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BestMasters is a series of 54 books by 54 authors between 2013 and 2016

2013 - 2016


The 54 books in this series in our database

Title Year
Sales negotiations in professional service firms : an exploratory study on agenda setting and issue management 2013
Tourist destination images and local culture : using the example of the United Arab Emirates 2013
Nature-based tourism in Mallorca's natural areas : the benefits of tourism for natural areas 2013
Critical success factors of change management : an empirical research in German small and medium-sized enterprises 2013
Archetypes of crowdfunding platforms : a multidimensional comparison 2013
The speed of human and task integration in mergers and acquisitions : human integration as basis for task integration 2013
When luxury meets art : forms of collaboration between luxury brands and the arts 2013
Wind energy deployment and the relevance of rare earths : an economic analysis 2014
The Thika Highway Improvement Project : changes in the peri-urban Northern Nairobi Metropolitan Region 2013
How financial slack affects corporate performance : an examination in an uncertain and resource scarce environment 2013
Global purchasing processes in the business sector automotive aftermarket : development of a reference model 2013
Collateralized debt obligations : a moment matching pricing technique based on copula functions 2014
Integrated risk management of non-maturing accounts : practical application and testing of a dynamic replication model 2014
Formal and informal strategic planning : the interdependency between organization, performance and strategic planning 2013
Innovation network functionality : the identification and categorization of multiple innovation networks 2014
Social capital and its impact on born transnational firms 2014
Calibration and parameterization methods for the Libor Market Model 2014
Currency speculation in fixed exchange rate regimes : theory and empirical evidence 2014
Social innovation for business success : shared value in the apparel industry 2014
Measures for innovating business models : an empirical study of German SMEs 2014
Model-based recursive partitioning with adjustment for measurement error : applied to the Cox's proportional hazards and Weibull model 2015
Requirement engineering for knowledge-intensive processes : reference architecture for the selection of a learning management system 2015
Testing quantum contextuality : the problem of compatibility 2015
Determinants of private label attitude : predicting consumers' brand preferences using psychographics 2015
Dipolar correlation spectroscopy : higher-order correlation terms in three-spin double electron-electron resonance (DEER) 2015
Dissipative exciton dynamics in light-harvesting complexes 2015
Electrochemical water oxidation at iron(III) oxide electrodes : controlled nanostructuring as key for enhanced water oxidation efficiency 2015
Stochastic non-excitable systems with time delay : modulation of noise effects by time-delayed feedback 2015
Photopolymerizable porous polyorganophosphazenes : degradable matrices for tissue engineering 2015
New synthetic routes to polyoxometalate containing ionic liquids : an investigation of their properties 2015
Risk estimation on high frequency financial data : empirical analysis of the DAX 30 2015
Studies with a liquid argon time projection chamber : addressing technological challenges of large-scale detectors 2015
Self-organized surface structures with ultrafast white-light : first investigation of LIPSS with supercontinuum 2015
3D analysis of the myocardial microstructure : determination of fiber and sheet orientations 2015
Empowering brands with customer integration : classification, benefits and success factors 2015
A polynomial translation of mobile ambients into safe Petri nets : understanding a calculus of hierarchical protection domains 2015
Backtesting value at risk and expected shortfall 2015
Unsteady turbulent flow modelling and applications 2015
Scarce natural resources, recycling, innovation and growth 2015
Internal communication in Bangladeshi ready-made garment factories : illustration of the internal communication system and its connection to labor unrest 2015
Climate policy under intergenerational discounting : an application of the dynamic integrated climate-economy model 2015
Observables and symmetries of n-plectic manifolds 2016
Short- and long-term modality effect in multimedia learning 2016
Complete symbolic simulation of systemC models : efficient formal verification of finite non-terminating programs 2016
Variation based dense 3D reconstruction : application on monocular mini-laparoscopic sequences 2016
Time-optimal trajectory planning for redundant robots : joint space decomposition for redundancy resolution in non-linear optimization 2016
Towards offline PET monitoring at a cyclotron-based proton therapy facility : experiments and Monte Carlo simulations 2016
Analysis of single-cell data : ODE constrained mixture modeling and approximate Bayesian computation 2016
Development of an effusive molecular beam apparatus 2016
Highly accurate spectroscopic parameters from Ab initio calculations : the interstellar molecules l-C3H+ and C4 2016
The rise and downfall of Germany's largest family and non-family businesses : a historical study and strategic analysis from 1971 to 2011 2016
The relationship of leadership and innovation in family businesses : a systematic literature review 2016
The impact of diaspora ventures on the dynamics of the start-up ecosystem berlin 2016
The potential of massive open online courses in the context of corporate training and development 2016
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