Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation is a book publisher with 18 books and 18 editions in our database between 1977 and 2004

1977 - 2004
1977 - 2004


There are 18 books and 18 editions published by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation between 1977 and 2004 in our database

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Title Author Editions
The function and financing of African universities : a review of selected policy statements 1933-1988 Alison Girdwood 1
Nigerian identity formations in the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.nigeria Ben Moran 1
'Democratic renewal' in Africa : two essays on Benin Christopher Allen 1
Race, empire and post-empire Christopher Fyfe 1
Return to the roots? : migration, local institutions and development in Sudan David Pratten 1
Archdeacon Dandeson Coates Crowther : a neglected West African church pioneer : the Africanus Horton Memorial lecture, delivered on 13th May 1985 at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh Edward W. Fasholé-Luke 1
Baubles, bangles and beads : trade contacts of mediaeval Ife Frank Willett 1
Diverted journeys : the social lives of Ghanaian fantasy coffins Hannah R. Griffiths 1
Household methodologies and the measurement of incomes and welfare in Tanzania : a case study from Dodoma using interview data Ingrid Yngström 1
Tropical forest John Grace 1
Where there is no job : vocational training for self-employment in developing countries John P. Grierson 1
'Traditional connoisseurs' of the past : the ambiguity of spirit mediums and the performance of the past in southern Zimbabwe Joost Fontein 1
UNESCO, heritage and Africa : an anthropological critique of world heritage Joost Fontein 1
Africa : the third liberation Julius K. Nyerere 1
African taboos and science education : (an exploration of the epistemological and scientific relevance of significant Afr ican cultural dos and donts) K. O. Agyakwa 1
Aid and higher education in the developing world Kenneth King 1
Directory of expertise on Africa in Scottish universities Kenneth King 1
South African art : a story of Echo, Narcissus & blind Tiresias Ricky Burnett 1
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