Owen is a book publisher with 868 books and 876 editions in our database between 1951 and 2015

1951 - 2015
1951 - 2015


There are 868 books and 876 editions published by Owen between 1951 and 2015 in our database

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Title Author Editions
Directors on directing : a source book of the modern theatre Toby Cole 2
Selected writings Sade 2
Fashions in makeup, from ancient to modern times Richard Corson 2
Supernatural tales : excursions into fantasy Vernon Lee 2
Unpublished letters Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 2
Course in general linguistics Ferdinand de Saussure 2
Le Livre blanc Jean Cocteau 2
Art and order : a study of E.M.Forster Alan Wilde 1
The cage Alberts Bels 1
The teaching of reverence for life Albert Schweitzer 1
The fraud : a novel Albert Paris Gutersloh 1
The lazy ones Albert Cossery 1
Ocean of night Ahmed Ali 1
The white bear : Robert Dudley, the Elizabethan Earl of Leicester Alan Haynes 1
Robert Cecil Earl of Salisbury, 1563-1612 : servant of two sovereigns Alan Haynes 1
The painter and his techniques : William Thon; with notes by the artist Alan D. Gruskin 1
Orchids : their botany and culture Alex Drum Hawkes 1
Biblical chant Abraham Wolf Binder 1
Physics in the Soviet Union : an exposition of theoretical physics Aleksandre Solomonovich Kompaneets 1
En Russie!. Adventure in Czarist Russia Alexandre Dumas 1
Science in Russian culture. Vol.1, A history to 1860 Alexander Vucinich 1
Adventures in the Caucasus Alexandre Dumas 1
The white notebook André Gide 1
En veĺoce! Tangier to Tunis Alexandre Dumas 1
My memoirs Alexandre Dumas 1
Travels in Switzerland Alexandre Dumas 1
Winterspelt Alfred Andersch 1
Concise dictionary of atomics Alfred Del Vecchio 1
Dictionary of mechanical engineering Alfred Del Vecchio 1
Zoology Alfred Elliott 1
In love Alfred Hayes 1
A history of Jewish costume Alfred Rubens 1
Against rape Andra Medea 1
Both ends of the candle Alfred Shaughnessy 1
A year's letters Algernon Charles Swinburne 1
The clothes of God : a treatise on neo-analytic psychology Alice Emily Buck 1
Dante and his comedy Allan Gilbert 1
The challenge of modern art Allen Leepa 1
The development of the dedective novel Alma Elizabeth Murch 1
Luther and the Lutheran Church, 1483-1960 Altman K. Swihart 1
Cities of the interior Anaïs Nin 1
Collages Anaïs Nin 1
Journal of a wife : the early diary of Anaïs Nin 1923-1927 Anaïs Nin 1
Ladders to fire Anaïs Nin 1
Seduction of the minotaur Anaïs Nin 1
The journals of Anaïs Nin. Vol.7, 1966-1974 Anaïs Nin 1
The journals of Anaïs Nin. [Vol.3], 1939-1944 Anaïs Nin 1
The journals of Anaïs Nin. [Vol.4], 1944-1947 Anaïs Nin 1
The journals of Anaïs Nin. [Vol.5], 1947-1955 Anaïs Nin 1
The journals of Anaïs Nin. [Vol.6], 1955-1966 Anaïs Nin 1
The journals. Vol 1, 1931-1934 Anaïs Nin 1
The journals. Vol.2, 1934-1939 Anaïs Nin 1
The novel of the future Anaïs Nin 1
Under a glass bell,and other stories Anaïs Nin 1
Winter of artifice. Revised [ed.] ; [and], House of incest Anaïs Nin 1
The dance of Shiva Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 1
Urien's voyage André Gide 1
The correspondence of Andre ́Gide and Edmund Gosse, 1904-1928 André Gide 1
The notebooks of Andre ́Walter André Gide 1
Jews in music Artur Holde 1
The uninhibited Byron : an account of his sexual confusion Bernard D. N. Grebanier 1
The climates of love André Maurois 1
Falkland people Angela Wigglesworth 1
Resurrection shuffle : a novel Angus Wolfe Murray 1
Voices in the city Anita Desai 1
Cry,the peacock Anita Desia 1
A scarcity of love : a novel Anna Kavan 1
Asylum piece and other stories Anna Kavan 1
Eagles' nest Anna Kavan 1
I am Lazarus : stories Anna Kavan 1
Ice : a novel Anna Kavan 1
Let me alone : a novel Anna Kavan 1
My soul in China : a novella and stories Anna Kavan 1
Who are you? : a novel Anna Kavan 1
Coming of age in Mississippi Anne Moody 1
African-English literature : a short survey and anthology of prose and poetry up to 1965 Anne Tibble 1
Alone Anne Tibble 1
One woman's story : an autobiography Anne Tibble 1
The story of English literature : a critical survey Anne Tibble 1
Baron von Kodak, Shirley Temple and me Anne Valery 1
The edge of a smile Anne Valery 1
Time of parting Anton Donchev 1
The unknown Chekhov Anton Pavlovich Chekhov 1
This I saw : the life and times oGoya Antonina Vallentin 1
Children of the A-bomb : the testament of boys and girls of Hiroshima Arata. Osada 1
Ambitions and realizations : women in adult education Arlene Tigar McLaren 1
Dictionary of astronomy and astronautics Armand Spitz 1
Son of Groucho Arthur Marx 1
Masterpieces of Persian art, with contributions by Phyllis Ackerman and Eric Schroeder Arthur Upham Pope 1
The year of the hare Arto Paasilinna 1
Being ill : English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian for the use of tourists, doctors, nurses and other medical staff Bernard Ephraim Finch 1
Pictures from a brewery : a novel Asher Barash 1
Letters to the Intimate Theatre August Strindberg 1
Pattern for a tapestry : a novel Autran Dourado 1
The Bells of agony Autran Dourado 1
The Revelation to John : a spiritually scientific interpretation Aylmer Firebrace 1
Group psychoanalysis B.Bohdan Wassell 1
A reading of Jane Austen Barbara Hardy 1
Forms of feeling in Victorian fiction Barbara Hardy 1
Particularities : readings in George Eliot Barbara Hardy 1
The exposure of luxury : radical themes in Thackeray Barbara Hardy 1
Women at work : combining family and a career, including 'Comeback: a directory to the professions' Beatrice Musgrave 1
Fever, & other new poems Bella Akhmadulina 1
Concise world history Ben Finger 1
Aesthetic : as science of expression and general linguistic Benedetto Croce 1
Principles of Cartesian philosophy Benedictus de Spinoza 1
The mysterious barricades Bengt Söderbergh 1
Medieval and Renaissance medicine Benjamin Lee Gordon 1
Arthur Miller : portrait of a playwright Benjamin Nelson 1
Tennessee Williams : his life and work Benjamin Nelson 1
The disinherited : the life of Gérard de Nerval, 1808-1855 Benn Sowerby 1
Molotov : the story of an era Bernard Bromage 1
Modigliani the sculptor Alfred Werner 1
Alberta and Jacob Cora Sandel 1
Contraception through the ages Bernard Ephraim Finch 1
Random journeys C. C. Vyvyan 1
Dante's other world : the 'Purgatorio' as a guide to the 'Divine comedy' Bernard Stambler 1
Hermann Hesse : an illustrated biography Bernhard Zeller 1
The broken taboo : sex in the family Blair Justice 1
Confessions of Dan Yack Blaise Cendrars 1
Moravagine : a novel Blaise Cendrars 1
Planus Blaise Cendrars 1
The astonished man : a novel Blaise Cendrars 1
To the end of the world Blaise Cendrars 1
Divorce law reform in England Bong Ho Lee 1
Second nature : forty-six poems Boris Leonidovich Pasternak 1
Call at Corazón and other stories Bowtes, Paul 1
Midnight tales Bram Stoker 1
Julia Margaret Cameron : a Victorian family portrait Brian Hill 1
The puppet emperor : the life of Pu Yi, last emperor of China Brian Power 1
Maybe : a novel Burt Blechman 1
Stations Burt Blechman 1
The 'Octopus' papers Burt Blechman 1
Dictionary of modern chess Byrne Joseph Horton 1
A Cornish year C. C. Vyvyan 1
Coloured pebbles C. C. Vyvyan 1
Down the Rhon̂e on foot C. C. Vyvyan 1
Journey up the years C. C. Vyvyan 1
Nothing venture C. C. Vyvyan 1
On timeless shores : journeys in Ireland C. C. Vyvyan 1
Roots and stars C. C. Vyvyan 1
The stature of Thomas Mann Charles Neider 1
Temples and flowers : a journey to Greece C. C. Vyvyan 1
The female offender Caesar Lombroso 1
Races of mankind : their origin and migration Calvin Kephart 1
Beyond Freud : a creative approach to mental health Camilla M. Anderson 1
The book of fine prints : an anthology of printed pictures and introduction to the study of graphic art in the West and the East Carl Zigrosser 1
Acquainted with grief Carlo Emilio Gadda 1
A history of world costume Carolyn Gertrude Bradley 1
Authors take sides on Vietnam : two questions on the war in Vietnam answered by the authors of several nations Cecil Woolf 1
A mania for solitude : selected poems, 1930-1950 Cesare Pavese 1
Dialogues with Leucò Cesare Pavese 1
Festival night, and other stories Cesare Pavese 1
Summer storm, and other stories Cesare Pavese 1
Three days and a child A. B. Yehoshua 1
The beach, and, A great fire Cesare Pavese 1
The comrade Cesare Pavese 1
The devil in the hills Cesare Pavese 1
The harvesters Cesare Pavese 1
The house on the hill Cesare Pavese 1
The political prisoner.,(and, The beautiful summer) Cesare Pavese 1
This business of living : diary:1935-1950 Cesare Pavese 1
Tne Devil in the hills Cesare Pavese 1
Told in confidence, and other stories Cesare Pavese 1
The spring of civilisation : Periclean Athens Charles Alexander Robinson 1
Wines of Italy Charles Gustav Bode 1
Tiffany silver Charles H. Carpenter 1
Dictionary of anthropology Charles Winick 1
Bernard Shaw's ready-reckoner : a guide to his ideas Bernard Shaw 1
The world through literature Charlton Laird 1
Confessions of love Chiyo Uno 1
Dangerous acquaintances Choderlos de Laclos 1
The downfall of Gerdt Bladh Christer Kihlman 1
Good life good death : a doctor's case for euthanasia and suicide Christiaan Barnard 1
Crinolines and crimping irons : Victorian clothes : how they were cleaned and cared for Christina Walkley 1
The ghost in the looking glass : the Victorian seamstress Christina Walkley 1
Welcome sweet babe : a book of christenings Christina Walkley 1
The Stanislavsky heritage Christine Edwards 1
Only a game, and other stories Cla Biert 1
The philosophers of China,classical and contemporary Clarence Burton Day 1
Duo ; and, Le Toutounier : two novels Colette 1
Journey for myself : selfish memories Colette 1
Looking backwards Colette 1
Places Colette 1
Retreat from love Colette 1
The evening star : recollections Colette 1
The other woman Colette 1
The thousand and one mornings Colette 1
The confessions of Lady Nijō concubine of Emperor Go-Fukakusa Nijō 1
The great digest,& Unwobbling pivot Confucius 1
Alberta alone Cora Sandel 1
Classics in linguistics Donald Eugene Hayden 1
Alberta and freedom Cora Sandel 1
The leech Cora Sandel 1
The silken thread : stories and sketches Cora Sandel 1
Vatican finances Corrado Pallenberg 1
Beatrice Cenci Corrado Ricci 1
The case of Anna Kavan : a biography D. A. Callard 1
Bagheria Dacia Maraini 1
The silent duchess Dacia Maraini 1
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