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Cooking (Chocolate) is a book subject adressed in 232 books and 249 editions by 173 authors

1978 - 2021


There are 232 books and 249 editions on Cooking (Chocolate) between 1978 and 2021

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There are the 232 books on the Cooking (Chocolate) subject with a total 249 editions

Title Author Editions
Chocolate delights Mary Berry 2
Cadbury's chocolate cookbook Patricia Dunbar 2
Real chocolate : over 50 inspiring recipes for chocolate indulgence Chantal Coady 2
Chocolate : the definitive guide Sara Jayne-Stanes 2
Chocolate baking Linda Collister 2
Montezuma's chocolate cookbook : marvellous, messy, melt-in-the-mouth recipes Simon Pattinson 2
Chocolate bible : from genesis to nemesis - exploring the light and dark side of the world's best-loved ingredient Christine McFadden 2
Chocolate Linda Collister 2
Chocolate Joanna Farrow 2
La dolce vita : sweet dreams & chocolate memories Isabel Coe 2
Chocolate Jacqueline Bellefontaine 2
Chocolate Christine France 2
The chocolate cookbook : luxurious treats for total indulgence : 135 irresistible recipes shown in 260 stunning photographs Christine McFadden 2
I'm dreaming of a chocolate Christmas Marcel Desaulniers 2
Chocolate : simple and delicious easy-to-make recipes Caroline Marklew 2
Willie's chocolate factory cookbook Willie Harcourt-Cooze 2
Death by chocolate Judy Bugg 2
Etiquette for chocolate lovers Beryl Peters 1
Mocha Michael Turback 1
Lady Macdonald's chocolate book Claire Macdonald Macdonald 1
Delia's chocolate collection : 12 new chocolate recipes Delia Smith 1
Deep, dark chocolate : decadent recipes for the serious chocolate lover Sara Perry 1
Little black book der Schokolade : das Handbuch rund um die Schokolade Barbara Bloch 1
Mastering chocolate Mark Tilling 1
Melt : a book of chocolate Louise Nason 1
Michael Barry's chocolate the crafty way Michael Barry 1
Miss Hope's chocolate box Hope 1
Decorating cakes with chocolate : scrumptious recipes and original chocolate decorations Katrien Van Zyl 1
Death by chocolate cakes : an astonishing array of chocolate enchantment Marcel Desaulniers 1
Divine : heavenly chocolate recipes with a heart Linda Ollister 1
My favourite chocolate cookbook Mary Norwak 1
My mini Mars : 30 bloomin marvelous recipes Ilona Chovancova 1
Naked chocolate David Wolfe 1
Perfect chocolate desserts Anne Willan 1
Polly Pinder's chocolate cookbook Polly Pinder 1
Quick & easy chocolate : 70 imaginative recipes for the busy cook Gina Steer 1
Crazy about chocolate : more than 200 delicious recipes to enjoy and share Krystina Castella 1
Raw chocolate Matthew Kenney 1
Deliciously chocolatey : 100 cocoa-rich recipes for bakes, cakes and chocolate treats Victoria Glass 1
La Maison du chocolat : transcendent desserts by the legendary chocolatier Robert Linxe 1
Fine chocolates Jean-Pierre Wybauw 1
La Maison du chocolat : timeless classics with a twist Gilles Marchal 1
Fine chocolates : gold Jean-Pierre Wybauw 1
For chocolate lovers : from truffles to tiramisu Chris Tanner 1
Gill MacLennan's chocolate Gill MacLennan 1
Enlightened chocolate : more than 150 decadently light, easy-to-make, and inspired recipes using dark chocolate and unsweetened cocoa powder Camilla V. Saulsbury 1
Great British bake off - bake it better. No. 6, Chocolate Cat Black 1
Great moments in chocolate history : with 20 classic recipes from around the world Howard-Yana Shapiro 1
Green & Black's chocolate recipes : from the cacao pod to muffins, mousses and moles Caroline Jeremy 1
Heavenly chocolate Linda Collister 1
Heavenly chocolate : divinely decadent : the ultimate cookbook Christine France 1
How to kill yourself with chocolate : a surreal cookbook Martina Lang 1
I [symbol] chocolate I love thermomix Janie Turner 1
Eat chocolate, lose weight Will Clower 1
In search of the best Swedish chokladbollar : a southeast asian falls in love with "fika" Alaine Handa 1
Intensely chocolate : 100 scrumptious recipes for true chocolate lovers Carole Bloom 1
Jessica's raw chocolate recipes : natural power food for the chocoholic Jessica Fenton 1
Rococo : mastering the art of chocolate Chantal Coady 1
John Slattery's creative chocolate John Slattery 1
Divine heavenly chocolate recipes with a heart Linda Collister 1
Juggling with chocolate Jane 1
Just chocolate : rich and luscious recipes for cakes, biscuits, desserts and treats Kathryn Hawkins 1
Divine chocolate : 200 delicious recipes Carla Bardi 1
101 things to do with chocolate Stephanie Ashcraft 1
Small-batch baking for chocolate lovers Debby Maugans Nakos 1
Sensational chocolate : a celebrity collaboration Paul A. Young 1
Seriously bitter sweet : the ultimate dessert maker's guide to chocolate Alice Medrich 1
The diabetic chocolate cookbook Mary Jane Finsand 1
The essential chocolate chip cookbook : recipes from the classic cookie to mocha chip meringue cake Elinor Klivans 1
The everything chocolate cookbook Laura Tyler Samuels 1
The goodness of raw chocolate Kathy Kordalis 1
The goodness of raw chocolate : 40 amazing antioxidant recipes Kathy Kordalis 1
The gourmet's guide to cooking with chocolate : how to use chocolate to take simple recipes from the ordinary to the extraordinary Dwayne Ridgaway 1
The healing powers of chocolate Cal Orey 1
The journey of the bean : from cacao to chocolate Samuel Mutter 1
The little book of Chocolat Joanne Harris 1
The little book of chocolate tips Linda Collister 1
The little chocolate book Jennie Reekie 1
The new taste of chocolate : a cultural and natural history of cacao with recipes Maricel E. Presilla 1
The paleo chocolate lovers cookbook : 75 gluten free treats for breakfast and dessert Kelly V. Brozyna 1
The school of chocolate : equipment, techniques, recipes & step-by-step instructions Francesca Badi 1
The seven deadly sins of chocolate Laurent Schott 1
The taste of chocolate Patricia Dunbar 1
The ultimate chocolate cookbook Donna Hay 1
The ultimate encyclopedia of chocolate Christine McFadden 1
There's always room for chocolate : recipes from Brooklyn's The Chocolate Room Naomi Josepher 1
Topsy and Tim's chocolate cook book Jean Adamson 1
Totally chocolate : 60 deliciously seductive recipes Eric Lanlard 1
Ultimate chocolate Patricia Lousada 1
Vegan chocoholic : cakes, biscuits, desserts, and quick sweet snacks Philip Hochuli 1
Vegan chocolate : unapologetically luscious and decadent dairy-free desserts Fran Costigan 1
Willie's chocolate bible : [chocolate heaven in recipes and stories Willie Harcourt-Cooze 1
The complete book of chocolate and 200 chocolate recipes : over 200 delicious, easy-to-make recipes for total indulgence, from cookies to cakes, shown step by step in over 700 mouthwatering photographs Christine France 1
The complete Cadbury's cookbook Patricia Dunbar 1
The chocolate therapist : a user's guide to the extraordinary health benefits of chocolate Julie Pech 1
The art of modeling chocolate Nadia Flecha Guazo 1
Simply Cadbury's chocolate Joanna Farrow 1
Couture chocolate William Curley 1
Spago chocolate Mary Bergin 1
Squires Kitchen's guide to working with chocolate Mark Tilling 1
The Cadbury mini eggs cookbook Cadbury 1
The Creme Egg cookbook Cadbury 1
The East India Company book of chocolate Antony Wild 1
The Gerard Ronay chocolate kit Gerard Ronay 1
The Kake Brand cookbook Jess Mitchell 1
The art and craft of chocolate : an enthusiast's guide to selecting, preparing and enjoying artisan chocolate at home Nathan Hodge 1
The art of chocolate Elaine González 1
The best 50 chocolate recipes Christie Katona 1
The chocolate lovers Gabriel Gaté 1
The best of chocolate : a cookbook Mary Goodbody 1
The big book of chocolate : 365 decadent and irresistible treats Jennifer Donovan 1
The bittersweet world of chocolate Troth Wells 1
The bitterweet world of chocolate Troth Wells 1
The book of chocolate Patricia Lousada 1
The chocolate and coffee bible : over 300 delicious, easy-to-make recipes for total indulgence, from bakes to desserts, shown step-by-step in 1300 glorious photographs Catherine Atkinson 1
The chocolate book Valerie Barrett 1
The chocolate connoisseur : for everyone with a passion for chocolate Chloé Doutre-Roussel 1
The chocolate cookbook Christine France 1
The chocolate cookbook Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen 1
The chocolate diet J. Ashton 1
Crave : a passion for chocolate Maureen McKeon 1
Chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate! Elie Tarrab 1
Cooking with chocolate : the best recipes and tips from a master pastry chef Magnus Johansson 1
Chocolate Patricia Lousada 1
Chocoholic Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen 1
Chocoholic : 50 irresistable indulgences: the ultimate cook's collection Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen 1
Chocolat Stéphan Lagorce 1
Chocolat : Les Marquis de Laduree Vincent Lemains 1
Chocolat : seductive recipes for bakes, desserts, truffles and other treats Eric Lanlard 1
Chocolate Audrey Tan 1
Chocolate Delia Smith 1
Chocolate Dominic Ramsey 1
Chocolate Janice Murfitt 1
Chocolate Jennie Reekie 1
Chocolate Olga Jones 1
Chocolate Sîan Cook 1
Chococo chocolate cookbook : cakes, cookies, brownies, desserts, truffles & other treats Claire Burnet 1
Chocolate Sverre Saetre 1
Chocolate Trish Deseine 1
Chocolate & cocoa recipes Maria Parloa 1
Chocolate : 500 classic recipes : a definitive collection of delectable recipes, from devilish chocolate roulade to Mississippi mud pie, shown in over 500 photographs Felicity Forster 1
Chocolate : 90 sinful and sumptuous indulgences Elisabeth Johansson 1
Chocolate : a feast of temptation Josef Schroer 1
Chocolate : a global history Sarah Moss 1
Chocolate : a love story : 65 chocolate dessert recipes from Max Brenner's private collection Max Brenner 1
Chocolate : an Italian passion Roberta Delana 1
Chocolate : deliciously indulgent recipes for chocolate lovers Maxine Clark 1
Chocolate : discovering, exploring, enjoying Sara Jayne-Stanes 1
Chocoheaven Corrine Munday 1
Choclatique : more than 170 simply elegant desserts (from 5 easy ganaches) Ed Engoron 1
Cocoa : an exploration of chocolate, with recipes Sue Quinn 1
A year in chocolate : four seasons of unforgettable desserts Alice Medrich 1
125 best chocolate recipes Julie Hasson 1
150 chocolate cakes & cookies : an irresistible collection of heavenly cakes, roulades, loaves and cookies, with 150 photographs Felicity Forster 1
20 ways to cook chocolate Lin Chapman 1
200 chocolate recipes Felicity Barnum-Bobb 1
300 best chocolate recipes Julie Hasson 1
300 chocolate desserts and treats : rich recipes for hot and cold desserts, ice creams, tarts, pies, candies, bars, truffles and drinks, with over 300 mouthwatering photographs Felicity Forster 1
500 chocolate delights Lauren Floodgate 1
70 classic chocolate recipes : famous recipes and special treats using the world's most irresistible ingredient, shown step-by-step in over 280 colour photographs Christine France 1
A gourmet's book of chocolate Lesley Mackley 1
A taste of chocolate Örjan Westerlund 1
A year in chocolate : [80 recipes for holidays and special occasions] Jacques Torres 1
Adventures with chocolate : 80 sensational recipes Paul A. Young 1
Celebrating chocolate cakes, brownies & bars Avner Laskin 1
Bake me I'm yours-- chocolate Tracey Mann 1
Best-ever book of chocolate : luxurious treats for total indulgence : 135 irresistible recipes shown in 260 stunning photographs Christine McFadden 1
Bittersweet : recipes and tales from a life in chocolate Alice Medrich 1
Book of chocolate Annie Perrier-Robert 1
Cacao : improve heart health, boost your brain power, decrease stress hormones and chronic fatique, 75 delicious recipes Matthew Ruscigno 1
Cadbury's chocolate novelty cookbook Patricia Dunbar 1
Cadbury's creative chocolate cookbook Patricia Dunbar 1
Cadbury's novelty cookbook Patricia Dunbar 1
Casa cacao : the journey back to the source of chocolate Jordi Roca 1
Celebrate with chocolate Marcel Desaulniers 1
Celebrate with chocolate : totally over-the-top recipes Marcel Desaulniers 1
Chocolate : easy recipes from truffles to bakes Molly Bakes 1
Chocolate : heavenly recipes for desserts, cakes and other divine treats Jennifer Donovan 1
Chocolate : homemade, fancy, and delicious Eliq Maranik 1
Chocolate passion Tish Boyle 1
Chocolate galore Caroline Barty 1
Chocolate heaven Heather Morris 1
Chocolate heaven : 75 irresistible creations Christine France 1
Chocolate heaven : the ultimate indulgence Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen 1
Chocolate holidays : unforgettable desserts for every season Alice Medrich 1
Chocolate indulgences Linda Collister 1
Chocolate indulgences Lucy Poshek 1
Chocolate lover's cookbook for dummies Carole Bloom 1
Chocolate magic : devilishly decadent recipes Kate Shirazi 1
Chocolate modelling cake toppers : 101 tasty ideas for candy clay, modelling chocolate and other fondant alternatives Ramla Khan 1
Chocolate obsession : confections and treats to create and savor Michael Recchiuti 1
Chocolate passion : recipes and inspiration from the kitchens of Chocolatier Magazine Tish Boyle 1
Chocolate : indulge your inner chocoholic Dom Ramsey 1
Chocolate recipes Caroline Barty 1
Chocolate success Sara Lewis 1
Chocolate temptation : delectable recipes using the world's most irresistible ingredient Valerie Ferguson 1
Chocolate therapy : indulgent recipes to lift your spirits Kathy Farrell-Kingsley 1
Chocolate work Tom Phillips 1
Chocolate! : rich and luscious recipes for cakes, biscuits, desserts and treats Kathryn Hawkins 1
Chocolate! chocolate! : 185 seductive recipes for the uncontrollable chocoholic Mary Norwak 1
Chocolate, cake and curses Christine Taylor 1
125 best chocolate chip recipes Julie Hasson 1
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate Jean-Pierre Wybauw 1
Chocopologie : chocolate at its very best Fritz Knipschildt 1
Chocolate from the cake mix doctor Anne Bryn 1
Chocolate dreams : over 125 mouthwatering chocolate creations Christine France 1
Chocolate desserts by Pierre Hermé Pierre Hermé 1
Chocolate cooking Cathy Gill 1
Chocolate : luscious recipes and expert know-how for biscuits, cakes, sweet treats & desserts Kirsten Tibballs 1
Chocolate : quick and easy, proven recipes Gina Steer 1
Chocolate : simple essentials Donna Hay 1
Chocolate : the connoisseur's companion Marco Menabuoni 1
Chocolate : the sweet history Beth Kimmerle 1
Chocolate = Chocolat Paule Cuvelier 1
Chocolate French André Crump 1
Chocolate animals Frances McNaughton 1
Chocolate astrology : delectable recipes and readings for every sign of the zodiac Joy Nagy 1
Chocolate at home : step-by-step recipes to help you master the art of chocolate Will Torrent 1
Chocolate bar : recipes and entertaining ideas for living the sweet life Alison Nelson 1
Chocolate basics : 80 recipes illustrated step by step Orathay Guillamont 1
Chocolate bliss : sensuous recipes, spa treatments, and other divine indulgences Susie Norris 1
Chocolate cakes : 20 fabulously indulgent cakes Tom Phillips 1
Chocolate cakes : 50 great cakes for every occasion Elinor Klivans 1
Chocolate cakes for weddings and celebrations John Slattery 1
Chocolate cakes, biscuits, tarts & puddings Wendy Veale 1
Chocolate chip sweets : celebrated chefs share favorite recipes Tracey Zabar 1
Chocolate chocolate Lisa Yockelson 1
Chocolate classified : a chocolate lover's companion Sarah Jane Evans 1
Chocolate cookery Aaron Maree 1
Chocolate cookery Mable Hoffman 1
Chocolate cookery Mitzie Wilson 1
Wonderful chocolate recipes Alex Barker 1
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