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Springer is a book publisher with 27,859 books and 30,836 editions in our database between 1963 and 2021

1963 - 2021
1963 - 2021


There are 27,859 books and 30,836 editions published by Springer between 1963 and 2021 in our database

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 30,836 by Springer in our database

Title Author Editions
Classical and quantum dynamics : from classical paths to path integrals Walter Dittrich 5
Ethical and social issues in the information age Joseph Migga Kizza 5
Stable isotope geochemistry Jochen Hoefs 5
Guide to computer network security Joseph Migga Kizza 4
Mathematical analysis I V. A. Zorich 4
Digraphs : theory, algorithms and applications Jørgen Bang-Jensen 4
Convection in porous media Donald A. Nield 4
Offshore risk assessment : principles, modelling, and applications of QRA studies Jan Erik Vinnem 4
Software engineering techniques applied to agricultural systems : an object-oriented and UML approach Petraq J. Papajorgji 4
Graph theory Reinhard Diestel 4
Decision making with the analytic network process : economic, political, social and technological applications with benefits, opportunities, costs and risks Thomas L. Saaty 4
Fundamentals of nuclear pharmacy Gopal B. Saha 4
Fundamentals of semiconductor lasers Takahiro Numai 4
Tools of radio astronomy K. Rohlfs 4
Theoretical atomic physics Harald Friedrich 4
Stress echocardiography Eugenio Picano 4
Nanoindentation Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps 4
Scheduling : theory, algorithms, and systems Michael Pinedo 4
Atoms, molecules and photons : an introduction to atomic-, molecular-, and quantum-physics W. Demtröder 4
Mathematics for computer graphics John Vince 4
Waves and compressible flow Hilary Ockendon 4
Principles of data mining M. A. Bramer 4
Modelling and simulation : exploring dynamic system behaviour Louis G. Birta 3
Achieving excellence in medical education Richard B. Gunderman 3
Composite materials : science and engineering Krishan Kumar Chawla 3
Solid surfaces, interfaces and thin films H. Lüth 3
Comparative gene finding : models, algorithms and implementation Marina Axelson-Fisk 3
High dimensional neurocomputing : growth, appraisal and applications Bipin Kumar Tripathi 3
Handbook of nonlinear optical crystals V. G. Dmitriev 3
Simulation-based optimization : parametric optimization techniques and reinforcement learning Abhijit Gosavi 3
Lie groups, lie algebras, and representations : an elementary introduction Brian C. Hall 3
Bacterial fish pathogens : disease in farmed and wild fish B. Austin 3
Stochastic dominance : investment decision making under uncertainty Haim Levy 3
Contaminant geochemistry : interactions and transport in the subsurface environment Brian Berkowitz 3
Fundamentals of robotic mechanical systems : theory, methods, and algorithms Jorge Angeles 3
Materials handbook : a concise desktop reference François Cardarelli 3
Principles of food sanitation Norman G. Marriott 3
Evolutionary bioinformatics Donald R. Forsdyke 3
Immunohematology and transfusion medicine : a case study approach Mark T. Friedman 3
Statistical learning from a regression perspective Richard A. Berk 3
Potassic igneous rocks and associated gold-copper mineralization Daniel Müller 3
Reflecting telescope optics R. N. Wilson 3
Nanofabrication : principles, capabilities and limits Zheng Cui 3
Foodborne microbial pathogens : mechanisms and pathogenesis Arun K. Bhunia 3
Post mortem technique handbook Michael T. Sheaff 3
Introduction to microsystem design Werner Karl Schomburg 3
Statics of historic masonry constructions Mario Como 3
Mine wastes : characterization, treatment, and environmental impacts Bernd G. Lottermoser 3
Requirements engineering Elizabeth Hull 3
Basics of PET imaging : physics, chemistry, and regulations Gopal B. Saha 3
The physics of semiconductors : an introduction including nanophysics and applications Marius Grundmann 3
Statistical methods for data analysis in particle physics Luca Lista 3
Formal languages and compilation Stefano Crespi-Reghizzi 3
Transport of energetic electrons in solids : computer simulation with applications to materials analysis and characterization Maurizio Dapor 3
Theory of applied robotics : kinematics, dynamics, and control Reza N. Jazar 3
China : innovative green development Angang Hu 3
Markov chains : models, algorithms and applications Wai Ki Ching 3
Guide to teaching computer science : an activity-based approach Orit Hazzan 3
Design and analysis of simulation experiments Jack P. C. Kleijnen 3
Product lifecycle management Antti Sääksvuori 3
Topics in Banach space theory Fernando Albiac 3
Semiconductor lasers : stability, instability and chaos J. Ohtsubo 3
Basics of oncology Fred Stephens 3
Neuroanatomy for the neuroscientist Stanley Jacobson 3
Hydropower economics Finn R. Førsund 3
Microwave radiation of the ocean-atmosphere : boundary heat and dynamic interaction A. G. Grankov 3
Histopathology reporting : guidelines for surgical cancer Derek C. Allen 3
Plant physiological ecology H. Lambers 3
Riemannian geometry Peter Petersen 3
Solid-state laser engineering Walter Koechner 3
Numerical methods in matrix computations Åke Björck 3
Skeletal tissue mechanics R. Bruce Martin 3
Silicon optoelectronic integrated circuits Horst Zimmermann 3
Multivariate calculus and geometry Seán Dineen 3
Combinatorial optimization : theory and algorithms B. H. Korte 3
Terminal ballistics Zvi Rosenberg 3
Microbial biochemistry Georges N. Cohen 3
Matrices : theory and applications D. Serre 3
Statistics for lawyers Michael O. Finkelstein 3
Inventory control Sven Axsäter 3
Vertigo and dizziness : common complaints Thomas Brandt 3
GPS : theory, algorithms and applications Guochang Xu 3
Inverse acoustic and electromagnetic scattering theory David L. Colton 3
Matrix algebra : theory, computations, and applications in statistics James E. Gentle 3
Archaeoastronomy : introduction to the science of stars and stones Giulio Magli 3
Crystal structure determination Werner Massa 3
Convex functions and their applications : a contemporary approach Constantin Niculescu 3
Neural networks and statistical learning K.-L Du 3
Introduction to the basic concepts of modern physics : special relativity, quantum and statistical physics Carlo M. Becchi 3
Theory of random sets Ilya S. Molchanov 3
Tensor algebra and tensor analysis for engineers : with applications to continuum mechanics Mikhail Itskov 3
Combustion : physical and chemical fundamentals, modeling and simulation, experiments, pollutant formation J. Warnatz 3
Advanced quantum mechanics : materials and photons Rainer Dick 3
Atoms, molecules and optical physics. 1, Atoms and spectroscopy Ingolf V. Hertel 3
Eye tracking methodology : theory and practice Andrew T. Duchowski 3
Hyperelasticity primer Robert M. Hackett 3
Physics of tsunamis Boris Levin 3
Imperfect bifurcation in structures and materials : engineering use of group-theoretic bifurcation theory Kiyohiro Ikeda 3
Fundamentals of computer architecture and design Ahmet Bindal 3
Modeling complex systems Nino Boccara 3
Mechatronics by bond graphs : an object-oriented approach to modelling and simulation Vjekoslav Damić 3
Geometric numerical integration : structure-preserving algorithms for ordinary differential equations E. Hairer 3
Urban transportation planning in the United States : history, policy, and practice Edward Weiner 3
Sets, logic and maths for computing David Makinson 3
Vibration control of active structures : an introduction André Preumont 3
Principles of spread-spectrum communication systems Don J. Torrieri 3
Mechanics : from Newton's laws to deterministic chaos Florian Scheck 3
Chemical and physical behavior of human hair Clarence R. Robbins 3
Mathematics handbook : for science and engineering Lennart Råde 3
Intermediate physics for medicine and biology Russell K. Hobbie 3
Engineering electromagnetics Nathan Ida 3
Python scripting for computational science Hans Petter Langtangen 3
Beam-wave interaction in periodic and quasi-periodic structures Levi Schächter 3
Advanced free space optics (FSO) : a systems approach Arun K. Majumdar 3
Vehicle dynamics and control Rajesh Rajamani 3
L₂-gain and passivity techniques in nonlinear control A. J. van der Schaft 3
Nonlinear vibration with control : for flexible and adaptive structures David Wagg 3
Percolation theory for flow in porous media Allen G. Hunt 3
The economics of foreign exchange and global finance Peijie Wang 3
Decrypted secrets : methods and maxims of cryptology Friedrich L. Bauer 3
Mathematical tools for data mining : set theory, partial orders, combinatorics Dan A. Simovici 3
Nonholonomic mechanics and control Anthony Bloch 3
Multivariate public key cryptosystems Jintai Ding 3
Grammar for teachers : a guide to American English for native and non-native speakers Andrea DeCapua 3
Kinetics of enzyme-modifier interactions : theory and diagnosis of inhibition and activation mechanisms Antonio Baici 3
Pesky essays on the logic of philosophy Kenneth G. Lucey 3
Reliability and safety engineering A. K. Verma 3
Crisis management in acute care settings : human factors and team psychology in a high stakes environment Michael St. Pierre 3
Bioinformatics and the cell : modern computational approaches in genomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics Xuhua Xia 3
Neutronic analysis for nuclear reactor systems Bahman Zohuri 3
Guide to graphics software tools Jim X. Chen 3
Introduction to modern Fortran for Earth system sciences Dragos Chirila 3
Computational methods for fluid dynamics Joel H. Ferziger 3
Linear programming : foundations and extensions Robert J. Vanderbei 3
Laser processing and chemistry D. Bäuerle 3
Extended irreversible thermodynamics D. Jou 3
Advances in metaheuristic algorithms for optimal design of structures A. Kaveh 3
Mathematical modeling in economics, ecology and the environment Natali Hritonenko 3
Practical electrical engineering Sergey N. Makarov 3
Fundamentals of food process engineering Romeo T. Toledo 3
Conductors, semiconductors, superconductors : an introduction to solid state physics R. P. Huebener 3
Materials chemistry Bradley D. Fahlman 3
Statistics of financial markets : an introduction Jürgen Franke 3
Introduction to plasma physics and controlled fusion Francis F. Chen 3
Partial differential equations Jürgen Jost 3
Analysis of electrical circuits with variable load regime parameters : projective geometry method A. Peñin 3
Synchronized phasor measurements and their applications Arun G. Phadke 3
Dynamical systems in population biology Xiao-Qiang Zhao 3
Flip-Flop design in nanometer CMOS : from high speed to low energy Massimo Alioto 3
Computational methods for nanoscale applications : particles, plasmons and waves Igor Tsukerman 3
Atlas of breast surgery Ismail Jatoi 3
Psychodynamic perspectives on aging and illness Tamara McClintock Greenberg 3
Environmental finance and investments Marc Chesney 3
Partial differential equations in action : from modelling to theory S. Salsa 3
Engineering optics Keigo Iizuka 3
The physics of structural phase transitions Minoru Fujimoto 3
Computational intelligence : a methodological introduction Rudolf Kruse 3
Branching processes in biology Marek Kimmel 3
Dictionary of minor planet names Lutz D. Schmadel 3
GHG emissions and economic growth : a computable general equilibrium model based analysis for India Barun Deb Pal 3
Lectures on LHC physics Tilman Plehn 3
Quantum optics D. F. Walls 3
Linear and nonlinear programming David G. Luenberger 3
Fundamentals of NeuroIS : information systems and the brain René Riedl 2
Modeling of column apparatus processes Khristo Boi︠a︡dzhiev 2
Charles-Edouard Brown-Séquard : the biography of a tormented genius Louis-Cyril Celestin 2
Liberating energy from carbon : introduction to decarbonization Nazim Z. Muradov 2
A taste of Jordan algebras Kevin McCrimmon 2
Mixed raster content : segmentation, compression, transmission George Pavlidis 2
Stochastic calculus and financial applications J. Michael Steele 2
Stochastic simulation : algorithms and analysis Søren Asmussen 2
Low-power VLSI circuits and systems Ajit Pal 2
Applied probability and queues Søren Asmussen 2
Missile guidance and control systems George M. Siouris 2
Conservation of the Richmond birdwing butterfly in Australia D. P. A. Sands 2
Cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic illness and disability Renée R. Taylor 2
Vehicle dynamics : theory and application Reza N. Jazar 2
Solitons in field theory and nonlinear analysis Yisong Yang 2
Building secure defenses against code-reuse attacks Lucas Davi 2
Biopolymers : a molecular paleontology approach Neal S. Gupta 2
Applications of soft computing in time series forecasting : simulation and modeling techniques Pritpal Singh 2
Thermal stresses : advanced theory and applications Richard B. Hetnarski 2
General momentum theory for horizontal axis wind turbines J. N. Sørensen 2
The higher infinite : large cardinals in set theory from their beginnings Akihiro Kanamori 2
Controlled drug delivery systems : towards new frontiers in patient care Filippo Rossi 2
Geokinematics : prelude to geodynamics Rex H. Pilger 2
Solder joint technology : materials, properties, and reliability K. N. Tu 2
Reconstruction of macroscopic Maxwell equations : a single susceptibility theory Kikuo Chō 2
Optical response of nanostructures : microscopic nonlocal theory Kikuo Chō 2
Game theory and its applications Akio Matsumoto 2
Tribology in sheet rolling technology Akira Azushima 2
Archaeomineralogy George Robert Rapp 2
Optical solitons in fibers Akira Hasegawa 2
Finite element modeling of nanotube structures : linear and non-linear models Mokhtar Awang 2
Complex-valued neural networks Akira Hirose 2
Discrete-event simulation : modeling, programming, and analysis George S. Fishman 2
Plasma charging damage Kin P. Cheung 2
Optical properties and remote sensing of multicomponental water bodies Kh. I︠U︡ Arst 2
Strategies for symbiotic urban neighbourhoods : towards local energy self-sufficiency Sophie Lufkin 2
Chronic regulatory focus and financial decision-making : asset and portfolio allocation Navin Kumar 2
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