in consumer electronics : the essential guide Thomas M. Coughlin 1
Digital signal processing in power electronics control circuits Krzysztof Sozański 1
Digital signal processing for wireless communication using Matlab E. S. Gopi 1
Digital signal processing and spectral analysis for scientists : concepts and applications Silvia Maria Alessio 1
Digital image processing using SCILAB Rohit M. Thanki 1
Diffusion in the iron group L12 and B2 intermetallic compounds Joshua Pelleg 1
Developments in the flow of complex fluids in tubes Dennis A. Siginer 1
Diesel -- eine sachliche Bewertung der aktuellen Debatte : Technische Aspekte und Potenziale zur Emissionsreduzierung Thomas Koch 1
Dielectric breakdown in gigascale electronics : time dependent failure mechanisms Juan Pablo Borja 1
Die neue ISO 9001:2015 in Kürze : Änderungen für den betrieblichen Alltag verständlich erklärt Martin Hinsch 1
Die neue ISO 9001:2015 : ein Praxis-Ratgeber für die Normenumstellung Martin Hinsch 1
Die digitale Transformation der Automobilindustrie : Treiber - Roadmap - Praxis Uwe Winkelhake 1
Die Primäre Produktion : Ein praktischer Leitfaden zur verlustfreien Wertschöpfung Bruno Lotter 1
Die Monte-Carlo-Methode : Beispiele unter Excel VBA Harald Nahrstedt 1
Die Maxwell'sche Theorie : Für Ingenieure und Master-Studenten Martin Poppe 1
Die ISO 9001:2015 : ein Ratgeber für die Einführung und tägliche Praxis Martin Hinsch 1
Die Erfindung der Zukunft : Sechs Innovationen, die die Welt veränderten Steven Johnson 1
Dictionary learning algorithms and applications Bogdan Dumitrescu 1
Diagnostics and reliability of pipeline systems Sviatoslav Timashev 1
Design for manufacturability with advanced lithography Bei Yu 1
Design for environmental sustainability : life cycle design of products Carlo Vezzoli 1
Design eines Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensors Reiner Thiele 1
Crowd Behavior Simulation of Pedestrians During Evacuation Process : DEM-Based Approach Noorhazlinda Abd Rahman 1
Damping optimization in simplified and realistic disc brakes Jan-Henk Wehner 1
Damage tolerance of metallic aircraft structures : materials and numerical modelling Sérgio M. O. Tavares 1
Cybernetics : from past to future D. A. Novikov 1
Cyberactivism and citizen journalism in Egypt : digital dissidence and political change Courtney C. Radsch 1
Cyber physical computing for IoT-driven services Vladimir Hahanov 1
Current-mode instrumentation amplifiers Leila Safari 1
Current trends in friction stir welding (FSW) and friction stir spot welding (FSSW) : an overview and case studies Mukuna Patrick Mubiayi 1
Current technologies in vehicular communication George Dimitrakopoulos 1
Current sensing techniques and biasing methods for smart power drivers Sri Navaneethakrishnan Easwaran 1
Current conveyors : variants, applications and hardware implementations Raj Senani 1
Current Trends in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety : An Industry Perspective Uday Kumar 1
Culture on the edge of chaos : cultural algorithms and the foundations of social intelligence Robert G. Reynolds 1
Critical heat flux in flow boiling in microchannels Sujoy Kumar Saha 1
Das Sperrzeitmodell in der Fahrplankonstruktion : Anwendung -- Spezialfälle -- Alternativen Jörn Pachl 1
Crisis management for software development and knowledge transfer Sergey V. Zykov 1
Creep in ceramics Joshua Pelleg 1
Creativity in engineering : novel solutions to complex problems David Cropley 1
Counterfeit integrated circuits : detection and avoidance Mohammad H. Tehranipoor 1
Countdown to a moon launch : preparing Apollo for its historic journey Jonathan H. Ward 1
Costas loops : theory, design, and simulation Roland Best 1
Cosserat continuum mechanics : with applications to granular media I. Vardoulakis 1
Corrosion and stress corrosion testing of aerospace vehicle structural alloys R. J. H. Wanhill 1
Coriolis vibratory gyroscopes : theory and design Vladislav Apostolyuk 1
Coordinate metrology : accuracy of systems and measurements Jerzy A. Sladek 1
Cooperative vehicular communications in the drive-thru internet Haibo Zhou 1
Cooperative spectrum sensing and resource allocation strategies in cognitive radio networks Xavier Fernando 1
Das Getriebebuch Robert Fischer 1
Das globale Netz : Wirkungsweise und Grenzen der Datenübertragung im globalen Netz Volkmar Brückner 1
Design automation techniques for approximation circuits : verification, synthesis and test Arun Chandrasekharan 1
Der Architektenvertrag : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Hendrik Hunold 1
Design automation for differential MOS current-mode logic circuits Stéphane Badel 1
Design and technology James Garratt 1
Design and modeling of inductors, capacitors and coplanar waveguides at tens of GHz frequencies Naser Pour Aryan 1
Design and implementation of sigma delta modulators (sdm) for class D audio amplifiers using differential pairs Nuno Pereira 1
Design and implementation of real-time multi-sensor vision systems Vladan Popovic 1
Design and implementation of practical schedulers for M2M uplink networks : using MATLAB Akshay Kumar 1
Design and control of swarm dynamics Roland Bouffanais 1
Design and analysis of control systems : case studies Humberto Stein Shiromoto 1
Design and Evaluation of Plasmonic/Magnetic Au-MFe2O4 (M-Fe/Co/Mn) Core-Shell Nanoparticles Functionalized with Doxorubicin for Cancer Therapeutics Ravichandran. Manisekaran 1
Design Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of Electromagnetic Systems Il Han Park 1
Design Aids for Stiffened Composite Shells with Cutouts Sarmila Sahoo 1
Der dritte Parameter und die asymmetrische Varianz : Philosophie und mathematisches Konstrukt der Equibalancedistribution Marcus Hellwig 1
Denkmalpflege : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Christian Raabe 1
Data Privacy : foundations, new developments and the big data challenge Vicenç Torra 1
Deformation and fracture of solid-state materials : field theoretical approach and engineering applications Sanichiro Yoshida 1
Decision tree and ensemble learning based on ant colony optimization Jan Kozak 1
Decision support system for diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders : the case of tinnitus Katarzyna A. Tarnowska 1
Decision making and optimization : special matrices and their applications in economics and management Martin Gavalec 1
Debug automation from pre-silicon to post-silicon Mahdī Dihbāshī 1
Data-driven wireless networks : a compressive spectrum approach Yue Gao 1
Data-driven remaining useful life prognosis techniques : stochastic models, methods and applications Xiao-Sheng Si 1
Data-driven optimization and knowledge discovery for an enterprise information system Qing Duan 1
Data professionals at work Malathi Mahadevan 1
Data preprocessing in data mining Salvador García 1
Data deduplication for data optimization for storage and network systems Daehee Kim 1
Data assessment for electrical surge protective devices Eddie Davis 1
Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) in Trentino Alto Adige Laura Maturi 1
Building habitats on the Moon : engineering approaches to lunar settlements Haym Benaroya 1
Building energy performance assessment in Southern Europe Simone Ferrari 1
Building dialogue pomdps from expert dialogues : an end-to-end approach Hamidreza Chinaei 1
Advances in metaheuristic algorithms for optimal design of structures A. Kaveh 1
Advances in knowledge discovery in databases Animesh Adhikari 1
Advances in integrated and sustainable supply chain planning : concepts, methods, tools and solution approaches toward a platform for industrial practice José Miguel Laínez-Aguirre 1
Advances in audio watermarking based on singular value decomposition Pranab Kumar Dhar 1
Advances in artificial pancreas systems : adaptive and multivariable predictive control Ali Cinar 1
Advances in Nanotheranostics I : Design and Fabrication of Theranosic Nanoparticles Zhifei Dai 1
Advanced techniques for power, energy, and thermal management for clustered manycores Santiago Pagani 1
Advanced sensing techniques for cognitive radio Guodong Zhao 1
Advanced robotics for medical rehabilitation : current state of the art and recent advances Shane Xie 1
Advanced packaging and manufacturing technology based on adhesion engineering : wafer-level transfer packaging and fabrication techniques using interface energy control method Seonho. Seok 1
Advanced optical and wireless communications systems Ivan B. Djordjevic 1
Advanced noncontact cutting and joining technologies : micro- and nano-manufacturing Rasheedat Modupe Mahamood 1
Advanced multiresponse process optimisation : an intelligent and integrated approach Tatjana V. Sibalija 1
Advanced materials processing and manufacturing Yogesh Jaluria 1
Advanced machining and manufacturing processes K. Kumar 1
Advanced finite element simulation with MSC Marc : application of user subroutines Zia Javanbakht 1
Advanced engineering physics Harish Parthasarathy 1
Advanced dynamics of mechanical systems Federico Cheli 1
Advanced discrete-time control : designs and applications Khalid Abidi 1
Advanced customization in architectural design and construction Roberto Naboni 1
Advanced control of piezoelectric micro-/nano-positioning systems Qingsong Xu 1
Advanced connection systems for architectural glazing Roham Afghani Khoraskani 1
Advanced and scattering electromagnetics theory Kasra Barkeshli 1
Advanced Materials : Manufacturing, Physics, Mechanics and Applications Ivan A. Parinov 1
Advanced CAD modeling : explicit, parametric, free-form CAD and re-engineering Nikola Vukašinović 1
Advanced Biometrics David Zhang 1
Advance elements of optoisolation circuits : nonlinearity applications in engineering Ofer Aluf 1
Advances in metaheuristics algorithms : methods and applications Erik Cuevas 1
Advances in metal forming : expert system for metal forming Rahulkumar Shivajirao Hingole 1
Advances in personalized web-based education Konstantina Chrysafiadi 1
Aluminum matrix composites reinforced with alumina nanoparticles Riccardo Casati 1
An invitation to mathematical physics and its history J. B. Allen 1
An introduction to structural mechanics for architects Elías Cueto 1
An introduction to soil mechanics A. Verruijt 1
An introduction to silent speech interfaces João Freitas 1
An introduction to machine learning Miroslav Kubat 1
An introduction to harmony search optimization method Xiaolei Wang 1
An introduction to fuzzy linear programming problems : theory, methods and applications Jagdeep Kaur 1
An introduction to engineering : methods, concepts and issues Edward Vernon Krick 1
An introduction to complex systems : society, ecology, and nonlinear dynamics Paul Fieguth 1
An integrated solution based irregular driving detection Rui Sun 1
Ampelsteuerung : Warum die grüne Welle nicht immer funktioniert Jürgen Krimmling 1
Ambient Assisted Living : 8. AAL-Kongress 2015,Frankfurt/M, April 29-30. April, 2015 Reiner Wichert 1
Alternative types of roundabouts : an informational guide Tomaž Tollazzi 1
Advances in robust fractional control Fabrizio Padula 1
Alternative propulsion for automobiles Cornel Stan 1
Alternating current multi-circuit electric machines : a new approach to the steady-state parameter determination Valentin Asanbayev 1
Algebraic formalization of smart systems : theory and practice Natalia Serdyukova 1
Air transport system Dieter Schmitt 1
Air purifier : property, assessment and applications Zhonglin Xu 1
Air flow management in raised floor data centers Vaibhav K. Arghode 1
Aida-CMK : multi-algorithm optimization kernel applied to analog IC sizing Ricardo Lourenço 1
Agile project management : managing for success James A. Crowder 1
Adversary detection for cognitive radio networks Xiaofan He 1
Advances in transitional flow modeling : applications to helicopter rotors Chunhua Sheng 1
Advances in the control of Markov jump linear systems with no mode observation Alessandro N. Vargas 1
Advances in synchronization of coupled fractional order systems : fundamentals and methods Rafael Martínez-Guerra 1
Advance compression and watermarking technique for speech signals Rohit Thanki 1
Additive manufacturing technologies : 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and direct digital manufacturing Ian Gibson 1
Additive Fertigung mit Selektivem Lasersintern (SLS) Manfred Schmid 1
A digital phase locked loop based signal and symbol recovery system for wireless channel Basab Bijoy Purkayastha 1
A practical introduction to fuzzy logic using LISP Luis Argüelles Méndez 1
A practical guide to averaging functions Gleb Beliakov 1
A perspective on agent systems : paradigm, formalism, examples Krzysztof Cetnarowicz 1
A paraconsistent decision-making method Fábio Romeu de Carvalho 1
A new family of CMOS cascode-free amplifiers with high energy-efficiency and improved gain Ricardo Filipe Sereno Póvoa 1
A modern course in aeroelasticity E. H. Dowell 1
A metaheuristic approach to protein structure prediction. Nanda Dulal Jana 1
A mathematical perspective on flight dynamics and control Andrea L'Afflitto 1
A lifetime's experience of engineering innovations : success and failures Alexander Moulton 1
A journey around the different scales involved in the description of matter and complex systems : a brief overview with special emphasis on kinetic theory approaches Francisco Chinesta 1
A forward looking approach to project management : tools, trends, and the impact of disruptive technologies Nikhil Gurjar 1
A first course in engineering drawing K. Rathnam 1
A design for a reusable water-based spacecraft known as the spacecoach Brian McConnell 1
A primer on the kinematics of discrete elastic rods M. Khalid Jawed 1
A critical survey of biomineralization : control, mechanisms, functions and material properties J. Engel 1
A concise introduction to mechanics of rigid bodies : multidisciplinary engineering L. Huang 1
A concise introduction to elastic solids : an overview of the mechanics of elastic materials and structures Carl T. Herakovich 1
A conceptual model for designing recycled aggregate concrete for structural applications Marco Pepe 1
A brief history of mechanical engineering Uday S. Dixit 1
A Smooth and Discontinuous Oscillator : Theory, Methodology and Applications Qingjie Cao 1
A Beginners' Guide to Scanning Electron Microscopy Anwar Ul-Hamid 1
9-12Cr heat-resistant steels Wei Yan 1
8051 microcontrollers : fundamental concepts, hardware, software and applications in electronics Salvador Pinillos Gimenez 1
5G-Enabled Vehicular Communications and Networking Xiang Cheng 1
5G wireless systems : simulation and evaluation techniques Yang Yang 1
5G and E-Band communication circuits in deep-scaled CMOS Marco Vigilante 1
A primer on electromagnetic fields Fabrizio Frezza 1
A quadratic constraint approach to model predictive control of interconnected systems Anthony Tri Tran C. 1
Adaptronik : Prinzipe - Funktionswerkstoffe - Funktionselemente - Zielfelder mit Forschungsbeispielen Johannes Michael Sinapius 1
Acoustic sensors for biomedical applications Nilanjan Dey 1
Adaptive semantics visualization Kawa Nazemi 1
Adaptive identification of acoustic multichannel systems using sparse representations Karim Helwani 1
Adaptive dynamic programming with applications in optimal control Derong Liu 1
Adaptive critic control with robust stabilization for uncertain nonlinear systems Ding Wang 1
Adaptive and robust active vibration control : methodology and tests Yoan D. Landau 1
Active system control : design of system resilience Igor Schagaev 1
Active structural control with stable fuzzy PID techniques Wen Yu 1
Active origami : modeling, design, and applications Edwin A. Peraza Hernandez 1
Active fault-tolerant control systems : a behavioral system theoretic perspective Tushar Jain 1
Acoustics. Volume II, Applications Jerry H. Ginsberg 1
Acoustics. Volume I, Fundamentals Jerry H. Ginsberg 1
Acoustical Analysis of the Tanpura : Indian Plucked String Instrument Asoke Kumar Datta 1
Acoustic modeling for emotion recognition Koteswara Rao Anne 1
A route to chaos using FPGAs. Volume I, Experimental observations Bharathwaj Muthuswamy 1
Acoustic Emission : Methodology and Application Zinoviy. Nazarchuk 1
Achieving consensus in robot swarms : design and analysis of strategies for the best-of-n problem Gabriele Valentini 1
Accurate and robust spectral testing with relaxed instrumentation requirements Yuming Zhuang 1
Abrechnung und Bezahlung von Bauleistungen : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Andreas Schmidt 1
ASIC/SoC functional design verification : a comprehensive guide to technologies and methodologies Ashok B. Mehta 1
ARM assembly language with hardware experiments Ata Elahi 1
AI injected e-learning : the future of online education Matthew Montebello 1
ADEX optimized adaptive controllers and systems : from research to industrial practice Juan M. Martín Sánchez 1
A thermochemical heat storage system for households : combined investigations of thermal transfers coupled to chemical reactions Armand Fopah Lele 1
A study into the design of steerable microphone arrays Chiong Ching Lai 1
A solar car primer : a guide to the design and construction of solar-powered racing vehicles Eric Forsta Thacher 1
A second-order [Sigma Delta] ADC using sputtered IGZO TFTs Ana Paula Pinto Correia 1
An isogeometric approach to beam structures : bridging the classical to modern technique Buntara S. Gan 1
Analog integrated circuit design automation : placement, routing and parasitic extraction techniques Ricardo Martins 1
Analog-to-digital conversion Marcel J. M. Pelgrom 1
Bayesian prediction and adaptive sampling algorithms for mobile sensor networks : online environmental field reconstruction in space and time Yunfei Xu 1
Bigelow aerospace : colonizing space one module at a time Erik Seedhouse 1
Big data analytics : a management perspective Francesco Corea 1
Biaxial testing for fabrics and foils : optimizing devices and procedures Paolo Beccarelli 1
Biaxial fatigue of metals : the present understanding Jaap Schijve 1
Betriebswirtschaftliche Herausforderungen im Planungsb©ơro : Schnelleinstieg f©ơr Architekten und Bauingenieure Dietmar Goldammer 1
Betriebswirtschaft für Architekten und Bauingenieure : Erfolgreiche Unternehmensführung im Planungsbüro Dietmar Goldammer 1
Best practices for commercial roof-mounted photovoltaic system installation Rosalie Wills 1
Best matching theory & applications Mohsen Moghaddam 1
Berechnung von Baukonstruktionen : Ein Überblick Bernd Schröder 1
Bench scale calorimetry in chemical reaction kinetics : an alternative approach to liquid phase reaction kinetics Wilfried Litz 1
Behaviourism in studying swarms : logical models of sensing and motoring Andrew Schumann 1
Behavior of unbounded post- tensioned masonry walls Reza Hassanli 1
Bauleitung im Ausland : Praxishilfen für den Auslandseinsatz Konrad Micksch 1
Bio-inspired collaborative intelligent control and optimization Yongsheng Ding 1
Baudichtstoffe : Erfolgreich Fugen abdichten Manfred Pröbster 1
Baubegleitender bodenschutz auf baustellen : schnelleinstieg für architekten und bauingenieure Ulrike Meyer 1
Battlefield acoustics Thyagaraju Damarla 1
Batteryless mm-wave wireless sensors Hao Gao 1
Basic prediction techniques in modern video coding standards Byung-Gyu Kim 1
Basic naval architecture : ship stability Philip A. Wilson 1
Basic flight mechanics : a simple approach without equations Ashish Tewari 1
Basic engineering craft studies : base content volume J. H. Worthington 1
Basic engineering W. Bolton 1
Basic Thermochemistry in Materials Processing Gabriel Plascencia 1
Bamboo : the multipurpose plant Esther Titilayo Akinlabi 1
Balancing of linkages and robot manipulators : advanced methods with illustrative examples Vigen Arakelian 1
Bin-picking : new approaches for a classical problem Dirk Buchholz 1
Bioengineering : a conceptual approach Mirjana Pavlovic 1
BTEC first engineering : mandatory and selected optional units for BTEC firsts in engineering Michael H. Tooley 1
Boundaries of a complex world Andrei Ludu 1
Building automation : communication systems with EIB/KNX, LON and BACnet Hermann Merz 1
Buckminster Fuller's universe : an appreciation Lloyd Steven Sieden 1
Buckling and postbuckling of beams, plates, and shells M. Reza Eslami 1
Broadband wireless communications for railway applications : for onboard internet access and other applications Émilie Masson 1
British domestic synchronous clocks 1930-1980 : the rise and fall of a technology L. P. Pook 1
Bridges : analysis, design, structural health monitoring, and rehabilitation Baidar Bakht 1
Bridge collapse frequencies versus failure probabilities Dirk Proske 1
Brandschutzfibel Adam Merschbacher 1
Brain-machine interfaces for assistance and rehabilitation of people with reduced mobility Enrique Hortal 1
Brain-machine interface : closed-loop bidirectional system design Xilin Liu 1
Brain-machine interface : circuits and systems Amir Zjajo 1
Bounded Rationality in Decision Making Under Uncertainty : Towards Optimal Granularity Joseph A. Lorkowski 1
Bond graph model-based fault diagnosis of hybrid systems Wolfgang Borutzky 1
Biogeography-Based Optimization : Algorithms and Applications Yujun Zheng 1
Body Sensors and Electrocardiography Roman Trobec 1
Blends and graft copolymers of cellulosics : toward the design and development of advanced films and fibers Yoshiyuki Nishio 1
Blast waves Charles E. Needham 1
Black-body radiative, thermodynamic, and chromatic functions : tables in finite spectral ranges Anatoliy I. Fisenko 1
Bits on chips H. J. M. Veendrick 1
Biotechnology in space Günter Ruyters 1
Biomimetics of Motion : Nature-Inspired Parameters and Schemes for Kinetic Design Sandra Persiani 1
Biomimetics for architecture & design : nature - analogies - technology Göran Pohl 1
Biomimetic microsensors inspired by marine life Ajay Giri Prakash Kottapalli 1
Biomimetic design method for innovation and sustainability Yael Helfman Cohen 1
Biometric and intelligent decision making support Arturas Kaklauskas 1
Biologically inspired control of humanoid robot arms : robust and adaptive approaches Adam Spiers 1
Balanced phono-amps : an extension to 'the sound of silence' editions Burkhard Vogel 1
BTEC first engineering : core units for BTEC Firsts in Engineering and common specialist units in all pathways Michael H. Tooley 1
Analysis and design of networked control systems Keyou You 1
Angebots- und Ausfhrungsmanagement-prozessorientiert : Erfolgsorientierte Unternehmensfhrung Gerhard Girmscheid 1
Applied discrete-time queues Attahiru S. Alfa 1
Applied artificial intelligence : where AI can be used in business Francesco Corea 1
Applications of soft computing in time series forecasting : simulation and modeling techniques Pritpal Singh 1
Applications of metaheuristic optimization algorithms in civil engineering A. Kaveh 1
Applications of artificial intelligence techniques in Industry 4.0 Aydin Azizi 1
Application of wavelets in speech processing Mohamed Hesham Farouk 1
Application of compact heat exchangers for combined cycle driven efficiency in next generation nuclear power plants Bahman Zohuri 1
Application of FPGA to real-time machine learning : hardware reservoir computers and software image processing Piotr Antonik 1
Application of Data Mining Techniques in the Analysis of Indoor Hygrothermal Conditions Nuno M. M. Ramos 1
Aortic dissection : simulation tools for disease management and understanding Mona Alimohammadi 1
Antenna design solutions for RFID tags based on metamaterial-inspired resonators and other resonant structures Simone Zuffanelli 1
Animal and plant stem cells : concepts, propagation and engineering Mirjana Pavlovic 1
Ancient engineers' inventions : precursors of the present Cesare Rossi 1
Applied multidimensional systems theory N. K. Bose 1
Analytics for smart energy management : tools and applications for sustainable manufacturing Seog-Chan Oh 1
Analytical heat and fluid flow in microchannels and microsystems Renato Machado Cotta 1
Analytical Modelling of Breakdown Effect in Graphene Nanoribbon Field Effect Transistor Iraj Sadegh Amiri 1
Analytic curve frequency-sweeping stability tests for systems with commensurate delays Xu-Guang Li 1
Analysis of machining and machine tools Steven Y. Liang 1
Analysis of computer networks Fayez Gebali 1
Analysis of chaotic behavior in non-linear dynamical systems : models and algorithms for quaternions Michał Piórek 1
Analysis and synthesis of switched time-delay systems : the average dwell time approach Dan Zhang 1
Analysis and presentation of experimental results : with examples, problems and programs Costas Christodoulides 1
Analysis and identification of time-invariant systems, time-varying systems, and multi-delay systems using orthogonal hybrid functions : theory and algorithms with MATLAB Anish Deb 1
Analysis and design of singular Markovian jump systems Guoliang Wang 1
Analysis and design of networks-on-chip under high process variation Rabab Ezz-Eldin 1
Applied mechanics D. Titherington 1
Applied physics Arthur Beiser 1
BTEC National Engineering curriculum support pack Michael H. Tooley 1
Automated Broad and Narrow Band Impedance Matching for RF and Microwave Circuits Amal Banerjee 1
Auxetic materials and structures Teik-Cheng Lim 1
Automotive electronics design fundamentals Najamuz Zaman 1
Automotive air conditioning : optimization, control and diagnosis Quansheng Zhang 1
Automatische Identifikation für Industrie 4.0 Heinrich Hippenmeyer 1
Automation of Finite Element Methods Jože. Korelc 1
Automatically ordering events and times in text Leon R. A. Derczynski 1
Automatic syntactic analysis based on selectional preferences Alexander Gelbukh 1
Automatic recognition : speech a deep learning approach Dong Yu 1
Automatic methods for the refinement of system models : from the specification to the implementation Julia Seiter 1
Automatic analog IC sizing and optimization constrained with PVT corners and layout effects Nuno Lourenço 1
Automated validation & verification of UML/OCL models using satisfiability solvers Nils Przigoda 1
Automated electronic filter design : with emphasis on distributed filters Amal Banerjee 1
Auslegung von Konstruktionselementen : Sicherheit, Lebensdauer und Zuverlässigkeit im Maschinenbau Dietrich Schlottmann 1
Applied statistics : using SPSS, Statistica, MATLAB, and R J. P. Marques de Sá 1
Audiovisual quality assessment and prediction for videotelephony Benjamin Belmudez 1
Audio watermark : a comprehensive foundation using MATLAB Yiqing Lin 1
Atomic particles and atom systems : data for properties of atomic objects and processes B. M. Smirnov 1
Asset management for infrastructure systems : energy and water Gerd Balzer 1
Artificial intelligence in label-free microscopy : biological cell classification by time stretch Ata Mahjoubfar 1
Artificial intelligence and exponential technologies : business models evolution and new investment opportunities Francesco Corea 1
Architektur Intelligenter Verkehrssysteme (IVS) : Grundlagen, Begriffsbestimmungen, Überblick, Entwicklungsstand Philip Krüger 1
Architecture, engineering and environment Dean Hawkes 1
Arbitrary modeling of TSVs for 3D integrated circuits Mohammed Salah 1
Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitssicherheit auf Baustellen : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Michael Risch 1
Approaches to entropy Jeremy R. H. Tame 1
Applying machine learning for automated classification of biomedical data in subject-independent settings Thuy T. Pham 1
Discrete-time higher order sliding mode : the concept and the control Nalin Kumar Sharma 1
Discrete-time sliding mode control for networked control system Dipesh H. Shah 1
Distributed consensus with visual perception in multi-robot systems Eduardo Montijano 1
From smart city to smart region : digital services for an internet of places Corinna Morandi 1
Heat pipe design and technology : modern applications for practical thermal management Bahman Zohuri 1
Heat and mass transfer in the melting of frost William F. Mohs 1
Health and Wellness Measurement Approaches for Mobile Healthcare Gita Khalili Moghaddam 1
Head injury simulation in road traffic accidents Fábio A. O. Fernandes 1
Harmonics in offshore wind power plants : application of power electronic devices in transmission systems Jakob Bræholm Glasdam 1
Hardware/software co-design and optimization for cyberphysical integration in digital microfluidic biochips Yan Luo 1
Haptic teleoperation systems : signal processing perspective Jae-young Lee 1
Handbuch Umformtechnik : Grundlagen, Technologien, Maschinen Eckart Doege 1
Handbook on advances in remote sensing and geographic information systems : paradigms and applications in forest landscape modeling M. N. Favorskai︠a︡ 1
Handbook of modern sensors : physics, designs, and applications Jacob Fraden 1
HERMES award -- Internationaler Technologiepreis der HANNOVER MESSE : Innovationen für die industrielle Produktion -- die ersten zwölf Jahre Wolfgang Wahlster 1
Guide to convolutional neural networks : a practical application to traffic-sign detection and classification Hamed Habibi Aghdam 1
Guide to computing fundamentals in cyber-physical systems Dietmar Möller 1
Grundlagen der Anlagenplanung : Einstieg in den Anlagenbau mit zahlreichen Praxisbeispielen Klaus Gregor Topole 1
Growth of high permittivity dielectrics by high pressure sputtering from metallic targets María Ángela Pampillón Arce 1
Grouping genetic algorithms : advances and applications Michael Mutingi 1
Group recommender systems : an introduction Alexander Felfernig 1
Groundwater lowering in construction : a practical guide to dewatering P. M. Cashman 1
Groundwater lowering in construction : a practical guide P. M. Cashman 1
Ground engineering : principles and practices for underground coal mining J. M. Galvin 1
Grind hardening process Konstantinos Salonitis 1
Grid-side converters control and design : interfacing between the AC grid and renewable power sources Slobodan N. Vukosavić 1
Grid optimal integration of electric vehicles : examples with Matlab implementation Andrés Ovalle 1
Grasp interaction with tablets Katrin Wolf 1
Graphene for transparent conductors : synthesis, properties and applications Qingbin Zheng 1
Granular-relational data mining : how to mine relational data in the paradigm of granular computing? Piotr Hońko 1
Granular neural networks, pattern recognition and bioinformatics Sankar K. Pal 1
Heat pumps : fundamentals and applications Walter Grassi 1
Heat storage : a unique solution for energy systems İbrahim Dinçer 1
Heat transfer and pressure drop in flow boiling in microchannels Sujoy Kumar Saha 1
High-voltage test and measuring techniques Wolfgang Hauschild 1
Hybrid soft computing for multilevel image and data segmentation Sourav De 1
Hybrid machining processes : perspectives on machining and finishing Kapil Gupta 1
Hybrid electric vehicles : energy management strategies Simona Onori 1
Humans in space : the psychological hurdles Nick Kanas 1
Human-robot interaction strategies for walker-assisted locomotion Carlos A. Cifuentes 1
Human missions to Mars : enabling technologies for exploring the Red Planet Donald Rapp 1
Human memory and material memory C. Lexcellent 1
How to Compete in the Age of Artificial Intelligence : Implementing a Collaborative Human-Machine Strategy for Your Business Soumendra Mohanty 1
How Systems Form and How Systems Break : A Beginner’s Guide for Studying the World Chiang H. Ren 1
Holistic Analysis and Management of Distributed Social Systems Peter Simon Sapaty 1
Hole conductor free perovskite-based solar cells Lioz Etgar 1
History of nonlinear oscillations theory in France (1880-1940) Jean-Marc Ginoux 1
High-resolution profiling of protein-RNA interactions Mathias Munschauer 1
Heat transfer modeling : an inductive approach George William Sidebotham 1
High-ratio voltage conversion in CMOS for efficient mains-connected standby Hans Meyvaert 1
High-Resolution and High-Speed Integrated CMOS AD Converters for Low-Power Applications Weitao. Li 1
High-Entropy Materials : A Brief Introduction Yong Zhang 1
High strain rate behavior of nanocomposites and nanocoatings Prashant Jindal 1
High speed catamarans and multihulls : technology, performance, and applications Liang Yun 1
Hierarchical type-2 fuzzy aggregation of fuzzy controllers Leticia Cervantes 1
Hierarchical modular granular neural networks with fuzzy aggregation Daniela Sánchez 1
Heterogeneous reconfigurable processors for real-time baseband processing : from algorithm to architecture Chenxin Zhang 1
Hesitant fuzzy methods for multiple criteria decision analysis Xiaolu Zhang 1
Heizstrategie - Die Simulation von Heizungsanlagen : Für Studierende, Techniker und interessierte Laien Dietmar Allmendinger 1
Heavily-Doped 2D-Quantized Structures and the Einstein Relation Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak 1
Heat transfer of laminar mixed convection of liquid Deyi Shang 1
Granular computing in decision approximation : an application of rough mereology Lech Polkowski 1
Grammatical inference : algorithms, routines and applications Wojciech Wieczorek 1
Glowworm swarm optimization : theory, algorithms, and applications Krishnanand N. Kaipa 1
Fundamentals of nanomechanical resonators Silvan Schmid 1
Furniture design Jerzy Smardzewski 1
Fundamentals of tensor calculus for engineers with a primer on smooth manifolds Uwe Mühlich 1
Fundamentals of sustainable urban renewal in small and mid-sized towns Avi Friedman 1
Fundamentals of sustainable neighbourhoods Avi Friedman 1
Fundamentals of structural engineering J. J. Connor 1
Fundamentals of stochastic nature sciences Valeriĭ Isaakovich Kli︠a︡t︠s︡kin 1
Fundamentals of spherical array processing Boaz Rafaely 1
Fundamentals of solid state engineering M. Razeghi 1
Fundamentals of probability and stochastic processes with applications to communications Kun Il Park 1
Fundamentals of power semiconductor devices B. Jayant Baliga 1
Fundamentals of optimization : methods, minimum principles, and applications for making things better Mark French 1
Fundamentals of neuromechanics Francisco J. Valero-Cuevas 1
Fundamentals of engineering science Geoffrey Robert Albert Titcomb 1
Fuzzy control, estimation and diagnosis : single and interconnected systems Magdi S. Mahmoud 1
Fundamentals of electronic systems design Jens Lienig 1
Fundamentals of electromigration-aware integrated circuit design Jens Lienig 1
Fundamentals of electroheat : electrical technologies for process heating Sergio Lupi 1
Fundamentals of computer architecture and design Ahmet Bindal 1
Fundamentals of aircraft and rocket propulsion Ahmed F. El-Sayed 1
Fundamentals of adaptive signal processing Aurelio Uncini 1
Fundamental fluid mechanics and magnetohydrodynamics R. J. Hosking 1
Functional verification of dynamically reconfigurable FPGA-based systems Lingkan Gong 1
Functional safety for road vehicles : new challenges and solutions for e-mobility and automated driving Hans-Leo Ross 1
Functional numerical methods : applications to abstract fractional calculus George A. Anastassiou 1
Fully implicit, coupled procedures in computational fluid dynamics : an engineer's resource book Zeka Mazhar 1
Frontiers of sound in design : a guide for the development of product identity through sounds Doriana Dal Palù 1
Fuzzy control in environmental engineering Wojciech Z. Chmielowski 1
Fuzzy dual numbers : theory and applications Felix Mora-Camino 1
Global satellite meteorological observation (GSMO) theory. Volume 1 Stojče Dimov Ilčev 1
General engineering science for technicians Robert John Besanko 1
Global networking, communication and culture : conflict of convergence? : spread of ICT, Internet governance, superorganism humanity and global culture Halit Ünver 1
Global navigation satellite systems and their applications Scott Madry 1
Global mobile satellite communications applications. Volume 2 Stojče Dimov Ilčev 1
Gesture Recognition : Principles, techniques and applications. Amit Konar 1
German infantryman versus Soviet rifleman : Barbarossa 1941 D. Campbell 1
Geometric continuum mechanics and induced beam theories Simon R. Eugster 1
Geometric algebra applications. Vol. I, Computer vision, graphics and neurocomputing Eduardo Bayro Corrochano 1
Geoenergy modeling Norbert Böttcher 1
Genetic algorithm essentials Oliver Kramer 1
Generic systems engineering : ein methodischer ansatz zur komplexit?atsbew?altigung Petra Winzer 1
Generalizations of fuzzy information measures Anshu Ohlan 1
General engineering science in SI units Grigor Wilson Marr 1
General engineering science Robert John Besanko 1
Fuzzy graph theory Sunil Mathew 1
Gateway to engineering George Rogers 1
Gas allocation optimization methods in artificial gas lift Ehsan Khamehchi 1
Ganzheitliche Produktionssysteme Uwe Dombrowski 1
GNVQ advanced engineering : systems, processes, materials and design Alan Darbyshire 1
GCSE engineering Steve Cushing 1
Fuzzy sets-based methods and techniques for modern analytics Ali Ebrahimnejad 1
Fuzzy sets theory preliminary : can a washing machine think? Hao-Ran Lin 1
Fuzzy logic type 1 and type 2 based on LabVIEW FPGA Pedro Ponce Cruz 1
Fuzzy logic of quasi-truth : an algebraic treatment Antonio Di Nola 1
Fuzzy logic for image processing : a gentle introduction using Java Laura Caponetti 1
Fuzzy logic : an introductory course for engineering students E. Trillas 1
Fuzzy graph theory with applications to human trafficking John N. Mordeson 1
Hybrid systems, optimal control and hybrid vehicles : theory, methods and applications Thomas J. Böhme 1
Hydrodynamics of planing monohull watercraft William S. Vorus 1
Hydrometrie : Theorie und Praxis der Durchflussmessung in offenen Gerinnen Gerd Morgenschweis 1
Internet of Things : building blocks and business models Fatima Hussain 1
Introduction to digital systems design Giuliano Donzellini 1
Introduction to digital communications Joachim Speidel 1
Introduction to computer networking Thomas G. Robertazzi 1
Introduction to biosensors : from electric circuits to immunosensors Jeong-Yeol Yoon 1
Introduction to averaging dynamics over networks Fabio Fagnani 1
Introduction to artificial intelligence Mariusz Flasiński 1
Introduction to annotated logics : foundations for paracomplete and paraconsistent reasoning Jair Minoro Abe 1
Introducing engineering : junior cycle Lawrence Smyth 1
Interprofessional education in patient-centered medical homes : implications from complex adaptive systems theory C. Scott Smith 1
Interpretability of computational intelligence-based regression models Tamás Kenesei 1
Internet-of-things (IoT) systems : architectures, algorithms, methodologies Dimitrios Nikolaou Serpanos 1
Internet of things for smart cities : technologies, big data and security Waleed Ejaz 1
Internet economy vs classic economy : struggle of contradictions Alexander P. Sukhodolov 1
Introduction to dynamics A. Ghosh 1
Internally heated convection and Rayleigh-Bénard convection David Goluskin 1
Internally compensated LDO regulators for modern system-on-chip design José María Hinojo 1
Internal variables in thermoelasticity Arkadi Berezovski 1
Intermediate GNVQ engineering C. Chapman 1
Interactive multimedia learning : using social media for peer education in single-player educational games Johannes Konert 1
Interactive granular computations in networks and systems engineering : a practical perspective Andrzej Jankowski 1
Intelligente Vergabestrategien bei Grosβprojekten : Ein Überblick Volkmar Agthe 1
Intelligent transportation systems : functional design for effective traffic management Robert L. Gordon 1
Intelligent transportation systems : 802.11-based vehicular communications Syed Faraz Hasan 1
Intelligent systems II : complete approximation by neural network operators George A. Anastassiou 1
Intelligent scheduling of robotic flexible assembly cells Khalid Karam Abd 1
Intelligent residential buildings and the behaviour of the occupants : state of the art Pedro F. Pereira 1
Introduction to distributed computer systems : principles and features Ludwik Czaja 1
Introduction to engineering P. Thomas Blotter 1
Intelligent optimal adaptive control for mechatronic systems Marcin Szuster 1
Introduction to solid mechanics : an integrated approach Jacob Lubliner 1
Issues in the use of neural networks in information retrieval Iuliana F. Iatan 1
Isoconversional kinetics of thermally stimulated processes Sergey Vyazovkin 1
Is 'fuzzy theory' an appropriate tool for large size problems? Ranjit Biswas 1
Invitation to engineering E. R. Laithwaite 1
Investitionsrechnung : eine Einführung für Architekten und Bauingenieure Dirk Noosten 1
Inverter-based circuit design techniques for low supply voltages Rakesh Kumar Palani 1
Intuitionistic fuzzy logics Krasimir Atanasov 1
Intuitionistic fuzzy calculus Qian Lei 1
Introduction to transport phenomena modeling : a multiphysics, general equation-based approach Gianpaolo Ruocco 1
3D-Spannungsanalyse von linear elastisch homogenen Körpern : analytische Lösungsmethoden für kontinuumsmechanische Probleme Manfred Hahn 1
Introduction to the engineering profession John Dustin Kemper 1
Introduction to surface engineering Peter Dearnley 1
Introduction to polyphasic dispersed systems theory : application to open systems of microorganisms' culture Jacques Thierie 1
Introduction to engineering Roger Mayne 1
Introduction to nonlinear thermomechanics of solids Michał Kleiber 1
Introduction to nonlinear finite element analysis Nam-ho Kim 1
Introduction to nonlinear circuits and networks Bharathwaj Muthuswamy 1
Introduction to multi-disciplinary model-building H. G. Natke 1
Introduction to morphogenetic computing Germano Resconi 1
Introduction to logic circuits & logic design with Verilog Brock J. LaMeres 1
Introduction to logic circuits & logic design with VHDL Brock J. LaMeres 1
Introduction to linear elasticity Phillip L. Gould 1
Introduction to fractional differential equations Constantin Milici 1
Introduction to engineering and technology W. Lionel Craver 1
Introduction to engineering : including FORTRAN programming Leroy S. Fletcher 1
Introduction to engineering W. Lionel Craver 1
Intelligent optimization of mold design and process parameters in injection molding Mehdi Moayyedian 1
Intelligent numerical methods II : applications to multivariate fractional Calculus George A. Anastassiou 1
Hydrostatics and stability of marine vehicles : theory and practice Byung Suk Lee 1
Implementing polytope projects for smart systems Octavian Iordache 1
Industry 4.0 : managing the digital transformation Alp Ustundag 1
Industrielles Luftfahrtmanagement : Technik und Organisation luftfahrttechnischer Betriebe Martin Hinsch 1
Industrial espionage and technical surveillance counter measurers Iosif I. Anulidakis 1
Industrial construction estimating manual Kenneth Storm 1
Industrial aviation management : a primer in European design, production and maintenance organisations Martin Hinsch 1
India in space : between utility and geopolitics Marco Aliberti 1
Index modulation for 5G wireless communications Miaowen Wen 1
Index and query methods in road networks Jun Feng 1
Incorporating resiliency concepts into NFPA codes and standards Kenneth W. Dungan 1
In-vitro diagnostic devices : introduction to current point-of-care diagnostic devices Chao-Min Cheng 1
In-service fatigue reliability of structures S. V. Petinov 1
In the footsteps of Columbus : European missions to the International Space Station John O'Sullivan 1
Implantable medical electronics : prosthetics, drug delivery, and health monitoring Vinod Kumar Khanna 1
Information adaptation : the interplay between Shannon information and semantic information in cognition H. Haken 1
Image quality assessment of computer-generated images : based on machine learning and soft computing André Bigand 1
Image analysis for ophthalmological diagnosis : image processing of Corvis ST images using Matlab Robert Koprowski 1
Ignition and wave processes in combustion of solids Nickolai M. Rubtsov 1
Identifying product and process state drivers in manufacturing systems using supervised machine learning Thorsten Wuest 1
Identifying patterns in financial markets : new approach combining rules between PIPs and SAX João Leitão 1
Idea engineering : creative thinking and innovation La Verne Abe Harris 1
ISO 9001 quality management systems Dhanasekharan Natarajan 1
IP cores design from specifications to production : modeling, verification, optimization, and protection Khaled Salah Mohamed 1
IIW guidelines on weld quality in relationship to fatigue strength Bertil Jonsson 1
ICoRD'15 -- research into design across boundaries. Volume 1, Theory, research methodology, aesthetics, human factors and education Amaresh Chakrabarti 1
Hyper-lattice algebraic model for data warehousing Soumya Sen 1
Hygrothermal risk on building heritage : a methodology for a risk map João M. P. Q. Delgado 1
Infectious disease modeling : a hybrid system approach Xinzhi Liu 1
Information loss in deterministic signal processing systems Bernhard C. Geiger 1
Intelligent numerical methods : applications to fractional calculus George A. Anastassiou 1
Integrated nanoelectronics : nanoscale CMOS, post -CMOS and allied nanotechnologies Vinod Kumar Khanna 1
Intelligent medical decision support system based on imperfect information : the case of ovarian tumor diagnosis Krzysztof Dyczkowski 1
Intelligent control : a stochastic optimization based adaptive fuzzy approach Kaushik Das Sharma 1
Intelligent computer systems in engineering design : principles and applications Staffan Sunnersjo 1
Intelligent computations : abstract fractional calculus, inequalities, approximations George A. Anastassiou 1
Intelligent comparisons II : operator inequalities and approximations George A. Anastassiou 1
Intelligent comparisons : analytic inequalities George A. Anastassiou 1
Intelligent Control of Connected Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Amir Taghavipour 1
Intellectual property and financing strategies for technology startups Gerald B. Halt 1
Integrierte schadenanalyse : Technikgestaltung und das System des Versagens Karlheinz G. Schmitt-Thomas 1
Integration, interconnection, and interoperability of IoT Systems Raffaele Gravina 1
Integration of renewable generation and elastic loads into distribution grids Omid Ardakanian 1
Integration of nature and technology for smart cities Anil Ahuja 1
Integrated management systems Marek Bugdol 1
Information theory and coding - solved problems Predrag Ivaniš 1
Integrated absorption refrigeration systems : comparative energy and exergy analyses İbrahim Dinçer 1
Integral transform techniques for Green's function K. Watanabe 1
Instinctive computing Yang Cai 1
Instability in flow boiling in microchannels Sujoy Kumar Saha 1
Insight into magnetorheological shock absorbers Janusz Gołdasz 1
Input-to-state stability for PDEs Iasson Karafyllis 1
Input-output models for sustainable industrial systems : implementation using LINGO Raymond R. Tan 1
Innovative design, manufacturing and testing of small satellites Scott Madry 1
Innovation for engineers : developing creative and entrepreneurial success Mehran Mehregany 1
Inkjet-configurable gate array : towards application specific printed electronic circuits Mohammad Mashayekhi 1
Ingenieurbaustoffe Hans-Wolf Reinhardt 1
Infrared Thermography for Building Moisture Inspection Eva Barreira 1
From variability tolerance to approximate computing in parallel integrated architectures and accelerators ʿAbbās Raḥīmī 1
From global to local statistical shape priors : novel methods to obtain accurate reconstruction results with a limited amount of training shapes Carsten Last 1
Distributed embedded controller development with petri nets : application to globally-asynchronous locally-synchronous systems Filipe Moutinho 1
From content-based music emotion recognition to emotion maps of musical pieces Jacek Grekow 1
Engineering and technology talent for innovation and knowledge-based economies : competencies, leadership, and a roadmap for implementation Mahmoud Abdulwahed 1
Engineering a Robust DNA Circuit for the Direct Detection of Biomolecular Interactions Ang Yan Shan 1
Engineering GNVQ. Intermediate Michael H. Tooley 1
Engineering GCSE Neil Godfrey 1
Engineering A Level : compulsory units for AS and A Level engineering Michael H. Tooley 1
Engineering : an outline for the intending student M. W. Thring 1
Engineering : a very short introduction D. I. Blockley 1
Energy-efficient spectrum management for cognitive radio sensor networks Ju Ren 1
Energy-efficient smart temperature sensors in CMOS technology Kamran Souri 1
Energy, information, feedback, adaptation, and self-organization : the fundamental elements of life and society S. G. Tzafestas 1
Energy harvesting for self-powered wearable devices Mohammad Alhawari 1
Energy efficient non-road hybrid electric vehicles : advanced modeling and control Johannes Unger 1
Energy efficient embedded video processing systems : a hardware-software collaborative approach Muhammad Usman Karim Khan 1
Energy efficiency clauses in charter party agreements : legal and economic perspectives and their application to ocean grain transport George Adamantios Psarros 1
Energy and bandwidth-efficient wireless transmission Wei Gao 1
Energie : Richtig bewerten und sinnvoll nutzen Heinz Herwig 1
Encyclopedia of analytical surfaces S. N. Krivoshapko 1
Emotional feedback for mobile devices Julia Seebode 1
Emotion, affect and personality in speech : the bias of language and paralanguage Swati Johar 1
Emerging technologies for emerging markets John Vong 1
Emergent nested systems : a theory of understanding and influencing complex systems as well as case studies in urban systems Christian Walloth 1
Embodied social cognition Jessica Lindblom 1
Embedded systems design for high-speed data acquisition and control Maurizio di Paolo Emilio 1
Embedded system design Peter Marwedel 1
Embedded sensor systems Dharma P. Agrawal 1
Embedded platforms for UAS landing path and obstacle detection : integration and development of unmanned aircraft systems Umberto Papa 1
Embedded deep learning : algorithms, architectures and circuits for always-on neural network processing Bert Moons 1
Engineering and the mind's eye Eugene S. Ferguson 1
Engineering applications of FPGAs : chaotic systems, artificial neural networds, random number generators, and secure communication systems Esteban Tlelo-Cuautle 1
Engineering applications of soft computing Margarita Arimatea Díaz Cortés 1
Engineering level 2. Mechanical units David Salmon 1
Engineering science at Levels II and III W. Bolton 1
Engineering science II Derrick Edward Hewitt 1
Engineering science : level 2 T. T. Lowe 1
Engineering science : for foundation degree and higher national Michael H. Tooley 1
Engineering science 3 checkbook J. O. Bird 1
Engineering science 2 checkbook J. O. Bird 1
Engineering science H. K. McCorkindale 1
Engineering safe and secure cyber-physical systems : the specification PEARL approach Roman Gumzej 1
Engineering principles in everyday life for non-engineers Saeed B. Niku 1
Engineering physics D. K. Bhattacharya 1
Engineering metrology and measurements N. V. Raghavendra 1
Engineering materials and methods Eric George Semler 1
Engineering in time : the systematics of engineering history and its contemporary context A. A. Harms 1
Engineering computation of structures : the finite element method Maria Augusta Neto 1
Engineering in S.I. units Douglas Charles Ramsay 1
Engineering graphics : theoretical foundations of engineering geometry for design Aleksandr Yurievich Brailov 1
Engineering fundamentals, SI : an introduction to engineering Saeed Moaveni 1
Engineering fundamentals for professional engineers' examinations Lloyd M. Polentz 1
Engineering fundamentals : principles, problems & solutions Donald G. Newnan 1
Engineering fundamentals : examination review Donald G. Newman 1
Engineering fundamentals Jim Ayres 1
Engineering for industrial designers and inventors : fundamentals for designers of wonderful things Thomas Ask 1
Engineering embedded systems : physics, programs, circuits Peter Hintenaus 1
Engineering electromagnetics Nathan Ida 1
Engineering design under uncertainty and health prognostics Zhao Hu 1
Engineering computational emotion : a reference model for emotion in artificial systems M. Guadalupe Sánchez-Escribano 1
Embedded and real-time operating systems K. C. Wang 1
Elektromobilität und Sektorenkopplung : Infrastruktur- und Systemkomponenten Przemyslaw Komarnicki 1
Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe : Grundlagen, Betriebsverhalten Andreas Binder 1
Dynamics of adsorptive systems for heat transformation : optimization of adsorber, adsorbent and cycle Alessio Sapienza 1
E-Vergabe - Praxishinweise und Markt?uberblick : Schnelleinstieg f?ur ?offentliche Auftraggeber und Bieter Felix Zimmermann 1
Dynamics of the unicycle : modelling and experimental verification Michał Niełaczny 1
Dynamics of pre-strained bi-material elastic systems : linearized three-dimensional approach Surkay D. Akbarov 1
Dynamics of parallel robots : from rigid bodies to flexible elements Sebastien Briot 1
Dynamics of parallel robots Ștefan Staicu 1
Dynamics of number systems : computation with arbitrary precision Petr Kůrka 1
Dynamics of nanoparticles in stagnation flames Yiyang Zhang 1
Dynamics of mechanical systems with non-ideal excitation Livija Cveticanin 1
Dynamics of liquid solidification : thermal resistance of contact layer Zygmunt Lipnicki 1
Dynamics of cyclic machines I. I. Vulʹfson 1
Dynamics of complex autonomous Boolean networks David P. Rosin 1
Dynamics of bodies with time-variable mass L. Cveticanin 1
Dynamics and Vibration Analyses of Gearbox in Wind Turbine Qingkai Han 1
EEG Signal Analysis and Classification : Techniques and Applications Siuly Siuly 1
Dynamic wireless sensor networks : new directions for smart technologies Mohamed Elhoseny 1
Dynamic spectrum auction in wireless communication Yanjiao Chen 1
Dynamic products : shaping information to engage and persuade Sara Colombo 1
Dynamic parameter adaptation for meta-heuristic optimization algorithms through type-2 fuzzy logic Frumen Olivas 1
Dynamic games for network security Xiaofan He 1
Durability of Springs Vladimir Kobelev 1
Dry etching technology for semiconductors Kazuo Nojiri 1
Driving and engine cycles Evangelos G. Giakoumis 1
Dream missions : space colonies, nuclear spacecraft and other possibilities Michel Van Pelt 1
Down milling trimming process optimization for carbon fiber-reinforced plastic Moham Saiful Bahri 1
Doubt-free uncertainty in measurement : an introduction for engineers and students Colin Ratcliffe 1
Distributed optimization-based control of multi-agent networks in complex environments Minghui Zhu 1
E-learning practice in higher education : a mixed-method comparative analysis Sayed Hadi Sadeghi 1
Eco-efficiency of grinding processes and systems Marius Winter 1
Elektrische Maschinen : Grundlagen · Magnetfelder · Erwärmung · Funktionsprinzipien · Betriebsarten · Einsatz · Entwurf · Wirtschaftlichkeit Ekkehard Bolte 1
Electrical machines and drives : fundamentals and advanced modelling Jan A. Melkebeek 1
Elektrische Energieversorgung 3 : Dynamik, Regelung und Stabilität, Versorgungsqualität, Netzplanung, Betriebsplanung und -führung, Leit- und Informationstechnik, FACTS, HGÜ Valentin Crastan 1
Elektrisch leitfähige Polymerwerkstoffe : ein Überblick für Studierende und Praktiker Ulrich Leute 1
Electronics for embedded systems Ahmet Bindal 1
Electronic control fires : a design, manufacturing and forensic technical perspective James E. Small 1
Electromigration inside logic cells : modeling, analyzing and mitigating signal electromigration in nanoCMOS Gracieli Posser 1
Electromagnetic fluctuations at the nanoscale : theory and applications Aleksandr I. Volokitin 1
Electromagnetic fields excited in volumes with spherical boundaries Yuriy M. Penkin 1
Electromagnetic fields and waves : microwave and mmWave engineering with generalized macroscopic electrodynamics Eugene I. Nefyodov 1
Electrodeposition of nanostructured materials Farzad Nasirpouri 1
Electrochemical sensing : carcinogens in beverages Asif Iqbal Zia 1
Electro-hydraulic actuation systems : design, testing, identification and validation J. Jaidev Vyas 1
Electricity-based fuels Alexander Tremel 1
Electrical circuits in biomedical engineering : problems with solutions Ali Ümit Keskin 1
Economic model predictive control : theory, formulations and chemical process applications Matthew Ellis 1
Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles : advanced simulation methodologies Bogdan Ovidiu Varga 1
Electric and hybrid buses for urban transport : energy efficiency strategies Bogdan Ovidiu Varga 1
Elastic/plastic discs under plane stress conditions Sergey Alexandrov 1
Ejectors for efficient refrigeration : design, applications and computational fluid dynamics Giuseppe Grazzini 1
Eigenvalue and Eigenvector problems in applied mechanics Sorin Vlase 1
Effiziente Terminplanung von Bauprojekten : Schnelleinstieg für Architekten und Bauingenieure Rolf Reppert 1
Effiziente Faraday-Effekt-Stromsensoren Reiner Thiele 1
Effects of magnetoelastic interactions in conductive plates and shells Gevorg Baghdasaryan 1
Effective model-based systems engineering John M. Borky 1
Effective interpersonal and team communication skills for engineers Clifford A. Whitcomb 1
Edge detection methods based on generalized type-2 fuzzy logic Claudia I. Gonzalez 1
Economic systems analysis : statistical indicators E. V. Sibirskai︠a︡ 1
Engineering science for technicians Level 1 David Robert Browning 1
Engineering science level II G. D. Redford 1
Engineering science, second level D. Tipler 1
Finite Frequency Analysis and Synthesis for Singularly Perturbed Systems Chenxiao. Cai 1
Flexible spacecraft dynamics, control and guidance : technologies by Giovanni Campolo Leonardo Mazzini 1
Fire safety of historical buildings : traditional versus innovative "behavioural design" solutions by using wayfinding systems Gabriele Bernardini 1
Fire resistance in American heavy timber construction : history and preservation Jesse Heitz 1
Fire protection : detection, notification, and suppression Robert C. Till 1
Fire hazards of exterior wall assemblies containing combustible components Nathan White 1
Fire hazard assessment of lithium ion battery energy storage systems Andrew F. Blum 1
Finnie's notes on fracture mechanics : fundamental and practical lessons C. K. H. Dharan 1
Finite elements for truss and frame structures : an introduction based on the computer algebra system maxima Andreas Öchsner 1
Finite element modeling of nanotube structures : linear and non-linear models Mokhtar Awang 1
Finite element methods : a practical guide Jonathan Whiteley 1
Finite element concepts : a closed-form algebraic development Gautam Dasgupta 1
Finite element applications : a practical guide to the FEM process Michael Okereke 1
Finite Element and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Transient Wave Equations Gary Cohen 1
Flip-Flop design in nanometer CMOS : from high speed to low energy Massimo Alioto 1
Finite Element Analysis of Rotating Beams : Physics Based Interpolation Ranjan Ganguli 1
Finanzierung für Ingenieure Ekbert Hering 1
Filtering and control of wireless networked systems Dan Zhang 1
Filtering and control of stochastic jump hybrid systems Xiuming Yao 1
Filtering and control for classes of two-dimensional systems Ligang Wu 1
Fifty materials that make the world Ian Baker 1
Fertigungstechnik - Umformen : Napfrückwärtsfließpressen Michael Reichel 1
Ferromagnetic microwire composites : from sensors to microwave applications Hua-Xin Peng 1
Female innovators at work : women on top of tech Danielle Newnham 1
Feedback in analog circuits Agustin Ochoa 1
Feedback control theory for dynamic traffic assignment Pushkin Kachroo 1
Feedback control : linear, nonlinear and robust techniques and design with industrial applications Stephen J. Dodds 1
Flight systems and control : a practical approach Tian Seng Ng 1
Flocking and rendezvous in distributed robotics Bruce A. Francis 1
Fault tolerant control schemes using integral sliding modes Mirza Tariq Hamayun 1
Foundations of heterogeneous integration : an industry-based, 2.5D/3D pathfinding and co-design approach Farhang Yazdani 1
From bench to boardroom : the R & D leader's guide Clifford L. Spiro 1
Friction material composites : copper-/metal-free material design perspective K. L. Sundarkrishnaa 1
Friction and wear : methodologies for design and control Giovanni Straffelini 1
Frequency domain analysis and design of nonlinear systems based on Volterra series expansion : a parametric characteristic approach Xingjian Jing 1
Freeway traffic modelling and control Antonella Ferrara 1
Fracture mechanics of piezoelectric solids with interface cracks Volodymyr Govorukha 1
Fracture mechanics Nestor Perez 1
Fractography and failure analysis Jorge Luis González Velázquez 1
Fractional-order modeling and control of dynamic systems Aleksei Tepljakov 1
Fractional thermoelasticity Yuriy Povstenko 1
Fractional order Darwinian particle swarm optimization : applications and evaluation of an evolutionary algorithm Micael Couceiro 1
Fractal elements and their applications Anis Kharisovich Gil'mutdinov 1
Foundations of elastoplasticity : subloading surface model Koichi Hashiguchi 1
Flow boiling in expanding microchannels Tamanna Alam 1
Foundations of computer vision : computational geometry, visual image structures and object shape detection James F. Peters 1
Foundations of circulation control based small-scale unmanned aircrafts : a comprehensive methodology from concept to design and experimental testing Konstantinos Kanistras 1
Foundations & principles of distributed manufacturing : elements of manufacturing networks, cyber-physical production systems and smart automation H. Kühnle 1
Formal verification of simulink/stateflow diagrams : a deductive approach Naijun Zhan 1
Formal verification of floating-point hardware design : a mathematical approach David Russinoff 1
Formal specification level : concepts, methods, and algorithms Mathias Soeken 1
Formal methods for discrete-time dynamical systems Calin Belta 1
Force-controlled robotic assembly processes of rigid and flexible objects : methodologies and applications Ibrahim Fahad Jasim Ghalyan 1
Fluid flow and heat transfer in rotating porous media Péter Vadász 1
Flugzeugtriebwerke : Grundlagen, Aero-Thermodynamik, ideale und reale Kreisprozesse, Thermische Turbomaschinen, Komponenten, Emissionen und Systeme Willy J. G. Bräunling 1
Flugphysik der Tragschrauber : Verstehen und berechnen Holger. Duda 1
Flows in polymers, reinforced polymers and composites : a multi-scale approach Christophe Binetruy 1
Fault-tolerant digital microfluidic biochips : compilation and synthesis Paul Pop 1
Fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control based on adaptive control approach Qikun Shen 1
Engineering technologies. Level 2 Michael H. Tooley 1
Equipment selection for mining : with case studies Christina N. Burt 1
Evaluation of supply chain performance : a manufacturing industry approach Liliana Avelar-Sosa 1
Evaluation of fire flow methodologies Matthew E. Benfer 1
European access to space : business and policy perspectives on micro launchers Matteo Tugnoli 1
Ethanoleinspritzung mit Selbstzündung im Dieselverfahren : Methode zur Senkung der NOx-Emission Nicolae Vlad Burnete 1
Estimation and Control for Networked Systems with Packet Losses without Acknowledgement Hong Lin 1
Essentials of partial differential equations : with applications Marin Marin 1
Essentials of engineering leadership and innovation Pamela McCauley-Bush 1
Essentials of dynamics and vibrations J. Billingsley 1
Errors-in-variables methods in system identification Torsten Söderström 1
Erfolgsfaktor Image – Punkten in 100 Millisekunden : Ihr Wegweiser für einen starken Auftritt Imme Vogelsang 1
Equivalent-Small-Parameter Analysis of DC/DC Switched-Mode Converter Yanfeng Chen 1
Equivalent stress concept for limit state analysis Vladimir A. Kolupaev 1
Environmental science in building Randall McMullan 1
Event-triggered sliding mode control : a new approach to control system design B. Bandyopadhyay 1
Environmental regulation and the OTD process Joe Miemczyk 1
Environmental management : the supply chain perspective Christina W. Y. Wong 1
Environmental load factors and system strength evaluation of offshore jacket platforms Zafarullah Nizamani 1
Environmental assessment of lightweight electric vehicles Patricia Egede 1
Ensembles of type 2 fuzzy neural models and their optimization with bio-inspired algorithms for time series prediction Jesús Soto 1
Enhancing hydrogen storage properties of metal hybrides : enhancement by mechanical deformations Jacques Huot 1
Enhancing Hubble's vision : service missions that expanded our view of the universe David Shayler 1
Enhanced building information models : using IoT services and integration patterns Umit Isikdag 1
Engineering@work : case studies Steve Cushing 1
Engineering women : re-visioning women's scientific achievements and impacts Jill S. Tietjen 1
Engineering trade specialization of Sweden and other industrial countries : a study of trade adjustment mechanisms of factor proportions theory Lennart Ohlsson 1
Engineering technologies. Level 3 Michael H. Tooley 1
Event-based state estimation : a stochastic perspective Dawei Shi 1
Evolution mechanism on structural characteristics of lead-contaminated soil in the solidification/stabilization process Jiang-shan Li 1
Fatigue crack growth : detect - assess - avoid Hans Albert Richard 1
Exploring engineering : an introduction to engineering and design Robert T. Balmer 1
Fatigue and fracture of fibre metal laminates René Alderliesten 1
Fading and shadowing in wireless systems P. Mohana Shankar 1
Facility management : Grundlagen, informationstechnologie, Systemimplementierung, Anwendungsbeispiele Jens Nävy 1
FPGA-based digital convolution for wireless applications Lei Guan 1
FPGA design : best practices for team-based reuse Philip A. Simpson 1
FEYRER : Drahtseile : Bemessung, Betrieb, Sicherheit K. Feyrer 1
FEM analysis of the human knee joint : a review Zahra Trad 1
Extraction of prosody for automatic speaker, language, emotion and speech recognition Leena Mary 1
Externally heated valve engine : a new approach to piston engines Zbyszko Kazimierski 1
Extensions of dynamic programming for combinatorial optimization and data mining Hassan AbouEisha 1
Exploring the use of eye gaze controlled interfaces in automotive environments Pradipta Biswas 1
Exploring the strategy space of negotiating agents : a compositional framework for budding, learning and accepting in automated negotiation Tim Baarslag 1
Exploring engineering : an introduction to engineering and design P. G. Kosky 1
Evolution of artificial neural development : in search of learning genes Gul Muhammad Khan 1
Experimentation methodology for engineers Frank A. Coutelieris 1
Expectations and disappointments of industrial innovations Gideon Halevi 1
Examples in elementary engineering Donald Portway 1
Exact design of digital microfluidic biochips Oliver Keszocze 1
Evolutionary multi-agent systems : from inspirations to applications Aleksander Byrski 1
Evolutionary global optimization, manifolds and applications Hime Aguiar e Oliveira 1
Evolutionary computation techniques : a comparative perspective Erik Cuevas 1
Evolutionary computation and complex networks Jing Liu 1
Evolutionary approach to machine learning and deep neural networks : neuro-evolution and gene regulatory networks Hitoshi Iba 1
Evolutionary algorithms and neural networks : theory and applications Seyedali Mirjalili 1
Evolution of motions of a rigid body about its center of mass F. L. Chernousʹko 1
Evolution of broadcast content distribution Roland Beutler 1
Ölhydraulik : Handbuch der hydraulischen Antriebe und Steuerungen Dietmar Findeisen 1