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1949 - 2021


There are 1,463 books and 1,496 editions published by Stanford University Press between 1949 and 2021 in our database

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Title Author Editions
The collected poetry of Robinson Jeffers Robinson Jeffers 3
Awakening China : politics, culture, and class in the Nationalist Revolution John Fitzgerald 2
The woman who read too much : a novel Bahíyyih Naḵẖjavání 2
Last scene underground : an ethnographic novel of Iran Roxanne Varzi 2
From frontier policy to foreign policy : the question of India and the transformation of geopolitics in Qing China Matthew W. Mosca 2
Constructing East Asia : technology, ideology, and empire in Japan's wartime era, 1931-1945 Aaron Stephen Moore 2
Ethics as a work of charity : Thomas Aquinas and pagan virtue Joseph David Decosimo 2
Battleground Africa : Cold War in the Congo, 1960-1965 Lise A. Namikas 2
Mixing musics : Turkish Jewry and the urban landscape of a sacred song Maureen Jackson 2
Enhancing campus capacity for leadership : an examination of grassroots leaders in higher education Adrianna J. Kezar 2
Jewish rights, national rites : nationalism and autonomy in late imperial and revolutionary Russia Simon Rabinovitch 2
Dolores del Río : beauty in light and shade Linda B. Hall 2
Memories of absence : how Muslims remember Jews in Morocco Aomar Boum 2
Goodbye, Antoura : a memoir of the Armenian genocide Gaṛnik Banean 2
Contested conversions to Islam : narratives of religious change in the early modern Ottoman Empire Tijana Krstić 2
The barber of Damascus : nouveau literacy in the eighteenth-century Ottoman Levant Dana Sajdi 2
Romantic intimacy Nancy Yousef 2
The civil law tradition : an introduction to the legal systems of Europe and Latin America John Henry Merryman 2
Learning to forget : US Army counterinsurgency doctrine and practice from Vietnam to Iraq David Fitzgerald 2
Costly democracy : peacebuilding and democratization after war Christoph Zürcher 2
Byzantium and its army, 284-1081 Warren Treadgold 2
Waking from the dream : Mexico's middle classes after 1968 Louise E. Walker 2
Why literary periods mattered : historical contrast and the prestige of English studies Ted Underwood 2
Secret history : the CIA's classified account of its operations in Guatemala, 1952-1954 Nick Cullather 2
What is a classic? : postcolonial rewriting and invention of the canon Ankhi Mukherjee 2
Ratifying the republic : antifederalists and federalists in constitutional time David J. Siemers 2
Rebel Mexico : student unrest and authoritarian political culture during the long sixties Jaime M. Pensado 2
Wronged by empire : post-imperial ideology and foreign policy in India and China Manjari Chatterjee Miller 2
Thinking its presence : form, race, and subjectivity in contemporary Asian American poetry Dorothy J. Wang 2
Literary polemics : Bataille, Sartre, Valéry, Breton Suzanne Guerlac 2
Divided sun : MITI and the breakdown of Japanese high-tech industrial policy, 1975-1993 Scott Callon 2
The margins of empire : Kurdish militias in the Ottoman tribal zone Janet Klein 2
Preventing a biochemical arms race Alexander Kelle 1
Was Hitler a riddle? : western democracies and national socialism Abraham Ascher 1
Mothers and sons in Chinese Buddhism Alan Cole 1
Interpretation and difference : the strangeness of care Alan Bass 1
Difference and disavowal : the trauma of Eros Alan Bass 1
Radio free Europe and Radio Liberty : the CIA years and beyond A. Ross Johnson 1
Architects of austerity : international finance and the politics of growth Aaron Major 1
Scenes from the marriage of Louis XIV : nuptial fictions and the making of absolutist power Abby E. Zanger 1
P.A. Stolypin : the search for stability in late Imperial Russia Abraham Ascher 1
Inclinations : a critique of rectitude Adriana Cavarero 1
Heidegger's fascist affinities : a politics of silence Adam Knowles 1
The prince of this world Adam Kotsko 1
Digging for the disappeared : forensic science after atrocity Adam Rosenblatt 1
Money, power, and influence in eighteenth-century Lithuania : the Jews on the Radziwill estates Adam Teller 1
Digital militarism : Israel's occupation in the social media age Adi Kuntsman 1
For more than one voice : toward a philosophy of vocal expression Adriana Cavarero 1
Contraceptive diplomacy : reproductive politics and imperial ambitions in the United States and Japan Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci 1
Radical equality : Ambedkar, Gandhi, and the risk of democracy Aishwary Kumar 1
Shorelines : space and rights in South India Ajantha Subramanian 1
Exile to paradise : savagery and civilization in Paris and the South Pacific, 1790-1900 Alice Bullard 1
(Re)negotiating East and Southeast Asia : region, regionalism, and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Alice D. Ba 1
Patterns of disengagement : the practice and portrayal of reclusion in early medieval China Alan J. Berkowitz 1
The queer German cinema Alice A. Kuzniar 1
Sanctuary in the wilderness : a critical introduction to American Hebrew poetry Alan L. Mintz 1
The polyphony of Jewish culture Benjamin Harshav 1
Jews and Christians on time and eternity : Charles Péguy's portrait of Bernard-Lazare Annette Aronowicz 1
Learning difference : race and schooling in the multiracial metropolis Annegret Daniela Staiger 1
Errant plagiary : the life and writing of Lady Sarah Cowper, 1644-1720 Anne Kugler 1
Cuban sugar in the age of mass production : technology and the economics of the Sugar Central, 1899-1929 Alan Dye 1
Staged seduction : selling dreams in a Tokyo host club Akiko Takeyama 1
Democracy in question : democratic openness in a time of political closure Alan Keenan 1
Ancestral tales : reading the Buczacz stories of S.Y. Agnon Alan L. Mintz 1
The shared society : a vision for the global future of latin america Alejandro Toledo Manrique 1
Partners of the empire : the crisis of the Ottoman order in the Age of Revolutions Ali Yaycioglu 1
Warped mourning : stories of the undead in the land of the unburied Aleksandr Ėtkind 1
After la dolce vita : a cultural prehistory of Berlusconi's Italy Alessia Ricciardi 1
The sovereignty revolution Alan Cranston 1
The polythink syndrome : U.S. foreign policy decisions on 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and ISIS Alex Mintz 1
Digital pirates : policing intellectual property in Brazil Alexander Sebastian Dent 1
Einstein and Soviet ideology Alexander Vucinich 1
Human rights as a way of life : on Bergson's political philosophy Alexandre Lefebvre 1
Shifting boundaries : immigrant youth negotiating national, state and small-town politics Alexis M. Silver 1
The colonial origins of ethnic violence in India Ajay Verghese 1
Of medicines and markets : intellectual property and human rights in the free trade era Angelina Snodgrass Godoy 1
Plastic money : constructing markets for credit cards in eight postcommunist countries Akos Rona-Tas 1
Handbook of inaesthetics Alain Badiou 1
British state romanticism : authorship, agency, and bureaucratic nationalism Anne Frey 1
Politics and paradigms : changing theories of change in social science Andrew C. Janos 1
The sexual contract Carole Pateman 1
East Central Europe in the modern world : the politics of the borderlands from pre- to postcommunism Andrew C. Janos 1
Present pasts : urban palimpsests and the politics of memory Andreas Huyssen 1
From tribal village to global village : Indian rights and international relations in Latin America Alison Brysk 1
Impure conceits : rhetoric and ideology in Wordsworth's Alison Hickey 1
Caring for patients : a critique of the medical model Allen Barbour 1
Oedipus ubiquitous : the family complex in world folk literature Allen Johnson 1
The evolution of human societies : from foraging group to agrarian state Allen W. Johnson 1
The cult of true victimhood : from the war on welfare to the war on terror Alyson Manda Cole 1
Back stories : U.S. news production and Palestinian politics Amahl A. Bishara 1
Help or harm : the human security effects of international NGOs Amanda Murdie 1
The civilizing mission in the metropole : Algerian families and the French welfare state during decolonization Amelia H. Lyons 1
A society of young women : opportunities of place, power, and reform in Saudi Arabia Amélie Le Renard 1
Geometrical landscapes : the voyages of discovery and the transformation of mathematical practice Amir R. Alexander 1
Ottoman ulema, Turkish Republic : agents of change and guardians of tradition Amit Bein 1
Making literature now Amy Hungerford 1
Burying the beloved : marriage, realism, and reform in modern Iran Amy Motlagh 1
Tradition and the individual poem : an inquiry into anthologies Anne Ferry 1
By design : intention in poetry Anne Ferry 1
Networked regionalism as conflict management Anna Ohanyan 1
Normalizing Japan : politics, identity, and the evolution of security practice Andrew Oros 1
A mission to civilize : the republican idea of empire in France and West Africa, 1895-1930 Alice L. Conklin 1
Becoming Asia : change and continuity in Asian international relations since World War II Alice Lyman Miller 1
When misfortune becomes injustice : evolving human rights struggles for health and social equality Alicia Ely Yamin 1
A genealogy of the modern self : Thomas De Quincey and the intoxication of writing Alina Clej 1
The gist of reading Andrew Elfenbein 1
From heresy to dogma : an institutional history of corporate environmentalism Andrew J. Hoffman 1
How culture shapes the climate change debate Andrew J. Hoffman 1
Heidegger among the sculptors : body, space, and the art of dwelling Andrew J. Mitchell 1
Remains of the Jews : the holy land and Christian empire in late antiquity Andrew S. Jacobs 1
The headscarf debates : conflicts of national belonging Anna C. Korteweg 1
Making a nation, breaking a nation : literature and cultural politics in Yugoslavia Andrew Wachtel 1
Marxism and the leap to the kingdom of freedom : the rise and fall of the communist utopia Andrzej Walicki 1
The romantic performative : language and action in British and German romanticism Angela Esterhammer 1
Talons and teeth : county clerks and runners in the Qing Dynasty Bradly Ward Reed 1
No Billionaire left behind : satirical activism in America Angelique Haugerud 1
Land and Power : Zionist Resort to Force, 1881-1948 Anita Shapira 1
Public lives, private secrets : gender, honor, sexuality, and illegitimacy in colonial Spanish America Ann Twinam 1
Purchasing whiteness : pardos, mulattos, and the quest for social mobility in the Spanish Indies Ann Twinam 1
Bubbles and crashes : the boom and bust of technological innovation Brent Goldfarb 1
Eisenhower, science advice, and the nuclear test-ban debate, 1945-1963 Benjamin P. Greene 1
Economists with guns : authoritarian development and U.S.-Indonesian relations, 1960-1968 Bradley R. Simpson 1
Growing up in America : the power of race in the lives of teens Brad Christerson 1
Five faces of exile : the nation and Filipino American intellectuals Augusto Fauni Espiritu 1
Aurangzeb : the life and legacy of India's most controversial king Audrey Truschke 1
Humanism in ruins : entangled legacies of the Greek-Turkish population exchange Aslı Iğsız 1
The Latinos of Asia : How Filipinos Americans Break the Rules of Race Anthony Christian Ocampo 1
Conversations with Anthony Giddens : making sense of modernity Anthony Giddens 1
The body politic : corporeal metaphor in revolutionary France, 1770-1800 Antoine de Baecque 1
Five plays Anton Pavlovich Chekhov 1
Less rightly said : scandals and readers in sixteenth-century France Antónia Szabari 1
The modernity of others : Jewish anti-Catholicism in Germany and France Ari Joskowicz 1
Men and the making of modern British feminism Arianne Chernock 1
Proxy warriors : the rise and fall of state-sponsored militias Ariel I. Ahram 1
The moral power of money : morality and economy in the life of the poor Ariel Wilkis 1
The one-state condition : occupation and democracy in Israel/Palestine Ariella Azoulay 1
Nelly Sachs, flight and metamorphosis : an illustrated biography Aris Fioretos 1
To save the children of Korea : the Cold War origins of international adoption Arissa H. Oh 1
Writing the dead : death and writing strategies in the Western tradition Armando Petrucci 1
Another such victory : President Truman and the Cold War, 1945-1953 Arnold A. Offner 1
Shakespeare jungle fever : national-imperial re-visions of race, rape, and sacrifice Arthur L. Little 1
Life as politics : how ordinary people change the Middle East Asef Bayat 1
Flaubert postsecular : modernity crossed out Barbara Vinken 1
To belong in Buenos Aires : Germans, Argentines, and the rise of a pluralist society Benjamin Bryce 1
Patronage and power : local state networks and party-state resilience in China Ben Hillman 1
The sublime figure of history : aesthetics and politics in twentieth-century China Ban Wang 1
Adaptable autocrats : regime power in Egypt and Syria Joshua Stacher 1
A place to call home : immigrant exclusion and urban belonging in New York, Paris, and Barcelona Ernesto Castañeda 1
Thinking fascism : sapphic modernism and fascist modernity Erin G. Carlston 1
A goy who speaks Yiddish : Christians and the Jewish language in early modern Germany Aya Elyada 1
Knowledge, belief & witchcraft : analytic experiments in African philosophy B. Hallen 1
A Bahian counterpoint : sugar, tobacco, cassava, and slavery in the Recôncavo, 1780-1860 B. J. Barickman 1
Aspiring to home : South Asians in America Bakirathi Mani 1
Illuminations from the past : trauma, memory, and history in modern China Ban Wang 1
Political communication and political culture in England, 1558-1688 Barbara J. Shapiro 1
Foucault and the politics of rights Ben Golder 1
Hard times : leadership in America Barbara Kellerman 1
Deterrence and security in the 21st century : China, Britain, France, and the enduring legacy of the nuclear revolution Avery N. Goldstein 1
Feminine capital : unlocking the power of women entrepreneurs Barbara Orser 1
Business networks in Syria : the political economy of authoritarian resilience Bassam Haddad 1
Foucault's critical project : between the transcendental and the historical Béatrice Han 1
A constitution for the living : imagining how five generations of Americans would rewrite the nation's fundamental law Beau Breslin 1
Shattered dreams of revolution : from liberty to violence in the late Ottoman Empire Bedross Der Matossian 1
Can these bones live? : translation, survival, and cultural memory Bella Brodzki 1
Dreaming of Michelangelo : Jewish variations on a modern theme Asher D. Biemann 1
Inventing new beginnings : on the idea of Renaissance in modern Judaism Asher D. Biemann 1
Beckett, Derrida, and the event of literature Asja Szafraniec 1
Gaining freedoms : claiming space in Istanbul and Berlin Berna Turam 1
For the sake of our Japanese brethren : assimilation, nationalism, and Protestantism among the Japanese of Los Angeles, 1895-1942 Brian Masaru Hayashi 1
The middlemost and the milltowns : bourgeois culture and politics in early industrial England Brian Lewis 1
The ends of literature : the Latin American "boom" in the neoliberal marketplace Brett Levinson 1
Roots of the state : neighborhood organization and social networks in Beijing and Taipei Benjamin Lelan Read 1
Transformative beauty : art museums in industrial Britain Amy Woodson-Boulton 1
Guns, guerillas, and the great leader : North Korea and the third world Benjamin R. Young 1
The skin of the system : on Germany's socialist modernity Benjamin Robinson 1
Between Islam and the state : the politics of engagement Berna Turam 1
The will to orthodoxy : a critical genealogy of Northern Chan Buddhism Bernard Faure 1
Racial beachhead : diversity and democracy in a military town, Seaside, California. Carol Lynn McKibben 1
Taking care of youth and the generations Bernard Stiegler 1
The imported state : The westernization of political order Bertrand Badie 1
The big show in Bololand : the American relief expedition to Soviet Russia in the famine of 1921 Bertrand M. Patenaude 1
Globalization under and after socialism : the evolution of transnational capital in Central and Eastern Europe Besnik Pula 1
A history of the modern Middle East : rulers, rebels, and rogues Betty S. Anderson 1
The strategic career : let business principles guide you Bill Barnett 1
Male confessions : intimate revelations and the religious imagination Björn Krondorfer 1
If God were a human rights activist Boaventura de Sousa Santos 1
Queer theory : the French response Bruno Perreau 1
Creative negativity : four Victorian exemplars of the female quest Carol Hanbery MacKay 1
Language in time of revolution Benjamin Harshav 1
The birth of California narrow gauge : a regional study of the technology of Thomas and Martin Carter Bruce A. MacGregor 1
Dead pledges : debt, crisis, and twenty-first-century culture Annie McClanahan 1
The meaning of Yiddish Benjamin Harshav 1
Obscure invitations : the persistence of the author in twentieth-century American literature Benjamin Leigh Widiss 1
Mathematics as sign : writing, imagining, counting Brian Rotman 1
The unholy Grail : a social reading of Chrétien de Troyes's Conte du Graal Brigitte Cazelles 1
The material image : art and the real in film Brigitte Peucker 1
Slam school : learning through conflict in the hip-hop and spoken word classroom Bronwen E. Low 1
American geographics : U.S. national narratives and the representation of the non-European world, 1830-1865 Bruce A. Harvey 1
Your rugged constitution Bruce Allyn Findlay 1
The world under pressure : how China and India are influencing the global economy and environment Carl J. Dahlman 1
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