Wayland is a book publisher with 4,661 books and 7,099 editions in our database between 1971 and 2022

1971 - 2022
1971 - 2022


There are 4,661 books and 7,099 editions published by Wayland between 1971 and 2022 in our database:

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 7,099 by Wayland in our database:

Here with the top 100 in terms of edition:

Title Author Editions
India David Cumming 6
China Julia Waterlow 5
Clothes Liz Gogerly 5
Seaside Ruth Thomson 4
Football Clive Gifford 4
The history of African and Caribbean communities in Britain Hakim Adi 4
Romanichal gypsies T. A. Acton 4
Rugby Clive Gifford 4
Mountains Jen Green 4
Homes Nicola Barber 4
School Jeff Stanfield 3
Anglo-Saxons Neil Tonge 3
This is my family : a first look at same-sex parents Pat Thomas 3
Athletics Clive Gifford 3
Kenya Máiréad Dunne 3
Homes Jeff Stanfield 3
Japan Lesley Downer 3
Open wide! : my first trip to the dentist Jen Green 3
Wind power Richard Spilsbury 3
Mayan civilization Clare Hibbert 3
Taste Mandy Suhr 3
Where's my peg? : my first day at school Jen Green 3
The history of the Asian community in Britain Rozina Visram 3
Plant life Theresa Greenaway 3
France Teresa Fisher 3
Sound Sally Hewitt 3
Shops Jeff Stanfield 3
Snow White and the enormous turnip Hilary Robinson 3
Australia Andrew Kelly 3
I miss my pet : a first look at the death of a pet Pat Thomas 3
I feel angry Brian Moses 3
Light Sally Hewitt 3
Artists Jillian Powell 3
Mountain biking Paul Mason 3
Why wash? : learning about personal hygiene Claire Llewellyn 3
Grains and cereals Julia Adams 3
Materials Sally Hewitt 3
Nigeria Ali Brownlie Bojang 3
Saints Philip Arthur Sauvain 3
Plants Sally Hewitt 3
Touch Mandy Suhr 3
The street Jeff Stanfield 3
Light Carol Ballard 3
Introducing maps Jack Gillett 3
Electricity Graham Peacock 3
Electricity Carol Ballard 3
School Kathleen Cox 3
Writers Peggy Burns 3
Sound Carol Ballard 3
The Romans in Britain Robert Hull 3
The Vikings in Britain Robert Hull 3
Forces and movement Sally Hewitt 3
Understanding local maps Jack Gillett 3
Smell Mandy Suhr 3
Forces and movement Carol Ballard 3
The Tudors Robert Hull 3
Saving water Jen Green 3
Magnets and springs Carol Ballard 3
Electricity Sally Hewitt 3
The Victorians Robert Hull 3
Deforestation Richard Spilsbury 3
India Susie Brooks 3
Hearing Mandy Suhr 3
Rivers Ruth Thomson 3
Materials Carol Ballard 3
Australian aborigines Richard Nile 3
Transport Nicola Barber 3
A Shakespearean theatre Peter Chrisp 3
Sight Mandy Suhr 3
The Industrial Revolution Peter Hicks 3
Spain Susie Brooks 3
A Tudor medicine chest Brian Moses 3
I feel jealous Brian Moses 3
I feel sad Brian Moses 3
Italy Jen Green 2
Coasts Jen Green 2
Day and night Jen Green 2
Deserts around the world Jen Green 2
Farming Jen Green 2
I want that room! : moving house Jen Green 2
I'm still important! : a new baby Jen Green 2
Islands around the world Jen Green 2
Mapping a school Jen Green 2
Seaside Jen Green 2
Making air cleaner Jen Green 2
Coastlines Jen Green 2
Globalization Nathaniel Harris 2
Maps and map skills Jen Green 2
Martin Luther King : civil rights activist Jen Green 2
Mountains around the world Jen Green 2
National parks and conservation areas Jen Green 2
Coastlines around the world Jen Green 2
We're talking about alcohol Jenny Bryan 2
Caring for habitats Jen Green 2
Rocks and soil Jen Green 2
Pollution Jen Green 2
When I'm angry.. Moira Butterfield 2
We're talking about drugs Jenny Bryan 2
What's wrong with me? : what happens when you're ill, and ways to stay healthy Jenny Bryan 2
Stop bullying me! Jenny Powell 2
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