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Macmillan is a book publisher with 20,177 books and 22,084 editions in our database between 1935 and 2021

1935 - 2021
1935 - 2021
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There are 20,177 books and 22,084 editions published by Macmillan between 1935 and 2021 in our database

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Most edited books

Explore the most edited books amongst the 22,084 by Macmillan in our database

Title Author Editions
A short history of the Labour Party Henry Pelling 10
Modern economics : an introduction for business and professional students J. Harvey 7
Modern politics and government Alan R. Ball 6
Far from the madding crowd Thomas Hardy 6
History of the Arabs from the earliest times to the present Philip K. Hitti 6
The Euro-dollar system : practice and theory of international interest rates Paul Einzig 6
Typing for colleges Paul Bailey 5
The nemesis of power : the German Army in politics, 1918-1945 John Wheeler Wheeler-Bennett 5
Building technology Ivor H. Seeley 5
Civil engineering quantities Ivor H. Seeley 5
King Lear William Shakespeare 5
Two on a tower Thomas Hardy 5
A history of British trade unionism Henry Pelling 5
Comparative government and politics : an introduction Rod Hague 5
A map book of Africa and South America Alan Ferriday 5
Mastering economics J. Harvey 5
An introduction to world politics Wolfgang Friedmann 5
A map book of Europe Alan Ferriday 5
The gay way series E. R. Boyce 5
English by stages : a graduated course for the teaching of English as a second language. Reading book 1 and 2, with questions and exercises Isaac Morris 5
Elementary economics J. Harvey 5
Pattern and power of mathematics : a modern course to Ordinary Level Arthur John Moakes 5
The British Constitution J. Harvey 5
Cornerstone mathematics Ruth Elizabeth Harris 5
South Africa : a modern history T. R. H. Davenport 5
Primary mathematics for Cameroon M. E. Amin 5
Growth and development : with special reference to developing economies A. P. Thirlwall 4
Textbook of economic analysis Edward Nevin 4
Building economics : appraisal and control of building design cost and efficiency Ivor H. Seeley 4
Landlord and tenant Law Margaret Wilkie 4
Practical professional cookery H. L. Cracknell 4
Essential read-spell F. J. Schonell 4
Health policy in Britain : the politics and organisation of the National Health Service Christopher Ham 4
The well-beloved : a sketch of a temperament Thomas Hardy 4
Mastering basic management E. C. Eyre 4
The life and death of the mayor of Casterbridge : a story of a man of character Thomas Hardy 4
The Macmillan dictionary of women's biography Jennifer Uglow 4
An introduction to modern political theory Norman P. Barry 4
Modern English structures Ronald Ridout 4
The woodlanders Thomas Hardy 4
An international history of the Vietnam War R. B. Smith 4
The hand of Ethelberta : a comedy in chapters Thomas Hardy 4
Mastering social welfare Pat Young 4
International organizations : a dictionary & directory Giuseppe Schiavone 4
Britain in decline : economic policy, political strategy and the British state Andrew Gamble 4
Handbook of precision engineering André Davidson 4
New intermediate physics G. R. Noakes 4
Painting and decorating Leslie Francis James Tubb 4
Sources in British political history, 1900-1951 Chris Cook 4
The last days of Hitler H. R. Trevor-Roper 4
Kim Rudyard Kipling 4
The teaching of geography George Harold Gopsill 4
Intermediate chemistry T. Martin Lowry 4
A text-book of metallurgy Alan Robert Bailey 4
British archives : a guide to archive resources in the United Kingdom Janet Foster 4
Mastering British politics F. N. Forman 4
Desperate remedies : a novel Thomas Hardy 4
A pair of blue eyes Thomas Hardy 4
Environmental science in building R. McMullan 4
The economics of subsistence agriculture Colin Clark 4
Highway traffic analysis and design R. J. Salter 4
Foundations of a planned economy, 1926-1929 Edward Hallett Carr 4
The return of the native Thomas Hardy 4
A short history of the West Indies J. H. Parry 4
A map book of Australasia Alan Ferriday 4
Building quantities explained Ivor H. Seeley 4
Technical drawing for today Terence Driscoll 4
A history of South-East Asia D. G. E. Hall 4
International economics Bo Södersten 3
Gone with the wind Margaret Mitchell 3
Intermediate economics J. Harvey 3
The incredible Brazilian Zulfikar Ghose 3
Price theory William James Louden Ryan 3
Database systems Paul Beynon-Davies 3
Network analysis for planning and scheduling Albert Battersby 3
The principles of linguistic philosophy Friedrich Waismann 3
Economic theory and the construction industry Patricia M. Hillebrandt 3
Business finance & the capital market Kenneth Midgley 3
The Macmillan international film encyclopedia Ephraim Katz 3
Urban land economics J. Harvey 3
Shakespearean tragedy : lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth A. C. Bradley 3
Complete works Nicolaus Copernicus 3
A Laodicean : a story of to-day Thomas Hardy 3
Tip top Shelagh Rixon 3
Science and its background Herbert Douglas Anthony 3
A history of Greece to the death of Alexander the Great J. B. Bury 3
A short history of sociological thought Alan Swingewood 3
Llyfrau darllen Enid Blyton 3
Theoretical hydrodynamics Louis Melville Milne-Thomson 3
A.E. Housman : a critical biography Norman Page 3
A handbook of diseases of the skin Herbert Owen Mackey 3
How the Greeks built cities Richard Ernest Wycherley 3
China's political system : modernization and tradition June Teufel Dreyer 3
Sam and me Joan Tate 3
Conveyancing Priscilla Sarton 3
History of Africa Kevin Shillington 3
The Savoy operas, being the complete text of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas as originally produced in the years 1875-1896. Vol.1 W. S. Gilbert 3
Evil and the god of love John Hick 3
France-Afrique J. de Grandsaigne 3
A history of Rome down to the reign of Constantine M. Cary 3
Just so stories for little children Rudyard Kipling 3
Comprehensive chemistry John Hicks 3
Mastering electronics John Watson 3
The race : a novel Richard North Patterson 3
A short history of British expansion. Vol 2, The modern Empire and Commonwealth James Alexander Williamson 3
Marketing: an introductory text Michael J. Baker 3
General microbiology Roger Y. Stanier 3
About the size of it Warwick Cairns 3
Jude the obscure Thomas Hardy 3
Familiar quotations : a collection of passages, phrases and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature John Bartlett 3
Reinforced concrete design W. H. Mosley 3
The British Empire and Commonwealth : a history for senior forms James Alexander Williamson 3
The RSPB book of British birds Peter Holden 3
Introduction to internal combustion engines Richard Stone 3
Arithmetic for Central Africa Edward John Stanley Lay 3
The gates of Troy Glyn Iliffe 3
The tyranny of distance : how distance shaped Australia's history Geoffrey Blainey 3
The jungle book Rudyard Kipling 3
Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict Charles D. Smith 3
The Elephant's Child Rudyard Kipling 3
Stalky & Co Rudyard Kipling 3
Shakespeare and the nature of women Juliet Dusinberre 3
Puck of Pook's Hill Rudyard Kipling 3
Tess of the D'Urbervilles : a pure woman Thomas Hardy 3
Varieties of English G. L. Brook 3
All the Mowgli stories Rudyard Kipling 3
The philosopher prince Paul Waters 3
Work out accounting 'A' level P. Stevens 3
Mastering biology O. F. G. Kilgour 3
Reader, I married him : a study of the women characters of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Gaskell and George Eliot Patricia Beer 3
Keynes D. E. Moggridge 3
The accumulation of capital Joan Robinson 3
A textbook of sociology Graham Sergeant 3
Numerical mathematics : exercises in computing with a desk calculator Arthur John Moakes 3
The sources of invention John Jewkes 3
Lenin : a political life Robert Service 3
The government and politics of the European Union Neill Nugent 3
World politics : trend and transformation Charles W. Kegley 3
The British Isles Alan Ferriday 3
Balance-of-payments theory and the United Kingdom experience A. P. Thirlwall 3
The merchant of Venice William Shakespeare 3
Maths Michael Holt 3
Evil at heart Chelsea Cain 3
Manias, panics, and crashes : a history of financial crises Charles Poor Kindleberger 3
A concise history of the modern world : 1500 to the present William Woodruff 3
The trumpet-major : John Loveday, a soldier in the war with Buonaparte, and Robert his brother, first mate in the merchant service, a tale Thomas Hardy 3
The welfare state in Britain since 1945 Rodney Lowe 3
The world of Salvador Dali Robert Descharnes 3
Introduction to the social services W. E. Baugh 3
Macmillan's geography picture books George Noyle 3
Human and social biology for the tropics P. Gadd 3
The imperial idea and its enemies : a study in British power A. P. Thornton 3
Sir Philip Sidney and the English Renaissance John Buxton 3
Mastering computer programming P. E. Gosling 3
Macmillan dictionary of the environment Michael Allaby 3
Urban land economics Paul N. Balchin 3
Contract law Ewan McKendrick 3
Tom Brown's schooldays Thomas Hughes 3
Estates on the edge : the social consequences of mass housing in Northern Europe Anne Power 3
Educational illustrations, geography Michael Witherick 3
Professional hairdressing : the official guide to level 3 Martin Green 3
Six contemporary dramatists : Bennett, Potter, Gray, Brenton, Hare, Ayckbourn Duncan Wu 3
Timber : its structure and properties H. E. Desch 3
The generation game David McWilliams 3
Living mathematics for the Caribbean I. S. Ferguson 3
The algae V. J. Chapman 3
Electrical circuits and systems Noel M. Morris 3
The Constitution of India G. N. Joshi 3
The international money game Robert Z. Aliber 3
The machinery of local government R. M. Jackson 3
Government and politics in Africa William Tordoff 3
A map book of North America Alan Ferriday 3
Housing policy and practice Peter Malpass 3
Fundamentals of operating systems A. Lister 3
Physicochemical principles of pharmacy A. T. Florence 3
Company law Janet Dine 3
Julius Caesar William Shakespeare 3
A map book of Asia Alan Ferriday 3
Land law Kate Green 3
Power, competition and the state Keith Middlemas 3
A map book of France Anthony Julian Brett Tussler 3
Positive diplomacy Peter Marshall 3
The second jungle book Rudyard Kipling 3
The poems W. B. Yeats 3
The world and the book : a study of modern fiction Gabriel Josipovici 3
A map book of the British Isles Alan Ferriday 3
Introduction to valuation David Richmond 3
An introduction to mathematics for students of economics J. Parry Lewis 3
Money, information and uncertainty C. A. E. Goodhart 3
Weimar and the rise of Hitler Anthony Nicholls 3
China in world history Samuel Adrian M. Adshead 3
Macbeth William Shakespeare 3
A guide to the financial markets Charles R. Geisst 3
The international almanac of electoral history Thomas T. Mackie 3
Blood at the bookies Simon Brett 3
Black lamb and grey falcon : a journey through Yugoslavia Rebecca West 3
Abracadabra! Sandra Slater 3
Archbishop Laud, 1573-1645 H. R. Trevor-Roper 3
The great British cheese book Patrick Rance 3
Alternating current electrical engineering Philip Kemp 3
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