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Ulverscroft is a book publisher with 5,469 books and 5,572 editions in our database between 1961 and 2016

1961 - 2016
1961 - 2016


There are 5,469 books and 5,572 editions by Ulverscroft between 1961 and 2016 in our database

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Explore all the 5,572 books and editions by Ulverscroft in our database

Title Author Year
10,000 days Kenneth Royce 1984
2 a.m. at the Cat's Pajamas Marie-Helene Bertino 2015
24 hours Greg Iles 2002
4.50 from Paddington Agatha Christie 2010
633 Squadron Frederick E. Smith 2002
633 Squadron : Operation Crisis Frederick E. Smith 2001
633 Squadron : operation Iron Maiden Frederick E. Smith 1999
633 Squadron : Operation Thor Frederick E. Smith 2002
633 squadron : operation Titan Frederick E. Smith 1996
A barefoot wedding Elizabeth Falconer 2000
A barrow in the Broadway Pamela Evans 1990
A bird in the hand Ann Cleeves 1988
A bittersweet proposal Wendy Soliman 2009
A blessing in disguise Pamela Fudge 2009
A blow to the heart Marcel Theroux 2007
A book of hours Elizabeth Yates 1984
A breath of fresh air Erica James 1997
A bride for Sir Berengar Le Moyne Dora E. Woodhams 1999
A bridge of magpies Geoffrey Jenkins 1983
A brood of vipers Michael Clynes 2000
A bullet for Betty Cyril Joyce 1991
A burial in Portugal Bill Knox 1997
A calculated risk Rae Foley 1979
A call for the doctor Marjorie Harte 1987
A Caribbean mystery Agatha Christie 2010
A certain life : contemporary meditations on the way of Christ Herbert O'Driscoll 1984
A certain smile Judith Michael 2001
A chair to sit on Eva Burfield 1986
A chance encounter Emily Johnson 2009
A chance encounter Mary Balogh 2000
A change for the better Pamela Fudge 2011
A charm of finches Sheila Newberry 1999
A charmed death Miles Tripp 1985
A Chelsea girl Barbara Hanrahan 1990
A child called Freedom Carol Lee 2007
A choice of crimes Lesley Ega.n 1983
A choice of enemies Ted Allbeury 1987
A choice of evils Elizabeth Ferrars 1996
A choice of nightmares Marjoire Dorner 1989
A city of bells Elizabeth Goudge 1976
A city called July Howard Engel 1989
A clandestine affair Sally James 1990
A clear case of suicide Michael Underwood 1982
A cleft of stars Geoffrey Jenkins 1979
A close connection Patricia Fawcett 2016
A cloud of doves Palma Harcourt 1986
A clouded peace John Cole 2002
A coffin for two Quintin Jardine 1999
A cold coming Mary Kelly 1990
A cold day in Paradise Steve Hamilton 2002
A company of swans Eva Ibbotson 1987
A conflict of interests Clive Egleton 1985
A confusion of murders John Paxton Sheriff 2006
A connoisseur's case Michael Innes 1980
A conversation about happiness : the story of a lost childhood Mikey Cuddihy 2015
A countess below stairs Eva Ibbotson 1983
A country affair Rebecca Shaw 2002
A country cotillion Sandra Heath 2010
A country gentleman Ann Barker 2012
A cry on the wind Joyce Stranger 1996
A curse on Dostoevsky Atiq Rahimi 2014
A cut in diamonds Bill Knox 1997
A dancer in wartime : one girl's journey from the Blitz to Sadler's Wells Gillian Lynne 2012
A dangerous charade Anne Barbour 2009
A dangerous man Anne Goring 1988
A dangerous time Siân James 1986
A daring disguise Gillian Kaye 2005
A dark-adapted eye Barbara Vine 1988
A dark night hidden Alys Clare 2004
A daughter's a daughter : a novel of romance and suspense Mary Westmacott 1978
A day for dying Dorothy Simpson 1996
A dead giveaway Stella Allan 1998
A dead liberty Catherine Aird 1987
A dead man in Barcelona Michael Pearce 2009
A dead man in Naples Michael Pearce 2010
A dead man in Tangier Michael Pearce 2008
A deadly sickness John Penn 1986
A death on the ocean wave Tim Heald 2008
A death at South Gare Dan Latus 2016
A debt of honour Fenella-Jane Miller 2009
A desperate remedy Elizabeth Hawksley 2002
A detective at death's door H. R. F. Keating 2005
A diamond before you die Chris Wiltz 1990
A different drummer Clive Egleton 1987
A different world Joan Mellows 1989
A disgraceful affair Marina Oliver 2009
A dissembler Fenella-Jane Miller 2007
A distant song Iris Bromige 1980
A distinction of blood Hannah March 2001
A division of the light Christopher Burns 2016
A doctor's war Aidan MacCarthy 2006
A doctor in the west Morris Gibson 1985
A dove against death Christopher Wood 1984
A dream came true Mary Munro 1988
A dream for tomorrow Grace Goodwin 1990
A drop in the ocean : dramatic accounts of aircrew saved from the sea Jim Burtt-Smith 1997
A drowning war John Winton 1987
A dying fall June Thomson 1986
A fabric of dreams Danielle Shaw 2009
A fair exchange Palma Harcourt 1980
A fair pretender Janet Woods 2005
A falcon for a witch Catherine Darby 1998
A falcon for the hawks Clive Egleton 1984
A falcon rising Catherine Hay 1987
A family outing in Africa Charles Hampton 1990
A fancy to kill for Hilary Bonner 1999
A fatal cut Priscilla Masters 2001
A fatal fall of snow Joyce Cato 2012
A father for Daisy Karen Abbott 2012
A fear of vengeance Ray Alan 2011
A fearful freedom : the story of one man's survival behind the lines in Japanese occupied Malaya 1942-45 Robert Hamond 1985
A few days in Endel Joanna Marcus 1980
A few dying words Paula Gosling 1997
A film by Spencer Ludwig D. L. Flusfeder 2011
A fine gentleman Laura Matthews 2001
A fine and private place Anne Atkins 2000
A fine and private place Freda Davies 2003
A flicker in the night John Dean 2006
A foot in the grave Bruce Marshall 1988
A footfall in the mist Veronica Black 1996
A fortunate life A. B. Facey 1986
A fox in the night Roy Hart 1990
A fragile marriage Juliet Dymoke 1996
A free spirit Betty Shine 2002
A funeral of gondolas Timothy Holme 1984
A gallery of poisoners Adrian Vincent 1994
A game of consequences Shelley Smith 1987
A game of murder Francis Durbridge 1976
A game of murder Ray Alan 2009
A game of sudden death Douglas Rutherford 1990
A gathering of dust Joanna Trevor 1995
A genteel little murder Philip Daniels 1988
A gentle feuding Johanna Lindsey 2001
A gentleman's bride Noelene Jenkinson 2015
A gift of time Barbara Murphy 2003
A girl, a horse and a dog Belinda Braithwaite 1989
A girl called Evelyn Theresa Cha.rles 1987
A girl like that Jean Ure 1982
A girl made of dust Nathalie Abi-Ezzi 2010
A golden flame Joan Moules 1987
A good house Bonnie Burnard 2002
A good man's love Elizabeth Harris 1999
A good weekend for murder Jennifer Jordan 1989
A governess of distinction Marion Chesney 1995
A great deliverance Elizabeth George 1990
A grief observed C. S. Lewis 1984
A grove of olives Suzanne Ebel 1979
A grue of ice Geoffrey Jenkins 1979
A guide to Christian meditation Marilyn Morgan Helleberg 1986
A hallowed place Caro Fraser 2001
A harvest of sunflowers Ruth Silvestre 1998
A haunted landscape Iris Bromige 1980
A hero's daughter Andreï Makine 2005
A hive of bees Betty Rowlands 1998
A house among vines Marguerite Smith 1997
A house of character Muriel Howe 1987
A house of clay Caroline Stickland 1988
A house for Sister Mary Lucilla Andrews 1984
A house without love Iris Bromige 1981
A husband for Helen Sarah Devon 1985
A is for alibi Sue Grafton 1988
A is for Angela Iain Broome 2014
A jealous ghost A. N. Wilson 2005
A kept woman Louise Mensch 2002
A key to Laurels March Cost 1982
A killer past Maris Soule 2016
A killing in antiques Bill Knox 1983
A killing in Malta Robert MacLeod 1979
A kind of courage John Harris 1976
A kind of justice Angela Dracup 2006
A kind of wild justice Hilary Bonner 2002
A lady at midnight Melinda Hammond 2006
A Lakeland summer Elizabeth Battrick 1987
A land of stars Elizabeth CLARE 1988
A last wild place Mike Tomkies 1989
A lasting spring Jean Stubbs 1988
A leaf in the wind Marie Joseph 1984
A leap in the dark : a Welsh airman's adventures in occupied Europe James Arthur Davies 1995
A legacy from Tenerife Robert MacLeod 1985
A life for a life Andrew Puckett 2002
A life less lonely Jill Barry 2015
A light within Helen Francis 1987
A lighter shade of blue : the lighthearted memoirs of an Air Marshal Christopher Foxley-Norris 1996
A likeness in stone J. Wallis Martin 1998
A lion by the mane Eva Dane 1986
A lion in the way Elizabeth Cadell 1983
A little deception Beverley Eikli 2014
A long walk in wintertime Libby Purves 1997
A long way to go Una Rothwell 1987
A love so wild Deborah Chester 1982
A magic place : a Rainwood story Iris Bromige 1978
A man apart Jane Donnelly 1982
A man could stand up Ford Madox Ford 2013
A man of honour Lys Holland 1990
A map of nowhere Martin Bannister 2015
A marker to measure drift Alexander Maksik 2014
A masquerade too far Patricia Favier 2000
A match for Elizabeth Mira Stables 1996
A matter of conscience Palma Harcourt 1987
A matter of mischief Evelyn Hood 1990
A matter of record Malcolm Gray 1990
A meeting of minds Clare Curzon 2004
A minor indiscretion Carole Matthews 2003
A mischief past Estelle Thompson 1979
A mist in Glen Torran Amanda Doyle 1984
A moment in time Judith Gould 2002
A monstrous regiment of women Laurie R. King 1998
A morbid taste for bones : a mediaeval whodunnit Ellis Peters 1981
A morning moon Paula Reibel 1987
A mortal affair Stella Allan 1999
A most determined woman Emma Blair 1989
A most rebellious debutante Karen Abbott 2011
A moth at the glass Mogue Doyle 2004
A mountain for Luenda Essie Summers 1984
A murder arranged Judson Philips 1981
A murder of crows Margaret Duffy 1989
A murder is announced Agatha Christie 2010
A murder too many Elizabeth Ferrars 1990
A narrow escape Faith Martin 2005
A narrow exit Faith Martin 2012
A narrow margin of error Faith Martin 2013
A narrow point of view Faith Martin 2011
A narrow return) Faith Martin 2013
A narrow victory Faith Martin 2016
A necessary end Anthea Fraser 1986
A new future beckoning Shirley Worrall 1999
A new leaf Jill Roe 1997
A new life for Joanna Iris Bromige 1986
A new woman Janine Boissard 1984
A New York dance Donald E. Westlake 1981
A nice girl like me Abigail Bosanko 2005
A night to remember Walter Lord 1976
A novena for murder Carol Anne O'Marie 2007
A painted devil John Welcome 1990
A particular circumstance Shirley Smith 2008
A particular place Mary Hocking 1990
A party to murder Michael Underwood 1985
A passage of arms James Pattinson 2002
A passion for living) Alexander Stobbs 2011
A perfect circle Susie Kelly 2007
A perfect marriage Jean Saunders 2004
A perfect match Julia Lisle 1997
A perfect mother Patricia Fawcett 2008
A perfect obsession Caro Fraser 2003
A perfect scoundrel Heather Cullman 2002
A perilous engagement Emily Hendrickson 2002
A picture of innocence Lew Matthews 1998
A pillar of society Julia Hamilton 1996
A pinch of sugar Louise Pakeman 2007
A place of safety Audrey Weigh 2006
A place to stand Anthony Burton 1980
A pocket full of rye Agatha Christie 2010
A portion for foxes Kay Mitchell 1996
A price too high Patricia Favier 2000
A primrose for Sarah Carol Marsh 1989
A private prosecution Eileen Dewhurst 1988
A problem in Prague Bill Knox 1998
A proper place Lillian Beckwith 1988
A property in Cyprus Robert MacLeod 1978
A puzzled heart D. Y. Cameron 1988
A question of identity June Thomson 1983
A question of loyalty Peter Taylor 2015
A rare benedictine Ellis Peters 1990
A rational romance Melinda Hammond 2008
A ravel of waters Geoffrey Jenkins 1982
A ray of sunshine Hilda McKenzie 1996
A real boy) Chris Stevens 2012
A restless peace Barbara Murphy 2002
A rising star Suzanne Goodwin 1999
A rope of sand Elsie Burch Donald 2005
A rose in the heather Suzanne Ebel 1980
A rough music Barbara Bennett 1981
A running duck Paula Gosling 1981
A sacred obligation Julie Ellis 2002
A scent of mimosa Jade Shannon 1985
A seal pup in my bath Steve Greenhalgh 2012
A season of goodwill Elizabeth Walter 1987
A season in hell Jack Higgins 1990
A sharp rise in crime John Cre.asey 1981
A sheltering tree : a Rainwood family novel Iris Bromige 1980
A ship of the line C. S. Forester 1999
A ship must die Douglas Reeman 1981
A shocking affair Gerald Hammond 2001
A shop in the High Street Grace Thompson 2000
A shroud for Delilah Anthea Fraser 1985
A sigh on the breeze Miriam Macgregor 1986
A six-letter word for death Patricia Moyes 1984
A slender thread Iris Bromige 1988
A small fortune Patricia Fawcett 2013
A soldier's India Clifford Keates 1988
A song in the street Janet Broomfield 1997
A song to the sun Elizabeth CLARE 1990
A song at twilight Bryan Forbes 1991
A sort of Samurai James Melville 1982
A sower went forth Tessa Barclay 1984
A speaking likeness Sheila Bishop 1990
A special inheritance Margaret James 2004
A sprig of sea lavender J. R. L. Anderson 1979
A spring in my step Joan McDonnell 2005
A star to steer her by Tristan Jones 1988
A strange inheritance Mark Neilson 2013
A stranger came by Alanna Knight 1989
A stroll through Borneo James Barclay 1982
A study in death Iain McDowall 2001
A study in scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle 2011
A suitable case for corruption Norman Lewis 1985
A suitable father Patricia Crossley 2003
A suitable husband Fenella-Jane Miller 2007
A summer engagement Emma Stirling 1997
A summer for strangers Claire Hamilton 1988
A sunset touch Alex Stuart 1989
A Surrey state of affairs Ceri Radford 2011
A talent for trouble Anne Barbour 2008
A tangled web L. M. Montgomery 2015
A taste for death Peter O'Donnell 1997
A taste of treachery Lesley Denny 2003
A taste of treason Arthur Maling 1985
A temptation too great Patricia Favier 2001
A test of wills Charles Todd 1998
A thankful heart Elsie M. Childs 1997
A thief in the night E. W. Hornung 2011
A thousand pardons Jonathan Dee 2014
A thunder of crude Brian Callison 1988
A time to dance, no time to weep Rumer Godden 1989
A time to die Wilbur A. Smith 1990
A toast to Cousin Julian Estelle Thompson 1987
A touch of magic Nadine Miller 2001
A touch of romance Julia Ashwell 1996
A touch of terror Sarah Farrant 1999
A touch of town bronze Delia Ellis 2002
A tournament of murders : the Franklin's tale of mystery and murder as he goes on pilgrimage from London to Canterbury P. C. Doherty 1998
A town called Immaculate Peter Anthony 2009
A town called Yellowdog J. T. Edson 1977
A tradition of victory Alexander Kent 1985
A traveller on horseback : in Eastern Turkey and Iran Christina Dodwell 1989
A traveller's life Eric Newby 1984
A treacherous season Irene Northan 1996
A treasure for life Anne Weale 1986
A treasure worth seeking Sandra Brown 1996
A turn of traitors Palma Harcourt 1982
A twist in the silk Zoë Cass 1983
A typical American town John Maddox Roberts 1996
A Venetian reckoning Donna Leon 1997
A very British coop : pigeon racing from Blackpool to Sun City Mark Collings 2008
A very parochial murder John Wainwright 1990
A very unimportant officer) Alexander Stewart 2009
A view of vultures Alan Scholefield 1987
A village dilemma Rebecca Shaw 2003
A violent end Emma Page 1990
A visit to Marchmont Frances Turk 1977
A warrior's code Larry Johns 2012
A watery grave Jean Chapman 2012
A wayside tavern Norah Lofts 1982
A weasel in my meatsafe Phil Drabble 1980
A web of dreams Tessa Barclay 1990
A whole new light Sandra Brown 2001
A wife for winter man Linda Acaster 1996
A will to kill John Penn 1988
A wind from the sea Cynthia S. Roberts 1991
A wind on the heath James Pattinson 1998
A witchdance in Bavaria Robert MacLeod 1977
A woman like that Constance Bartel 1987
A woman's touch Emma Stirling 1997
A wonderful use for fire Hayden Gabriel 2005
A word after dying Ann Granger 1997
A world apart Marie Joseph 1989
A wreath for Jenny's grave Charlotte Hunt 1988
A wreath for my sister Priscilla Masters 1997
A wreath of orchids Marjorie Shoebridge 1987
A year in suburbia Guy Bellamy 2008
A yeoman farmer's son H. St G. Cramp 1986
A young man's fancy Nancy Bell 1988
A zoo in my luggage Gerald Durrell 1977
Abigail's secret Roberta Grieve 2009
About Matilda Bill Walsh 2007
Above suspicion Helen MacInnes 1987
Absent in the spring : a novel of romance and suspense Mary Westmacott 1978
Absolute Elizabeth Joanna Dessau 2000
Academy Street Mary Costello 2016
Accabadora Michela Murgia 2014
Accident call Elizabeth Harrison 1985
Accident prone John Penn 1987
Accused nurse Jane Con.verse 1990
Acqua alta Donna Leon 1997
Across the Limpopo : a family's hazardous 4,000-mile journey through Africa Michael Nicholson 1986
Across the narrow blue line Faith Martin 2010
Across the sands of time Pamela Kavanagh 2010
Across the years Helga Moray 1988
Act of God Charles Templeton 1980
Acting on information received Glyn Hardwicke 1990
Acts of violence Ryan David Jahn 2010
Adair of Starlight Peaks Essie Summers 1979
Adam's fall Sandra Brown 2002
Adverse report Gerald Hammond 1990
Afraid to love Kathleen Treves 1988
Africa junction Ginny Baily 2012
African princess Princess of Toro Elizabeth 1985
After Emma Sheila Hocken 1990
After the Festival March Cost 1983
After the fire) John Pilkington 2011
After the first love Isabelle Holland 1989
After the funeral Agatha Christie 1978
After the funeral Agatha Christie 2011
After Lucy Brenda Langmead 2004
After Michael Betty O'Rourke 2007
After midnight Eva Burfield 1987
After rain Netta Muskett 1982
After thoughts Max Bygraves 1990
After the unicorn Joyce Windsor 1998
Afterlife Sean O'Brien 2011
Afternoon for lizards Dorothy Eden 1977
Again Kathleen Gilles Seidel 1996
Against all odds Thomas Gallagher 1980
Agents of influence Palma Harcourt 1982
Air bridge Hammond Innes 1980
Aircraft carrier John Winton 1987
Airport Arthur Hailey 1976
Alex and the Raynhams Iris Bromige 1981
Alibi for a corpse Elizabeth Lemarchand 1985
Alibi in time June Thomson 1982
Alice's adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll 2016
Alive and dead Elizabeth Ferrars 1978
All the drowning seas Alexander Fullerton 1984
All else is folly Catherine Gaskin 1978
All God's children Tom Eidson 1997
All her lovely companions Stella Kent 1987
All I ask Anne Weale 1979
All is silence Manuel Rivas 2014
All the living C. E. Morgan 2010
All manner of things C. W. Reed 2002
All or nothing : the life story of Anne Boleyn Joanna Dessau 1998
All other perils Robert MacLeod 1978
All our tomorrows Shirley Worrall 2000
All our tomorrows Ted Allbeury 1985
All over the town R. F. Delderfield 1979
All roads lead to Calvary Jerome K. Jerome 2016
All that follows Jim Crace 2011
All their days Linda Sole 1997
All their kingdoms Madeleine Polland 1983
All the things you are Clemency Burton-Hill 2015
All this will be yours Phil Hogan 2006
All through the night John Wainwright 1986
All thy love Jean Ure 1985
All we know of heaven Dore Mullen 1985
Allotted time : twelve months, two blokes, one shed, no idea Robin Shelton 2006
Alone in the classroom Elizabeth Hay 2014
Alone through China & Tibet Helena Drysdale 1988
Along came a llama Ruth Janette Ruck 1983
Altered egos Bill Kitson 2012
Altered land Jules Hardy 2003
Althea's grand tour Emily Hendrickson 2010
Always the bride Jessica Fox 2012
Always is for ever Juliet Gray 1961
Always say die Elizabeth Ferrars 1990
Amaryllis Priscilla Jenkins 1983
Ambitious angel Barbara Redmayne 1988
Ambulance call Elizabeth Harrison 1986
Ambush at Junction Rock Robert MacLeod 1982
Ambush at Rincon Dudley Dean 1989
Ammie, come home Barbara Michaels 1986
Amnesia Andrew Neiderman 2005
Among the Russians Colin Thubron 1989
An accident waiting to happen Adrian White 2005
An accidental American Alex Carr 2008
An act of love : one woman's remarkable life story and her fight for the right to die with dignity Marie Fleming 2016
An African in Greenland Tété-Michel Kpomassie 1986
An after-dinner's sleep Stanley Middleton 1988
An afternoon to kill Shelley Smith 1988
An air that kills Andrew Taylor 1996
An April girl Iris Bromige 1978
An arrow full of quivers : a collection of short stories, anecdotes, deep thoughts, fables and bits of fun Robert Clifford 1996
An artful death Roderic Jeffries 2001
An autobiography Agatha Christie 1979
An enchanted place Annie Marks 2004
An Englishwoman in New York Anne-Marie Casey 2014
An enigmatic disappearance Roderic Jeffries 1999
An equal stillness Francesca Kay 2009
An evil reflection John Paxton Sheriff 2009
An excellent mystery : the 11th chronicle of Brother Cadfael Ellis Peters 1987
An heir for Ashingby Olga Sinclair 2005
An honest rogue Jill Atkins 2000
An honourable estate Elizabeth Ashworth 2014
An important family : a novel about New Zealand Dorothy Eden 1983
An impossible confession Sandra Heath 2007
An inconsiderate death Betty Rowlands 1999
An innocent abroad Margaret Carr 1989
An innocent diversion Kathleen Rowntree 1999
An innocent eye Philip Hook 2002
An invisible murder Joyce Cato 2013
An invisible sign of my own Aimee Bender 2013
An island loving Jan MacLean 1985
An obscure grave Sara Woods 1987
An old wives' tale Molly Good 2000
An open book Monica Dickens 1980
An open door Claire Lorrimer 2000
An Oxford tragedy Norman Russell 2016
An unacceptable death Barbara Seranella 2007
An uncertain voyage : an autobiography Anthony Babington 2003
An undefended city Sophie Weston 1984
An unfinished business Boualem Sansal 2010
An unholy mess Joyce Cato 2016
An unholy whiff of death Joyce Cato 2016
Ancestors Paul Crooks 2003
And none shall sleep Priscilla Masters 1998
And then came the darkness Jane Toombs 2005
And then there were none Agatha Christie 1986
And then there were none Agatha Christie 2012
Angel and the actress Roger Silverwood 2016
Angel death Patricia Moyes 1982
Angels of the flood Joanna Hines 2005
Angels unaware Priscilla A. Maine 2003
Anger man R. Chester 2010
Animal instincts Nell Dixon 2010
Anna of Strathallan Essie Summers 1983
Anne of Avonlea L. M. Montgomery 2015
Anne Joyce Marlow 1990
Anne of Green Gables L. M. Montgomery 2015
Anne of Ingleside L. M. Montgomery 2015
Anne of the Island L. M. Montgomery 2015
Anne's house of dreams L. M. Montgomery 2015
Anne's song Anne Nolan 2009
Anne of Windy Poplars L. M. Montgomery 2015
Another chance, another life Mark Neilson 2016
Another Claudia Rose Franken 1982
Another country Anjali Joseph 2013
Another home, another love Gwen Kirkwood 2013
Another mother's son Janet Davey 2016
Another summer June Barraclough 2000
Another view Rosamunde Pilcher 1976
Anything considered Peter Mayle 1997
Aphrodite's Island Hilary Green 2015
Apple tree lean down Mary E. Pearce 1980
Appointment with death Agatha Christie 2010
Appointment in Venice Hilary Grenville 1990
April and May Beth Elliott 2011
April's grave Susan Howatch 1977
Arabella Georgette Heyer 1982
Arabesk Barbara Nadel 2002
Are you my mother? Louise Voss 2003
Arizona Ames Zane Grey 1978
Arizona justice ; and The lonely gun Gordon D. Shirreffs 1983
Army of shadows : a novel of the Resistance John Harris 1978
Around the wicket : Edward Pettigrew's diary of a year at Little Lampton Cricket Club Vernon Coleman 2006
Around the world in 80 days Jules Verne 2014
Around the world in 80 trades Conor Woodman 2010
Around the world in "Wanderer III" Eric C. Hiscock 1989
Arrow in the dark Stella Allan 1998
Arrows of longing Virginia Moriconi 2004
Arsène Lupin Maurice Leblanc 2016
As big as the sky Jan Springer 2004
As the cards fall Christina Green 2014
As it was in the beginning Madeleine Polland 1988
As long as songbirds sing Mair Unsworth 1989
Ashbury people Doreen Wallace 1976
Ashes in my mouth, sand in my shoes Per Petterson 2015
Ask me again Jan Tempest 1989
Ask Sir James Michaela Reid 1989
Assignment in Brittany Helen MacInnes 1983
Asunder Chloe Aridjis 2014
Asylum Anthony Masters 2004
At Bertram's Hotel Agatha Christie 2010
At the duke's discretion Wendy Soliman 2015
At the hall Henrietta Soames 1996
At high risk Palma Harcourt 1979
At the lake of sudden death Timothy Holme 1988
Athabasca Alistair MacLean 1981
Athabasca Alistair MacLean 2012
Atlantic Luke Jennings 1997
Atlantic City Proof Christopher Cook Gilmore 1981
Attack on the Redan Garry Kilworth 2004
Audacity Alan Evans 1987
Audition for murder Susan Sussman 2001
Autographs in the rain Quintin Jardine 2003
Autumn tiger Bob Langley 1983
Avalanche Express Colin Forbes 1978
Avalon Anya Seton 1982
Avalon Castle Rosemary Craddock 2016
Avenge the Belgrano Bob Langley 1990
Avenging the dead Guy Fraser 2011
Away from you Melanie Finn 2005
Away with them to prison Sara Woods 1988
Away to the woods Lena Kennedy 1996
"B” is for burglar Sue Grafton 1988
B-movie : Stan Barstow Stan Barstow 1988
Baby come back Maeve Haran 2001
Bachelor doctor Marjorie Warby 1987
Bachelor of medicine Alex Stuart 1989
Back-slash Bill Kitson 2012
Back of sunset Jon Cle.ary 1978
Back to battle Max Hennessy 1982
Backfire Clive Egleton 1982
Backlash Denise Ryan 2004
Bad lawyer David Cray 2003
Bad monkeys Matt Ruff 2008
Bad penny blues Barrie Roberts 2002
Bad timing Alan Scholefield 1998
Bad vibes Joyce Holms 2000
Baggage Emily Barr 2003
Bahama crisis Desmond Bagley 1982
Baker Towers Jennifer Haigh 2006
Ballet genius Gillian Freeman 1990
Band of brothers Ernest Kellogg Gann 1980
Banker Dick Francis 1983
Bannister's chart Antony Trew 2009
Bar Balto Faïza Guène 2013
Barbara's war Fenella-Jane Miller 2014
Barbara's war Fenella-Jane Miller 2016
Barbara's war. The middle years Fenella-Jane Miller 2016
Barbican Muriel Howe 1985
Bare feet in the palace Agnes Newton Keith 1977
Barefoot bride Cork, Dorothy 1985
Barra's angel Eileen Campbell 2000
Barren revenge John Penn 1989
Bath tangle Georgette Heyer 1980
Bavarian sunset James Pattinson 2008
Beacon of gold Helga Moray 1989
Beasts in my belfry Gerald Durrell 1978
Beatrix Potter's tale : a fictional portrait Elizabeth Battrick 1998
Beautiful for ever : Madame Rachel of Bond Street : cosmetician, con-artist and blackmailer Helen Rappaport 2013
Beautiful just! ; and, Bruach blend Lillian Beckwith 1979
Because of the Lockwoods Dorothy Whipple 1983
Because there is hope Jan Tempest 1988
Bed rest Sarah Bilston 2007
Before the rain Karen Hayes 1997
Beggarman's country Jan Webster 1981
Begotten murder Martin Carroll 1987
Behind the mask of Tutankhamen Barry Wynne 1987
Behind that curtain Earl Derr Biggers 2013
Behind the wall : a journey through China Colin Thubron 1989
Beholden Clare Littleford 2004
Bella Dorothy Eden 1980
Bells for Caroline Iris Nolan 1999
Belltower Kathleen A. Shoesmith 1998
Belonging Alexandra Raife 2000
Beloved exiles Agnes Newton Keith 1979
Beloved intruder Jocelyn Griffin 1983
Beloved prisoner Catherine Dillon 1980
Beloved sinner Jessica Stirling 1984
Beneath the mountains : exploring the deep caves of Asturias David Rose 1988
Beneath these stones Ann Granger 2000
Beside a narrow stream Faith Martin 2008
Bespoke) Richard Anderson 2010
Best foot forward Susie Kelly 2004
Best friends Julie Ellis 2001
Best laid plans Patricia Fawcett 2014
Betrayal Clare Francis 1996
Better than death Georgie Hale 2004
Better to forget Mary Street 1987
Between friends Amos Oz 2014
Between, Georgia Joshilyn Jackson 2007
Between us Geraldine Kaye 2000
Beware the conqueror Anne Herries 1998
Beyond the black stump Nevil Shute 1980
Beyond Downing Wood Connie Monk 1996
Beyond forgiveness Caro Fraser 2000
Beyond the nursery window Ruth Plant 1999
Beyond reason Gwen Kirkwood 2015
Beyond this place A. J. Cronin 1996
Bhowani Junction John Masters 1983
Bid me love Juliet Gray 1989
Big money Peter Turnbull 1985
Bigger than Texas William R. Cox 1977
Bilbury country Vernon Coleman 2004
Bilbury grange Vernon Coleman 1996
Bilbury pie : tales from the village of Bilbury Vernon Coleman 2006
Bilbury pudding) Vernon Coleman 2010
Bill Bailey Catherine Cookson 1987
Bill Bailey's daughter Catherine Cookson 1990
Bill Bailey's lot Catherine Cookson 1988
Billion-dollar brain Len Deighton 1983
Binding with briars Janet Mary Tomson 2004
Bird Jane Adams 1999
Birdcage Victor Canning 1982
Birds of a feather Victor Canning 1986
Birds of a feather Victor Canning 2012
Bishop's pawn K. T. McCaffrey 2008
Bitter end Joyce Holms 2003
Bitter harvest Anne Goring 1999
Bitter homecoming Jan MacLean 1985
Bitter spring Rowan Edwards 1996
Black amber Phyllis A. Whitney 1976
Black coffee Agatha Christie 2015
Black gold, red death David L. Lindsey 1996
Black lake Johanna Lane 2016
Black mamba boy Nadifa Mohamed 2011
Black moonlight Jo Germany 1986
Black rainbow Barbara Michaels 1984
Black valentine Patricia Sargent 1990
Black widower Patricia Moyes 1981
Blackberry summer Phyllis Hastings 1999
Blackberry wine Joanne Harris 2001
Blacklight Bill Knox 1989
Blade of the assassin Guy Fraser 2008
Blade runner Oscar Pistorius 2010
Blayde R.I.P. John Wainwright 1984
Bleed a river deep Brian McGilloway 2010
Bless me, Father Neil Boyd 1978
Blessing in disguise Georgia Bockoven 2003
Blind eye John McLaren 2005
Blind justice Bruce Alexander 1996
Blindsighted Karin Slaughter 2003
Blizzard Range Chester Allen 1986
Blood of the breed Theodore V. Olsen 1985
Blood flies upwards Elizabeth Ferrars 1978
Blood in Grandpont Peter Tickler 2011
Blood is thicker than Beaujolais Tony Aspler 1997
Blood Junction Caroline Carver 2003
Blood and money Richard Haley 2008
Blood never sleeps Jane Morell 2012
Blood on god's carpet Eileen De Lisle 2007
Blood on the happy highway Sheila Radley 1985
Blood on the marsh Peter Tickler 2013
Blood on the wall Jim Eldridge 2014
Blood on the wind Helga Moray 1985
Blood orange Sam Llewellyn 1990
Blood precious Sara Banerji 2008
Blood proof Bill Knox 1999
Blood red sky Neil Gibb 2000
Blood-tied Wendy Percival 2009
Blood ties Isobel Lambot 1989
Blood will out Margaret Carr 1988
Blood of your sisters Colin D. Peel 1997
Bloodtide Bill Knox 1999
Bloody Mary Meg Henderson 2002
Bloody rifles Lee Floren 1990
Blossom like the rose Norah Lofts 1988
Blowtorch Pat O'Keeffe 2006
Blue fire Phyllis A. Whitney 1982
Blue mountain Margaret Gaan 1989
Blue remembered heels Nell Dixon 2009
Blue Russell Will Bryant 1980
Boarding party James Leasor 1980
Body of a woman Clare Curzon 2004
Bolt Dick Francis 1986
Bombship Bill Knox 1982
Bones buried deep Max Allan Collins 2007
Bonner's stallion Theodore V. Olsen 1982
Book lovers Linda M. Priestley 2015
Borden Chantry Louis L'Amour 1979
Borderlands Brian McGilloway 2008
Born guilty Reginald Hill 1996
Born on a blue day : a memoir of Asperger's and an extraordinary mind Daniel Tammet 2008
Born to serve Josephine Cox 1995
Born Weird Andrew Kaufman 2013
Botswana time Will Randall 2006
Bouquet garni Douglas Clark 1986
Boys from the wood : complete and unabridged John Simons 2006
Brand of the star Theodore V. Olsen 1990
Brass eagle Margaret Duffy 1991
Breach of promise Elisabeth Fairchild 2001
Bread alone Judith Ryan Hendricks 2002
Breakfast at six Mary Scott 1981
Breaking and entering H. R. F. Keating 2002
Breaking the rules Mary De Laszlo 1997
Breaking the rules) Sandra Heath 2011
Breaking up is hard to do Edward Gorman 2007
Breath of brimstone Anthea Fraser 1999
Breath of suspicion Elizabeth Ferrars 1979
Breed of the chaparral Nelson Nye 1981
Breeze : waif of the wild Marie Kelly 1997
Bribery, corruption also H. R. F. Keating 1999
Bridal shroud John Penn 1998
Bride for a tiger Jo Germany 1985
Bride by candlelight Dorothy Eden 1976
Bride of chance Vanessa Blake 1988
Bride of doom Denise Robins 1998
Bridge over the past Jane De Launay 2001
Brimstone Richard Masefield 1988
Brock John Bingham 1982
Brock and the defector John Bingham 1984
Broken armour Leila Mackinlay 1989
Broken surface Seth Garner 2008
Broken threads Tessa Barclay 1991
Buchanan calls the shots Jonas Ward 1990
Buchanan's big fight Jonas Ward 1990
Buchanan's black sheep Jonas Ward 1990
Buchanan's gun Jonas Ward 1976
Buchanan's revenge ; and, The name's Buchanan Jonas Ward 1985
Bullet bounty Chester Allen 1987
Bullet train Joseph Rance 1981
Bulletproof Suzy Ian Brotherhood 2007
Burial Neil Cross 2009
Buried in the past Elizabeth Lemarchand 1976
Buried secrets Anne Barbour 2001
Buried treasure Alan Scholefield 1996
Burma boy Biyi Bandele-Thomas 2008
Burn all your bridges Eleanor Drew 1987
Burn out Pat O'Keeffe 2004
Burned alive Souad 2004
Burning Marguerite Elizabeth Inness-Brown 2003
Burnt sienna David Morrell 2001
Bury love deep Rosemary Anne Sisson 1986
Burying ground Sarah R. Shaber 2008
Bushranger of the skies Arthur Upfield 1978
Busman's holiday Lucilla Andrews 1979
Buster's diaries as told to roy hattersley Roy Hattersley 1999
Buttered side down : a slice of country life Faith Addis 1986
Butterfly montane Cork, Dorothy 1990
By any other name Katherine John 1997
By command of the Viceroy Duncan MacNeil 1979
By firelight Edith Pargeter 1996
By the pricking of my thumbs Agatha Christie 1987
By the pricking of my thumbs Agatha Christie 2011
By special request Antonia Ridge 1981
By the waters of Liverpool Helen Forrester 1984
"C” is for corpse Sue Grafton 1988
Cake in the hat box Arthur Upfield 1979
Caleb's kingdom Essie Summers 1997
Call back yesterday Sara Woods 1985
Call from Greenacres Hilda Durman 1989
Call me matron Cassy M. Harker 1981
Call in the night Susan Howatch 1977
Call for Simon Shard Philip McCutchan 1976
Callander Square Anne Perry 1981
Calypso magic Catherine Coulter 2000
Camberwell beauty Frances Melvin 1984
Campaigning Jim Miller 1988
Canals are my world Iris Bryce 1996
Canary yellow Elizabeth Cadell 1982
Candle Corner Frances Turk 1986
Candles for the dead Harry Carmichael 1982
Candles never lie Jo Germany 1989
Captain Coranto Julian Spilsbury 1988
Captain Oates : soldier and explorer Sue Limb 1997
Captain of the Queen Robert H. Arnott 1984
Captain rebel Frank Yerby 1977
Captains courageous Rudyard Kipling 2012
Captured Neil Cross 2010
Cards on the table Agatha Christie 1983
Cards on the table Agatha Christie 2010
Cargo risk Bill Knox 1997
Carisbrooke Abbey Amanda Grange 2004
Carnaby and the conspirators Peter N. Walker 1990
Carnaby and the goalbreakers Peter N. Walker 1988
Carnaby and the saboteurs Peter N. Walker 1990
Carnecrane Mary Williams 1998
Carnival in Trinidad and other stories Terence Kelly 2001
Caroline Daphne Saxby Taylor 2006
Caroline Minuscule Andrew Taylor 1990
Carrier John Wingate 1984
Carrion kisses Kate Lock 2005
Cary Grant : a touch of elegance Warren G. Harris 1990
Case for Sergeant Beef Leo Bruce 1982
Cash McCord Matt Chisholm 1990
Casper the commuting cat Susan Finden 2013
Cassidy Morris West 1987
Cassie's captain Juliet Dymoke 1998
Cassy Elizabeth Lyle 1982
Cast a long shadow Mary E. Pearce 1988
Cast for death Margaret Yorke 1980
Cast the first stone Jane Adams 1998
Casting off Libby Purves 1996
Castle Kelpiesloch Theresa Cha.rles 1989
Castles in the air Judy Corbett 2005
Cat among the pigeons Agatha Christie 2011
Cat fables) Vernon Coleman 2011
Cat's cradle Lizbie Brown 2002
Cat tales) Vernon Coleman 2009
Catch the fallen sparrow Priscilla Masters 1997
Catch me a colobus Gerald Durrell 1978
Caterina Jane Aiken Hodge 2000
Catherine Bramwell-Booth Mary Batchelor 1987
Catherine Marsh Pat Lacey 2001
Catlow Louis L'Amour 1982
Cats' tales : a treasury Stella Whitelaw 1989
Cemetery Jones and the dancing guns William R. Cox 1990
Cemetery Jones and the Maverick Kid William R. Cox 1990
Centennial James A. Michener 1976
Chaffee of Roaring Horse Ernest Haycox 1981
Chain of fools Steven Womack 1997
Chalkhill Blue Richard Masefield 1985
Champion's story : a great human triumph Bob Champion 1983
Chance awakening George Markstein 1978
Chancy Louis L'Amour 1977
Change of heart Julie Garratt 2001
Change of heart Mary Raymond 1985
Change of key Vanessa Hannan 1999
Change of skies Louise Pakeman 2005
Change for the worse Elizabeth Lemarchand 1982
Changing status Hazel Hucker 2001
Chariots of the gods? : unsolved mysteries of the past Erich von Däniken 1983
Charity child Paula Lindsay 1990
Charlie Chan carries on Earl Derr Biggers 2013
Charlotte Norah Lofts 1976
Charlotte & Leopold James Chambers 2008
Chasing angels Meg Henderson 2002
Château of flowers Margaret Rome 1990
Chateau of pines Iris Danbury 1978
Cheated hearts Jane McLoughlin 2008
Chef Jaspreet Singh 2010
Cherry red and dangerous Colin D. Peel 1999
Chicane Colin D. Peel 2004
Child of fire Elizabeth Webster 1985
Child's play : a Dalziel and Pascoe novel : a tragi-comedy in three acts of violence with a prologue and an epilogue Reginald Hill 1988
Children of the revolution Dinaw Mengestu 2008
Chill waters Joan Hall Hovey 2004
Chinese burn Eric Clark 1986
Choosing Diana Pullein-Thompson 1998
Chosen Bill Kitson 2010
Chosen by a horse) Susan Richards 2009
Chrissie's children Irene Carr 1998
Christopher Margaret Yorke 1988
Christopher's wife Renée Shann 1984
Cinnabar summer Danielle Shaw 2007
Circles & squares John Malcolm 2004
Citrus county John Brandon 2012
City of gold and shadows Ellis Peters 1979
City of strangers Ian MacKenzie 2010
Clash of loyalties Palma Harcourt 1990
Class action Catherine Arnold 2001
Claudia Rose Franken 1982
Claudia and David Rose Franken 1982
Clerkenwell conspiracy Ann Barker 2008
Climate for conspiracy Palma Harcourt 1981
Cloak of darkness Helen MacInnes 1984
Close her eyes Dorothy Simpson 1986
Close your eyes Amanda Eyre Ward 2012
Closed doors Lisa O'Donnell 2014
Cloud across the moon Mary Muller 1981
Cloud Howe Lewis Grassic Gibbon 2015
Cloud nine Luanne Rice 2000
Cloud over Malverton Nancy Buckingham 1990
Cloud shadows Elizabeth Webster 1996
Clouds on the moon Kay Winchester 1988
Clues to love Nancy Madison 2003
Clues to murder Tom Tullett 1986
Coach north Philip McCutchan 1977
Coat of arms Susannah Kells 1987
Cobra trap Peter O'Donnell 2001
Cock Robin Joanna Dessau 2001
Cogan's falcons Colin D. Peel 2003
Cola cowboys Franklyn Wood 1984
Cold blood Leo Bruce 1983
Cold in earth Melissa Jones 2000
Cold hands Clare Curzon 2001
Cold light of day Emma Page 1985
Colliers Row Jan Webster 1981
Collision course Jane Morell 2005
Colonel Fitzwilliam's dilemma Wendy Soliman 2015
Colour blind Catherine Cookson 1990
Colour scheme Ngaio Marsh 1976
Columbella Phyllis A. Whitney 1977
Columbo : the Hoffa connection William Harrington 1998
Comanche! William S. Brady 1985
Come back and die Isobel Lambot 1989
Come back Paddy Riley Carol Birch 2001
Come and be killed Elizabeth Ferrars 1988
Come blossom-time, my love Essie Summers 1984
Come death and high water Ann Cleeves 1989
Come home Charlie and face them R. F. Delderfield 1984
Come home to danger Estelle Thompson 1999
Come love, come hope Iris Bromige 1976
Come to the edge Joanna Kavenna 2013
Come to grief Dick Francis 1996
Coming to the edge Theresa Murphy 2012
Command a king's ship Alexander Kent 1987
Conagher Louis L'Amour 1979
Confession Nancy Pickard 1996
Confessional Jack Higgins 1986
Confessions of a map dealer Paul Micou 2009
Confessions of a wedding planner Tamryn Kirby 2011
Conflicting tides D. Y. Cameron 1989
Connie's daughter Claire Lorrimer 1997
Conquistadores Bob Langley 1987
Contrasts Rowan Edwards 1997
Convoy Dudley Pope 1983
Copper Kiss Tom Neale 2007
Copper Rose Betty O'Rourke 2000
Copycat Betty Rowlands 2000
Corkscrew Donald E. Westlake 2002
Corner of a small town Grace Thompson 1998
Corners of my mind Peter G. Macdonald 2002
Coromandel Pat Barr 1990
Coroner's pidgin Margery Allingham 1979
Corporal Jack Marjorie Quarton 1988
Corpse candle P. C. Doherty 2002
Corridors of healing Elizabeth Harrison 1982
Corrigan's island Marian Hipwell 1991
Cotillion Georgette Heyer 1984
Couger Canyon Peter Field 1980
Count-down Hartley Howard 1979
Count Vronsky's daughter Carola Salisbury 1983
Count your bullets Hank J. Kirby 2004
Counterfeit kisses) Sandra Wilson 2011
Counterstroke Andrew Garve 1980
Countess Josephine Edgar 1980
Counting the ways Jennifer Curry 1997
Country doctor Paula Lindsay 1988
Country lovers Rebecca Shaw 2004
Country wives Rebecca Shaw 2002
Coward's carnage Billy Hall 2003
Cracks Sheila Kohler 2011
Crane James Pattinson 2002
Cranford Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 2013
Craven's bride Danielle Shaw 2003
Creeping Ivy Natasha Cooper 1999
Crime in heaven Jane Morell 1997
Cripplehead Raymond Haigh 2005
Crisis of conscience Brian Battison 2001
Criss-cross Alan Scholefield 1990
Crooked Adam D. E. Stevenson 1976
Crooked house Agatha Christie 2012
Crooked wood Michael Underwood 1980
Cross-draw John J. McLaglen 1986
Cross my heart and hope to die Sheila Radley 1998
Cross my palm Sara Stockbridge 2012
Crossfire trail Louis L'Amour 1976
Crossing the shadow line : travels in south-east Asia Andrew Eames 1987
Crossing the Tamar Elizabeth Hawksley 1999
Crow country Mark Cocker 2008
Cruel as the grave Helen McCloy 1979
Cruel in the shadow Lorn Macintyre 1982
Cruising for murder Susan Sussman 2002
Crusading nurse Jane Con.verse 1988
Cry baby Fay Cunningham 2012
Cry before eleven : laugh before seven - cry before eleven Hein Wicht 1996
Cry of the hunter Harry Patterson 1985
Cry the soft rain Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1996
Crystal clear Nell Dixon 2010
Cuddon return John Finch 1981
Cul-de-sac John Wainwright 1985
Curtain Jennifer Jordan 1986
Curtain of darkness Nina Shaldon 1989
Curtain fall Jean Ure 1981
Curtain : Poirot's last case Agatha Christie 1976
Curtain : Poirot's last case Agatha Christie 2011
Curtmantle Pamela Hill 1997
Cyanide with compliments Elizabeth Lemarchand 1977
'D' is for deadbeat Sue Grafton 1990
Daddy's little girl Julia Latchem-Smith 2008
Dakota boomtown Frank Castle 1977
Damaged angel Mary Burchell 1976
Dance for a diamond Christopher Murphy 1988
Dance for a diamond Melinda Hammond 2007
Dance for diplomats Palma Harcourt 1980
Dance of the golden peacock Catherine Dunbar 1996
Dance until morning Jan McDaniel 2005
Dancers in mourning Margery Allingham 1978
Dancing with the devil Patricia Crossley 2004
Dancing on her own Mary De Laszlo 2000
Dancing in the wind Mary De Laszlo 2006
Dangerous attachments Sarah Lovett 1996
Dangerous call Elizabeth Harrison 1984
Dangerous deception Lisa Andrews 2004
Dangerous illusion Mandy Brown 1990
Dangerous legacy Shirley Smith 2004
Danny boy Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1981
Dark angel Raymond Haigh 2007
Dark inheritance Carola Salisbury 1980
Dark of the moon John Dickson Carr 2001
Dark sweet wanton Sheila Lancaster 1981
Darkest before the dawn Gwen Kirkwood 2014
Dartmouth conspiracy James Stevenson 2007
Date by proxy Felicity Hayle 1987
Daughter of the sea Sarah Woodhouse 1987
Daughter of Tremar Annie Marks 2001
Daughters of the Regiment Phyllida Barstow 1988
Dauntless Alan Evans 1982
Davy Chadwick James Buchan 1990
Dawn of delight Juliet Gray 1990
Day of the butterfly Norah Lofts 1981
Day of the buzzard Theodore V. Olsen 1988
Day of judgment Jack Higgins 1980
Dead for a ducat Laurence Payne 1989
Dead aim. Iris Johansen 2006
Dead by morning Dorothy Simpson 1990
Dead centre Joan Lock 2009
Dead cert Dick Francis 1976
Dead dream girl Richard Haley 2008
Dead eye Jonathan Ross 1985
Dead file Basil Copper 1991
Dead fish Ruth Carrington 1999
Dead game Gerald Hammond 1980
Dead and gone Bill Kitson 2016
Dead image Joan Lock 2001
Dead knock Peter Turnbull 1984
Dead letter Douglas Clark 1989
Dead letter Jane Waterhouse 2001
Dead letters Christine Poulson 2004
Dead lovely Helen FitzGerald 2009
Dead man's canyon ; and, Bring me his scalp John Benteen 1984
Dead man's folly Agatha Christie 2011
Dead man's mooring Bill Knox 1990
Dead man's ransom Ellis Peters 1986
Dead men don't ski : ... the first Inspector Tibbett novel Patricia Moyes 1983
Dead on arrival Dorothy Simpson 1987
Dead on time Veronyca Bates 2012
Dead reckoning Sam Llewellyn 1988
Dead shot June Dru.mmond 2012
Dead silent Jane Toombs 2005
Dead spit Janet Edmonds 1990
Dead to the world Francis Durbridge 1978
Dead water Ann Cleeves 2014
Dead in the water Julie Smith 2006
Dead water Ngaio Marsh 2000
Dead in the water Veronyca Bates 2011
Dead weight Gerald Hammond 2001
Dead woman's trail C. H. Haseloff 1985
Deadheads Reginald Hill 1985
Deadlier than the sword Jean Rowden 2009
Deadline for a dream : a Thane and Moss case Bill Knox 1979
Deadline Campbell Armstrong 2001
Deadline Vernon Coleman 2004
Deadly deception Peter Conway 2010
Deadly grief June Barraclough 2006
Deadly nature Hardiman Scott 1987
Deadly obsession Peter Conway 2008
Deadly ordeal Miles Tripp 2000
Deadly stuff Joyce Cato 2015
Deadly suspicions Jean Saunders 2003
Dear brother, here departed Stella Phillips 1990
Dear Caprice Juliet Gray 1990
Dear Dodie : the life of Dodie Smith Valerie Grove 1997
Dear Fred K. M. Peyton 2004
Dear and glorious physician Taylor Caldwell 1976
Dear Henry Brenda Little 2002
Dear Irene Jan Burke 1997
Dear Kate Suzanne Ebel 1976
Dear Laura : a Victorian mystery Jean Stubbs 1997
Dear me Peter Ustinov 1979
Dear Miss Grey Shirley Smith 2003
Dear Professor Sara Seale 1984
Dear Quad Sonia D. Roberts 2006
Dearest enemy Carol Marsh 1989
Dearest enemy Sara Woods 1984
Death of a daimyo James Melville 1986
Death of a diplomat Nick Greaves 2012
Death of a fading beauty Peter Moir Fotheringham 2002
Death of a 'gentleman' : a 'Doctor Manson' detective novel Edwin Radford 1976
Death of a go-between James Pattinson 2000
Death in a high latitude J. R. L. Anderson 1983
Death of a holy murderer Madelaine Duke 1988
Death of a lonely warrior Peter Moir Fotheringham 2003
Death of a man-tamer Miles Tripp 1990
Death of a minor character Elizabeth Ferrars 1984
Death of a poison-tongue Josephine Bell 1979
Death of a raven Margaret Duffy 1990
Death of a reverend gentleman Lynn Nixon 2000
Death of a sahib Clive Egleton 1990
Death in a salubrious place W. J. Burley 1988
Death of a supertanker Antony Trew 2005
Death of an Old Girl Elizabeth Lemarchand 1986
Death in the Andamans M. M. Kaye 1987
Death at the beggar's opera Deryn Lake 1997
Death in Berlin M. M. Kaye 1987
Death in Botanists Bay Elizabeth Ferrars 1989
Death by marzipan John Frederick Burke 2001
Death bytes Bill Knox 1999
Death called to the bar : a murder mystery featuring Lord Francis Powerscourt David Dickinson 2006
Death calls the shots Bill Knox 1990
Death in the Channel J. R. L. Anderson 1978
Death in the city J. R. L. Anderson 1980
Death in the clouds Agatha Christie 1987
Death in the clouds Agatha Christie 2010
Death comes as the end Agatha Christie 1987
Death comes as the end Agatha Christie 2012
Death in Cyprus M. M. Kaye 1985
Death and the dancing footman Ngaio Marsh 1977
Death in the dark walk : a John Rawlins mystery Deryn Lake 1996
Death at Dearley Manor Betty Rowlands 1999
Death at Deepwood Grange Michael Underwood 1987
Death department : a Thane and Moss case Bill Knox 1977
Death in the desert J. R. L. Anderson 1980
Death in disguise Caroline Graham 1995
Death in the greenhouse J. R. L. Anderson 1982
Death is a red rose Dorothy Eden 1978
Death is for losers William Newton 1991
Death & the Jubilee : a Lord Francis Powerscourt mystery David Dickinson 2004
Death in Kashmir M. M. Kaye 1986
Death in Kenya M. M. Kaye 1984
Death knell Terry Cline 1981
Death line Geraldine Evans 1997
Death-line June Mercer 1987
Death in the North Sea J. R. L. Anderson 1980
Death on a hot summer night Anne Infante 1990
Death on the cards Richard Grayson 1990
Death on the Nile Agatha Christie 2010
Death on the rocks J. R. L. Anderson 1978
Death in the Peerless Pool Deryn Lake 2001
Death in perspective Joan Lock 2002
Death at the President's lodging Michael Innes 1989
Death at the priory : love, sex and murder in Victorian England James Ruddick 2002
Death's head Jonathan Ross 1985
Death's own door Andrew Taylor 2003
Death and shadows Paula Gosling 2000
Death speaks softly Anthea Fraser 1988
Death spins the platter Ellery Queen 1976
Death stalk Richard Grayson 1989
Death in still water Alfred Handley 1989
Death at the strike : a Nathaniel Goss adventure-thriller Colin Willock 1983
Death to the landlords! Ellis Peters 1979
Death train Robert Byrne 1990
Death in transit Keith Moray 2014
Death in the trees Gordon Ashe 1978
Death warmed up John Paxton Sheriff 2014
Death wears a red hat William X. Kienzle 1981
Death at the wedding Madelaine Duke 1988
Death in the west wind Deryn Lake 2003
Death in willow pattern W. J. Burley 1989
Death without trace Gerard Murphy 2006
Death in Zanzibar M. M. Kaye 1984
Deathly suspense John Paxton Sheriff 2007
Deathly wind Keith Moray 2007
Deborah Hammond Sarah Shears 1984
Deceitful death John Penn 1985
Deceived Peter Taylor 2010
Deception Joan Aiken 1988
Deceptions Rebecca Frayn 2011
Decompression Juli Zeh 2015
Decoy Dudley Pope 1985
Deed of glory Alan Evans 1985
Deep and crisp and even Peter Turnbull 1982
Deep pursuit Geoffrey Norman 1996
Deep water Tim Jeal 2002
Deep waters Barbara Whitnell 2001
Deficiency Andrew Neiderman 2006
Defy the Devil Sara Woods 1986
Deluge Richard Doyle 1980
Demon's woman Anne Herries 1997
Depth of despair Bill Kitson 2010
Depths of deceit Norman Russell 2009
Deputy marshal Charles N. Heckelmann 1989
Derbyshire deception Ann Barker 2004
Desert combat Robert Jackson 2001
Desert sinner Ralph McInerny 2000
Deserving death Peter Conway 2008
Desmond's daughters Marjorie Warby 1989
Desouza pays the price Freny Olbrich 1982
Desouza in stardust Freny Olbrich 1983
Desperadoes Ron Hansen 1981
Desperate justice Richard Speight 1990
Desperate measures Patti Battison 2010
Destination danger William Colt MacDonald 1979
Destination unknown Agatha Christie 2012
Destined for you Kay Winchester 1987
Deviant death Gwen Moffat 1995
Devil child Jo Germany 1987
Devil's kin Anne Herries 1998
Devil water Anya Seton 1977
Devotion Nell Leyshon 2010
Dewey Vicki Myron 2009
Dewey's nine lives) Vicki Myron 2011
Diana comes home Iris Bromige 1985
Diary of a grumpy old git Tim Collins 2013
Diary of a provincial lady E. M. Delafield 2016
Diary of the fall Michel Laub 2015
Did you ever have a family? Bill Clegg 2016
Digby Pamela Hill 1990
Diminished responsibility Leslie Ford 1997
Direct red) Gabriel Weston 2010
Disorderly elements Bob Cook 1989
Distant love, lasting love C. O. Lamp 1984
District nurse Patricia Jordan 2012
Doc Leroy, M.D. J. T. Edson 1986
Doctor Arnold's ambition Pauline Ash 1990
Doctor Di at the cross-roads Anne Vinton 1991
Doctor Mary Courage Alex Stuart 1984
Doctor Napier's nurse Pauline Ash 1988
Doctor Ross of Harton Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1983
Doctor's daughters Frank G. Slaughter 1983
Doctor Sahib Stephen Kerry 1977
Doctors at risk Frank G. Slaughter 1985
Dog in the dark Gerald Hammond 1990
Dog's body Janet Edmonds 1989
Dogsbody Gerald Hammond 2002
Don't ask the price Marcus Sieff 1988
Don't whistle 'Macbeth' David Fletcher 1979
Donor Ken McClure 2001
Donovan Elmer Kelton 1988
Double death Charles Forsyte 1989
Double deceit Emily Hendrickson 2008
Double Eagle Charles McCarry 1982
Double exposure Leslie Ford 1997
Double illusion Deborah M. Shlian 2002
Double indemnity : murder for insurance Jad Adams 1997
Double jeopardy Colin Forbes 1984
Double jeopardy Martin Stratford 2011
Double jeopardy Michael Underwood 1982
Double vision Annie Ross 1998
Doubled in spades Susan Moody 1997
Dowlands' mill Elizabeth Jeffrey 1999
Down a narrow path Faith Martin 2009
Down a road all rebels run Mogue Doyle 2005
Down among the dead men Evelyn Harris 1980
Down to death Stella Phillips 1988
Down to earth Faith Addis 1988
Dr. Brent's broken journey Jane Lester 1986
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson 2015
Dr. Shaw's secretary Kay Winchester 1989
Dragon river Stanley Johnson 1996
Dragonmede Rona Randall 1997
Dragons at the party Jon Cleary 1988
Dragonsheart Jacqueline Webb 2008
Dragonship Robert MacLeod 1978
Dreadful lies Michèle Bailey 1996
Dream of past loves Petra Sawley 1988
Dream of their hearts Honor Vincent 1986
Dreams of the peaceful dragon : a journey through Bhutan Katie Hickman 1990
Dreams or reality Susan Shaw 2005
Dreams of water Nada A. Jarrar 2007
Dresden, Tennessee Carolyn Slaughter 2009
Dress rehearsal Jean Ure 1984
Drifting Stephanie Gertler 2005
Drifting with the river gods Martin Quigley 2004
Drifting shadows Christina Green 2012
Dropping the habit) Marion Dante 2011
Drowned rat Elizabeth Ferrars 1977
Drumveyn Alexandra Raife 1997
Dual enigma Michael Underwood 1990
Dubliners James Joyce 2016
Duchess Josephine Edgar 1978
Due south Jan Webster 1983
Duel of hearts Marian Hipwell 2000
Dulcie goes native Sue Limb 2000
Dumb witness Agatha Christie 2010
Dummy hand Susan Moody 1999
Dusky cactus Marjorie McEvoy 1980
Dust Patricia Daniels Cornwell 2014
Dust to dust ; [and, Fit for a duchess] Mavis Budd 1976
Duty elsewhere John Wainwright 1981
Duty's destiny Wendy Soliman 2007
Dying to know you John Paxton Sheriff 2008
Dying voices Laura Wilson 2001
Dying wish James Raven 2016
'E' is for evidence Sue Grafton 1990
Eagle in the bay Barbara Scott 1988
Eagle at Taranto Alan Evans 1988
Eamonn Andrews Tom Brennand 1990
Earl for a season Brenda Dow 2004
Earth to earth : a true story of the lives and violent deaths of a Devon farming family John Cornwell 1987
Earthquake: the destruction of San Francisco Gordon Thomas 1987
East of Aden Elisabeth McNeill 2012
East of desolation Jack Higgins 1977
East of Eden John Steinbeck 1976
East of Everest Bob Langley 1986
East of Singapore Manda MacGrath 1997
Eastern promise Jessica Fox 2011
Easy conquest) Sandra Heath 2012
Eat, drink and be married Eve Makis 2005
Echo of applause Leila Mackinlay 1986
Echoes of a promise Ashleigh Bingham 2010
Edwina Parkhurst, spinster Patricia Lucas White 2002
Eggshell days Rebecca Gregson 2003
Egyptian earth ʿAbd al-Raḥmān Sharqāwī 2005
Eiger : wall of death Arthur Roth 1988
Eight bells & top masts : diaries from a tramp steamer Christopher Lee 2003
Eight days at The New Grand Patricia Fawcett 2004
Eleanor Susan Shaw 2005
Elegance Kathleen Tessaro 2004
Elegy for a queen Margaret James 2004
Element of doubt Dorothy Simpson 1989
Elephant Bill J. H. Williams 1977
Elephants can remember Agatha Christie 2011
Eleven that went up to heaven Anthea Fraser 2000
Elizabeth and her German garden Elizabeth Von Arnim 2016
Elizabeth's rake Emily Johnson 2010
Ellen Bray Jane Julian 1987
Embroidering shrouds Priscilla Masters 2002
Emerald green Heather Graves 2009
Emergency call Elizabeth Harrison 1985
Emily Dilys Gater 1998
Emily of New Moon L. M. Montgomery 1980
Emily's wedding Patricia Fawcett 2007
Emma Edward Hewitt 2000
Emma disposes Mira Stables 1996
Emma Eliza : a family saga June Barraclough 2003
Emma and I Sheila Hocken 1979
Emma Sparrow Marie Joseph 1984
Emma Watson : The Watsons completed Joan Aiken 1997
Emotional geology Linda Gillard 2007
Enchanting adventure D. Y. Cameron 1989
Encounter at Alpenrose Iris Bromige 1987
Encounter at dawn Mary Muller 1983
Endless night Agatha Christie 2012
Endurance : Shackleton's incredible voyage Alfred Lansing 1985
Enid Blyton : a biography Barbara Stoney 1988
Enon Paul Harding 2015
Enquiry Dick Francis 1980
Entanglement Catherine Fellows 1985
Enter a gentlewoman Sara Woods 1984
Enter second murderer Alanna Knight 1990
Entering normal Anne D. LeClaire 2002
Escape to an island Eleanor Alliston 1987
Escape to happiness Elisabeth Beresford 1984
Eton crop Bill James 2000
Evan help us Rhys Bowen 2000
Everglades nurse Peggy Gaddis 1988
Every crooked nanny Kathy Hogan Trocheck 1997
Every good girl Judy Astley 1999
Every good woman deserves a lover Diana Appleyard 2005
Every man a king Anne Worboys 1979
Every promise Andrea Bajani 2015
Every second Thursday Emma Page 1983
Every seventh wave Daniel Glattauer 2014
Every single minute Hugo Hamilton 2015
Every trace Gregg Main 2001
Everybody's somebody's fool Edward Gorman 2009
Everyone is beautiful Katherine Center 2011
Everything happens for a reason Kavita Daswani 2005
Everything nice Ellen Shanman 2009
Everything and nothing Araminta Hall 2011
Evidence to destroy Margaret Yorke 1988
Evil under the sun Agatha Christie 2011
Ewes and I Elizabeth Arthursson 1990
Exocet Jack Higgins 1984
Experiment with death Elizabeth Ferrars 1983
Extreme provocation Miles Tripp 1997
Eye of the beholder Jayne Ann Krentz 2001
Face value Peggy Graham 2004
Facets of murder Ray Harrison 1998
Fade to grey Jane Adams 1999
Fair deception Jan Jones 2009
Fair Friday Peter Turnbull 1984
Fair game Gerald Hammond 1983
Fair game Sheila Radley 1999
Fair prisoner Iris Bromige 1989
Fair Rosalind V. M. D. Rowlands 1997
Fairway to hell) Carl Hiaasen 2009
Fairwinds Rebecca Stratton 1977
Faithful travellers : a father, his daughter, a journey of the heart James Dodson 2001
Falcon's claw Catherine Darby 1999
Falcon to the lure Catherine Darby 1999
Fall from grace Victor Canning 1982
Fall from grace Victor Canning 2012
Falling for Chloe Diane Farr 2002
False colours Georgette Heyer 1978
False echoes Joanna Erle 1999
False images Catherine Dunbar 2000
False scent Ngaio Marsh 2000
Family circle June Barraclough 2004
Family fallout Peter Conway 2012
Family gathering Elizabeth Cadell 1984
Family planning) Karan Mahajan 2009
Family reunion Carol Smith 2000
Family reunions Connie Monk 1997
Family secrets Patricia Fawcett 2008
Family snapshots June Barraclough 1997
Far above rubies Anne-Marie Vukelic 2011
Far above rubies Elizabeth Jeffrey 1997
Far flies the eagle Evelyn Anthony 1980
Far north Marcel Theroux 2010
Fare play Barbara Paul 1997
Farewell gesture Roger Ormerod 1999
Farewell my love Elizabeth Shepherd 1990
Farewell to winter Iris Bromige 1988
Fatal ring of light Helen Eastwood 1990
Fate accomplished Jonathan Ross 1989
Fate worse than death Sheila Radley 1987
Father Frank Paul Burke 2002
Father goose : the adventures of a wildlife hero William Lishman 1997
Fault lines Natasha Cooper 2000
Favoured beyond fortune Elizabeth Ashworth 2015
Fear of drowning Peter Turnbull 2001
Feathers in the fire Catherine Cookson 1983
Feet of clay Ruth Birmingham 2009
Felony at random Dell Shannon 1981
Fenwick Houses Catherine Cookson 1981
Festival death Ralph Stephenson 1990
Fettered by love Noelle Scott 1990
Fiametta Anne Duffield 1985
Fields of bright clover Elizabeth Jeffrey 1996
Fields of light : based on the true story of Brian Grover and Ileana Petrovna Jim Rickards 1997
Fight the good fight : from vicar's wife to killing machine Catherine Fox 2008
Fighting caravans Zane Grey 1981
Figure in a landscape Ann Lingard 1997
Final frame Jane Adams 2000
Final moments Emma Page 1988
Final rounds : a father, a son, the golf journey of a lifetime James Dodson 1998
Final toll Roger Ormerod 2000
Final Tour Jonellen Heckler 1996
Find a crooked sixpence Estelle Thompson 1978
Find the lady Roger Silverwood 2008
Find me a villain Margaret Yorke 1986
Finding Maggie Ann Stevens 1998
Fine tune Gerald Hammond 2000
Fiona Catherine Gaskin 1981
Fire in the barley Frank Parrish 1980
Fire, burn John Dickson Carr 2002
Fire and ice : complete and unabridged Gretta Mulrooney 2006
Fire mountain : how one man survived the world's worst volcanic disaster Peter Morgan 2004
Fire season) Philip Connors 2012
Fireball Bob Langley 1999
Firefly gadroon : a Lovejoy narrative Jonathan Gash 1983
Fireprint Geoffrey Jenkins 1986
Firestorm Nevada Barr 1997
First catch your eland : a taste of Africa Laurens Van der Post 1982
First impressions Jane Ashford 1988
First night Jane Aiken Hodge 1990
Five bells Gail Jones 2012
Five days to Salt Lake William O. Turner 1985
Five deadly guns Ralph Hayes 1984
Five little pigs : a Hercule Poirot mystery Agatha Christie 1982
Five little pigs Agatha Christie 2011
Five months at anzac Joseph Lievesley Beeston 2016
Five pieces of jade John Dudley Ball 1983
Five weeks in a balloon Jules Verne 2014
Five windows D. E. Stevenson 1979
Fivepenny Lanes Barbara Murphy 2001
Flagdown Mary Muller 1981
Flame child Linda Sole 1999
Flamingo John Gardner 1985
Flamingo Park Margaret Way 1986
Flanagan's run Tom McNab 1983
Flash Jayne Ann Krentz 2000
Flash of splendour Anne Stevenson 1983
Flashman, from the Flashman papers, 1839-1842 George MacDonald Fraser 1982
Flight Sherman Alexie 2008
Flight from Bucharest Robert Tyler Stevens 1996
Flight from honour Gavin Lyall 1997
Flight to enchantment Hilary Parker 1989
Flint Louis L'Amour 1977
Floodgate Alistair MacLean 1984
Flotsam & jetsam Keith Moray 2011
Flower of the desert Irene Ord 1990
Flower in the snow Julia Clarke 2000
Flowering thorn Mary Williams 1997
Flowers of evil John Sherwood 1989
Flowers from the doctor Lucilla Andrews 1978
Flowers for the journey Louise Pakeman 2006
Flyaway Desmond Bagley 1980
Flying colours Heather Graves 2006
Flying finish Dick Francis 1979
Flying nurse Robin Miller 1979
Flying pigs Brian Battison 2000
Flying time Ann Lovell 1990
Fogswamp : living with swans in the wilderness Trudy Turner 1998
Fold Tom Campbell 2012
Follow your star Jennifer Bohnet 2010
Fool's gold William S. Brady 1985
Fool's ransom Brian Battison 2001
Foot in the grave Elizabeth Ferrars 1979
Footfall Christine Poulson 2009
Footlights Manda McGrath 1997
Footsteps in the night Helga Moray 1988
Footsteps in the park Marie Joseph 1980
For a mother's love Helen Brooks 1997
For death comes softly Hilary Bonner 2000
For Esther Alex Sage 2002
For ever you'll be mine Kathleen Lindsay 1982
For I have lived today Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1980
For the love of Julie) Ann Ming 2010
For the love of Lucy Carol Marsh 1989
For matrimonial purposes Kavita Daswani 2005
Forbidden Patricia Robins 2000
Force 10 from Navarone Alistair MacLean 2013
Foreign body Joyce Holms 1998
Forest of memories : tales from the heart of Africa Donald Macintosh 2002
Forests of the night Margaret Moore 1990
Forever Patricia Robins 2000
Forever mine Doris Howe 1988
Forever to remain E. V. Timms 1983
Forever tomorrow Anne Duffield 1986
Forfeit Dick Francis 1980
Forge of fury Jack Hoffenberg 1984
Forgive me Amanda Eyre Ward 2008
Forgotten as a dream Shirley Smith 2010
Fort Dillon Marshall Grover 1990
Fortress England Robert Jackson 2001
Fortunate wager Jan Jones 2010
Fortune's kiss Barbara Cooper 1997
Forty years on the wild frontier Carl W. Breihan 1997
Foul death J. A. O'Brien 2010
Four meals for fourpence Grace Foakes 2012
Four Texans north Lee Floren 1989
Fox courage Elizabeth Webster 1999
Foxes' oven Michael De Larrabeiti 2004
Foxfire Anya Seton 1976
Foxglove summer Naidra Grey 1979
Fragile Niki Shisler 2007
Frances & Bernard Carlene Bauer 2014
Frankenstein Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley 2014
Frederica Georgette Heyer 1983
Frederick Douglass in Ireland Laurence Fenton 2015
Free lunch Nancy Sparling 2004
Free spirit Coral Leend 2006
Freelance death Andrew Taylor 1990
Frenchman's harvest Emma Gayle 1987
Fresh as a daisy Valerie-Anne Baglietto 2005
Friday's Child Georgette Heyer 1977
Friends and lovers Helen MacInnes 1986
Friends and villains : an autobiography Tom Roberts 1989
Friendships in the dark Phyllis Campbell 2001
Frigate John Wingate 1983
Frog in the throat Elizabeth Ferrars 1986
From Claudia to David Rose Franken 1983
From The Great Blasket to America : the last memoir by an islander Michael J. Carney 2014
From Heaven Lake : travels through Sinkiang and Tibet Vikram Seth 1985
From hide and horn J. T. Edson 1980
From March to September Mary Munro 1990
From the ocean to the sky Edmund Hillary 1980
From pillar to post Fiona Bullen 1997
From ploughboy to priest Fred Pennington 2000
Frontier bride Ann Carberry 1999
Frost fair Elizabeth Hawksley 2002
Frost at midnight Elizabeth Falconer 2001
Frosted windows Kathleen Treves 1987
Frozen summer Crysse Morrison 2001
Fruiting bodies Natasha Cooper 1998
Fugitive nurse Delia Foster 1990
Fugitive summer Jane Wallace 1988
Full circle Clifford H. Fry 2006
Fur coat, no knickers Anna King 2001
Gala week Roy Clarke 1987
Gallery whispers Quintin Jardine 2001
Galliard's hay Clare Rossiter 1997
Galloway ; and Sackett's land Louis L'Amour 1981
Gallows Lane Brian McGilloway 2009
Gambler's gun luck Brett Austin 1988
Garden of evil Edna Buchanan 2002
Garden in the hills Elizabeth West 1982
Garden of shadows V. C. Andrews 1989
Gardening the soul : a spiritual daybook through the seasons Stanislaus Kennedy 2004
Garland of war Tessa Barclay 1985
Gather no moss Sarah Shears 1978
Gemini girls Marie Joseph 1984
Gemstone Barbara Delinsky 1998
Genevra Tania Langley 1988
Gentle Johnny Ramensky) Robert Jeffrey 2012
Gentle tyrant Lucy Gillen 1990
Gentlemen in question Melinda Hammond 2007
Gentlemen of the road Michael Chabon 2008
George's women Catherine MacArthur 1980
Georgina Clare Darcy 1976
Gerald and Elizabeth D. E. Stevenson 1977
Getaway John Harris 1979
Getting colder Amanda Coe 2016
Getting it right Elizabeth Jane Howard 1983
Getting through the night : finding your way after the loss of a loved one Eugenia Price 1984
Ghost in green velvet Elizabeth Peters 1980
Ghostly murders : the Poor Priest's tale of mystery and murder as he goes on pilgrimage from London to Canterbury P. C. Doherty 1999
Ghosts by daylight : a memoir of war and love Janine Di Giovanni 2012
Giant Edna Ferber 1976
Giant George) Dave Nasser 2012
Giant's bread : a novel of romance and suspense Mary Westmacott 1980
Gibbet fen Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1999
Gideon's badge J. J. Marric 1980
Gideon's drive J. J. Marric 1978
Gideon's fog J. J. Marric 1976
Gideon's force William Vivian Butler 1980
Gideon's press J. J. Marric 1977
Gideon's sport J. J. Marric 1980
Gideon's votes J. J. Marric 1982
Gin and murder Josephine Pullein-Thompson 1990
Ginny Appleyard Elizabeth Jeffrey 2004
Girl in a mask Mary Raymond 1985
Girl in blue) Anne Ramsay 2010
Girl executive Jeanne Bowman 1993
Girl on a high wire Rae Foley 1980
Give them swing bands Eve Ebbett 1996
Give us forever Constance F. Peale 1984
Glacier run Phyllida Barstow 1986
Glenrannoch Rona Randall 1993
Glister John Burnside 2009
Glitter girl Jocelyn Day 1993
Gloriana Joanna Dessau 2000
Go deep John Wingate 1986
Go gently through Peking : a Westerner's life in China Lois Fisher 1980
Go on, I'm listening Robert Russell 1986
Goat mountain : a novel David Vann 2014
God's highlander E. V. Thompson 1990
Going for gold Emma Lathen 1983
Going inland Pat Jacobs 2000
Going west with Annabelle Molly Douglas 1980
Gold from Gemini Jonathan Gash 1981
Gold for the gay masters Denise Robins 1996
Gold round the edges Louise James 1989
Golden bats and pink pigeons Gerald Durrell 1980
Golden butterfly Charlotte Grey 1995
Golden destiny June Wyndham Davies 1994
Golden harvest Netta Muskett 1983
Golden lads and girls Angela Lambert 2000
Golden rain Elizabeth Harle 1987
Golden summer Iris Bromige 1987
Golden urchin Madeleine Brent 1987
Goldsmiths' Row Sheila Bishop 1994
Gone Jonathan Kellerman 2007
Gone missing Clive Egleton 1989
Gone to Texas Forrest Carter 1980
Gone with the wind Margaret Mitchell 1990
Good blood Aaron J. Elkins 2006
Good daughters Mary Hocking 1985
Good morning Nantwich : adventures in breakfast radio Phill Jupitus 2014
Goodbye California Alistair MacLean 1979
Goodbye Doctor Garland Marjorie Harte 1990
Goodbye Hamilton Catherine Cookson 1985
Goodbye, Nanny Gray Jill Staynes 1990
Goodbye, Sally Rhona Martin 1989
Goodnight, Irene Jan Burke 1995
Goodnight Mister Tom Michelle Magorian 2001
Gorsky Vesna Goldsworthy 2015
Gossip Beth Richardson Gutcheon 2014
Gossip to the grave Jonathan Burke 1988
Grabbing the family jewels Gaby Hauptmann 2004
Grand ambition : a novel Lisa Michaels 2003
Grand Canary A. J. Cronin 1988
Grand slam Susan Moody 1995
Grandma Tyson's legacy Mary Raymond 1984
Grandmothers footsteps Carol Smith 2004
Great elephant Alan Scholefield 1986
Great lion of God : a novel based on the life of Saint Paul Taylor Caldwell 1976
Great possessions Kate Alexander 1991
Green behind the ears Faith Addis 1985
Green bough and singing bird Jean Graham 1988
Green darkness Anya Seton 1976
Green grow the dollars Emma Lathen 1984
Green man Andy Wood 2000
Green money D. E. Stevenson 1981
Gretna legacy Marina Oliver 2011
Grey granite Lewis Grassic Gibbon 2015
Grey mask Patricia Wentworth 1984
Greygallows Barbara Michaels 1986
Grianan Alexandra Raife 1999
Grievous angel Jane Hill 2006
Grievous sin Faye Kellerman 1995
Guilty conscience Michael Underwood 1994
Guilty knowledge Lesley Grant-Adamson 1988
Guilty mind Irene Marcuse 2007
Gulliver's travels Jonathan Swift 1983
Gulliver's travels Jonathan Swift 2014
Gun-down on the Rio ; and, Gunsmoke empire Jackson Cole 1985
Gun loose Dan Claymaker 2000
Gun in the valley Dudley Dean 1989
Gun wolves of Lobo Basin Lee Floren 1988
Gunner Kelly Anthony Price 1988
Guns of virtue Peter Wilson 2010
Gunsight Frank Gruber 1990
Gunslinger's range Jackson Cole 1988
Gunsmoke thunder J. T. Edson 1979
Gurney's release Sam Llewellyn 1981
Gurney's revenge Sam Llewellyn 1981
Gurney's reward Sam Llewellyn 1981
Hackney child : a true tale of a neglected, but resourceful child surviving poverty and the care system Hope Daniels 2015
Half moon lake Una Brankin 2004
Half-truths & white lies Jane Davis 2010
Halfhyde's island Philip McCutchan 1978
Hallowe'en party Agatha Christie 1987
Hallowe'en party Agatha Christie 2011
Hallowed ground Margaret James 2004
Halo round the moon Catherine Hay 1986
Hamilton Catherine Cookson 1984
Hammer Sara Stockbridge 2009
Hammerhead Julian Jay Savarin 1990
Hand of fate Michael Underwood 1983
Hand in the fire Hugo Hamilton 2011
Hand in glove Ngaio Marsh 1983
Hands up!) Oenone Crossley-Holland 2010
Hang the little man John Cre.asey 1976
Hang time John Frederick Burke 2008
Hangin' pards Gordon D. Shirreffs 1988
Hanging Woman Creek ; and, Lando Louis L'Amour 1978
Hangman Jack Slade 1990
Hannah Fox Elizabeth Jeffrey 2000
Hannah's war Fenella-Jane Miller 2015
Happily ever after Carol Marsh 1989
Happy ever after Jean Graham 1987
Hard evidence Emma Page 1997
Hard luck story Richard Haley 2015
Hard road West : alone on the California trail Gwen Moffat 1983
Hard summer Stephen E. Fugate 1983
Hard to get Jessica Fox 2011
Harm's way Catherine Aird 1985
Harm's way Celia Walden 2009
Harmonies Rowan Edwards 1996
Harold Catherine Cookson 1987
Harriet farewell Margaret Erskine 1988
Harsh reckoning Philip Ketchum 1988
Harstairs House Amanda Grange 2005
Harte's gold Jane Toombs 2003
Hartinger's mouse : a Commander Shaw novel Philip McCutchan 1978
Harvest of desire Mary Christopher 1985
Harvest of thorns Tessa Barclay 1984
Haven't we met before? Mary Scott 1985
Hawk : The Widowmaker ; and Dead man's hand William S. Brady 1984
Haycastle's cricket Michèle Bailey 1997
Haywire James Mills 1997
Hazell and the menacing jester Terry Venables 1996
Hazell plays Solomon Terry Venables 1997
Hazell and the three card trick Terry Venables 2000
He loves Lucy Susan Donovan 2007
Heading south Luke Bitmead 2008
Headline romance Sherry Lynn Ferguson 1990
Hearing dog : the story of Jenny and Connie Angela Locke 1998
Heart conditions Sara Lewis 1995
Heart of darkness Joseph Conrad 2011
Heart of fire Maxine Barry 2007
Heart of Paris Denise Robins 1997
Heart's awakening Jean DeCoto 1984
Heart trouble Kathy Hogan Trocheck 1998
Heartbreaker Julie Garwood 2004
Hearts do not break Ivy Preston 1985
Heartsearch Patricia Wright 1990
Heat of the moment Philippa Blake 1999
Heatwave in Berlin W. Royston Millmore 2001
Heaven is here Lucy Walker 1977
Heaven in your hand,and other stories Norah Lofts 1978
Hebridean nurse Ann Kay 1987
Hector's hobbies : tales from Sarson Magna Anita Burgh 1996
Heir to Windbush Hill Essie Summers 1981
Helen of Burma Helen Rodriguez 1984
Hell and high water Sean Conway 2016
Hell on ice Ranulph Fiennes 1982
Hell's gate Michael Parker 2008
Hell west and crooked Tom Cole 1990
Heller from Texas William Heuman 1990
Hello sailor) Michael Hutchinson 2010
Hellspout : a Webb Carrick story Bill Knox 1977
Henrietta who? Catherine Aird 1979
Henry Tilney's diary Amanda Grange 2012
Her Edwardian life Sonia Dawdry 2001
Her father's sins Josephine Cox 1989
Her forbidden knight Rex Stout 1999
Her husband's children Sophia Watson 1997
Hercule Poirot's Christmas Agatha Christie 1987
Hercule Poirot's Christmas Agatha Christie 2010
Here comes a candle Jane Aiken Hodge 1978
Hermit's peak Michael McGarrity 2001
Heroes no more John Wainwright 1985
Heron's Keep Samantha Clare 1985
Hester's choice Audrey Weigh 2000
Hickory dickory dock Agatha Christie 1987
Hickory dickory dock Agatha Christie 2011
Hidden Paul Richard Jaskunas 2005
Hidden depths Joyce Holms 2005
Hidden in the heart Beth Andrews 2007
Hidden inheritance Emily Hendrickson 2007
Hidden rainbows Maxine Barry 2007
Hide my heart Mary Raymond 1985
Hide and seek Sandra Wilson 2009
High citadel Desmond Bagley 1977
High fury Harry Whittington 1990
High hopes Norman Croucher 1979
High infidelity Pamela Fudge 2008
High Island blues Ann Cleeves 1997
High lawless Theodore V. Olsen 1977
High lonesome road Betsy Thornton 2006
High stakes Dick Francis 1980
High tide Jude Deveraux 2002
High water Douglas Reeman 1978
High water Lynn S. Hightower 2003
Highness : the maharajahs of India Ann Morrow 1987
Hijack : our story of survival Lizzie Anders 1999
Hill Farm Miranda France 2011
Hippy chick Louise Harwood 2008
His burial too Catherine Aird 1980
His last bow Arthur Conan Doyle 2011
His last bow : some reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 1977
His Lordship's pleasure Marion Chesney 2000
His 'n' hers Mike Gayle 2005
Hit man Lawrence Block 1999
HMS Saracen Douglas Reeman 1977
HMS Ulysses Alistair MacLean 1980
Hold a candle to the sun Mair Unsworth 1989
Hold back the spring Joan Westgate 1988
Hold down a shadow Geoffrey Jenkins 1990
Hold fast these family ties Shirley Worrall 2000
Hold on to happiness Laura Whetter 1986
Holiday hostess Ivy McKnight 1988
Holiday for Inspector West John Cre.asey 1976
Holy aspic Joan Marysmith 1997
Home in the bear's domain Martha Martin 1987
Home from the hill Hilary Hook 1988
Home run Gerald Seymour 1990
Home at sundown Lucy Walker 1979
Home to roost Andrew Garve 1979
Home for the wedding Elizabeth Cadell 1984
Honey Brown is married Sara Judge 2013
Honeymoon in Purdah : an Iranian journey Alison Wearing 2002
Honkytonk gelato : travels through Texas Stephen Brook 1987
Honour this day Alexander Kent 1988
Honourable friends Janet Daley 1990
Hoodwink Paula Gosling 1990
Hope in a ballet shoe Michaela DePrince 2016
Hope Street Pamela Young 2012
Hope for tomorrow Anne Weale 1978
Hoping for a home Janie Ritson 2013
Hornblower in the West Indies C. S. Forester 2002
Horse thief trail J. D. Harkleroad 1981
Hospital by the lake Anne Durham 1988
Hospital on the hill Ivy Preston 1989
Hospital in the valley Jane Lester 1987
Hostage of the heart Linda Acaster 1996
Hostage to fortune Elizabeth Chaplin 2001
Hot poppies Reggie Nadelson 1999
Hot potato Joyce Holms 2004
Hotel Arthur Hailey 1977
Hotel girl Anne Worboys 1999
Hours to kill Ursula Cur.tiss 1988
House divided Dorothy M. Cray 1984
House of the dolphin Diana Raymond 1987
House of many shadows : Barbara Michaels Barbara Michaels 1981
House of many windows Dorothy M. Cray 1985
House of serenity Susan Shaw 2008
House of silence Linda Gillard 2015
House of tomorrow Claire Lorrimer 1998
House of the twelve Caesars Phyllis Hastings 1976
Hovel in the hills : an account of 'the simple life' Elizabeth West 1982
How green was my curate Fred Secombe 1991
How I filmed the war : a record of the extraordinary experiences of the man who filmed the great Somme battles etc Geoffrey H. Malins 2016
How much you mean to me Theresa Cha.rles 1987
How not to murder your husband Stephanie Calman 2011
How to be lost Amanda Eyre Ward 2005
How to cook a tart Nina Killham 2004
How to shoot an amateur naturalist Gerald Durrell 1986
How to succeed in murder Margaret Dumas 2007
Hunt the tortoise Elizabeth Ferrars 1980
Hurricane hole John Kerr 2013
I am Gabriella! Anne Maybury 1983
I chose to climb Chris Bonington 1985
I curse the river of time Per Petterson 2011
I give you my heart Doris Howe 1989
I, Gloria Gold Judith Summers 1989
I light a candle Gena Turgel 1989
I'll never forget you Renée Shann 1983
I'll never get out of this world alive Steve Earle 2012
I married a pirate Samantha David 2008
I married you for happiness Lily Tuck 2013
I meant to marry him Jean MacGibbon 1986
I met a gypsy Norah Lofts 1977
I met murder Elizabeth Ferrars 1987
I, said the fly Elizabeth Ferrars 1986
I, said the sparrow Christopher Murphy 1986
I see a new China George Hogg 1986
I spy T. R. Wilson 1997
I take this man : complete and unabridged Valerie Frankel 2008
I was Vermeer : the legend of the forger who swindled the Nazis Frank Wynne 2007
I will marry George Clooney ( Christmas) Tracy Bloom 2016
Ice Station Zebra Alistair MacLean 1976
Iceberg Clive Cussler 1981
Identity crisis Bill Kitson 2013
Identity unknown Frances Ferguson 1997
If chance a stranger Charles Fullerton 1977
If he lived Jon Stephen Fink 1999
If I should die Alexandra Henry 1997
If only they could talk James Herriot 1976
If there be one Muriel Howe 1988
If this is home Stuart Evers 2013
If truth be known Patricia Werner 2006
Illegal tender Gerald Hammond 2003
Illuminations Eva Hoffman 2009
Imperial city : the rise and rise of New York Geoffrey Moorhouse 1989
Improvising Carla Joanna Hines 2002
Impulse : complete and unabridged Frederick Ramsay 2008
In the absence of Iles Bill James 2010
In the beginning Catherine Dunne 2000
In bloom Matthew Crow 2016
In cold pursuit Ursula Cur.tiss 1988
In Dahlia's wake Yona Zeldis McDonough 2007
In danger's hour Douglas Reeman 1989
In Diamond Square Mercè Rodoreda 2014
In fields where daisies grow Elizabeth Jeffrey 1996
In the frame Dick Francis 1977
In harm's way Geoffrey Jenkins 1987
In the hour before midnight Jack Higgins 1978
In the key of genius : the extraordinary life of Derek Paravicini Adam Ockelford 2008
In the midst of life Roger Silverwood 2005
In pale battalions Robert Goddard 1990
In pursuit of Quincey Budd Marshall Grover 1990
In the sea there are crocodiles : the story of Enaiatollah Akbari Fabio Geda 2012
In the shadow of a rainbow : the true story of a friendship between man and wolf Robert Franklin Leslie 1997
In the shadow of a stranger Ernesto Patino 2002
In the shadow of the peacock Katharine Gordon 1982
In spring time Elizabeth CLARE 1989
In storm and in calm Lucilla Andrews 1977
In time of plague Thomas Hinde 2009
Indian summer Will Randall 2005
Indictment for murder Peter Rawlinson 1996
Indifferent heroes Mary Hocking 1986
Indigo nights Heather Graves 2010
Indigo slam Robert Crais 2000
Inherit the sun Maxwell Grant 1983
Inheritance Keith Baker 1998
Inherited fear Eileen De Lisle 2003
Inner healing : God's great assurance Theodore E. Dobson 1984
Innocent blood Raymond Haigh 2010
Instrument of thy peace Alan Paton 1984
Intermission Owen Martell 2014
Interpreters Sue Eckstein 2013
Interrupted journey Ivy Preston 1989
Intimate enemy Diana Stainforth 1998
Intimate kill Margaret Yorke 1986
Into battle Michael Francis Gilbert 1998
Into darkness Jonathan Lewis 2011
Into the night Cornell Woolrich 1990
Into the wild wind Jane Goodger 2000
Iris in winter Elizabeth Cadell 1985
Isabel's skin Peter Benson 2013
Island affair Eleanor Alliston 1988
Island daze Maxine Barry 2009
Island of dreams Irene Ord 1989
Island of enchantment Ivy Preston 1986
Island of flowers Jean M. Long 1999
Island of glass Barbara Masterton 1987
Island of the heart Mary Raymond 1985
Island legacy Karen Edmunds 1990
Island serenade Jean M. Long 1983
Island of the seven hills Zoë Cass 1982
Isle of Pomegranates Iris Danbury 1979
Isle of rapture Serena Robbins 1984
It's in the cards Pamela Fudge 2016
It's me , I've come Ruby Dymond 1998
It's never too late Vernon Coleman 2004
It should have been me Phillipa Ashley 2010
It shouldn't happen to a vet James Herriot 1976
It was an accident Jeremy Cameron 2016
It was the lark Catherine MacArthur 1980
Jack of hearts Marjorie Farrell 2002
Jack Mercybright Mary E. Pearce 1980
Jack's heir Michael Litchfield 2014
Jack & Zena : a true story of love and danger Jack Briggs 1998
Jade Star Catherine Coulter 2000
Jamaica Inn Daphne Du Maurier 1978
Jane of Gowlands Anne Hepple 1979
Jane and the man of the cloth Stephanie Barron 1998
Jane and the unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor Stephanie Barron 1999
Janet Forsythe Anne Hepple 1976
Janey's war Barbara Murphy 1997
Jazz and die Stella Whitelaw 2015
Jedder's land Maureen O'Donoghue 1985
Jenny alone Judith Saxton 1989
Jenny's star Patricia Werner 2008
Jeopardy's child Brian Battison 2000
Jess Marjorie G. Lowe 1985
Jessamy Court Anne Maybury 1982
Jessica Connie Monk 1988
Jessie Gray Emma Blair 1987
Jet bright Dorothy Scannell 1988
JFK is missing! Liz Evans 2003
Jilted Ann Barker 2009
Joan Sutherland : the authorized biography Norma Major 1995
Jobey Leslie Williamson 2002
John the revelator Peter Murphy 2009
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach 1984
Josie Lynda Page 1996
Journey Jae Watson 2008
Journey into danger Beatrice Taylor 1989
Journey no more Kay Stephens 1983
Journey to the centre of the earth Jules Verne 2014
Journey to the centre of the earth Richard Crane 1989
Journey to Guyana Margaret Bacon 1997
Joyday for Jodi Lucy Walker 1980
Jubilee Claire Rayner 1988
Judas country Gavin Lyall 1977
Judas flowering Jane Aiken Hodge 1977
Judge me not John D. MacDonald 2001
Juggernaut Desmond Bagley 1986
Julia Otto de Kat 2014
Julia Deverell Catherine Hay 1986
Julia's war Harry Cole 1998
Julie and Romeo : a novel Jeanne Ray 2003
Junction cut Patricia Grey 1996
Jupiter's gold Guy Fraser 2009
Just a boy : the true story of a stolen childhood Richard McCann 2005
Just another day Patricia Fawcett 2012
Just deserts Roderic Jeffries 1982
Just friends Robyn Sisman 2002
Just here, Doctor Robert Clifford 1980
Just look at me now Nell Dixon 2011
Just revenge Alan M. Dershowitz 2001
Just for you Mandy Brown 1995
K2 : triumph and tragedy Jim Curran 1989
Kago Christopher Wood 1986
Kate Hardy D. E. Stevenson 1978
Kate Weatherby Anne Goring 1997
Kathleen Barbara Murphy 2005
Keep your mouth shut and wear beige Kathleen Gilles Seidel 2010
Keeper of the heart Gwen Westwood 1981
Keeper of the keys Earl Derr Biggers 2013
Keeper of swans Joyce Windsor 2004
Keeping it dark Pamela Street 1996
Keepsakes Jan McDaniel 2005
Kelly Pencarrow Nelle M. Scanlan 1982
KGB kill James Mitchell 1988
Kill and kill again Hugh Pentecost 1990
Killer in black Paul Bennett 2014
Killer swell Jeff Shelby 2006
Killers' breed ; and, Border war William S. Brady 1985
Killing for England Iain McDowall 2006
Killing frost Margaret Haffner 1995
Killing Grace Simon Shaw 2002
Killing time Robert J. Conley 1990
Killraine Thorne Douglas 1980
Kim Rudyard Kipling 2012
Kincaid's last ride Marshall Grover 1987
Kine Alan Lloyd 2005
King Country Margaret Way 1981
King Fisher's road Shepard Rifkin 1976
King of the Golden Valley Alan Scholefield 1987
King of hearts Susan Moody 1996
King of the outlaw horde : based on characters created by Zane Grey Romer Grey 1982
King power King of England Richard III 2016
King of the range Romer Grey 1982
King's folly Pamela Street 1996
King Solomon's mines H. Rider Haggard 2014
King of the world Celia Fremlin 1996
Kiowa trail ; and, Killoe Louis L'Amour 1979
Kiriakos : a British partizan in wartime Greece Don Turner 1985
Kirkowen's daughter Euanie MacDonald 2002
Kiss and kill Raymond Haigh 2008
Kiss and kin Angela Lambert 1998
Kiss me, deadly Mickey Spillane 2006
Kit's Hill Jean Stubbs 1981
Kit's law Donna Morrissey 2002
Kith & kin Stevie Davies 2004
Kitty Bennet's despair Wendy Soliman 2016
Kleber's convoy Antony Trew 2004
Knight's Acre Norah Lofts 1989
Knights of the Cross Piers Paul Read 1998
Knock down Dick Francis 1979
Knowing Mandela John Carlin 2014
Korea : a walk through the land of miracles Simon Winchester 1991
Kundu Morris West 1980
Ladies coupé Anita Nair 2003
Lady Divine Barbara Sherrod 1996
Lady Eleanor's secret) Fenella-Jane Miller 2013
Lady Farquhar's butterfly Beverley Eikli 2011
Lady Hartley's inheritance Wendy Soliman 2007
Lady Jane's nemesis Patricia Oliver 2002
Lady of Lincoln Ann Barker 2008
Lady in love Renée Shann 1983
Lady of quality Georgette Heyer 1977
Lady's men : the saga of Lady Be Good and her crew : a haunting story of the Second World War Mario Martinez 1996
Lady Sara's scheme Emily Hendrickson 2007
Lady Sarah's redemption Beverley Eikli 2014
Lady trader : a biography of Mrs Sarah Heckford Vivien Allen 1981
Lallie Clover Sinclair 1990
Lamb Bonnie Nadzam 2013
Lamb to the slaughter Dorothy Eden 1982
Lament for a lost lover Philippa Carr 1980
Land of heart's desire Alexander Cordell 1996
Land of my dreams Kate North 1999
Land of the snow lion Elaine Brook 1988
Landscape with violence John Wainwright 1981
Language of the heart Elizabeth Cadell 1985
Lark Rise Flora Thompson 1978
Larksbrook Margaret Maddocks 1987
Larry & Stretch, Shotgun Sharkey Marshall Grover 1988
Last act Jane Aiken Hodge 1982
Last of the barons Brenda Clarke 1999
Last bus to Woodstock Colin Dexter 1990
Last chance country Gwen Moffat 1986
Last in convoy James Pattinson 1998
Last of the free Gareth Patterson 1996
Last lift from Crete Alexander Fullerton 1982
Last respects Catherine Aird 1984
Last rights Barbara Nadel 2006
Last seen alive Dorothy Simpson 1986
Last seen wearing Colin Dexter 1989
Last stand at Papago Wells ; and, The tall stranger Louis L'Amour 1981
Last to leave Clare Curzon 2005
Last walk home Emma Page 1984
Last waltz in Vienna : the destruction of a family 1842-1942 George Clare 1983
Last will and testament Elizabeth Ferrars 1980
Late in the day Geraldine Kaye 1998
Late harvest Barbara Masterton 1989
Latte or cappuccino? Hilly Janes 2013
Laurian Vale Iris Bromige 1979
Lavender blue) Sandra Heath 2010
Laws be their enemy Frederick E. Smith 1996
Lazarus is dead) Richard Beard 2012
Lean on Pete Willy Vlautin 2011
Leave it to the hangman Bill Knox 1990
Leaving Gaza) Margaret Sutherland 2009
Leaving home Garrison Keillor 1990
Leftovers Laura Wiess 2010
Legacy of fear Virginia Coffman 1986
Legacy for Lorna Jane Lester 1985
Leo days Patricia Wendorf 1986
Leopard Rock Tarras Wilding 2011
Let or hindrance Elizabeth Lemarchand 1979
Let it be morning Sayed Qashu 2009
Let loose the tigers Josephine Cox 1990
Let me die yesterday Theresa Murphy 2007
Let me eat cake Paul Arnott 2008
Let sleeping vets lie James Herriot 1976
Letter of intent Ursula Cur.tiss 1987
Letting go Pam Rhodes 2003
Level five Duff Hart-Davis 1983
Liars and saints Maile Meloy 2005
Lick Creek Brad Kessler 2003
Life below stairs : true lives of Edwardian servants Alison Maloney 2015
Life class Elizabeth James 1988
Life is the destiny Alex Stuart 1984
Life and Mary Ann Catherine Cookson 1977
Life's a jubilee Maud Anson 1979
Light at midnight William Ardin 1997
Light thickens Ngaio Marsh 1984
Light through glass Elizabeth Lemarchand 1986
Like an evening gone Julie Burrows 1989
Like water in a dry land : a journey into modern Israel Bettina Selby 1998
Lilley & Chase Tim Waterstone 1996
Lime Street at two Helen Forrester 1986
Limited options Palma Harcourt 1988
Lindbergh's legacy Katy Hayes 2004
Lion in the evening Alan Scholefield 1980
Lisa Logan Marie Joseph 1985
Listen to danger Dorothy Eden 1977
Listen to the shadows Joan Hall Hovey 2001
Listening to voices Sara MacDonald 1999
Little boy lost Lesley Egan 1986
Little devil Charles West 2007
Little Nurse Lorelie Sarah Devon 1988
Live free or die! John Harris 1985
Liverpool Daisy Helen Forrester 1986
Living dangerously Dan Latus 2016
Living dangerously Katie Fforde 1996
Living simply through the day : spiritual survival in a complex age Tilden Edwards 1984
Lizzy Harrison loses control Pippa Wright 2011
Locked in death) John Paxton Sheriff 2010
Locked in Peter Conway 2007
Lois on the loose Lois Pryce 2007
Lone sailor Jon Sanders 1987
Long chain of death Sarah Wolf 1990
Long lost family Humphrey Price 2013
Look back on death Lesley Ega.n 1981
Look back on murder Malcolm Gray 1989
Look out, doctor! Robert Clifford 1989
Look to the lady Margery Allingham 1979
Look the world in the eye Alice Peterson 2006
Looking glass C. W. Reed 2007
Looking for Oliver) Marianne Hancock 2009
Loose cannon June Dru.mmond 2004
Lord Arthur Savile's crime, and other stories Oscar Wilde 2012
Lord Dancy's delight Emily Johnson 2011
Lord Edgware dies Agatha Christie 2010
Lord Lucan : my story William Coles 2010
Lord Thurston's challenge Fenella-Jane Miller 2008
Lord Ware's widow Emily Harland 2011
Lord Whitley's bride Sharon Milburn 2004
Loser's blues Paula Gosling 1982
Lost cause Richard Greensted 1998
Lost in France Gillian Ogilvie 2007
Lost island Phyllis A. Whitney 1983
Lost time Frances Paige 1986
Lost woman Nara Lake 2000
Louise Sarah Shears 1978
Louise's daughters Sarah Shears 1979
Louise's inheritance Sarah Shears 1980
Love in a cloud Lucy Walker 1982
Love for a stranger Daisy Thomson 2000
Love in ambush Kate Summerfield 1990
Love be wary Mary Raymond 1986
Love beyond desire Rachel Palmer 1983
Love beyond reason Sandra Brown 1996
Love comes secretly Kay Winchester 1989
Love and Deborah Netta Muskett 1982
Love and freindship Jane Austen 2016
Love from Linda Kay Winchester 1986
Love her madly Mary-Ann Tirone Smith 2006
Love, honour & kill Molly Katz 2000
Love is a gambler Maysie Greig 1999
Love is a rainbow Juliet Gray 2000
Love is the enemy Marjorie Harding 1985
Love is eternal Irving Stone 1976
Love is like that Irene Lawrence 1987
Love on a plate Betty Grass 2000
Love's glittering web Kate Bowe 1984
Love's heritage Louise Pakeman 2008
Love's last gift Bébhinn Ramsay 2014
Love at second sight : strange romantic encounters Paul McLaughlin 1996
Love survives Christina Good 2000
Love thine enemy Nora Fountain 1998
Love through a stranger's eyes Jan Springer 2004
Love to death Patti Battison 2011
Love untangled Frances Peploe 1989
Love virtually Daniel Glattauer 2013
Love you madly Alex George 2005
Lovely day Barbara Redmayne 1988
Lovers don't lie Chrissie Loveday 2000
Lovers meeting Irene Carr 1999
Lovers meeting Mollie Hardwick 1981
Lovers on the Nile Richard Hall 1981
Loving attitudes Rachel Billington 1989
Loving him Kate O'Riordan 2006
Loving and learning June Barraclough 2001
Low life Ryan David Jahn 2011
Low tide, Lunan Bay Rosalie Warren 2010
Loxley Sally Wragg 2014
Lucasta Melinda Hammond 2009
Luciano's luck Jack Higgins 1982
Lucifer's Lady Claire Tremaine 1997
Lucy Blue, where are you? Louise Harwood 2006
Luke and Jon Robert Williams 2011
Lydia Trendennis Frederick E. Smith 1987
Lyonhurst Rona Randall 1997
Mad about the girls Francesca Clementis 2003
Mad Mike George Goodchild 1998
Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert 2014
Madame du Barry Jean Plaidy 1996
Made for goodness) Desmond Tutu 2013
Madeleine Bernard Taylor 1989
Madman's Bend Arthur Upfield 1977
Maggie Craig Marie Joseph 1982
Maggie Rowan Catherine Cookson 1977
Maggie's girl Sally Wragg 2010
Magic flutes Eva Ibbotson 1986
Magic of love Newlyn Nash 1989
Magnolia Gardens Caroline Bridgwood 1989
Maid of the sea Janet Thomas 2006
Maiden speech Alice Renton 1999
Maisie's way Grace Thompson 1999
Majesty : Elizabeth II and the House of Windsor Robert Lacey 1977
Makalienski's bones Jan Webster 1996
Making a killing Iain McDowall 2005
Making mischief Liz Young 2005
Malice aforethought : the story of a commonplace crime Francis Iles 1980
Malice in Cornwall Graham Thomas 2000
Malice domestic Mollie Hardwick 1988
Malice in London Graham A. Thomas 2002
Malice on the moors Graham Thomas 2001
Malice poetic Betty Rowlands 1996
Mallingford Alison Love 1999
Mallion's pride Carola Salisbury 1977
Man of law John Wainwright 1982
Man's estate Nigel G. Tranter 1977
Man of war John Masters 1985
Manager by appointment Ian Campbell Thomson 2004
Mango walk Rhona Martin 1997
Mangrove squeeze Laurence Shames 2000
Manhunt John Benteen 1990
Mann of the medical wing Anne Durham 1986
Mantrap Roger Silverwood 2007
Maple leaf rag : travels across Canada Stephen Brook 1989
Margaret of Anjou Betty King 2000
Margin of error Edna Buchanan 2000
Marigold's marriages Sandra Heath 2009
Marriage in haste Sue Peters 1985
Marriage and Mary Ann Catherine Cookson 1979
Married to Sinclair Danielle Shaw 2003
Marry in haste Jane Aiken Hodge 1979
Marsanne Virginia Coffman 1980
Martha's ark Charlotte Moore 1998
Mary Ann and Bill Catherine Cookson 1983
Mary Ann's angels Catherine Cookson 1980
Mary's child Irene Carr 1997
Mask of gold Rachel Lindsay 1981
Mask of treason Anne Stevenson 1982
Masquerade Jean Ure 1990
Masquerade of vengeance Alice Chetwynd Ley 1996
Master of Bucklands Minka Jones 1988
Master of Morholm T. R. Wilson 1987
Master of Ransome Lucy Walker 1983
Master of Skelgale Muriel Howe 1986
Mathilda Savitch Victor Lodato 2010
Matlock's system Reginald Hill 1997
Maulever Hall Jane Aiken Hodge 1980
Max Carrados mysteries Ernest Bramah 2016
Maybe this time Daoma Winston 1990
Mayday! Clive Cussler 1986
Mayday from Malaga Bill Knox 1998
Mayfair Nancy Fitzgerald 1990
McAllister in die hard Matt Chisholm 1985
McAllister makes war Matt Chisholm 1986
McAllister on the Comanche crossing Matt Chisholm 1985
McAllister and the Spanish gold Matt Chisholm 1985
McLean at the Golden Owl George Goodchild 1997
McLean sees it through George Goodchild 2000
McLean to the dark tower came George Goodchild 1998
Melbury Square Dorothy Eden 1981
Memoirs of an orphan boy Hugo Bergström 2002
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes) Arthur Conan Doyle 2011
Memories of a country girlhood Ellen Smith 1989
Memory of water Emmi Itäranta 2015
Mercenary Paul Bennett 2012
Mercy Julie Garwood 2004
Mercy Lara Santoro 2009
Merlin's Keep Madeleine Brent 1979
Mermaid's ground Alice Marlow 1999
Mesquite marauders ; and, Outlaw hell Jackson Cole 1980
Message from Absalom Anne Armstrong Thompson 1977
MIDI : music technology access for visually impaired people Geraldine Page 1995
Midnight come Michael David Anthony 1998
Midnight heiress Kate Frederick 1996
Midnight melody Irene Ord 1988
Midnight's smiling Alexandra Connor 1999
Midsummer madness Stella Whitelaw 2010
Mike Dime Barry Fantoni 1982
Milady Charlotte Jean Plaidy 2000
Mildred Pierce James M. Cain 1988
Miles from nowhere Nami Mun 2009
Mind kill Richard La Plante 1998
Minding Chris Paling 2008
Minerva's stepchild Helen Forrester 1984
Minotaur country : a novel of suspense Helen McCloy 1979
Minstrel's leap Veronica Black 2000
Minus a shamus Anthony Graham 1988
Mirage Donald S. Passman 2002
Mirage in the moonlight Mandy Brown 1988
Mirror image Brian Battison 1999
Mirror lake Thomas Christopher Greene 2004
Misadventures in a white desert Patrick Woodhead 2005
Mischief done J. A. O'Brien 2013
Miss Bingley's revenge Wendy Soliman 2015
Miss Buncle, married : being the further adventures of the celebrated authoress D. E. Stevenson 1982
Miss Buncle's book D. E. Stevenson 1982
Miss chance Simon Barnes 2002
Miss Darcy's passion Wendy Soliman 2015
Miss Davenport's Christmas Marion Chesney 2001
Miss Marple's final cases Agatha Christie 2010
Miss Marple's final cases : and two other cases Agatha Christie 1991
Miss McGuire is missing Eileen Robertson 2011
Miss Melville regrets Evelyn E. Smith 1989
Miss Prestwick's crusade Anne Barbour 2009
Miss Silver comes to stay Patricia Wentworth 1977
Missing the moment Grace Thompson 2000
Missing persons David Cook 2000
Mister Henry Jim Miller 1989
Mister Jacks Tom Wilson 2008
Mister Leprosy Phyllis Thompson 1983
Mistress cavalier Janis Coles 1996
Mistress Devon Virginia Coffman 1984
Mistress of fortune Sheila Lancaster 1984
Mistress of Melthorpe Alan Bloom 1997
Mistress of Moorhill Christina Green 1987
Mixed blessings : my psychic life Diane Lazarus 2008
Mogford's winning ways Ian Campbell Thomson 2000
Moment to moment Barbara Delinsky 1999
Monday's child Mollie Hardwick 1984
Monday in summer Lucy Walker 1982
Money never sleeps Stella Whitelaw 2013
Money for nothing Donald E. Westlake 2005
Monk's-hood : the third chronicle of Brother Cadfael Ellis Peters 1982
Monkey puzzle Paula Gosling 1986
Monkshood Hugh McLeave 2008
Montana 1948 : a novel Larry Watson 1997
Moon over the Alps Essie Summers 1978
Moon over Mexico Peggy Jones 1987
Moon in Pisces Catherine Darby 1998
Moonless night : one man's struggle for freedom 1940-1945 B. A. James 1996
Moonlight and March roses D. Y. Cameron 1990
Moonraker's bride Madeleine Brent 1981
Moonshadow Patricia Burns 1996
Moorland mist Gwen Kirkwood 2016
More tales from a country practice Arthur Jackson 1988
More than all Marjorie Warby 1979
More work for the undertaker Margery Allingham 1978
Morning is breaking Lesley Denny 1990
Mortal remains Margaret Yorke 1974
Mortal term John Penn 1988
Morwenna Anne Goring 1978
Moscow quadrille Ted Allbeury 1985
Most deadly hate Sara Woods 1987
Most grievous murder Sara Woods 1984
Mother love Judith Henry Wall 1997
Mother's ruin Nicola Barry 2008
Motive in shadow Lesley Egan 1986
Mourning raga Ellis Peters 1981
Moving image Annie Ross 1996
Moving mountains Claire Bertschinger 2006
Moving on Audrey Weigh 2004
Mr Big Joyce Holms 2002
Mr Harrison's confessions Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 2013
Mr Justice Raffles) E. W. Hornung 2011
Mr Micawber down under David Barry 2012
Mr Perfect Linda Howard 2003
Mr Rodriguez Mary Howard 1980
Mr. Verdant Green, married and done for Cuthbert Bede 2016
Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolf 2013
Mrs Fytton's country life Mavis Cheek 2001
Mrs. McGinty's dead Agatha Christie 1988
Mrs. McGinty's dead Agatha Christie 2011
Mrs. Mike Benedict Freedman 1986
Ms Hempel chronicles Sarah Shun-lien Bynum 2011
Muckle Annie Jan Webster 1987
Mullion Rock David Farrell 1990
Mum's army : love and adventure from the NAAFI to civvy street Winifred M. Phillips 2015
Mum's list St John Greene 2014
Murder of a dead man Katherine John 1996
Murder among friends Elizabeth Ferrars 1989
Murder in bare feet Roger Silverwood 2009
Murder at Bertram's Bower Cynthia Peale 2002
Murder by bequest Rae Foley 1978
Murder by proxy Harry Carmichael 1979
Murder by Suicide Veronica Heley 2005
Murder in the Cathedral Clinic Joanna Trevor 2005
Murder and chips Laurie Mantell 1989
Murder in Grub Street Bruce Alexander 1997
Murder is easy Agatha Christie 2012
Murder is too expensive Valerie Kershaw 2000
Murder for lunch Haughton Murphy 1990
Murder with malice Michael Underwood 1981
Murder in the map room Freda Bream 1990
Murder in Mesopotamia Agatha Christie 2010
Murder in the mews Agatha Christie 1986
Murder in the mews Agatha Christie 2010
Murder with minarets Charles Forsyte 1990
Murder in mind J. A. O'Brien 2011
Murder in Montague Place Martyn Beardsley 2013
Murder movie Jill McGown 2001
Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie 1978
Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie 2010
Murder at the palace Elliott Roosevelt 1996
Murder in paradise Ann Cleeves 1990
Murder at the priory : the mysterious poisoning of Charles Bravo Bernard Taylor 1991
Murder sails at midnight Marian Babson 1977
Murder sees the light Howard Engel 1988
Murder solstice Keith Moray 2009
Murder takes a partner Haughton Murphy 1987
Murder in the tropic night Frank Arthur 1990
Murder in vain Laurie Mantell 1989
Murder wears a cowl P. C. Doherty 1996
Murders anonymous Elizabeth Ferrars 1979
Murmuring the judges Quintin Jardine 2000
Murphy's law Colin Bateman 2004
Murphy's revenge Colin Bateman 2006
Music in the hills D. E. Stevenson 1976
Music in winter Suzanne Ebel 1981
Mustang man Louis L'Amour 1977
Mustn't grumble Joe Bennett 2007
My Anastasia Michael F. Page 2005
My brother's keeper Marcia Davenport 1976
My brother's killer D. M. Devine 1983
My cousin Mandy Jill Murray 1989
My cousin Rachel Daphne Du Maurier 1978
My dear Aunt Flora Elizabeth Cadell 1996
My dearest Jonah Matthew Crow 2014
My family and other animals Gerald Durrell 1977
My father's house Kathleen Conlon 1999
My father's roses Nancy Kohner 2009
My father's war Adriaan van Dis 2005
My favourite Manson girl Alison Umminger 2016
My former heart Cressida Connolly 2013
My French whore Gene Wilder 2008
My friend Annie Jane Duncan 1983
My friend, cousin Emmie Jane Duncan 1978
My friend Madame Zora Jane Duncan 1985
My friend Martha's aunt Jane Duncan 1983
My friend Monica Jane Duncan 1982
My friend Muriel Jane Duncan 1982
My friend Rose Jane Duncan 1984
My friend Sandy Jane Duncan 1983
My friend Sashie Jane Duncan 1985
My friend the swallow Jane Duncan 1985
My friends the hungry generation Jane Duncan 1986
My friends the Macleans Jane Duncan 1984
My friends the Miss Boyds Jane Duncan 1982
My friends the Misses Kindness Jane Duncan 1984
My friends the Mrs. Millers Jane Duncan 1984
My Highland Kellas cats Di Francis 1996
My Lady Ludlow Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell 2013
My life Cilento 1990
My life Isadora Duncan 1997
My lord enemy Joanna Makepeace 1997
My Lords Richard Margaret Davidson 1998
My old man and the sea : a father and son sail around Cape Horn David Hays 1997
My path leads to Tibet : the inspiring story of how one young blind woman brought hope to the blind children of Tibet Sabriye Tenberken 2007
My quest for El Dorado Ross Salmon 1981
My sister's keeper Bernardine Kennedy 2003
My true love Theresa Cha.rles 1988
My turn : the memoirs of Nancy Reagan Nancy Reagan 1990
My wife Melissa Francis Durbridge 1977
N or M? Agatha Christie 1984
N or M? Agatha Christie 2011
Nanny and I Ruth Plant 1998
Narrow exit Paul Henissart 1980
Narrow is the way Faith Martin 2007
Neck and neck : a 'Sergeant Beef' detective novel Leo Bruce 1983
Neither five nor three Helen MacInnes 1987
Nemesis Agatha Christie 1976
Nemesis Agatha Christie 2010
Nerve Dick Francis 1978
Nevada Zane Grey 1979
Nevada heat Ann Carberry 1999
Never be lonely Pamela Fudge 2012
Never call it loving Dorothy Eden 1981
Never far from nowhere Andrea Levy 1997
Never look back Dan Latus 2009
Never love a stranger Nancy Madison 2004
Never too late Ellen Smith 1996
Never too late Julia Ashwell 1997
Neville's quest) Ken Holdsworth 2012
New blood from old bones Sheila Radley 2000
New cat stories Stella Whitelaw 2006
New nurse at Netherdown Quenna Tilbury 1988
Next to die Marliss Melton 2008
Nice knight for murder Philip Daniels 1988
Night with a stranger Nancy John 2000
Night of a thousand stars Mona Newman 1987
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Night crawler) Diane Parkin 2013
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Night of error Desmond Bagley 1985
Night of the fox Jack Higgins 1987
Night journey Winston Graham 1979
Night judgement at Sinos Jack Higgins 1978
Night of the letter Dorothy Eden 1976
Night moves Alan Scholefield 1997
Night nurse at Nassingham's Quenna Tilbury 1986
Night scented air D. Y. Cameron 1990
Night & silence Aline Templeton 2001
Night sister at St.Aubyn's Anne Vinton 1984
Night visitor Gill White 2002
Night whispers Karen Sandler 2006
Night without end Alistair MacLean 2013
Nightingale man Jane Toombs 2003
Nightingale summer Betty O'Rourke 1997
Nightmare time Hugh Pentecost 1988
Nightrunners of Bengal John Masters 1980
Nine Bett's Lane Eileen De Lisle 2001
Ninety days : a memoir of recovery Bill Clegg 2013
NKUMBA Ian Campbell Thomson 2014
No birds sing Jo Bannister 1997
No cake, no jam Marian Hughes 1995
No curtain call K. T. McCaffrey 2011
No easy road Kay Winchester 1988
No enemy but winter Anne Goring 1998
No exit Hardiman Scott 1986
No fixed abode Frances Ferguson 1999
No flowers, by request June Thomson 1989
No fool of time Jean Graham 1986
No going back Pamela La Fane 2001
No goodbyes Elaine Kagan 2002
No greater love Frank G. Slaughter 1986
No harp like my own Marjorie Quarton 1990
No hint of scandal Sheila Bishop 1997
No law and order Ernest Haycox 1977
No love lost Alice Marlow 2001
No love lost : two stories of suspense Margery Allingham 1978
No marks for trying Stella Allan 1999
No and me Delphine de Vigan 2011
No more parades Ford Madox Ford 2013
No more such days Emmeline Morrison 1985
No need for violence Julie Burrows 1989
No-one ever has sex on a Tuesday Tracy Bloom 2016
No orchids for a nurse Marjorie Harte 1990
No orchids by request Essie Summers 1986
No place to hide Ted Allbeury 1986
No precious time Jean Ure 1988
No roses round the door K. M. Peyton 2004
No through road Frances Turk 1976
No through road Theresa Cha.rles 1986
No time like the present June Barraclough 1999
No time for love Emilie Loring 1977
No time for romance : an autobiographical account of a few moments in British and personal history Lucilla Andrews 1979
No time to wave goodbye Ben Wicks 1990
No way back Kenneth Royce 1988
No wonder I take a drink Laura Marney 2005
No work today Flora Pearce 1989
Nobody move Denis Johnson 2010
Nobody runs forever Richard Stark 2006
Nora was a nurse Peggy Gaddis 1990
Normandy summer ; The summer of 1944 would change their lives forever Joy St Clair 1999
'North Star' Hammond Innes 1977
Northern lights Frances Nugent 2000
Northline Willy Vlautin 2009
Not a penny more, not a penny less Jeffrey Archer 1978
Not as a stranger Morton Thompson 1976
Not by appointment Essie Summers 1977
Not one of us June Thomson 1988
Not that sort of girl Mary Wesley 1989
Not there, Doctor Robert Clifford 1980
Nothing to do with the case Elizabeth Lemarchand 1982
Nothing to fear Matthew D'Ancona 2009
Notice of death John Penn 1983
Novel about my wife Emily Perkins 2009
November tree Ann Stevens 1999
November tree Margaret Maddocks 1989
Now and then, Amen Jon Cleary 1989
Now you see her Eileen Dewhurst 1996
Nowhere else on earth Josephine Humphreys 2002
Nowhere to hide Joan Hall Hovey 2001
Nuff respect D. J. Edwards 1997
Null & void Catherine Barry 2004
Nunaga : ten years among the Eskimos Duncan Pryde 1988
Nurse Alice in love Theresa Cha.rles 1990
Nurse Brenda's husband Quenna Tilbury 1989
Nurse Camden's cavalier Louise Ellis 1985
Nurse Doyle in danger Jill Murray 1985
Nurse Drake's dilemma Kay Winchester 1989
Nurse in the East Jane Lester 1985
Nurse errant Lucilla Andrews 1978
Nurse at high hedges Jane Lester 1988
Nurse in Izbah Jill Murray 1985
Nurse Katie of Presswood Jill Murray 1986
Nurse at Kelvin Abbey Quenna Tilbury 1989
Nurse Rita's request Jane Lester 1989
Nurse Rowan's return Kay Winchester 1991
Nurse's Choice Peggy Gaddis 1988
Nurse for the season Pauline Ash 1986
Nurse Smith, cook Joyce Dingwell 1984
Nurse in the sun Sheila Brandon 1982
Nurse to Doctor James Grace Richmond 1989
Nurse under suspicion Carol Marsh 1989
Occasion of sin Rachel Billington 1984
Ocean prize James Pattinson 2007
Of love and war Vanessa Alexander 2001
Of masks and minds Frederick E. Smith 1990
Of silence and slow time Catherine Bruton 2005
Oh, my darling daughter Eric Malpass 1982
Oil lamps and candlelight Philip Gibbs 1986
Old bones J. A. O'Brien 2009
Old bones buried under June Dru.mmond 2007
Old friends & new fancies Sybil G. Brinton 2016
Old love's domain Iris Bromige 1985
Old pals act James Pattinson 2003
Old soldiers never die Margaret Mayhew 2000
Oliver Twist investigates G. M. Best 2012
Olivia's garden Patricia Fawcett 2005
Ominous star Rae Foley 1978
On a thin stalk A. M. Story 2010
On the broken shore James MacManus 2011
On call Elizabeth Harrison 1984
On desperate seas James Pattinson 2002
On Hitler's mountain : my Nazi childhood Irmgard A. Hunt 2007
On the Holloway Road Andrew Blackman 2010
On the night of the seventh moon Victoria Holt 1979
On the straight and narrow Faith Martin 2006
On track to murder Heather Graves 2013
On wing and wild water Mike Tomkies 1989
Once bitten, twice shy Susan Dukes 2004
Once upon a Christmas Diane Farr 2001
Once upon a secret Mimi Alford 2013
One of Ben's : a tribe transported Maurice Shadbolt 1996
One bright child : a novel based on a true story Patricia Cumper 1999
One bright star Suzanne Goodwin 2000
One bullet too many Paul Bennett 2016
One corpse too many : a medieval whodunit Ellis Peters 1982
One dark night Pamela Bennetts 2000
One day, someday Lynne Barrett-Lee 2004
One day we'll be happy Renée Shann 1978
One enchanted summer Anne Tedlock Brooks 1990
One golden summer Sue Dyson 1998
One is one and all alone Anthea Fraser 1997
One little room Jan Webster 1988
One lonely night Mickey Spillane 2005
One of the lucky ones Lucy Ching 1983
One man's inheritance John Attenborough 1981
One man's medicine Morris Gibson 1984
One man's secret Miriam Sharman 1988
One murder too many Terrell L. Bowers 2014
One o'clock at the Gotham Rae Foley 1978
One, two, buckle my shoe Agatha Christie 2011
One-way ticket James Pattinson 1998
One way to Venice Jane Aiken Hodge 1978
One who remembers Theresa Cha.rles 1988
One woman's Arctic Sheila Burnford 1976
Only a mother could love him : how I lived with and triumphed over ADHD Benjamin Polis 2007
Only darkness Danuta Reah 2001
Only our love Iris Bromige 1985
Only the wind is free Margaret Graham 1989
Opal Elvi Rhodes 1985
Open secret James Leasor 1983
Ordeal by innocence Agatha Christie 2012
Orient Express : the life and times of the world's most famous train E. H. Cookridge 1981
Orion's belt Jon Michelet 1987
Orphan nurse Kathleen Treves 1986
Orphans preferred Jim Miller 1988
Other people's clothes Fiona Shillito 2002
Other people's skeletons Julie Smith 2007
Out for a duck Tony Levy 1988
Out of the blue : a pilot with the Chindits Terence O'Brien 1985
Out of the blue Gretta Mulrooney 2008
Out of the dark Natasha Cooper 2003
Out of love Diana Appleyard 2003
Out in the midday sun : my Kenya Elspeth Huxley 1986
Out of the night Dan Latus 2013
Out of order Charles Benoit 2007
Out of the rain Elizabeth Cadell 1988
Out of reach Elizabeth McGregor 1998
Out of reach Patricia Lewin 2005
Out stealing horses Per Petterson 2008
Out with the tide Brian Cooper 2007
Out of the wild Mike Tomkies 1987
Out of yesterday Eva Burfield 1987
Outlaws ; and, Lynch law William S. Brady 1984
Outrageous exposures John Penn 1991
Outside passage : a memoir of an Alaskan childhood Julia Scully 2000
Over his dead body Laurie Brown 2012
Over the mountain Maryanne Kerr 1997
Over my shoulder : an autobiography Jessie Matthews 1990
Over to Candleford ; and, Candleford Green Flora Thompson 1978
Oxford blue Veronica Stallwood 1999
Oxford double Veronica Stallwood 2003
Oxford fall Veronica Stallwood 1997
Oxford letters Veronica Stallwood 2006
Oxford mourning Veronica Stallwood 1997
Oxford proof Veronica Stallwood 2004
Oxford remains Veronica Stallwood 2005
Oxford shadows Veronica Stallwood 2002
Oxford shift Veronica Stallwood 2001
Pacific magic Ivy Preston 1987
Pack up your troubles Anne Bennett 2002
Pagan babies Elmore Leonard 2002
Pagan lover Anne Hampson 1985
Pagan summer Jacqui Bennett 1987
Pageant of death Howard Shaw 2003
Paid to kill : true stories of today's contract killers Frank Jones 1996
Painted lady Delia Ellis 1999
Painted lady Harriet Crawley 1996
Pale dawn, dark sunset Anne Mather 1984
Palimpsest Meg Elizabeth Atkins 2001
Pandora's girl Janet Woods 2002
Paper doll Jim Shepard 1989
Papillon Henri Charrière 1976
Parade Shūichi Yoshida 2015
Paradise Sarah Neilan 1984
Paris in the fall Tamsin Hamilton 1983
Paris summer Rosemary Friedman 2005
Parker Pyne investigates Agatha Christie 1978
Parker Pyne investigates Agatha Christie 2011
Parson's pleasure Mollie Hardwick 1989
Parting shot Roger Ormerod 1999
Partisans Alistair MacLean 1983
Partisans Alistair MacLean 2012
Partners in crime Agatha Christie 1986
Partners in crime Agatha Christie 2011
Partners for life Jane Bidder 2004
Party games Hans Hellmut Kirst 1982
Passage by night Jack Higgins 1980
Passenger to Frankfurt : an extravaganza Agatha Christie 1984
Passenger to Frankfurt Agatha Christie 2012
Passing strangers : and other stories Marie Joseph 1989
Passion and illusion Barbara Delinsky 2000
Passport for a pilgrim James Leasor 1982
Passport to paradise Kay Winchester 1990
Passport to peril James Leasor 1980
Past continuous Denise Goff 1996
Path of ghosts Robert MacLeod 1980
Path of the storm Douglas Reeman 1980
Paths not taken John Scott 2015
Patient in love Theresa Cha.rles 1988
Patriot's dream Barbara Michaels 1979
Patrol to the Golden Horn Alexander Fullerton 1988
Patterns in the dust Lesley Grant-Adamson 1989
Patterson's volunteers John Smith 1987
Paul Temple and the Margo mystery Francis Durbridge 1987
Pavement for my pillow Chris Kitch 1997
Pavilions by the sea : the memoirs of an hotel-keeper Tom Laughton 1988
Pay-off Domini Wiles 1985
Payback Alan Dunn 2004
Payback Clare Curzon 2008
Payment for the piper Frances Murray 1987
Peace like a river Leif Enger 2003
Peacock in flight Katharine Gordon 1981
Peacock in jeopardy Katharine Gordon 1984
Pencarrow Nelle M. Scanlan 1982
Pendragon Muriel Howe 1989
Pengara summer Anne Goring 1990
Penhaligon's rock Betty O'Rourke 2000
Penny black Susan Moody 1985
Penny dreadful Susan Moody 1987
Penny post Susan Moody 1987
Penny royal Susan Moody 1988
Pepper Tree Bay Lucy Walker 1978
Peppermint Creek Inn Jan Springer 2004
Perfect murder : a century of unsolved homicides Bernard Taylor 1989
Perfectly dead Iain McDowall 2005
Perfectly impossible Joan O'Neill 2003
Perfidy and perfection Kate Allan 2007
Peril at End House Agatha Christie 1978
Peril at End House Agatha Christie 2010
Peril rides the Pecos ; and, Lost river loot Jackson Cole 1981
Perilous journey Joyce Stranger 1999
Perilous rock Shirley Murrell 1978
Peroxide homicide Matthew Malekos 2014
Personal relations Pamela Street 1991
Persuading Annie Melissa Nathan 2002
Peter Scott : painter and naturalist Elspeth Huxley 1996
Pets in prospect Malcolm D. Welshman 2007
Photo-finish Ngaio Marsh 1982
Phyllida Irene Northan 1999
Picked up, patched up and sent home : why I love the NHS Carl Walker 2016
Picture of the year Clive Egleton 1988
Pieces of justice Margaret Yorke 1996
Pierre Lalande : special agent : the wartime memoirs of Guido Zembsch-Schreve Guido Zembsch-Schreve 1998
Pigs can fly Barry Cryer 2006
Pilgrim's Rest Patricia Wentworth 1983
Pilgrim snail : busking to Santiago Ben Nimmo 2003
Pilot's point Leila Mackinlay 1987
Pimpernel gold : how Norway foiled the Nazis Dorothy Baden-Powell 1981
Pink snow Edna Dawes 1985
Pink stripes and obedient servants : an agriculturalist in Tanganyika John Ainley 2002
Pinkmount Drive Jan Webster 1997
Pirates Ross Kemp 2011
Pit bull Gwen Moffat 1997
Place for Claire Dorothy M. Cray 1985
Places in the dark Thomas H. Cook 2001
Plague ship Frank G. Slaughter 1982
Plain dealer William Ardin 1999
Plain sailing Douglas Clark 1989
Playground pets Ron Ellis 2001
Playing dead Lindsay Maracotta 2001
Playing with fire) Sandra Heath 2010
Playing James Sarah Mason 2003
Playing for keeps Sally Wragg 2011
Playing safe Eileen Dewhurst 1986
Playing the wild card Philip Evans 1989
Point of honour Alan Scholefield 1985
Poirot investigates Agatha Christie 1990
Poirot investigates Agatha Christie 2010
Poirot's early cases Agatha Christie 1990
Poirot's early cases Agatha Christie 2011
Polar star Martin Cruz Smith 1990
Polly Bright Dorothy Scannell 1986
Polly Pilgrim Marie Joseph 1986
Poodle's grave Howard Charles 1989
Pop Kitty Aldridge 2002
Port mortem Harry Carmichael 1978
Portrait of a duke Wendy Soliman 2016
Portrait of a murder Stella Whitelaw 2012
Portrait in gold Patricia Ainsworth 1986
Portrait of Polwerris Enid Mavor 2001
Portrait in shadows John Wainwright 1987
Possessed Ken Holdsworth 2010
Post mortem Peter Whalley 1989
Postern of fate Agatha Christie 2011
Powdersmoke feud William MacLeod Raine 1978
Power point Rowan Edwards 1996
Prairie fire Patricia Werner 2006
Pray, love, remember Margaret Yorke 1996
Prayers for the stolen Jennifer Clement 2015
Precious inheritance Joan Moules 1988
Precocious Joanna Barnard 2016
Prejudiced witness Dilys Gater 1990
Prelude to terror Helen MacInnes 1980
Prescription for Melissa Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1980
Prescription for terror Sandra Levy Ceren 2003
Preserved in glass Margaret Sonnenberg 1990
Pretty dead Gerry Boyle 2005
Pretty little liars Sara Shepard 2007
Pretty maids all in a row Anthea Fraser 1987
Pretty thing Jennifer Nadel 2016
Prey to all Natasha Cooper 2001
Prince of darkness Barbara Michaels 1987
Private sins Gwen Moffat 2001
Promise of happiness Paula Lindsay 1988
Promise not to tell Jennifer McMahon 2009
Promise to obey Stella Whitelaw 2015
Promise of tomorrow Honor Vincent 1990
Promised Land Michele Guinness 1989
Proofs of affection Rosemary Friedman 1990
Prospects of the heart Rosemary Gill 1989
Proteus Morris West 1981
Proud citadel Theresa Cha.rles 1987
Proud heart, fair lady Elayn Duffy 1999
Proud Mari Kathryn North 2003
Psycho Robert Bloch 2014
Pulse Edna Buchanan 2000
Puppet for a corpse Dorothy Simpson 1984
Puppet on a chain Alistair MacLean 2013
Puppies are for life Linda Phillips 2000
Pure as the lily Catherine Cookson 1976
Purgatory road Bob Reiss 1997
Pushover Dianne Pugh 2001
Put out the light Ann Quinton 2001
Quality maid Mira Stables 1997
Quarrel with murder Michael Halliday 1977
Quarry's contract Robin Hunter 1989
Quarter tones Susan Mann 2007
Queen of the elephants Mark Shand 1997
Queen of the May Emily Hendrickson 2008
Quenton's Island Nina Tinsley 1987
Questions of identity Bob Cook 1989
Quick before they catch us Mark Timlin 2001
Quicksand Gwen Moffat 2001
Quicktrigger Gordon D. Shirreffs 1990
Race for love Shirley Allen 1997
Racing hearts Anne Herries 2000
Radiance Anne Maybury 1981
Radigan Louis L'Amour 1976
Radio head) John Osborne 2011
Rag woman, rich woman Margaret Thomson Davis 1988
Ragtime in Simla Barbara Cleverly 2004
Rainsong Phyllis A. Whitney 1985
Raise the lanterns high Lakshmi Persaud 2004
Rakehell's widow Rennie McOwan 2009
Rally to kill : a Thane and Moss case Bill Knox 1977
Ralph Dacre Anne Stevenson 1977
Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake Ed Gould 1997
Rampage Justin Scott 1987
Random Island Alex Stuart 1985
Random targets James Raven 2015
Raphael Anne Herries 1998
Raven feathers his nest Donald MacKenzie 1982
Raven's longest night Donald MacKenzie 1985
Raven's mill Helen McCabe 2001
Raw nerve Richard Greensted 1999
Reaching out for love Peggy Gaddis 1996
Reaching for the stars Lucy Walker 1981
Real life Melissa Kite 2014
Reasons to stay alive Matt Haig 2016
Rebel heiress Jane Aiken Hodge 1979
Rebel in love Lilian Peake 1986
Rebel nurse Lynne Collins 1990
Recovery Stanley Middleton 1990
Red barbarian Margaret Gaan 1989
Red for danger Heather Graves 2007
Red gold Alan Furst 2000
Red roses for a nurse Ivy Preston 1987
Red runs the Rio ; and, Bugles on the Bighorn Jackson Cole 1982
Red sky at night Jane Aiken Hodge 1980
Red sky at night John Barrington 1986
Redemption Howard Fast 2001
Redemption in Indigo Karen Lord 2014
Reflex Dick Francis 1981
Regency buck : Georgette Heyer Georgette Heyer 1981
Reilly's luck Louis L'Amour 1976
Relative danger Charles Benoit 2006
Relative strangers Anne Worboys 1998
Relative strangers Chrissa Mills 2001
Release from bondage Jean Graham 1987
Release the past Ivy Preston 1989
Relentless storm Claire Lorrimer 1984
Remains found J. A. O'Brien 2009
Remains to be seen Elizabeth Cadell 1984
Remember me Sarah Diamond 2004
Remember the valiant Rose Meadows 1996
Remembered dreams Emma Dally 2000
Remembered with love Peggy Jones 1989
Remove the bodies Elizabeth Ferrars 1989
Render up the body Marianne Wesson 1998
Rendezvous, south Atlantic Douglas Reeman 1980
Renegade lawman Gordon D. Shirreffs 1988
Renegade's trail Gordon D. Shirreffs 1988
Requiem for a dummy David Stuart Davies 2010
Research fellow Alex Stuart 1986
Restless dream Leila Mackinlay 1988
Restless spirit S. D. Tooley 2005
Resurrection Raymond Haigh 2013
Retreat Mary Stanley 2002
Retribution Angela Dracup 2007
Return of Claudia Rose Franken 1983
Return match Elizabeth Caddell 1981
Return of the Texan Burt Arthur 1985
Return to Balandra Grace Driver 1990
Return to Carnecrane Mary Williams 1999
Return to Garth Manor Beatrice Taylor 1990
Return to happiness Renée Shann 1982
Return to King's Mere Leslie Lance 1976
Return to Lanmore Sheila Douglas 1985
Return to Moondance Anne Goring 1997
Return to Rosemount Patricia Fawcett 2006
Return to Tibet Heinrich Harrer 1986
Return to Watersmeet Edward Hewitt 2001
Return via rangoon : a young Chindit survives the jungle and Japanese captivity P. G. Stibbe 1996
Reunited! : loved ones traced by the British Red Cross Michael Johnstone 1996
Revenge of the middle-aged woman Elizabeth Buchan 2002
Revenge rider ; and, Long roper Jim Wilmeth 1983
Ribbons in her hair Lucy Walker 1981
Richard Plantagenet Brenda Clarke 1998
Richard's way : a story about the Derains Kate Thompson 1978
Richard Whittington, London's Mayor Gwynedd Sudworth 1977
Ricochet Paula Gosling 2003
Ride a white dolphin Anne Maybury 1983
Ride out and die Frank C. Robertson 1976
Riders of the purple sage Zane Grey 1979
Riding the mountains down Bettina Selby 1985
Riding shotgun Jim Miller 1987
Riding the storm Heather Graves 2016
Riding to Jerusalem Bettina Selby 1986
Rifles on the range Lee Floren 1988
Right on time Pauline McLynn 2004
Rim of the desert Ernest Haycox 1978
Ring for nurse Raine Theresa Cha.rles 1987
Rio Diablo Gordon D. Shirreffs 1987
Risk Colin Harrison 2010
Risk Dick Francis 1979
Risking it all Ann Granger 2002
Risky business Suzanne Macpherson 2009
Risky mission Dan Latus 2012
River of darkness Rennie Airth 2000
River of death Alistair MacLean 1982
River of death Alistair MacLean 2013
River Hill soliloquy : the story of an Illinois farm Clarence Mitchell 1989
River Lodge Elizabeth Cadell 1983
River's end Nora Roberts 2001
River voices Suzanne Ebel 1985
Road to the coast John Harris 1977
Robbery with malice Barrie Roberts 2000
Rochester's wife D. E. Stevenson 1983
Rock to death John Paxton Sheriff 2012
Rockfire Catherine Dillon 1978
Rockwell Peter McCurtin 1984
Roesbud Joan Hemingway 1981
Rogue lion safaris Simon Barnes 1998
Rogue river feud Zane Grey 1983
Rollover James Raven 2013
Romance at Perristone Cora Mayne 1990
Romance at Redways Jane Lester 1985
Romantic lady Sylvia Thorpe 1979
Roomies Sara Zarr 2016
Root of all evil Elizabeth Ferrars 1985
Rosabelle Shaw D. E. Stevenson 1984
Rose of Jericho Rosemary Friedman 1990
Rose : my life in service Rosina Harrison 1981
Rose, Rose, where are you? Rosemary Ellerbeck 1981
Rosemary for remembrance Ivy Preston 1985
Rosemary's garden Annie Marks 2006
Rosevean Iris Bromige 1979
Rosie Mark Carter 2007
Rosina's choice Pamela Edgar 1998
Ross of Silver Ridge Gwen Westwood 1991
Rotten apples Natasha Cooper 1996
Rough draft James W. Hall 2001
Rough heritage Janet Thomas 2005
Rough passage Tom McClean 1985
Rough red Martin Sylvester 1991
Rough weather Iris Bromige 1977
Routine investigation Hartley Howard 1980
Rowing in Eden Barbara Rogan 1998
Royal Flash George MacDonald Fraser 1985
Ruffles on my long johns Isabel Edwards 1997
Rules of engagement Bruce Alexander 2006
Rumours and red roses Patricia Fawcett 2010
Run before the wind Stuart Woods 1989
Run for home Dan Latus 2014
Run, ride, sink or swim : a Rookie's year in the women's triathlon Lucy Fry 2016
Run, Sara, run Anne Worboys 1984
Run wild my heart Maureen Child 1999
Runaway bride Jane Aiken Hodge 1980
Runner in the dark Edward Gorman 1997
Running against the tide Joanna Barnden 2013
Running like a girl Alexandra Heminsley 2016
Rustler's trail Lee Floren 1988
Sabrina Madeleine Polland 1981
Sacrifice bid Susan Moody 1998
Sad cypress Agatha Christie 2011
Saddle and ride Ernest Haycox 1978
Saddle the storm Harry Whittington 1990
Safe harbour Janice Graham 2005
Safe journey home Elisabeth Hargreaves 1985
Safely to the grave Margaret Yorke 1987
Saffron's army Frederick E. Smith 2001
Saffron's trials Frederick E. Smith 1997
Saffron's war Frederick E. Smith 1999
Sail and deliver! Ronald Preedy 2004
Saint Peter's Fair : the fourth chronicle of Brother Cadfael Ellis Peters 1983
Salt & honey Candi Miller 2007
Salutation Frances Turk 1981
Sam Philip Temple 1986
Samantha Dorothy Eden 1980
Samaritan's hospital Alex Stuart 1988
Samira and Samir Siba Shakib 2005
San Andreas Alistair MacLean 1986
San Andreas Alistair MacLean 2013
San Carlos Neil Forsyth 2013
Sanctuary Sharon K. Garner 2006
Sand through my fingers Lee Naughton 1990
Sanders sextant, sea and solitude Hugh Schmitt 1990
Santorini Alistair MacLean 1987
Santorini Alistair MacLean 2013
Saraband for two sisters Philippa Carr 1981
Sarah Joyce Marlow 1989
Sarah Morris remembers D. E. Stevenson 1978
Sarah's cottage D. E. Stevenson 1979
Sarah's fortune Mary Street 2008
Saraswati Park Anjali Joseph 2011
Saturday city Jan Webster 1981
Saturday of glory David Serafin 1981
Sauce for the pigeon Gerald Hammond 1988
Savage legacy Jean Chapman 1988
Savannah blue William Harrison 1983
Savannah purchase Jane Aiken Hodge 1978
Save the last dance for me Edward Gorman 2007
Sayonara, sweet amaryllis James Melville 1986
Scales of justice Ngaio Marsh 2001
Scandal at the Dower House Marina Oliver 2010
Scandal's daughter Joanna Erle 1999
Scandal in the village Rebecca Shaw 2000
Scandalous secrets Patricia Oliver 2001
Scare story Stan Hey 2001
Scaring crows Priscilla Masters 1999
Scarlet angel Peggy Graham 2003
Scent of death Emma Page 1987
Scent of madness David Wiltshire 2013
Scent of spring Tracy Davis 1990
Schroder : a novel Amity Gaige 2013
Scorcher Michael Maguire 2001
Scot free : a journey from the Arctic to New Mexico Alastair Scott 1987
Scottish spectres Dane Love 2003
Scratchproof Michael Maguire 2000
Scream at the sea Christopher Murphy 1985
Screen savers Quintin Jardine 2001
Sea dust Margaret Muir 2006
Sea fever Antony Trew 2008
Sea fury James Pattinson 2005
Sea jade Phyllis A. Whitney 1977
Sea of Zanj Roumelia Lane 1977
Seamanship Adam Nicolson 2005
Search for a shadow Kay Christopher 1999
Search dog Angela Locke 1988
Seascape with dead figures Roy Hart 1989
Seasnake Peter Moir Fotheringham 1998
Season of sins C. W. Reed 2005
Season to taste, or, How to eat your husband Natalie Young 2015
Seasons of my life : the story of a solitary Daleswoman Hannah Hauxwell 1990
Seasons of the senses Anne Worboys 1997
Second best Pamela Fudge 2010
Second chance Claire Lorrimer 2000
Second chance Joyce Dingwell 1981
Second chances Zita Adamson 1997
Second fiddle Mary Wesley 1990
Second honeymoon Theresa Cha.rles 1987
Second love Mary Munro 1986
Second sight Elizabeth McGregor 2000
Second spring Barbara Best 1996
Second thoughts) Sandra Heath 2013
Secondhand smoke Karen E. Olson 2007
Secret for a nightingale Victoria Holt 1987
Secret admirer Patricia J. MacDonald 1997
Secret agent number one Frederick Frost 1996
Secret inheritance Susan Bridge 2015
Secret island Jane Aiken Hodge 1986
Secret of Were Susan Clitheroe 1999
Secrets of the heart Elizabeth Buchan 2002
Seeds of destruction A. V. Denham 2006
Seeds of the sun Vicky Martin 1981
Seeds of violence Miriam Sharman 1989
Seedtime and harvest Mary E. Pearce 1984
Seeing is deceiving Sarah J. Mason 2000
Seek out and destroy! Alan Evans 1985
Seeker of dreams Jean Innes 1989
Seige of hearts June Calvin 2001
Semi-detached Cynthia Holz 2002
Send in the devils Robert Cremins 2002
Send her victorious Alexander Cordell 1998
Sense and sensibility Jane Austen 1985
Sensuous burgundy Barbara Delinsky 1998
Sentimental journey : the story of the G.I. brides Pamela Winfield 1986
Serious deceit Patrick Riley 2006
Serve cool Lauren McCrossan 2002
Set to music Patricia Fawcett 1997
Settling down June Barraclough 2005
Seven days from midnight Rona Randall 1997
Seven days in May Fletcher Knebel 1977
Seven days to a killing Clive Egleton 1980
Seven tears for Apollo Phyllis A. Whitney 1980
Seven years in Tibet Heinrich Harrer 1982
Shabono Florinda Donner-Grau 1984
Shades of murder Ann Granger 2001
Shadow 81 Lucien Nahum 1981
Shadow of a doubt June Thomson 1983
Shadow of a lady Jane Aiken Hodge 1978
Shadow of a star Mary Raymond 1987
Shadow across the desert Mary Munro 1989
Shadow men Jonathon King 2005
Shadow of the mountain Iris Nolan 2001
Shadow of shadows Ted Allbeury 1983
Shadowed reunion Lillian Cheatham 1984
Shadowed waters Coral Leend 2008
Shadowplay Norman Hartley 1987
Shadows in the afternoon Robert Tyler Stevens 1985
Shadows of conflict Jennifer Bohnet 2014
Shadows of doubt Palma Harcourt 1984
Shadows in the fire Eva Dane 1986
Shadows from the sea Jane Donnelly 1980
Shadows on the snow Madge Swindells 1990
Shadows still remain Peter De Jonge 2010
Shadows of yesterday Sandra Brown 1996
Shalom and goodbye Eric Falk 2005
Shame the devil George P. Pelecanos 2001
Shame the devil Roger Ormerod 2001
Shame on you Clara Salaman 2010
Sharpe's eagle : Richard Sharpe and the Talavera Campaign 1809 Bernard Cornwell 1983
Sharpe's gold : Richard Sharpe and the destruction of Almeida, August 1910 Bernard Cornwell 1983
She H. Rider Haggard 2014
She smiled sweetly Mary-Ann Tirone Smith 2007
Sheer chance Suzanne Goodwin 1997
Sheriff of Crow County Alan C. Porter 2002
Sherlock Holmes and a scandal in Batavia Jeremy Kingston 2016
Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 1978
Sherlock Holmes and the four corners of hell Séamus Duffy 2016
Sherlock Holmes and the giant rat of Sumatra Paul D. Gilbert 2013
Sherlock Holmes and the King of Clubs Steve Hayes 2015
Sherlock Holmes and the knave of hearts Steve Hayes 2014
Sherlock Holmes and the man from Hell : a narrative believed to be from the pen of John H. Watson Barrie Roberts 2000
Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds) Steve Hayes 2013
Sherlock Holmes and the Titanic tragedy : a case to remember William Seil 1998
Sherlock Holmes and the Unholy Trinity Paul D. Gilbert 2016
Ship of force Alan Evans 1980
Ship of gold James Leasor 1986
Shooting star : the last of the silent film stars Chili Bouchier 1997
Shootout trail ; and, The land pirates Jackson Cole 1981
Shop girl : a memoir Mary Portas 2015
Short cut to the stars Jan Tempest 1986
Short girls Bich Minh Nguyen 2010
Shot in the dark Annie Ross 1999
Shot silk Michael Maguire 1998
Shotgun and sagebrush Jim Miller 1990
Showdown in Sonora Gordon D. Shirreffs 1986
Showdown at Yellow Butte Louis L'Amour 1977
Shrimpy : a record round-the-world voyage in an 18 foot yacht Shane Acton 1984
Shrine to murder Roger Silverwood 2010
Sicilian sunset Jessica Porter 2010
Siege at Forlorn River : based on characters created by Zane Grey Romer Grey 1982
Siege : Malta 1940-1943 Ernle Dusgate Selby Bradford 1988
Siege in the sun Dorothy Eden 1977
Sierra gold ; and, Death and Jack Shade William S. Brady 1984
Signed, Mata Hari Yannick Murphy 2008
Signs of life Anna Raverat 2013
Silence Jan Costin Wagner 2011
Silence in Hanover Close Anne Perry 1990
Silent playgrounds Danuta Reah 2001
Silent shadows Eva Maria Knabenbauer 2006
Silent song Lucilla Andrews 1980
Silent stream Rowan Edwards 1997
Silent witness Margaret Yorke 1976
Silhouette in scarlet Elizabeth Peters 1985
Silk stocking spy C. W. Reed 2006
Silver canyon Louis L'Amour 1983
Silver City scandal Gerald Hammond 1987
Silver guilt Laurence Meynell 1989
Silver Rock Luke Short 1984
Silverhill Phyllis A. Whitney 1979
Simon said Sarah R. Shaber 2005
Since Ruby Bernard Taylor 2000
Sing carols with the angels Mary Leask 2004
Singing in the wilderness Elizabeth Harris 1999
Single woman seeks revenge Tracy Bloom 2016
Sinister stone Daoma Winston 1986
Sister Margarita Alex Stuart 1988
Sister slaughter Raymond Haigh 2015
Sister Sylvan Fay Chandos 1988
Sisters Prudence Leith 2002
Sitka Louis L'Amour 1980
Six chickens please Elizabeth Coleman 2001
Six feet under Dorothy Simpson 1983
Six foot under Katherine John 1996
Six for heaven Lucy Walker 1981
Six proud walkers Anthea Fraser 1989
Sixty minutes for St George Alexander Fullerton 1988
Skeleton Island James Pattinson 2002
Skeleton in search of a cupboard Elizabeth Ferrars 1984
Skin deep Catherine Barry 2006
Skinner's ghosts Quintin Jardine 1999
Skinner's mission Quintin Jardine 1998
Skinner's ordeal Quintin Jardine 1997
Skinwalkers Tony Hillerman 1990
Skye Cameron Phyllis A. Whitney 1978
Skytrap John Smith 1988
Slander most savage Rose Meadows 1997
Slaughter horse Michael Maguire 1999
Slaughter's way J. T. Edson 1983
Sleep in a ditch Maisie Birmingham 1987
Sleep, baby, sleep Jessica Auerbach 1997
Sleep talk Gillian Brown 1990
Sleep in the woods Dorothy Eden 1980
Sleeping dogs Fay Cunningham 2013
Sleeping murder Agatha Christie 2010
Sleeping murder : Miss Marple's last case Agatha Christie 1978
Sleeping partner James Humphreys 2002
Sleeping tiger Rosamunde Pilcher 1977
Slievelea Genevieve Lyons 1989
Slight mourning Catherine Aird 1979
Slinky Jane Catherine Cookson 1977
Smiley's people John Le Carré 1981
Smiling at death Betty Rowlands 1997
Smoke gets in your eyes : and other lessons from the crematorium Caitlin Doughty 2016
Smoker's cough Alan Sewart 1990
Smokescreen Dick Francis 1978
Smoky valley Donald Hamilton 1985
Smouldering fire D. E. Stevenson 1983
Snapper Brian Kimberling 2014
Snare Gwen Moffat 1990
Snare in the dark Frank Parrish 1983
Snares and nets Catriona McCuaig 2010
Snarl for the camera : tales of a wildlife cameraman : complete and unabridged James Gray 2004
Snipe hunt Sarah R. Shaber 2006
Snow wasted Matthew Malekos 2015
Snowfall Hester Rowan 1985
So comes tomorrow Essie Summers 1997
So dear to their hearts Lilian Woodward 1989
So wrong - so right Glenis Wilson 2015
Soft touch Maeve Haran 2002
Soldier, sail north James Pattinson 1996
Solo Jack Higgins 1981
Solomons Seal Hammond Innes 1981
Sombrero William Colt MacDonald 1980
Some die eloquent Catherine Aird 1981
Some do not - Ford Madox Ford 2013
Some job James Pattinson 2000
Some other door Doris Howe 1985
Some other spring Christine Wilson 1990
Some predators are male Miles Tripp 1987
Some women won't wait A. A. Fair 1977
Some you win Fay Holt 2000
Somebody else Reggie Nadelson 2004
Somebody's lover Jan Henley 1998
Someday we'll tell each other everything Daniela Krien 2015
Someone in the house Barbara Michaels 1984
Something beautiful for God : Mother Teresa of Calcutta Malcolm Muggeridge 1984
Something borrowed, something blue Joan O'Neill 2002
Something of value Nancy Bell 1987
Something wicked Elizabeth Ferrars 1985
Somewhere, home Nada A. Jarrar 2004
Somewhere my love Doris Howe 1989
Song of the wind Madge Swindells 1990
Songs of silence Patricia Barrie 2001
Songs of war Kate Alexander 1988
Sophie is gone Anne Fleming 1996
Sounds like Skipper : the story of Kerena Marchant and her hearing dog, Skipper Kerena Marchant 1989
Sour grapes Natasha Cooper 1998
South by Java Head Alistair MacLean 1978
South Island stowaway Essie Summers 1978
Southarn Folly Paula Allardyce 1982
Southern cross Jann Turner 2004
Southtrap Geoffrey Jenkins 1981
Sparkling cyanide Agatha Christie 1978
Sparkling cyanide Agatha Christie 2012
Sparrow's Yard Audrey Curling 1987
Speak for the dead Margaret Yorke 1991
Special commission John Hall 2002
Special deception Alexander Fullerton 1989
Special dynamic Alexander Fullerton 1987
Spence in Petal Park Michael Allen 1980
Spencer Brade M D Frank G. Slaughter 1983
Spencer's Hospital Alex Stuart 1988
Spencer's revenge Jim Miller 1989
Spend game Jonathan Gash 1981
Sphere Michael Crichton 1989
Sphinx Robin Cook 1981
Spider's web : a novel Charles Osborne 2015
Spider's web Teresa Crane 1985
Spindrift Phyllis A. Whitney 1984
Spiral staircase John Wainwright 1984
Spirit willing, flesh weak Julie Cohen 2007
Spirit wrestler James Houston 1982
Sprig muslin Georgette Heyer 1978
Spring fever Mary Mackie 1997
Spring rainbow Leila Mackinlay 1987
Spring in September Essie Summers 1980
Spring will come Linda Sole 1998
Spring at the Winged Horse : the first season of Rosie Carr Ted Willis 1985
Spun by the moon Leslie Lance 1988
Spur to death Matt Chisholm 1990
Spycracker Geoffrey Moxon 1988
Squeaky clean James Pattinson 1997
St. John's Wood Nancy Fitzgerald 1989
Stage fright Christine Poulson 2004
Stairs of sand Muriel Howe 1986
Stalin's had it now! James Stevenson 2015
Stalking-horse Michael Delahaye 1988
Stalking widow John Frederick Burke 2002
Stalky & Co Rudyard Kipling 2014
Stallion Gate Martin Cruz Smith 1987
Stand into danger Alexander Kent 1982
Stand-in for love Irene Ord 1989
Standing in the shadows Michelle Spring 1999
Star of fortune Juliet Gray 1990
Star gazer Jeanne McCafferty 1996
Star of Oudh Alex Stuart 1985
Stardust Neil Gaiman 2001
Starlight over Simla : complete and unabridged Deborah Siepmann 2008
Starshine Blue Heather Graves 2009
Starstruck Suzanne Goodwin 2000
Startling moon Hong Liu 2002
Stately pursuits Katie Fforde 1998
Statues without shadows : a daughter's search for the truth about the parents she never knew Anna Swan 2006
Stay but till tomorrow Iris Bromige 1981
Stealing faces Michael Prescott 2001
Steel rain Tom Neale 2006
Step in the dark Elizabeth Lemarchand 1985
Stephen Morris Nevil Shute 1988
Stephen and Violet Susan Barrett 1990
Still dancing Lew Grade 1989
Still glides the stream D. E. Stevenson 1976
Still life on sand Karen Hayes 1997
Still lives Anna Cato 1998
Still they come Muriel Howe 1987
Still waters Marguerite Lees 1977
Still waters run deadly Isobel Lambot 1989
Sting of the honeybee Frank Parrish 1980
Sting in the tail Gerald Hammond 1996
Stingaree E. W. Hornung 2013
Stingray Jane Morell 2009
Stitched Peter Taylor 2008
Stone cold Peter Taylor 2011
Stop at nothing Douglas Rutherford 1989
Storm track Margaret Maron 2001
Stormcrow Castle Amanda Grange 2008
Storms of silence Joe Simpson 1997
Stormy September Melissa Bond 1990
Straight on till morning Mary S. Lovell 1988
Strange as a dream Flora Kidd 1977
Strange brew Kathy Hogan Trocheck 2000
Strange little girl John Dean 2008
Strange and well bred Sophia Watson 1998
Stranger in the fog Delia Foster 1987
Stranger in my heart Sarah Devon 1990
Stranger in the place Anne Doughty 1999
Strangers in Achnacraig Ravey Sillars 1999
Strangers Rosie Thomas 1988
Strangers in company Jane Aiken Hodge 1988
Strangers' Hall Elizabeth Jeffrey 1990
Strangers when we meet Alex Stuart 1988
Straw damsel Emily Wynn 1990
Strawfoot David Hodges 2016
Straws upon the surface A. M. Story 2009
Stray shot Gerald Hammond 1990
Strength to love Martin Luther King 1984
Strong-arm Basil Copper 1989
Stuck up a tree Jenny McLeod 2001
Submarine John Wingate 1984
Success story Mary Howard 1985
Success to the brave Alexander Kent 1985
Such a pretty girl Laura Wiess 2009
Suddenly as a shadow J. R. Lewis 1998
Suddenly love Rebecca Flanders 1985
Sugar and spice Jules Stanbridge 2010
Sugarbird lady Robin Miller 1981
Suicide clause Harry Carmichael 1979
Sullivan's reef Anne Weale 1980
Summer awakening Eric Malpass 1983
Summer of the dragon Elizabeth Peters 1981
Summer in February Jonathan Smith 1996
Summer flight Margaret Yorke 1988
Summer harvest Madge Swindells 1990
Summer of the hawthorn Anne Doughty 2001
Summer lightning Judith Richards 1979
Summer of the red wolf Morris West 1983
Summer's end Danielle Steel 1981
Summer of secrets Grace Thompson 1999
Summer secrets Susan Goodman 1990
Summer of silence Janet Mary Tomson 2002
Summer tangle Tilly Armstrong 1985
Summerhills D. E. Stevenson 1980
Sun on snow Alexandra Raife 2001
Sundance : death dance Peter McCurtin 1983
Sundance : iron men Peter McCurtin 1988
Sundance ; Trail drive ; and, The hunters Peter McCurtin 1984
Sunflower morning Danielle Shaw 2008
Sunset song Lewis Grassic Gibbon 2015
Sunsets Jim Miller 1987
Supernatural Scotland Roderick Martine 2004
Supervising Sally Marina Oliver 2010
Surely not, doctor! Robert Clifford 1986
Surface with daring Douglas Reeman 1982
Surface tension Joanna Hines 2003
Surfeit of lampreys Ngaio Marsh 1983
Surgeon with a secret Quenna Tilbury 1989
Surgeon's bride Jill Murray 1988
Surgeon's dilemma Mary Howard 1983
Surgeon's sister Quenna Tilbury 1989
Survive the savage sea Dougal Robertson 1986
Surviving with wolves : the most extraordinary story of World War II Misha Defonseca 2006
Survivors Terry Nation 2010
Susan in America Jane Aiken Hodge 1999
Susan Lena Kennedy 1985
Suspicious death Dorothy Simpson 1990
Swapping Shirley Lowe 1989
Sweet Adelaide : a Victorian puzzle solved Julian Symons 1982
Sweet danger Margery Allingham 1981
Sweet dreams, little one Massimo Gramellini 2015
Sweet and faraway Lucy Walker 1983
Sweet life Doris Howe 1987
Sweet nightingale Sheila Bishop 1996
Sweet tempest Patricia Werner 2008
Sweeter than wine Mary Mackie 1998
Sweetwater ranch Geoffrey Norman 1997
Swiftly Michael Maguire 2002
Sword and scalpel Frank G. Slaughter 1979
Swordpoint : a novel of Cassino John Harris 1982
Sylvester, or, The wicked uncle Georgette Heyer 1976
Table d'hote Douglas Clark 1981
Table number seven Victor Canning 1989
Taggart Louis L'Amour 1979
Taiwan Christopher Wood 1986
Take or destroy! : a novel of Alamein John Harris 1980
Take my life Winston Graham 1979
Take now, pay later Joanna Dessau 1997
Take-over Mary Raymond 1986
Taken at the flood Agatha Christie 2011
Taking over Shirley Lowe 1990
Taking possession Kelly Harte 2000
Taking sides Emma Lee-Potter 2003
Tale of two dolphins Horace E. Dobbs 1988
Tales from a country practice Arthur Jackson 1987
Tales from the animal hospital David Grant 1999
Tales of mystery and horror. Volume I) Edgar Allan Poe 2012
Tales of mystery and horror. Volume II) Edgar Allan Poe 2012
Tales of mystery and horror. Volume III) Edgar Allan Poe 2012
Talk of the town Suzanne Macpherson 2010
Talk of the village Rebecca Shaw 1997
Tallant for disaster Andrew York 1979
Tallant for trouble Andrew York 1978
Tangle in sunshine Rosalind Brett 1976
Tangled destiny Shirley Smith 2006
Tangled dynasty Jean Chapman 1986
Tangled up in you Rachel Gibson 2009
Tank of serpents James Leasor 1987
Tapioca for tea : memories of a Kentish childhood Sarah Shears 1978
Tarka the otter : his joyful water-life and death in the country of two rivers Henry Williamson 1981
Tea by the nursery fire : A Children's Nanny at the Turn of the Century Noel Streatfeild 2013
Tea at the Grand Tazi Alexandra Singer 2015
Telegram from the palace Geoffrey Tøye 2003
Tell me no lies Louise Pakeman 2009
Tell me where it hurts) Nick Trout 2010
Temporary sanity Rose Connors 2005
Ten lords a-leaping Ruth Dudley Edwards 1997
Tenant of Chesdene Manor Alice Chetwynd Ley 1997
Tender bondage Anne Durham 1990
Tender is the search Helga Moray 1989
Terror tournament Jay Flynn 1990
Texas! Lucky Sandra Brown 2001
That damn single shot Jim Miller 1990
That nice Miss Smith Nigel Morland 1990
That none should die Frank G. Slaughter 1984
That summer Andrew Greig 2001
That summer Mary Raymond 1986
That woman Helga Moray 1986
The '44 vintage Anthony Price 1979
The abandoned rake Emily Harland 2011
The ABC murders Agatha Christie 1980
The ABC murders Agatha Christie 2010
The absent child Patricia Fawcett 1998
The absent wife Sandra Wilson 2008
The accidental angler Charles Rangeley-Wilson 2009
The accidental marriage Marina Oliver 2009
The accomplice Elizabeth Ironside 1998
The acorn winter Elizabeth Webster 1996
The adulteress Philippa Carr 1983
The adventure of the Christmas pudding Agatha Christie 1990
The adventure of the Christmas pudding Agatha Christie 2011
The adventure of spiritual healing M. Drury 1984
The adventurers Jane Aiken Hodge 1978
The adventures of Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle 2014
The adventures of Mr. Verdant Green Cuthbert Bede 2016
The adventures of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 2011
The adventuress Ann Barker 2006
The Affacombe affair Elizabeth Lemarchand 1979
The affair at Barwold Laurence Meynell 1990
The aforesaid child : a wartime childhood Clare Sullivan 1987
The agony and the ecstasy : the biographical novel of Michelangelo Irving Stone 1976
The Alamut ambush Anthony Price 1988
The alibi trail Marshall Grover 1990
The Alington inheritance Patricia Wentworth 1983
The alpen rose Frances Crowne 1987
The alphabet of grace Frederick Buechner 1984
The alpine coach Virginia Coffman 1981
The altruist Walter Keady 2005
The ambassador's son Kenneth Royce 1996
The ambassadress Frances Parkinson Keyes 1986
The amber witch Wilhelm Meinhold 2016
The amberly cure Ann Mitchell 1987
The American boys Kent Harrington 2003
The American duchess Rosamond Fitzroy 1983
The American heiress Dorothy Eden 1982
The amnesia clinic James Scudamore 2007
The amulet of fortune Susannah Broome 1981
The anathema stone John Buxton Hilton 1981
The angel and the sword Sally Wragg 2016
The angel of Torremolinos David Serafin 1990
The angry island James Pattinson 2003
The animals came in one by one Buster Lloyd-Jones 1987
The annals of Sherlock Holmes Paul D. Gilbert 2013
The anonymous Venetian Donna Leon 1996
The apartment Greg Baxter 2014
The apothecary's daughter Patricia Schonstein 2005
The Appleby file : detective stories Michael Innes 1978
The apprentice Sarah Shears 1984
The Aquila Project Norman Russell 2008
The art of losing Rebecca Connell 2010
The art of racing in the rain) Garth Stein 2010
The artist of Eikando Linda Lee Welch 2005
The asking price Caroline Upcher 2001
The aspern papers Henry James 2014
The assassin in the greenwood P. C. Doherty 1996
The Assisi murders Timothy Holme 1988
The Atkinson heritage Mollie Hardwick 1981
The attack Yasmina Khadra 2007
The avenging gun J. L. Bouma 1985
The awakening Kate Chopin 2015
The baby-snatcher Ann Cleeves 1997
The bad angel Ernest Kellogg Gann 1989
The Bad Bunch J. T. Edson 1980
The Balfour conspiracy Ian St. James 1984
The banshee tide Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1978
The Barbary run Frank Eccles 1998
The Barclay place Rae Foley 1978
The Barrancourt destiny Anne Worboys 1980
The barrier Catherine Hay 1987
The bay of strangers Lillian Beckwith 1990
The beach holiday Anita Hughes 2013
The bear Claire Cameron 2015
The beckoning shore E. V. Timms 1983
The Belchamber scandal Frances Murray 1986
The bell branch Lucy Walker 1983
The Belles Dames Club Melinda Hammond 2008
The bells of heaven Nan Herbert 1985
The bend in the river Iris Bromige 1980
The Benevent Treasure Patricia Wentworth 1982
The best-kept secret Mary De Laszlo 2004
The big deal Alan Evans 1989
The big fiddle Roger Silverwood 2014
The big four Agatha Christie 2010
The big gamble Michael McGarrity 2004
The big kill Mickey Spillane 2006
The big land Zane Grey 1978
The big red train ride : a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway Eric Newby 1986
The Bilbury revels Vernon Coleman 1996
The bird flies high Maggie Craig 2002
The bishop's secret Fergus Hume 2015
The bishop's tale Margaret Frazer 2007
The black diamond Jennie Gallant 1984
The black mask) E. W. Hornung 2011
The black moth Georgette Heyer 1977
The black spiders John Cre.asey 1978
The black swan Catherine Dunn 1990
The black thread Margaret Muir 2009
The black tide Hammond Innes 1983
The Blacknock woman Brian Cooper 2000
The blessing Jude Deveraux 2001
The blind miller Catherine Cookson 1982
The blood of an Englishman : a Kramer and Zondi novel James McClure 1982
The blood partnership Seth Garner 2007
The blooding of the guns Alexander Fullerton 1987
The bloody book of law Sara Woods 1987
The blue castle L. M. Montgomery 2015
The blue edge of midnight Jonathon King 2003
The blue notebook James Levine 2010
The blue remembered hills Ivy Preston 1988
The blue sapphire D. E. Stevenson 1978
The blue star Tony Earley 2008
The blue tango Eoin McNamee 2003
The boat and the town Geoffrey Moorhouse 1983
The boat who wouldn't float Farley Mowat 1981
The body in the Big Apple Katherine Hall Page 2008
The body in the bonfire Katherine Hall Page 2009
The body in the bookcase Katherine Hall Page 2008
The body in the kelp Katherine Hall Page 2006
The body in the library Agatha Christie 2010
The body in the marsh Katherine Hall Page 2009
The body in the moonlight Katherine Hall Page 2010
The body in the snowdrift Katherine Hall Page 2009
The body in the vestibule Katherine Hall Page 2008
The Bonaparte plot Hugh McLeave 2006
The bookshop that floated away Sarah Henshaw 2015
The border trumpet Ernest Haycox 1980
The bottlebrush tree : a village in Andalusia Hugh Seymour-Davies 1997
The boughs of innocence Frances Melvin 1983
The boy on platform one Victor Canning 2012
The boy's tale Margaret Frazer 2007
The boy who loved books John Sutherland 2009
The Brading Collection Patricia Wentworth 1978
The Braganza pursuit Sarah Neilan 1984
The brave of heart Kathleen Treves 1988
The brides of Friedberg Gwendoline Butler 1979
The bridge of a hundred dragons Emma Drummond 1987
The bright Cantonese Alexander Cordell 1977
The broken bough Iris Bromige 1977
The broken tree Elspeth Sandys 1983
The Brontë sisters' search for love Dilys Gater 1997
The buckskin girl : a novel of the Califonia Trail in the mid-nineteenth century Gwen Moffat 2001
The burden : a novel of romance and suspense Mary Westmacott 1979
The burden of doubt Angela Dracup 2008
The burning hills ; and, Kid Rodelo Louis L'Amour 1978
The butterfly and the baron Margaret Way 1985
The butterfly box Nora Naish 1996
The Byram succession Mira Stables 1998
The caged virgin Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2008
The calculus of murder Erik Rosenthal 1988
The Californio Robert MacLeod 1981
The call of the isles Shirley Worrall 2000
The call of the pines Lucy Walker 1976
The call of the wild Jack London 2014
The Calton Papers Norman Russell 2010
The canary-coloured cart : one family's search for storybook Europe Christina Hardyment 1990
The canary thief Kate Stacey 2002
The Capricorn Stone Madeleine Brent 1981
The captain's table Alex Stuart 1988
The captive James Betty King 2001
The Cardamom Club Jon Stock 2004
The care of time Eric Ambler 1982
The carpenter's lady Barbara Delinsky 2001
The carpenter's wife Peggy Jones 2001
The Carradice chain Sara Hylton 1985
The carrier Holden Scott 2003
The Carstairs conspiracy Wendy Soliman 2009
The case of the abominable snowman Nicholas Blake 1980
The case of the demure defendant Erle Stanley Gardner 1988
The case of the drowsy mosquito Erle Stanley Gardner 1978
The case of the empty tin Erle Stanley Gardner 1979
The case of the half-wakened wife Erle Stanley Gardner 1977
The casebook of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 2011
The casino girl Richard Haley 2010
The cast iron man Michael Legat 1988
The cat who looked at the sky : a memoir Thea Welsh 2005
The Catherine-Wheel Patricia Wentworth 1977
The Chalbourne sapphires Sandra Wilson 2008
The challenge E. V. Timms 1984
The challenge of spring Iris Bromige 1986
The changeling Philippa Carr 1990
The changing scenes of life Fred Secombe 1998
The changing tide Iris Bromige 1988
The character of cats : the origins, intelligence, behaviour and stratagems of felis silvestris catus Stephen Budiansky 2004
The chaste wife Delia Ellis 2003
The chatter of the maidens Alys Clare 2003
The checkout girl) Tazeen Ahmad 2011
The cheese and I Matt Feroze 2016
The Cheshire cat murders Roger Silverwood 2013
The chief inspector's daughter Sheila Radley 1983
The chieftain Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1997
The children of witches Sherri Smith 2011
The china governess : a mystery Margery Allingham 1979
The Chindit war : the campaign in Burma, 1944 Shelford Bidwell 1982
The Chinese parrot Earl Derr Biggers 2013
The Chinese shawl Patricia Wentworth 1976
The chocolate debutante Marion Chesney 2000
The choice Edith Layton 2001
The Christmas spirits Whitley Strieber 2013
The chrysanthemum chain James Melville 1982
The Churchill diamonds Bob Langley 1987
The cinder path Catherine Cookson 1979
The circle of the gods Victor Canning 1981
The circle of the gods Victor Canning 2012
The civil prisoners Meriol Trevor 1980
The claw Norah Lofts 1983
The claws of the gryphon Peter Turnbull 1988
The claws of mercy John Harris 1977
The clearing mists June Mercer 1987
The cliffs of dread Virginia Coffman 1983
The cloak and dagger girl David Brierley 2000
The clock strikes twelve Patricia Wentworth 1981
The clocks Agatha Christie 2011
The clogger's child Marie Joseph 1986
The clouded land Mary Mackie 1996
The Club of Queer Trades G. K. Chesterton 2015
The clutches of death John Paxton Sheriff 2007
The 'Cockatoo' crime Bill Knox 1989
The colour of murder Julian Symons 1988
The colours of the day Fiona Shillito 2001
The Columbus option Richard Cox 1988
The combination Andrew York 1987
The commissioner Stanley Johnson 1988
The company of strangers Eileen Campbell 1999
The con-man Alfred Draper 1989
The Concorde affair Melinda Wright 1985
The condor's feather Margaret Muir 2010
The conduct of Major Maxim Gavin Lyall 1984
The confession of Brother Haluin : the fifteenth chronicle of Brother Cadfael Ellis Peters 1989
The constant lover Joanna Dessau 1996
The contrary Corinthian Emily Johnson 2008
The convent Panos Karnezis 2010
The Conway touch Iris Bromige 1986
The Copenhagen connection Elizabeth Peters 1984
The Cornish woman Mark Bannerman 2002
The corporal works of murder Carol Anne O'Marie 2008
The Corsican woman Madge Swindells 1989
The Council of Justice Edgar Wallace 2012
The counterfeit killers Bill Knox 1997
The course of honour Lindsey Davis 1998
The cow thieves J. T. Edson 1985
The crime at Black Dudley Margery Allingham 1978
The crime and the crystal Elizabeth Ferrars 1986
The crimson chalice Victor Canning 1980
The crimson chalice Victor Canning 2012
The crinoline Empress Rose Meadows 1996
The crossfire killings Bill Knox 1988
The crowded bed Mary Cavanagh 2008
The cry of the children Emma Dally 1998
The crying child Barbara Michaels 1981
The crypto man Kenneth Royce 1988
The crystal gull Lucilla Andrews 1980
The crystallised carbon pig John Wainwright 1990
The cuckoo case Michèle Bailey 1997
The cuckoo clock scam Roger Silverwood 2010
The cuckoo in June : tales of a Sussex orchard David Atkins 1996
The cuckoo's gift A. N. Steinberg 1997
The cuckoo's nest Patricia Fawcett 2006
The cultured handmaiden Catherine Cookson 1989
The Cuoto snatch Jack Shelynn 1980
The curious mind of inspector Angel Roger Silverwood 2008
The curse Andrew Neiderman 2004
The curse of the Kings Victoria Holt 1982
The cut Terence Kelly 2002
The daffodil wind Jean Graham 1987
The daisy chain Sue Sully 1997
The damned John D. MacDonald 2006
The damned of the Taiga Heinz G. Konsalik 1982
The danger Dick Francis 1984
The dangerous sports euthanasia society Christine Coleman 2008
The dangerous years Max Hennessy 1982
The dark Andrew Neiderman 2003
The dark cliffs Frederick E. Smith 1989
The dark frontier Eric Ambler 1977
The dark gateway Martin Long 1989
The dark kingdom Norman Russell 2001
The dark mountain Elizabeth Mayhew 1985
The dark side of the heart David Wiltshire 2014
The dark side of the island Jack Higgins 1985
The dark stranger Jean Innes 1986
The dark stream June Thomson 1987
The dark summer Nancy Buckingham 1990
The darkening leaf Caroline Stickland 1997
The daughters of Megwyn Antoinette Kelsall Bird 1989
The day of the Jackal Frederick Forsyth 1976
The day the music died Edward Gorman 2005
The day of the storm ; and, The end of the summer Rosamunde Pilcher 1979
The day the world ended Gordon Thomas 1987
The de Lacy inheritance Elizabeth Ashworth 2011
The dead hill John Dean 2009
The dead of Jericho Colin Dexter 1984
The dead of summer Camilla Way 2007
The dead of Winter Paula Gosling 1996
The deadly side of the square Lee Jordan 1990
The deadly travellers Dorothy Eden 1978
The deal Terence Kelly 2003
The Dean's watch Elizabeth Goudge 1982
The death of an amiable child Irene Marcuse 2009
The death of bridezilla Laurie Brown 2011
The death business Anthony Graham 1988
The death of Colonel Mann Cynthia Peale 2002
The death detective and the skeleton) John F. Rice 2012
The Debonair Duke Emily Hendrickson 2010
The debt collector Lynn S. Hightower 2001
The deceivers John Masters 1980
The decent thing C. W. Reed 2006
The dedicated Alex Stuart 1989
The deep fall Bill Knox 2003
The deepest water Kate Wilhelm 2003
The defector Evelyn Anthony 1982
The demon lover Victoria Holt 1984
The demon tower Virginia Coffman 1988
The desire of the moth Margaret Murphy 1998
The desperate remedy : Henry Gresham and the Gunpowder Plot Martin Stephen 2002
The destroyers Douglas Reeman 1976
The Detling murders Julian Symons 1983
The devil and the dolce vita Timothy Holme 1984
The devil's advocate Andrew Neiderman 2000
The Devil's alternative Frederick Forsyth 1980
The devil's bride Penelope Stratton 1999
The devil's footprints : a romance John Burnside 2008
The devil's highway Hannah March 2001
The devil's hole Patricia Ainsworth 1987
The devil's hunt P. C. Doherty 1998
The devil's novice : the eighth chronicle of Brother Cadfael Ellis Peters 1985
The devil's own : Sergeant Jack Crossman and the Battle of the Alma Garry Douglas 1998
The devil's protection Susan Clitheroe 1996
The Devil's Trail Chester Wills 1984
The devil's trinity Michael Parker 2009
The devil take you, sweetest Mary Romney 1987
The devil was handsome Maurice Procter 1979
The diamond cage Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1977
The diamond rosary murders Roger Silverwood 2013
The diary of a nobody George Grossmith 2014
The difference Suzanne Goodwin 1996
The director Chris Marr 2009
The distaff factor John Wainwright 1985
The distaff side Frances Paige 1989
The distant hills Lucy Walker 1986
The distant kingdom Daphne Wright 1989
The distant stranger Palma Harcourt 1985
The distant summer Sarah Patterson 1978
The divided heart Eileen Sherman 1998
The divided house Mary Raymond 1985
The doctor next door Sheila Douglas 1985
The doctor's daughters Anne Weale 1985
The doctor's three daughters Grace M. Phipps 1978
The dog with nine lives Della Galton 2014
The dog walker Leslie Schnur 2005
The doll doctor Raymond Haigh 2009
The doll princess Tom Benn 2013
The dolphin's boy : a story of courage and friendship Pascale Noa Bercovitch 2001
The 'Dolphin' summer Carola Salisbury 1979
The donor Helen FitzGerald 2013
The doomsday carrier Victor Canning 1979
The doomsday carrier Victor Canning 2012
The Doomsday deposit Stanley Johnson 1984
The Dorset House affair Norman Russell 2010
The double-headed coin Margaret Sonnenberg 1989
The double rainbow Suzanne Ebel 1985
The doublet affair Fiona Buckley 2000
The dowry Walter Keady 2006
The Dracula murders Philip Daniels 1988
The Drayton legacy Rona Randall 1989
The dreadful duke Barbara Hazard 2009
The dream factory : ghosts John Simes 2015
The dreamseller : the calling Augusto Cury 2014
The dressmaker Freda Margaret Long 1990
The dried-up man Norman Russell 2000
The Droitwich deceivers : a Victorian crime story Kerry Tombs 2013
The drop of the dice Philippa Carr 1982
The drought John Cre.asey 1976
The drowning mark Alan Scholefield 1998
The drums of war Roy Clews 1982
The drunken forest Gerald Durrell 1979
The Duchess of Duke Street. Book 3, The world keeps turning Mollie Hardwick 1979
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The Duchess of Duke Street Mollie Hardwick 1978
The Duchess of Jermyn Street : the life and good times of Rosa Lewis of the Cavendish Hotel Daphne Fielding 1977
The duke's reform Fenella-Jane Miller 2015
The dwelling place Catherine Cookson 1982
The eager heart Doris Howe 1990
The eagle has landed Jack Higgins 1983
The Eagle and the Iron Cross Glendon Swarthout 1981
The eagle and the rose Betty O'Rourke 2002
The edge Clare Curzon 2007
The edge of the sword Anthony Farrar-Hockley 1987
The eighth nurse Jill Murray 1986
The elephant's child Christian Anderson 2002
The Emerald Peacock Katharine Gordon 1979
The emperor's snuff box John Dickson Carr 2002
The empire builders Vivian Stuart 1988
The empty house Michael Francis Gilbert 1981
The empty house ; [and], Snow in April Rosamunde Pilcher 1979
The empty nest Elizabeth Cadell 1987
The empty trap John D. MacDonald 2002
The enchanted way Elizabeth CLARE 1990
The end of the tether) Joseph Conrad 2012
The enemy Desmond Bagley 1979
The enemy within Nan Herbert 1986
The envy of the stranger Caroline Graham 1996
The eternal city Domenica De Rosa 2006
The ex-wife's survival guide Debby Holt 2006
The executioner's mask Dick Cady 2005
The exile Peter Essex 1986
The expatriates Mary Wells 1989
The exploits of Brigadier Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle 2013
The eyes of Max Carrados Ernest Bramah 2016
The face Phil Whitaker 2003
The face of death Lesley Grant-Adamson 1987
The fairest one of all Pamela Hill 1998
The faithful dead Alys Clare 2004
The faloorie man Eugene McEldowney 2002
The family face June Barraclough 2002
The far country Nevil Shute 1976
The farm dog Alan Lloyd 2002
The farmer needs a wife Janet Gover 2010
The farther off from England Jean Ure 1986
The fashion in shrouds Margery Allingham 1978
The fate of women Lawrence Williams 2008
The feast of sara Anne Weale 1984
The Ferguson rifle Louis L'Amour 1983
The fifth horseman Larry Collins 1983
The final curtain Ken Holdsworth 2009
The final hitch Samantha Scott-Jeffries 2011
The final year Sheila Brandon 1983
The fingerprint Patricia Wentworth 1990
The fire baby Jim Kelly 2006
The first fast draw ; and, The key-lock man Louis L'Amour 1979
The five grey geese Frances Turk 1980
The flame and the frost Denise Robins 1998
The flame and the furnace Margaret Mayhew 1982
The flame trees of Thika : memories of an African childhood Elspeth Huxley 1983
The flickering lamp Netta Muskett 1983
The flight of the dove Catherine MacArthur 1982
The flight of the osprey Ewan Clarkson 1996
The flight of the Phoenix Elleston Trevor 1984
The flood John Cre.asey 1977
The floral companion Anthea Bell 1990
The flower plantation Nora Anne Brown 2014
The flowering season Marion Carter 1989
The flowering thorn Margery Sharp 1985
The fool's folly Keith M. Souter 2010
The foolish gentlewoman Margery Sharp 1982
The foolish heart Marjorie Warby 1987
The foolish virgin C. W. Reed 2004
The forbidden path Jean Chapman 1988
The forbidden valley Essie Summers 1980
The forever of Ella and Micha Jessica Sorensen 2014
The forever summer Suzanne Macpherson 2008
The forger Paul Watkins 2003
The forgiving sand Theresa Le Flem 2014
The forgotten murders John Wainwright 1989
The forgotten story Winston Graham 1979
The fortunate marriage Meriol Trevor 1980
The foundling Georgette Heyer 1983
The four hundred Stephen Sheppard 1980
The four last things Andrew Taylor 1998
The four sergeants Zeno 1981
The fourth suspect Betty Rowlands 2003
The fox and the faith Dan Parkinson 2000
The fox and the flag Dan Parkinson 2001
The fox and the fortune Dan Parkinson 2001
The fox from his lair Elizabeth Cadell 1979
The fox and the fury Dan Parkinson 2000
The fragrance of love Irene Ord 1988
The fragrant harbour Barbara Whitnell 2000
The French connection : the world's most crucial narcotics investigation Robin Moore 1976
The French inheritance Anne Stevenson 1980
The frightened wife Miles Tripp 1989
The front man Maurice Sellar 2002
The frozen ceiling Rona Randall 1999
The fruit gum murders Roger Silverwood 2015
The fugitive king Sarah R. Shaber 2005
The furies Jane McLoughlin 2005
The further adventures of Mr. Verdant Green Cuthbert Bede 2016
The gallant Lord Ives Emily Hendrickson 2008
The Gallows murders : being the fifth journal of Sir Roger Shallot concerning certain wicked conspiracies and horrible murders perpetrated in the reign of King Henry VIII Michael Clynes 1997
The Galmart affair Sheila Westall 1977
The gambling man Catherine Cookson 1978
The garden of the gods Gerald Durrell 1979
The garden party, and other stories Katherine Mansfield 2015
The garment Catherine Cookson 1977
The gates of hell Stuart Seaton 1990
The gathering murders Keith Moray 2007
The gazebo Patricia Wentworth 1979
The general's envoy Anthony Conway 2004
The general's wife Pamela Street 1997
The Genki Boys Terence Kelly 1993
The gentle prisoner Sara Seale 1984
The gentle wind's caress Anne Whitfield 2008
The Georgian rake Alice Chetwynd Ley 1994
The ghostly melody Helen Eastwood 1990
The ghostman Kenneth Royce 1999
The Ghosts of Albi Susan Kelly 1999
The ghosts of the eighth attack David Beaty 1999
The ghosts of Mayfield Court Norman Russell 2014
The ghosts of Neddingfield Hall Fenella-Jane Miller 2010
The ghosts at pemberley Fenella-Jane Miller 2016
The ginger jar Jeffrey Robinson 1988
The ginger tree Oswald Wynd 1981
The gingerbread house Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1978
The gingerbread woman Jennifer Johnston 2002
The girl Catherine Cookson 1979
The girl from Provence William Ellis 1994
The girl from Switzerland Renée Shann 1986
The girl in his garden Marjorie Warby 1987
The girl with red suspenders Barbara Whitehead 1994
The girl at 'White Drift' Rosalind Brett 1981
The girl who couldn't smile Shane Dunphy 2013
The girl who disappeared A. V. Denham 2007
The glass virgin Catherine Cookson 1982
The glass wall Clare Curzon 2006
The glass wall Jane Wallace 1986
The glitter-dust Alice Dwyer-Joyce 1982
The glory Judith Saxton 1984
The glory hunters Jon Burmeister 1981
The glowing dark Miriam Macgregor 1987
The goddess of the green room Jean Plaidy 1997
The godmother Amanda Brookfield 1998
The gold and the dross Eleanor Farnes 1990
The gold gap Frank Gruber 1994
The gold scent bottle Dorothy Mack 2001
The Golden Apostles Nara Lake 2000
The golden city Roy Clews 1983
The golden clasp Joan Terry 1994
The golden cup Belva Plain 1987
The Golden Gate Alistair MacLean 1977
The golden hawk Frank Yerby 1980
The golden key Lynne Collins 1990
The golden people Pat Lacey 2007
The golden reef James Pattinson 2004
The golden straw Catherine Cookson 1995
The golden triangle Paul Bonnecarrère 1982
The golden veil Paddy Kitchen 1989
The golden web G. K. Collier 1997
The gone-away man Lucy Walker 1980
The good children Kate Wilhelm 2000
The good die twice Lee Driver 2005
The Good Friday murder Syrell Rogovin Leahy 1995
The good psychologist Noam Shpancer 2012
The good soldier Ford Madox Ford 2013
The gospel makers Anthea Fraser 1996
The gourmet detective Peter King 1998
The grace in older women Jonathan Gash 1996
The Grail murders Michael Clynes 1995
The Grail Tree Jonathan Gash 1983
The Grand Sophy Georgette Heyer 1978
The grand tour Ann Barker 2002
The grave of truth Evelyn Anthony 1981
The great avenging day Alfred Draper 1990
The great California game : a Lovejoy narrative Jonathan Gash 1993
The great divide : a walk along the Continental Divide of the United States Stephen Pern 1989
The great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald 2012
The great indoors Sabine Durrant 2004
The great shadow Arthur Conan Doyle 2016
The greatest enemy Douglas Reeman 1985
The Greek affair Frank Gruber 1997
The Greek key Colin Forbes 1990
The Green Empress Elizabeth Cadell 1985
The green leaves of summer : the second season of Rosie Carr Ted Willis 1989
The green years Genevieve Lyons 1989
The Greenway Jane Adams 1997
The Gregory girls Marjorie Warby 1986
The Grotto of Tiberius Frederick E. Smith 1990
The guarded soul Alan Dare 1998
The guardians of Staghill Joyce Stranger 1997
The guilty party Marie Joseph 1986
The gulf Jane Wallace 1986
The gunfighters Lee Davis Willoughby 1983
The guns of Hammer ; and, The gun-shy kid Barry Cord 1984
The half-breed J. T. Edson 1978
The half life of stars Louise Wener 2007
The hand of death Margaret Yorke 1997
The hanging tree Bill Knox 1985
The hanging tree Geraldine Evans 1997
The hangman's beautiful daughter Sharyn McCrumb 1998
The Hansa Protocol Norman Russell 2005
The happy awakening D. Y. Cameron 1989
The happy fortress Iris Bromige 1984
The happy prince, and other tales Oscar Wilde 2012
The harbinger of doom Edward Hewitt 2000
The hard riders J. T. Edson 1977
The Harrogate secret Catherine Cookson 1990
The harrowing Alexandra Sokoloff 2011
The harvest burns Helga Moray 1984
The healer Antti Tuomainen 2014
The healer Frank G. Slaughter 1977
The heart remembers Emma Church 1983
The heart speaks many ways Madeleine Polland 1983
The hearts of horses Molly Gloss 2010
The hearts and lives of men Fay Weldon 1987
The heights of Rimring Duff Hart-Davis 1982
The heir to Fairfield Estelle Thompson 1984
The helter skelter murders William Harrington 1998
The heretic's apprentice Ellis Peters 1990
The hermit of Eyton Forest Ellis Peters 1988
The heroines Eileen Favorite 2008
The Heywood inheritance Catherine Fellows 1988
The hibiscus hedge Marjorie Warby 1988
The High Gliders John Prebble 1980
The Highclough lady Melinda Hammond 2005
The Himalayan concerto John Masters 1982
The Hollow Agatha Christie 2011
The hollow heart : the true story of one woman's desire to give life and how it almost destroyed her own Martina Devlin 2006
The hollow needle Maurice Leblanc 2016
The Home Corner Ruth Thomas 2014
The homecoming Grace Thompson 1998
The honey pot Mary Munro 1987
The horse with my name Colin Bateman 2004
The hospital in Buwambo Anne Vinton 1977
The hotel by the loch Mary Munro 1989
The hound of the Baskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle 2011
The hound of death Agatha Christie 2011
The Hound of Death and other stories Agatha Christie 1978
The House of a Thousand Lanterns Victoria Holt 1982
The house of hope Audrey Willsher 2012
The House of Jackdaws Alice Dwyer-Joyce 2000
The house at Lake Taupo Miriam Macgregor 1987
The house of nightingales Suzanne Ebel 1987
The house on the cliff D. E. Stevenson 1977
The house on Flamingo Cay Anne Weale 1980
The house party Fenella-Jane Miller 2009
The House of Seven Sisters Elle Eggels 2002
The house of the shining tide Essie Summers 1981
The house at Stormy Waters Catherine Hay 1988
The house without a key Earl Derr Biggers 2013
The housekeeper and the professor Yōko Ogawa 2010
The hungry forties Fred Pennington 2000
The hunt for Mr Jacks Tom Wilson 2009
The ice maiden Edna Buchanan 2004
The identity trap Isobel Lambot 1989
The idle hill of summer Julia Hamilton 1989
The Illuminati conspiracy Richard Rees 1997
The immortal wound Victor Canning 1981
The immortal wound Victor Canning 2012
The improbable voyage Tristan Jones 1988
The incredulity of Father Brown G. K. Chesterton 2011
The India House William Palmer 2005
The inheritance Daoma Winston 1989
The injudicious judge Michael Underwood 1989
The innocence of Father Brown G. K. Chesterton 2011
The innocence of roast chicken Jo-Anne Richards 1997
The innocent David Szalay 2010
The Inshore Squadron Alexander Kent 1983
The inside man George Harmon Cox.e 1977
The interface man Bill Knox 1990
The interpreter Gordon Nimse 2007
The intruders Robert Jackson 2000
The invasion before Normandy : the secret battle of Slapton Sands Edwin P. Hoyt 1988
The invisible cord Catherine Cookson 1978
The Irish rogue Emma Jensen 2001
The iron master June Gadsby 2004
The ironmaster Jean Stubbs 1982
The island at the end of the world Sam Taylor 2009
The Italian affair Loren Teague 2010
The Italian quarter Domenica De Rosa 2005
The ivory dagger Patricia Wentworth 1977
The Jackson raid Luther Chance 2003
The Janus face Janet Mary Tomson 2001
The Janus man Colin Forbes 1988
The jealous land June Gadsby 2006
The Jericho rumble Christopher Murphy 1985
The jewelled daughter Anne Maybury 1979
The jigsaw man Deanie Francis Mills 1997
The journals of Eleanor Druse : my investigation of the Kingdom Hospital incident Eleanor Druse 2005
The journeying moon Ernle Dusgate Selby Bradford 1990
The joyful morrow Muriel Howe 1989
The Judas blade John Pilkington 2012
The Judas kiss Victoria Holt 1983
The Judas pair Jonathan Gash 1982
The Judas trail Kenneth Royce 2000
The jungle book Rudyard Kipling 2014
The Just Men of Cordova Edgar Wallace 2012
The Kappillan of Malta Nicholas Monsarrat 1976
The keeper of Absalom's Island Tom Nestor 2003
The killer mine Hammond Innes 1979
The killing club Angela Dracup 2011
The killing house Derek Lambert 1999
The kindled fire Essie Summers 1977
The King Bird rides Max Brand 1977
The King's adventurer : Captain John Smith and Pocahontas Jean Plaidy 1997
The king's bounty Roy Clews 1982
The king's mother Betty King 2002
The knocker on death's door Ellis Peters 1981
The Koberg link Arthur Maling 1981
The Kydd inheritance Jan Jones 2012
The labours of Hercules Agatha Christie 1978
The labours of Hercules Agatha Christie 2011
The labyrinth makers Anthony Price 1981
The ladies of Lambton Green Lisa Shepherd 1988
The lady from Yorktown Eva McDonald 1977
The lady and the Luddite Linden Salter 2003
The Lady Margaret Betty King 2000
The lady of Monkton Elizabeth Byrd 1990
The lady soldier Jennifer Lindsay 2006
The Lamorna wink : a Richard Jury novel Martha Grimes 2001
The land endures Mary E. Pearce 1982
The land of mud castles Jim Ingram 1980
The landlady Sarah Shears 1982
The Lantern network Ted Allbeury 1982
The last Carpathian wolf Heinz G. Konsalik 1981
The last dance Ed McBain 2001
The last day of summer Eva Burfield 1986
The last ditch K. M. Peyton 2006
The last ditch Manda McGrath 1997
The last enemy Richard Hillary 1987
The last enemy Richard Hillary 2014
The last gun Lee Floren 1990
The last of the Logans Alex Stuart 1989
The last otter Alan Lloyd 2004
The last place God made Jack Higgins 1984
The last post Ford Madox Ford 2013
The last ride Tom Eidson 1997
The last safari Alan Scholefield 1989
The last time I saw Jane Kate Pullinger 1997
The last time I saw mother Arlene J. Chai 1997
The latch man John Dean 2007
The lawless land : based on characters created by Zane Grey Romer Grey 1982
The laying of the Noone walker Rosalind Ashe 1988
The Lazarus Hotel Jo Bannister 1997
The Lazarus widow Bill Knox 2000
The league of night and fog David Morrell 1989
The Ledbury lamplighters) Kerry Tombs 2010
The legend of Lexandros Anne Mather 1978
The lemon garden Elizabeth Rossiter 1985
The leper of Saint Giles : the fifth chronicle of Brother Cadfael Ellis Peters 1983
The letter in the bottle Karen Liebreich 2007
The liberators James Pattinson 2000
The lie direct Sara Woods 1986
The life of Reilly Paul Burke 2008
The light of day Eric Ambler 1976
The light that failed Rudyard Kipling 2012
The linden tree Hester Rowan 1985
The lion of Delos Anne Worboys 1980
The lion at sea Max Hennessy 1981
The lion triumphant Philippa Carr 1980
The listening eye Patricia Wentworth 1981
The listening silence Marie Joseph 1985
The listening sky Lesley Denny 2002
The Listerdale mystery Agatha Christie 1990
The Listerdale mystery Agatha Christie 2011
The little kiosk by the sea Jennifer Bohnet 2016
The little Oxford dictionary of current English George Ostler 1977
The living Léan Cullinan 2015
The Logantown looters Marshall Grover 1989
The London linnet Tania Langley 1986
The lonely furrow Pamela Kavanagh 2013
The lonely sea) Alistair MacLean 2012
The lonely sea : collected short stories Alistair MacLean 1986
The lonely shore Anne Weale 1977
The long close call J. Wallis Martin 2001
The long dead John Dean 2007
The long journey home : the memoirs of Flora Leipman Flora Leipman 1988
The long long dances Eric Malpass 1982
The long masquerade Madeleine Brent 1982
The long revenge June Thomson 1984
The long vacation Mary Romney 1987
The long walk home Michael O'Donnell 1989
The long way home Margaret James 2007
The long winter Eva Burfield 1987
The longest day : June 6 1944 Cornelius Ryan 1977
The longest road : an Irish pan-American cycling adventure Ben Cunningham 2014
The longest winter Daphne Wright 1991
The longshot Katie Kitamura 2011
The looking-glass Virginia Coffman 1985
The Lord God made them all James Herriot 1982
The Lord Jasper Betty King 2001
The lost garden Helen Humphreys 2004
The lost garden Jane Aiken Hodge 1983
The lost giants Alan Scholefield 1990
The lost girls Gwen Moffat 2000
The lost wagon train Zane Grey 1978
The lost world : a shortened version edited with notes and exercises by Kenneth Pinnock, illustrated by Will H.Maile Arthur Conan Doyle 2014
The lotus and the wind John Masters 1980
The love affairs of Nathaniel P. Adelle Waldman 2014
The love child Antonia Swinson 2001
The love-child Philippa Carr 1981
The love knot Vanessa Alexander 2000
The love talker Elizabeth Peters 1982
The love that God forgot Alexander Cordell 1997
The love tokens Janet Mary Tomson 1996
The Lovegrove Hermit Rosemary Craddock 2015
The lover Amanda Brookfield 2001
The lover of the grave Andrew Taylor 1998
The Luck bride Maureen Peters 2000
The Lushai girl Roberta Forrest 1988
The Luxembourg run Stanley Ellin 1980
The lying game : complete and unabridged Maxine Barry 2006
The Madderleys married Jan Tempest 1985
The magic apple tree : a country year Susan Hill 1983
The magnificent Siberian : a novel Louis Charbonneau 1997
The maid's Version Daniel Woodrell 2014
The majolica murders Deborah Morgan 2009
The major's minion Linden Salter 2003
The making of Molly March Juliet Dymoke 1997
The making of Mr Bolsover Cornelius Medvei 2016
The Mallen girl Catherine Cookson 1981
The Mallen litter Catherine Cookson 1981
The Mallen streak Catherine Cookson 1981
The man Irving Wallace 1977
The man in the bottle Bill Knox 2004
The man in the brown suit Agatha Christie 1984
The man in the brown suit Agatha Christie 2011
The man for me Theresa Cha.rles 1986
The man with no face Peter Turnbull 2000
The man in the pink suit Roger Silverwood 2005
The man with the president's mind Ted Allbeury 1988
The man who blew his mind Peter Moir Fotheringham 2003
The man who couldn't lose Roger Silverwood 2008
The man who cried Catherine Cookson 1980
The man who inherited a golf course Vernon Coleman 2004
The man who liked couscous Jane Wallace 1987
The man who loved God William X. Kienzle 2000
The man who loved his wife Vera Caspary 1986
The man who painted roses : the story of Pierre-Joseph Redouté Antonia Ridge 1976
The man who was Thursday G. K. Chesterton 2015
The man who won Guy Bellamy 2006
The man who wrote 'Dracula' : a biography of Bram Stoker Daniel Farson 1996
The man at the window Betty Rowlands 2001
The manhunter Gordon D. Shirreffs 1988
The Manor of Braye Rosamond Fitzroy 1980
The Marburg virus Stanley Johnson 1984
The mark of the crescent : a Department Z adventure John Cre.asey 1977
The marriage casket Deborah Morgan 2009
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The marriage of Claudia Rose Franken 1982
The marriage masque Catherine Fellows 1986
The marriage trap Joan Mellows 1989
The Mary Celeste Brian Freemantle 2000
The mask of the enchantress Victoria Holt 1981
The masks of Rome Caroline Llewellyn 1990
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The mathematics of murder : a Fearne & Bracknell collection Michael Francis Gilbert 2002
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The Medici ring Nicole St. John 1978
The meeting place Mary Hocking 1997
The memory stones Kate O'Riordan 2004
The merciless dead John Frederick Burke 2009
The mésalliance Fenella-Jane Miller 2008
The middle ages Jennie Fields 2003
The middle place Kelly Corrigan 2010
The Midwillow martyrs Janet Mary Tomson 2005
The mighty queens of Freeville) Amy Dickinson 2010
The mill cottage Barbara Whitnell 2000
The millennium trail Peter Moir Fotheringham 1996
The miller's daughters Edward Hewitt 2000
The millionaire's daughter Dorothy Eden 1984
The Mills bomb Clive Egleton 1984
The mind game Hector Macdonald 2002
The Minerva stone Anne Maybury 1984
The Mingrelian conspiracy Michael Pearce 1997
The miracle at St Bruno's Philippa Carr 1979
The mirror Richard Skinner 2015
The mirror crack'd from side to side Agatha Christie 2010
The misadventures of a reluctant counterspy A. R. Dismorr 2001
The miser Lesley Egan 1984
The Mockery Bird Gerald Durrell 1983
The modern grandparents' guide Jackie Highe 2009
The money mountain Robert MacLeod 1988
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The money tree murders Roger Silverwood 2015
The moneychangers Arthur Hailey 1976
The moneylenders of Shahpur Helen Forrester 1988
The moon around Sarah Paul Lederer 2015
The moon is my witness Alexandra Connor 1998
The moon tunnel Jim Kelly 2006
The moonbather Roy Clarke 1989
The moonflower Phyllis A. Whitney 1978
The moonlight war : the story of cladestine operations in South-East Asia, 1944-5 Terence O'Brien 1990
The Moonraker mutiny Antony Trew 2007
The moonshell Louise Bergstrom 1990
The moonshiner Lucy Walker 1988
The morning gift Diana Norman 1987
The morning promise Margaret James 2006
The Mosley receipt Kenneth Royce 1986
The motive Harry Carmichael 1983
The mottled lizard Elspeth Huxley 1983
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The mouth of truth Isobel Chace 1985
The moving finger Agatha Christie 2010
The much-loved nurse Pauline Ash 1967
The muleskinner Robert MacLeod 1976
The murder ballad Jane Hill 2007
The murder list Roger Silverwood 2016
The murder of my aunt Richard Hull 1988
The murder on the links Agatha Christie 1977
The murder on the links Agatha Christie 2010
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The murder at the vicarage Agatha Christie 2010
The murderer's son Richard Haley 2007
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The Musgraves D. E. Stevenson 1985
The music makers E. V. Thompson 1990
The mutiny run Frank Eccles 1998
The mysterious affair at Styles Agatha Christie 1989
The mysterious affair at Styles Agatha Christie 2010
The mysterious Mr.Quin Agatha Christie 1977
The mysterious Mr.Quin Agatha Christie 2011
The mystery of a hansom cab Fergus Hume 2015
The mystery of the Blue Train Agatha Christie 1976
The mystery of the Blue Train Agatha Christie 2010
The naked detective Laurence Shames 2002
The name of the game Julie Garratt 2002
The narrow bridge Kay Winchester 1987
The narrow corner Basil Copper 1989
The natives were friendly - so we stayed the night Noel Barber 1979
The navigators Anthony Burton 1979
The Neapolitan streak Timothy Holme 1981
The new Mrs. Rainer Eva Burfield 1987
The New owner Iris Bromige 1985
The newsagent's window) John Osborne 2011
The night before dark Clodagh Chapman 1989
The night of the generals Hans Hellmut Kirst 1981
The night of Morningstar Peter O'Donnell 1996
The night of the party Iris Bromige 1978
The night she died Dorothy Simpson 1983
The night watch Alison Joseph 2001
The nine bright shiners Anthea Fraser 1990
The nine-spoked wheel J. R. L. Anderson 1981
The ninth netsuke James Melville 1986
The Nonesuch Georgette Heyer 1980
The nose on my face Laurence Payne 1989
The novice's tale Margaret Frazer 2005
The nutmeg tree Margery Sharp 1984
The Odessa file Frederick Forsyth 1981
The old buzzard had it coming Donis Casey 2007
The old priory Norah Lofts 1983
The one a month man Michael Litchfield 2013
The one that got away Jessica Fox 2010
The one who kisses Lucy Walker 1986
The Onedin Line, the high seas Cyril Abraham 1979
The Onedin Line, the iron ships Cyril Abraham 1979
The Onedin Line, The shipmaster Cyril Abraham 1978
The Onedin Line, the trade winds Cyril Abraham 1979
The only boy for me Gil McNeil 2002
The only paradise Marjarie Warby 1988
The open window Netta Muskett 1983
The orchid tree Virginia Coffman 1987
The ormer shell Lloyd Peters 2002
The other devil's name Elizabeth Ferrars 1988
The other man Francis Durbridge 1977
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The outer buoy : a story of the ultimate voyage Jan De Hartog 1997
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The particular sadness of lemon cake Aimee Bender 2011
The past is the prelude Gladys Greenaway 1988
The patchwork quilt Netta Muskett 1980
The path through the woods Emma Sinclair 2001
The path to love Chrissie Loveday 2001
The paths of summer Iris Bromige 1984
The pathway of the sun E. V. Timms 1983
The patient Michael Palmer 2001
The peacemakers J. T. Edson 1980
The peacock fan Katharine Gordon 1997
The Peacock Pagoda Alex Stuart 1988
The peacock rider Katharine Gordon 1996
The peacock ring Katharine Gordon 1982
The peacock spring Rumer Godden 1980
The pearl pagoda Susannah Broome 1982
The pearls of Coromandel Keron Bhattacharya 1997
The Pearly Prince of St Pancras Alf Dole 2016
The penny murders Lionel Black 1980
The Penny Road Barbara Cooper 2000
The perfect wife Jane Goodger 2002
The periwinkle brooch Kate Frederick 1996
The perks of being a wallflower Stephen Chbosky 2010
The perpetrator David Millett 2007
The Pershore poisoners Kerry Tombs 2015
The phoenix Caroline Gray 2000
The physicians Elizabeth Harrison 1985
The picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde 2012
The pilgrim file William E. Corfield 2009
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The politician's wife : based on an original television series by Paula Milne, produced for Channel Four Television by Producers Films Shirley Lowe 1996
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The promise Danielle Steel 1982
The promise Mary Ryan 1998
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The property of a gentleman Catherine Gaskin 1976
The Provençal summer Suzanne Ebel 1980
The pumpkin shell Louise Pakeman 2003
The puppy diaries Jill Abramson 2013
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The quest of Simon Richardson : a biography Dorothy Richardson 1987
The quicksilver pool Phyllis A. Whitney 1981
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The quiet star Jean Graham 1986
The raging spirit June Gadsby 2012
The Ragusa theme Ann Quinton 1988
The railway king Margaret Mayhew 1980
The railway man John Dean 2010
The rainbow trail Zane Grey 1979
The rake's challenge Beth Elliott 2012
The rake's revenge Claire Tremaine 1997
The ransom game Howard Engel 1989
The Ravelston affair Elizabeth Harrison 1982
The raven in the foregate : the twelfth chronicle of Brother Cadfael Ellis Peters 1987
The ravishing doctor Heinz G. Konsalik 1981
The raw man George Makana Clark 2012
The rawhider Charles N. Heckelmann 1989
The reader Bernhard Schlink 1999
The real Claudia Charles Hazel Hucker 2002
The reaper Ted Allbeury 1984
The reckoning Patricia Tyrrell 2004
The reconstructionist Nick Arvin 2011
The red badge of courage Stephen Crane 2014
The red-haired brat Joanna Dessau 1999
The red knight Geoffrey Moxon 1990
The regiment Christopher Nicole 1990
The relic murders : being the sixth journal of Sir Roger Shallot concerning certain wicked conspiracies and horrible murders perpetrated in the reign of King Henry VIII Michael Clynes 1998
The religious body Catherine Aird 1983
The reluctant guest Rosalind Brett 1990
The reluctant heart Jane Lester 1988
The reluctant orphan Sara Seale 1979
The rescuer R. S. Hill 2016
The rest is silence Virginia Coffman 1988
The return of the cuckoo Leslie Lance 1990
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The rich part of life Jim Kokoris 2004
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The rider of distant trails : by Romer Zane Grey Romer Grey 1983
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The Rio Hondo Kid J. T. Edson 1978
The river Philippa Forrester 2005
The river flows on Maggie Craig 1999
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