Occasional papers / University of Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies

Occasional papers / University of Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies is a series of 51 books by 46 authors between 1990 and 2005

1990 - 2005


The 51 books in this series in our database

Title Year
Training and structural adjustment : images from Ghana and Nigeria, and, The impact of structural adjustment on tech nical and vocational education and training systems 1990
The building of an industrial society : change and development in Kenya's informal (jua kali) sector : 1972 to 1991 : a summary report 1991
Building capacities in the developing world : a review of experience in the field of education 1991
A Scottish parliament and overseas aid : scope for a distinctive approach? 1991
A haven of tribalism? : reflections on ethnicity and politics in Okombahe - a "labour reserve" in Western Namibia 1991
Unreconciled strivings and ironic strategies : three Afro-British authors of the Georgian era; Ignatius Sancho, Olaudah Equiano, Robert Wedderburn 1992
'Democratic renewal' in Africa : two essays on Benin 1992
The function and financing of African universities : a review of selected policy statements 1933-1988 1992
African taboos and science education : (an exploration of the epistemological and scientific relevance of significant Afr ican cultural dos and donts) 1992
The development of workers' education and political change in Zambia 1993
The Flight-Lieutenant and the professor : the road to Ghana's Fourth Republic (including election statistics) 1993
Afternoons in Damaraland : common land and common sense in one of Namibia's former 'homelands' 1993
"Breaking with the past"? : a consideration of Yoweri Museveni's National Resistance Movement, and of social and political action in Uganda during its government 1993
Changing the subject : curriculum change and Zimbabwean education since independence 1993
Conflict and protest in a Scottish mission area, North-Eastern Zambia, 1870-1935 1994
Participatory local research : a Namibian case study 1993
A social-historical study of social change among the Bangwa of Cameroon 1994
The Addis Ababa transitional conference of July 1991 : its origins, history and significance 1994
Creation snake and mobius strip : the mythopoeic structures in Wole Soyinka's writing 1994
Education policy in the new South Africa : a study of Centre-Province relations 1995
Basotho religion and western thought 1995
Research and development in Bushman communities : two lectures 1996
Sounding out the silences : narratives and absences in African higher education 1996
Some gendered and occupational aspects of HIV and AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa : changes, continuities and issues for further consideration at the end of the first decade 1996
Tackling the symptoms or the causes? : an examination of programmes by NGOs for street children in Nairobi, Kenya 1996
UK NGOs and sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa 1996
The southern Funj of the Sudan under Anglo-Egyptian rule 1900-1933 1996
Fleeing the jungle bloodbath : the method in the madness : British press reporting of Rwanda 1996
A short history of wildlife conservation in Malawi 1996
Studying the impact of AIDS in Africa using participatory research methods 1996
Aid and higher education in the developing world 1997
South African art : a story of Echo, Narcissus & blind Tiresias 1997
Africa : the third liberation 1997
Household methodologies and the measurement of incomes and welfare in Tanzania : a case study from Dodoma using interview data 1997
Where seeing is believing : exploring and reflecting upon the implications for community based natural resource management 1998
The policy and practice of adult literacy education in Ghana : from vicious to virtuous circles? 1998
Relevance, rhetoric and reality : national development at the University of Namibia 1998
And so to school? 1998
Matetereka : Tanzania's last Ujamaa village 1998
The Flight-Lieutenant rides (to power) again : national delusions, local fixations and the 1996 Ghanaian elections 1998
Collapsing expectation : national identity and disintegration of the state of Somalia 1999
Zimbabwe : spiritual province or empty space : an alternative anthropology of landscape 1998
Diverted journeys : the social lives of Ghanaian fantasy coffins 2000
UNESCO, heritage and Africa : an anthropological critique of world heritage 2000
Nigerian identity formations in the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.nigeria 2000
Return to the roots? : migration, local institutions and development in Sudan 2000
Sidis in Gujarat 2001
Reconciling ownership of development & external assistance : aid and nationbuilding in Eritrea 2003
'Participation' and 'empowerment' in adult literacy : prioritising literacy or development aims? 2002
'Traditional connoisseurs' of the past : the ambiguity of spirit mediums and the performance of the past in southern Zimbabwe 2004
Struggling for community : civic activism in the coloured townships of greater Cape Town 1980-1986 2005
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